WORST DRUGSTORE MAKEUP 2017 | Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

What’s going on guys welcome back to my channel today. We’re doing a video all about The worst Drugstore products I have ever tried most of these products like I genuinely tried To like as you would with any products that you you know you try to make it work when you spend your della Della Bills on it but I’m just telling you right now these products are one not worth your money to Not even worth trying for the most part and three just things that I really felt Dumb did me dirty so you guys know I’ve been doing my drug the series I’m so happy that you guys have been liking it and I’m going to continue doing lots more drugstore videos So make sure to hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel if you want to seal up more dru upload Videos for me then let’s go ahead and get solid now obviously first off first and foremost I have to tell you guys a little disclaimer if I say something that you know didn’t work for me If I name a product that didn’t work for me and you Loved it with all of your heart obviously keep doing it. You know you do you some stuff That doesn’t work for me may work for you guys, and that’s okay That’s why there are so many different products in the world You know what I mean So we’re going to get in with one product that I just like I almost have nightmares about it You know like thinking back on it. I just kind of shiver, and it’s actually from a brand that I personally really really really love like there are so many of my holy grail drugstore products from this brand And it is nyx, but I just I’m gonna lay it down for you guys I’m going to lay it down real nice and honest this powder is like my worst nightmare for One reason or another so basically, so this is the nyx HD studio photogenic Finishing powder now first off the Powder itself is very thin do you see it’s like literally just coming out of this But it’s buffle as soon as I open the cap, but even further than that like I’m telling you guys It’s such a thin powder which already also that I know that my personal preference. I don’t like thin powders like this I like it to have like a little bit thick of wow I can’t really talk today but I like it to have a little bit more thickness a little bit more grit like something like the Laura Mercier Powder or the Cody err sun those have a little bit more grit to them so you can bake a lot easier with them Always like this already like I don’t love just because of the texture you know everybody has their own Preferred textures to work with and this is definitely not mine, but even further than that I did really try to use it to love it to try it out for you guys And I try to work with it, and when I use this I kid you not I look like casper The friendly ghost underneath my eyes it has the worst flashback. I’ve ever seen like I’ve literally never seen Another powder with this bad a flashback like it almost looked like it has flashback even when I didn’t wasn’t using flash photography Which I don’t understand how that was happening but I would take a picture like on my phone or you know on wherever like on a Camera with no flash, and I kid you not it would have white underneath my eyes. I don’t know It doesn’t make sense to me I tried it out two or three times to make sure it was that and not like the concealer or the foundation or something else and I’m telling you it was this so I don’t recommend this um Like it says. There’s so many products from nyx that I genuinely like but I just like for me. There’s no go and I Got something stuck in my throat, but I’m actually one of my friends Kyra. I’ll see you She tried this out or when I had said that on snapchat like that whole little story And when I did when I talked about she was like dude legit that powder did the same thing on me So I don’t know if it was just for us or what but it’s it’s no bueno for me Okay Next product that I really don’t like this products from wet and wild so this is a when 12 mega impact Mascara again What about a great brand that I like a lot because they are one of the more affordable drugstore brands? But this product particularly is so horrendous For me so first off I actually have high hopes for this because I like the wand like I liked how it looked when I first took it out and I was like okay well We see where while we see with that Bristle wand like I love I love Wands like this that are very fat and thick and I can give you a lot of volume but let me tell you this is the driest Mascara I have ever used in my lifetime like I don’t even Understand how dry it was was so it was so dry that I? Almost thought. It was like a mistake like I thought I had gotten one That was like a lemon so I went back and I repurchase it a second time and same thing like It just it slides over my head. I don’t understand how it’s so dry like watch when I put it on my How is that possible like literally? do you see this like I’m literally rubbing so hard and Like nothing comes out of the – of the tube or like off of the wand I just I don’t understand how Anybody would be able to work with this Mascara honestly because it is so dry it just kind of like flakes off

