hi beauties and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to demo a makeup brush that I just recently purchased that happens to be the most expensive makeup brush sold at Sephora yes I had a moment of weakness if you want to find out more about this brush and also watch to see if it’s worth the coins then just continue to watch I don’t know if even I’m gonna be able to tell you whether it’s what the coins in this one video really don’t know we’ll see before we get started let me go ahead and say that because of this pandemic and all of the shops being closed I was unable to get my nails done of course so they’re busted I’m having a little bit of a lazy day as well so I don’t have all of my lighting and I just felt like doing something different you know I’m just I keep switching it up every video is different just keep taking it back I have on my base and I did put a little bit of powder just a small amount right underneath my eye to reduce the chances that I’d have a lot of creasing but that’s all the powder that I have on I have already opened the brush guys I couldn’t wait this time the brush that I’m going to talk about is made by the company Surratt this is the Artisque face brush this brush retails for two hundred and fifty dollars one makeup brush last year in the spring time I purchased my Sonia G eye set I haven’t purchased any additional natural hair more expensive brushes since my Sonia G purchase last spring I don’t know if it’s a feeling I get in the spring that I want to buy brushes but I was in the mood to purchase some additional makeup brushes that are more high-end you guys know that I do get a Sephora discount I’m not going to be working at Sephora anymore right now and I knew my discount was getting ready to expire so I went crazy and bought a lot of stuff I wanted to re-up on items that I needed but I also wanted to take this time to buy things that are more collector’s items those special items that without the discount I would probably never purchase so this brush by Surratt falls in that category so I decided to go for it I have been admiring it for a while and I decided to go for it so let’s take a look at it this is the box that it came in it’s a matte black box and it does say Surratt on it and you slide the lid off like this inside is the brush and this is how it came and I already opened it and used it but this is what the brush looks like don’t look at my busted nails this is what it looked like initially this piece comes out and you just slide the brush out there is held by a little piece of elastic there this is a nice case that I’ll be able to use to store the brush if I choose to and this is the brush just to give you guys a closer look at the brush notice that it does have Surratt written here and it is also an ombre color in my lighting it looks sort of blue you’ll see there it looks sort of blue to black but really in other lighting it looks purple no it still is green there so I think it may be different colors depending on the angle and the lighting because I’ve looked at it and it looks purple this brush is a fluffy natural haired face brush for effortlessly diffusing powder products this face brush easily distributes and blends powder products bronzers blushes highlighters setting powder with whisper soft strokes Surratt beauty is committed to the Japanese philosophy of monozukuri each high-quality brush is crafted from hand tied natural fibers by a skilled artisan during the first few uses you may see some shedding of the hair but I actually haven’t seen anything yet like that use a gentle shampoo at least once a month when washing this brush reshape the natural hairs and lay flat on a towel to dry and I actually I think I went to the Beautylish site or I saw somewhere else to dry it so that the water runs away from the wooden handle it’s sort of a round shape here this brush is made of gray squirrel hair you know that squirrel hair is very very soft let’s

start powdering I’m ready to get some products on my face I want to show you guys something too before I put too much powder on my face I did something the other day with the brush and it was kind of an accident I took this powder puff and I was trying to put my La Mer powder on him and I put way too much powder on so I’m gonna stamp some powder here and I must add some powder there okay I just want to show you what I saw was that this is so soft it was able to blend this out but it was it took a lot longer so it doesn’t really move product so let’s see here see how when I start blending see how it doesn’t really go anywhere you will have to see it here and blend blend blend for quite some time to blend in a mistake like that which just shows me that if I were applying other products that it’s just not going to move the products underneath whatever is underneath is pretty much gonna stay in place because when you do this it took a lot of buffing just now to get that to disappear but if I were using a goat haired brush that is a little more coarse in texture and I start buffing like this one it went away very quickly much faster then if I use the squirrel hair okay so I’m gonna just I’m making a mess I’m going to put a little more of my La Mer into the cap here unless just see how shiny I am here and I’m just gonna buff in this powder with this brush but I was kind of amazed by then I was like wow it took a lot more buffing to to get that powder to move so I like that it’s much more gentle it doesn’t move the makeup around that much so that’s pretty easy even though they have on the La Mer La Mer has a little bit of sparkle so I’m gonna put a little of my Laura Mercier right here so that I don’t have so much shine right here this is an experienced guys let me try something I’m a experiment some of this I have not done I’m gonna go in with a little of my Sephora microsmooth powder and I just want to put a little here because this powder for some reason it really helps my highlighter look very pretty now I want to experiment with something I want to see how this would buff out contour but I don’t want to place the contour on my face with it I want to put it on and I just want to see how it would buff it out so I’m gonna take a little contour brush here that I have from Sephora but I’m gonna put a pretty strong line here put a little on my forehead to just go a little overboard going heavy intentionally this color of contour has more of a red undertone so that’s why you see so much red here so let’s see how it will buff this out I like that so then if I had too much here you see how it just softens it oh yeah I like it I’m just carrying it over let’s see what happens all right we’re just gonna go ahead and finish this up just wanna see the versatility of this I feel like I have a little bit more on the other side very good

