Gold Dipped Party Makeup

gal pals let me tell you let me tell you something can I get a whoa whoa okay this is a really exciting moment for p50 because we have one of the most amazing people in the entire world one of my favorite gal pals on this universe and I want everyone to be introduced to mist urban select reserve until eight welcome to the fever key office thank you so much hello penny acts my name is mrs urban delight and I’m so happy to be here today I actually work for urban decay cosmetics and I am so passionate about the brand I believe in it it is a fantastic company to work for and the products are just so magical I don’t even know the word to describe it it’s just such a fantastic brand that passion right there now let me just say this is not paid this is not a sponsored video not a promo of any of that but a weekend ago me and a few of my girlfriends we were at Katie’s house miss urban delight rather we were at miss urban delights house and um you know katie has such a passion for this that I felt like she would be the perfect person to give us some makeup tips um that we could use for gold dick December and really something to take away with you for any party um but you can just tell by what she exudes how much energy and enthusiasm she has for makeup why I felt like she was such a valuable resource for all of us to use and take advantage of because she loves to do it okay yay Katie girl are we ready I am ready so what do we do so right now Victoria has just a very basic um makeup application right now she just has Newton work just came from work so this is perfect I don’t want her to take her makeup off because i’m going to show you guys how to add a little bit of glitz and glam for gold dipped december so I’m just going to add a little more drama to Victoria’s eyeshadow right now and i’m using a shadow from Urban Decay’s build your own palette and it’s called but and I’m just going to add that color right there to Tory’s crease and i’m using a crease brush and I’m just going to take the crease brush and I’m just going to tap it right on the edge tap tap tap tap and then to the other eye tap tap tap tap and then whatever is left on the brush is what you use to really cut the crease when you add a darker shadow in the crease it adds depth and dimension when you’re doing an eye shut and I look the the most perfect thoughtfully applied well blended I look is when you have a light color medium color and a dark color and the medium color is the most important color it’s considered what I call a transition color it’s the color that you use to transition into the darker color and now the technique that I’m using on Tori is I’m doing from in to out and I’m doing light to medium to dark so your medium would be the transition color yes got it mmm thank you you’re welcome now that I did the medium transition color first now I’m going to take the lighter color and this color is the color right here oops right here and it’s called sin and love this color it’s like a champagne pinky color I love this too and I feel like if you wanted to do a highlighter on your cheek or even like add a pearl tone to a lip underneath your lip gloss yeah that is an amazing color to do that with ya just it works just as well as a highlighter is back base yeah highlight are you she took the words right out of my mouth I always suggest this to guess when I’m in store um you know you can use it for more than two Sasha you can use it right here to highlight which i’m going to show you in a little bit so it took a little bit of my shadow brush and it would have her actually just look down and I’m gonna pack it right on her lid the reason why I’m having Torre looked down vs her eyes is because when you close your eyes your skin actually bunches together I don’t care how old you are I do one has lines in there wrinkles in their eyes so if I had her close her eyes and applied the shadow on her lid and then opened it wouldn’t be even or smooth now when she’s looking down look how smooth that is now right okay do you see that booty phone booth a photo booth people you’re GU am already I feel so gold dipped yeah you get to that part yet so I’m just gonna do one more eyeshadow and I’m taking the darker color now and this color is called tease it’s from urban decay it looks like it’s a little bit lighter than the buck but it’s not it’s actually more of a cooler undertone so I’m just going to do it in the same spot

