Homeopathy for Childhood Illnesses (e.g. Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, etc.)

these are in listen-only mode good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s webinar my name is Abby Beale I’m a board member for the National Center for homeopathy and I’ll be moderating our webinar tonight entitled homeopathy for childhood illnesses with our presenter Miranda Castro miranda is a British homeopathy who has been practicing homeopathy since 1982 she’s a fellow of the Society of homeopaths and past president of the North American Society of homeopathy and we are absolutely thrilled to have her here with us tonight tonight’s webinar is part of the homeopathy Academy for moms it’s a series that we’re doing in 2014 which is being generously supported by Hyland’s homeopathic so thank you again to Highlands for making tonight’s webinar possible sessions like this will be presented live at the joint American homeopathic conference on May 8th through 10th in Philadelphia Pennsylvania so mark your calendars more information will be available shortly if you have any questions during the presentation please type them into the webinar participant panel you’ll see it on your screen and Miranda will answer them periodically throughout the presentation there’ll also be additional time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation tonight’s presentation is scheduled to run about an hour so let’s go ahead and get started to ensure that we have time for our Q&A at the end so Miranda thank you again for being here with us tonight and I’ll turn it over to you hi Abby hi thank you so much thanks to you thanks to the NCH national center for homeopathy and thanks to Highlands and thanks to all of you who are in your homes in your offices all over I can see friends from all over America and Canada and including my hometown now up Gainesville in Florida I see a couple from Gainesville it’s so sweet it’s so nice that’s not easy for me to imagine you out there smiling at me smiling at you so here we are tackling childhood illnesses with time you play it’s a huge subject I wrote the book I’ve spoken about her to firebase and I’m going to touch base with in a slightly different way today and I hope in the hope that it’ll be fun or interesting or useful or almost three so here we go so this is just an introduction I’m Abby you might want to mute your mic yes thank you thank you so this is just an introduction to using homeopathy and to homeopathic thinking before during and after a childhood illness and I what I hope is that you will appreciate how to use some yup tea to deal with each of these stages in carefully graded steps because the childhood illnesses they’re a bit different but different to a cold or cough they’re a bit they can be more complex and as always in my teaching I shall focus on some additional healing measures that you can do to maximize your children’s healing and minimize the stress to them unto you so this is me for those of you who don’t know me that must might be two of you I’m a mother of one he’s 36 years old now Daniel he’s in you know a great big chap wonderful man and a wonderful father it’s very wonderful to see your own child turn into the most fabulous parent he’s got two children my grandchildren I love to garden and to cook and I’m a you know I as you know I’m a homeopathic healer I sing I knit I develop software I love children chickens cats and dogs I have all of these you know in and around my home I write I teach and I’m now creating gentle healing products though that work very happy with them and this is something if you’re a parent coming to this subject knew you do want to ask yourself what’s your history with the childhood illnesses did you have any I had them all and most I’m old now so this was back in the 50s then most of them were mild some were a bit horrid because I had the mumps as an adult and that was bad thank goodness for homeopathy I don’t know what I would have done without it

anyway I have as childhood memories of long days in bed being read to the hot lemon and honey’s and you know napping on and off this the nice memories from my own childhood of being sick and being cared for my son had all the childhood illnesses himself and most were mild except for whooping cough which was really and that was that story I’ve told that over and over this was the illness that brought me to classical homeopathy with four humming perfect doctors failed to help Daniel when he had the whooping cough walk to doctors and to lay her me pass but it’s thanks to his whooping cough that I’m here talking to you today I had given up on her me up there and it was sheer luck that took me to a classical hurry up you literally cured him overnight so when I found out about classical homeopathy about the depth and breadth of it compared to the sort of superficial first aid prescribing that I had done in my own home up I’d used to me up in my whole life and I trained as an acupuncturist but did not like sticking needles in people and I fell out with hung up they initially because I it seemed to me to be very hit-or-miss I’m not surprised at all at all the skeptics out there saying who we worry who he hung up there is just you know nothing in water but when I its the experienced at first hand it working at a dramatic and deep and effective level I was just astonished and my books I wrote the books I wish I’d had when I was a young parent that will give you give people the tools to do really good classical homeopathy in your own homes so those are the three of you that are completely new to home your play to this subject what is it I’m not going to tell you all about it you can read all about it but in brief it is energy medicine like acupuncture in a way without the needles our medicines are tested on healthy humans and and then verified the information from those testings is verified in a clinical setting and based the whole premise is based on the principle that anything any substance that can make you sick whether it’s a berry or a mineral anything that can