I Tried following A Nikkietutorals makeup tutoral!

hey guys so today I’m doing a video it’s gonna be something that’s trending today on YouTube for example like I try following insert a youtubers names makeup tutorial today I decided I was gonna do Nicki tutorials and then the reason I chose her is because she’s like the queen of tutorials I mean it has tutorials in her name today I decided I was gonna be doing the affordable extreme glam transformation on the tutorial I was gonna do so for this I thought I might have almost everything that she has but at the same time I don’t have everything that she has I mean I tried right anyways without further ado let’s get on with the video hey guys and welcome back today I am actually doing a very very fun tutorial because for once on my channel there’s not a lot of expensive stuff because today we’ll be focusing on a affordable makeup transformation for a foundation today I’m going to go in with the Maybelline matte and poreless fit me foundation in the color 112 and bounce again into the skin using the morphe Beauty Blender lotion and I really really need so dry if you haven’t seen my last video I explain why it’s kind of dry I guess but I’m just gonna be using this lotion see me looking down here I have a mirror today I’m going to be taking the elf beauty blender with wet-and-wild foundation I’m gonna be doing exactly what she did this has a little thing that’s weird I like it though okay so I edit the foundation and overall of the foundation I think it’s pretty good on coverage might be a little dry no I kind of like really like it for concealer I’m gonna go in with the master conceal by Maybelline as well I’ve been wearing this for a couple of weeks now so free concealer I have this I couldn’t really find what she had because well I could find it is just say it and have it in my colors so I just got this Rimmel one and now I’m just gonna put it on like she did she puts it under her eyes and then like around her mouth my butt that’s what I’m gonna do she did that with the brush but mine was kind of like in the lipstick form so I just do like that and now I’m gonna take my view people in dirt like she did and I’m just gonna blend it into my foundation or my skin or whatever you

I don’t know if it’s just me but oh that concealer went on really really good it’s just my skin I think it’s just it’s so dry I just don’t understand it like I feel like it’s me and not the foundation or the conceal or anything like it’s me so you know I’m still gonna chop it and setting that using the Maybelline fit me powder in five I have the same exact fit me loose setting powder in five forgive me if I don’t know how to use this because I’ve never used it before you although stuff is really really messy moving along to the classic airspun in extra coverage to set the rest of my face and I make sure I really press that powder in using a powder puff to make sure it doesn’t budge all day I do not have that I couldn’t find anything whatsoever but this is all I can find so I’m not use one of these to set everything I don’t have a powder puff so I’m gonna use like a brush I really have like a smaller brush than this so pretty so blue and purple for some basic shadow in the crease first I’m gonna go in with the city mini eyeshadow palette in matte about town and because I have hooded eyes I want to define my eyes like crazy because if I just do the liner it’s gonna look weird on me so I definitely need that crease in there so when I was at the store I was trying to find the exact eye palette but they have the city mini stare they just didn’t have the exact name or the sex and colors or anything so I had to pick up this little guy and these have almost the exact same colors um when I was in the store it looked like the same colors but now I’m looking at it now it’s brown and then I feel like so I want to Charlet for something else but I haven’t old palette I guess you could say I have some of the same colors so this is an elf palette so I’m gonna go in with this little blending brush can’t really find another blending brush so not to go with this little guy and she says buff out the edges so that’s what I’m going to do well that’s gonna get all means are not saying that you have to do this entire crease stuff

