Bissu Cosmetics Review

hello my lovely TV is that your girl Lisa firmly Sun beauty and today’s video is gonna be a review on some cosmetics that I got from Mexico named the suit and I’m really excited so let’s get started first off if you guys didn’t know I did I had purchased some cosmetics through a friend of mine that lives in Mexico and she’s such a sweetie to get the items that I wanted and I did do a haul video on it and as you can see it was a substantial amount of cosmetics that I wanted from there but this brand is so amazing the quality and the price is unbeatable and I just cannot believe that they sell this only in Mexico so I was happy that my friend was able to get this for me and I’m actually gonna place a second order for some other products and some repeats of stuff that I’ve been loving and using from Ebisu so without further ado let’s get started first off I’m gonna start off with these wonderful lip moisturizing bumps from V sue and they come in a variety of colors orange yellow green lavender a deeper purple pink and I do have a three of them I have a pink one but the purple ones actually in my travel bag so I don’t have that one but as you can see I have been using it and this is just a nice fun I believe they’re called magic bombs because even though they’re all different colors they come off with a pink tone to it so I love it so this is the one I’ve been using most frequently this one end of the purple one and like I said the price is just amazing and I’m going to leave a link all the information prices and stuff like that below in the information bar but I believe I only paid like 89 cents each for these so can’t beat that the next item is the lip moisturizing lipstick and again I love the packaging very cute and this is a nice deep plum purple and this one is in the number 93 and this is one of the ones I really wanted and it is amazing and I’m gonna go ahead and swatch that for you there it is right there these are very just like the name says lib moisturizing lipstick that’s what it is it’s such a moisturizing lipstick it doesn’t dry at all or anything in it lasts a very long time so I was very impressed and these two were only like 89 90 cents so I picked up a few and if you want to see what colors I picked up just go ahead and watch my food cosmetics haul video but here’s another one this is number 24 I’ll show you this one as well and this is more of a moody color very pretty this one is my favorite and I definitely have to pick up one of these for my friend there it is right there very gorgeous and as you can see the moisture usually the shine of the moisture in each of these so very happy about that and then sticky with the lip she sent me their wonderful tint aligned lip liner it’s waterproof and this one is in tone 0-5 and what’s amazing about this is oh my goodness I went ahead and did a swatch and I went to try to wipe my hands off that color stayed it was amazing and here it is and as you can see I’ve been using it and this review I’ve used all of these products because I wanted to you know see how they ware and stuff like that amazing so here’s the lip liner right here water put in like I said it lasts a long time so I’m gonna go ahead and do a swatch and here it is right here now I didn’t even ask for this she gifted this to me but in my second order I definitely added the rest of the lip liners because I think in total they only have six colors burgundy raspberry cherry cafe I think and I don’t know what the other one is that yeah so there’s only six but I wanted to go ahead and just pick up the rest of them because like I said you’re not that expensive but again everything of being that information bar below now I’m gonna go ahead and switch over to some face products and I picked up the proofreader corrector concealers from B su and this is what it looks like it comes in the same packaging as the lip moisturizing in the magic balm just a different color and as you can see you can’t see any product you don’t want to know why I have used the heck out of this it actually looked exactly losing it actually looks just like the lip magic that’s how much product came in this as

well and as if you can see next to the let magic how much of this concealer i have used love it and the thing is they have quite a few colors of the proofreader corrector concealer so i was actually happy because like i said sometimes you see the color online may not be what you get in person so i actually got so lucky this was number five this one isn’t deep stage it does have a name and a number but some of these only have a number not a name so yeah that this one is deep beige and it works perfect for underneath my eyes because as you can see I I have lots of pigment and I have to go light first and then start to go deeper in with my concealer for this but this is such an amazing product and I believe I paid a dollar 49 for this proofreader corrector concealer but I picked up two I wanted to get a variation of colors the next one is gold beige number 11 and to me it works just as well it may be even better than a lot of the high-end concealers that I’ve been using coz I know