Trying ALL Of The Most Popular Menu Items From Domino's Pizza At Home

– Whew! Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Julia from Julia Tries Everything And today we’re gonna be trying every single thing from Domino’s That means pizza, pizza, specialty pizza, bread, chicken, desserts, pasta, sandwiches As you can see, I’m no longer sitting on a floor Big movements for me today I am now with my family so I have more people to share leftovers with Very exciting Obviously since I am shooting from home, I do have a lot of dogs in this house and they will interrupt at least 12 times by the end of the video (dog barks) Okay So, please bear with me on that one Let’s do this (electronic music) Holy (beep) Okay, round one, my entire room smells like cinnamon, garlic, cream cheese, butter, and onion So, that’s a good thing Domino’s does not sell alcohol, or deliver alcohol, but I feel like it just seems so, so wrong to not have it with me This is the stuffed cheesy bread It has these burnt little crispy ends on here are so– Ugh, amazingly delicious I think I could just eat the crispy bits off but what I love about this is that it’s a never-ending cheese pull no matter where you go because you know what it is? It’s 20% bread, 80% cheese The stuffed cheesy bread is one of the best appetizers You can break it off into a bunch of little bits and share, or you can eat the entire thing yourself We have the bacon- and jalapeno-stuffed cheesy bread Oh my god Burnt cheese is not good, but slightly, ever so slightly, just a little bit burnt That’s awesome I think I’m already full Okay, stuffed cheesy bread with bacon and jalapeno The bacon looks more like pieces of ham and I know you’re gonna say that bacon and ham are from the same animal But see how that like, that looks much more like ham What I’m trying to get at is I like really crispy, dark bacon and this looks like it’s a little bit on the chewier, softer side When I first opened this I didn’t think there were that many jalapenos on it ’cause there we only two on top, but when you open it there’s like a jalapeno in every single bite I really appreciate the jalapeno but I don’t think it needs the bacon Stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta I love feta, I think it’s a great salty cheese So there is spinach in every single bite Their ratio is honestly top notch Got a lot of mozzarella I’m not saying a crazy amount of feta Mm, no, no I taste the feta Out of all the stuffed cheesy breads, the spinach and feta is number one to me Then the regular, then the bacon-jalapeno The feta just adds another level of salty, tangy flavor to it The spinach isn’t really adding anything, but I feel like because you’re getting a lot of parm, mozz, and cheddar, it’s nice to have something that just breaks that up Mm, that is my jam I would put candles in it and make it my birthday cake (ding) Fun fact time Domino’s was actually called Dominick’s for the first five years it was open That was from 1960 to 1965 16-piece Parmesan bread bites And they’re little little cute little pocket nuggets of bread And I’m gonna use the very– Ooh, shake well The infamous, notorious, famous, most popular garlic sauce This garlic sauce, the way it lingers on your face, your lips, just sits there for hours, it’s like, the most high-quality lip gloss you could ever get These are loaded (laughs) with Parmesan I’m just gonna be committed to all the arts Can you see just how much is on here? So much We’re gonna dip it in the garlic butter sauce, which if you’ve never had it, is– The moment it hits your body, it has a few different reactions One is euphoria and then the other part of it

is your arteries just clogging immediately So Oh man, those are fluffy Fluffy fluffy fluffy But still crispy around the edges, ooh That’s so much parm Okay, these are the Parmesan bread twists that I’m trying next I did have the garlic dipping sauce with it, but I wanna do the marina with it as well Oop, ooh, nice! Okay, I ate it off-camera, I’m sorry My rules, my show I always say that marina is super fruity and people are like, that’s ’cause it’s made out of tomatoes and tomatoes are a fruit I know! Straight up marinara I almost want to say fruity, which is wrong But depending on the spices put in it, it can be zesty and maybe even a little spicy This marinara is actually the right amount of zest It has just the amount of oregano What else is in here? I should not be licking that, that’s gross Okay I like these twists more than the bites because there’s more crispy parts to it You have to have the garlic dipping sauce at some point in your life, but I highly recommend to try the marinara with these because it just gives a good contrast to the other flavors Otherwise you’re just eating garlic and butter, garlic and butter, garlic and butter Now we have the garlic bread twists One second, wine break (sirens) Mm! They actually smell not too