Testing Sephora VIB Haul Makeup | High End Makeup 🤑 | Is It Worth It??? 🤔

hi beauties and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I’m going to test out the new makeup that I purchased during my recent Sephora vib haul a lot of these products I’ve already been testing out so you’re gonna find out what I’m thinking about them are they worth it should I have purchased them should I have left them at the store if you’re returning subscriber thank you for joining me for today’s video and if you’re new to my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button that way you won’t miss any of my uploads so let’s go ahead and get started (she growls) this little makeup headband is so cute I purchased it from Amazon Sonjdra Deluxe talked about these in one of her videos so I decided to go purchase them and there’s like a set of five or something like that so I’ll be sure to link them down below and you guys can check that out because I think they’re really cute way to keep your edges in check while you’re putting on your makeup I’m starting out with Smashbox primer water also I’m gonna use my new Beauty Blender set I think this is precious you get four Beauty blenders as well as the cleaner that matches it tells you at the top the name of the Beauty Blender so this is the original on this side and then there are several others isn’t that special (with comedy voice) isn’t that special so let’s try a sapphire I’m also trying out the Guerlain primer and I had been testing this out I’m not sure you get how I feel about it guys it is one of those primers that as you rub it in it gets tacky on the skin and my foundation looks good but I can’t tell if sometimes my foundation gets a little more oily or dewy as the day goes on I don’t know if I’m seeing what’s so special about it given that it is really pricey so this is the La Mer foundation and I’ve been testing it out for a couple of weeks now it is the soft fluid long-wear Foundation broad-spectrum SPF 20 this shade is honey 43 so this is what like three it’s like two and a half pumps looks like I’m gonna see if this will be the coverage so I’m gonna add a little bit more this is basically like three and a half pumps a lot of pumps and it’s still sort of medium coverage let’s go ahead with this cover effects it’s a little lighter than most of the concealers that I use and I ordered it online I don’t know that I would have chosen this shade if I would have been in store but I’m actually glad that I did sometimes I always want it to be lighter like I really like my under eyes to be brighter to get that sometimes you just gotta get a lighter concealer I think this one works pretty well for me so I’ve been trying this out all week and I have been feeling pretty good about it I don’t know what to compare it to I can’t say that it’s like some of the other ones that I use like I don’t it’s not like the heart-shaped tape it’s not like NARS it’s kind of its own thing I don’t know if you guys can notice but I purchased a new camera and this is the first video I’m filming with it one of the reasons why I wanted a better camera body is just for the purpose of autofocus it would still go out of focus during segments of the video and stay out of focus and it would do strange things if I try to you know get you guys to focus in on a product see how much better that is and then focus back on me like this lens is working better with this camera than it did with my previous camera this is the Canon 80D I’ve tried the foundation with several powders and the one that it likes the most that I own is this one by Clinique like otherwise it gets a little bit too dewy this Clinique powder works with this foundation really well and it stays more matte throughout the day I think it is very underrated I’m not sure if I’m gonna like this brush which we’ll see this is the brow gal if I don’t like it on my switch right on back to my pink one i don’t like it we’re gonna use my my same old brush this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder but you guys may have been watching my community tab and it’s snowed here it’s still something is still falling outside right now as we speak and it’s dark outside now and I’m just trying to get my video filmed they said we may have power outages in our area we’re getting close to the holidays I have like several videos I need a film I have my graduation next weekend if this snow melts you know I’m in North Carolina and

