RIP HQ Trivia – This is Only a Test 539 – 2/20/20

for Thursday February 20th 2020 it’s this is only a test the official podcast of tested doc oh don’t hate me don’t hate me will there it is so I just turned I just called my agent unfortunately I didn’t have your intro queued up there was a lot of prep work and I didn’t have that one done what uh what a kick in the kick in the groin I will play her we’ll go out with it’s too late for this you can’t recover from this right thanks for joining us everybody I’m Jeremy and this is my cohort Will Smith you know you see them every week on the podcast it’s just the two of us every week it’s perfectly normal pod Mian will hello Jeremy how are you doing I tested founder Will Smith how oh thanks for having me uh absolutely I am so glad that you answered the call Norman Chan is on assignment yeah I’m the Wellington New Zealand is that a secret no because they’ve been tweeting they tweeted yeah Joey has tweeted that he’s there mmm what they’re doing is a secret yeah and so I I don’t even I think they’re building death robots so that’s my theory that’s a perfectly legitimate theory i adam has the friendly robot over there now it’s the murder robot in new zealand defend the borders and our good friend cuz sure hari was to be here and then less than 24 hours ago said he has a sick child he can’t come in you know often when i say i have a sick child it means I have really bad diarrhea so that’s my theory it sounds like you weren’t doing too well on Saturday we’ve had a bad like this has been a night my parents have been in town which has been great it’s lovely to see them to spend some time with him got to bring him by the shop that’s great yeah Ryan met him and they said they were delightful it’s the first time I’ve ever heard that literally they he loved him yeah well Ryan’s very personable so but then the kid Oh busted a hundred and four degree fever on Saturday morning whoa yeah and then I got food poisoning on Saturday night and and then Netflix keeps canceling my service so like it’s been a real bad week Jeremy real bad wait no it would is Netflix at the top of that list or is that somewhere into the bottom look I just wanted Netflix and chill how do you have a service that cancels on you are you not paying your bill this is a question I had as well when I called them last night at night at eight o’clock it was like hi my service keeps getting canceled and when I looked at my credit card statements every time this happens I get charged another $15 I mean keeps getting canceled well this is the third or fourth and this has happened in the last let’s say six months and I get an email from Netflix that says hey we’re sorry to see you go and I’m like I don’t want to go I’m still here I like Netflix I’ve been paying you guys for like a decade I used to have disks you send me discs for that long yeah and so I got on the customer support I hit the the talk to a person on the internet button which said it’ll take eight minutes everything that you mean chat chat IRC yeah chat and I was like it’s gonna take eight minutes I was like that seems a bit long but okay and I started talking to them I was like hey here’s what’s happening it’s really weird I keep getting these emails to say we’re sorry to see you go if you’d like to reactivate your account press this button so then I don’t press the button because you never click links in email smart yeah I typed into a browser I go there I type in my username and password and it says hey you’re not subscribed to our service anymore like that’s really fucking weird because I didn’t unsubscribe from the service so you had an account it just said you were deactivated well when you it turns out when you when you when you cancel your net spray but netflix subscription and keeps your stuff for 10 months okay so I turn it back on no and I’m a large fifteen bucks and I get charged fifteen bucks sixteen bucks $15.99 geez so I got on the live chat I was like hey here’s what’s happening I don’t know what’s going on and also by the way you’ve charged me four times in the last month and a half four times yeah I paid $60 for Netflix this month Jeremy it’s not great wait a minute why didn’t you solve this after the first cancel I didn’t realize that they were tried didn’t look at the credit card statement to see if they were actually charging me I thought it was just like Mike I thought what was happening was I was have a payment processing because my Bank of America card had to be replaced twice in the last month for reasons we don’t need to get into okay all right and so every time they would try to charge it with Kenneth and I assumed they just were sending the wrong message which was a bad assumption on my apartment okay so anyway the TLDR is I called them at no point does the customer service person apologize there’s no point do they say you know I’m sorry you’re having this problem look we do to help you longtime customer person who’s been paying us money for the last 10 years right I mean I realize it’s like $15 who cares cuz they just use a bunch of script pre-scripted phrases that the

computer tells them to say I I did tech support I know how that works I mean and so you’d think that an apology would be one the pre-scripted phrase so somebody told me that they trained CS people never to apologize now express empathy but don’t apologize for a fault in the service oh that’s like being a parent well Comcast used to apply when Comcast would break I’d call the rig we’re so sorry you’re having this problem what can we do to make it better yeah I so all along the way I was like look here’s the here’s the situation single-use password it’s only used on Netflix it is 24 or 36 characters long symbols letters numbers generated automatically saved in an encrypted vault Wow no shared account you are that you are the perfect case study how do you view a password if they offered to factor I would use two-factor yeah there’s no no shared account the only people that have access are my seven-year-old daughter who definitely cannot use the online web tab because she doesn’t have access to a web browser anywhere web chat wait they canceled by web they canceled via web chat so he sent me he sent me a transcript no you own a chat log of this of the canceled oh my god yeah so someone actually has infiltrated your account then this is like unquestionably so this is what they say that they were logged in I think that the person who canceled just hit the support link because you don’t have to log in to use the support link it said hi I’m email address first name last name I’d want to cancel my account and end like just to be clear they were dicks about it they weren’t like oh hey thanks for your help they were like my name is Will Smith my email guess is blank so I came here today so you can please close my account because I’m no longer to use this website anymore direct quote well why would they have to tell them the email address if they were logged in as you it’s the first thing they ask when you call customer service elementary my dear Watson yeah so it shows you already requested to cancel your account online the cancellation would take effect on March 5th you can use the service until that day and the cancellation will be automatic ok but can you just deleted my account would you like to cancel your account effective today and said deleted my account to blank and then they blanked that part out I don’t know what it said deleted my account to blank I think it’s like 20 characters to it sorry yes your account is cancelled effective Dan you’ll receive an email confirmation within 24 hours which is the email confirmation I got that said we’re sorry to see you go yes all right so you think this has happened four times in the past month it’s happened four times since December so a month in I have two months this is gross yeah so we and and just to be clear when it happened to December changed the passwords yeah I didn’t log out of all the existing accounts cuz changing your password on Netflix doesn’t revoke the OAuth tokens or whatever right internal authorization so I did that this time changed the password maybe change changed the email address you did that I did that today yesterday okay so we’ll see what happens okay I think you’re good now cuz they don’t know that we email it I want my 60 dollars back well that’s true but you won’t be canceled again well look if I don’t get my 60 dollars back I will be cancelled again it has to be clear I believe it because of it okay yeah anyway that’s this is I feel like I’ve not gotten 60 dollars worth of value out of Netflix in like two years so really no I mean my daughter does that’s the thing but she has infinite other places like she has Disney Plus she’s good it’s only five dollars a month it’s funny how much less I do watch Netflix now we have Disney Plus I mean as a family I watched The Witcher mmm that was pretty good I guess I didn’t know what was going on it was all jumping around all over the place who knew what happened there that’s extraordinary yeah why would this just mean that’s what mean-spirited so there were two things that arced me about this oh one the no apology ah I think that’s reasonable I think you should say I’m sorry you’re having this problem even if it’s not even I’m sorry we made a mistake I’m sorry you’re having this problem like we do to help you know you know one of those dissing genius oh the non-apology the I’m sorry if I made you feel I’m sorry I offended you Jeremy yeah exactly yeah they could give you one of those that would have been an improvement over the currents the status quo yeah exactly the other thing I mean knowing about is I gave the signals I am a competent user with good security practices and I’m not something like I’m not some dirtbag trying to cheese a free month of Netflix on a free trial or something right clearly I’ve been paying them for a long time I’m interested in retaining the service yeah I’m not trying to get something for nothing what I realized that’s what they could deal with most of the time probably is like hey my boyfriend canceled my Netflix account when I was two episodes from the end of whatever you know the West Wing are you are actually worried about them mischaracterizing you and thinking that you’re just a swindler I’m worried that when I was like hey I have a problem I’m worried that I have a legitimate security problem on my hands and they’re not giving me any of the information needed to solve that problem it’s like I love Google’s thing where they show you the last ten logins to any of you so you can do that with Netflix ah but it only shows you streams it doesn’t show you logins to their sites so I went through all of the IP addresses including the ipv6 ones not good enough looked up for geolocation and they’re all my IPs no nice work yeah so nobody streamed

anything on my Netflix account for more than a year except for me my daughter my wife okay so they don’t have access to your account or they would have tested that I would imagine or they’re just logging in to the web interface and canceling my fucking seems it seems like a lot of work does yeah okay so what else is bothering you you said there’s like three things those are the two things the lack of an apology and the fact that they treated me here Judd okay okay I almost said Do You Know Who I am but I didn’t because I knew the customer service guy wouldn’t know who I was it’s not a reasonable expectation he might assume you’re someone else I mean look that’s his problem not mine okay I have a story about a company that did me wrong and it’s in a very very different way okay I mean I ordered we just doing what’s grinds our gears upfront I have it I have a thing for that yeah play the music what a noisy Jeremy now I have now I have the ability to play the good music oh you play the music for you but not for me either me so there’s a scooter company called called unagi right ah like Ross’s fighting style from friends they were a they were kick-started about about 18 months ago it’s like an electric scooter yeah okay and and I’m my family we had an electric scooter scooter got stolen when we brought it to the grocery store and it vanished and and I was are my family’s using the scooter in order to get to the park which is a whole half mile away and the case of roughly a seven-minute walk this is my math the children have no excuse if they have an electric scooter to go to the park to throw frisbee but if they don’t have an electric scooter then they’re like ah dad’s I have to walk and then I have to deal with that are you writing your boosted board to the park I ride the booster board child rides the electric scooter so I wanted to replace stolen electric scooter and and this one seemed like a good choice because it is dual motors like the boots like running back or two on the back yeah yeah no both front and back you get a lot of traction with that which in San Francisco means something but yeah I mean you can get up the hills yeah so um so do you make both kid right kids ride the same scooter down one at a time no dude I got to what because black brilliant Black Friday yeah you had to get to to get the deal Oh perfect so I go all in I get 25% off I get two of these scooters Black Friday it’ll be there in 30 days right I’m hope you got it just after Christmas time for New Year’s hoping to get about Christmas yeah didn’t get it by Chris Hall January comes around no scooters I call him up I say where’s the scooters they say there’s a problem with the red ones we can’t get the paint working we’re going to send you but we can send you the blue one I said all right send the blue one send me and we’ll deal with it one blue one blue yeah yeah blues in fact I think at that point I said just change the red to black if you can do that that’s great okay we’ll get to the blue one right out right away three days later two blue scooters arrived okay perfectly all right well maybe these are my scooters and I have two blue scooters I call them ups they got two blue scooters they say it perhaps too weird we only thought you got one I said no I got two blue scooters they said well send back a blue one and we’ll send it will send to the black one I surrender back so I I it’s like a 40 box and it’s sizeable I put it on my car I Drive it to FedEx I put their liver turn label on it I would throw up my back put it on the conveyor belt Wow and off it goes I’m a good customer yeah the day I receive the scooter I returned it to him right yes then Hiro three days later two black scooters arrived right the guy a FedEx guy comes he gives me a black scooter I said thank you and he says hold on I’ll be right back I’ll get the other one he goes back like what other one he brings me I got two black scooters now this sounds like a real win on your part so now I’m think maybe I got a free scooter right now so then I put them both in the closet everything’s in the closet because now they’re gonna be birthday presents by the way yeah so don’t listen to the podcasts hear me no it’s no birthdays I’ve come and go that’s why I can talk about you already missed the window so then I I start telling people this we’re still weird a scooter company I they sent me two extra scooters and I had to send one back and I got another one in the closet and then the day I tell to shore norm about that I go back home waiting for me at home two more scooters have you notified the company of this problem this is like bakery in your favor I don’t have a closet full of whoo now you see 50 bucks for a scooter right now exactly it’s like they’re not terribly cheap even at 25% off they like they weren’t terribly to like the cheapest scooter ever they were a few hundred dollars more than the cheapest yeah so I – motors so I finally like I call him up and no actually I don’t cuz it cuz the birthdays do tonight I just want them out of sight out of mind yeah they email me to say hey Jeremy we see you received your scooters we’re really happy to see that but we also see this you received two additional scooters which is not the correct number I’ll bring to your attention yeah we see two more scooters would you mind sending those back I said well sure I’d be happy to send those back why don’t you give me

