Maybelline Super Stay Stick Foundation & Concealer | Affordable High End Makeup Look 🌸

hi beauties and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to demo the Maybelline superstay multi-use Foundation stick I’m also demoing the maybelline superstay full coverage under-eye concealer I have used these products before but this is my first time using them here on my channel I’m going to complete the rest of my look using affordable and high-end products so if you’d like to find out more then just keep watching so these two products have probably been out for a while but I kept hearing about both of them in different videos and I finally got around to adding them to my collection and I thought I would try them out here for you guys and I wanted to do like an entire affordable makeup look but I just love so many products that are also on the high-end side so I just decided to do a mixture today so we’re gonna just kind of play with makeup I’m starting with my fix plus I’m still working on this little small one here and I don’t have a beauty blender to blend this in so we’re gonna keep on going I’m gonna use my ELF poreless base primer this is one that I like a lot I’ve been breaking out here lately too here we go with the foundation stick and my shade or your reference you know what I am Toffee my shade is toffee caramel as usual 330 toffee caramel and this might be my super stay shade for the foundation too the other like the liquid foundation another drugstore foundation that I purchased recently and I’ve been liking is this NYX born to glow naturally radiant foundation I have been enjoying this I actually wore it in my best of 2019 video about the brushes and the skincare this is the foundation I was wearing my shade is cinnamon and I really like the shade match as well as the foundation itself but I wanted to do this super stay stick foundation today but I did wanna let you know that that’s another drugstore foundation I’ve been enjoying so here we go hopefully that’s not too much see that’s a pretty good match it’s not perfect but it’s a pretty good match and this is just very um full coverage I like the coverage I’ve been enjoying it I think I need to I need to hit my little mustache right here see and I have like I got a little blemish here so that one is kind of risen up a little bit so I don’t think I’m gonna be able to cover it too much we’ll put a little bit more there this does have a little sponge applicator so maybe I’ll use that just for this part if you don’t have a makeup brush then you would have something to apply it with but of course I would just rather use a brush I feel like I put too much on did I put on too much guys uh oh I might have been a little bit heavy-handed with the stick foundation now let’s use the concealer this is the concealer I’ve been hearing a lot about and I have enjoyed this as well this is the shade honey 30 and it’s kind of a peachy color and it is lighter a little bit lighter than my foundation and it does have like a little doe foot applicator it’s shaped a little bit different but so here we go and this is a 24-hour full coverage concealer as I’ve been wearing this I haven’t seen any significant creasing under my eyes so we’ll see today but it has been wearing nicely I see how it’s kind of like reflective I think that it’s really pretty when it has that glow when it adds a glow the finish a radiance and I’m not doing like a full wear test I just wanted to demo it here for you guys if you’re looking for shade reference you can use me I’ll be your muse and I’m gonna put a little more just a little bit when my dark circles are and I think I’m gonna use my concealer brush my little detail brush by Sephora for this one for this part to

blend over my little dark circles it is later in the evening at 7:45 p.m. I don’t usually film late anymore because I think my eyes start to look more tired later in the evenings and so I you know I can always tell when it’s late when I’m filming I’m gonna start with this RCMA no color setting powder this is an affordable powder it used to be just cult favorite I guess it still is a cult favorite but nobody’s talking about it like they were a couple of years ago but I still like this powder so I’m going to sprinkle a little bit here this is my Sephora featherweight complexion number 90 brush I believe it’s 90 this powder adds a lot of brightness under your eye and just I love it this is a Maybelline fit me powder in light/medium 20 okay and it’s got a little bit of a tint to it and this powder it’s so good it just is an oily skin girls dream like I get oily in my t-zone but sometimes I’m oily all over like I’m a combination person I really might have to hit this mustache oh my god I probably used half of it I probably used half of this powder use it all the time I am seeing a little bit of creasing but I think it’s just because I’m tired and I’m over 40 now is where I do my brows and I’m just going to use my brow is for this and I think I’m going to um start but I’ll probably complete this off-camera this is my first video that I’m filming since Kobe Bryant’s death and I don’t know about you guys cuz you know I don’t watch a ton of basketball or anything like that I do like sports but I don’t watch it on TV a lot you know but at the same time this has really hit me hard and I just think anytime someone dies it doesn’t even have to be a celebrity but in this case it’s a celebrity and he’s you hear about it constantly when it first happens of course and when someone dies suddenly like this it’s just heartbreaking and I think the moment that I found out that his daughter was also in the crash was when it just crushed me and you know I have shed tears for this man and his family and I don’t know him you know and the same thing with like a lot of people that something terrible happens to them and you don’t know them and they’re a celebrity you just feel it and I don’t know if it’s because you feel like you know them I mean you’re gonna be sad and heartbroken anytime something happens like this to anyone but I don’t know if it’s because they’re in the public eye you feel like you know them when you don’t or the age like he still had so much life left to live and it was just so sudden and my heart just goes out to his entire family as well as to the families of the other victims it was just so sad it’s just hard to get past it it really is like I’ve probably thought about it every day since it’s happened and it’s been at least it’s been about a week now and I’ve thought about it every day my heart goes out to the victims of that crash as well as to their families my brows are just like like this brow over here the right one here it’s just shorter and I can never get them right and I mean it’s just what it is I can’t ever make this one the right length it’s just horrible I’m gonna carve out my brows with this colourpop I’m gonna use medium dark eye by colourpop to carve out the bottom of my brows and then this CJ07 for the top this is by NYX and I’ll be back also guys I set my brows with the Sephora brow gel it’s also affordable let’s just dust off any powder that I have left on my face so this is what we look like at this point I think it looks pretty good I know my face is a little lighter right now I’m working a bronze and contour and doing all that but the finish is pretty these are fast like I like using stick foundations when I don’t feel like blending a lot I just you just draw it

