Sarah Jayne Dunn Make UP

hi I’m Sarah Jane done I’m a makeup artist and an actress and today I’m going to be showing you how to do a nice natural makeup look for the summer my beautiful modeling right key with having a good base for your foundation and if you make up to last a bit longer through the day is to throw the cleanse your skin to begin with and then apply a nice moisturizer so I’m going to be applying then you could dramatically different moisturizing lotion to Rachel first just a nice thin layer some hydration so foundation or thanks for using to the dry skin moisturizer I’ll be applying skin primer and this just again it gives a nice that a little alone into the skin it’s always good to apply makeup in thin layers so you get a bit more longevity so I’m going to using the Art Deco skin perfecting make afraid again just want a really fine layer and it’s good to apply this to new teaser but you most likely to get quality patches the next really good little tip is to use a mattifying cream it’s very good especially it’s got my oily skin again I’ll just apply a thin layer of this to the teen zone it’s also very good for summer because you get hot the skin becomes a little bit more or less wetting so this is the great little tip tip and this is Little Mac but I agree on the need a very small amount of this we literally just put it on so as a foundation for bait roll and go and such we use a BB cream so they’re poking light and BB stands for a beauty balm of blemish balm and they’re actually really good because they’re a lot of them and mineral based and this actually has anti-inflammatory benefits and it’s quite healing for the skin and a lot of them contain a mess yeah this one’s actually athletics or is fantastic for the sauna you know that your skin is protected all the time even if not all your something green long you’ve actually got the SPF anyway so it’s great for anti-aging as well usually you can use these on their own as well so they’re a great product all-in-one usually moisturiser serum and primer all of those things but when you use it on top of all of these things if you don’t already it just gives it a heavier slightly heavier coverage so I’m going to do that for Rachel using flat head foundation brush as well just to begin with nose out this is usually where most people need more coverage and then you can blend the product out so you don’t have a thick line around there but your telltale sign of foundation

so I’ve applied a full face of the BB cream to Rachel it started from he knows blend it outwards so to the hairline just so that there’s no line about jaw and around the hairline I’m going to use this little brush you can get these everywhere now this one’s by clown brush which is an online supplier and they’re really cheap and they’re great and what I’ll do is just keep this one clean so I’ve put the foundation on BB cream on this one and I’m going to just buff out around the jawline and around her line just to make sure that the BB cream is spread nice and evenly this also spreads it onto the earrings which is an area that often people forget so just to blend it out I’m also down onto the neck and into the hairline and then with a BB cream you can build up the product as well so I always put on the back of my hand so I’m not applying it straight on to the face that way you can just have a minimal amount on the brush if there’s any little areas that need a little bit of extra coverage now the time to do that also my very fine layer of this on eyelets it just gives a nice base for any eyeshadow if you’re gonna fly or if you don’t have a date without eyeshadow as well in this on which it’s often a really nice look just that’s a natural then it just gives a nice even coverage on the eyelids I’m just going to apply a little bit of concealer so a couple of areas where Rachel just needs a little bit more comfort in the BB cream allows I’m using a Lancome concealer so the liquid concealer again I’m just going to apply little amount to the back of my hand and I still have some of the BB cream on the back of my hand so it’s quite good because you can mix the colors together to get the correct color and a bit of a lighter consistency then they can see that what allow on its own I apply it with quite a firm headed brush just to begin with I’m just going to apply it round the nose which is where most people are an indicator coverage and then a good tip is to you pat any concealer with your ring finger this is quite a gentle touch and it just means you get a nice blend rather than the concealer building up quite thick just patting it just blends into the skin and makes it look really natural and then in any bigger areas I’ll use a little blending brush which actually mainly use for a lot of its really good tips users consumers as well if this one’s by crown brush again you stab back into you concealer and then dab off the excess and then for areas like the cheering again which is where a lot of people just need a little bit of extra coverage you can just gently brush that on so you’re not getting the big dots of concealer which you can get using a firmer brush or sometimes even your finger if you just apply the concealer with that the next thing we’re going to do on Rachael is the undo I can see that and I’m gonna use their clinic airbrush concealer which there’s lots of things on the market for concealing under ice but this is my my favorites again I’m just going to apply the product to the