difference me as I put the buck okay so i just added a little more drama to her I you guys see that and with with these colors that you’re using so say if you didn’t by urban decay even though katie loves it I love it as well um if you didn’t have urban decay the colors that we’re using are basically it’s a brown it’s sort of a taupe like a mud color in between and then like a cream pearl so if you wanted to go out and buy something that was a little bit more expensive whether it was like an NYC brand or whatever um even palettes that they have it forever 21 which even before Katie came along that’s what I was using um but you know there this look doesn’t have to be about money it’s just well application colors and having confidence that you can do this on your own yep cool so now I’m going to go into my favorite part which is the gold in the dipped in December and I’m using an eyeliner from urban decay and the color is called gold mine what a perfect color right and this is it right here let me just tell you something you ready for this hold on you might have my coffee for this are you good ready I’m going to call it just you need to just see this color like it’s just it’s gorgeous it’s so funny because even as you do that up against the the camera it picks up at the metallic yep and what I’m going to do is on top of that is I’m gonna take Urban Decay’s heavy middle metal glitter eyeliner and the color is called Midnight Cowboy giddy up yeah okay no wait what do you say to women who are like I’m not gonna put glitter on my eyes what do you say to women this is actually my favorite type of gal okay so especially woman and they’re like you know mid 40s early 50s and they’re going to a holiday party and they want to feel them special you can totally rock glitter but use it age appropriately you can just pop a little bit like right in the corners of your eyes or a little bit right on the edge right someone like me who loves glitter I take this and I just odd right bye I’m actually going to do a very subtle gold dipped in December on Tory’s eyes this will be really great for a woman and any lunch yeah but I’m taking it and I’m putting it on top of the pencil love it okay now I’m gonna take this pencil and face me and then look at the ceiling and actually put this under tories I don’t be afraid to run this pencil along your lash line ok so now I’m going ahead and I’m taking the heavy metal glitter eyeliner and I’m just gonna put it right on top of the gold mine pencil oh I’m in love money I just can’t feel I can’t gals panty hats pals all of you just checked it can you I can I see it yeah ok just helped out am i doing this week journey that way right there right there perfect and there and just remember this you know my guys talk about a twinkle in the eye yeah she looks like Tinker Bell you look her up do you know my favorite disney movies Peter Pan is that weird no cuz never definitely take her bout in your past life I had to bail when I was four for Halloween I’m not that exciting them for me so I’m just going to go ahead and continue and put it through out the entire are you can leave it just like that if you’d like okay um but I’m she gonna take a little bit and just kind of finish it off now this feels um obviously wet yeah so when you are applying it on yourself just make sure you just give it a second or if you want to do this for because I know that that just even that feeling yeah can be I always tell guests especially if you’re doing it on the top of their load to look down and just wait for it to dry before you open your eye because it may transfer onto your shadow and Master shadow up you see that I wasn’t that cord and it matches with her gold dipped December necklace we’re dripping drugging her dripping and gold here love it that’s um the glitter eyeliner with a pencil I’m just gonna add one more little splash of sparkle cuz why not right well it is a gold it December gold that absolutely I’m taking Urban Decay’s moon dust I shadow and the color is called stargazer okay um I’m actually just gonna take my ring finger because sometimes because I’d love using my finger for application if you really want like an intense coverage and I’m just gonna take a little bit i’m gonna pop it right on the center of her lid right there where her latest color is look down look down okay I’m just gonna take a brush and just kind of blend out the edges edges to soften them up a little bit stunning is

that stunning or what why my k Kate I love it oh no what is so cool and I love how you did that and I picked up that when we were doing this last weekend um is that you don’t have to use a lot to get a look that has a personality like literally a dab of the finger on that sparkly highlighting sort of what is this called again stargazer powder um just the lightest dad gives bring such light to your face so don’t feel like when you’re doing party makeup you have to like really smoke up the I get in there with a ton of makeup it’s literally where you’re placing it that’s gonna make the biggest difference yes you totally show that right here applications just as important as the product on the deck and the technique you made me feel so yeah pretty so far today I’m going to use my favorite part everything talking for part of this video but adding a fake eyelash is so flirty and is just so luxurious and makes you feel extra special when you put on fake eyelash and can be inexpensive as well absolutely i’ve seen eyelashes even at the dollar store and i’m going there because you don’t have to spend eight dollars on a pack of eyelashes you can go to the dollar store and and find them inexpensively I mean and they’re easy to apply so don’t be afraid