No product comes off. It’s just a strange strange strange formula for me In general I do like more wet Mascaras, and I have heard some people say that they like a drier formula But I mean girl or boy you know honey This ain’t going to work for I don’t think this is going to work very easily for anybody So not really a Mascara. I would recommend especially because there are so many Drugstore Mascaras that are bomb calm You know me like I feel like mascaras are definitely one of the strong suits that the drugstore has so Go for the Maybelline big shot go for the L’oreal voluminous. Go for you know carbon block I think that’s the same thing as the L’oreal voluminous, but yeah Just in general like I feel like the drugstore has a lot of great Mascara so go for one of those Next product that I want to talk about honestly I know that I’m going to get like a lot of hate for this because I’ve talked about it before and I’ve talked about how I don’t like it. I’ve talked about that before in videos and Basically everyone’s just like no you’re not using a rhino you’re doing this you’re not doing this you’re not doing this but at the end of the day, I Personally still do not like this product and again a brand that I really love obviously all these brands there are hits and misses for me like there’s obviously going to be products that I absolutely Love that I can live and die and breathe for and then there’s going to be products that like I personally Find very difficult to work with and this is one of those products from Elf. So this is their baked highlighter I know this comes in three shades, and I used to hear so many good things about this particular product It is specifically this shade and honestly in the pan I think it does look really really beautiful like as the lights kind of shining off of it It just looks like it’s going to be beautiful You know what I mean But I’m telling you guys like there is barely any pigment that comes off of this especially when you’re using a brush I find that when I Apply to the cheeks, and you know I like alone the highlight So I may be a little bit biased because I really like a creamy formula When I use it like I get nothing on my cheeks And you know like I had said before people are always like you know you’re using it wrong You have to scrape it off you have to get to the inside you have to wet it I’ve tried wetting it and it does nothing. I’ve tried scraping a little bit off, and it literally does nothing you guys like I? Just feel again why would I continue to use something that all of a Sudden like I’m Using wrong or like I have to do all these things too when there are so many other highlights that are bomb That are still affordable You know I mean like I just feel like your money would be better spent on either other Elf products That is does not include this highlighter like their blush palette is awesome or a highlighter That is actually good like maybe I don’t know the wet and wild ones are awesome. The Milani ones are great Pixie beauties a spin over art collaboration was amazing. So there definitely are like Options for highlighter from the Drugstore oh my God you have side no, I’m sorry. I’m getting very very distracted. Did you see this? Why don’t I just bring it up right now? I’ve got a little giveaway for you guys in this video um I was going to save it to the end But I feel like you’re already is kind of like solo PPthere So I’m going to be giving away another one of the Jacqueline hill more few pillows and all you have to do to enter to win this giveaway is be subscribed to my channel give this video a thumbs up and comment down below your worst drugstore product experience or the worst drugstore product in your opinion that you’ve tried because Girls, we don’t get them today alter and when I say girl, you know that’s you know. It’s just a phrase for me You know what? I mean like I’m not actually saying that makeup is just for girls because it is definitely Not makeup is definitely just for anyone and everybody who wants to We’re an experiment and get creative. Okay you guys I’m going way off topic. It’s like a 9:00 p.m Right now and I’m usually asleep by now, so I’m like I’m wired up right now But what I was gonna say was this is an amazing drugstore highlighter my friend Madison we did like a little collab and she had the la girl strobe light strobing Powders and she showed me them and They are pigmented. I really really really really love this formula So anyways side notes on the giveaway for this video side note on the highlighter that I do recommend Let’s get back to the products that I do not recommend So I have a product from Minami next and it is this guy right here This is a little bit of an older product I don’t actually know if they still make it, but if they do I want to tell you guys right now do not spend you spend you yes do not send you do not spend your hard-earned money on this because honestly I just I just Just a confusing product for me honestly, so this is the Milani Fierce sorry Milani Milan Fierce Spoil eyes shine so basically this is supposed to be a

Foiled eyeshadow, but let me just show you the formula. I mean, I just don’t understand it. It’s like It’s not a cream. It might look like a cream on camera but honestly It’s not like it’s almost like They took a lip gloss and like trying to put it Into an eyeshadow, and it looks pretty when you swatch it and we’ll put that out there But the thing is you know what this reminds me of it reminds me of when you’re like a little kid And you have those like makeup palettes that are just you know probably terrible and like not great ingredients and whatever and There’s like those lip glosses That are basically just do like they literally are do in like a little pan that is kind of what this reminds me of for some reason and I just feel like if you’re going for an eye shadow like I’ve tried to use this several times and it just Creases so badly because like I said it’s not a cream. It doesn’t set down it’s actually like a glossy formula for some reason and it