garlicky, which is why I just did that mm sound I gave myself ranch for this, which is totally incorrect, but (beep) it Not a bad flavor combo, I’ve had worse Considering how potent the Parmesan bread bites were, I was a little worried for these garlic knots, but I have to say, they are probably the least buttery of them and the least potent, so you can eat more of them and enjoy more of them, where the other ones you have one bite and you’re like, okay, I’m done Last one left is the cinnamon bread twists I obviously do not like sweet things Okay Wow Oh that smells like a lip gloss I used to eat as a kid Oh The bread itself is good It’s good I like the coating, I like that there’s actually just a bunch of coating down here on the bottom You can put this on your lips as a lip scrub, honestly Mmhmm, mm, yeah That’s an all-natural lip scrub Domino’s should be marketing that way Losing it This sweet icing, I would buy this at the grocery store jumbo sized My favorite out of this round is going to be the stuffed cheese with spinach and feta That one, no matter who you are, you’re gonna love it Even the lactose intolerant people, vegetable haters, bread haters, everyone, it’s so– I’m gonna be thinking about that one for many days And I’m probably not gonna share that one with my loving family but I’ll share everything else (hiphop music) (laughs) We can now start waiting around Just felt like if I didn’t have a beer of some sort in front of me, it felt weird, it felt wrong The first one I’m doing is the spicy jalapeno pineapple specialty chicken, which is just a bunch of the chicken bites really, really breaded, coated in that same cheese that we had from the stuffed cheesy bread as well as a bunch of pineapple and jalapeno This might be one of the weirder combos I’ve had Oh, jalapeno Jalapeno There’s still seeds in these jalapenos! The cheese, the pineapple and the jalapeno altogether without the chicken, it is a crazy concoction and maybe instead of cheese I’d put a barbecue sauce, some sort of sweet, tangy sauce on there All three of those things together are a little wild for me The next one we’re doing is the specialty chicken with crispy bacon and tomato, and again, all that cheese on there from the stuffed cheesy bed round (ding) Fun fact Domino’s didn’t have most of these items on their menu until 2008 They had this huge uprising of people within Domino’s

and outside of Domino’s hating on their pizza, saying it was super bland (tense sound effects) – I hear what some folks are saying about our stuff (laughs) – This one’s bad – No seasonings It was basically like eating cardboard So they started adding a bunch of these really wild menu items on ’cause I think it’s also like you have that one person who might wanna be ordering pizza for the entire group but then there’s a bunch of other people who are like, nah, pizza’s lame! I don’t know who they are but apparently those people exist And then they came up with all these other items so that not just coming– (barking) Gus, I’m shooting Well you know what, since he’s gonna be a (beep)– Gussy, Gus! Say hi, Gus Oh now you don’t wanna say hi, now you’re shy? Okay Okay, I’ll put you down then Okay, off that way, out into the abyss Oh, this one wants This one is my oldest dog, his name is Baloo Say hi, Boo Is it working? Is it working? (Baloo barks) No, apparently, okay I’m not even gonna finish whatever my fun fact was Because it clearly wasn’t that exciting Whatever, look it up Crispy bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and that looks like it The bacon on these chicken bites is way more crispy than from the stuffed cheese round I wonder if it’s because it’s actually able to get a better crisp because it’s on the outside If I close my eyes while I eat this, I wouldn’t believe it was Domino’s It tastes like the perfect drunk food that I would be craving All I want is bread with it, like toasted melty bread The classic hot buffalo specialty chicken right here And a blanket of cheese and a bunch of buffalo sauce I wonder how spicy the buffalo sauce is And look what I love about this one Ooh, burping Nope, good What I love about this one is that it has the crispy cheese little like, cracker part on it Ugh (coughs) We’re good It has that little cracker part on it Ah Ooh it has buffalo sauce Losing it Okay Let’s try this It’s not that buffalo-forward It’s basically your buffalo chicken dip that you love at the Super Bowl but in a chewable form It’s more of a full meal I eat probably a pound of buffalo chicken dip every Super Bowl Sunday So once a year I do that and that is my meal But this is a more approachable way to eat it and probably a little bit more socially acceptable I would order this with extra buffalo sauce so it’s even saucier (laughs) Okay, I did not go into this thing correctly I don’t know what I just did That was weird, let me try again I’m not doing this right at all (dog