GRWM Beach Bronzed Goddess Look! 2015💋

hi you guys thank you for tuning in I am going to walk you guys and talk you guys through this gorgeous bronze Beach goddess look that I created just to give myself a dewy look without looking like you’re full of makeup so keep watching the first step that I like to do is just to apply moisturizer to my lips so that they are nice and moisturized and plump this clinique big plump marker or cranberry beans whatever you like our next like to pry my face and since it is the earlier or warmer months summer months now then I like to climb with milk of magnesia yes milk of magnesia I love this stuff you guys if you’ve never tried it you have to give it a try especially if you have all these skin not only does it smooth out the skin surface and make your pores up here a lot less visible but it also is great for blocking that oil you have no oil breakthrough during the day and it’s just a really amazing product you have to try it I highly highly recommended I just Prime in my t-zone area and my chin and now I’m going to come in with this brush by pretty girls it’s the s2 brush angled brush and used to apply my foundation really really love their brushes as you guys know and I have this clinique even better SPF 15 foundation that I love to use and it is in the color amber and since I’m going to be out in the Sun I want to make sure that my skin is definitely protected because I don’t usually put any sunblock on top of my face and that sort of thing because I do like to get a little bronze naturally from the Sun so I usually just like to apply a more a foundation that has some SPF in it and this one works great this one does have a light coverage but it is buildable so you will see that I go in a few times and reapply add some additional foundation on the back side of my hand and then apply with my pretty girls at so to brush I like to just kind of tap and pounce in the makeup when I use these brushes because it gives such a gorgeous flawless airbrushed finish each time so you will see that the technique I’m usually using it’s sort of a pouncing kind of stippling method versus rubbing the makeup and next I like to just continue to blend blend blend and that is the key anytime that you are applying foundation to the skin you want to make sure that everything is applied and blend it out really really well that is the key to achieving a natural seamless finish next what I like to do is just coming in with a big fluffy powder brush and this is the sl5 brush from pretty girls which I do love and I like to come in here and I like to set my makeup because i am using a thinner foundation and i’m going to be out in the sun for the majority of the day i am choosing to go with a studio fix which is a matte powder foundation and i’m just going to set my entire face and all of the foundation i just apply using I am in the color NW 45 and this is going to just move out everything that I’ve done make sure that it is set and in place and I did not have to use my skin finish or any mineralized tight powders for this look because I’m already going to come back in and apply that dewy glowy look with other products so I don’t need my foundation that I’m setting with or my foundation that’s underneath to look good on its own so yeah that is why I opted for the match since I wanted this video tutorial and look to be a quick one I wanted to do with any heavier bra products that take a little bit longer so I am using this dark brown eyebrow pencil from make up forever and also I have this eyebrow brush from pretty girls I think it is there e 05 and I like I’m sorry there yo six and I like to use this brush just to make sure that all the hairs of my natural eyebrows are in place and pointed in the same direction before I come in with my brown eyebrow pencil to do my eyebrows so I just kind of went through this rather quickly to show you guys how you can use the eyebrow pencils vs I’m getting out your makeup brush and the pomade in order to do your eyebrows a little bit faster but still achieve the same great results and as always if you guys are interested in an eyebrow tutorial or just to see a little more in depth walkthrough of how I am applying

my eyebrows on how I achieve the shape and that sort of things then just leave that in the comments section below would be glad to him that’s sort of a video for you so I do finish my eyebrow application I like to come in with this NYX eyebrow pencil or lip pencil in the color taupe and I like to use this as my under eye brow highlighter on my brow bone and just a tad bit above my actual eyebrows to further highlight that area and to make my eyebrow area look lifted youthful and just for a really really great finish I highly recommend this eyebrow pencil or the ones from NYX I’ve been using them forever I’m in terms of filling in my eyebrows and for highlighting i usually use their brown black for my eyebrows and then also the taupe for the highlight today I used to make up forever pencil just because it’s kind of down to the wire and I wanted to just finish it out again because it’s a a quick effortless look that I am a creating I wanted to just come in with that same ground black eye brow pencil that I use on my bras and just quickly do a