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Hello, everyone You guys don’t I look different? I went and dyed my hair at the salon today I toned it down and cut some side bangs I went there in the morning and I was going to film a video after I got back home But I fell asleep So I had a nice long nap Now that I think of it, you can’t wash your hair the next day when you dye your hair So I was like, Oh? I couldn’t make a video with unwashed hair so I quickly turned on the camera It’s 4:35 am right now In the morning But I’m not tired, thanks to the nap and also My package from Sephora has arrived So I’m going to try a makeup look using the products I bought from Sephora I’ll show you what I got throughout the video All I could find was this small hair roll, so I’m using this I washed my face so I could start right away I’ll start with the necessities first I’ll do the base with my favorite items from HEYNATURE Guys, I finally used all of my toner I’ve been using in my videos So I brought a new one HEYNATURE Erseongcho Skin Moisturizer, this is the more moisturizing one I have new cotton pads as well I think this sprays on better I’ll wipe all over my face with this My skin got a little better The eruption has settled down and my skin got really better Nice I’m almost done with this too It’s HEYNATURE Erseongcho Ample You can see that I am almost done with this too One might think I’m the ambassador of the HEYNATURE Erseongcho line But it’s that good. It works so well with me You can apply it with your fingers but I like using the dropper better This has more consistency than others so it doesn’t drizzle down as much It feels good when you spread it out too You might see in my vlogs that all the products I use for skin care are from HEYNATURE It suits my skin so much and it isn’t heavy or too light it’s just right for using now I use HEYNATURE products whenever I have redness in my skin or when my skin isn’t in good condition Now to finish off, I’m using the new HEYNATURE Erseongcho Water Cream People with oily skin that also need moisturizing should really use this It’s great It’s really moisturizing and isn’t a gel type It’s watery, but not too watery It’s really great. I’ll apply this I prepped my skin with products from HEYNATURE Now right to the makeup First I have really bad dark circles The reason why I had a long nap was that I couldn’t sleep well these days It’s so blue here Blue? Bluish So I’ll cover it up using this The 3CE Cover Pot Concealer in Salmon Peach 3CE had a sale a while back This was about 5,000 or 5,900 won It was so cheap, so I bought it right away My concept for today is a slightly cool-toned makeup look It’s better now that I’ve covered my dark circles HERA Black Foundation #17C1 in Petal Ivory I brought this because I bought this They say it’s different when you apply it with a brush Actually, JEYU recommended this to me so I bought it

Wow, it’s so fancy. But the brush was pricey It was between 4 or 60,000 won The brush is really thick See how it glows? Mine is in a brighter color it might be brighter than my own skin It didn’t look different the first time, but why does it look different now? This is crazy My skin looks so great It’s like it isn’t the foundation that I used to use This is how the skin looks So good Next, HUDA BEAUTY Easy Bake Loose Powder #Cupcake I bought a lot of product from HUDA BEAUTY The majority of the products I bought are from here This color is a pink base so I think it’ll be good for the base I don’t like it when my eyes and forehead shine So I’ll apply it to my laugh lines, and nose I’ll leave the cheeks because they look pretty already It felt too pricey at first but it has a lot of product, it’s great For contour, I’m using BBIA Last Blush 4XL #no.02 Peanut Blossom I’m gonna use a lot of pink-toned products today so I brought an ashy color like this peanut blossom I apply this to my eye holes I want to deepen come down to the tip of the nose following the bridge Under the nose Under the lips I used to not do this but recently, I’ve been contouring my aegyo-sal If you squint, you can see your aegyo-sal If you shadow under where it pops out it looks more natural I’ll contour now I had a dream last night, in quite a while I dreamt of my favorite celebrity My ideal type since a long time ago was can you guess? I haven’t talked about my ideal type yet I’ve liked guys that seem kind of trapped(?) inside themselves since high school That’s slightly decadent For example, I liked Lee Soo-hyuk Leo from VIXX And actor Kim Nam-gil These days I was really into the drama ‘Lie of a lie’ And Youn Jung-hoon was so good looking So I was really into him for a while but that’s not the important part The person that was in my dream wasn’t any of the people I just said It was actor Woo Do-hwan I really like him So what did I do We didn’t really do anything except for sitting next to each other But I was so happy Which is why I was so happy today Who do you like? I’m really curious I’m also really like the singer DPR LIVE I always call him ‘Dabin Oppa’ when I’m with my friends Because he’s a year older than me I like him so much. SO MUCH He released a new song yesterday You should go listen to it Enough with the yapping For brows, I’ll use my usual CLIO Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil #no.01 Natural Brown CLIO Kill Brow Color Brow Lacquer #no.01 Natural Brown Both are natural brown I was forgetting about it But now that I’ve told you I feel happy again Oh, I dyed my hair But this is going to fade out since I didn’t dye it black But I think I look better in black than brown But I do look different, more harsher This color is natural brown, but it isn’t that light so it looks good with darker hair colors, too I’ll curl my lashes before I go into anything else It’s a lash curler form DEAR DAHLIA It’s so pretty in rose gold The eye palette I’m using is this, ta da!