back of my hand first so you don’t too much money with my straight smooth paste I’m gonna use my firm brush just to apply first put on the in side of the eye area next to the nose where we often get little dark shadows and then take it gently onto the eye and then again with the wrinkling I’m just gonna Pat the product then you don’t want this to look like you’ve gotten dry consumer life I just put in a small amount on reflects the light so now we’ve applied all the baits what we need to do is set that make sure that the last for today and I’m going to use the Mac prepping fine powder which is fantastic it’s the translucent powder and it’s loose but you get it in a pressed version as well I really like the loose version I always a little bit into the lid and then we use to tap off the excess powder just normal loads of powder on your face and defeat the whole point I mean funneling is on so a little bit on back up the excess and then first of all just dust it lightly on tiptoe so go ahead down the nose and then sides of the nose a little bit on the chin and then just with what’s left on the brush I’ll just take that out under the eyes and around the rest of the face you don’t need to move it in to Mary as well because any areas that you can field this top of the excess and you could just dab it gently as opposed to rubbing which will set the pounding and it won’t rub off we can see really wrong and then finally it’s also good before you do this the eyelets are just again with the wrinkling I just make sure the foundation have it such a little abrasive smooth out brochure powder you’ve got a nice place for the eyeshadow which is the next step so to just apply a nice natural look and a nice high shadow I’m going to start with a base so this is Bobby Brown a shallow in phone and I mean use just a nice firm eyeshadow brush again I always tap off the excess on my hands so you’re not in too much product um I’m just going to apply this all over the lid so I lid and set up to the eyebrows work some nice highlights which movie is really such a little gentle the next step in our shadow it’s just apply a nice neutral color on the eyelid I’m going to go for like a pinky coral color and it’s from the Mac collection and this is this color which is called hammer disco you can use a slightly smaller brush than I use to apply the shadow all over the eyes again don’t need a lot we don’t want it to look heavy – look quite natural so take the excess off I’m just going to tie this onto the lips so you can see it’s quite a nice natural color and you don’t want to take it any higher than the socket line which is the natural line in this area of the eye so next we’re going to add a little bit of definition to the eyes so we’re going to add this nice shimmery Brown which is by Stiller and it’s called Holly Golightly so use a little brush like this which is kind of curved formally shape to it and I’m going to take the excess off and like the hands go so

first of all with this brush in the net apply just in the outer corners of the eye and areas it’s quite lightly I’m going to take it any higher than socket line you don’t want to take it any further in people call it’s too dark whether it on the eye closes the eye over which if you want a smoky heavy look for an evening you can do for a nice natural day books lips keep eyes nice and wide then once you’ve applied the shadow take a clean blending brush lie as much as my soft it’s from the Bobbi Brown one and just go over where you’ve applied the shadow and blend it into the socket line it just gets really nice natural defile basic rule the eyeshadows have a micron or a slightly darker color on your eyelids and then the darkest color on the socket line you can do that with any color combination once you’ve applied the darker color to both eyes if you want to enhance any more you can just use a blending brush just lightly lower to the brush with eyeshadow and a good way to see where your natural socket line x1 anyone is if great to be with straight at name you can see this area whether I goes in the most look straight at me and then close that gives your natural socket line so you just blend the color into that area to give that depth in definition just add a little more definition I’m going to apply this gorgeous Bobbi Brown eyeliner it’s a long wear liner so it’s great for summer stay on all day using a little eyeliner brushes on things will travel and Bobby Brown one which is great zucchini comeback and this is in bronze shimmer so it’s very similar color to the darkest eyeshadow we just used our major then a little bit of the eyeliner and it’s always good first to draw a line on Buckingham so the brush is loaded and also is it like shape or applying eyeliner and then just one really fine line and a good tip when you do this yourself it’s not as easy thing is to dot the color on and then connect the dots you just want to take it just a little bit past the lash line just to give that you don’t get along to the axe as you can see it’s not too heavy and not too dramatic but it just gives that little bit of extra definition now part of my makeup that lots of people neglect is the eyebrows and they’re really important opening up the eye area or if you’ve over put the brows over the years it’s great to they’ve given up their definition and build men and I use the HD brows palettes which are brilliant I’m great to movie executive back and they come in three different colors but they’ve got little wax that you can work in or tame the brows with and then order the color so you can use them as eyeshadows as well when you can you sleep them during the eyebrows so with just a little eyebrow calm such as this it’s good to brush the brows up first and then just take the brush along the top just to come down any brow hairs that lift it up and again just by lifting them up it opens up the eye area and Rachel’s really looking for she got really nice thick dark brows she doesn’t really need much more definition much better in really it’s really impossible from your browser and I’ll use it and angular brush like this one which again you can get these anywhere to use powder