creases like No Other and if I’m going for a foiled eyeshadow like I feel like there are other affordable options out there that are bomb you know like I’m trying to give you guys affordable options here You know for all everything that I’m saying is that I’m trying to like give you guys some options that are actually good But the makeup geek foiled shadows are amazing. They’re like six dollars. I think which is honestly pretty affordable um also Key Maybelline color Tattoo range is really good, and you’re going to get kind of the same vibe of effect You know what I mean, but yeah, I do not recommend these because just the texture itself is weird It’s kind of hard to tell you guys or to show you the texture because it looks pretty I you know. I know it looks pretty here, but trust trust me on this. It’s going to crease really badly and We don’t want that for my rock stars. Okay? Let’s move on to Liddy’s because I feel like we can all kind of agree on What’s a good and bad lip? product you know I actually, you know I stand corrected because this particular product I have heard so many people rave on and on about and whenever I try to use it is just And genuinely like I do hate saying that because again. I love this brand I’m not trying to be negative nancy over here, but just try to keep it real with you guys um But these liquid lipsticks from Milani now I cannot even count how many times I’ve heard people Rave on on about how good the formula is and I’m telling you whenever I’ve tried to use it I don’t know if it’s user error if I’m just like layering on too much product or what’s happening? But whenever I have tried to use any shade, but particularly this one which is called crave Which is actually my favorite shade out of the whole collection I think that the collection is beautiful like the color range But whenever I have tried to use it my lips Just get so crusty like it’s like the krusty krab in here for all you Spongebob lovers like me I’m not joking like I’ve never felt my lips so dry as when I wear this like I literally feel like a dinosaur or something And I’m telling you like I love the color love love-love-love. Lo it. Just sucks because I wish I could wear it because Hello, Summer, okay, but I’m telling you like whenever it dries down especially on the darker Shades as well they get Like I can’t even explain it like literally starts like peel off of my list Because it’s so crusty and like I just feel like that’s not you know. That’s not really cute I don’t really want to be walked around with like crusty lips like that Um but like I said the color range is really nice honestly I just I really don’t like the formula Let me know honestly down below if you guys have tried these and what you guys think because I’m not even kidding you like how many people have Talked about these and have just raved about them and been like they’re the best liquid lipsticks at the drugstore blah blah blah and I’m just like what am I doing wrong like what is happening to my lips that is not happening to everybody else’s because I’ve I’ve been joking like I I need to go on Snapchat one day and like just put them on put one on and like Show you guys because I’m like literally not kidding. It will like rust off. It’s a whole thing on its own I don’t even know about that There’s one other lip collection that I don’t really recommend to you guys and it is this from Jordana which honestly Jordana like I feel like they’re a pretty underrated brand they have a lot of cool products that I think are definitely worth your money, but these Particularly, I don’t like because I’m just not a huge fan of like Crayons and stuff like this like I feel like if I want a lipstick Then I’ll go with a lipstick if I want more like a lip balm Then I would go with a lip balm like I don’t want it to be like Halfway in the middle Almost and these particularly because I don’t find them to be that moisturizing they’re actually very very very sheer on me like you literally get no color payoff like that’s pretty much as Good as it’s going to get for you, and I just feel like it’s not that moisturizing on me And you know I don’t know if it’s just me because all these lip products that I’m mentioning that I don’t like

That’s like the complaint that I’m seeing a common trend in is that it’s drying or it’s not moisturizing Whatever, but honestly, I don’t have like extremely dry lips. I drink so much water I drink like I drink like 3 to 4 liters of water a day ask anybody I know ask you Sonya ask Kyra ask like literally any of my friends Tweet them message them Dm them ask Jess Whatever. They will tell you that I am like a crazy person when it comes to water and so that’s why I like always confuse when These lip parts, especially beads because they literally are called the twist and shine Moisturizing balm stain that’s literally in the name that switching moisturizing And I feel like it drives my lips out so I don’t really get it These definitely don’t work for me I never reach for them never never never And I don’t really recommend them even if you are looking for like a tinted balm Stain sort of thing I would personally just go with like a tinted lip balm like you know for speeds has them Maybelline has them in the baby lips they have like tons of different ones now So not something that I would recommend and another product. I like I swear I’m not trying to pick on like specific brand or anything But another product from nyx you guys know I said it already I do like nyx a lot But this is another product that these are the only two products that I really really dislike from nyx and everything else