a call on Monday and we’ll talk about it because I don’t want to bring them the FedEx you guys can send a carrier yeah so they they call me up on Monday and and I tell them that I’d be happy to send them back how did this happen we don’t know it’s so strange the only thing we can come up with is you have the same first name as our CEO that’s like their that’s their number one theory a CEO is just getting dozens of scooters delivered to his house or in one with his name Merson li tests every scooter they get shipped out so um I said by the way you actually sent me three scooters and they’re like what we had no idea I said yeah you sent him three so they sent me three labels and and they said they set up the FedEx arrival time so that he would come and pick him up I said great I said you know what if there’s anything you could do about you know getting me a deal after all of this hassle I would actually buy a third scooter because my wife now wants a scooter like my whole my whole family would want have like an Eevee we could go in Golden Gate Park and like on a Sunday or like a gang exactly get leather Jack we would have to get special jackets yeah and she said she’ll look into it and so a FedEx guy comes the outside story FedEx guy comes they then keeps driving because he took one look at my house and assumed I wasn’t home and when I hop on said your nagi scooter the one that arrived yeah and I go get him and he says oh okay I’ll be right there to pick him up so he comes back he gets the three scooters off they go and then that thankfully I have not received another scooter but I I’m just waiting every time I see that FedEx truck go by like you you could just open the door and it’s like one day it’s one scooter the next day it’s two skirts the next day it’s four scooters after that it’s a thousand scooters I couldn’t like honestly I’m just waiting for more scooters to arrive and it they they wrote me they said oh we can give you a 25% off in the same deal I had to begin with not not gonna get a third scooters but it was a man that was a weird weird hassle and it turns out you know what legally you don’t have to send anything back you know this yeah ya old friend if a company sends you merchandise that you did not request you can keep it as a gift it’s yours yeah yeah I mean they they could they can complain they can yell at you they can try to take you to small claims court nothing’s gonna happen no and I bet they would have they probably would have fought this one but you know what I’m a good guy yeah I’m a good guy and I thought may I already give me 50 60 bucks for that scoobert has more than I got yeah man that’s just I felt like me people were telling me you know you got to think about the Karma here yeah because you don’t want to keep these scooters yeah these are these scooters are drenched in blood battle that just ruin you for life well karmically I feel like I feel like consumerism in karma maybe don’t overlap as much as people might think and then I say to myself and to them maybe this is karma yeah hey these people are evil no maybe maybe I’ve been good and this is karma paying me back and I’m spending this threw it away I spat in grandma’s face off they go what if let’s go another step what if this company’s evil and you taking extra scooters to help put them out of business would have you know nobody wants and we got to stand up to big scooter man scooter yeah I don’t I don’t need their evil I got hoes my scooter company once hosed posed that’s a Canadian erm hosed what how did you get hosed well the a developer at their company used my email address which is a fairly common mashup of my first name and last name you need a new email it is I look I what seemed like a great idea in 2003 is not a good idea in the future they used my email address as the test for the notification system that tells them where every scooter that is dying as bad dying battery is so for a four-day period every single scooter from this giant company that had a dying battery sent me an email about every five minutes and I got all I can we have the same first name as the CEO but anything that would that would have been that would have made more sense I might have deleted them all but it was something like twenty-two thousand emails holy cannoli for days and I complained about on Twitter and they fixed it within like 20 minutes of arriving on Monday morning but yeah that’s a lot and I got a lot of free scooter credit because I was like I’m just gonna go pick up all these scooters that are within 10 miles of me and throw them in the fucking ocean if you don’t stop this yeah and then the CTO sent me a note and apologized him saying I’m so sorry did they explain why they used your email because they’re idiots but why did they use your email because we’re you a customer look man no they use the if you’re when you’re like hey I want to sign up for car insurance but I don’t want to be bothered by the follow up emails you put I’m I’m Jack at Jack Black calm into your into yeah yeah and that’s what had happened yeah so you just gave yeah man I just gave Jack black some spam I’m sorry horrible it was bad it was bad you know

yours is worse usually kept those scooters man and you could have had one scooter for each foot for each kid double double tag the scooter I am so glad to be done with those scooters it’s wait there’s gonna be more when you get home today doubt it top story this week right norm it seems like he’s here with us I could hear his voice we may actually we may FaceTime him what I’m not guaranteeing anything you can FaceTime that’s hooked up no no no no we’ve done it on locations we have chatted with with with Norma at Disneyworld what time is it in New Zealand right now I think it’s three hours earlier or tomorrow 6:22 a.m. yeah but tomorrow tomorrow he’s in the future yeah I’ll get the lottery numbers so we may we may try that see if we can get a video call to New Zealand men working via satellite will see now that wouldn’t it be like fiber optic cable under the internet now under the water it’s that sounds much lower tech to me if it goes to outer space you know how hard it is to run fibers under the ocean yeah we are not to mention like fix them yeah what happens if a shark eats it yeah they have to fix them yeah there’s so Cisco Sela wants what God now now is your moment if something got with my FaceTime norm all right we’ll see if that how many texts normal I know right FaceTime so so Will Smith and I hello both enjoy the virtual reality and so I’m sure I’m in fact you’re one of the few people on the planet who has played this game I’ve already enjoyed this virtual reality we were thrilled to find that half-life alex has a release date now this is gonna be available to you the buying public in a mere thirty three days march 23rd 2020 is the date that half-life Alex will release god I gotta wait that long on Steam it looks like a month in four days it’s gonna fly by it’s gonna be a blip in time every day is like an eternity in 2020 I mean the thing is like this is I there’s like six debates between now and then yeah but we have our primary long before this comes out I know this I don’t think there’s a game I’m looking forward to you more virtually I don’t think that that’s a you know an uncommon thing to today that’s a stretch yeah but this is I don’t know if there’s a game I have looked forward to more than this either and I’ve looked forward to a lot of virtual reality games this is this is an exciting thing and I’m glad that it’s coming on the 23rd I know you can’t say much about your experience playing it now we can talk about it with weird because that is not norms oh really blind no he’s very specific about like you could tell do story beats and stuff like yeah yeah so having played it do you think you are more excited for this game to see what else there is to it that you haven’t seen yet or do you feel like you have experienced that initial shock and an on joy of playing it and so you’re a little less excited than the regular public no I’ve been excited to come back and play more since we left yeah I mean look this oh they didn’t do and I think normal I talked about this after after we went but like it’s not it is not a mechanical revolution right they didn’t figure out some magical new things in VR that we’ve never seen before yeah but it’s really well done the art is incredible like there’s the volume of art is right up there with like the best looking of the insomniac games that we’ve that we’ve seen so far right yes art storm winds you mean set like design textures geometry the whole bit and also the like the number of objects you can interact with mmm so if you like you think about if you think about like I don’t know think about like that secret that secret shop that valve released with the lab right where you can go into the secret shop from dota and like it feels like you should be able to touch everything there and you can only touch like ten things mm-hm there are literally thousands of things on each level that you can that you can interact with and grab and and use your hands on and and like and that that alone is such a big change versus even something like Stormwind or like when one of the one of the asuras wrestlers as guards wrath right they came out last year like like those games look great but a lot of the stuff is an interactive and you’re kind of like you can’t open all you can’t go in and start opening drawers willy-nilly and you can only open the ones that highlight and stuff like that and and and that is a it seems like a small thing but it’s a big change I think first it’s like I’m Duke Nukem for the modern age Duke Nukem when it came out it was hailed for many things it would be yeah you could do many things and but interactivity seemed to be at the front like they wanted everything to be usable and it’s sounds like that that this is the VR version of that very much so and like there’s a lot of places it rewards a rewards exploration it’s still it’s you know pretty much through line straight path kind of game at least what we saw yeah you had headcrabs jump out

at you yeah I can’t wait man I really didn’t I didn’t think half-life was scary before oh you mean the but what about that the one level with the the zombie level I didn’t I I thought rave at home was fun because I enjoyed like playing physics I like I like setting up physics nightmares for the zombies to get slaughtered in yeah the black headcrabs the venom one is terrifying right in VR okay it’s a much scarier game in VR not liking it you know it’s not unsettling not creepy not like yeah your body horror saw stuff but it’s it’s a it’s a lot it’s fun I’m can’t wait to play more cannot wait I am so glad that they have locked down this date and that valve has learned how to compensate for valve time which means not even announcing a game until it’s pretty much done well yeah I mean I was like what wouldn’t norm and I played in December at least the parts that we’ve played like looked art complete there were definitely places where they had performance optimization to do that they were like look you’re coming into a place where the frames are gonna be bad because we haven’t done the performance optimization yet but it’s it’s I’m excited to play more and we I think we played mostly on like 10 80s so it’s not I mean really good cards but not the top of the line by any r-tx was not on there’s I don’t think Jackson there’s not that’s why it wasn’t on yeah I don’t think I don’t think I would think that the performance art at least my experience with control and some of the other games that support r-tx makes me think that maybe RTX is not compatible with locked 90 Hertz but I do are you playing on index I know I don’t have an index I have a vibe bro well you’re not gonna get an index any time soon I have been Dex controller so I’m good that’s good I mean that’s halfway there yeah that’s that’s good the index has you know excellent sound yeah I got and that’s somebody yeah I like that a lot people who take for granted it’s got a slightly wider field of view or at least the sensation of that but they are they are out of stock everywhere everywhere except there’s like every country has a metal dock the full kits that just ahead that just the controllers you can’t buy anything except just the headset or itself I believe in Japan huh it’s the only place that had the Moustakas I was like earlier this week when we go to Japan I I don’t I don’t like you’re gonna do that I think you’re probably playing you’re five pro right it’s so I have the vibe Pro with the wireless kit and it’s really hard for me to go back to a wire after having the wireless kit yeah yeah true like I like being that feeling of freedom that untethered Ness yeah I wonder how many people are gonna play wirelessly on quest you know using because you could virtual desktop or whatever yeah I think that would probably you know like so I played for an hour and a half I think when we were there on the quest and it was one of the less comfortable headsets just because it’s so front heavy yeah and there’s a lot of looking down so you’re doing a lot of like like neck muscles that don’t normally get exercised yeah or exercised and I was I was pretty stiff the next day you were playing with link or with over virtual desktop that was with link man it was before the official link cable was out so that it was with the heavier anchor cable yeah which added more front weight it’s so funny right seeing all that like daily there’s a post in our pocket oculus quest of somebody who’s modded their their quest and said I finally made it comfortable yeah you know yeah it looks like something on a Blade Runner it’s like it’s got a battery pack back there a new strap a new faceplate the battery pack is our key kind of weight yeah yeah and and I’ve done all that like I know I know what they’re talking about it’s just funny that like there’s this product that needs help like that much in order to feel comfortable well the first five was like that too the first stretchy headband I’ve was not comfortable and didn’t that that thing didn’t even have sound like you had to plug in headphones – yeah yeah it’s yeah I mean look I think like the engineering of the quest is amazing I love that just to be clear I think the quest is incredible and I really love the quest despite my feelings about Facebook as a whole me too and and honestly for me it’s more about the convenience factor right right it’s an amazing product I I wish that I hope if they do another version which I’m sure they will cuz it seems like it’s done pretty well I hope they’ll pay a little more attention to the ergonomics even if it’s just like dangling dead weight on the back of that strap so that you’re not like so that there’s something to counteract all the hardware on the front I did that a lot of people use a battery pack it’s more practical serves a purpose but I’m not spending two hours in on the quest usually so I don’t need that extra juice yeah I just bought a weight I bought a there’s a somebody who made a Kickstarter for a specific and for my quest I’m a strap Abul Kanter weight and he said how much it weighed and I just found a weight that weighs that much and I strapped into the back and it actually it does offset the weight in the front and it does a good job but it also makes the thing this a lot heavier to lift up it just feels substantially like twice as heavy and then it’s not so bad when you put it on but you definitely have more momentum when you spin your head so it’s not a perfect solution I’ve heard and you know as everything everyone else says who follows this stuff that the next quest will be lighter and you know faster and it will be better in every respect so curious to see what that

