Revlon Nearly Naked First Impressions w/ Check In's- AMAZING!

hi guys me glamorous girl I’m 11 bringing you a first impressions video and as you guys probably know revlon has released a new foundation called nearly naked and i’ll just read you what it says on the bottle um makeup i have the color 120 vanilla this is the second color over with yellow undertones the first color is I’ve rain that’s way too pink for my skin and I definitely like a yellow foundation because with my new red hair and the color of my neck is more yellow even though my face is more pink so I always try and go with the yellow so that’s basically how I like my foundations now in comparison to the Revlon Colorstay the bottles are very similar it has a white cap which is nice it’s square so this one has a black cap and it’s round as you can see they both contain one fluid ounce this one has the Revlon Colorstay SPF 15 and the nearly naked it has SPF 20 so this is more of a tinted moisturizer where during the day sort of foundation because I have pretty clear skin I go for color correction when I buy a foundation and somebody’s gonna look natural on the skin i really like NARS sheer glow and I do actually like the urban decay naked skin so this may be a dupe for it I’ll let you know once I put it on my face I’m a little torn about which tool to use to apply this foundation we I don’t want to use a sponge with this foundation because it already is a thin foundation I know that so I would have to apply many layers to get the the best coverage so i think i’m going to do is I’m going to show you it with the flat top kabuki before this video started and I did all this talking I applied my yes to cucumbers soothing daily com moisturizer and this is my daily moisturizer so it’s nothing new I like this moisturizer for the daytime because it doesn’t leave that much residue on the skin which is why I thought it would be good for this video and I’ll let you know what I think cuz sometimes i have i have dry skin so sometimes i have to apply much thicker found cream under foundations such as revlon colorstay because they are not as moisturizing and they can look cakey on my face so I’m going to get my brush so if you’re not familiar with the Sigma flattop from your BF if you’re not familiar with the Sigma a flat top kabuki f80 brush then you must live underneath a YouTube rock because I know everyone and their mama has this brush so I’m going to use this one I recently got it for Christmas but honestly if your hands person it all depends on your technique of how you want to apply this so I’m going to open it up also is really helpful about this is if you go on the Revlon website they will help you find your good shade it’s not as useful as urban decay naked skin stain finder but it’s very very useful so I’m going to put about this much on my hand and I’m actually going to take you guys a little bit closer because we’re friends like that okay so now we have that here’s the foundation looks like my hands are the widest part of my body so that’s why the foundation looks a little bit dark and it is going to look yellow on my skin because that’s how I like my foundations because I really just want redness and my neck is more yellow tone so far this is applying very nicely it feels very cool and natural on the skin it’s not like when you apply some foundations and it feels like you’re wearing a mask you guys know I’m talking about I am going to check in with you guys later during the day because I am staying home all day today but usually the only thing that happens with foundations that don’t wear right on my skin is right in right in here this area as you can see it’s very streaky right now I start to the it settles into my pores so I have to make sure does not do that and I’m out of focus okay so with wet foundations I find that what works the best is just keep working them in as you saw it’s very streaky right now but the more you blend and the more the liquid e part blends into your skin it really does start to become straight free and I’m just going to apply almost all of what was on a hand until I see minimal redness on this jaw bone area because that’s where I have

too much redness and my brother and my dad are taking down our christmas lights so you okay so this is the foundation with the brush its pretty much dry feeling now but i cannot get all the streaks out with the brush and you know i just got this brush i’m not really sure how to use it yet i’m going to show you how it looks on the skin which is you can see all my little pores so i’m going to use my finishing edge sponge which I prefer over the Beauty Blender and I’m just going to share it out in the places where it settles and it’s tricky and just make it look really natural so far the color matches excellent as you can see it really does look like my skin it has a healthy glow to it I may have applied a little bit much and that’s what happens with brushes you can get a little bit carried away but this is just a first impressions video so now in the viewfinder it looks great but I’m gonna check in a mirror make sure there aren’t any additional streaks and if you hear background noise my brother my dad are taking down christmas likes so let’s talk a little bit about it and then well fix it the coverage is not light it is not like a tinted moisturizer um however it does look quite natural on the skin and I really like this foundation um the packaging is all right like normal Revlon I do wish that it came with a pump but i love the foundation formula so much that it doesn’t really rub me the wrong way too bad um so i’m going to show you the packaging up close I picked mine up at riding I don’t know exactly how much it was by no it was like in the ten-dollar zone but my family has a wellness+ card if you know anything about riding it’s basically you get discounts for using your card and so I probably got mine for around eight dollars um so far I really like this one nation it looks natural on the skin but yet I’m definitely getting coverage I’m definitely getting color correction i’m going to zoom you in it may have been the way i applied it but it’s a little bit cakey in some spots and on the sides of my nose it’s actually building up in a dry patch so I’m just going to do even if you can see it looks very dry right here and actually my whole nose looks relatively dry usually I get cake eNOS on my upper lip but it’s not too bad with this foundation and overall i would give this foundation for a drugstore foundation and 10 because honestly i have dry skin so the only problems i’m seeing right now um are because of dryness and so i’m just gonna take a little bit of lotion and rub that on the sides of my nose and that should actually fix the problem so we’re just going and normally if I wasn’t out of fixed plus i would just spray some fix plus on my mac because that really does hydrate the skin and right here I always get build-up because you have fine hair some places on your face and so for me lotion is a really good way to get rid of those hmm the coverage isn’t amazing but it did help eliminate some of the redness although I still think it looks really