katie will show you don’t they because i actually decided to put in a pair of eyelashes the from urban urban okay obviously they’re actually reusable because their synthetic so if you put them on and then take them off just let them dry overnight clean them off and then you can go ahead and reuse in the next day I’m using a pair that’s called insta flare they are partial eyelashes so eyelashes can be tricky especially if you’re not lash savvy and you have a hard time with the strip’s connecting it from the inside of your eye to the outside of your eye so I’m using little partial babies okay where’s the camera there there yeah okay and I’m just going to pop them right on the edge of Tori’s lash it’s kind of like a little dough I Tori already has mascara on and that’s what you want you always want to put a little bit of mascara on first just so you can see your lash line so I put the glue on and I’m giving it I gave it a second for it to set because you always want the glue to be tacky because if it’s not tacky that it’s not gonna stick a lot of the times people put eyelashes on and they’re like they’re not sticking it’s because we’re putting the glue on and then trying to put them on your lashes right oh right it doesn’t work that way and just a tip if you are applying your eyelashes with glue right which is generally how you would do it I always put just a small drop of glue on my on the top of my hand and I just run the lash through the glue not all the way through just the lash line of the fake lash through that glow and that’s enough you don’t moneyed a lot and some lash clues are black um you don’t really need to do that a clear glue is sort of what you want because it’s for every skin tone and then also if you wanted to you know apply a different colored eyeliner so on and so forth it’s a good idea to just go with a clear lash glue if you can yep I agree Urban’s actually caught their eye lashes actually come with a lash glue and it has a little stick that you yep it dis you guys run that along along my lash line absolutely lova so now i’m taking the one lash and your lashes should never go on your skin they should always go on your hair so I’m gonna have Tori look down and this gonna do yeah now it’s sitting right there that easy right can I get a what what what why there it is do you see that and now I’m going to take my finger and all I’m going to do is I’m gonna go under the lash it on top and just press it together look at me can we talk about that shut the front door okay NJ yeah you know that stands for not joking around um I’m looking flawless that’s not me loving myself but that is saying Katie what what amazing what just just that little piece what that it even defined the grease again sorry I’m chicken you all excited over here it’s okay so I’m doing the other eye other eye now to die just an obsessed love it and then I just say this is well you know I feel like some gal pals feel like I don’t know how to do this I don’t know how to do that whatever grab a gal pal that actually knows what they’re doing to help instill some confidence in you that’s why we’re all here this is why Katie’s here she’s a great friend of mine she’s got amazing energy a good heart and she actually she wants to help you know she wants to help all of us look and feel great and you know even if you feel like you don’t really know how to apply your lashes um I remember when I used to cheer for the eagles in the locker room we’d all be applying each other’s lashes because you know sometimes you feel like you don’t really know how to do it that well call for help yeah that’s what gal pals are here for and don’t be afraid practice makes perfect what’s the worse that can happen if you mess up the crease wipe it off and do it again exactly it’s with anything I remember when I first started working in the beauty industry I am

gonna be I no idea I thought I knew what I was doing but I really didn’t and you know I learned all of my tricks through other people absolutely I do I learned every single day I’m learning something new yeah Lana and gold Flutie yay okay so next I’m gonna add a little Satori already has bronzer on actually turn your head that weight or do you see the brown just like looking at actually turned that this way okay perfect you see okay see his bronzer right here so she already has the base I’m not gonna go crazy and go all crazy and contour I’m just going to add a little bit of highlighter right here where my lightest part is right there I’m taking a highlighter it’s a cream highlighter it’s from urban decay and the color is called sin okay and I’m taking a synthetic brush and I’m just going to tap it on to the brush and I’m just going to pack it right here right up in there little goes a long way and keep in mind she’s not using her finger with a cream blush because i feel like people think just because the consistency consistency is cream that you can’t really use brushes we see that that’s amazing I’m sorry good I’m kind of dying no interrupt interrupt interrupt do whatever you want at this point but