looks like but I don’t expect to see it this year but at the same time like the things that they’ve done to make those headsets light like make the outside cloth means that they’re really hard to maintain in the long term like our first gen oculus rifts that we’ve been using for dev everyday for four years now three years now the OC one the OC well we have the previous ones but yeah were like they’re some of them are really gross like the ones that you handle all the time yeah the cloth gets gross there’s no way really to clean it so it’s kind of icky I love to see something where the electronics and the battery are decoupled from the screen in the next gen quest and they dangle that stuff off the back there give you your counterweight so it’s all part of the strap rather than part of the headset you want the CPU and the in the strap is that we were saying oh yeah I want I want the stuff this like look there’s stuff that you have to have in the front that weighs stuff because like you need the screens where high balls are that’s how the prototypes were yeah but there’s no reason you can’t have that have that stuff on the on the back of the strap right dad but they they had them like that why did they not probably it’s expensive to manufacture and there’s probably some weird connect I think you’re probably right I think making things as tight as possible you know is a problem and it just meant this trap could be fabric I mean look the quest is perfect for beat saber and pistol whip which is like 90% of what I play with it these days the quest is a success yeah and I’m sure like Facebook can’t make enough of them it’s selling well enough I don’t get any it’s like I don’t Lee that they have made a huge mistake there I think it’s just interesting that there’s people modifying them to such a degree despite yeah you know and it were that it’s successful despite people do Moritz people needing to do that right exactly well that was a bit of a tangent off of half-life Alex but it’s common by the time by the time it’s our next podcast it will be within a month and that’s gonna be good are there are there any other games that you’re really looking forward to this year I don’t know that is I’ve seen a lot of VR announcements for this year usually that stuff comes at GDC a Medal of Honor is the big one over oculus from that’s a that’s the respondent is doing that yeah yeah I’ll play a respond VR game sounds great yeah that’s the other real big one there’s a is that the last of the kind of oculus Studios announced stuff rift games I think their focus on quest I’m a total imagine this but I think that they if I were them I’d it’d be cross-platform of course but it would be quite an earnest let valve and HTC have the high-end PC market and which doesn’t seem to exist outside of stuff out Gail’s base but now they have link so just like even quest conjoin the fun right right right yeah Jeremy what’s happening in pop culture today what does that mean what does that mean well huevos says he’s not very good for that this morning oh he okay’s not down we’re not gonna be you’re not gonna talk to her we’re not gonna just want to get that all the way up front who the people are hanging suffering through my presence waiting for a moment with norm don’t continue to pain themselves further oh I could have said the same thing I’m so sorry I’m sorry sorry you have to be here I could pull up a youtube video just put them back there just on loose move silent that’d be yeah that might be creepy all right I like it stranger things strange things come back for Season four now you’re not gonna be able to watch this because you’re gonna cancel your Netflix account but sorry I will if somebody will just take care of it for me I’m sure it’s a it’s it’s a really hot series I want to know are you up to date have you seen stranger things a series season one two and three so I sell all of season one love to see someone me too but I watch like the first two episodes of season two it’s like yeah I’m probably good I think they didn’t make it the thing that I liked is not what they’re making here so I stopped watching it everybody felt that way yeah and then that’s how they fixed it they went back season three even better than season one it’s amazing gotta come back watch it did you watch it no okay I started it and and for no reason I just stopped like I had something going on in life and I didn’t go back to it I don’t watch TV like I watch it I play my spend my time playing video games and adding III watch Piccard this is the only watch these days it’s just I try to watch the card once a week but we talk about that um yeah yeah we talk about it every week we do a spoiler at the end of the show we are however because the the the boys aren’t here yeah I don’t want to do before yet okay let’s talk about the first trailer that’s fine I wanted I don’t want a double-dip so see at the end I can I spoil the end of season three of strange things it is it too early or all the boys aliens are they all from the down under because it’s like a beneath it spoiled to me like I got a spoiled ham ever come back apparently yeah like I I don’t know I have a mixed feelings about saying this because I didn’t know it and then the season four teaser came out and everyone’s talking about it so it’s my fault I didn’t want season three if you didn’t watch the end of season three it’s your fault I think you still watch it if you know this but hopper apparently he’s the cop right yeah he mysteriously spoilers by the way he mysteriously you know I will say

vanishes and there’s a there’s a you think at the end of season 3 maybe he’s dead you’ve good reason if you can’t wait you can’t kill Winona Ryder’s TV husband right she’s not enough sadness in your life but she suffered one reason why I don’t feel too bad spoiling this because even if you did see that apparently there’s a mid end credits like one of these Marvel type things where they show you a little finger is on TV a stinger they’ve got a stinger yeah we’re mid-credits gross like the credits start to roll and there’s no music Netflix needs to be stopped this is out of control this is their there they’ve they’ve thrown out the forms they’re not respecting the medium you are an angry man you are very angry I’m gonna get a new t-shirt made this is f Netflix you don’t have to have that made that’s not Amazon so you you watch that you see the the horrible demise of sergeant hopper ray and then admit the credit start to roll there’s no music yeah snow starts to fall and then you see a scene a new scene you haven’t seen before it’s in Russia there’s guards speaking in Russian and it’s subtitled and they say no not the American he’s behind one of the doors and what and the American is what the Russians call hopper throughout season three way they’re Russians yeah this is a cabin in the woods thing whether it’s like people pulling the strings for the people it’s the eighties dude the 80s were all about the Russians of the bad guys okay so you gotta get you got to get on board it’s like you gotta go back when we’re against monsters Russians we’re all that we we’re on Team human here man I know giant plant nightmare monster oh that’s so sweet that is that is exactly right now I love you brother yeah that is the right attitude but no that is not the surface nothing season three like very early like the Dustin taps into like with shortwave radio he cat he hears the Russians like you know doing something 7:36 with with Orion with the upside down 92 and yeah so anyway with the teaser that’s been released for season four yeah everyone’s on board now there’s gonna be season four features hopper so he’s a lot it’s a flashback no he’s alive in Russia and some sort of work camp Wow yeah so be Russia hoppers yes some things yes and so that’s that’s the thing and so that’s this is a big deal this is a big deal people who loved strange things huh I really enjoyed the first season of stranger things a lot you imagine that yeah have I enticed you are you gonna go back and watch season three well I mean now that you told me what happens I’m probably okay that’s just the ending you gotta get there it’s about the journey look I have a lot of journeys you know what I’ll do it real quick tangent here about stranger things pinball that’s the newest pinball released from stern pinball’s stranger things okay this is a big deal because it was designed by Brian Eddie who designed none other what is an attack from Mars wow that’s a good table and medieval madness that’s an amazing table which are two of the most highly valued tables that you can possibly find in God to your pinball it is God to your pinball design something they brought him out of retirement he hadn’t done a pin motion since medieval madness these tell me the table flips over 1997 owner like you’re playing and then just whammo it spins and you’re like upside down your balls there yeah no this is Stern we’re talking about okay they don’t spend money okay so it doesn’t do that but it does have a special feature I don’t know if your if you’re aware of this but if you buy pinball machines nowadays you can buy the pro tier yeah which is the basic pinball machine but if you want all the bells and whistles you have to buy the premium or limited edition embalm so you like that Wizard of Oz machine you hadn’t know what that’s a bit different that’s dersy Jack he put he like put all the bells and whistles in the base machine but priced it the same is like more than premium okay that’s different thing you’ve gone off off-topic we’re sticking with stern okay look I can’t control myself now now the strange of things twist if you get if you get the premium if you get to Ellie it costs almost $2,000 more to house it that’s a lot seventeen it’s a lot of chatter hundred dollars more you get something they’d never done before and revolt one of the children from the show delivers it to you they put a projector a pico projector underneath the apron where the balls go when you okay and it shoots out over the playfield and then they put reflective material on targets yeah ramps and that part of the game is this big screen that that sits in the center of the screen looks like a drive-in theater and that screen will fold down becomes a ramp to shoot a ball up into a demagogue in the mouth all right so that’s all like that mechanic is in the pro but the projector and the reflective material not in the pretty cool the problem is that the reflective material it’s like masking tape like it doesn’t reflect very well they did not splurge they did not spend the money on the good reflective material told five reflective stuff what that stuff’s amazing that’s what you want you want order like any type of screen material you have to buy

this $1,700 extra pinball machine and then scrape the shitty reflective something often but you’re just put it on top of it buy yourself some some better stickers I’m sure there’s gonna be a market for that but the news the news of this week is that they’ve announced a new product for this machine that the ports are not appropriate where it’s it activates a feature you didn’t know whether there and that feature is UV reactive paint in the play field so the game will enter mode just like a Tesla’s sometime like Siri pay us money and we’ll make you make your battery better exactly or like you know will unlock us off her feet yeah she go yeah so it’s it’s basically UV strips that go along the inside of your game and at the base and then the game will enter mode and they will turn on and you will see a pattern in the play field that you didn’t know was there that looks like the dust in the upside down and they’re charging you 270 dollars for this set of of UV and booster hers no the sugars already there it the same sorry the LED strips and a board to control it and and people are not happy I’ve now I’ve not seen the pinball community on heavy this is horse armor for pinball they have not been happy about spending money on pinball since I’ve known the Hobby no it’s a their enthusiastic about spent they love centum money this is DLC yes nobody wants DLC for hardware it was is the interesting thing that no one knew that this paint job was on the game but you see it if you push SHINee a black line on it but there you go like that’s that’s unfortunately that this is the stranger thing let’s just charge the full two grand extra for the thing and put it in there yeah just put it in there just don’t make don’t give me that I don’t want to be hassled very strange it was very strange there’s a stranger thing if some might say do you remember HQ yeah uh we used like I think you’re weird aus cute ski I think Gary Whitta was the first person I was aware of it he he was on a tear like he would he won like 40 bucks he won money and he tweet about this a lot we played so Jeana that I started playing Jeana started playing Jeana shared with his wife his wife shared with Gary Gary might have fight about it independently but but like you’re staking your claim on this one you were there first I was very into this briefly until I won like twice and got like 32 cents each time I was like well this is a complete waste of time Wow yeah I never want it yeah but I’m not a smart man so that that’s comes as no small right being good at trivia being smarter independent of each other you you and Gary and and norm I suspect you guys won many times and if I may be that was enjoyable for you I the game apparently withered and it didn’t have the following that at once had but you’re saying they had the rock and then it went away weird The Rock co-hosted episodes debate let me explain what this is for people who don’t remember it two years ago live real-time trivia game with streaming video of the host telling you the questions forced portrait orientation on your phone yeah so you’d sign in every day at the same interview in Pacific and you would join the game it would be a live broadcast and it was that live element that made it special and made it feel like you were it you know you don’t attending something you were involved you were a contestant on a live game show we would be having like breakfast for dinner at a diner with Gary yeah in his family and it would be time for each Ken and like all the adults would without shame pull out their fronts and also like a significant percentage of people in the audience would do it too I mean I mean in the restaurant you felt like you were part of a live studio audience yeah wow that really was a finish yeah we were in a big bear black bear whatever that bear places well no more HQ has closed shop apparently they had a buyer lined up and in the wings and all they had to do was write a check that’s how it always goes that goes and then the buyer at the last minute said we’ve changed her mind we’re not gonna buy it without Rogalski cuz they sacked four gaskey a couple years ago they sack him or did he leave for better pasture say he tried to like do a gentle departure where he was like I’m gonna go to this podcast about baseball which is what I really loved right but I’m happy to still come do your Game Show because I’m the one that people like and then they were like no we don’t need you anymore and then couch yeah yeah so it’s gone HQ shuttered you know I it’s it I will always remember them though for that for this weird moment in time where the people really did something on their phones that they had never done before I think they should get credit for that it was kind of like humor 1 vs. 100 on the Xbox you were playing that I didn’t play that oh that was a that was a similar kind of like much smaller scale yeah but like you could login it want at 6 o’clock on Monday evenings every week oh it was if it time as well oh yeah it was it was a fixed time they had a live host they’d pull people from xbox alive from the audience to be part of the 100 and then they promote one of those people to be the main contestant the one and basically the the way that game worked was you had to beat the panel if you were the main player the panel of 100 players and it was all your Xbox Live