we’re not used to all of this we get snow every year but it’s 12 inches outside that’s a lot of snow see how easy brow powder is is so much easier than anything brows or cousins they’re cousins today not twins and I’ll list all the products that I used in today’s video in the description box be sure to check there if you want to know more about the products I’m going to add a little more I just dusted off translucent powder I’m gonna add a little more because I’m getting ready to start playing with my eyes and I don’t want it to destroy the makeup so let’s just put a little powder here okay I’m testing out Pat McGrath’s mothership bronze seduction eyeshadow palette and went on and on about the beveled mirror I’m really excited about that I have not tested this one out so wanting to wait for you guys for this one if you keep hearing coughing my daughter is sick and she’s just a coffin coughing coughing poor baby we might wanna put on some eyeshadow primer I’m gonna use my Sigma E 40 brush E 40 yes this is entrapment okay Oh oh my gosh this is like the only matte that I could possibly use you know as a transition shade so let’s see if I can blend it out i’m putting it i’m putting it kind of in the crease I’m not sure about it and we’ll just see if we can blend it out really well and take it up a little bit so that it can look like a transition shade we can just fade it out this is very pigmented and I’m not sure if you guys can tell that but it went on like that little bit just blend it out so quickly Wow let’s try out this darker shade I’m gonna try a halo today guys I’m just gonna use this Sephora brush to put this in the corner here and drag it over into my crease you know I’m gonna grab a smaller brush in a moment to hit that inner corner disobedient that’s the shade I’m working with now disobedient this is the featherweight crease brush and is the number 38 might not need the smaller brush this one’s working when I go back in with the E 40 brush and just blend it out I got my morphe brush this one is really good for blending out edges I’m missing a transition shade in this palette but that’s okay if if you really had to have one you know you can just grab another palette but I’m missing that okay (she dances) hmm looks green in the pan oh yeah my oh my gosh that is gorgeous okay I think I’m gonna put the red in the I’m gonna start with that in the center of my halo and I’m just going to have nothing on the brush and let’s just see it looks like without being wet okay so that’s it without being wet and I’m kind of wanting to wet my brush let’s see how it does when I waited oh yes okay Wow okay this is gorgeous oh my gosh oh this is just beautiful let’s go with this shadow this is VR Fire Opal I’m gonna pop that right in the center here I might need a brush and I might need to wet the brush I’m hoping you know it doesn’t need like a glitter glue or anything like that let’s go back in with blitz flame did I even say that before this is a blitz flame and I’m just gonna go around the edges of my halo cuz I don’t want that to completely be lost I’m just gonna keep touching up a little bit until it looks I want it to look now I’m going back in with the darker shade disobedient I’m pretty satisfied with this let’s dust this off and the fallout was not too bad given the fact that it has so much glitter I want to clean up the edges for this look lashes on this is the Lancome Monsieur Big okay that’s the mascara I’ve really been liking this haven’t used it what lashes but just on my natural

lash it’s nice maybe I’ll try some of this purple but I also want some it’s red I just want that and the purple I think is going to look black I have that feeling we’re gonna just put this in the outer corner let me see if I can find the shade name Xtreme Au-ber-gine Aubergine let’s add a little bit of blitz flame right here oh yeah yes I think that’s my favorite color in this palette let’s just blend here I like that guys I’m super focused because I’ve been at this for a while and it’s getting late and I have other videos to film I’m almost out of this this is the IT cosmetics this is like just a gel liner and I’m gonna switch it up I’m gonna finish my eyes and the rest of my face until we get to some new makeup so I’m just gonna speed through this part (music plays) (music stops) I just gotta remember my inner tear duct and highlight I’m not sure what I want to use let’s go with skin show divine glow alright that’s this light color here let’s use that as an inner tear duct highlight and let’s see all right so now I’m ready for blush this is the hourglass ambient luminous blush this is the shade diffused heat it’s a mini because I wasn’t sure but since there’s an ambient blush I wasn’t sure if I was I like this so I’m using this Sephora brush and it was on sale this is a precision blush brush it’s the number 73 and look at the shape of this brush guys I ordered it online I had no idea what it was going to look like so when I got this I was like oh this is interesting but it does exactly what it says it’s a precision blush brush when you use the brush it puts the blush exactly where you want it so I’m just starting out on the apples of my cheeks and then I’m just following it up towards my temple I really like this blush it does add a luminous effect especially after I set and after I add highlighter and this one is a little bit darker deeper shade I would like to try some of their other shades I can’t go too light because a lot of them seem lighter but I would like to see if there’s another shade that also matches me I like this one but I’d like to try some others