Live Skin Care Class MK

all right so we are officially recording so really quick for the consultants some things to keep in mind as you are preparing the for a party you can find all the resources that you need more parties like things that we use and papers and stuff like that on our unit website under the week for life skincare class you can print off tell us what you think forms closing sheets also I believe you can find our referral game sheets on there as well and I would recommend getting an expandable file folder to store all of the necessary documents that you use like Beauty books catalog sales receipts profile cards all that stuff just to kind of I have this with me to all my parties so it’s really helpful um the other thing to keep in mind at a party is your attire because we want to look professional but not super overdone so I generally have a party like to wear flats as much as we love heels if you can run around in them that’s great can’t I would recommend it wear heels because when guests walk in I want to walk up to them and shake their hand and say hello make them feel special not me you know wobbling slowly because I don’t so the other thing too is to keep in mind the three B’s your boobs your baby really should not be showing so if you bend over in your skirt fill the tray and your butt cheeks are showing is probably too short um and if you bend over to match your foundation in your cleavage is showing that might be too short also so guests and customers probably appreciate that we are well dressed and that statistically we do sell more in a dress or skirt so if you need to go to st. Vinnie’s and buy a $3 skirt by all means you can do that and you know flats I don’t know 5 bucks at Walmart or something so really we don’t have to to dress the part in Mary Kay um generally at a party I would not be wearing my sales director suped I would be wearing my beauty coat which I’m going to change into because I don’t want my bling all at my parties now I don’t mind in that lab that’s great and all but I probably would recommend wearing like a red jacket or you know sales directors suit because it’s like a little overbearing for a guest flat is great so I will be changing into that um guests in the room thank you for bearing with us on this training and my number one goal tonight is that you guys have fun number one my number two goal is that if you see something public you run out to say hi and not run and hide by the bread so the other thing I would recommend in your new consultant pocket if there is a skincare checklist and a glamour checklist and it will tell you what products you need to fill your tray and what products you need to be having set out etc one of those products being the beauty book so before we get started or as we were getting started I’m gonna have you guys go ahead and open to the first page of your beauty book which is Mary Kay Ash who your is familiar with Mary Kay – okay or the company Mary Kay okay so the cool things I love about Mary Kay is that we are a completely privately owned debt-free cosmetic company started 52 years ago yesterday was our 52nd anniversary long time like go find another drug sales company that’s been around for 52 years you can’t so the other great thing about Mary Kay is that we do not test our products on animals yay um you also as a guest or a customer have a 100% status action guarantee that’s probably one of my favorite things about being a mary-kate customer because I myself and a Mary Kay user you guys didn’t know I used Mary Kay head-to-toe but that is a little bit about the company and you already know my story but generally if I were in guests right now or I’m sorry as a consultant I would maybe take a couple little notes about what kinds of things you’re going to be talking about on each of these pages you can use the instructors guide but I feel like you almost get robotic and it’s too scripted and so I would say that you like put bulleted points of what to talk about and not full-on read out word for word out of the instructors guide because it’s just it’s not fun and I like I said in my number one goal is have fun so if you’re reading word for word by all means you can but you need to just take a couple bulleted points of like hey

don’t forget to talk about eye bugs boom done okay so we’re gonna go ahead and go around the room and I’m just gonna have you guys share your name what you do for a living and your favorite beauty product it does not have to be Mary Kay and it doesn’t even have to be a makeup product like if you’re like oh hey I love moisturizer that’s fine so we’ll start here and I’m going to change my jacket while you’re talking I’m Jesse I’m at the moment a pastry chef at the hospital my favorite makeup skincare product is lipstick if you know me I have a lipstick pouch it’s bigger than most of my purse I’m Sarah I’m an army wife please mascara yeah okay yes how many kids three favorite beauty product I’m Susie and we’re seeing specialists at the hospital I have to I use the DHD front which is what does that I didn’t see their company outside okay I’m Marcy I do an American consultant yeah I like mascara and lip stay cool all right so go ahead and flip in your beauty book to the next page or invite now consultants if you are doing a party where there is a hostess that introduction might be a little bit different it would probably be what’s okay with everybody um it would probably be something more like what’s your name how do you know you’re your hostess and what’s your favorite thing about her or something like that but obviously there’s not hostess tonight it’s just all of you guys so that’s kind of how the introduction goes but anyways on this page I would generally talk about well on this page I would talk about my ice cream I would be talking about myself here and then the guests instruction so I would be jotting that down maybe on your beauty book or on your note page know what pages you’ll be talking about what and on this page is