seriously though I know it’s I do because a lot of people are afraid to use a liquid or cream product on a brush yeah you it fits a synthetic brush then it’s okay hey somebody the other side PS I’m all about a synthetic brush like yeah I’ve talked about it on the blog before and gal pals you probably read about this I used to have like severe severe acne so I’m very very conscious of what I’m putting on my skin that looks look at that oh that looks at me die die right now so this is the highlighter right here and i also just put it right the bridge of her nose where are you add highlighter it’s going to add lift and bright brightness so I’m Dewey so you can just keep this as is and just call it a day boom they actually I do I like the neutral thing I like where this is going but we’re gonna actually kick it kick it up a notch yeah leg up let me leg up on the desk twerk so this is um so when you think of holiday season or you think of going to dip December you think of a red lip I can’t tell you how many times people have been coming into store and asking for a red lip for holidays for parties or what have you every gal needs a red lip it’s classic it’s sexy it’s inventas confidence that is the best word for that it is i’m gonna use that for now can I tell you in high school at the lunch table I used to wear red nail polish because it was a reminder of confidence even if I failed my test I felt confident while I was failing so it’s just a reminder red is just a reminder of confidence for me yeah I’m just so they tell me that story before I remember that yeah so really quick look at that okay this what is on my lips is a red lip liner from urban decay and it’s dirt it’s in the same family as the eyeliners or waterproof it’s 24 7 glide on this color is called 69 this is the color that I have on I like a matte flat finish because I talk a lot obviously and I don’t like to have to reapply penny ettes let me tell you something this will be on my lips until I get him tonight at nine thirty at night tonight so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna line into fine and fill Tory’s lip I got a lot of lip to fill so she does give me something I ok and just very relaxed pace knew you loved it best way to get the perfect peak is take the pencil and go up and then go down and then go up and then go down and then you fill the rest okay so that’s the lip liner cool side note if you’re doing a red lip and you’re like maybe you were pregaming before applying your makeup especially a red lip be careful what that number one number two um say you go off a little bit with a napkin try to get as much as you can without going on the lip but a little concealer on a brush does the trick to sculpt no lip shape excited I was to clean it up cleans up the edges definitely oh now Tori loves a glossy luscious lip I do you do love you a matte lip once in a blue once in a blue but I couldn’t help but to take a red lip gloss that urban decay used to once make it’s called red light we actually just continued this i believe it’s sold online now for discount a bit if not you can take any red lip gloss okay I’m just going to add a little bit of a gloss

right in the center of her lip so that is gold dipped December look if you want you can go a little crazy you can add a black eyeliner to wing it out add a cat I I did that today you can use a little bit of concealer to highlight under the brow bone the way I did it today um you can do anything I actually kind of like the Tauri doesn’t have a lot of blush on actually did she do I feel like it’s party time hey it’s party time right Gold is a marital needs to tell we do ok but like to laugh like we look like we need cocktails yeah I’m sure should be psyched oh right oh I’m so honored thank you everyone this just meant so much to me I believe in p4p I live 4 p-4 hey when in doubt I hop on Tory’s blog and I you know this is inspired from her this is inspired from her I remember when I first met her she said a heavy is luxury and i went to burlington coat factory 799 had these luxuries yeah and it’s just this gold coffin adds to the outfit and you know you’re the hairdo like this before yeah girl yeah I mean look the purpose of polish repentance is gal pals helping gal pals and still confidence look good feel good and do all of that with a full bank of self-confidence even if you only have pennies in your pocket and Katie I hope we can have you want many many more time I would love because you’re amazing and you’re really your passion is really helping like you helped me learn a few things and now I feel like this and now I feel like we need to go somewhere and celebrate um but really though um we hope you enjoyed today yes episode of Polish TV it is a gold dipped December party low for the holidays or any day and Thank You mr. you’re welcome here yeah and thank you to all the gal pals out there who continue to support us and for more information and for more tips and tricks for looking feeling and living like a million bucks in few tiny pennies go to for pennies calm and remember you don’t