cause sickness in a healthy person is capable of healing in a healthy person is keep capable of healing a sick person presenting with similar symptoms but only if it’s given in a small enough dose small enough to stimulate a healing response without side effects that’s so homeopathy really and truly is scientific in its own way not in the way that’s being lauded about right now but we have our own method and the method is sound and it’s replicable so deadly nightshade belladonna the berries of deadly nightshade a poisonous they’re very poisonous deadly poisonous and if you eat any that God forbid suddenly you will get suddenly very very sick your symptoms will be violent there’s a sudden you know within you know a short time not minutes but a bit longer than that you you’ll get a high fever delirium no thirst no sweat and glassy eyes homeopathic belladonna is made from the berries but they’ve been diluted a tremendous amount so here we have belladonna 30 C this renders the poisonous substances completely safe and releases their power to heal the 30 C has been diluted one in a hundred thirty times the 30x has been diluted one in ten thirty times and every children’s kit has this remedy in it because belladonna is one of our most potent Ahlers for childhood illnesses it’s the number one remedy for scarlet fever for

any true high fever if and I’m going to come back to this if these symptoms match and the symptoms are that the disease comes on the pains or the rash come on suddenly they’re very strong there’s a high fever the child becomes delirious he or she refuses to drink and there’s got glassy eyes boom so this then what does belladonna do its acts as a stimulus for healing is rather like throwing a pebble or small pond stone into a pond and my job as a homeopathy and your job as home prescribed us as parents who are prescribing on your children is to get that pebble to land near or as close to the center of the pond as possible so that it can send out ripples to all part of that pond or that person so it’s when we miss the pond all together that there’s no response because we picked just one symptom that’s typically what happens we just you know we’re just throwing the medicine at someone hoping that it will do something and if we’ve been a little bit more careful about how we chose it then maybe it’ll be off-center but that’s fine it’ll still do some really good healing and just because there are a tremendous number of combination remedies out there just to sort of take the analogy or the metaphor a little bit further a combination remedy with three four six remedies in it is the equivalent of throwing a handful of pebbles at the pond and hoping one or two will land in it or close to the center what isn’t homeopathy homeopathy isn’t herbal medicine we we don’t our medicines are not all made from plants and we use a very different method both to test and to prescribe on people patients or our children it’s not aromatherapy it’s not vaccinations it isn’t like vaccinations it isn’t and by the way I’m not going to talk about vaccinations today I’m not going to answer questions about it if you want me to you have to get past the NCH to have me back to do a seminar just on that it’s a huge topic it’s become rather contentious in a bad way and I don’t have the time we’re just going to focus on the illnesses today so it’s homeopathy isn’t you not faith healing you do not have to believe in it for it to work of course there is a placebo response that might kick in we never mind that but the whole healing it’s never placebo it’s not magic it’s not a cure-all I can’t help all the people all the time and homeopathy is not nothing you know again people who are critical for me up there saying oh it’s just you might sort drink a bottle of water not true what is a childhood illness these are the ones that I’m going to touch on today the main ones chicken pox fifth disease mumps measles roseola rubella Scala fever and whooping cough now the younger you contract these the better for some of them chickenpox and mumps in a very can be very mild in a young child but others like whooping cough and measles they’re not good they can be really hard unpleasant difficult or worse in a young person and in Daniels case as in many cases of children who have a bad case of a disease it means that an inherited weakness has kicked in and that’s where we homeopath see if the child can have the illness well or well enough come through it with their vital force in touch we call that energetic component of the body the vital force what the acupuncturist called she were the Ayurvedic doctors called prana so if a child who can go through a good childhood illness will often be seen to make big leaps afterwards leaps in development in growth physical mental and emotional they the immune system gets to flex its muscles you know we

weren’t designed never to get sick we we live in a dynamic relationship between health and disease our whole lives long and here are a couple of good links to vaccine sites the World Health Organization has written a very careful paper on this basically Pro vaccinations stating its position it’s good to know what it is it’s good to be informed whether you agree with it or not the National Vaccine Information Center is by and large they’re against faxing or they support parents not vaccinating put it like that and their information by and large is very good so again let’s maybe we should have a forum the conference something like that would be very interesting so here’s the big problem and the big problem starts in America where the god of productivity is breathing tab never bothers neck or the worker bees and including all the children now who have to get up at terribly early ridiculously early time of day in order to sort of sit no PE no running around in the playground open burning off their energy they got to sing learn have information stuff into them but absenteeism is frowned upon and people don’t get paid for the time they take off work so EE let’s start the conversation by asking ourselves we sick