where I talk about what we’re doing tonight so that they’re like well aware of what they’re going to be going through that awful treacherous thing that they’re gonna have to do okay so what we’re gonna do tonight is we’re gonna watch your guys’s face this we’re gonna do super couple more advanced skincare so if you’re a glamour girl and you love you know liner and filling in your brows and all that stuff you should have totally come back to a glamour class or host a glamour party because tonight we’re doing skincare like the bread-and-butter make a is skincare and we have amazing skincare and I truly think that if you don’t have great skin it doesn’t really matter how awesome your eyeliner is that’s just me but anyways so that’s we’re gonna do tonight we’ll do a hand therapy lip therapy play a couple games I’ll give you tickets for participation as well guests or I’m sorry consultants you can find these at the dollar store and then at the end you do a drawing for a couple 3d products so it’s way more fun when you guys interact as fun as it is when you you know stare at me that’s more fun when you talk and stuff so I will give you tickets for participation so go ahead and click to the next page this is the set that you’re going to use tonight it is our timelines miracle set our most popular best-selling line of skincare it is made for fighting mild to moderate signs of aging we have numerous other skin care lights we have a skincare line for acne prone skin sensitive skin and advanced age fighting but tonight we’re going to try this it is kind of the bread and butter of Mary Kay like I said it is our bestseller I would say probably like 70% of women who use so we’re with that pretty go ahead and get started taking off your eye makeup so consultants make sure that you write I makeup remover on that sheet on that part of your beauty book so you remember to do that before you wash their face so I’m gonna go ahead and shake off the eye makeup remover put it on a cotton round before you all if you would like to get that headband teach your hair out of your face you are welcome to do that I’m going to go ahead and give you the copy room just to

I area yeah I’m just to use on your eye area this does not go all over your whole face yes your eyes it should take off waterproof and non waterproof eye makeup plus it kills and controls I Bose did y’all know that we have I bugs yes they do they eat dander dirt oil gunk and mascara so if you sleep in your mascara those little eye bugs go to town and that is part of what make sure eyelashes fall out so I would highly recommend that you use eye makeup remover my our favorite ours is my favorite because it is oil free and it is seriously like the best eye makeup remover on the market I’m good housekeeping everything yep I want to say cosmopolitan also rated at number one in the whole beauty market so it’s 15 bucks for eye makeup remover you got to shake it up to make it work if you use it every night it’ll probably last you like 3 or 4 months but just depends does anyone need an additional comrade thank you I want one okay more I think up than you thought yeah those dark bugs a bit quick question yes why is this used only on your eyes I’m not your whole face because you want to use a cleansing product for if it’s made through face on your face okay this isn’t necessarily made for your face not that it’s bad for your face but you need to use this product that’s made for facials made for the more delicate skin replace it okay yep all right so at this time I’m also going to give a ticket to the person with the dirtiest cotton around so hold up I’m proud if you feel like you’ve got the dreads one to Suzy got to so this is definitely honorably paying us both kind of time here so the job cleaning all that eye area gunk now prior to Mary Kay oh yeah prior to being Canadian guys if you’re like okay I don’t even use eye makeup remover it’s never too late to start right I did not use this I did not use any of this before Mary Kay I just picked my mascara off in the shower the net state I don’t recommend that you do that because you lose your eyelashes quicker but I do believe our eye makeup remover also nourishes and strengthens your eyelashes so you have really thick long lashes all right we are going to go ahead and wash your face using our cleanser so in tray number one you probably have a creamy cleanser or a blank space if you have a blank space that means you’re gonna grab your washcloth and follow Sierra to the bathroom to wash your face if you have a creamy cleanser listen for further okay they are using a combination but lately cleanser you guys are gonna use our normal cleanser so train number one go ahead and scoop it up that creamy pink stuff rub it all over your face and in upwards outwards motion cuz you’ll get a little caught you pieces all over your face so this cleanser is good enough to remove your makeup on your face as well you don’t use the makeup remover beforehand right for your face yes face yes okay and I’m gonna lab rate more on it when the recipe goes okay so don’t worry I need I’m sorry I could’ve taken those buddy push them okay you guys can go ahead and wipe it that cleanser off and that unfold even bigger hat so at a party combination oily women having to go to the sink I don’t even flip the cleanser in the tray because it’s hard just about normal to dry women can wash their face at the