HUDA BEAUTY Haze Obsession The colors are more toned down than the light version but the colors are really pretty, right? The Haze series has 3 versions I will show you guys this as well Sand Haze Obsession The color composition makes me think of rose gold Next, this is something that I would recommend to people with winter-cool toned skin This is Purple Haze Obsession Overall, it is purplish I really like this This is Khaki Haze Obsession I think this would be perfect for autumn This was not on sale, but I bought it because it was so pretty Today, I am going to use Sand Haze color I will do makeup in a different style today Normally, I would pile from the base color, but today, I will use the dark color first You see this dry rose color? I will put this on my entire eye Since the color is dark, you must be aware of the amount you put on I will start from the back of my eyes and control the amount I will use it over my entire eye and connect to the under part You should use less on the middle part The middle of your eye should look bright so that your eye will look more 3 dimensional I suggest that you leave that part bright There must be people who say that their eyes look swollen because of the red color You see this light pink color? Use the nose shading brush to apply it slightly and blend the outer part of your eye The light pink color will neutralize the overall color When you use a dark eye shadow, it is important to do this Like this! You see the Purple Haze color? This is really pretty I think it will be pretty to use this on the front part of my eye I was not wrong! It is so pretty The glitter is crazy. It’s so pretty I will shade my eyes over here This is Colorgram: Talk King Eye Cream Liner Number 5 Choco Brown which I use a lot This is an old version I don’t have much eyeliners so I will use this one I will draw the line like this You see the dark color? I will use this to loosen the eyeliner I will cover the edge of the line with this color it became deep right? I was planning on not using glitter but I think I should. I can’t stand it! I will use a dark purple glitter slightly on my eye~ About this much! So pretty! It has a purple color, but when I put it on, it has pink glitter It is red-burgundy I think it goes well with burgundy makeup I bought mascara from Holika Holika because it was on sale This is Lash Correcting Mascara Define Volume which I normally use This one is a new one! This is Lash Correcting Mascara Number 3 Long Extension They are selling it as a set right now This is Number 3 and the serum is in this set It has an S curl Mascara with volume clutter together but this is really neat I can see that my eyelashes became longer I will use it on my under lashes as well It became long like this Holika Holika makes really good mascara I bought this much HUDA BEAUTY products Two are lip products and one has glitter and shadow together This is the same HUDA BEAUTY so I will show them together Matte & Metal Melted Shadow

One has matte shadow and another has metal glitter The metal shadow and matte shadow are together It shows color really well right? This is HUDA BEAUTY cream lipstick #SheEO This is also HUDA BEAUTY lipstick This is a matte lipstick called #Lady’s Night It has a dark cherry red color. I bought it because it was so pretty It has a dark cherry red color. I bought it because it was so pretty This is cream lipstick color #SheEO This is #Lady’s Night Oh this is really pretty. It’s for people with cool tone skin It has a purple burgundy feeling Since I am showing you lip products, I will show you this! I forgot This is Nudestix Gel Color Lip And Cheek Balm This is a pencil type. The pencil sharpener is inside I bought the color #Jmama Since this has a nudy color I wanted to use it as a lip base This is Nudestix #Jmama It is perfect for lip base, right? My eye makeup is more burgundy than I thought I can’t use products that I bought this time I will use this one! I think this will fit well I will use Amuse Powder Lip Balm Pencil #Brooklyn This is really pretty, right? I will use this color I will use it on my entire lips and use it once more on the middle of my lips I will put it on like this It is really pretty I will show you blusher and highlighter This is Zoeva Coral Spectrum Blush Palette It has four blushers I know that Zoeva is a German brand When I was at England, I bought it at Selfridge This brand is very famous for its brushes When Sephora has a sale on Zoeva brushes, buy some. They are really good It is quite cheap I will mix colors I will use a beige coral color as a base I have cool toned skin but if I use a color that is way too cool and has a high chroma, it will not go well with my skin Well… But I do want to use a pink color so I will use a bit of this! I will connect it with the under part of my eyes That will make the blusher go well with my eye makeup About this much It has a really cool look It is a coral palette that has different colors from beige to pink so I think that it is a coral color that people with cool toned skin can use I collect their shadow palettes as well They are really good And… for the highlighter! I bought this because it was on sale I really wanted to buy this but it was too expensive so I just kept it on my wish list But it was on sale. It was on a 30% sale So I bought it really quickly This is Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit! The color is really pretty, right? It is a highlighter blusher and it is so pretty I will use #Kittycat! I think this is why it is a glow kit It is like a glossy highlighter This is crazy…It’s so pretty… Do you see the glow? About this much? When I was doing my eye makeup, I was thinking that it was not that good but I really like it Since my hair is black, I think it because a cool tone makeup I thought that I didn’t buy much but if I add it all up, I bought quite a lot These days I bought a lot of makeup products because it is holiday season So I think I will be able to show you a lot of products I bought in December I will undo my roll I will arrange my hair Although this video was taken quite frantically, I hope that you enjoyed today’s video! I will see you in the next video soon! Guys, let’s be prettier! Bye~