underline of my lower lash line for eyeliner nothing spectacular nothing major because I don’t want to look too made up because we are going to the beach so yeah just use that really quickly and now i’m just using that sl5 brush for pretty girls again to buff out and make sure everything is setting perfectly I’m coming in with my LA girls pro concealer and toffee as my under-eye concealer but also highlighter I know a lot of girls who are about my skin complexion and do tutorials they tend to lean towards the font color in this concealer but for me that can be a little bit too yellow and give me an ashy vibe so I tend to use the top view or I do use a toffee and that works amazing for me it actually reminds me a lot of the pro concealers by Matt but of course with the fraction of the price but the toffee for me is more similar to what color eye concealer under eye concealer that I would use from Mac I actually put them side by side and you can hardly tell the difference so toffee is the color for me now I’m coming in with the s1 brush from pretty girls and I’m going to use this baby to blend out all of the concealer and highlighter that I just apply I love this brush because it has the pointed tip which works perfectly to get down the bridge of my nose to get into smaller areas like my under eye area and then of course to come in with underneath my cheekbones to further carve out and highlight that area it works so well I love this brush X is time to contour and I am going to be using this old contour powder that I had that I’m trying to get rid of and it is from look them it is a glow on Rouge along with the pretty girls c4 brush and this is a perfect brush I find to do the contouring because it is shaped perfectly and it is perfectly dense to get right in there into the hollows of my cheekbones and down the sides of my face just to create a very natural shadow and depth in the face that naturally occurs with the bone structure and I’m just really working this in making sure to carve everything out in terms of the cheeks and those hollow points and this powder is really good I am also coming underneath the chin right above my neck area to define the jawline and just to really carve everything out again I come back in with my big fluffy brush and i am going to blender and blend all of that contouring out and make sure that there are no lines indicating a start and finish point between the contour and highlight and just make sure that it is very seamless and flawless and as far as my nose contouring goes I’m coming in with the pretty girls eyo for brush which is appointed or pencil type brush and it works perfectly for me to highlight down the sides of my nose and just kind of carve out my nose the way that I like and I’m using the same product from the stem for this it’s very dark and it gives our nice contrast to the skin and I always like to bring that powder or whatever I’m using to come to our width up into decreases of my eyes to create some depth there and just to make the colors that i’m adding really flow notice what this sl5 brush i’m able to buff out the size of my nose just by pinching the brush and then i’m able to blend out

even with a big brush like that so that’s a really handy technique to be mindful of the next step that I’m doing is I am using this max powder in medium golden and I’m going to use this powder to highlight our I’m sorry to set the areas that I’ve highlight that along with the co2 brush from pretty girls again is the perfect size to get in and to set the powder especially under the eye areas and smaller places on the face I really love to set my highlighter or to use it to apply the highlighters for these areas as well so another dynamic and great brush to use and I just want to set these products to make sure that they’re not going to move or crease on me especially when you’re out playing in the Sun you do run the risk of you know your makeup really melting off and looking kind of patchy and streaky and all of that stuff which we do not want because that is not cute especially when you are out and about where you’re not going to be able to really check your face and see how you’re looking and stuff you don’t want to have to do that while you’re at the beach so yeah so it’s good to set and make sure everything is bulletproof and going to stay in place for a long day in the Sun so once i finish that i come back in again with my ex 05 brush and I’m just kind of lightly blending everything you want to make sure that you don’t have any visible lines of demarcation with all of the products that you apply you want to make sure everything is seamless and really just you know flows well together you don’t want to see where anything starts or ends on your face and the products you’ve applied you want everything to just be really really flawless always you guys next I’m coming in with one of my favorite favorite favorite products for bronzing and setting and it is broken I dropped it right before I film this video and it shattered into a million pieces so yeah I’m still going to use it but it is just a mess right now but I’m coming in again with this same co2 brush from pretty girls lightly tapping into the product and this is just a bronzer that I told you guys about