table when I have really large parties of you know six up mate I’ve met people I have them all use normal to dry cleanser just for the sake of having a bathroom party and eliminating that extra time and then I just have them use the combination to oily moisturizer if that’s what their skin type is all right Suzy did you already throw away your washcloths don’t throw it away bring it back with you ready okay does that cleanser feel okay on everyone’s face okay so when we wash your face or put product on her face we’re supposed to go in and upwards outwards motions does anyone have a guest for a ticket wide up and into pores underneath the hairs on your face say that again up and into your pores from underneath to hairs on your face okay good any other thoughts or guesses wrinkle you can’t eat ur wrinkles Charlie that’s right when we tug and pull our stand and pull in a downwards motion you tend to more wrinkles see one up and out to help fight gravity I would like you all to be as cute for as long as possible yes so the cleanser that you guys just used was our three-in-one cleanser toner and exfoliators so removes dirt oil makeup yes I say something yeah so I lived in Coeur d’Alene and I was a cine and I had a hundred and two year-old woman that still used Mary Kay and she lived to 70 get a little like video commercial using video yes okay so this three one cleanser cleanses tones and exfoliates so there are five basic steps to having healthy skin hopefully you’re doing all five of them otherwise you’re missing a key part of looking great right the cleanser and toner and exfoliator should basically remove all your dirt oil makeup refine your pores and exfoliate excess dead skin plus it has that age fighting benefit in there too so again if you want to look you know 70 when you’re 100 or if you just want to love to like 20 when you’re 30 alright so next up tray number two if they solution go ahead and scoop that up put it on just the right side of your face guys right side of your face and this little product here is called a solution it’s this little pink bubble this is what I like to call Spanx for your face which means it sucks everything in makes it all tight and actually this firm your skin plus it has added SPF 35 so even if you’re not super fair skin like me you should still use sunscreen help prevent the burning agent cancer-causing sunrays this is not super greasy which I love but it’s still gonna protect you against that Sun next train number three go ahead and scoop it up put it on one elbow this is not made for elbows it is made for your face however we are just sampling and demoing here this little product here is called night solution if you guys look in your little book or here you’ll see the little beads which are encapsulated vitamins A C and E and that product is good for repairing your skin while you sleep so it helps with blotchy skin uneven skin tone acne acne scarring blah blah blah blah blah it just helps you get new skin faster I absolutely love the way it feels number one but it is also a really good accountability partner at night so if you hate washing your face at night who makes washing their face oh yeah I’m like tired but I like because I like the way ya helps me like be excited about watching my face I know that’s absolutely hopefully the end you guys notice the difference in your elbows and on your face okay tray number four is moisturizer scoop that up put it all over your face still going in and upwards outwards motion so the cool thing about this skincare line is that you actually are getting a formula that is right for your skin type so you’re either getting the combination to oily or the normal to dry and moisturizer is part of your five basic steps to skin care so those two extras that I talked about for extra age fighters moisturizer

is not an extra everyone should use moisturizer even if you’re super oily does anyone here who’s kind of oily err maybe you feel like they don’t like to use moisturizer okay used to all right well I want to teach you guys boy stur Iser if you are using the formula that is made right for your skin type can actually help your skin slow down oil production because what your skin is trying to tell you is that it’s very thirsty and if you make you are dehydrating it it’s gonna try it darndest to moisturize itself at which point it gives us oil which is not the same as moisture so oil and moisture are different so yeah definitely want to use one that’s right for your skin type so the combination oily you know that’s if you like a really lightweight moisturizer what’s up I’m super entertaining I’m glad okay so at this time we are going to go ahead and no we’re not going to yet sorry guys we’re going to go ahead and do a lip therapy because we’re gonna let your moisturizer absorb for about two or three minutes just to fully get into your pores and do its job you always want to wait before you start going straight into foundation we’re gonna do a lip therapy so the top two little circles in your tray you might have to tilt your mirror back or whatever just to get him out of the way is your satin lip set and on the left-hand side scoop up that white product put it all over your lips in a circular motion you’re gonna feel gritty B’s this is a lip mask and it is made specifically for your lips to soften dead skin who hears the chapstick addict anyone okay so when you put products on your lips regularly even if you go your lips are the only place on your face that don’t naturally you guys can go ahead and stop rubbing your lips just leaves out there it’s gonna sit there for about two or three minutes and it’s gonna feel weird gonna look weird just let it do its things but if you don’t ever exfoliate your lips you’re just gonna take down more dead skin because your lips don’t naturally sleep so you’re gonna pick and peel and bite your lips right so don’t do that okay so we’re going to play a game who here wants some extra tickets into the drawing for free products okay we’re going to play a referral game this is actually the biggest way I built my business when I join Mary Kay because I have like three friends and I didn’t know anybody so this is how I met people was drew you so you can use yourself on the cheek don’t start yet because this is this is a competition so you can use yourself low to cheat write down any women you know who are nice that was like the number one requirement because I don’t like Mean Girls they have to be at least 18 and live within a two hour radius um the person who has the most names and numbers you can write down local people the person with the most names the numbers at the end is gonna get five extra tickets into our full-size look so after that we will take your lip mask off on your mark get set go so consultants generally at this time thank you is probably one of the hardest points for consultants because they don’t like to do this but your and it’s a big killer of your business so you wanna make sure that this time you’re leaving you’re getting out even if you’re like have how many many or whatever you just let them do their thing you know so I’ll go get the cotton rounds wet etc also too at this time if I had my phone I would probably be playing like a Mary Kay appropriate song just to give them my background noise because I personally hate silence so but yeah you want to give him some time and if there was writing right crazy no you didn’t specify people who are not