I feel is like pretty solid but this concealer. I am telling you I have never seen such a dry concealer in my lifetime like let me just let me just try to dig some out with my nail because there’s no other way to get it, but like when I Like I can’t even like it’s hard for me to even swatch this one honestly But when I rub it out it like feels like it’s going to be oily at first First impression that’s what I thought. I thought it was going to be a very oily concealer And I thought it was going to crease then for some reason or another When you blend it out like when you continue to blend I am telling you it is the most dry and concealer I have ever used in my life, and I’m just like what is happening like I don’t have dry skin I have oily skin. I drink a lot of water my lips aren’t dry Why are all these products, so you owe me like? I just literally don’t even comprehend it But nonetheless this concealer is definitely not something. I would recommend for under the eyes. I have used it before As a brow bone highlight or like to clean up the brows and it’s actually okay for that to be completely honest so if you have this and you don’t like this um maybe use it for that because I find that it works okay for that honestly because since the Texture is like a little bit more a little like thicker almost it Actually does kind of set the brows or like set the area around the brows nice, but under the eyes There that’s a note for me even on like acne on pimples and breakouts. I don’t like it because I like to Kind of treat those areas with a little bit more hydration. Just because then they won’t like flake off They won’t get like those weird dry patches so ya don’t really recommend But if you already have it try it on the brow bone, and hopefully that helps you use it up alrighty so you’ve got a few more products to get through the next one being one that I’ve actually already talked about in my Worst Drugstore foundations or best and worst Drugstore foundations if you haven’t seen that you can check that out I just talked about my best foundation or like the best foundations for me and the worst foundations and this one Definitely fell into the worst category for me, so it is from Elf I could never find the actual name of the foundation because it’s actually not on the bottle I do love the packaging I will put Out out there I think that elf actually did a really nice job with this packaging because I like it when it’s like basic and clean like this but Let me just get into the foundation. So I like I said I had talked about this already in my foundations video So if you already seen that you kinda already know my sauce But it was strange because this foundation like at first. It looks like it’s going to be very full coverage to me at least and it has with a creamy finish, but when you’re blending out it like almost sheers out to Nothing when I had on my face. It was like Like a literal like it was less than a BB cream for me and in general I already like more full coverage foundations or at least medium coverage like I do tend to lean Towards the Fuller covers the medium to full whatever so that in itself wasn’t a great start for me But on top of that it actually creased so horribly on me, and it was just like a hot mess honestly I really really really really did not like this foundation. The one good thing about it. It didn’t have flash back I just try it with flash photography, and it did not have flash backs But other than that it was not easy to wear it wasn’t long wearing it wasn’t enough coverage for my preference and just in general Not a good pick in my opinion, especially again There’s so many good drugstore foundations there and definitely you can find something That is like on a budge like sorry what am I even saying that is exactly what you’re looking for on a budget?

You know I mean there’s so many duke videos out there So definitely go for something else not for this guy in my opinion and okay so this next product is again like something that I feel there are already so many good drugs or options and This is just like not one of them I’ve never even really heard of this brand to be honest, but I got it when I used to live in Vancouver and There was this little store in Metro town, and I forget what it was called now But I went in there one day and I saw this and I was like oh that actually looks really nice like it looks like it could be kind of like a dupe for higher-end contouring Palette Mm-Hmm it is So so crazy like I can’t even I almost don’t even know where to start with this so first off The the Shadows themselves looks like they’re going to be pigmented when you start to blend it blend them out again It’s like very patchy it almost them blends out to nothing and it doesn’t even look like you apply contour which is like a little strange, but even Beyond that I feel like the shade range is Not great honestly. It does come with like four different highlighters and then like three contours if you can even call this one a contour which I mean yes, if you’re very very very fair, but even for my skin tone This was like a little bit light like even the darkest shade over here Was too light for me pretty much and that may be the formula that I just blended out so well that I couldn’t See it anymore but if you are any darker than me this would be a complete waste of money because it is just it’s not dark enough like they don’t have enough options for Darker Skin Tones and Deeper Skin Tones So I just like I just would not without bother with this nyx has an amazing contour palette at the drugstore I definitely go for that one over this one if