avatars did you ever get chosen I was never dan amarak was the one once as I work he was the one he was the one no I mean did you I was on the panel of 100 a couple of times you were that happened occasionally was that exciting it was okay huh but if you won there you got Xbox Points so you could buy games like you liked when you won the 100 is 100 they would give you like 150 or 200 bucks worth of Xbox Live points and the same kind of deal which trivia questions you have trivia questions and you have 10 seconds to answer yeah I think I think I can’t remember the game work I think you had to be I think you had to be more correct than the panel I also like if the pant if the question the panel if the hundred if the 100 got the pants are wrong and you got the answer right then you were good why would suspect so yeah but I don’t remember how the mechanics were okay it was a TV show to what what I was impressed by HQ was that you there really wasn’t time to cheat like they really they figured that out yeah as they would throw the question up there and you think it’s a trivia question I have Google anybody in the world can play this game anybody can cheat at this game but there’s not time to Google the question fast enough even if you if you have a panel of people like ready to help you maybe so we went to some effort to figure out how to game this system yeah one of the things you could do to help was have multiple people answering so then you had more chances yeah of getting what you had to look at your phone number so yeah I mean you got to have multiple phone numbers and it was a process you divvy up the answers so that you say if we if nobody knows I’ll do a you do B it’s like if you have four people playing you only do that one time this is a four choice multiple multiply it but it’s a strategy one free answer basically right the other thing you could do is have one person doing the inputting and one person doing the looking up so as soon as he starts reading the question you can start typing into Google did you actually find there was time to do that it was real tight like you would just barely get the answer in time for the right answer to come and and often like the first Google result would be wrong so funny yeah yeah and they did a pretty good job writing the questions they made mistakes sometimes they had a couple of wrong answers in there errors yeah yeah gee do you know how many people worked on that show I mean and I’m not saying it was a hundred but I was shocked to hear is 25 people yeah that’s well I mean I don’t know like as any secret to say that like tested has fewer than ten like yeah it’s like that’s an enormous staff for a streaming uh the trivia show a lot of it was like the technical side of that was really hard cuz getting video to say in sync across hundreds of thousands of users on mobile yeah really hard cuz it would stay in sync even if you were like one person was on Wi-Fi and one person was on cell but that’s not that doesn’t take a team of like full-time employees that you outsource that don’t you that that is a really specific thing that I don’t think you can outsource even what I know about how video works on the Internet really like isn’t that what twitch does know cuz twitch twitch will get wildly out of sync from client to client like in one person’s connection slow or like they’re on their phone it drops then they’ll be you know the packets that they are behind keep adding up until they’re five ten seconds behind right and with HQ if you’re five or ten seconds behind that gives you a massive advantage over the person not sure you know so like I don’t I think it was a hard the thing that they did was hard just do the technical side of that is art and you think all of that tech was first party built yeah I’m pretty sure oh that would shock me so if anything my guess is that they outsource because like you can buy trivia questions for game shows that are one use from clearing houses in LA so you you buy like the rights to for X period of time to these 50 questions and my guess is they use those as the base and then right there they’re clever repartee for Scott and whoever after that well then if that’s the case I mean if they really owned that streaming technology then that would be something to buy but you could see that as something that any company could put well a company could put to use phrase many number any number you need it for for live things like that it usually doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter of theory synchronous but if you’re actually doing any kind of live event which clearly there’s something to it if that was if that was popular briefly yeah but maybe it was it was just the game show that was the bad idea but people actually would like to turn it into a live something and be feel like they’re a part of something well the other thing is the people who owned it were kind of crappy like the people who started it were bad and then one of the founders died there was about it yeah there’s a lot of stuff that happened rug overdose yeah so we’ll see you HQ I’ll always remember you the last episode is on YouTube the two hosts that we’re still there at the end mo really had giant bottles of champagne is very funny it’s sad it’s funny they they had feels let’s got there Scott was not they didn’t invite Scott back the you know you ever watch the toys that made us yeah I love that it’s on Netflix I like to you know I watch the movies that made us before my problems with F net flix I have not yet watch the movies that made us I watch that I watched I harden I watched ghostbusters yeah they’re all good both good I would like to say that I I have a conversation with people from time to time what would you like to see them cover in the toys that made us

write like if they’ve done the Transformers which for me was the big one transformers and Kenner Star Wars were the two big ones for me and er Star Wars was there probably I would imagine is the most popular one mask maybe oh really man yeah but like I learned about it after the fact I did not know about masks i play with masks masks and transformers were like essentially the same thing leg was a huge was one of their best episodes it’s a really good episode system the system my little pony surprisingly interesting no it was I got watch that one and now but when I ask people what should they cover up for whatever reason I’ve never heard Magic the Gathering and yet it is a brilliant thing to cover and in fact they think it’s such a good idea they’re doing an entire documentary on it I was just thinking what I needed it was like a 12-part 16-hour Magic the Gathering like how it works documentary I don’t think this is gonna be your Ken Burns style you know PBS 12 par I want some still images that we zoom in and out of slowly yeah and I want a soothing voice talking about the the cards no I this is smart I never played Magic the Gathering which is maybe why it never occured to me but my son was addicted to it in a way that was actually negative so I I hope that they do cover like some of that because I think there are people out there with magic problems I want I want somebody sitting like in a trailer talking about how they wish that their kid had gotten into crack instead of Magic the Gathering ah you see now that’s good perspective yeah because I would rather he be in a magic then crack see that’s good I appreciate that yeah this is good therapy have you ever played magic together no really no look there’s a level of math and memorizing things in your like I don’t have the short-term memory to put magic together really I think the normal cohorts I have here both played magic together norm I’m pretty sure yeah definitely no I’m did I’m not sure my cash or either but but given that they have so much in common with the comic book stuff I just feel like it’s pop just think they’re the right kind of nerds yeah yeah I don’t have any problem with people by magic yeah no beef well your daughter hasn’t been addicted to it yet well so just wait and you’re gonna wish maybe well like I so I like a lot of the games that spawned off of magic so like hearthstone I played some hearthstone which is it’s silly like simple yeah like maybe I don’t want to say simplify because I don’t understand how magic works well enough to say but it’s a video game but I feel like it’s a more simple version of the kind of core mechanics but certainly when it launched perhaps it was yeah but it they’ve been expanding it ever since then I played a Star Trek card game that was a zit they all are based on magic it’s the most popular non-traditional deck card game that there is well I love Dominion which which like spawned out of the idea of collectible like I don’t like collectible card games you see you say you’re the wrong you’re not that kind of nerd but you oh no I that kind of nerve you play board games yeah like nobody I know you played Azul last night that game is incredible all right Oh tell me about Dominion so Dominion is a deck building game not you know there’s no like mat there’s no tapping there’s no lanes or anything like that like givin magic but it was the idea is you buy the box for 40 bucks and you get all the cards that you need yeah and then everybody plays off the same potential set of cards versus magic where you have to go buy blind boxes and get the hoping to get the cards that you want need in order to continue that’s the gambling deck that’s that’s the part I don’t like loot boxes yeah yeah netrunner android netrunner is the magic esque game that is not a collectible card game you just buy the boxes and you get exactly what you need okay yeah they don’t make that anymore of course now this just in Norman chin says maybe in 30 Oh ping me 30 minutes from now and we will we will see what we can do okay okay oh wait okay he says he could do now he considered you now or in 30 let’s do 30 so we’ll do it in 30 that’s gonna be interesting can you let me know when it’s been 30 minutes can somebody do that can send anything set it to set a timer for 30 minutes please sorry okay you have a male Siri Nigerian British series no no just male oh that’s me I do British female Wow yes I’ve explained that tells us a lot about what you’re into Jamie wait what it tells you is what it doesn’t tell you but the truth is is I just couldn’t listen to American Siri anymore I couldn’t do it it gave me PTSD honestly because of the early days when she just didn’t get it she’s it’s still terrible yeah it’s still really bad it is so much better than it used to be low bar and so I every time I heard her voice wet even if she understood me I was like we don’t I don’t like you I do not like you because you did we don’t speak the same language and so I had to change it and it’s a brilliant solution yeah because it feels like a different person entirely no the only problem is Britta Siri sometimes thinks I live in San Francesco that’s pretty amazing I am i switch to

male Siri because I thought it was weird that I was always asking female Siri to do shit for me I thought it had a bad example for my daughter it’s it’s really subliminal that’s very subtle yeah I like it yeah that’s smart I think it’s weird that all the assistants are female why haven’t they taken a celebrity and digitized that voice Waze does that shrek gives me turn directions all the time are they sample boy donkey darn left in 300 meters high series yeah are they samples or they done properly depends on which ones they did so like there’s there are always celebrity or character voice packs for ways like when Star Wars last Jedi came out they had I think c-3po and r2d2 they’ve got to be samples I well like r2d2 would be samples but but c-3po I’m sure they got Anthony knows like turn left in 300 meters but you know how this stuff is done they take of a voice artist they have them say every possible phoneme put in the in in a language yeah they come up with sentences that contain those phonemes that sound like nonsense you know they record them all in and then they do machine learning to in order to break apart all those sentences and turn those sounds into samples that they can incorporate into brand-new phrases and that may allows them to say anything Juden in ways now you can you record your own voice to give voice directions to guide you on the road this is not what I’m talking about here here’s Cookie Monster let’s hear what this sounds like I can do Cookie Monster c is for cookie it’s good enough for me okay well let me do a preview samples is now what I’m talking about that’s the Alexis stuff where you can get samuel l.jackson to tell you what the weather is they brought him into the studio and they had him say yeah the weather tomorrow is gonna be amazing they paid the voice actor to record a bazillion line I don’t want that I want the cool raw phone and stuff I want because those are the voices that they actually like the actual Siri voice sounds like that that voice artists that they mom now why don’t they take somebody who’s what the guy who does the voice of Jarvis you know oh yeah we’re the guy who did the voice of how I want to hear actual computer voices from movie history turn it like coming out of my thing and I wanted to be able to say anything like that would be amazing and they could certainly sell it that that would be nice so I have some friends who do that they can learn they do have a company that you can do let’s see I can’t find the demo but basically they you can talk for like six minutes read us a couple of scripts that they have that are like yeah anywhere from like five hours long to like ten minutes long and it will generate a computer voice that sounds exactly like that person are you serious yeah that is a technology that exists but to anybody anybody can do that no I mean you have to pay them yes but okay how much do they charge for them it’s something like that I is it astronomical or is it twenty dollars I mean it’s a business thing it’s a business thing so it’s astronomical its astronomical but that’s great I didn’t know that that was even available to people like you and me yeah so like here you go here’s I don’t know if this is good radio yeah are you gonna play something if you could girl if you could play a voice that’s done by a celebrity I don’t know if they have any celebrity voices but let’s see this works yeah this is bad radio that one sounds bad that was off of 16 minutes you know if you get let’s not do this you could send me the link I can actually play it for our friends in the audience pretty much better okay I’m gonna post it in our chat on our chat notes now speaking of voices celebrity voices yeah that’s the best segue I got for you this I guess look with this the segue guys not here Wow this is a Netflix program fuck Netflix yeah did you know that they’re gonna make a masters of the of the universe show I’ve no affinity for masters at the universe I don’t either I did not I did known a single he-man figure I although I will say I was aware of it what my daughter is losing a front tooth today she sent me this picture yeah sure it’s like a meme you want me to put it on the big star please don’t I was aware of masses universe I like the idea of he-man also an excellent episode of the toys that made us it seemed too close to wrestling for me and I didn’t like wrestling I didn’t like wrestling yeah but you know the whole thing with I have the power you met you by the power of Grayskull did you see that episode of the toys about this I care about that man right you should watch them anyway the ones that you don’t think you care about are the most interesting well I probably don’t have Netflix anymore it’s the whole thing like if you don’t if you never watch T man and the Masters the of the universe he-man before he Z man cuz he’s got two forms his name is just Steve yeah he’s a regular guy yeah and then a huge muscle man when he needs muscles he brings his sword he holds it to the sky and he says by the power of