sitting in this room I got to physics was on non-specified instructions well goodness gonna give you guys about another minute or so with your lip mask on brain that is pretty impressive actually now those are wrong numbers back for you hey gave me the wrong number I need the right one he gave you the wrong number well I can also do over a tool okay go ahead and stop with your last name and number finish with that last one if you’re still writing and please write your name at the bottom of that referral sheet now you can find those word proceeds on our unit website or you can use the back of the profile card but I have found they tend to write more when there are more words okay imagine that yeah now you’re going to go ahead and take your cotton round wipe that lip mask off your lips if your lips are a little red or tingly that’s normal you just took that skin off you have a little blood flow going and ain’t no big deal then then the other train the top right is your lip balm it’s kind of clear hard to see but it’s there I promise all right yeah nice I like it because also kind of plumps them up a little too like you know it makes them look a little fuller when you took all the dead skin off it’s nice and they’re really kissably soft you don’t have to try that tonight yes all right so raise your hand if you had at least five names and phone numbers I wrote down the names first and forgot to write the phone numbers Oh raise your hand if yesterday by memory you have the mother that’s good by memory like oh my god okay I’ll call you okay so Jesse I’ll let you finish that at the end – but go ahead and pass those sheets down hey you’re Louie’s friends might know three more friends we know three more friends and that is how you earn a free car here okay all right so at this time go ahead and grab your beauty book flip – we’re actually gonna skip a page but you guys can’t see some of those other skincare options that we have go out and flip to page 10 and 11 we’re going to talk about foundation which is your fifth and final step to skin care now prior to mary-kate I did not wear foundation so because foundation is your protection so if you don’t wear foundation it’s kind of like driving them a highway without a windshield not good so first we’re gonna try primer who here has used American a foundation primer any prayer okay just to try this out number five in your tray is foundation primer go and tap I get a tiny bit on your finger really small amount put it on the inside of one of your wrists real small melt tiny baby and then you’re going to go ahead and tap a tiny bit of your foundation and put it over that primer put an equally tiny bit of foundation on your other wrist where you have no primer and see if you notice a difference and how it blends with and without generally primer fills in all the pores the lines the wrinkles and make sure foundation blend better it looks nicer you use less and it lasts longer okay you don’t have to write down work the work girl no tag lines last long I’m getting that food okay all right do they even notice a difference with

that framer it’s not crazy it also has an added su campaña scheme so go ahead and scoop up that primary tray number five rub it in between your fingers put it all over your face but really focus on your Chi though so your forehead your nose your chin really focus in that area where you tend to have more pores lines wrinkles I like this because it keeps my foundation off of my phone before I ever use primary at my phone always have my foundation honey so primer helps with that also are a lot of our finishing products out with that yeah so once you have gotten your foundation primer on you’re going to go ahead and start applying your foundation but you’re gonna actually use a foundation brush which you all should have sitting in front of you now I’m gonna actually just show you guys really quick the difference and how you apply your foundation and what that looks like on your face so raise your hands here if you apply your foundation with a with your fingers raise your hand anyone fly with fingers okay anyone apply with a sponge cool all right so I’m just gonna show you what happens when you use send tools like your finger sponge or brush so let’s pretend that this little meter here in my armpit which I’m going to show you is your face because if you were looking at it you would see your face I’m gonna just take a little on my finger go ahead and apply the foundation and what do you see what do you think how’s it look smudgy fingerprint II now I’m gonna use a sponge which by the way sponges are one of the dirtiest places in your whole makeup bag you generally are supposed to replace or clean it daily which but they tend to suck up your product you use the majority of the product just going in the sponge it doesn’t actually give you much coverage because you’re just feeding the sponge all of its beautiful delicious foundation our brush is a synthetic hair you do still need to wash it at least once a week but it’s going to give you a really nice full coverage so if you like coverage I love the brush for that but it also is the cleanest