all over and you’re you’re on your way we’re gonna do eyeshadow now and I wanted to go back and use this makeup revolution palette this is a reloaded visionary is the one and I’m gonna try something new I got this is a point perks at Sephora this is an Anastasia eyeshadow primer even though this is a point perks I guarantee you it will take me six months to empty this for one I use other eyeshadow primers but also like you don’t have to use very much so this will probably last me forever Wow I kind of like oh I like how it feels I’m gonna use my concealer brush here and to blend this out my detail brush it feels very thick going on I have heard good things oh I bet this is going to be so good us oh my Urban decay might be in trouble Wow okay okay it just seems like it’s cancelling out darkness on my lid just feels good looks good I just felt like doing a cooler look today you know which brushes I’m gonna be using for this part guys there was a little bump on my eye and I thought it was going to be something that I might have to get removed from the dermatologist and I was using this my serums my Lancome serum and my Lancome eye cream and next thing I know the little dot was gone and I’m like that stuff is good let’s start here I think I usually grab this one as a transition shade in this corner over here and this is an affordable oh it’s kind of dark though uh oh let’s blend it out I may have to go in with something lighter but let’s blend this one out first wow that was dark that was darker than it looks I’ve used this palette before but I kind of forgot it’s been a while that’s why I wanted to use it today it’s been a while wow wow I like this I shadow primer okay let me try to go in with something lighter above that so that I can kind of have a transition shade there we go very nice okay let’s start with this one on the other eye as my transition and then we’ll go in with this one right below it I love makeup revolution shadows they just blend so well for an affordable palette this was really like them and I think this palette came out around the time of the Novina like the lavender Norvina palette that I love so much because a lot of these shades just kind of remind me of those let’s try this little it’s kind of lavender color here yeah pretty I’m just gonna start building up color in my corner here and drag it over I just really like this palette if you like purple this is it this is where it’s at and let’s go ahead and do the other one and then I’m gonna come back I’ll come back and blend these out a little bit more in a moment but I just want to lay down the color on the other eye too yeah easy that was like I don’t know it’s a combination of the shadows plus this really nice primer and that just laid down so easily I’m gonna go back with my blender here it is so hard I will go ahead and tell you guys if my eyeshadow looks aren’t perfect sometimes I’m telling you it is so hard in these little tiny like the small mirror that I’m using like it’s not that small but it’s smaller than my my big mirror that I used on a daily basis and so it’s hard sometimes to tell what you look like and

then you look back like you’ll see the video and you’re like oh my gosh I had more eye shadow on one eye than the other and you can’t help it that’s really pretty okay let’s keep building we’ll build it up and build it up and now I’m solid doom doom doom this is like a deep plum e purple here I’m just gonna pack it here on my corner I think I’m just gonna keep it a half cut crease I should put some concealer I never do a cut crease I never ever I rarely do cut creases but I ought to do that today I’m wanna do something different and now it’s solid solid as a rock that’s what this love is the thrill is still hot well let’s try our super stay here let’s just put a little bit of this on the back of my hand and let’s try that I’m gonna use a little bit I just have a small amount and my little Sigma I think it’s a cut crease cut crease brush we’ll start here one down oh and I get my nails done tomorrow they look ratchet I kind of wanna do this pink it doesn’t look pink yeah but it looks pink there I want to do that we’re gonna try and see what we look like we’re gonna see what this looks like i don’t know pretty I’m gonna try a little bit of this purple on the corner here we’re gonna go back into this deeper color we’re gonna just soften this is my Wayne Goss squirrel haired it’s a Wayne Goss small blender blue squirrel hair brush and I just like using it to soften edges it’s just really good for that it doesn’t move the makeup around a lot but it softens love it I like this so far I like it I’m liking it I’m just gonna use this one and we’re just gonna put that deeper color here hmm I’m gonna use these Sephora hipster lashes I’m using my Stila stay all day liner as well as my Lancome art liner and this wander mile high club mascara and this teeny-tiny perversion by Urban Decay it used to be this long now it’s this long so I’m gonna just do all of this off-camera and I’ll be right back who knows what my necklace was looking like I just flipped it over