I was really into the Coastal Scents I have it yes the Coastal Scents camouflage palette 10 concealer shades and I know this is in my favorites video and as you can see I hit pan but when I got my be su products I started using them and just simply amazing I actually prefer this than the Coastal Scents but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop using my Coastal Scents cuz I’m not gonna let it sit there and get old and dry up or anything like that but oh my god amazing and as you can see can’t see the product as well because I use this every day and this is what I have left this one actually broke off but I was able to like keep it in there but yeah this is all I have and this is the deeper color this has the more of a like a yellow undertone but not as much I was really scared because pigment loss it’s a lot lighter but it works amazing so I’m very happy with these proofreader concealers and for the price and the quality oh my goodness so I’m definitely gonna pick up a couple more of each of these and I’m actually gonna get a couple of different shades as well because I’m just trying to test them out to see if maybe there’s a more better color for me than that but yeah amazing next I’m gonna talk about their blushes cute packaging and like I talked about before it very slender you can just throw this in your purse it doesn’t take up much room it off and I purchased four in total but the two that I gravitate to more is number zero one salmon right here but let me that’s that right there and here’s this watch of it and I hope you guys can see that that they are very very pigmented I use my Delhi immed blusher brush and I just tap a little and oh my god it is very pigmented and I love these like I said very slender throw it and as you can see I have used it quite a bit and my guess that I gravitate to two of the four mostly this is the salmon but I’ve used all four of them and I’ll show you the other two the next one is number 16 and it says Rosa which is pink and this one is a deeper color now the thing I did notice about their some of their products like their blushes and their single shadows when you do try to grab product with the brushes it does get a little bit powdery but don’t worry about it you know because I was worried that I would be you know wasting a lot of product but what I do instead of just swirling it to get product onto the brush I just actually tapped down and just pack it onto my brush that way nothing you know is getting wasted it up but I love this color pink oh my goodness there it is right there and here it is and I know you guys can see it very gorgeous pretty color and like I said for the price you cannot beat it and it does last all day you know like I said even with my proofreader corrector it doesn’t like get cakey looking or crest you know when you you know when I smile you can see my wrinkles or whatever it doesn’t crack or get into the line so that’s why I love that concealer and I love these blushes because they’re inexpensive compact and just so pigmented and wonderful and like I said I picked up four they do have quite a few more colors oh I got to show you guys this one this one is 19 number 19 and this is Malo and this one it actually is a nice oh my god is such a

pretty pretty purple color or it says Mulva but that actually translates to Malo like marshmallow but this is a nice lavender color and like I said one quick swatch very pigmented and here it is right here below very pretty and then the other one like that is the 0-5 dongsu and I forgot what color this look oh this is peach peach sorry and it does say the name in Spanish but like I said I already know what this color is peach and the thing I love about their website is they do translate to English so all you gotta do is click the bar that pops up once you go to the site you know they’ll translate it now that’s the peach one and I’m going to slash that row right here so yeah wonderful love it like I said I’ll go ahead and fight and a little does go a long way they kind of remind me of the Inglot blushes because you only need a very very little to get you know achieve the color that you want but you can build up if you like your cheeks to look nice and deep a rosy in color or what have you then you go ahead and build it using these products and the next thing is the bronzer as you guys know if you watch my haul video they only have one up color for bronzer in it zero one and its pursuit right here at zero one and it has this nice little cute looks like covergirl packaging and less color and here is the bronzer right here and I have been loving this and using this I actually use this more often than I do my Mac browsers which I do use those but ever since I got this used to cosmetics I have been like gravitating only to them Vice anything else the only thing that I have to use other than the bee suit I have to use other brands from my foundation and stuff because I didn’t get any and I don’t even know if they have liquid foundation I know they have a pressed powder for be sued but I didn’t see any liquid and I’m definitely gonna pick up press powder for myself and one for my