application and you get you don’t get super streaky or gross looking you just get a really nice even finish these brushes are not free gifts we have other free gifts for you guys please don’t take their 10 bucks if you’d like your own but go ahead and try it out grab your brush you know really small amount of foundation on there and go ahead and start applying in your face you’re actually insert the inside kind of work your way out doing really like brush strokes and we’re actually going to be going in a downward motion now this is the one time I’m telling you to go down because if you were to brush all of those little hairs out and up you’d probably be looking a little fuzzy because mint peach fuzz all over our face you know replying your foundation I’ll just tell you about a couple of the foundation choices that we have you guys are currently using our timewise age fighting luminous or matte finish foundation which is our mid-level coverage and our best-selling foundation just keep blending you’ll be done we also have a lot of other options we have CC cream if you have like want something really quick simple that’s out the door lightweight natural coverage we have creme de powder if you like a really full coverage we have a medium coverage foundation which is more or less for like teenagers or do you like creamy full coverage and we have mineral powder we have press powder we have a lot of options so when you guys get together with your consultant either for a follow-up appointment or a party or if you come back to our glam room and you want to try a different foundation option we can certainly make sure that we give you something different if you are not totally in love with the foundation that you’re trying tonight does that sound fair to everybody okay now also too and while you’re applying I’m going to go ahead and just let you know about our hostess program so if you’re kind of thinking that you’re starting to fall in love with some mary-kate products and you’d like to get some for free we have a hostess program right now where you can actually earn up to $200 with free mary-kate product for hosting a party now Mary Kay party does not have to be 15 people a Mary Kay party is generally like three to six people that’s a standard party so you know grab a girlfriend and tell her to grab a girlfriend and then maybe grab

your mom or sister her aunt whatever preferably women but sometimes men who come to but you can earn up to $200 and free product and your consultant can talk to you about each piece and how that works but literally just by holding a party even if nothing comes of it you’re gonna get free product so keep that in mind if you’re finding that your wish list starts out when your budget which I will be going over the costs and prices of everything here but also to out your party you can learn what you’re most excited about so like I said if you want to learn a smoky eye or some super advanced dramatic eye makeup that we’re not doing tonight definitely talk to your it’s all about a glamour party that’s out there what’s everyone thinking a foundation color and coverage heard anything take it all myself ok thanks for saying something from way back here it looks like it just took all your right away and you right now but it looks like you’re the same as your neck color somewhere right man put you head – yeah that’s pretty good to me it looks on point let’s wait till you get maybe some eye shadow and lip gloss on and see if that makes you feel a little bit less washed out okay I might now it looks really like to make it the rest on – do you have the new endless performance creamy powder foundation oh my gosh with with the with the products that use their well my t-zone be over here not know what stops well your whole set both your cleanser and moisturizer are specifically made for oily skin so they’re going to help with that so the skin care in itself is gonna be you’re a big oil absorber for you because it’s gonna help the actual cause of the problem you know we have other products that are really good for throughout the day if you tend to start getting more oily or maybe you’re just like super oily obviously like the translucent powder which you have been using we also have a product called oil mattifier so if any of you get super shiny travel day you can actually apply this over your makeup and it’s not gonna mess up your makeup it’s like a little serum or a little moisturizer stuff it’s not moisturizer you put it on and it instantly mattify is any shine on your face and it does not interfere with your makeup it’s awesome for throughout the day you know with lots of supplements and things like that – so does that kind of answer your question to me okay your foundation should be doing that – yes you also have an oil absorbing foundation with that matte finish I do like that from over here it looks really good to me what do you guys think about yours because they tend to be discolored and we want to have a perfectly even max it your mole Piggy’s what did you say oh yes your eyelets gonna be discolored like you know veins and stuff yep especially me veins show on your level alright so after finishing up with your foundation turn to the girl next to you make sure she’s blended she doesn’t have pumpkin head or go space and make sure generally you know you have the right shade of foundation if you are wearing a strapless dress oh and you look the same color from here up that is the goal so if your face is like significantly darker then your chest you might want to use a lighter foundation or vice versa you don’t you definitely don’t want to be looking you know Alaska up here and Hawaii down so you should look the same color from here to here if you don’t make sure that your beauty consultant matches you with a new color now you’re following but when we’re party alright yes as opposed to like your face wash and moisturizer and those types of things where should your foundation stop on your face so like we do our cleanser and moisturizer from our decollete to the top of our head where do we stop and foundation land ok so she brought up a