I’m liking this a lot I like okay let’s try bronzer let me add a little bit of lip gloss guys that’s my Dior Maximizer so let’s go in with my Becca Ipanema Sun this is the sunlit bronzer in the shade Ipanema Sun I bet I hit pan on this soon but it picks up a nice amount here let’s see how it bronzes oh yeah and the bronzer is adding a nice glow here it’s a sunlit bronzer oh I love this notice how it just like keeps you from having harsh lines think that that’s one of the benefits of a brush like this is that it’s gonna get rid of harsh lines like I’m still just dipping in a little bit and going in I’m just gonna make sure that is blending in with my neck here no harsh lines here either so that was this bronzer I like it so far let’s also try blush why not this is NARS in orgasm X and as you can tell it’s a very pigmented which was one of the reasons why I wanted to try this one because I wanted to see how will it work with a very pigmented blush so let’s see notice how much I’m like packing it on and it’s just sort of blending in with my bronzer and the contour even though I’m putting on quite a bit with a different type of brush it would be much more bold I’m a put a little more on this side yes I’m a wipe a little bit of that color off and as I’m buffing even though I’m buffing on a paper towel not much color’s coming off so it doesn’t stay in the brush cuz I just want to buff this out a little more oh gosh I like this so I think this is really good for people who may have a tendency to go overboard even though this is like a face brush I’m not gonna use my cream products here but I want to try some of these powder products the powder highlights with this brush even those sort of a face brush let’s try this diamond powder it’s kind of got a lot of sparkles in it and I’m just curious to see how much control do you guys see that oh yes oh I like this oh my gosh oh my gosh okay let’s try glow extreme its highlighter this is not a highlighter brush but I’m just curious what how does it apply highlighter I’m curious could I do my whole face with one brush like this practically I need to contour my nose too so I’m gonna go back and do that so definitely not necessarily the best way to put it on your nose here but it will do it okay and definitely I know I

can’t do my Cupid’s bow well a little bit this is what we got with this one brush so I’m just gonna clean everything up and then I will be back to talk about my first impressions of this brush I just sprayed setting spray on my face and I’m bringing this up because it dripped this is the Lancome fix it plus forget it setting spray and the reason I haven’t used that much of it is because it drips and spits and the nozzle is terrible and I can’t believe it I can’t believe that Lancome can’t do better than that but this was the one that I could put my hands on because I forgot to bring my setting spray over here and I tell you all this to say that some of it dripped right here and I’m not sure if you guys can see it but I took this brush after it did that cuz it left this ugly mark I was like really and I just started buffing it a little and it took a lot of it away I’m gonna tap into my blush a little bit and just go back over that make sure a paper towel here and just buff it out here a little too because I did kind of carve out my contour I don’t want it to be too dramatic there I have a little powder here if I felt like it was too much blush or something I think you could just do this and look at how it just subtly took away some of that blush hmm okay so I’m back I also went back and kind of contoured my nose a little bit and touched up some more but this is where we are oh my gosh guys oh do you need a 250 dollar brush in your life not necessarily but if you like makeup brushes and you love makeup if you want to add a piece like this to your collection absolutely I approve it’s Savvy approved I got 30 percent off with my discount one of the reasons I wanted to film this video right now is because the vib sale is coming up you can receive 10 to 20% off of your purchase depending on your beauty insider status I think that times like that is when it’s a good idea to purchase something like this I love the design of the brush I love the ombre handle with Surratt I enjoyed the box the packaging that it came in and I like the versatility of the brush it’s such an experience it’s an experience for your skin if you have sensitive skin and goat haired brushes and some synthetic brushes are too harsh for you then you would like gray-haired squirrel or any type of squirrel brush because it is going to be much softer I liked how softly it buffed out the blush and the contour it just worked a lot of magic I was able to put on highlighter like I think that you can apply your highlighter in a much more natural way and not have this like streak on your cheek if you use this brush you really could apply just about everything all of your face products with this with the exception of liquids it applied this beautifully in apply my powders beautifully it applied my La Mer powder the one thing I didn’t really try it with like my Lancome powder here I didn’t try it to see how it would apply that even though how about setting spray let’s see let’s see how it applies that powder because you guys know this powder has more of a glow and that was curious to see how it would apply it and look how I’m applying this on top of highlighter and my highlighter is not not moving nothing’s moving underneath this brush everything else stayed the same hmm this is what the Lancome powder now looks like after setting spraying everything this is an experience and I think that this one is not too soft like some squirrel haired brushes are super soft to the point where you don’t get much movement of product at all I was still able to apply the product buff it out I was still able to do those things it’s not too soft and it’s not too harsh it’s just perfect if you do want more bold application then goat haired is the way to go but so far I’m loving the brush quality quality quality I feel super special when I have a brush that I

know was put together by hand my understanding is that when you have a brush that is handmade that they don’t cut the hair they lay the hair is down in a way to create this shape that they don’t cut it in this shape so then you’re not gonna have the harshness when you’re using this brush that you would if the hairs have been cut loving that Surratt Artisque face brush so even though this brush was 250 dollars with my 30% off and it is quite expensive I am happy that I purchased the brush this is not something I plan to do all the time and I wouldn’t suggest or recommend that you guys go out here and do it either if this is not in your budget don’t feel like you have to go out here and spend the kind of money on a brush but I just wanted to share it with you in case there was anyone who was curious about the brush and again this is not my norm to spend this kind of money on an item like this but I just felt like doing it right now I just did and I don’t regret at all you only live once so I hope that you enjoyed today’s video if you did please give it a big thumbs up if you have any questions or comments leave them down below and I will respond and if you’ve not already subscribed to my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button before you leave so I’ll be seeing you guys again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again this is Savvy signing out