they have a beautiful holiday palette it’s like $80 it has a blush in it this sort of a peachy color like a coral color that I really like and it’s only in that palette but I don’t want to pay $80 just to get the blush the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter bar of gold highlighter there are three shades I’ve been using this a lot and all I’ve been doing guys is just kind of mixing them to get a unique shade I just mix them you know and this is a Sephora highlighting brush and it is really good look at this OH 62 brush a fan detail brush do you see that highlight I’m trying I’m gonna try not to go overboard here because I really like this highlighter this is expensive and so worth the money a very smooth and beautiful highlight and this is just the lightest one on the end I’m using here in the center of my face I’m using this one let me take my Beauty Blender and just soften will definitely recommend this highlighter it’s beautiful it lasts all day like I can still see my highlighter on my cheek here at the end of the day is gorgeous you have three options it’s beautiful I ended up with two of these lip liners because the one that I showed you guys in the video ended up being too light I kept it because like I just don’t feel like returning it and I’m gonna show you

guys what I mean when I tell you it’s too light this is the contour shade and it looks like this is the brown it’s like a nude brown okay my lips are so dry they’re screaming for something so my lips are dry and I don’t want to put this lipstick on like that so putting on some lip balm okay but see how that liner is gorgeous like I think it would be a beautiful base underneath the lipstick but it’s not gonna add definition for my lips I went back and ordered ground control both of them come with a little pencil sharpener which is cool so this is ground control and see the difference here these are nice lip liners they’re very creamy I think that they are good options for lip liner the two shades together as you can tell create an amazing base before my lipstick so I would purchase them again they still don’t replace my cork lip liner nothing has been able to replace cork lip liner ground control looks more like my chestnut lip liner by Mac then it does my cork moving on to lipstick so these are also Pat McGrath these are the minis and so I wanted to test them out today I need scissors all right so we’re gonna cut these open I’m gonna take out these miniatures and remember this was $25 so I thought that was a great deal to test out her lipsticks okay so it has all the little glitter in here that’s lovely lovely I had 1995, OMI, and Flesh 3 these are the shades they’re very matte and very creamy I like that OMI is the first shade Flesh 3 and 1995 try let’s try them all on okay that’s 1995 really pretty this is Flesh 3 okay that’s Flesh 3 definitely very very bright my God how dry are my lips where’s the lip balm again Good goo ba da loo ba da loo ba loo ba (babble). OMI I like the way her lipsticks apply it like they are matte but I’m not I don’t know it looks like a second lip they are very soft matte lip and don’t accent your lines and your lips which is a very good thing and this little set was a really good set the colors look very similar to each other but they are different I think they’re very good lip for everyday wear they’re not nudes and I do have myself plenty of nudes but very good especially on women of color of course she’s a woman of color so I really like that I just got back in here guys I noticed that my drawer was wide open so if you saw that (pause) oops (baby giggle) so as you can tell this is the completed look and I just want to give you guys a quick rundown of the products that I tested out when I really think of them so you know I’m wearing the La Mer foundation I like this foundation I’m loving this final look but I’m still not certain that is worth 120 dollars I would need to wear this probably until I finish the bottle to be able to make that determination because it has these skincare properties so I want to see is my skin going to improve am I gonna see any difference in my skin overall because I’m using this foundation do you need to rush out and purchase a one hundred and twenty dollar foundation no there are other options that can give you a similar look this is very similar to the chanel foundation The Velvet I’m not sure the name of it but I’ve worn it here on my channel and when I use this it reminded me of that so I like it but I’m just not sure if I’ll buy it again at that price tag I’m not sure still on the fence about the primer because I can’t tell if it’s too luminous for me so it is a good primer um I think my foundation wears well with it but I also think that as I wear it through the day I get more luminous but I’m not sure so I’m going to continue to try this with different foundation because I’ve been wearing this foundation a lot so this is already a luminous foundation so this is luminous this is luminous maybe I need to test this with more foundations than the La Mer and I’ll be able to tell you so I’m not sure about the Guerlain especially given the price tag I really have been enjoying this concealer you guys let me know your thoughts on it now I did go back and