good point when you guys wash your face see another problem sometimes we have like Alaska and Hawaii other times we have 30 and 50 yep so any products that you put on your face you also want to take down your neck and decollete your bra line should generally be where you take cleanser moisturizer firming creams serums stuff like that you ever seen some old look and decollete so anyways foundation though it is a step skincare does not need to be in your decollete I’m glad I’m making you laugh I see your foundation only goes to your jawline skincare bra line foundation of jawline thank you all right moving on we’re going to skip to the next page 12 and 13 talking about some extra supplements here first and foremost who here washes their face with their hands you’re splasher okay washcloth does anyone wash your face with a cleansing brush okay so our brush is super competitive because I have seen brushes cleansing brushes like this that range from 150 to 300 dollars our cleansing brush has two speeds as the slow to fast speed if you have really sensitive skin areas maybe the slow speed is great fast like I have really problem areas like my chin that I liked it fast speed go crazy this fresh removes 85% more dirt oil and makeup than cleansing my hand and it also oxidizes your report which is a really fancy word for it pushes air into your skin which forces stuff out of your skin so if you have like deep cystic acne or the little whiteheads that never come to the surface then you might like a cleansing brush because it gets a super deep clean has two speeds it comes with the batteries and two replacement heads which you just replace every three months how much do you guys think our brush costs compared to 150 years we have our brush 145 good yes ours is 50 so still a slammer in the deal you can use it with any skin care okay but it’s gonna amp up anything that you use and it’s because it’s oxidizing those pores it also makes them more open to the products that you put on afterwards it’s like if you use acne fighting products or age fighting products it’s gonna get into your board better because you’re poor and we like stimulate in the open it does what kind of stuff so um like debris not just playing ball it’ll be all open in absorbing stuff like so anyways yeah your pores are gonna be all oxidized open and stuff all right those can be great okay next we’re actually gonna try our new microdermabrasion plus product and we’re actually I tried this on the back of your hands because it is more of a shower friendly product oh I remember noticing skin bigger right brush yes you can use it under shower but do not believe it or store it in the shower use it in the shower it’s waterproof it’s fine but I wouldn’t keep it in a place where it’s going to be consistently damp because it will get weird I’m like stop working at which point you can just replace it for free but better just store it outside of the show you know hey give me the back of one of your hands so you remember was it for free or something happens good yes you have another percent satisfaction guarantee on everything for less for one for light I just keep saying I don’t like I might quit answer your phone but you know yes yes you can so you’re gonna rub this all over the back of your hand you’re gonna feel really gritty beads this removes three to five layers of dead skin from your face you do not use this because you would have no skin left on your face so you would use this one two three times a week depending on if you’re super oily you just take that cloth wipe all those little beads off now you will see why I recommend you do it in the shower and it is also going to be the only at-home treatment that is

clinically proven to reduce the appearance of your pores okay okay so then once you have polished your skin and removed a extra dead skin and fluff would you guys should notice like an immediate difference in your skin this is the kind of product that is like the end vensim you really want to significantly improve via texture and appearance of your skin you would then follow up with our new tell me when you’re ready then I’ll come back new pore minimizing serum I would have to double-check it is exactly the same as the step two but it has added benefits like for minimizing so this is actually going to replenish put all the nutrients back into your skin because we just hammered your hand and it’s going to make your skin all soft smooth help protect it against free radicals but now it’s also going to help tighten the skin around your pores so hopefully the end you’ll notice the difference in the backs of your right and left hands if you don’t already has anyone here had a professional microdermabrasion treatment done there else what was it like I don’t like it if you go to a dermatologist and pay a hundred to one hundred fifty dollars for one microdermabrasion treatment they use a tool on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes really hurt it doesn’t feel good and you are ready for about three to five days afterwards you have really good results but you have a lot of pain and a lot of money you can get pretty much the same results using our microdermabrasion and you’re gonna get forty to fifty treatments out of this set for fifty five so it’s like quite a bit cheaper and but you also are in control of how hard you press how long you’re going for you know I like to be in control and this do you have control of this at home treatment all right so questions on microdermabrasion plus it’s actually called microdermabrasion plus now I’m that good at explaining cool alright we’re going to review because I’ve just used like a million products and I can get a little overwhelming right alright so let’s review first and foremost right here the tip I talked about it and I lost the lid but I makeup remover thank you you need to use every night shake it up