friend that you know I wanted a gift to her but yeah this is such an awesome color and it did come with a nice workable brush but like I said I pulled it out and here it is very nice pigmented and look at how bronzy that color is and for this time of year so perfect and like I said I actually wish they had more bronzer so hopefully he’s sooo if you’re watching I hope you guys come out with some more bronzing colors because that would be super fantastic so yeah loving that let me go ahead and wipe my hand so I can just watches of some other upcoming product and as you can see right here I just went ahead and used a facial cleansing wipe and this is the tencel line lip liner waterproof how amazing is that I told you that is that after using that it is just so amazing I would wash my hand and it would stay and I just did a light little swatch for you guys so imagine if I really do a nice detailed line how long that would last so loving it and there’s proof is in the pudding as they say so yeah and then the next thing I’m gonna show you guys are their single shadows I only picked up one but my friend gifted me one as well so I’m gonna show you this one here is number 10 and it’s called Auto which is 14-karat gold and she said this is a must-have and she was not lying I show you what I used this when I was going out during the evening time and it was amazing people were asking me if I had like some kind of glitter or what I used and I told him it was this product right here because it has a nice shine to it against the right light oh my god and you see one swatch that’s all I needed for the great pigmentation and again it’s the same packaging as a blush very slender contact loving it and then this one here is the one I picked it’s a nice baby blue it’s number 66 and then this is the Spanish but the name translation is in heaven such a pretty name and look how pretty it is I have not used this one yet I used it a little but not too much but like I said very pigmented product and there it is and they last a long time I don’t see you know the shadows fading or anything like that but I do use a good primer and I do use my setting spray which I only got like maybe once for if that left on that but with my primer that I use face and eye primer and setting spray it just lasts all day I don’t see any cracks or anything like

that are fading so awesome then the next I had products I have I bought their quads and then their eight camp pellets right here but I am gonna start off with your fudge oh my goodness here are the four colors yeah I’m going to show you three of them these three right here are on my all-time favorite these are the ones I can use day-to-day work and whatever I’m wearing it works perfect so yeah so I’m going to start off with number 27 and right here it doesn’t have a name it just tells you Toto and then the number 27 and peace ooh and it’s more of a nice nude neutral um quad very pretty and hope you guys can see that but those are the four colors right they’re very gorgeous and the thing I love is you have both matte and shimmer in these claws like this one right here has shimmer to it this one has a little bit of glitter sparkle to it so very very unique and I love them and like I said very pigmented very wearable they do come with the applicators but again I take them out the next one that I love is number 29 and here it is and like I said you have a highlight a crease and I you know I shadow but you have all colors and like I said you can do any type of a look you want and then I hope you guys have that like my handmade price they’ll be a little bit wet but yeah and then the next one that is my all-time favorite is number 38 right here 38 and it has this nice pink purple colors to it we’re all nice lavender on the palette and I love it and these two right here have some nice shimmer to them I love you guys can see that yeah they are awesome and I actually took this one with me on travel and this one so these were the only two I took and usually when I go on travel I’ll just go ahead and throw so many different pallets in there but I felt that I didn’t need to have so many colors because these colors were wearable you know for anything that I had on so I loved it and like I said they’re not chalky they’re very pigmented and stuff like that now the a pimp palette this one isn’t tone for this is one of my favorites from the 8th can and here you go and they are very small in size as you can see but you know for the price not bad at all and for the pods and these 8 pan palettes I believe I paid $1 55 or $1 65 each so yeah and here’s these colors sorry if you guys can’t see it but yeah loving it like I said I have no complaints about these and I am so happy that I’m loving them and they work amazing for the simple fact that I have all of these colors here but I’m gonna show you a couple of the bolder palettes that oh my god I love and I’m actually picking up some from a friend she doesn’t know that I’m getting these so I’m not gonna say her name but yeah she’s gonna be amazed this is number 30 and I know my friend she wanted a lot of bold colors so I thought this would be the perfect one