barks) I’m eating! (dog barks) There’s chicken on my foot Man! This is going swimmingly I ate a hot wing and I didn’t even remember what it tasted like because I got so distracted by my dog Let me try this again Okay I would contend that these are not hot at all My mouth is not burning And this is my second one and it’s not building up And the ranch is not really much of a player here Hm The fire wings are one of the spiciest things that you can order at Domino’s Feel like I might be ready And I have a blue cheese dressing because I think if you’re going to do something that’s really hot and spicy, blue cheese has way more fat to it, it helps you cool down faster than ranch does This is really good This is really good It’s not spicy to me I’m waiting for it Maybe I’ll try, I’m gonna do one that has way more sauce on it Okay, ooh! (inhales) Oh when you breathe in it makes it hotter, more air Ooh, wait Okay, there’s a little bit of perspiration happening on my face Can you see, is there– I feel perspiration in the eyebrow region and the upper lip mustache region And there’s a bunch of really cool, fun, youthful teenagers biking by and I think they can see what’s happening here

It’s just like this girl with a table filling herself Yep That’s what I do for a living Boneless chicken wing, meet sweet mango habanero sauce Ooh I love the color of it, it’s like this beautiful golden, caramelly with red pepper flakes Very pretty Oh man, that’s hot Okay There’s literally nothing sweet about that Oh Can your eyelids sweat? Mine are sweating There’s nothing sweet about the habanero sauce It is all spice It tastes like you think it’s gonna be sweet and it’s not That will just make your entire head sweat Oh yeah, the back of my neck is wet The boneless chicken wings are a step up from your typical chicken nugget, really lovely, breaded, coated with Italian seasonings on here so it’s not super plain, and honestly they’re just the right amount of crunchy I’m gonna go in on that again Okay From this round, my favorite is gonna be the specialty chicken, crispy bacon and tomato cheese-lovers’ dream here Can’t go wrong, love it, mm (upbeat music) (laughs) I’m in true carb heaven, that’s for sure I’m gonna go first with my love, the Philly cheesesteak I got it without the green onions and the mushrooms just because my Philly cheesesteak I like to be pretty plain, I like it to just be cheese, meat, and onions I don’t need to add anything else to it I feel like a great Philly cheesesteak doesn’t need all those other toppings Also, great– (mumbles) Mm This is pretty decent! It’s lacking a little bit of the meat situation going on, but the meat that I am tasting– Do it like this, it’ll be like a great little toasty situation The meat that you do get is thinly sliced, or thinly shaved, and really salty, which is what I really like in a Philly cheesesteak, but I think you have to order more meat! Oh there’s more meat on this side, okay Maybe the other side was lacking Up next we have the Italian sandwich which is loaded with mozzarella, peperoncini, pepperoni, we have ham, we have salami Okay Italian sammy, please don’t do me wrong Way better than the Philly cheesteak, wow It’s all the toppings that you want on your pizza and sandwich (ding) Fun fact The three dots that you see on the domino represent the first three stores And the owners originally were going to add a dot for every single restaurant that they opened And thank god they didn’t because I think they have like 10,000 At first we have the pasta primavera, which looks like the most bountiful when it comes to vegetable versus pasta ratio We got a bunch of cheese, spinach, we have tomato, we have mushrooms, we have onions, and we have a bunch of cheesy sauce And of course it’s on penne Very one note It’s like a very basic Alfredo sauce I wanna add red pepper sauce or a hot tomato oil to this This is the Italian sausage marina pasta It is loaded with Italian sausage, like every part of here There are huge drunks and a lot of tomato sauce And of course a bunch of mozzarella Sweet Italian sausage can make anything taste better Wow, that is glorious The marinara tastes a little bit different than the marinara I had with the dipping sauces with the bread earlier This tastes just a little bit sweeter, a little less zesty So it makes it work better with the Italian sausage We have onions, mushrooms, bacon, Alfredo sauce, penne Big chunks of onions The onions are very tame, which I’m very happy about I was a little worried when I saw the onions in here because they are such huge chunks The bacon in here, I wonder if it was just like, a bad round of delivery with the bacon from the cheesy bread round Because the bacon in here’s at least a little bit crispier too Okay, let me try the chicken Mm They have really juice chicken