that I got from the beauty supply for a few dollars it’s been one of my previous haul videos but I really really love it it just really sets my contour so perfectly it has a little bit of dimension to the powder itself so it’s not going to give a flat matte finish but because this is a more of a beachy bronzy look I really do love to use this powder for setting and also for contouring by itself during the warmer months because it’s just really really gorgeous so I will leave the information for this product below but like I said you can check it out in one of my previous haul video again I’m going to just kind of pounce and what in the SL using an SFI brush for all of the contouring that I just completed now I am coming in with just a regular eyeshadow brush this is just a regular thick blending brush and I’m going to use this product called half-wild from Mac and it’s one of their paint pots I don’t believe this limited edition but I’ve had it for a while so I’m not exactly sure if it’s still available but I’m just going to go over my eyes really quickly and evenly with this color just to give my eyes some dimension this is wanting to be an effortless look so I’m not going to do a lot with the eyes for this look but i do want them to have a little color so these colors our paints are very pretty because they do have a dewy look to them they’re going to set right but they still have like a lot of dimension to them so I wanted to use these now I’m coming in with another paint pot for mac and this one is in sizzling diva and it’s a really pretty gold color you got so I wanted to hit my actual eyelids with this color I’m going to bring this all the way across my entire eyelid and also come down into my tear duct area that way I set the foundation for the color of the highlight that I want in my tear ducts area and it’s just a really really pretty color I love to use these during the summertime now I’m going to come in with this pencil brush again from pretty girls and fill in my tear duct using this same color and it’s just going to give a really pretty highlight in the tear duct area which is going to make your eyes look very alive very vibrant and awake and this is another of those paint pots or at least when I’m calling a Paint Pot from Mac and this is in the color trophy that I’ll be using to really accentuate and highlight my tear duct area

once i’m finished with that I just come back in again with my SL to brush and just kind of clean up in the area just to make sure that the lines are precise and you know any lines that may have gotten on there that I don’t want from my eyeliner or the tear duct color following now with this miss manga rock mascara from l’oreal that i have been trying out i’m just going to use this mascara to finish out my eyes because i’m not going to be wearing lashes to the beach nobody wants shifting and sliding lashes while you’re out in the beach and in the Sun so I’m just going to finish off my eye look with this mascara top and bottom I’m going to be using one of my favorite tips that I like to do with mascara when I’m in a rush or trying to finish a look off pretty fast and that is simply to touch lightly your bottom or lower lash line with the mascara not just focusing on your eyelashes but also to hit that actual lash line that you would normally line with your eyeliner and this is just going to create a full liner effect instead of coming in and having to really you know get in there with actual eyeliner I like to sometimes just use my mascara if you hit it lightly then you can come back in with a smudge brush like this is sorry this eve or pencil brush from pretty girls and kind of smudge it out because normal eyeliner is a lot smoother than mascara which can be kind of not so even when you do this so you will need to come in with some type of a smudge brush and smooth it out but it works really really perfectly and lasts forever just like your mascara does and it’s just one of my favorite trip tricks that I love to use so yeah check that out ok so now I am coming in with this big bronze pallid or pans that I picked up from H&M in the color dark team and I’ve really been enjoying this bronzer it’s a really pretty gold bronzer it doesn’t have a lot of shimmer in it but it’s just enough reflectiveness really caught really tasks a pretty high life that so i have been using this and it was very very reasonable in terms of price so and with that size it’s a very very nice 5 i’m just going to hit my highlighted points the tops of my cheekbones my forehead down the bridge of my nose and just all of the areas that i previously highlighted with my concealer just to further bring in and hone this really pretty highlighted look bronzy look that we’re going for so i’m just going to do that with the sea to brush for pretty girls again for the smaller areas and then i am going to go just a little bit heavier than I normally would because I’m going to come back in later and just really brush this off so it’s kind of like a baking method as you guys may have been seen lately with other beauty gurus but then I’m coming back in with the s5 brush and I’m going to take this big bronzing brush and use that all over my neck that massage and body area to apply the same bronzer and