my mood is matching my eyes on some corny right now dogs I forgot how much I like my Sephora lashes these are hipster now I’m gonna move on to a little bit high-end it’s time for my contour and I have a new brush ooh this is a contour brush and I think it’s natural fiber when I searched for natural fiber brushes by Sephora this one popped up but I’m not sure I couldn’t find that in the description but this is the pro small blush is what it says and it’s the 74 brush but like at the store it says it’s really good for contour and it is I like it and I have really been loving this makeup forever contour I think this is 18 something s11 8 or something but 18 is there but this little brush allows me to really put the product precisely where I want it to be we’re gonna contour first and then we’ll bronze but this contour I just love this and I have found it my Hoola bronzer in toasted gives me this same effect as this particular contour shade I’m just it’s just very earthy and I just like it I’ve been just feeling that lately see how precise the placement is just like it I’m still carrying those holiday you pounds still carrying them around yes little bit down my nose pinch it now we’re gonna bronze we’re gonna bronze with the city bronzer and this one is in the shade 300 and I’m gonna use my precision powder brush number 59 I believe this is that bronzer I love so much it is affordable by Maybelline and it looks light in the pan the oh boy so pretty so it just softens my contour here just add a little bit gonna take my it cosmetics brush and just blend just to soften the harsh line it’s a little want to try this Urban Decay afterglow blush in fetish and I’m not even sure if they make this color anymore I haven’t used it very much because it’s like very pale on me and you’ll see like when I first apply it when I use a regular blush brush it didn’t show up at first but now like if I use this precision blush brush it’s really pretty I felt like it would complement this look a lot I used it recently and I liked it with this brush this is like a precision blush brush number 73 the precision blush brush I haven’t done this bar of gold whatever this is called in a while ooh is it getting ready to break on me oh my god I think it is I didn’t used it that much this is Charlotte Tilbury and it looks like my case is being ready to break on me and I usually just mix them let’s just stick with these two because this one looks like it’s a little cooler oh my goodness do you see that so pretty love this highlighter hate that it’s getting ready to break but love it what do I want to do for lips I don’t know yet let’s first take off what I have on Cork lip liner oh you know what oh my gosh oh my gosh guys I forgot something I’ve got my eyeliner oh my gosh and my I forgot eyeliner and I forgot mascara I do have

a new one of these but I’m just trying to use it all trying to use it all up bottom lashes and we got a highlight that inner tear duct too this is gonna take a while so we’re gonna do this off camera this is my Mac extended play gigablack lash that was terrible like I’m getting worse and worse with my bottom lashes it’s like my lashes are just fading away we’re just gonna put a little bit highlighter here to highlight that inner tear duct you know to do it I kind of want to hit my um brow bone a little bit too this is cork the lip liner was cork by MAC Cosmetics ooh you know what I wonder if I should just do my taupe let’s do taupe seduction let’s see how that looks today it’s the maybelline shine compulsion and this kind of a sort of like a monochromatic look I think oh my goodness oh my goodness but I want to make it pop a little more I’m gonna go into my fenty glosses let’s see what confetti does wipe it off on a paper towel so that I don’t like change the whole color of confetti there we go and I’m gonna set my face with the Urban Decay all nighter this is not necessarily the most dramatic look that you guys have seen but certainly it should look a little different just a little different because I don’t typically wear a lot of cool tones I am cool from eyes to lips I like how my look turned out and I definitely like both of these products I think that this concealer is very good it’s the reason I purchased it it was like another youtuber who like this was like their favorite drugstore concealer at the moment so I purchased it because I wanted to see what the hype was all about and I do like it but my Milani concealer I think is better than this one like I can still see a little bit of my dark circles just a little bit but I do feel like my under eye is nice and bright and pretty and that is because of this so I do see that and I think that the color was a good color for me I don’t think it’s too bright so I do like that and this I love this foundation I think it does last a long time on my skin I don’t recall getting oily when I wore this I think it lasted and we’re really pretty all day and I can remember applying it and then when I got to work and looked at it in the mirror I was like oh okay if you’ve been wanting to try a stick foundation but you didn’t want to pay a lot for it like it Sephora you know the hourglass foundation is a stick foundation Anastasia has one is a makeup forever that also has one that people talk about there are a lot of stick foundations out there on the market that are high-end but I don’t know that I see that many and the drugstore so I think this is good I think both of these are worth trying if you want to get them a try again the concealer is good but I still think the Milani one is better than this one it’s BAE I like that one I wanted to kick off my first makeup tutorial of the year using some affordable products so I hope that you guys can tell that I’ve included some affordable products I’m really liking my lashes today too I am gonna have to go back and buy some more of these Sephora hipster lashes this blush I’m feeling the cool tone blush and of course this palette right here so pretty so like everything that I used today I’m really feeling and I hope that you guys like the look so I will see you guys again in my next video if you have any questions or comments about the products that I use today be sure to leave them down below and I will respond if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up YouTube promotes videos with lots of likes and if you’ve not already subscribed to my channel I would love for you to join the Savvy family so be sure to click that subscribe button before you leave so I’ll be seeing you guys again very soon my next video so

until the next time we meet again this is Savvy signing out