Mój Pierwszy Repaint!~ | Ellie | Faun Doll Repaint [eng sub]

What’s up guys! It’s Azura here and welcome to my new video A video that many of you, if not all, did not expect Namely, I’ll start making doll repaints Yes I honestly don’t know where to start, but I’ve been watching doll repainting videos for a while I looked through my doll collection. I only have four childhood dolls This one is the only doll I have that’s not I a good shape and I think she’d be happy if she got a new hairstyle This will be my experimental rabbit And we’ll see what comes out of it I did some designs for what I want this doll to look like Okay ma’am, time to undress you Has rubber legs that can bend a bit, but one leg won’t keep the pose That’s why I won’t do anything with the legs. I will just add hooves The first thing I’ll do is remove her hair I don’t know if I want to remove her head but I know some were easy to snatch. So I think this is how I’m gonna get rid of it Hey Welcome to the next part of this video, which is being recorded one year later I’ve been cleaning up folders recently and noticed that In January this year, I edited the first part of this video, which was just the preparation of this doll And in June of last year, I started working on this doll and finish in June of the following year I’m still making her into a faun I’m not that happy with this design, I miss some colors here But at the same time, I don’t want to add some color accents because no I want her to be a more natural character because I already have another fun planned, which will be purple and magical And here I want it to be more natural This part is going to be this color mixed with her hair color So yeah, let’s get to work -random noises- Generally, I have already bought seven dolls Even though I haven’t finished this one yet, I have purchased seven Monster High dolls I found them in a cheap price on Allegro And I already have projects for two of them I wanted to add elbow articulation to this doll so that it could be better posed for photos I wanted to use Dollightful’s method for this, but due to the lack of appropriate tools and because the doll’s hands are rubber, I decided to use Hextian’s method So I cut her hands at the elbow, made holes with a pushpin, and stuck the wire in I used super glue to make one end of the wire hold well in her hand Aaaand unfortunately, I cut this piece too short I stuck a new one and everything works fine. What bothers me in this method is that the wire is so visible, but that I wanted to cover it anyway, so I figured it’s okay However, it didn’t work well for long. The hands often fell off when I bent them or moved the doll around, so I decided to sew them together When the hands were holding nicely, now the wire jumped out XD I gave a much longer piece and glued it from the outside Now. it. should. be. okay Hands done, time for ears and horns!

It’s actually good that I cut off her ears, because they will be useful for the next project :3 I didn’t know what the situation with the neck peg was like and whether it would be difficult to pull her head off and put it on, so I just cut out a hole I also don’t know if the glue has magically disappeared over the years or if they just didn’t put any at all, but that explains why her hair fell out so easily What? Why? Your head’s empty I use wires to make a base for the ears and horns, and when gluing, a small accident occurs Probably many of you know from your own experience the statement “I’ve done this so many times, nothing bad will happen” AND THEN EVERYTHING BAD HAPPENS I wanted to glue the wires inside with this glue and damaged my desk, the doll’s face, and my fingers The doll’s damaged face hurt me the most It wouldn’t be a problem if I wanted to change her skin color. But as I wanted to leave her as she was, it bothered me a bit. Oh well I was mainly inspired by these photos to shape the horns. And in order not to waste modeling mass, I used aluminum foil and masking tape to form the shape Even if I wanted to buy Epoxie Sculpt, it was not available at any online store in Poland at that time And since this doll is my experimental rabbit, I decided to find an alternative solution and used three different modeling masses The first is the well-known Green Stuff, which I have been using for over two years now? I have had this particular piece for over a year and even the first time I used it, it had such lumps in it, which has not happened in my previous purchases It works fine, but I don’t know why it has these lumps The second mass is Fimo Basic Aird Dry Clay, I recently bought it and used it for the first time It is very easy to use and nicely sticks to itself, very easy to smooth out using water After drying, such clays are very light, so it is also a plus, but therefore they may be less durable than, for example, Green Stuff or Epoxie Sculpt Plus, of course, there’s a lot more of it and is a lot cheaper After drying, you can see that both clays do not stick to the head, so you need to glue them on later Fimo smoothes out very easily using only a nail buffer While for Green Stuff you need a Dremel tool that I don’t currently have Therefore, I decided to finish the horns and ears with Fimo For the third option, I used Polymorph friendly plastic. These are tiny balls that can be warmed up in hot water or with a heat gun and then you have a moment to sculpt I made a tail and hooves out of it I don’t know why I forgot my own project, THAT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE, and instead of just the tiptoes, I made hooves all over her feet They are not perfect, but they will be almost completely covered in fur, so they can be. I glued both hooves and the tail with hot glue Painting! I put a layer of white Gesso on the plastic elements. And then, using Allegro Stamperia paints, I paint all the added elements When I finish painting I apply a coat of Matte Mod Podge to keep the paint safe from damage,