i love that this is a really big size very affordable but work really this i don’t mind getting heavy with using it on my body I like to put on the bronzer on my body like this because it really does accentuate and create depth for your body if you’re not the most tone girl but you are wanting to add some dimension and give the appearance of a tone really spell look on your body then this is an absolute great trick to do I also like to come in with my bath and bodyworks shimmer and shea butter that is an oldie I won’t tell you guys how long I’ve had it but let’s just have been holding on to it and it lasts forever but it’s got a really great sheet and shimmer about it that I love to just apply it all over my body so further bring this bronze beach look together now I’m just coming back in and I’m putting a little bit more concealer right under my eyes and those graves just to really make sure that I have a bright and look right there in those areas and to make sure that my under-eye concealer is still popping since i came in with that bronzer and highlighter on the cheeks and in those areas so yeah just kind of touching up there and i love this bronze stick from mac and it is a very very pretty go very gold color and i have had this for a while so i’m not sure if it’s still available but i’m going to put this on my lips just to give me a bronzy and then also i’m going to pop some on

my cheeks the high points of my cheeks again just to further highlight and glow now we are glow baby glow and then I’m going to put a little bit on my brush and just kind of further blend that in so that it’s not just sitting there you want it to look very seamless again and effortless as far as your little girls we wanted to look very skin-like so that is why we’re coming back in and kind of blending that out as well I’m using that sl5 brush which is really really a versatile brush as you can see you use it for just about so many things when you are applying your look so yeah just kind of smoothing everything out and getting ready to finish up here you guys with my face what do you think so far if you like this look if you think I’m glowing baby glow and I’ve got my beachy glowy goddess look on then give this video a big thumbs up and be sure to hit subscribe as well except that I like to do is to again take that painter pointed brush and I’m going to get right into my tear duct again using this bronzer stick from Mac and that is really going to make those I inner corners of my eyes pop put a little bit down the bridge of my nose with this brush is just perfect to do that and now I’m going to take this sparkly spray there’s jingle Bellini that I had from Christmas from Bath and Body Works and just furthers spray all over it’s going to give a really pleasant smell but also a really pretty sparkly effect and i’m going to set my face with this Mario Badescu rose water and just spread that everywhere to get rid of any mats or any you know pottery look that I might have and make everything just really really fresh and dewy perfect for the beach and I’m going to top my lips with this juicy pink from NYX it’s just a lip gloss that I have and it’s just going to give a little bit of a shine to the top but not too too glossy and I love it now that I’m all set on the makeup I’m going to in my hair for a bit and just bring this whole beachy wavy hair look along with the makeup look that I just created and this was a really really easy way that I found to get my hair really kind of effortlessly looking toss old and wavy and just really beachy and it’s just very very simple so if you guys would be interested in seeing how I got this kind of beachy way you tahsil look then just leave that in the comments below you will be so surprised that it took no time at all to prep it the night before and then in the morning I just kind of finger through it like you see and just get ready to go to the beach and it’s like lickety-split and then here is my little swimsuit guys it is an asymmetrical black swimsuit one shoulders little number and i love it i actually found this at hmm and you guys will die it was only three bucks three dollars yes I kind of looked up on it just browsing around and hmm and they were having a sale on some of their swimwear items so I picked up this suit and they were both three dollars each so I put it on today and was very pleased with how it looks but here we go guys the final look and it is a very beachy glowy just bronx to the high heavens baby yes and you can see here with the lighting that is just a really really pretty amazing blow and it looks effortless even though we applied makeup and went through that whole deal it wasn’t that that much i hope you guys found that it was a very simple process in order to achieve this look so i hope you guys enjoyed this video i picked out some shades that i have i think i found them at a beauty supply or maybe even the dollar store you guys so yeah and I through those on because i don’t care if they were to get beat up by the stand or anything i just want to be carefree relax going to the beach so yes please be sure to subscribe give this video a big thumbs up you guys know let me know what you guys think about this work and i will see you in the next video bye bye