natural and like skin so I’m gonna powder half my face and I’m gonna check in with you guys throughout the day so I’ll put it in me poundering my face and I’ll show you another close up and then I’ll check in with you guys like three four or five hours later and then I’ll tell you if my rating still stands with the 10 to 10 or what I really really think about this foundation but so far it’s really impressing me like first impressions is I’m really impressed okay so i am gonna apply a little bit of concealer um I don’t think I need it I’ve been very well rested lately and the foundation actually did cover underneath there but I’m going to use my Lancome concealer that comes with the cream as well as the concealer on top and this is more like a veil very similar to the bobbi brown one from what I hear but it’s a little bit lighter so I will do the rest my makeup and check back with you guys so I furnished the rest of my makeup and I just kept it really simple I didn’t contour anything but I did apply blush and highlighter on my cheeks in this area and and of course i padded my concealer on both sides now sadly I have not been able to locate my receipt from last night yet but I will keep looking and if I find it by the end of this video I will tell you exactly how much of me for it but um it’s so new it isn’t even on the Rhine aid website yet considers cool and warm is very different from math it’s actually the opposite if you are cooler tones you have ivory pink or blue undertones however if you are warm undertone you a peach yellow or olive so that is one thing to keep in mind the packaging is a little bit different um it tells you just in English what it says but on the bottle it has a lot more riding on it it says makeup so refreshingly light it melts right in creating a fresh even look so only one that knows you’re wearing makeup is you bill blends seamlessly and buildable coverage I agree with all those things like I can feel it on my skin right now but that could be because of the lights I’ve to umbrella lights shining on me right now and both my windows are open so it’s a little bit toasty so it is on the target website and it says 749 which is the online price so it’s about seven and a half dollars so it’s 102 right now and when it I’ll check in with you later bye guys this is currently for almost five o’clock and I just went and got myself a Starbucks which is a mocha frappuccino Hannah feel a little sick cuz I don’t feel a thing already so I just want to show you how um it looks it feels great um feels like nothing on the skin it’s not like when you wear certain foundations and you can feel it one thing I would say is it is sticky where I didn’t set it with powder but nothing too crazy um let’s see how my pores look so you can’t see my pores but it really isn’t filling in my pores cuz it is a little bit but that really from far away is not bad sometimes with the NARS sheer glow you can like see my blush has gone into my pores and everything else that’s my redness it’s pretty much covered the sides of my nose are still kind of funky but they’re looking better it’s really like melted into my skin it hasn’t settled anyway I wrinkles it feels like my skin my skin when I have lotion on and I can’t feel it the only place i find it to be sticky is right

here so this is about the halfway point and i will check in with you guys like nine when I plan on taking it off and i figure that will be eight total hours of wear and that’s about what most foundations promise it definitely is absorbing into my skin a little bit which I like it’s becoming more like my skin I think it looks really good so far I’m really impressed and I still stick with my 10 out of 10 and one more thing you guys might want to see is the transfer if you’re wondering if it transfers or not I’m going to take this white sponge and show you it is just a white sponge and I’m going to wipe along my jawline on my nose and across my forehead very lightly obviously if you peel it too much it will come off the transfer is very minimal it definitely did transfer but not as bad so if you had a white shirt on and you pulled it over your head you will probably get it a little bit dirty such as the sponge and I think when I first put it on when you first put any foundation on it’s obviously going to transfer off but now that it’s set for a few hours and it’s been set with powder on part of my face um I’m really not seeing that much transfer like honestly it’s very minimal so I’ll check in with you guys in about four more hours bye ok it is 840 and I am ready to be done for the day I want to take this makeup off edit all these videos and put them up so let’s talk about this foundation let’s do a transfer test about the same as last time this was his time this was last time and I’m still in love with this foundation um I do not notice a difference on the side of my face that I powdered and didn’t powder it all feels very skin-like um the only place i noticed was this side was sticky right here along my jawbone so when I put my hand against it I would do I can it makes like a sticky sound but so when I go to school I’m probably gonna powder both my cheekbones because I do rest my hands on my face and such um I still agree 10 out of 10 on this foundation I’ll put a little comment on this if for some reason one day I decided to hate this foundation but I don’t think that’s gonna happen the color matches me great it looks luminous on the skin it looks healthy like you could still see my skin through it and this is exactly the kind of foundation I was looking for um one downside is it doesn’t have a pump now if you have dry skin like me up high and nice moisturizer underneath if you have normal skin I would just apply moisturizer I let that set eat maybe it maybe even do a primer but i would definitely powder it um no matter what you do dry skin you might want to powder it depending on how thick your moisturizers and oily skin you definitely want to powder it probably use a thick matte powder I sadly cannot tell you about the powder that comes with this foundation but I would imagine that Rimmel stay matte or something heavy duty to absorb absorb those oils would be best for you anywho let’s check out my pores it looks wow it looks exactly the same like you can see my pores obviously but they’re definitely not enlarged you can just really see my skin through this foundation yeah so it doesn’t settle imports guys or at least not my pores I do have some big ones right here but i have been using a serum on them so they do look a lot better let’s see my wrinkle doesn’t settle on my hair you know you have those fine hairs on your face you don’t want them to settle in there didn’t settle in this hair a little bit right here this section is looking a little funky overall it’s an amazing foundation and I would suggest that you run out to target to get it for eight dollars but thank you guys so much for watching I do stick with my original 10 attend rating

and you have yourself a beautiful day bye