as a child or not some people never had the experience of seeing a child or having a childhood illness seeing a child sick with one that we were it’s a bit of a disadvantage then it’s you’re learning on the job without much of a guide unless you have really good support a support network of friends or relatives maybe grandparents living nearby even neighbors can be really helpful for this kind of situation and again when you were sick how did your parents treat you were you treated with kindness was it a special time not that we exactly look forward to it but you didn’t mind it and the extra you know the cuddles the what watching cartoons whatever is that your parents did with you that made you feel like it wasn’t you know torture that’s that’s a lovely thing that you have in you to offer to your own children if being sick was an inconvenience and everybody got cross in your own family and or weren’t very good at knowing how to help you get better then that’s something that you know you you will want to reevaluate just to make sure that you don’t visit that on your children so it gave me an opportunity my parents were a mixed bag when it came to my own illnesses and I was alone a lot so it was the nice long naps and the being read to was good but being alone a lot was bad for me and I was alone in my bedroom for hours and hours and it felt very long it’s so easy to make up a bed in the sitting room on the couch or even in the study wherever you know so that you can feel that you’re part of a family in that you’re not sort of just lonely little sick child like that that’s good there she is she doesn’t look very well does she so um but she’s tucked up in bed and it feels nice that feels nice Oh so illnesses as I said before are an integral part of all our lives and it is how our immune system against sick from time to time is how our immune system builds its strength than now we were not designed never to be sick vaccines are not a hundred percent effective and viruses can mutate this is what’s happened with whooping cough there are some very bad coughs going around which I balot of the doctors and homeopaths believe our mutated you think of and

then bacteria could become resistant antibiotics or treatment options and that causes another set of problems so it isn’t reasonable to strive for perfect health either for yourself or your child that’s way too stressful and we do not measure health by the absence of disease it’s way more than that we’re looking for you know more juice more liveliness more freedom more you know bility to withstand life’s rich tapestry so I love chickens I love the way chickens look after their little Chiclets it’s the most adorable thing that’s a nice image to carry with me whenever I go visit a sick child so the working parent dilemma is very hard if there’s someone in your family I I had childcare for several years I had an au pair lived in and a French girl young woman who helped out when Daniel was sick and I that enabled me to work albeit it’ll you know reduce I reduced my hours but carried on working and if you’ve got more than one child in the family very annoying they never get sick all at once nearly always get sick during the week one after another not a weekend so you have to think think about this plan ahead with your immediate family and your the people that you you know that you’re involved with your communities to get support and help if you decide to you know for when for whether you decide to vaccinate or not for when as and when and if your kids get sick so I beg you not go to the ER with a child who may have a childhood illness unless it’s this new respira everyone that has you know that has the breathlessness in its picture that’s can be no one’s died from it yet but it’s look everybody’s very worried about it but it you still don’t have to go to the ER the ER first of all you can wait a long time there if your child has a fever the worst-case scenario is that they may end up with a lumbar puncture this will add insult to injury in a major way nobody needs this call your child’s pediatrician call their homeopath they may be a Trish or you you know especially if they know that one of the childhood diseases is doing the rounds in your neighborhood they’ll be able to tell you that which one they’re bigger to ask you know the relevant questions and you know tell you what to look for if your child doesn’t have a doctor or homie but then find the closest Urgent Care Center or work walking clinic they’re brilliant places for this kind of situation you can always call ahead to schedule an appointment so you don’t have to wait okay there don’t panic if illness is new to you if you’re a new parent and you weren’t sick as a child or you didn’t see much illness and this is all new and you just have the one precious baby you know this is your first child it’s a trying time you’re on a learning curve such a steep learning curve I don’t think there’s another one like it find people to support you that’s terribly important doctors friends loved ones relatives homeopathy and just get a team gather a team put one together that supports your values that’s what that will support you in the decisions that you make that will give you the kind of information that you need and just from remind yourself that you from time to time if need be that your child is real on you to protect and care for them and so being calm and strong for them is really important even if you have to fake it and take a lot of Rescue Remedy so I found it very helpful to remind myself that I’m teaching my son when he was little how to be a grown-up in everything I did not what I said in what I did get a good book or two but not too