That’s the kinda chicken when you were a kid that you’d love because you don’t have to chew or anything Chicken Alfredo pasta! It is just the right amount of saltiness and it has that really, really good, juicy, moist chicken in here and I like the pasta on top is a little bit crunchy because the cheese got all– What’s the word? Not fried (crickets chirping) What’s the word? Yeah, when it get broiled When this pasta gets broiled and the top, and the cheese gets all crunchy on it, that’s awesome From this round, my favorite thing It’s either the sweet Italian sausage pasta over there or the Italian sandwich Either of these you would be happy with (dance music) We have the cheese pizza and it looks like your traditional one that you would find at every single birthday party ever It’s like I’m at my sixth grade bowling alley party It’s that cheese pizza from your childhood that every single kid ordered for every event ever That’s what that is Pepperoni pizza I personally believe that pepperoni and cheese pizza are the two things that you should judge a pizza place on Don’t judge it based off of their crazy flavors, base it off of the most plain, generic ones And if those are great, then probably everything else is Okay Pepperoni seems crispy, seems like there’s a good ratio going on I like my pepperoni to be just a little bit thicker, but considering this is delivery pizza, I’m okay with the thickness of the pepperoni This is a good standard pizza to me Buffalo chicken pizza I have heard many, many great things about this pizza I am beyond excited I love this one The buffalo chicken from whatever round I had earlier was kind of lackluster because there wasn’t enough– Ooh, hot, spicy Ooh! There wasn’t enough spiciness on it This one has enough sauce that it now feels spicy Mm, heck yeah That is good The Wisconsin six cheese So five more cheeses than the other one You can taste all five They’re approximately mozzarella, Asiago, Parmesan, cheddar Another type of cheddar I don’t know I’ll just stop here (ding) Obviously the six cheese is better than the regular cheese I’m trying to quantify how many times better it is ’cause it’s actually not five times better I would say it’s twice Double as good, twice as good, 100% better? Something like that Pacific veggie pizza, I’m not super excited about it, mainly because of the olives I love olives in martinis and in certain Greek salads, but when it comes to pizza they can get the (beep) out of here It’s like finding a hair in your pizza but worse when I see olives on a pizza It’s like a salad on a pizza, it’s good, if you like healthy-tasting pizzas It’s just not me, you know? This is the ultimate pepperoni pizza, which means that there is sauce, melty cheese, pepperoni, pepperoni again, and then Asiago on top, which has then been really crispy broiled This is what I do this job for, this right here This is glorious, you’re so beautiful You can actually see the layers of cheese in here I’m too lazy to get up and show you guys Top notch If I had to choose one for this round, I’m gonna go with the buffalo chicken pizza because that was truly some of the best buffalo chicken pizza I’ve had And I feel like as a New Yorker, having a lot of buffalo chicken pizza and pizza in general, I think me saying that says a decent amount (piano music) Up first is this chocolate cookie brownie which has nine different pieces in it I got the sweet icing on the side just because I know it goes with the cinnamon twists, but it’s such a dessert item from here and I felt like I needed to at least try dipping it in

and seeing what it’s like Okay, it’s very sugary, very sweet But I don’t hate it This brookie is mainly cookie, less brownie, for the bites I’m having But I’m appreciating it ’cause there’s still chocolate chips in here It’s like gooey and chewy at the same time and I’m really enjoying that The molten chocolate lava crunch cakes are things that I dream about often It is beautiful, stunning, luscious, and, oh! And everything I’ve ever wanted in a dessert If you blended up a bunch of Oreos and then you heated it up, that’s what it’s like It’s like a hug, I’m literally hugging myself as I eat it It’s so comfortable I would 100% choose the lava cake over the cookies One because you don’t have to share, two, these are just infinitely better You can’t even compare the two I am wiped out, I’m exhausted I have leftovers for days for me and my parents, and yes, I know, what does she do with the leftovers? She’s eating them! Thank you guys so much, it’s been a great time I am going to pass out Where are my dogs when I need them? Thank you guys for watching I’m sorry that my dogs bark every 10 seconds in these videos They can’t help it Like, comment, subscribe, let us know where we should go next And of course I’m going to be donating to the New York food banks However, if you have anywhere else that you recommend for people to donate, make sure you comment that below and thank you guys so much for watching Until next time (dance music)