to make it work you do see that of this separated so you’ve got your waterproof non waterproof remover 15 bucks as I am telling you these products if one of these is like yes I need to remember this use the back of your profile card you can write down notes or whatever start your wish list but 15 bucks for eye makeup remover then we cleanse your skin with the three-in-one cleanser you need to use this every morning and every night about a dime-size Allu and this bottle will also last you about three to four months then we did your day and night solutions which you need like one or two pumps just a pea-sized of these and they should last you about six months each so Dave solution is just on the right side of your face I want you guys just to kind of feel the right and left side see if you notice the difference did you cheat hi there face maybe some people can live one you some people take a little bit more feel your right left elbows well I use that stuff every day yeah that’s the night solution that was the one I tried mary-kate once when I was like 16 and then I joined when I was 18 but anyways I was like the only thing I remembered was that I have soft elbow that’s how much I love nice solution just saying um piece size of each six months then your moisturizer you only need about a pea-sized every morning and every night so it’s a routine it’s like brushing your teeth this should last you about six to nine months so you really should only be buying moisturizer once a year if you’re using a high quality good brand then of course your fifth and final step to skincare was your foundation and everybody’s a little different some women like one layer one layer some women like five layers it just depends but this depending on if you use the appropriate primer and brush

should last you an average of four to six months so that is what we call a miracle step but if you’re thinking you know what Jen that is like way too much stuff for me I would never take that much time on my face you would probably want to get just a basic set so if you’re like a bare minimalist kind of gal but you want to have healthy nice skin get the basics this would be your five basic steps to have a healthy skin right here these two cleanser three one cleanser and moisturizer our sold is a set the first time you buy them they start at forty four and then you would add your choice of foundation and that’s like brushing your teeth it’s really doing the bare minimum I would not recommend doing anything less then cleanse tone exfoliate moisturize protect okay so that’s a basic set if you like that firming sunscreen and the Repair Serum you can add these in and it actually costs less to buy it all together than to buy everything separately these four together are 90 and this is gonna obviously be a little bit more advanced you got the firming sunscreen in the Repair Serum this is like brushing and flossing your teeth your bidding Nance please do not floss your teeth if you’re not even brushing your teeth this doesn’t make sense it’s weird okay that’s our miracle set and then you would add your choice of foundation brushing and flossing okay then if you like really want to have you would add in microdermabrasion and that is 55 and this of course is like going in getting your teeth whitened because if you bite your teeth everyday teeth left do this every day in left and they’re just that advanced you know this is definitely like a more advanced kind of product and which is our microdermabrasion and then last but certainly not least go ahead and flip in your beauty book to page 16 we’re talking our eye creams real quick because if you wanted to top off your skincare you would add an eye cream because our eyes are the first place that we show our age does anyone have a guest for a ticket wire eyes give away our age okay expression lines thin skin easy to tug and pull and no moisture glands so your eye skin not only is it thin it’s dry because it doesn’t produce its own moisture so you need to add like intense moisture around your eyes to keep them tight and firm and like not pro speedy so sorry we have three different eye creams and believe it or not this is our first one is our firming eye cream lightness tightens brightness it is for fine lines wrinkles crow’s feet etc and that one is 32 you need like a pea-sized and it goes a long way and last for my first single pretty here yep that’s about right how do you um what wait what what figure right later okay so it is the weakest finger on your hands so you generally want Pat and I cream on you don’t want to rub pull next is our indulge student ID gel and this is for yes this is for puffiness so if you woke up one morning after you’ve been crying all night your eyes are all swollen or staring at a computer all day or you have kids or you studied all night you probably should get some and old soothing eye gel and that will help with the puffiness or if you the allergies really bad does anyone especially here I feel like allergies are bad keep it in the fridge keep it in the fridge it’s super cool it feels amazing last but not least my favorite eye cream is the eye renewal cream I really this is the best eye cream the biggest bang for your buck it does all of the above them in some fine lines wrinkles crow’s feet dark circles puffiness and etc it’s amazing and that one is 42 and of course if you purchase an eye cream this week to top off your skincare you also get the highlighting pen for 15% off them okay so in your beauty book go ahead and flip to page 18 we’re going to do a very simple – out the door color look for today of course like I said if you want to do the advanced glamour schedule that with your consultant tonight we’re going to give you some cream eyeshadow lip gloss and mascara just a call and go to