many yes and the internet don’t just spend hours on the internet looking for information you need real people who’ve had real experience they will be because there’s a tremendous amount of conflicting information now on the internet and if you’re new to this arena it will be hard not to you know not to get into some serious panicking with all the bad press that’s out there get a good book but not too many and choose health care practitioners who work cooperatively with you so Facebook’s a great resource start a group there if there isn’t one that matches your needs or join one that does find people you know maybe just for a few years people who walk with you on this path who can offer moral and practical support and you know make you feel like you can do it if you get lucky and things work out well you can use your childhood or your children’s illnesses as a time to slow down and connect with them in a different way you know when Daniel was sick it was the only time he would cuddle really cuddle with me into me you know I just I didn’t look forward to him being sick but I knew oh I’m going to get some really lovely couple time with him now and especially once the unpleasant stage is done where the fevers come down the rash isn’t itching any you know there will be a few days when you can make puppets or do drawings or read a lot and take your baths and just hang before you know they’re ready to get up and about again so don’t you see these precious times to teach your child lesson or do the bookkeeping because it’s only two days or however long it is and and it’s like I said it is a precious time that won’t come back it’s a little gift okay so hopefully can help your child through each stage of the childhood illnesses it will ease the way and reduce the time they were are sick if you get the remedies right so before thinking about the remedies get informed about the diseases and the illnesses themselves know that there are three distinct stages the incubation period where there may be no symptoms and this is usually when children say I’m tired I don’t feel well but they’ve got anything there’s nothing to see there’s the infectious period when the identifiable symptoms develop the fever and the rash and then once that’s over the convalescent stage where they’re recovering their strength the symptoms are gone but they don’t have enough wants to go back to school here’s a guide for incubation and infectious periods for each of the diseases in parenthesis you’ll see you know different books different experts different doctors it this is not a science even though an extraordinary amount of research has gone into it it’s an average so this is the averages for some diseases that can be you know it can be infectious just for a few days and others for many weeks you won’t remember this ever I never have done I just look it up each time this is my favorite book for homeopathic books of the childhood illnesses Dorothea Shepard she’s one of my heroines she’s a just a fabulous writer she was a a GP a general practitioner doctor in London after the Second World War she had a huge busy inner London practice practice she never vaccinated any of her the children in her practice and she was able to prevent all the diseases polio whooping cough she she chats about the her experiences in this book she’s some a very personable right you feel like she’s there talking to you and it’s full of information you can now get an e-book which makes it really nice to access there are lots of home

prescribing books for parents when Daniel was little I used this homeopathic medicine at home the panel Sam Heimlich book I found that very helpful and then this new book it’s a fun book for you and your children it’s there are 24 nursery rhymes that are matched with 24 remedies in words and pictures it makes learning hang up be more memorable and fun and then this is my book which is packed with information about the illnesses themselves and all the kind of practical things you can do to help your children plus the big bigger descriptions of the remedies which will help Tiferet to differentiate between similar and remedies that’s when we we have we what’s the word we our biggest challenge the biggest challenge in homeopathy so let’s go let’s set to it here the homeopathic I’m going to talk about the homeopathic remedies now for the ones that are common to any childhood illness actually any illness at all but in particular the childhood illnesses so it doesn’t matter if your child is incubating your or about you know developing measles or mumps or chickenpox or scarlet fever or even whooping cough it doesn’t matter if they show these the symptom picture for one of these remedies you just give it with confidence if it fits nicely I cannot aconite this is the first stage of other qgl most typically the first 24 hours although if it works really well you can carry on giving it so it’s our number one croup remedies the number one remedy for a fever that comes on suddenly the child goes to bed they’re healthy they wake up around midnight with a fever and they’re unwell now faces read the very thirsty and they’re anxious it came on so suddenly if it’s an older child that may even say mom my good died and mum is so upset that she forgets to think like a homeopath when say oh my god my child just starts rattling which is what I hope you will remember now from this talk if your child talks about death when they’re sick with a fever the remedy is aconite belladonna this is like aconite squared belladonna the fever is higher so without night it may be 102 103 with belladonna it’s 103 and and even 104 and everything is red and dry especially the eyes with measles especially the skin with any of the rashes like remember I’m connecting you back to the berries belladonna’s the number one remedy for scarlet fever they refuse flu so if you’ve got a very young child who needs this you need to watch them like a hawk that is a very that’s your number one danger spot the young child who won’t drink with a fever you can always give them belladonna on the way to the doctors camera Miller at any stage of a childhood illness where this pain and insomnia the child can’t sleep and they’re becoming consolable from the pain mumps can produce this even measles can go you know the joints can take and the child can’t get comfort like you know this is our number one teething remedies that a child becomes they become beside themselves with the pain demanding this that in the other and not being able to settle into anything you cannot comfort a child who needs Caramella pulsatilla a lot of children the younger the child the more often this remedy is needed especially during a childhood illness they become clingy we’d be and why neither one carrying everywhere toddlers who were off you know running around happy finally he got on their own go revert and won’t you know regress want to be carried again regress become babies they won’t drink and they might not have a fever but their symptoms