plus if I accidentally splash it with some other paint, I can easily wash it off with water and a cotton pad Even though I will be sticking on yarn wefts, I prefer to paint the head with the color of the hair It will make it easier for me to glue on the wefts later, plus I simply like to have order and everything finished nicely in my projects. Perfectionist Yeah, I’m a perfectionist I bought this and the blue brush that I will show later on AliExpress. Poppen Atelier recommended them in one of her videos and I went straight (heh) to buy a few And then they waited in a drawer for a year until I finally use them on dolls Time for the faceup! Since I decided to repaint this doll, I had a dilemma about whether to buy MSC or start with only acrylic paints This is also one of the reasons why it took me so long to start this repaint I decided to use acrylics to see if painting the face would work for me and if I would still like to make repaints I am now planning to buy a Dremel tool so that I can start making modifications in my next projects and then order MSC so that I can go a step further and be able to use watercolor pencils and pastels Plus a few of my projects require a skin color change Is it just me does this now look like that dude from Lazy Town? XD I have no idea where the eyebrow recordings disappeared, it is possible that I ran out of space and the camera did not record them For the first time, I’m very happy with how it turned out Of course, there are some bumps, one eye and eyebrow slightly higher than the other, but it’s not that bad And yes, I also wanted to play with the new acquisition and put some glitter? powder? pigment? on the eyes Ooooh yeah, now I’m happy with the end result. Seemingly only two dots, yet they add so much First I apply a matte varnish, and then I give Glossy Vernice Prottetiva to the eyes and lips This varnish dries very flat? So I will give a Gloss Mod Podge layer later to have a better effect Clothes! Since this character lives in the forest and only collects what she finds, I decided to give her simple clothes? Just something on the upper body

I used foam, a candle, over which I heated the foam to easily form it on the doll’s body and a thick thread Now because of what I did, the articulation in the elbows has lost like 80% of the flexion I didn’t have brown stretchy fabric and I wanted to put the fur only on the back of the elbows, so I glued a stiff brown fabric to cover the threads and wire I don’t have stands for dolls, and somehow I don’t want to buy them, I prefer to spend this money on dolls, so I decided that I will make a stand for each doll myself Best of all, there’s another interesting thing to create and every doll will have an individual stand corresponding to the theme of the repaint Probably I will also make some smaller ones that will hold the doll only in the thigh to make it look better in the photos And I used a stick here because I have a ton of them in a box, it is durable and perfectly suited to the forest theme of this doll I made the base of stiff foamboard Even more wire, even more glue, and even more plastic I do not know if it was necessary on such a small piece, but when I put paints and liquid glue to the size of A4 foam, it bent on the sides I wanted to see if I add foil and paper, then if the base will still be flat. And I finished it using paper mache if that’s how you pronounce it Hair and Fur! As I said before, I’m going to use yarn for this As always, I comb, straighten, and then glue the pieces to the plastic ziplock bag And here I remembered that I was supposed to mix these two colors I definitely prefer yarn hair to synthetic hair when it comes to dolls, so probably most of my dolls will have yarn on their heads Aaand here I run out of fur

Another lesson for me, I will not use hot glue to stick the fur anymore, because here all the fur on the thigh has come off, and on the other one too when I wanted to comb it However, here, where I glued these higher parts with Mod Podge matte glue, it sticks well At first, I wanted to trim everything with a knife but quickly switched to small scissors There was a bit of a problem with the hairstyle because although everything is covered and glued on nicely, I glued a bit too much I wanted a lot of volume but it was more difficult to style Eyelashes Here, too, I do not know where the recordings were lost, but there weren’t many of them anyway, because I did most of them off-camera I finished the lashes! Woohoo! And I’m not touching them anymore Oh my god, it was a nightmare. Why was it one of the worst, if not the worst, thing I was doing with this doll? Because I didn’t know they had glue underneath All the time I wanted to fix them, to give it a little up, automatically when I went too far they would stick to it and pull off all the damn lashes I forgot what it’s called already Accessories! I took out everything I thought might be useful for accessories and chose the ones that suited best White flowers to cover cut hair, a shoulder string that Ellie uses to make jewelry, a rope on which she can hang interesting collectibles, and something like a bag, basket, also for new finds And this is how the doll looks like! ^^

I am so happy with the end result I named her Ellie, yeah, I was rewatching the first part while making her, and then watching part two of The Last of Us, and that name comes to my mind every time I look at her Hope you liked this video, it wasn’t cosplay, but some kind of character creation, accessories, etc has been done You can also write down what you think about doll repaints, or maybe if you also make them yourself, and if you are interested in my next projects, check out my new channel and Instagram AzursonDolls I don’t know yet if I will stay with this name or change it, but for now, it is So, that’s it in todays video . Hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you again in further, next videos. Bye~