Grayskull I have the power yes yeah and then he was pretty muscly and then he not muscle guy and then it becomes a wrestler yeah the loincloth that phrase I have the power was a was developed by the marketing department of course I was now this you always hear products designed by marketing departments they’re the worst byah this is where it came into play because they what they did was they saw they wanted to make a toy they wanted to make a doll that boys would play with yeah and so they looked far and wide they couldn’t find any good examples of it and they looked for what boys want the power not just boys but kids and it turns out they have no power and what they want in life is power and so that phrase was something that really resonated with children particularly boys who want to control over agency over their lives it couldn’t just say I want agency so that just as a side note I thought that was fascinating thank you the toys that made us they’re making a new series no thanks ma’am animated Masters of the Universe serious okay and for this you know what Will Smith her hello I will are you gonna behave eq’s I will put this on the big screen so if you’re watching live dad don’t look at the ad zoom in here and slow now crotchety Luke Skywalker I want you to think about voice acting and and ask yourself if you’re making masters at the universe what kind of budget do you have where you gonna spend the money you know maybe it’s not a Netflix maybe you’ll get I know all the money they’re not spending on good customer service they can dump into mark hamill so like they have this is a true spared no expense voice cast hey you’re welcome to my 60 bucks Hamel so mark hamill none other than our camel Luke fucking sky why singing the best character in the entire universe the dog like the horse dog the he-man rides like a clear tiger I know what you’re talking about it’s like it’s like it looks like a dog what’s his name captain Skeletor yes it is Captain Skeletor voicing Captain Scott I do right that’s straight familiar from The Wizard an elder of of he meant yeah this is uh you can almost hear it like he’s the perfect voice guy he has a good laugh yeah because you’ve heard him do the Joker yeah this is you know I mean Skeletor has a good life too right that we have a sample no no samples quotas playing she wrote Buffy I already do it she wrote you that is not sure that’s Tila oh that’s Tila she wrote was she was a spinoff Hemans sister yeah that’s right I don’t know who that is the ghost boy Alicia Silverstone back from clueless you may remember Lisa silver said she was bad girl for a little while she’s doing Queen Mariana yeah I don’t know any only got that one I don’t know these you got the guy the guy the guy mr. Bies Candyman remember this movie camera man never saw that was that also lead the fuckin desire Trek The Next Generation he’s doing scare glow these aren’t real characters are they yeah they are scare glow across crossover with the gorgeous ladies of wrestling because that would make a lot of sense look at that she’s a cool hat you’ve got the the Queen from Game of Thrones oh yeah there’s a queen Queens usually scare see yeah yeah she’s doing a smear lady evil-lyn oh yeah okay I don’t know Buck Rogers I was playing Steve also yeah the hat man he’s he’s the majordomo also from Game of Thrones yeah he’s a good guy his name’s buck Lannister I think liam Cunningham is his name okay and he’s doing man-at-arms he Manor Dobbs is an important character because he has arms dude that dude from office space whoa I want my red my red stapler Liam Neeson dude it’s not Liam Neeson yeah it’s Liam Neeson from office space and and and his name Stephen Drew Newsradio Stephen root oh right right right and he’s doing Cringer Wow alright cringer ginger talks other guy from office space slackjaw to entrap jo trap josh shit i just let’s that’s that’s all I recognized fell would get his ass kicked guy I can’t but look this robbery Rollins like its Ferguson from from Carol Channing’s room is alan oppenheimer he’s the original voice that he meant what yeah they don’t have him doing here man she was in Wonder Woman in Justice League she’s doing the voice of sorceress her name is Susan Eisenberg I think that was gal gadot and Wonder Woman and Justice League by the way she’s obviously not Wonder Woman she’s in the movie I’m making this up yes it’s Justin from the Met commercials Galaxy Quest he’s cool he’s he’s the cold urges the Mac I mean everyone watched those because of the PC but yeah maybe like I love I told you know Iowans told Hodgman I’d really love what you did for PC people with those ads and he just walked away from me hope it was the

right response knows that he knows that right stone guy from clerks right yeah it’s Silent Bob he’s doing a stink or wow that seems right and then back to the nightmare be man I mean what an incredible what about Finn head i I don’t know but this is a life you spend money on your voice artists yeah you will you get professional voice actors if you spend a lot more money than you get real actors is it I just wonder like wow just to be clear I didn’t need denigrate voice actors there I think voice actors do something incredible and one of the things I love is when I see a new animated show that’s just real voice actors and not actor actors because the voice actors aren’t good at doing voices what they’ve done is they’ve really taken a Pixar approach to their voice actors because for whatever reason Pixar doesn’t trust unnamed voice actors to do the work no charge at Pixar it must be that names attract audiences that’s true even to cartoons yeah right like you don’t go to see Tom Hanks in Toy Story you go to adhere Tom Hanks in Toy Story and apparently that means something to audiences and so they’ve figured that out at Nemzek City they must be onto something it’s worth the investment let’s pay all these people to do the voices of our cartoons maybe these people really love he-man they’re just super family maybe they’re just taking a pay cut honestly I always thought it was really weird that Woody from Toy Story wasn’t voiced by Woody Harrelson cuz they already had the same name they’re like ready to go can you imagine how good that movie would be if it was voiced by Woody Harrelson think about it that’s good I mean think about it he was named woody and cheers what right yeah he plays his best characters are when he’s had the same name as em I could imagine as an actor it’s much easier to do that because somebody says your name you’re just like you don’t have to think oh that’s me yeah you turn your head really quick and you’re like right there do we yeah speaking of Disney there’s an Aladdin sequel only works Aladdin Aladdin – the return of Jafar one – it’s just a Latin it’s the Will Smith and Blue Gene you fucking kidding Ladon oh my god do you know how successful that film was they made a lot of money a billion dollars they may had like a dozen billion dollar movies last year it doesn’t need the same problems just have a dozen billion dollar movies this was one of a handful and it was so successful which I gotta be honest with you we came as a surprise to me too because when that poster came out it was like Sonic the Hedgehog it was like everyone was just hating on it and I didn’t think anybody would go see it I saw it recently because it’s on the Disney Plus yeah it’s just it’s just they’re looking at yeah it is not bad you know I was just thinking you know I’m gonna spend a couple hundred million dollars in a movie I’m shooting for not all that bad I mean first of all there’s no replacing Robin Williams like that was that that was if you’re not gonna if you’re gonna decide not to make a movie that’s the reason not to make it what a hubris you know my Will Smith would have to have to step into Robin Williams so what having seen any curly-toed shoes what I realized they did was they said look we’ll in convincing him to do it if it took convincing they would have said to him we’ll we don’t need you to be Robin Williams we want you to be Will Smith and all of the genie stuff all of the stuff that Robin Williams did yeah we’ll do that with CG magic yeah and it will be a special effect like the special effect will be the chaotic you know the chaos that is the genie and you just bring the personality and the voice talent so he says welcome to earth and then punches an alien in the face and then magics the monkey into an elephant earth he does not say ARF he 100% does not say her isn’t that the quote though that’s what the internet thinks he said but I’ve gone back and listen to the movie he says welcome to earth I like that you read early and punch you represent Will Smith Sam yes so they’re gonna redo return of Jafar is that what’s happening here the right to video sequel to Aladdin 1992 in fact they have said that any force that those direct-to-video sequels are their own thing and they’re going in a whole new direction a new direct wait they there what is it Star Wars calls the old EU expanded universe extended universe you you mean stuff that’s no color legacy legacy content or something that’s what that is sure whatever it’s a sport you Navarre split so I gotta tell you though it’s not it’s not all that bad like if you grew up as I did yeah listening to Will Smith IV actors were not the actor the rapper yeah and you knew every word – he’s the DJ I’m the rapper yes you’re glad to see him doing that again and and there there are musical numbers in Ladin then the ones that involved Will Smith are all great I like the idea of him playing the character he plays in bad boys but in a way that it’s appropriate for me to watch with my seven-year-old this is not that it’s not no but like he said would be Rupp would hear a partay he’s fast he’s quick there’s a few scenes that are good there like that but he’s not the star the star isn’t Aladdin

and that’s not that great like I’m gonna say that he’s just got some kid off the street he’s very surgeon he’s really smart rying to do the cartoon Aladdin he just doesn’t feel like a full-fledged person or to an Aladdin’s pretty smarmy exactly and he like makes mistakes he’s got problems I booked it’s true it’s true characters awesome cartoon and what I want is more person like real relatable humanity from my people in Mike in my Disney films Jasmine’s great she’s fantastic um and but Will Smith the start of the show and and musical numbers there are many the ones without Will Smith I can do without but the ones with him I’m telling you sounds like a real mixed bag I’m really glad that he’s doing it it feels like a Bollywood film like so my seven-year-old daughter absolutely detest these live-action Disney movies she didn’t like Lion King cuz was way too scary with real lions I haven’t seen that yet but yeah she didn’t like jungle buck cuz it was way too scary with real animals really she didn’t really like Beauty the Beast cuz like I think I like the cartoon better dad oh yeah like the dresses were pretty but the cartoon was better I hadn’t seen that even yeah and then we haven’t watched Maleficent cuz it’s like Angelina Jolie is a witch seems like she would be terrifying Oh that’d be horrible yeah try Aladdin I’m probably okay for your daughter give it a shot you might like it my my daughter who is a little older than yours she’s 10 we watched a latin by the end of the film she erupted in applause had she seen the original Aladdin the real one yeah so for me the original Aladdin the best songs are that I can show you the world the ones that are not the Robin Williams songs necessarily right so if they ruined those and made the Robin Williams songs which weren’t that great the good ones yeah I’m gonna be pretty raw about this a lot and that’s pretty much what it is that’s pretty much well that stinks although the one that there is you know what fuck Disney too this is the anti Netflix anti Disney podcast what about Mulan are you like stoked about that Mulan movie it looks at rad I too am super stoked yeah do you think your daughter will be no she’s way too scary for her I can tell already by the time she’s like 10 should we will watch it does look like like an egg me like it looks like it looks like Crouching Tiger yeah it looks like an adult-film like I mean it looks like we made it looks like it’s not an adult I didn’t mean that it looks like a film for no it’s a Wow Wow it looks like a film like it looks like they’re making a martial arts movie yeah that just happens to be about this character from a Disney which is crazy it looks like any martial arts would be made for Western audiences about a Disney character children’s movie that I think is made up entirely I don’t think Disney took some like classic story from China right it was like we’re gonna modernize this and westernize it and then released I think they just made some shut up which it happened to be set in China which means they can own it forever well of course I you know what speaking of stories for kids my my kids just recently went to go see a Harry Potter play Harry Potter and the cursed child you know about this it’s a two-part they watched both parts it’s a pink no spoilers I don’t have them to give you it’s but I will tell you it is a two-night performance you have to buy two tickets we if you do the matinee you can do the afternoon in the evening which is nuts because they’re three hour shows you but you have like three two hours in between so you’ve got you you go for an entire three-hour performance and then you have to go back to see it again for like and apparently it’s so good yeah that you do you do go back and see the second half did you those books were really long jeremy cho Rowling’s never written something short is her name jo jo JK jo something joke a brown joe yeah joe it’s it’s it’s not the books it’s all in this story i know there’s some reads a little Kapiti if you want to know it now have you seen it no from what I understand will yes you want to see it I have a friend who saw it and said it was astounding the special effects in this are unlike they raised the bar they raised the bar for stage shows they actually suck the soul out of the kid that plays Harry Potter’s kid with the de mentor on stage live every night they have a new kid every day I’m telling you like my family came home they sit there like 20 special effects in this thing and every one of them you’re like how did they do that makes Hamilton look like a pile of crap in terms of all we got a spinning stage lalala right exactly exactly I I did ask my son I said better than Hamilton he said no but he loved yeah he loved it and he was really into it so I dad says that’s a tangent but I wanted to put that out there if you’re in San Francisco it’s showing if it’s in London where is it in temperature switch theaters that I dunno I don’t know oh because it’s not the Orpheum still Hamill yeah yeah that would be him it’s in almost this year yeah what what else about the return of Jafar oh that’s the link to the voice thing that we talked about a while ago okay do I would skip it at this point that’s that okay well you know what now would be a good time to hear Norman an important message from Norman oh let’s see if I can boost up this volume he’s got something to share to share with her with her audience this week’s episode of this is the attest is made possible with support from light stream if you think about how much money you’re paying in interest on your credit cards every month you’ll probably realize it’s too much but you can consolidate your credit cards and adjust one payment at a lower fixed rate and start saving money it’s easy with a