you can’t pin them down your if you’ve got to hermia past you can’t give them good hard data because you don’t have it because they’re constantly changing and the moment you take that little child who’s not doing so well even if she or he has a fever you take her outside into the fresh air she perks up stops crying gets down runs around for a bit so that’s posture in a nutshell doesn’t matter which illness doesn’t matter which stage russ talks and sulphur of the two she remedies nearly all these diseases have especially the ones with rashes have itching Russ talks is extreme that is better for heat you put you’d think you would want to put cold on that you know to soothe it but that I mean that helps a bit of course it does but the heart takes the pitch out for longer than the cold the very restless and that’s the whole picture extreme itching and restlessness sulfur has this as well but it’s not quite as as extreme and it has a bigger picture there like lingering with the rash has gone on for too long it’s red they’re Restless they’re thirsty they’re hungry they want to be well but they aren’t they’re not recovering as they should from the illness and the rashes clinging on and it’s still itchy and this will quite often help to bring children through the final part of that second stage okay whoops so here are some pics this is chickenpox these are the typical blisters that come up it’s got several stages and they get itchy they typically burst and scab over that’s that’s the whole commute anywhere on the body that’s how that looks and the chicken extra chickenpox remedies the to ant ammonium scent ammonium crude ‘m and ant ammonium tot Erica these are both irritable remedies but ant ammonium tart or an O it’s I’ve got the wrong I’ll correct that before I put this out I’ve got the wrong abbreviation and crude is is irritable is less sleepy than an tart the pustules have come out they are irritable in a particular way they don’t if you come in and say how are you doing and you look at them and you look at them like children like you do with a sick kid they will start getting very cross with they don’t want to be looked at you can sit next to them and read a story bit can turn around and look at them a lot and especially talk about them and look at them that’s peculiar what we call a striking symptom every remedy has a striking symptom or two that guides us you know like a beam of light guides us to it their tongue is white like coated like paint and that again is a confirmation you have chickenpox in an irritable child with a white tongue you don’t need to think anymore if you’ve got these they don’t want to get into a bath even with a fever they don’t want to wash then that will confirm it an timonium Tata Rock’em that’s the wrong abbreviation an timonium taught Erica Morita and sleepy they can’t be woken they’re just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping they’re very drowsy even if they’re awake they’re drowsy and their rash it won’t come out properly if they keep being sick without the rash coming out the remedy will help them it’ll help their bodies push the rash out and it’ll help them to heal the third big remedy for this disease is Mercurius solubilise mercury made from you know the mercury from thermometers you know crude mercury and it produces in the healthy people produces swollen glands tremendous amount of sweating you know this is a substance that’s given in the olden days in the 20th century it was given to people for various diseases and the people it was especially syphilis it was a cure for syphilis cure in inverted commas people who took it became very

sweaty and smelly and they had a lot of other health problems now as a homeopathic preparation there’s nothing of the original substance system energetic memory children who are really uncomfortable with the disease who’ve got swollen glands who their their rashes the pustules are all puffy and horrible they’re then they’ve got smelly breath when they stick their tongue out its freely around the edge from the teeth from their teeth indenting it and this then is the remedy that will help them through that stage now then these aren’t the only remedies but I’m just highlighting them the super important ones if you’re new to her me up think these remedies will get you through yet they will help with a tremendous number of children with chickenpox cause these the common symptoms if your child has on common symptoms than the remedy doesn’t help it doesn’t mean homeopathy doesn’t help it didn’t help it means that you haven’t got the right remedy yet you need expert help find a homeopath find someone who’s you know who’s a bit you’ve done a bit more reading than you have this is v disease it’s a funny one it doesn’t last very long and it’s the only one where once the rash comes out you know a child isn’t infectious anymore used to call it slapped cheek disease because that’s how the cheeks look and the limbs end up everything joins ends up looking kind of lacy at the end it’s very mild just illness and a lot of people have it and just don’t know they’ve had it measles this is the bad one really bad it’s a bad rash it lasts a long time the glands can be swollen eyes can be affected people children get coughs with it and and this you see these little white spots on the inside the cheek they’re called public spots that’s a confirmation for this illness these are for big good remedies for the disease if the ordinate you know that first group one of those is not indicated