Prom/Formal Bohemian Inspired Tutorial

hey everyone so today I’m doing a video on a formal / prom makeup look I’ve decided to do it but he me and inspired if you know what I mean by that it’s going to be sort of natural man smell natural this is a really quite brownie bronzy look I really enjoyed it i really like what I come up with i found i looked up on internet their photos that i thought were pretty good and I went off there basically I saw a lot of pop of colors on the lower lash line which I did a little bit and very brown smokey eye though black smokey eye big eyebrows fullest but flawless face bronzy skin and yeah i’m doing two parts to this tutorial i’m doing a makeup part 1 and part 2 will be hell I might recreate this look or right through the hair today I just don’t want this video to be super super duper duper lie I really hope you guys enjoy this type of video thumbs up if you want to see more don’t forget to subscribe I would really appreciate it so yeah let’s just stop straight into the video so everyone you’re just gonna have to start by putting your hair back or not putting her back I like putting my hair back because some girls did I make up with their hair all up in my grill like all up in their face and I’m just like girl how do you do that excuse my fluffy here today so I have already applied my moisturizer cuz it’s probably on my face is really red and I’ve got some breakouts going on here so we’re gonna have to focus on recovering them up but yet always apply moisturizer because it will make your makeup go on so much better trust me so don’t ever miss out on moisturizer anyway because it just refreshes your face and puts natural moisture back into your face but yeah um we’re gonna go straight into the eyeballs in case I get any flat i don’t think i will get any fallout but maybe I will sir I’m just gonna go straight into this anyway so sue me guys ran in to my eyes and we’re gonna beat up close and personal first off I’m gonna do my eyebrows because I want to get them over and done with I’m just gonna speed like I’m not really speed through but I’m just gonna do my eyebrows I’m not gonna go really in depth with that I do have an in in-depth eyebrow tutorial on another video that I’ll link down below if you guys want to see that and the eyebrow products i’m going to be using is the essence I Brad design brow pencil in blonde and the Australis take my brow in blonde as well i’m just going to using those shoes since this is a more formally look I’m going to be filling in my eyebrows much more heavier than I would normally but he mean eyebrows very like natural I guess you could say it’s basically just enhancing and natural eyebrows so you have really thin eyebrows have you better work with that but if you have bigger bigger eyebrows you got to work with that too so it’s all just making your natural eyebrows it’s all just blood I can talk it’s all just enhancing your natural eyebrow shape chat instead they actually look like slugs on my face for the eyes i’m going to be starting off with a skin colored base for the eyelids and it’s just this skin color one as i just said by the color institute and i just put focus and I just put my ring finger in the middle there and I just blend that over my part up entire island this lot gets rid of any veins or any darkness I have on my eyes but all the way up to the grabber also underneath the eyeball because we will be applying eyeshadow that as well I’m also going to be applying another base down on my eyelids and it’s just an elf it’s just one of the elf long-lasting lustrous eyes shadows and the names are on the packaging and I chalked the other packaging so I don’t know what the name is but it’s just a

deep deep brown color like that it looks black I think it looks like on the camera but it’s very Brown and it’s got a nice little because just got a little silver yeah silver shimmer some glimmers in it so that’s what it looks like that and with that same thing up just going to be dipping it in the very dark and tapping that on my eyelid as you can see it does look quite dirty at the moment blood be blending it out don’t worry about out want to apply a little bit more just gonna make it a little bit dark up those are shadows are quite new seat and they quite easy to blend out and I’m letting it out the color is becoming less and less dark it’s really shimmery and realizing she was starting to look a little bit off I’ll get that one that is so that is shopping look at my hand already now I’m going to be taking this eye shadow here by savvy or say V Harvey estate and seeing that brahms fire it’s just a baked eyeshadow and it’s another deep brown color I’m just going to be applying that with a short shader brush like a dry brush I’m going to be applying on my entire lid and blending up into the crease it’s in the shade sassy marshmallow which I reckon the the most adorable name in the history of adorable fees so it’s like a bluish color with it’s got little pink speckles and that darker blue sparkles like turquoise metals and purple speckles in there is it is so cheap this acutis little color you’re taking this brush here just just like a flat shader brush but no it’s not very large it’s just a medium sized flat shader brush dipping that in there and you do have to dip it in it quite a bit to get old problem got a bit just dabbing that in my inner corner just to make that area pop just like that it’s not silver I don’t know if you guys can look at it and I don’t know if you guys can see it as silver but it’s kind of a bluish color it’s really your identity it’s going to take the best power that I picked up which for the GT bronze palette and it’s got a very not black shade in the back of it turn off and then we put it on outer corner of the eye leaving it the little bear of the ground there’s going to be a gradient and then blending not into the crease as well blending it out with a fluffy brush oh now I’m going to stop there for the eyes cuz we’re not going to using any more shadows most formal / from looks most women / girls whatever like a flawless base and also the bohemian makeup is quite flawless because most of the women wearing a makeup have all the skin also so foundation is for skin flawless boys always always Prime always always use a foundation with no SPF or you know that doesn’t have any flashback because flashback and photos was just not fun okay so going to be priming and private i use is a covergirl and Olay simple ages simply ageless serum fun i’m using the revlon photoready airbrush effect makeup because it’s my like it’s a great foundation and i’ve used it in plenty other videos and it gives me a flawless flawless finish so i take a few pumps of that