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tech in the name right it’s right there and then you moved on to be the editor-in-chief of Maximum PC Magazine yeah and then you founded tested comm which was you know the world’s number one tech side everyone tests where people are like hey it’s tested and so here we are we’re we’re in the root the real me the real mean everything up with at this point has just been me yelling about Netflix I thought we could chat a little bit about g-force now because I had questions about it yeah when it launched a week or two ago and it sounds like you have some experience with it I went to their website and I mash the button said give me a free trial oh and I did that so what is a free trial so there are two tiers of service one is free yeah and you log into it you have to create account you download a thing and then I think you’ll play for like an hour at a time you might have to wait to start playing because you have to get in the queue behind all the people they’re paying presumably real briefly this is a cloud-based PC gaming service yeah but the neat thing about it is unlike say stadia you don’t have to buy the games from them so they’ve been Bey this thing has been in beta for a year maybe two a little really long time okay they originally like hey we’re gonna have a store we can buy games you can just play them from the cloud and then they beta tested there he’s like no we don’t we don’t want to have to buy games in a different place we want to buy all of our games on Steam and origin and you play and because I already have Blizzard cuz I already have all the some games I don’t want to have another I don’t need another store yeah so what they do now is you download this client you signup to the service you done this client and then you say which game do you want to play just type it in you’re like I want to play I played player unknowns battlegrounds which I have yeah I picked because I played 3,000 hours of it and I know I know what the game is supposed to feel like I wanted that something that’s familiar with so I typed player nodes battlegrounds was like okay here you go it it opens up a remote window to a server that’s hosted in the cloud you see your steam with it you log into steam there way so it is a like a remote desktop – like a VLP doing like a not a VLC a virtual machine that’s in a minute yes so you’re basically running your steam on their cloud yeah and then it pipes it down to your computer over video does it look like windows like are you seeing a Windows desktop mmm no it looked like steam looked like steam but it’s like they were desktop there’s no there’s no windows that you could see but it is Windows right it’s not like I assume so can’t be Linux it wouldn’t run everything I mean it only runs like a thousand things Oh so but it runs like apex legends and stuff like that so I assume it’s I assume they’re running Windows and they have some sort of licensing with Microsoft to do it to deal with that you can’t do normal Windows stuff in the on g-force now that I I didn’t like I didn’t try to run minesweeper or whatever but but it just worked for the most part so you it’s like do you want to install this you hit install on play on pub G and like it installs in half a second faster than on my fiber so it’s already installed I think it’s probably cached locally or so like they have some sort of solution okay and when you turn it on it just starts playing the game like normal now the resolutions were a little bit limited it wants to play most of it like 720p or 1080p you is that what the video stream is the video stream I think was 1080p interesting okay yeah but you can’t do fork I couldn’t do 4k even though I have a 4k monitor the quality was kind of like it was definitely less good than my then you know like I have a 20 ATI and a BV computer so like it definitely didn’t look as good as the 20 atti and the beefy computer running locally but like the first thing I did was dome somebody with a single-shot rifle from like 200 meters so iron sights so like it felt just like Bob G worked reasonably well there was a little more latency on the on the video and there was occasional video artifacting but it worked really well those are the two questions I mean

yeah when you like I was shocked that I was able to right out of the gate like first first or second shot was ahead John I was thinking about doing one of my pub G streams running g-force now just to see if it impacts my play because I think that would be a fun test has anyone measured the latency I think that they said they’re looking for sub 20 milliseconds on the video latency and that’s what they’re delivering that’s what they’re delivering my ping was more or less the same like in the game my pain was more or less the same so presumably that’s adding so that’s maybe a frame or two I mean that’s not much well I mean I rendered 120 frames a second on the desktop so it’s late you’re not you’re not getting 120 from not from you’re only getting 60 from GeForce now yeah so presumably you assume your normal video latency is somewhere between like 6 and 12 milliseconds depending what your monitor is right so presumably I’m getting an extra like 8 or 10 seconds of latency maybe a little bit more maybe a little bit less on the render but it worked it worked pretty well okay and the video quality you said you saw a little bit of artifacting but it was negligible it was fine the performance was pretty good the the quality of the like the settings that it would let you set in the game were lower than what I can run on the desktop but that makes sense because it’s probably you know the so the other difference on the paid and not paid tier is that the paid tier you get access to RTX GPUs really on the free tier you’re limited to pascal which i think is 1080 1080 is ok whatever but yeah like it worked it was it was and it was it’s interesting to me that you can just play the games that you already have okay you don’t have to pay for you don’t go buy a new game the same game someplace else and like if your saves are in the cloud the new tape just pulls down I blink I played a little bit of Witcher the other night on it so I guess it works pretty well that makes a lot of sense for people who already have a library PC games yeah because they’ve been a PC gamer but they don’t now they’re maybe they’re ready for a new PC instead of buying a new PC and spending $1,000 they would Swit move to the cloud and they bring their library with and that’s kind of the appeal I would imagine I mean or if you travel or something like that I like I think part of the problem right now is that the system is a little bit thin so for example there’s no iOS client for the GeForce now thing you can play on PC Android and the shield the shield family of the Nvidia shield family of devices but I don’t think that there’s an iOS or Apple TV ok but that there’s nothing holding them back from making this uni there’s a video streamer and an input streamer like yeah you just need a data stream yeah it’s pretty straightforward it worked much better than I was expecting I like I didn’t try to play Mortal Kombat or something like that but it’s not like a fighting game where you were framed perfect latency matters but I also am not enough of a fighting game player for that register for me so are you surprised that it’s not a web app not really I mean I feel like getting controller and put into web browsers is is challenging I think like yeah I think so I mean you can just plenty of programs out there that let you test your gamepad inputs well that’s true I don’t know I mean I feel like they this seems like a pretty measured rollout and I think I got three months free for putting my credit card in yeah do you think this is the future you know we’ve been looking at this for a decade now of people trying from on live on of people and even steam now has the ability to play couch co-op games over the internet some it have you done that yeah it’s so good it works great yeah it’s so that maybe there’s something to be said for that but not for a fully fledged cloud-based service I mean I think I think the idea is the same is with stadia right like there are X number of million people few hundred million people that are invested in you know consoles pc maybe maybe high-end mobile games yeah and then there’s another you know 6.3 billion people in the world so if we can figure out a way to let those people play games without investing hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars in hardware there’s a potential market opportunity right now this seems like an add-on like like here’s an interesting use for oh god I don’t know why I have a timer going on that’s for normal oh that was face time norm so we might be trying that a minute I don’t feel I was just saying I don’t feel like I feel like if you like if you download cyber if you buy cyberpunk right it unlocks they didn’t do a preload you can hook up to Gucci for us now and play it while you it’s downloading in the background funny you’re right like you can get started and do that I think that’s easy cuz if you travel a lot and you’re places where there’s decent internet I feel like you could play your games from Oatley without having to schlock the schlep a gaming laptop that has 45 minutes of battery life with you I mean that also Mac there’s a Mac client as well okay so so yeah or like if you have a Mac laptop and you want to be able to play your games so you’re saying our new markets for this type of service it’s not going to replace PC gaming I mean I think for some people it probably

will right like I think that there’s definitely people out there in the world who don’t want to spend $1500 or $1000 on a new computer every three or four years and and if you can pay five bucks a month and get something that’s almost as good but then you just use your laptop for hook it up to a box that’s so plugged into your TV that seems great terrific let it rip ladies and gentlemen we have a Norman Cham we have Norman chin live oh it’s like he’s here I know so tiny amazing hey norm what’s the lottery numbers for tomorrow I want to know 42 but don’t text me don’t say it out loud this is amazing live via satellite from New Zealand you guys are cut from the same cloth yeah see this is why we get along yeah we always convincing me it was definitely fiber optics nobody does satellite anymore it’s under if there’s a cable yeah that’s how the photons are moving we got Shawn sir we’d have to wait half a second per norm to respond to us I’m thrilled by the latency and speaking of technologies this is fantastic well they’re using the AI to know what he’s gonna say before he says it so they started talking before we we hear well so what what can you tell us about why you’re in New Zealand if anything well I think it’s we can say that of course we’re in Wellington New Zealand I’m here with Adam and Joey and it is tradition for the tested team every couple years or so there’ll be two years for me to visit our friends at what a workshop which is where I’ll be getting in about 15 minutes or so I’m in my hotel right now you couldn’t tell somewhere in a nondescript wearing pen and non-secure Patel in beautiful Wellington I don’t want to say exactly where in case there are people listening who are also in town but we’re here for the entire week and we are of course covering many of the projects that well I should say a small portion of the projects because they’re working on so many projects but a small portion of the approaches were allowed to cover that will be sharing hopefully later this year I can’t even say wet Wow but every time I go to what a workshop it we’re talking about yesterday it really feels not only like an effect shot but it really almost it’s like a Hogwarts it almost feels like a university if the campus the workshop is sprawling it feels like a campus every time you walk into a room it’s almost like it’s a classroom there are artists working on benches and then you know a head of department that we chat with that’s almost a professor and it really feels like we are the doors are open to us to visit a Hogwarts like institution that’s amazing I mean I’m cool I assume that this is a not a tour that anybody can sign up for if they go and knock on the door that is true although there’s a tour that they do that’s right adjacent to their workshop the cave tour which gives you literal peek inside windows inside the they’re working workshop but and with a lot of the props and costumes that they’ve built so that’s available to the public but no we’re going inside some some closed doors with NDA thyrd exciting are you enjoy gonna go up into the hills and hunt for the wilderbe you’ll know although we did go down the street here in downtown Wellington where they film some of what we do in the shadows the movie it’s where the vampires will have their night in the town trying to get invited into the ball arse oh that’s fine Rob does somebody back with the cables get your back sorry you dropped out for singing oh sorry yeah downtown Wellington lots of people lots of places where they film movies including what we do in the shadows we’ve gone over the hill to the miramar part of town and you know oh that’s where they shot that part of over the rains that’s where Gollum you know was at the lake that’s where Sam did his first steps the furthest he’d ever gone past the Shire you know stuff like that that’s hilarious well what we do in the shadows that’s that comedic vampire film that is I really good yeah with Germaine from Flight of the Conchords I haven’t seen it because I am afraid of scary movies but it’s not scary not scary not scary is the least scary oh good because I love those guys have you seen hope for the older people no Jeremy you need to watch out for the world oh yeah it’s a delight okay both of those are right now that’s how I found out about these because I was I was researching the guy because he seems like a big deal he’s very funny yeah and he’s in all his films yeah can we see out the window by any chance is there anything that you can show us out there no it’s just a city street it’s it’s summer no right now but I want to believe you’re in Hobbiton that I can see the nose the round doors norm I’m also disappointed at videos right-side