a piss it’s a little bit it’s a little bit like you know the remedies also they overlap so this is very red like sulphur but it’s completely first less so they’re both red they’re both restless but completely thirst list they won’t drink sulfur drink a tremendous amount and then much worse for heat they won’t cold they would even the child who needs this remedy wants cold washcloths to put on their hot bodies their hot faces their hot limbs if the disease goes into the joints with a lot of pain with a dry painful horrible cough where the rash is not coming out properly Briona as your remedy if the eyes are sore now tremendously sensitive to light and they’re watering and burning you Frasier is the remedy and if the disease becomes stuck in the sinuses with swollen glands and and a cough and a runny nose where the mucus both from the nose and and anything that they can cough up if they can is sticky and stringy then Kaylee micro Macomb is the remedy excuse me we render to Abby you have about five more minutes if possible for presenting we do have some questions here that I’m holding on to for you so I just wanted to give you a little bit of a heads up breathing in thanks so much okay thank you so this is mumps the typical this is a one-sided mumps the the gland just under the jaw at the angle of the jaw come swollen and makes children look a bit like a hamster can be both sides or one side the number one remedy for this disease is jabber Andy it’s not so well known in this country but it is a very important remedy for this disease and most maybe 50% of children won’t need another one so and then here are some key notes Mercurius we’ve already you

familiar with from chickenpox lacus this is the left sided ground is swollen phytolacca has swollen glands and a sore throat and the drams the pains of the glands are very bad and they spread to the other glands in the body to the breasts to the ovaries or the testicles and the boys with jabber and e’en mumps children salivate that the saliva pulls out their mouth but their mouth feels dry that’s a very strange symptom to be so wet and so dry again we’re looking for the strange symptoms and here it is it confirms the remedy roseola it’s a milder rash and it’s a milder disease it doesn’t last as long as measles this is scarlet fever this is a bad disease this is not a viral illness or the bacterial so this is the worm that doctors will want to give antibiotics for and like I said before the typical symptoms of belladonna will be present you can give it for 24 hours it’ll either help or it won’t and then consult with the homeopathy or take the advice of your doctor so the strawberry tongue I should here this strawberry tongue confirms the remedy whooping cough I wonder if Ike did you all hear that horrible horrible cough if you didn’t I’ll make sure that there’s a link to it it is a very very bad cough that’s all it is in an older child in a younger child it’s a serious thing that you can live a weakness in the area the main remedy is pitocin there are no clear symptoms you give this remedies there are no clear symptoms or you can alternate it with a remedy like drosera these look to our top two guiding lights for this disease or if you’ve given drosera and it should help because they’ve got this terrible barking whooping cough with vomiting with no speeds this is the whole drosera picture and it doesn’t work then you think of pitocin caucus cacti I saw a whooping cough epidemic a couple of years ago in South Florida that have this cough where strings of white mucus hung down during a coughing fit here are three remedies for convalescing Kalfas where children whoops can’t sleep can’t eat and complain about everything China where they sweated so much or had you know some vomited so much that they’re weak an anemic from the loss of fluids or sulfur we discussed it before they just slow restless and can’t get going they’re not complaining so if it’s a twin can’t force and sulfur sulfur typically and not complaining about everything but they’ve got both got similar symptoms and lastly here are the preventatives and these you can give give only if needed so if there’s a whooping cough epidemic in your area this winter you can give pitocin 30c once a month if there’s an active epidemic in your area if additionally your child is exposed to someone at school you can give a single dose and I’ve given there’s a link here to website that have each they will each one of these remedies each one of these preventatives they can put it to get together as a single pack in if you’re lucky enough to have our me a puff in your area then the remedy that helps the most will be the remedy that prevents the most some years the whooping cough is drosera and then that’s the remedy we give if a child is in contact rather than pitocin we give the remedy that helps the most this is um this is a tricky concept to get to get hold off to understand and I’m happy to talk more about it probably not today

but I’m giving this information out and I will be happy to discuss it on Facebook so I hear you happy I’m just going to let you know there are guidelines for home prescribers as in all my webinars how to give which potencies to give how often to back off if this improvement to stop if the serious improvement to repeat as needed all choose a different remedy if it doesn’t work and of course to get help if you’re not getting it on your own get help from someone else you know some help be better and also in this little webinar is some information about looking after how to care for your children during a childhood illness the Mersenne a number one and number two things to do to keep them hydrated and to let that rest and sleep as much as they want to you know food is the last thing they need if they’ve got a fever and I remember getting little plates like this when I was sick as a kid it was one of my favorite things little fun plates of fruit that made me feel like I was eating something delicious which I was but it tasted way more delicious than it would have ordinarily I talked also a