and like I said I did compare this against the sugarpill Pro palette oh my god exactly the same very pretty and I didn’t have to pay you know and don’t you run I love my show your field Pro palette blazer and there’s 12 colors in that vice the little for billing a set for a dollar 65 I got four of the same colors that was in the Pro palette so very happy and like I said look at how PO these colors are very pretty and as you can see one swatch did it so I have no complaints so far and like I said this is my honest opinion I am not affiliated with b-school cosmetics at all you know I just like to try different brands of cosmetic especially from different countries and stuff like that to see how they fare and compared to you know American brands and other brands as well so yeah this is amazing and look at how pretty these colors are nice bold and fun as well and then this one here oh my god I saw Emily Noelle her channel and she had she was showing a nice shadow quad and I believe it was from Queen Latifah’s collection the Queen

collection and when she showed it to me it looks similar to this right here and mind you I didn’t have to pay even though covergirl is a drugstore brand to me I feel that some of the drugstore products are quite expensive you know they’re cheaper than the higher-end when you go to Sephora but sometimes they’re a little bit steep but when she showed that palette it reminded me of this one here and this one I’m sorry is number 1040 and these are just nice colors and it kind of reminds me a little bit of some of the colors that Sigma has in their new resort palette so I don’t have that resort palette so I can’t do a comparison but to me just looking at it kind of looks a little bit similar how the colors compare I’m not sure but look at that very wonderful and pigmented so I am super duper happy and like I said for those of you who have family that live in Mexico or taking a trip oh my god please stop by and check out these cosmetics cuz like I said you saw my haul video you saw the bags and bundles of cosmetics that I picked up so that’s it for the eyeshadows and then I’m going to go ahead and show you my last product from be sue and this again I didn’t ask for she my wonderful dear um Beauty sent me this this is the Beast food tight um tinta line and this is an eyeliner waterproof and it is 0-1 which is black and let me go ahead and show you the hope there it is right there and as you can see I’ve used it I’ve already sharpened it this isn’t a retractable this is the regular one and I’m nice to watch that for you and I just flushed it one time look at that you can see how you can go thick thin and thick again amazing and this is actually whole creamy smooth and the thing I love about it I showed you have a lip liner um with hope oh my god this right here stayed a very very long time I was trying to actually scrub it up I’m like oh my god what kind of ingredients that they use in this because it is just so creamy smooth and it lasts a long long time and I actually stopped using my gel liner and I was using this every morning and I loved it and the reason I love this as well is because it really does come let me get close up for you guys it is a really deep dark you know charcoal black which I love that for my liner I love it I don’t have it on right now but I am loving this I actually have this in my travel bag and how to bring it out that’s how come I’m not wearing it right now but oh my goodness amazing so there those are all the products that I picked up from these sue cosmetics and like I said this is my honest opinion it is super super affordable especially if you’re starting off with makeup and you’re trying to you know do stuff like that or even if you are you know starting off makeup artist and you need to build up your kit this right here is super amazing and like I said so affordable and then as you start to build up your clientele you can just buy more and more of it and like I said for the proofreaders the lip moisturizers there’s plenty of colors choose from like I said as you can see here I bought almost all of the eyeshadow quads and I did buy all of the eight hand I shadow palettes though these two if you are watching my video please come out with some new quads with some different more fun and bold colors because I simply love it especially for their lip liners and blushes and especially I’m let say this wonderful bronzer I love this bronzer but I would like to see a little bit of variations in color so yeah love it so if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below the link to their website all the prices that I pay for but mind you the extreme exchange rate fluctuates just a little bit so it’s not gonna it’s gonna be off just a little um compared to my haul video so no worries about that but like I said to thumbs up for be soo Cosmetics I love this brand and I cannot wait to order some other products from their company that I necessarily don’t have but then I need to start in I want to see about some other colors too so thank you guys so much and like I said remember until my next upload a video he just takes time letting paid goodbye