up I assumed he’d be upside down it’s always like this I don’t know how to do a poll autocorrects it with a I okay norm thanks for taking a minute to chat with us this is the dad joking hey good luck on the podcast today thank you well for sitting in of course and I will do a shout out if you are listening to this on Thursday you can go on tested and you can watch a video of Adam on the stage set of Hamilton in San Francisco but Hamilton that’s right that there waiting in the wings for you we were literally in the wings Wow yeah and and we got to handle and take a look at some of the props from the show we have a bunch of videos from that visit to Hamilton and the first one comes out tomorrow interesting name note the folks here in New Zealand they don’t really have a connection with the musical can’t imagine why yeah but but good-natured all the same yeah yeah absolutely wonderful people you know they love sam neill down there alright norm good to see you I’m glad you’re still supporting them all Disney we’re yeah well next time we see me wearing a wet assert all right are you norm yes big he couldn’t see me waving there but I waived any wasn’t it oppressive by the future man I mean you know it’s a third time we’ve done that and I like it all worked are you hearing us through your lap speaker yeah here’s you through that microphone we are you’re piping in through yeah we hear him through our headphones what devilry is this it’s like the podcast way not all that hard we used to do this the hard way with like headphone ins and outs it was like there’s a splitter running into the mixer and out the out the thing and like it was always an engineering you you had to do some like mental gymnastics where you’re like what’s the route of the audio and sometimes the person would hear themselves just looping and lessly and it was a night it was bad I used to edit videos in cotton high school before nonlinear video editors right yeah and and I would feed musicals on Matt rocks Carter’s he let me capture your video back then I had a boom but no there was no capturing oh this was taped to tape and I would run the audio through a boom box and I’d run the tape audio into the left channel and music into the right oh yeah and then I used the the balance to fade between the two or mix them boom I when I took video production in high school we had one of those jog dial editors with the tapes and you’d have yeah a tape up here and a tape up here and you could like mix it was a it was bad jog dials yeah a jog guy you got that jog dial all right let’s talk some more tech I love tech spacex specs you heard of them SpaceX Elon Musk’s other company yeah they’re gonna take you in outer space I don’t want to go on this flight if you got the money no thing I mean look don’t how’d it go for that booster the other day Jeremy well there’s 50th landing your names thankfully you’re not gonna be on the booster you’re gonna be on the the camry that goes well I won’t be on the booster right but you’re gonna be on the capsule that they have proven yeah can crash one or two of those they’ve proven can can blast off and parachute down safely yeah that’s what you’re gonna be on they’re gonna take four people for private citizens is Elon Musk one of those people into outer space they’re gonna take you three times as high as the International Space Station and they’re going to allow you to exist in outer space for a period of time how long they haven’t said and then they’re gonna bring you back this is a suborbital flight or is it an orbital flight but wait a sub-award old fight would be like 20 minutes what’s it gonna cost a couple hundred grand they haven’t said and they’ve been probably using boosters is this like a booster that they’ve crashed in the ocean a few times is this like a one that’s a fresh off the line that’s probably a different price point yeah do you want the witch-king started here you can I don’t know which ones were I in on one hand well at least you know that one’s launched three times successfully and hasn’t blown up yet on the other end you know it’s old yeah it’s probably got marks yeah I don’t want one with horse I want refresh you one with the fresh paint on it yeah a new rocket smell I got to tell you I am curious how much it would cost how much would you pay well clearly not enough I mean this is for this is for four of the super-rich if you were okay if Jeremy if you have in the bank thirty-five million dollars right okay yeah let’s turn that back down I much would you pay to turn off notifications automatically when you’re finished talking to the norm on FaceTime I I mean honestly if I had thirty five million dollars I mean I don’t need and you only need a few million a few minutes ever live for the rest of my life I’ll spend ten million dollars to go to outer space like that’s all you could have gone up to the space station for that a few years ago that’s an incredible opportunity yeah then it is an amazing and Ed’s a space nuttin I know you you were even more of one than I am yeah like the idea of feeling weightless to being in orbit for even a

count twenty minutes would be like the biggest thing that I would ever do in my life something I never thought I could do the thing that I get most out of VR is probably that sense of weightlessness do you think twenty minutes is enough so yeah I don’t think I would pay it for 20 minutes yeah I mean I do I feel like it would because there’s everything leading up to it there’s the launch would be exciting there’s the descent which would be even more exciting I see I feel like all that stuff is sure you have to endure to get a week of weightlessness Oh week well I mean certainly if if moon tourism existed I would certainly sign up for it but here’s the thing when you go into zero-g there’s a period of several days where your body adjusts where you just feel terrible oh yeah it’s like astronauts we’ve talked to have described it as like bad hangover II like your head gets all clogged because the fluid in your body is redistributing from the lower extremities where gravity usually pulls it up into your head but do you think that that’s because they spend long up there no this happens in the beginning it’s as your body adjusts to microgravity so like the fluid redistributes you feel like you have a horrible head cold like they’re eating super spicy food to try to ream out their noses and it’s like and also you have motion sickness often for the first few days Oh No thank you so yeah so like I guess 18 minutes is like you’re gonna be up there not long enough to be uncomfortable boy you might get back and say boy I wish I had that 10 million dollars back yeah I wish I was there for a week I could spend that 10 million dollar send a lot of things yeah I could I could you know look you could probably build your own rocket for ten million dollars buy a house in San Francisco yeah nice one something with two bathrooms they’re partnering with space adventures which is actually a space tourism company there’s entire companies pretty grim market for the last few years for those guys entire companies like hqk is not in business anymore but there is a space tourism thriving company called space adventures and I guess they’ve been doing this for a while now and they saw that they’re partnered they said they won’t reveal the cost I hope it leaks because I do want to know I’m just curious yeah I’d have no perspective on this but I want to know I gotta tell you though I feel like if you’re a space tourism company and somebody calls it like I call the space tourism company I’m like hey I would like to go to space and they’re like well okay how much money do you have spending like I have ten million dollars something like okay like when can I leave and they’re like well we don’t know yet well what what’s spaceship I’m gonna get anyone not quite sure right how much is it how much is gonna cost no idea where am I gonna go how long do I even know we don’t know that one either they might tell you if you had the money though you know take a deposit SpaceX is heavy they’ve already promised one billionaire you know they will take this billionaire around the moon and back right yeah now that’s who knows when that’s gonna that’s a hard thing I’ve tried that incredible before and I’ve killed a lot of kerbals just making attempts at that oh good I’m glad they’re taking their time yeah if you sign up for this it’s gonna be less expensive than that one so you know I think there’s different ranges and if this works out maybe they’ll do these things all the time this is cool thing about this and I like this like from a just general perspective of where we’re going as a species I like that instead of taking the best and brightest and using them to test out this new stuff like the best test pilots and the very smartest like Navy pilots and like we did with Mercury right now they’re just taking the dumb people with a shitload of money rich people and they’re firing them into space it works out great and if not that’s probably fine too well there there’s taken their money is what they’re doing because this is like I think this is the funding exercise so I know that’s I’m saying yeah like do the science on the backs of the rich not the not the poor smart people the rich dumpy wait so this is actually what you will sit in if you pay X amount of dollars you will go up into space sitting in one of these chairs surrounded by this very 2001 ask spacecrafts no controls you’re not ridden in a Tesla recently there are no rules on Musk’s vehicles but what happens if something goes wrong with the radio more importantly to me is there’s really not a nice window like if there’s not one over there on that side look how tiny that is and look where it is and we don’t get to see what the what they get to really see like a little bit there so do you ask for a window or an aisle on this one these seats look like they’re connected to some sort of shock absorbing you know yeah things these these land in the ocean or do they land in land does the dragon capsule it’s ocean right must land in the ocean well like the Russian the Soyuz lens uses retro rocks in the dumps key to the ground like a 10 mile an hour an but it doesn’t have owns they land in the in the in the in Siberia wow that’s impressive so anyway I that’s what turned me off I was all in on my ten million dollars till I saw this video and I realized I wouldn’t really get to seal I don’t think you want a glass canopy roof in something that’s going to re-enter from outer space at thousands and thousands of degrees look as long as I’m going outer space if it might be my last 20 minutes in existence yeah let me see there’s the controls there’s a keyboard and a touch screen up

there just I get that’s what I don’t know is there not a pilot they’re paying they’re letting four people do this and there’s no like human that knows how to work the thing on the spaceship that’s the future dude it’s the future this seems like a bad idea I’m really curious in that Brown is a weird color video – also while we’re powers well if you don’t want to fly in outer space maybe you want to fly around on the planet Earth no thing as Iron Man okay I mean do I have Java soar Friday and I go to shoot black you because now you are in control okay a video surfaced this week and made the rounds it went quite viral from a company called jet man Dubai this guy had a wing he’s not Iron Man Iron Man doesn’t have wings more like the Falcon guy right yeah but his Falcon guy’s wings are cool they’re like bulletproof he can move him in front of him we’ve seen the Iron Man suit in fact Adam partnered with him for his television show exactly guy no okay we’ve seen that yeah this is something entirely different so this guy really is like the Iron Man suit with as you said wings yeah and he has a video of him and I can play it he hovers in front of some sort of launch pad hovering looked a little hinky when I was hovering he actually looked a lot more comfortable than the Iron Man suit because he’s strapped in there he’s not responsible for you know holding himself up it looked like he was having a cup of coffee there right just then the Iron Man guy really has to learn all new forms of pause yeah where’s this guy really it’s just sort of staying there hovering and then you think his feet got hot the most interesting thing is he goes horizontal and off he goes and then what and then the video does here you go there is he this is no I want to see the whole thing he’s covering now he’s perfectly at ease with himself he’s done this before how is he controlling this is the question you know he’s got choice to move Wan controllers and then anyway he goes terribly fast off into the horizon and then shoots straight up and honestly when I saw this I was like this is gonna be revealed in a matter of hours as a fake because it just looks and it looks too good absolutely impossible look in Dubai you can do anything you want and Dubai you can be a new man I know yeah it was it’s no surprise that this happened in Dubai this is the one then he takes from zoom goes horizontal and then just like unbelievably shoots straight up into the sky and just goes hundreds of meters never to be seen again vertical and I I just don’t know how he’s surviving those g-forces how he’s maintaining control of the craft it’s incredible that this is possible I don’t know how he landed does he have lied right i does that glide i don’t know one way to find out what an incredible billionaire I think that the company probably has money there’s a lot of people with money in Dubai you know that’s true scientists what is the number on the side of the wing what number says like 154 on that little LCD screen right on the front edge yeah do you not know do not know huh so well that’s interesting that is more like he parachuted that’s what I figured this is more like what I expected the Segway to beat oh you mean ginger project ginger yeah right talked about that in the old nice from BC podcast yeah I bet years and years ago yeah yeah yeah but when Dean Kaman showed it to 10 select people or whatever it was they changed the world change the world way we get to work is all different now I mean in fairness you did just buy a couple of electric scooters for your family so it’s like they were half right exactly this is like personal flying machines yes please this is would you use that thing nothing looks like there’s 50 ways he could have killed himself within the to 10 seconds of taking off I’m shocked he didn’t yeah it really looks Dean but that was a Hughes the fourth test pilot they don’t show the first three videos it really looks dangerous yeah and I imagine there’s got to be some auto pilot on it because there’s no way he’s maintaining control he asked me does attitude altitude on the on the vertical flight had to be computer assistant yeah they put some kind of Arduino gyro in there for sure definitely an Arduino not rated for human flight I am high there’s no there’s no amount of money that would get me to try that thing oh really what about the the ones that just go on the water the ones that shoot water at the bottom and they’re hooked to a jet ski yeah yeah I do that yeah me too that looks fun that’s basically almost the same feeling I mean we used to have an air chair when I was a kid you know what the air chair was no it was like a surfboard with a little chair and then at the bottom of the chair there’s a pole that goes down four to eight feet that has a hydrofoil on it and you could use that you pull it behind a boat yeah it like you ride up up in the air I’ve seen that yeah I ate shit on that thing harder than anything I ever did on on water skis Oh God well cause like you get up and as soon as the front edge catches you’re like I’m the only good pivot from whatever height you have the chance at at been