give you something pretty to walk through it but our cream eyeshadows I’m gonna put your tray and you’re just gonna use your fingers or two eyes so a little tiny bit of this goes a really long way you’re going to get a little on your fingers so traffic with your finger start at the inside and gradually blend up and get out like your whole eyelid you just want to get gradually get lighter as you go to the top but I would still put this on whole eyelid we actually have like nine colors of these girls you’re going to use the same directions even though it’s a different color we have a cream each blonde color which is like my favorite we have pale blush which is a pink gray a metallic taupe blue green purple and breakfast apricot they’re using I love so many color options the great thing about these is they’re simple easy smear Mon they dry to a powder finish they are then waterproof crease resistant and smudge resistant so if you have oily eyelids oMG you’re gonna like kiss me because this will stay on all day long you can’t kiss me Wow alright okay so these are our cream eyeshadows super simple super easy but they are so buildable and they have a built-in primer so you can put your powder shadows over the top to make them more bold and vibrant and dramatic you guys can then go ahead and apply your mascara variable right there and this is our ultimate mascara it’s a really thickening volumizing mascara it actually adds fibers to your lashes it is one of our best-selling products also by college cheerleading can use this just saying just saying it’s that good how often should you replace your mascara for a ticket three months because those eye bugs and bacteria number one you never want to share your mascara at number two you need to replace it every three months maximum it is filled with bacteria Brodie and Nancy hi I’m then gonna give you a little bit of lip gloss so once you’re done with your mascara you can go ahead and scoop up this lip gloss that is in your tray apply that to your lips these are infused with vitamin E and vanilla so they’re super moisturizing they smell good they taste good don’t feed them but you know who likes bold lips someone here so they like bold lips yes that vanilla is also gonna help pump your lips up a little bit because it’s any accident I like that yeah what she said you’re helpless what fancy-dancy yeah it’s my favorite you’re best friends alright what do you guys think of your dad shop the door color look right five minutes a simple easy you can do it in five minutes and you look at alright so take your headbands off get your hair all back to cute boom look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me I look good I look good alright alright last we are going to do a hand therapy so if you guys have any rings on that you can take off go ahead and take your rings off okay I will use onion yeah we do have this available in fragrance free most of you will be trying peach tonight look like Nicole yeah there we go she has okay so you’re gonna massage this

first step into your hands all over France packs cuticles it is in toaster Iser so it helps soften through the dead skin then I’m going to give you the scrub I’m very giving so then you are going to head into the bathroom here rinse and dry come back for your left step Consultants this is where you pick up garbage leave the meters if you’re at a party but pick up all the trash in the shower yeah tip of the day mother whose travel to have severe eczema when you’re watching like your body from your neck down if you rinse in cold water my cousin did a lot is international really and I like this foundation and mascara better than the stuff she gave me from London really I’m not surprised to be honest all right we’ll give you guys class that you can go ahead and have a seat last up is my key entry which is just your final moisturizer so you don’t get dried out do you want key champions was the first grade and it was a perfect attendance award and I only got it because the other girl didn’t show up all right so I’m going to go ahead and show you guys our specials for tonight this is like combo meals thanks for going together I’m sorry I did alright so if you are interested in purchasing product you can buy all of cart individually items which we can go over with you at the end or you can purchase insects to combine and save the sets that we did were sets a and B that’s your miracle set F your foundation set g7 hands and set lips H to cream eyeshadows lip gloss and mascara I is your microdermabrasion plus J is your ideal set with that eye renewal cream and eye makeup remover and then at the very bottom as Pierce can be great cleansing brush so you can purchase individual items or individual sets but if you look at the two green squares that is where you save the most money you can buy two sets and get a third set half-price which saves you about 20 to 25 dollars or you can get an I deserve golf bag which is a bag like this it hangs it swivels all the pockets can be ripped off individually so you can take it to the gym or work for whatever and they fit really well in the dead spaces and your suitcase like the corners and then you just hold the bag in half or you can just roll up the entire bag like so and take the whole thing with you so we have two options to purchase a bag princess or queen back princess bag is four sets you pick any four sets off the sheet put it in the back it’s $1.99 saves you about 30 to 50 dollars depending on what sets you choose or with a queen option which would be six cents so you’re like I want everything we tried today put it in the bag its 289 saves you about 50 to 70 dollars depending on what set you choose you have cash check credit debit little of this little of that or we also

have a payment plan on the roll-up backs or you can host a party and get up to 23 sounded questions on the sets or specials okay so we are going to head back into the main room and we’re actually going to show off your guys’s two looks so you will stand up front and you’re just going to say like three things yes you do but to keep that sample mascara but go ahead and grab a pen with you because we’re gonna play one last game while we are in there