you ever see this again. I don’t even know where they sell La colors, but Try to avoid it. Okay. The last product is a brow product you guys know I’m already like pretty picky with brow products in general And this particular wire was so difficult for me to work with so this is the Elf cosmetics brow pencil I know, there’s quite a few Elf products. Well. There’s three Honestly, I really do love Elf and I think they’re an amazing brand especially for the price point They’re definitely one of the more affordable brands at the drugstore, but these products specifically And you know this one specifically just like did not work for me um so like I said This is the brow pencil. I did like that it came with a spoolie on one end I think that’s definitely a plus I think honestly elf is kind of stepping it up with their own packaging game but the actual pencil itself let me just tell you it is so difficult for me particularly But I think for a lot of people to work with brow pencils when they are this thick like I don’t know if you can See how thick that is but I’m telling you. Oh my gosh. I literally have like setting powder everywhere. I have lipstick here I’m a mess. I’m a mess you get the picture it is a thick pencil if you want to call it even a pencil like I feel like it’s Double the size of like a brow is or even the maybelline brow pencils the loreal brow pencils like those are probably half the size in Diameter diameter or radius the radius is half the size of this, okay? so first off It’s very difficult to work with because as soon as you start applying it you get a thick Line and especially when you get to the tail ends like you want to be very light handed with your brow product Especially it’s for like for most people. I would say they kind of taper down you know on the ends This is so difficult to get that paper because it just applies so much product right away the color I do like I think that it is actually a very nice cool Tone Brown to work with for my brow color or whatever like for my brows But I will say that it’s clearly just the formula that I didn’t like I don’t like the size of the pencil I Feel like the actual formula is very chunky so like when you’re applying It almost like little chunks get caught in my hair in my brow hair I mean, and it just looks kind of crazy. You know like it doesn’t look smooth. It does not look natural It doesn’t look like hairs because you can’t create hair like strokes because it’s just so thick that it’s like very very very very very Difficult to work with okay that is it for this video That is or those are all the drugstore products that like really have not worked for me, and I’m telling you guys I’m not just trying to be negative here like I have actually tried to use these products several several several times over and just have Found that, they’re hopeless for me um comment down below if you have any of these products

And you know how to use them because maybe it is user error like I’m telling you I’ve seen So many people raving about these, and I’m just like what am I doing wrong whether I look can you see that one? I’m like cresting off on the side That’s why I was talking more. I can’t I don’t know why that happens But that is going to be it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed and you know Some some products that aren’t really interviewer to me. I know they’re drugstore I know they’re affordable, but honestly I don’t feel like these products are worth the money I don’t want you guys to waste your money and Those are just my thoughts so hope you guys liked the video give it a thumbs up if you did let’s try to get this video to 5,000 thumbs ups. I don’t know if asking me possible honestly, but Let’s try it out Let’s try it out and don’t forget to enter be Jaclyn Hill a more solid giveaway if you want to win the palette I did actually use it today. I’ve been using a lot But I use it today to create this eye look, and I think it’s actually like a really really nice palette So I’m so excited for one of you guys to have it, and I want to say thank you guys so much for just all the love and Everything that you’ve been showing on my last video so that video I put up a summer lookbook which something so different like I’ve never really done anything like it on my channel and It was so much fun to make like so much fun to shoot to edit to just create in general um Even though it was literally like I felt like it was a hundred thirty degrees outside even though It’s probably like hard to him, but like it was so hot my makeup was melting off. I just I Don’t even know but like I said it was so so much fun to create and probably like my favorite video I’ve ever put out on my YouTube channel or Honestly favorite like the most fun project I’ve ever worked on Thus far And yeah, just like hearing you guys. You know show your love and like Reading all your sweet sweet comments. It really really like brought it back home for me and just like it makes everything worth it So I just want to say thank you guys if you haven’t checked it out I will link it down below for you guys check it out because I’m really proud of this video Low-key Spam like you know 1015 hours editing it, but that’s alright, but yeah I am actually very really really really happy with how was it turned out so I’d love for you to guys to check it out I’ll link it down below as well as maybe somewhere on the screen if I get a little fancy like there and That is going to be it for this video remember you are beautiful inside and out I love you guys so so so much. I really mean that some ball my heart, so I will see you guys next time