pancaking into the water but also still being pulled forward you learn a lot about fizzy’s getting a lot of whiplash with that thing I can’t man I got imagine that the jetski thing is even worse face is still red to this day from the probably yeah Wow no I thirty years I don’t like water skis in general but I would like to be attached to a water jet and float as I said I want to be weightless and I don’t think they’ve never done the sensory deprivation tank Jeremy yes I don’t care for it really yeah quiet no it’s the thought of like how many other people have a lot of parts or they’re soaked in this salty water a lot of farts I managed its the farts or one thing it’s just like people grime it’s just like residue I assume they have filters on those things I don’t want a filter I want all-new water I don’t want the thing to be scrubbed down you know how much salt they have to putting those things to make you float hundreds of pounds yeah it’s like the Dead Sea yeah I you know what I can the did separate sensory deprivation aspect – take it or leave it okay I didn’t find myself if you could put VR goggles while you were in there would you baby back in I just want to listen to music maybe okay put on some Mozart you know that I don’t need to be sensory deprived that seems like torture hmm you like him never done it okay I don’t be in the tank seems really gross one of my favorite components of tested calm back in the day when you were doing things here what’s the 3d print of the week who could you forget it’s called print the mystery object Jerry could you stand up in front of saying look hey everybody welcome to tested I’m will I’m will from tested it’s time for another mystery object this week we’re gonna do this the same we do every week we’re gonna print a thing yeah and while it prints you’re gonna guess what it is that your post your answer in the comments below we’ll be back at the end of the print let’s go you really remember your scripts not at all – and then for some reason like it was supposed to be a mystery I never understood that when we put in the title it was a joke you’d watch it and you’re supposed to type in the comment of what you thought it would be by the end of the video and it was for kids now there’s a 3d printer that can print things in with not in layers well this thing was amazing this is an amazing printer they print things all as a single the torture tugboat was printed now you look at that you say that’s a little janky but that is actually 2 millimeters wide yeah that’s right 2 centimeter so about 20 centimeters Wow looks like it’s 10 centimeters judging by that ruler oh you’re right the print volume is 2 centimeters fits within that yeah that’s actually remarkable and they do this by like rotating it in three dimensions and yeah it’s almost like it’s almost like a spin cast yes where you where yeah it’s it’s amazing this is laser lithography it’s like stereo lithography which currently is a 3d 3d printing no layers layer by layer like every other 3d printer but that takes time what that has certain benefits but it takes time as they all do this is all at once it rotates it as you said and then it uses UV light to cure this resin in place in all at once in different depths all the same yeah it’s amazing it’s wild I’m very into it yeah and it as I said the print volume is quite small two centimeter that was a tugboats Jeremy that’s pinchy I’m just saying it’s a mystery object it’s a tugboat you do know that’s Benjy though right because that kind of NGOs huh I’m familiar with bending because that kind of came around after you finished doing the back back in my day we use that tower with the stairs inside you know the yes it looks like a rock that but it has stairs now that was a big one for it for the SL whatever yeah I kinda want to get back into 3d printing I missed it I’ve been doing a lot of laser cutting lately yeah and I feel like the 3d printer in the laser cutter are both in a position where they might help each other out oh they’re they’re like the like peanut butter and sardines there’s there they are the married couple that are the ideal couple and they you put those together with a few screws and nuts and you could make anything yeah yeah as long as it doesn’t have any moving parts or electronics i Sony is struggling to keep the ps5 price down you are you gonna buy a ps5 no matter the cost what if it costs four hundred and seventy dollars I don’t know that’s what they think it’s gonna have to cause you know the last couple of generations like ps3 Xbox ps4 Xbox one even like the OG xbox and the ps2 and the Gamecube I ended up owning all of the consoles I don’t know that I’m buying a console this year like I don’t think I need an Xbox cuz I have a high end PC ya can run all the games Microsoft releases all their stuff on Windows now yeah so there’s like no exclusives I don’t need another box in the living room I’m probably not getting an Xbox yeah it really is about the exclusives for a lot of people yeah it’s also if you don’t have a PC this is how you how you game I think what they’re putting into these new consoles is gonna be worth whatever they charge for it they’re not making much money on them it’s just a matter is it too much I mean people gonna base it off of their the bar they have right now which is the ps4 Pro which is $400 you know they don’t think they can do it $400 Sony’s gonna wait out see what Microsoft is gonna

price theirs out we probably won’t know prices until III which isn’t three or four months when Microsoft’s doing staggered tiers to they’re doing two different they like there’s of the premier thing and then there’s a lesser version yeah Beco so you could go and console free I mean we’ll have a switch we all cus which I could go console free and that was another story that surface like gamers are fine with them not entering the next gen switch Nintendo well I mean so so the question I mean as always happens with new console generations now there was a story yesterday about is this the last console Sony’s going to produce this is ps5 the last console Tony’s going to produce which of course when they release the ps4 and Xbox one the analysts were all saying people don’t care about you know traditional games anymore and then it turns out because they were looking at mobile trends and yeah like that and then it turns out the the you know billions of people millions of people bought those consoles because they liked playing Call of Duty and they liked playing spider-man and they liked playing Halo and they like playing Gears of War and FIFA so I you know I don’t know I assume we’re gonna keep seeing new consoles I I think Sony really torched themselves on the ps3 generation because remember they launched that thing at like five hundred six hundred dollars yeah they tend to leapfrog one at one area everyone gets the wrong one cycle yeah but but I mean I don’t know I don’t know what Microsoft’s focus on ecosystem is great for people who play games and I don’t know that I have any need at all to buy an xbox ever again waiting and seeing on the ps5 I don’t know I have a ps4 regular and I do not have a xbox I bought a ps4 Pro to do VR stuff when the ps4 because because my one of my ps3 has died then he did another one anyway that I wouldn’t have paid the extra hundred bucks I wouldn’t have upgraded had I not had a dead machine that I knew the thing that will sell me on the ps4 or five of any kind will be its VR capabilities and that’s not gonna launch there’s no new special headset launching with PS 5 but when that comes to market well that’s what will get me on board and no Xbox has no plans and speaking of VR VR virtual reality this week let’s literally do a minute on this I’m being told to wrap it up I started a timer do we have a time limit no no I just started a timer for the minute Oh 50 seconds there’s a void opening here in San Francisco on Market Street I have a void right now in May did you know yeah you’ve done the void no you haven’t no oh no I did the one in didn’t ya man torque no in New York which one was that ghostbusters I haven’t done ghostbusters that’s not gonna be here thinking that they’re gonna the Star Wars one Avengers ok they’re gonna have another one that that is not branded and I forget the last one they’re gonna have a by Teddy Ruxpin it’s he-man Masters of the Universe it’s it’s uh Avengers Jumanji that is branded no I know no but though the fourth one is not branded it’s called Nick Nicodemus demon of if a management well that’s a terrible name it’s hard to say but it that one’s only $20 the others are 40 why not yeah for how long an hour dude you gotta try it you gotta try the void okay I did the Ghostbusters one I don’t remember being forty bucks but I might not have paid for it this is the problem with being me how long is it for 40 bucks it’s it’s worth 40 bucks as long as it needs to be honestly like this is this is really the potential VR I mean we going into a space and being able to touch everything and one-to-one mapping of your environment and feeling heat and feeling you’re shaking floors and the doorways you walk through and weapons that you pick up and it all being physically real yeah it’s cool escalates the the the immersion factor a thousand times is this the one that’s open even Wesley they’re Westfield Center in the basement yeah whatever it’s on the Market Street so anyway it’s opening on the 20th yeah so that’s exciting for us there’s a prince of persia’ not void but there’s another escape room company that’s making a prince of persia’ one they previously have done another ubisoft property and i did that one assassin’s creed essence creed yeah yeah and it was that was that really good and what they do even better than void is they create puzzles that require cooperation mm-hmm and that’s awesome when you cuz you can hear people they have microphones you’re in VR you’re in the same space yeah sure but sometimes divided but we’re actually in different rooms when you do it so physically no you’re not in the same space but but they so they can control whether or not you hear your we we built a couple of escape room prototypes a few years ago and it was it was really fun finally some twitter user go internet josh and a kshitij tweeted fun fact that noted observed on the steam that vr is now more popular than linux oh and

almost half as popular as mac OS well you heard it here at stop development on linux ever we start building vr that’s quite impressive now you say to yourself that’s that’s a statistic that does that mean the number of people who do the steam hardware survey that say they have steamvr installed yeah well i yeah yeah boards test out that they do yeah on the one hand these are these are small numbers like you know a lot of active users on steam it’s true it’s true but really only the Linux is 0.9 percent of steam so you’re bigger than that you know so you got 1.3 1% Mac OS is 3% so it’s like climbing up there there I do think VRS hit an inflection point last year with the release of the quest being very crucial that in terms of the price point and get people on board and then actually allowing you to use steam but it’s an interesting moment in here where we are now seeing VR taken more seriously or at least as seriously as the smallest platforms on Steam and you know maybe you want to write home about that maybe you don’t but I think it’s exciting I’m happy for them I’m happy for VR and that’s where we’re at you’re happy for VR I love VR I thought so I thought I’m a fan request number is on the VR survey which is interesting this time yeah so anything you want to promote what do you wanna talk about we’re done with the show oh this is it this is it that was really a minute I was told to be armed in an effort hold to wrap it up oh wow I have a new podcast it’s called Brad and we’ll made a tech pod my friend Brad shoemaker hi it’s a great podcast it’s not thank you it’s not brand new you’ve been doing it for a few episodes like 22 now I think the idea basically is we do a single topic each week so you know instead of talking about the weekly news which is a perfectly fine thing to do on a technology podcast I feel like that market is covered yeah we dig deep into things like how Nasir vers work or how networking works or how the last week the last two weeks I actually we wanted to talk about windows’s so we have made an ordered list of windows’s from our favorite to our least favorite over a 10 day two-week period no spoilers and next and then we do community episodes every few episodes so we if you have questions we can answer questions for him brilliant you can find that at Tech pod content town and then also I play pub G and stuff on Twitch in the evenings what can people find you there twitch TV slash not that Will Smith ah very good yeah Smith was taken and what’s your gmail address oh thank you sir very good thanks for listening everybody we’ll be back next week I may not be here next week but our friends cuz Shore norm promise they will be mmm maybe it’ll be an empty seat for our friend Will Smith here I’m not sure not sure we’ll see always good to have you we’ll always a pleasure to really appreciate you answering the call comes out who’s the outro from this Justin aka speed has one called squirting in real time gross hey I didn’t see you test it it likes it’s squirting in real time into any number of people I love unsubscribe