like this palette take the excess off on your hands because you can always build a color up when you put too much on lonna to take all your makeup off and start from scratch so really take off the excess so there’s hardly anything left on the brush and then just gently sweep over the brows just to give a nice bit of definition and shape your brow should be big medium small so in a nice straight line to make so that’s what you’re going for and you don’t have much Brown you want to fill in nice look we also don’t want to fill them in too much because obviously this is quite a nice natural day look and a good tip just keeping the grass in place for the day is to use a clear mascara using a number seven one so you can apply it straight from the wand and just literally cone the browse through as before come them up and then just Tammany fly away heads down not just hold them in place one day so now I’m going to finish stretches I look by applying nice black mascara which it’s great for any day whether you’ve got a better makeup on or if you want to go for a really plain look I’m going to use the Mac splash proof mascara which is great for summer as well so if you’re sweating or you getting enough overall you’re on holiday then this is a really nice one a good tip for apply mascara as well to get the question at the rear and then we got the brush up and there’s an exactly mention that lies the mascara but without making it really clumpy and then if you do want to add more you can add a second coat and you’ve not got that clumping look also gonna just put a little bit up and scare off the bottom a this is optional something like it without I think it opens a nice bit more it’s a really nice look and I won’t put to you on books in the summer you don’t want to love to tell overdone just look up something the woman and again you can use a zig zag emotion I’m now going to apply blusher on to Rachel Rachel and this is benefit dandelion which is really nice quite a light pink color which is great for the summer great for not looking too major but having that nice fresh glowy look he’s a little angled blush brush apply quite a lot get some eye color then again tap off the excess and just smile all right split apples G and then take it up in the C shape or back to frenzy show you can see it just adds like a nice glow it’s not too just one of the final bits of the makeup before we got to lips is to apply a bronzer it’s Rachel and again this is great for summer just gives you that healthy glow bearing in mind you’ve got your SPF on underneath for the BB cream so you’d be that nice tan look this is the Lancome star bronzer which is really nice because it’s it’s quite matte so you don’t get that shimmery look so those quite natural and so on we use this Big Mac bronzer brush I’m going to rub off the excess in the back of my just so that it doesn’t go in and really have it to begin with and then it’s good to apply bronzer when you naturally catch the Sun so it’s more natural so on the forehead and the hairline and then down the nose chin and if you do take it

down onto the neck it’s good to not put it down the center of your neck because just that bit of another way to get for Sun slip your chin up so I always take it down outside the neck first and then just blend that in and again don’t forget to blend in the jaw line and then with what’s left on the brush are then take that across the rest of the face a good tip for a bit of definition is to use your bronzer again just use a smaller brush this time this one’s a philosophy brush brush and then just let into the browser again take the excess up on the back of the arm and then you just want to apply this just underneath the cheekbone when you apply the blusher and that just gives the illusion of really fine mister cheekbones and then you can blend that in with the plans of what you used before so you don’t want anything that looks like mine it’s just giving that illusion I’m now going to apply a really natural lip to Rachel just to give a bit of definition Alex give a bit of color I’m using a Max Factor pink and it was quite finished but what I’m going to do is blend it in to the lip line it’s always good to start on the Cupid’s bow which is top of the lip drawing in and then from there you can draw a line up to meet the mind you’ve already drawn on the lip and same on the bottom so to draw a line in the middle and then bring the pencil to meet the line enjoy what I’m going to do is just blend that that line in put the lime at all over the lips so it’s not harsh line doesn’t look to be made up I’m not actually going to use a lipstick guys I’ve gotta spend at this point money lips I’m just going to use lip balm I’m using comics so this will again blend on a plane you’re in it’s far more natural for a summer look for a day look and if you’ve drawn the lip – like the outside of the lip mind if you want that full a look as well and this is great for blending that day it’s the same for of applications there I would start with the Cupid’s bow and then bring the brush up to meet when you’ve already applied the liver start in the middle just to finish off the look I’m going to apply this art deco clear box just to the middle of Rachel’s bottom litmus gives the illusion of fuller lips so I’ll take this could if this was your own you could just apply it directs but I go to fights back of my hand take the same lip brushes before and literally just one hand so I just want a tiny dab of it and that’s all so you don’t need to blend it in you don’t it’s project you just stab it in with your finger and that just gives a nice glow a glossy look but without and all over the lips and without being too full on and too much like an evening makeup so there we have a nice natural finished look for summer we take you through the day and into a night out as well if you want to it’s pretty nice it’s long lasting you’ve got lots of layers on there but still a really natural look a nice natural cheek color and a nice defined but still quite natural eyes very pretty daytime loads also very pretty Bridal look which is the kind of thing that would go for for a bride and then West it’s beautiful