I put on the back of my hand and anymore you can always build it up I take a stippling brush to run in my foundation other vocals for you guys but I use a stippling brush it’s just my personal preference I think it makes you foundation look more airbrush and its laws make sure to blend down your neck also nobody wants a visible foundation line that’s unless your face in your neck of the exact same color and your foundation is the exact same color as your neck then you won’t have foundation line because your skin is just all the same color but I don’t know really do well at it like that so make sure you blend Danny ack and down into your ears if you’ve got your hair tied back can also be a very noticeable foundation line there as well just buggy oh it’s time for some comme cela digging me Rimmel waking up concealer as per normal in the kind of shade ivory lonely not underneath my eyes Maggie conv triangular shapes so it also highlights as well as concealing other places that you want to place it I like doing it down my nose and a little bit on my forehead a little bit of extra highlight and wishes covering that baby up now for the bond shoes I just want nothing everything up so I’m going to be blending out the concealer underneath my eyes with a flat foundation brush firstly because it will clean up any of the eyeshadow and it fits well under my eyes so I like to use this just Pat it don’t drag always pack because if you drag it will just be dragged onto your skin and won’t actually be pressed into your skin make sure you get it right up underneath your um lashes sorry for I was going to say so it cleans it up and then also blending that up my noise it’s okay to drag that he’s died there if you want I just want to just dragging underneath the eyes because also it is my sensitive part of your face and more dragging when you’re younger the more wrinkles that will call us when you’re older nobody wants or angles I’m going to be using AC on tour contouring and highlighting kit going to be using the banana shape to set onto my eyes as per usual taking this brush right here it fits perfectly underneath my eyes and using this banana shade to set underneath the highlight will make it much more brighter because it’s not you’re not just using a normal powder that’s exact same color as your face so you look extra highlighted but before i’m going to set the rest of my face and going to line my maybelline fit me shine-free foundation stick in 330 caramel toffee toffee cap is it toffee caramel be Carol popping that’s worth it I love take that down to wherever suits you your preferences a little bit of the nose just because when the nose is contoured I think it’s like your eyebrows it’s just a little bit of extra time to make your face look completely flawless now that’s done i’m just going to set my entire base this matter right here by look I don’t know how to say it it’s lokura the surra something beauty I love how you can make you do it it’s such cool packaging but tell me if you guys know what that name is I’ll be forever grateful so just going to be taking a powder brush and it’s just a translucent powder swirling it around and going to be setting my entire base also do the tube for if you’re wearing like a dress that is high neck or something put it on very carefully because you don’t want any makeup stains on the front of it I’m just going to be

setting my bronzer and for that I’m going to shaking the hula benefit from because it is the best you’re taking a larger brush for that swirling that around I’m just cruising up my entire base now for a little bit of extra highlight who are using i’m using a mac mineralized mineralized skin finish and soft and gentle because it is amazing putting on my cheekbones jump into my nose forehead cuba throat chin down my neck a little bit make it all glittery but yeah it’s good to a highlight for prom / normal anyway because it also adds to our nation to our face plus bohemian since this is a bohemian inspired makeup tutorial bronzer and highlighter is a key for bohemian makeup going to be apply a tiny tiny tiny bit of blush going to be quite a deep ish blush I can find it try that it’s funded by nature the little bit goes deep long this way that is the face donna so now we’re going to finish off the eyes now i’m going to grab that l’oreal paris sassy marshmallow color again going to be dragging that color a little bit more along lower lash line taking there’s a brown color again by savvy savvy whatever it is and putting that in the middle only I’m not extending it to the end because that’s where we’re going to be playing black I don’t know if you saw any of that but I’m just putting it we’re doing the same thing as we did on this lead to the lower lash line taking that black again and blending it alone Pam chewing it off to the lid shutter I’m going to taking the clinic Cole shape of rise and it’s in black I don’t know it doesn’t have it doesn’t say the shade oh yeah black coals right then just a black eye pencil I’m going to be running out in my top and bottom water lines oh my god I keep going load you guys can’t see what I’m doing hopefully you can see now I’m going to be smudging at all my top lash line as well make it super super close to the lash line because just cuz that’s a little gone full just blend it out with a pencil brush and the pencil brush should still have a black shadow on it so it’ll blend out super easy so you can just pull the scar on but i’m going to wearing some false lashes i’m just going to be wearing completely natural false lashes they obviously not red cherry lashes i just put them in the box and wrote on it but they are supernatural super easy to apply I think they’re from glamorize think i will be doing in a video very shortly of my kind of how to apply false eyelashes like the way I do it everyone does it practically the same way it is very simple but some people have asked me before how do you do it how do you do it well wha and I every time going to like a party or something my friends will always get me to put false lashes on them eyelashes is so creepy have you ever been in the bathroom and then you seen an eyelash on the ground or one on the signal something it’s completely scared absolute out of you oh my god the other day I took my artists often outside the next to the sink and then I wash my face and I came back the next day and when I washed my wutface like water goes everywhere right came back the next day and my eyelashes were covered in water and all stuck together and was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen so gross it’s my story goes however my looks guys another boat something very nude the years over nude Oh bold so right now I’m just applying the Rimmel apocalypse lip flaca in need to

light and I’m taking the covergirl hello is just lip gloss and give me guala this is like my lip combo lately a lot so guys this is the finished look for my prom / formal / bohemian the the bohemian and start inspired inspired makeup look I really hope he does enjoyed it and as I was finished I realized you could totally wear this to a festival thank you so much guys for watching means so much so as I said this is part 1 part 1 to 2 parts i’m going to be doing i’m going to be doing the makeup and the hair and this is the makeup done i really hope you guys enjoyed this video and i will see you next time have a great day guys bye you