little bit about fevers being your friend they are the method by which your body’s fight infection do not bring them down artificially either with homeopathy or acetaminophen you want you don’t want the fever to compromise the health of your child but you don’t want to bring it down too soon I’ve I’ve included in this webinar lots of information about fevers that you can read at your own pace and like I said get back to feel free to get back to me within any questions that are not covered here are the symptoms that you need to look out for if your child is clearly ill and especially if she or he is suffering from any of these symptoms you need to get expert advice if they’re seriously lethargic if there’s a fever and a stiff neck especially with a pain in the head if she’s cannot breathe if she’s not drinking and the urine output has ceased she’s not urinating or her urine is very dark get help and if you’ve got if your child has a homeopath it’s worth checking with them before self-prescribing because your child’s constitutional remedy may be the one that helps them the most during a childhood illness so it’s it’s crazy easy to do that for the homeopathy but you have to make sure that you’re in contact with them and and then I’ve got lots of links here to my kitchen my book that has every remedy from my handbook these are the resources my full article on childhood illnesses my fever’s article the slides from this webinar and some fabulous guides to incubation periods and to childhood illnesses that I am linking to online they’re really beautiful if you want to track whether there are outbreaks in your area the CDC has a lot of data for some illnesses and not much for others your local healthcare practitioners will give you more information so once again thanks to the National Center and to Hyland’s I these are all my other seminars and this is me and my little Amelia my number one grandbaby so Abby asked away well I certainly leaving a lot of a lot of people wanting your slides Miranda and so I know that people can get the recording after we’re done once we put it up we can let folks know that it’s up for people to view but how can people get all those links that you just kind of breeze through so quickly is there a place in particular no no I always don’t be with it it’ll be with it’ll be with it okay so that look at a PDF or something along with that or it’ll with it with the presentation I’ve put the whole slide show up online I will tomorrow I’ll put the link on my Facebook page just you know it’s Miranda facebook-dot-com forward-slash Miranda Castro homeopathy or homeopathy either of my pages the link will be there but

what I usually do is put the link next to the webinar once Allison puts it up then there’ll be links and the they’re hyperlinked every link in the slideshow can be clicked on and we’ll take you to the right page so that all of you out there email me or you can get to me through my website Miranda Castro comm but Facebook is the best because everybody is you know unless you’re not on Facebook that’s fabulous Miranda thank you very much for that so a question is a very basic question Kim was asking basically it’s a three-part question but it all kind of goes together it says if my child has some of the symptoms you’ve described are you saying it’s okay and it’s recommended just to go to the health food store and get these remedies how do I know how much to give you know what strength and while I hurt my child if I give her the wrong thing if you hurt if you give the wrong remedy it’s like you miss the pond altogether nothing happens there’s no arm if you keep giving the remedy over and over for days and days then you you you can have a bit of a bad effect from it but not very I mean you have to really be persistent so if you just give it a few times you see you see that it has no effect whatsoever and you move on then no harm will come to your child you need a diagnosis you need to know what is wrong with your child before you wade in you can on the way to the doctor or before the diagnosis you can give aconite in the hope that it will you know help in the early stages or belladonna I mean you can differentiate between those two remedies just if you’re not sure just give one dose and wait and see if it’s a if it’s going to be a helpful remedy for your child of any age it will do something and you will clearly see it did I answer all those questions I think the only question remains is about potency I do if you’re new to it doesn’t matter is the bottom line it doesn’t matter what strength if you’re not if you want to be very cautious you can go with the 6e and that’s a very fine potency it’s good too you pass out there have never prescribed have never used two low potencies it would be wonderful you know just do it see what wonderful healing you can get from a nice gentle potency or the 30 C is the highest of the low potencies it’s safe you can’t overdo it you can’t go wrong with the 30 C so really I say the right potency is the one that you have to hand or the one that your local whole food shop has in stock it’s much better though not to wait until your child is sick to get the remedies get a kid now so that you’ve got it in your cabinet and get the biggest one that you can afford all if you’re not sure whether you’re going to be happy with them you’re big and you what just one starts more than that highlands kit the six remedy kit it’s very nice for new parents it’s got those main remedies aconite belladonna camera Malone I forget what the other two are off the top of my head it’s got great remedies for new parents who are just dipping their toes into the homeopathic pond okay so Emily’s asking says if it is the right remedy how long or often do you give it and do you switch it up to a different remedy once they’re doing better or do you stick with that same remedy throughout the course of the sickness so you ask one question at a time how long or often do you give it so what those instructions are in here you will let’s look at it quickly where is it here we go guidelines for home prescribers so if you’re new to me update the low points is the safest these are all the low potencies and the most common ones available over-the-counter are 60 and 30 what you do is you repeat the cording to this