kind of put some of the shade and light palette like brighten my under-eye a little bit more with that but as far as how the concealer wears and the creasing and that sort of thing this is a winner so we definitely recommend it and would buy it again so I do like this concealer haven’t had any difficulties any problems with it you guys know because I’m a little bit older I do have some wrinkles under my eye anyway but it doesn’t accent those wrinkles even more and it smoothes is very smooth here I really like it so kudos to cover fx let’s talk about the palette guys I like this palette formula wise love the shadows I think that the mattes are very creamy easy to blend but now that I’m using it and working with it I really wish there was a lighter matte shade we’re only working with this deep purple whatever this is like a brown and then this deeper brown so this one is the lightest matte shade and as you saw on my eye it went on pretty deep like it wasn’t transition shade using any of the matte shadows when I’m creating an eye shadow look I feel like I’m going to always end up with a very sultry seductive which is the name of the palette type of eyeshadow look so that being said that may be the intent this palette is more meant for a night out on the town it’s meant for full-on glam that’s what I think I like that I don’t have a palette in my collection that I would say that’s the purpose but I still wish there was like at least one lighter matte shadow in this palette I just wish it was I don’t think a person who wants an everyday I shadow palette should run straight to this one these shadows here I you know use it in the center of my halo I think that they’re a little different as far as how to work with them so I’m going to have to kind of do some research on the best way to work with them because I with the brush and that I was able to kind of get them on but as far as precise placement I think they were harder to work with this shadow was harder to work with as far as precision and that just maybe me needing to learn how to work with these eye shadows but it’s very good palette I think it’s worth the price but just know that there’s a specific reason to buy this this shadow definitely is my favorite and I want to work with it more like I think it’s beautiful and I love this and I will probably incorporate it into every single look that I create using this palette the blush love the blush like can you see um especially I told you guys after applying the setting spray and the highlighter can you see that luminous look of the blush like the blush is luminous and so if you’re you know tired of the matte kind of blushes and you want something to spice it up I just think this is a beautiful blush and if you want that kind of dewy just luminous fresh radiant look that this will help you achieve that the highlighter is definitely gorgeous it’s beautiful it’s it’s a beautiful highlight I wouldn’t say it’s a super natural highlight but it’s not glittery I like it I’ve used it a lot the texture of it reminds me of the Amrezy highlighter so if you like that highlighter that smoothness and you like that type of highlighter then you’re gonna love this the lipsticks and lip liners are definitely winners I certainly am very happy with that purchase I like the lip liners even though the first color was a little eye I kind of like mixing them together and I like the texture of these matte lipsticks you guys don’t see me wearing matte a lot cause I don’t typically love them but these I’m going to wear I really like how it’s wearing on my lips right now and how natural it feels on the lips I mean it really feels like I don’t have anything on when I was switching the lipsticks between lipsticks it was difficult to get the lipstick off my lips which is kind of a good thing because that probably means it’s going to be really long wearing so I can imagine putting this on and wearing it all the way up until I eat lunch like you know when you eat you’re going to wipe things off your lips I can see this lasting up until that point without me having to touch it up so that’s amazing so I think that that’s everything as far as all of my new products this video is probably gonna be way too long and I apologize for that in advance so I hope that you guys have enjoyed today’s video thank you once again for joining me please thumbs up this video if you liked it that really

helps me out it helps YouTube to push my video out for other people to see it if you have any questions or comments leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and if you’re not already subscribe to my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button before you leave so I’ll be seeing you guys again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again this is Savvy signing out