when you have beautiful open big eyes I feel like this liner alone makes such a statement with concealer I’m gonna cut the crease and again going higher up to show a fake lid at least I got that going on and usually a step right here but now we’re gonna go all the way out Wow okay she said use concealer she said use concealer with a brush and like cut the crease to make like a bigger eyelid so that’s what I’m gonna do and it’s precious to little brushes I’m here so yeah no matter how well this is gonna work though I chopped my miss betting it using the lightest color of this palette no wait wait wait she is using like a white color to fill that in so I’m gonna take this Naked palette when I use this white color in here that’ll go in with my absolute favorite product if there’s anything you want to get from this video it’s the liner so oh my god you’re gonna be shook these are the Maybelline master precise Inc metallics and this isn’t the color silver gold these are amazing you do want to give them a little bit of a shake to get the glitter and the metallic Ness going and we’re going to start off with a thick basic winged liner now for this gold I think it’s prettiest if you do two layers but this will not budge throughout the day and I’ll use this as a base for all the glitter will be a plain go for top but this so I do actually have that the only problem is is that I’m not good at doing wing I mean I could travel this she said shake it so you get the glitters flowing home so it scared to do this let me try guys let me try okay wait I don’t understand I think maybe I suppose shake it up so after building it up a little bit I think it looks pretty good I think I like the side better than this one well let’s keep going not gonna go in with black comet same liner it’s the same master precise aim and we’re gonna be doing an outline the surrounding the gold and what will happen is you need a super thin liner for this maybe you got it for the outline liner go easy take your time sit down don’t drink coffee coz you’ll shake take your time and do it step by step stroke by stroke because I already had this bike but I know the tip isn’t very very very thin

so I have another one I’m gonna go get it I got this Maybelline one it’s got a very very fine fine tip so this is what I’m going to use and I thought I was afraid when I used the gold one no no no I’m afraid when I use this one because it’s black I don’t like I’m not saying I don’t like the makeup tutorial I definitely like the makeup tutorials just I don’t like the way I did it like my eyes are about to water out because or glitter I’m gonna take the gold parts of this little glitter pot and one by one apply them in a pattern to make the glitter stick first I’m putting down a tiny bit of glue or glue to stick it on I’m trying so hard and I know it’s very tedious work Oh going back in with this Maybelline palette and defining my lower lash line a little bit and only going about halfway in and highlighting my inner corners using that same lid color she says she’s highlighting your inner corner but I’m just put white on the end flashes they’ll be applying the Koko lashes in Queen Bee I don’t have any fake eyelashes so I’m just gonna use mascara that’s fine not really sure what this brand is but I got it for Christmas and so this but I’m gonna use I like it I like look I like oh my god I am I am living right now like I want to go out to a club right now I want to do grocery shopping I want to walk the dogs I want to be seeing alright so for the face I’m gonna go in with this morphe palette right here this is called the 9c palette and with this I’ll be bronzing and contouring cuz it’s the only affordable like contour palette that I have in my collection and you gotta love the fact that I am bronzing my face with one of the highlighter shades wow I do not have this palette which it has compartments that you just take out I don’t have the highlight kit that she has I really really want it but I have this highlight and it’s hard to open it gonna be taken this brush

for lips and first gonna line them using the curvy lip pencil in this is by colour-pop in collaboration with I love SATA II Congrats girl this is awesome and that guy says all there Stewart that completes his little okay for lipstick I’m gonna be going in with this Maybelline lipstick in 915 blushing beige and as you apply it of course buff it in with the lip pencil hmm and for lip gloss I’ll be using my favorite at the moment which is Maybelline’s T’s a vivid hot liqueur just scroll through my Instagram and you’ll see this pop up everywhere alright some setec spray and this transformation is complete I don’t have lipliner but I do have the same lipstick she has and I do have the same lip gloss that she has so I’m just gonna use those and guys this is a really really pretty color then she went in with a setting spray which I just have this setting spray and she sprayed like all over well I never used setting spray before whoa that’s cold I literally have chills on my legs that was so cool so this completes the it’s so pretty to me but then again you guys might think like that doesn’t look pretty at all but then again I don’t know what your opinions are so if you think I did good or even if you like it at all please just give it a like you should definitely give it a like okay so if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up please subscribe to me and if you want to see another video please please please if you want to see another video then turn on notifications and then you’ll get like a notice thing that I just uploaded a new video but this completes the look I hope you liked it by