verity of the symptoms you can give it every half to an hour if your child is in extreme pain every two to four hours if their symptoms are not so bad or three or four times a day things are very mild and here’s the trick if you’ve given I think it’s here if you’ve given six to ten doses I mean ten would be a lot if I’ve given six with no result I changed the remedy it’s the wrong remedy if I get a result after one or two doses I back off and I watch I listen to my child and I am guided by them by their symptoms as to when to repeat it if they start you know getting itchy or hot again the fever goes up I repeat the remedy you always it’s an excellent question you will always stick with the last remedy that worked big this is where people who are new to hurry up they make their all their biggest mistakes is by changing the remedy too soon so just stick with the remedy that’s helping especially if it helps your child their moods if they are cheer up after they take it if they look or feel better in themselves you can see that they feel better stick with it don’t leave it and stick stick with it for as long as it helps so I think I’m gonna look for one more question and let’s say there’s some really good questions here and just to remind people they can get all of this online and they can certainly ask Miranda questions through Facebook run a little bit longer if you’d like okay let’s say I’m turn of weeding out there’s some great things so the one question is just basic about how many pellets should you be giving at a time there’s three pellets five pellets you know what’s your recommendation never never matters however many and and sick children I mean it you know some most children like to take a homeopathic medicine they don’t mind it just it’s not how many pellets you give it’s how often you give it that matters so from some of these you can give one pellet or you can give six because it’s an energetic dose it doesn’t make a difference really it doesn’t you can the nicest way to do it is to put the remedy in a little water and a half cup or a cup of water pop pop pop a few pellets in there and give it a good stir and just give your child teaspoonful doses from that cup that’ll keep your stock going a nice long time so you can be creative I know um if you’re used to conventional medical prescribing where you have to give an exact dose at an exact time in an exact way whom you’re pleased the opposite of that is way more relaxing and you can follow you holed up feeling as well you can be creative I have once when I had my Daniel refused to medicine I just put it in the bath and then I put him in the bath we’re not gonna tell him that all right but it worked I bet it worked yeah so one last question is has to do with them with the skin issues would you put something externally on a rash or would you prefer just to do homeopathic internally oh no you have to put something on no you know because well have to I make in my books I make and in what you’re getting their handouts that you’re getting there are a lot of suggestions for what to put on everybody’s got their favourites haven’t they so that whether it’s calamine or um oatmeal or you know I do prefer something really gentle and benign oatmeal it’s just wonderful for taking down information you just grind some up and throw it in the bath you don’t or you can put some in a little napkin you know very flat piece of muslin and damp it you know dampen it I mean cider vinegar can help diluted of course and there are all sorts of wonderful home remedies herbal remedies I in the church a lot of children will not let you put stuff on they don’t want creams especially the thick ones don’t put a thick in the thing that’s got beeswax or petroleum or even shea butter

you want very gentle light you know cooling aloe anything try you know I nothing is going to get rid of the rash that you put on it will only but it’s kind to soothe to use something to soothe the itching or the burning that that’s a kind thing to do while the remedies are working this is great Miranda I know that people I wish they were sitting with you having a cup of tea right now and chatting is what I’m seeing your on-screen love to hear more about more things from you but out of consideration for everyone I am going to have to close close things down I would like to remind everyone that there is on the National Center for homeopathy website all kinds of resources including a find a practitioner area where if you’re looking for a practitioner or have questions that you want to ask a homeopathy in addition to Miranda you’re welcome to use the site to do that so thank you so much Miranda for such a wonderful presentation and thank you so much to everyone who joined us tonight there was a lot of great information shared that I know you’ll be able to put to good use and that’s immediately so as a reminder tonight’s webinar was recorded and the recording will be posted on the nch website later this week or latest next week so you might do make sure that you’re on the NC HS mailing list you know me if you’re not a member makes you join if you can’t join immediately make sure you like the National centers Facebook page and then you’ll find out about you you know you’ll get the link for than anyone else yeah that’s correct and so thank you again sac islands again for sponsoring tonight’s webinar and the entire homeopathy for moms webinar series our next one is Tuesday October 21st from 8 to 9 on homeopathy for urinary tract infections so I wish everyone a good night I’m going to unmute everybody if those want to say thank you besides what they’ve been putting in here and I’m going to unmute at all I think I can do it and I me at all unmute all I can’t let mute everyone oh well you’re getting tons of thanks so thank you all everyone have a wonderful night we’ll see you again hope