WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL (Intro) + 40 Beauty Questions | Taylor Fischer

hey guys so today I’m filming my first youtube video and I said I was gonna film during the end of March but excited just to put a video up today because I believe in you and all of you guys are looking forward to my video channel so this is basically gonna be my intro video for this channel so yeah so the reason why I’m starting this channel is because all my friends keep telling me Taylor you should and start making Beauty videos we were so good at makeup and you know so much about it and honestly it is my passion and I love anything even ask to be with makeup clothes anything like that another person who inspired me is Bethany Mota and I’ve actually learned her clothing line but I got to meet Bethany at a you know at an apostille her clothing line and literally she was so sweet I could not stop crying I love her she is my role model she inspired me and this is a reason why I’m singing here right now um I also want to put out there that the quality in my videos right now I’m probably not gonna be so good the editing probably not gonna be that good either so I apologize for that I will plan on getting a better camera because actually I’m building on my laptop right now and I realize that my eyes are okay yeah I’m Way off the topic so to start a 40 beauty questions tag basically you’re I have all the products next to me and I have a lock basically just gonna answer these four questions and show you the products that yeah okay so that’s not with time the pig okay okay so the first question is and this is about skin care how many times you wash your face daily honestly I don’t wash my face I seem to work out more when I wash my face the only time we really do wash my face is when I’m wearing makeup so I’ll just use a makeup palette if I don’t if I tell it down on these a baby like little so funny that’s bad version um but every time I’m in the shower I use a facial scrub which I will show you so question number two what skin type do you have dry or oily or combo I would say both but mostly orderly around my nose well basically the whole t-zone the whole cheese on that my face is SuperDuper oily I don’t know why I probably cuz I wear makeup wage much but my face can be dry around my chin and some kind of my nose but basically overall it’s probably overly number three what is your current facial wash like I said don’t wash my face I need to use the makeup wipes but when I do wash my face we have to be the Danielle Lara Lara okey I’m not sure but it’s in my cleansing gel it’s basically the formula is dead sea minerals and it unclogs pores observed in help sir oily skin dirt and your makeup and sleeping it refreshing and making your face look good but I notice I’m telling you this my face feels so good it looks so shiny it feels not oily but basically this is what it looks like I bought this at think it was all mine

it goes all right or was that like Marshalls or something but I this time with my favorite facial wash um number four do you exfoliate uh the only time I do is when my acne it’s just so crazy there’s a ton of the month where I just break out really bad but I do not have a problem with acne there’s a time with the month where just break out when me and my face right now it’s actually pretty good I guess you could say but I exfoliate with his sulfur mask if you don’t know so so than that so muffler mask is it’s basically you just put this it just white it fits on here twice so a great for acne but it does dry out your skin a lot so I do prefer a moisturizer to are using the sulfur mask but this lens Olay and it’s a prescription bottle and this is about $30 but I didn’t pay that but I believe you can only buy this online they don’t sell it in stores and I think they discontinued I have no idea but I really do recommend this it really had changed my skin so yeah the next question what brand news Larry told you fellas old age do you have freckles I don’t have freckles um I guess you could say in the summertime I kind of get little freckles I mean I have a little sparkle you can’t see him but I don’t have uh oh I missed it question what moisturizer to use I don’t use any that’s pretty bad um okay now I skip your question next one is do you use eye cream no I think I’m making young to use a eye cream because I don’t have wrinkles and I think the underneath of my eyes look okay did you ever have to use Proactiv actually I own provocative and I do love it and I used it about two times uh I love proactive but the price honestly don’t even don’t even buy it it’s not worth it um if you want a good treatment like they have like they have a moisturizing cleanser and the toner I prefer the lead was called acne free it works just as great and it’s half the cost of what Proactiv boss but I like proactive and it helped my skin yeah now on to the makeup questions now this is my favorite part and I start getting really excited but Brooke talk what is just white foundation in getting the muse so the foundation I use right because I had like four foundations and now they’re three literally break out my skin so badly they make it so oily my skin is so sensitive and then one of the foundations is just way too dark for me I don’t want to look like orange so the foundation I’m using right now is Neutrogena skin clearing oil-free makeup and I love this it has a limit blemish treatment in it won’t clog pores patrollers shine this is on the color is probably the lightest color because everybody knows I’m a pair believe it’s natural yeah that’s what I agreed and see that but this is this retails $13 and if you have really oily skin and you want something that blends in especially if you’re pale like me this honestly blends so well into my skin I as well have the powder the neutral getting a powder that goes along with this I just

did bring it over here I don’t want to get up and walk I love this this is my favorite foundation there’s another foundation I also recommend it’s so one by Maybelline okay that was really long and that was only about Foundation moving his plate out that kind of more questions so the second one what about concealer oh I love concealer because I love playing under my eyes and I basically use the philosophy there’s kind of a glare but it’s the light one cuz of course so that is the don’t see what I use do you know you’re under tell the color um my hunger tone that concealer is the undertone on that concealer is actually a yellow but honestly it blends so well into my skin that it just really gives me a more natural and glowy yes you could say but my undertone would be like more of a I don’t know I don’t really have a um nothing so but that concealer is definitely a yellow undertone but it went into my skin so well so yeah what do you think about fake lashes honestly I have never tried fake lashes I wanted to try it fake lashes because I think that is so pretty and I tried everything to grow my lashes longer and bigger and I literally Club my mascara on which is so bad for your eyelashes but what are you gonna do uh the fourth one you know you’re supposed to change your mascara every three months yes I do um my phone is um yes you’re supposed to change your mascara wizard once um but I go through mascara so crazy that I need to buy a new one back treatments so yeah um what brand of mascara use on sleeve I used many different brands of freaking mascara it’s ridiculous but I how you choose one and this one is my all-time favorite and probably if you’re watching this mom it’s really obvious and this is your favorite cue so it would be on your side but you purple means going guide the falsies it’s almost gone when it’s it almost gone I’m one to crack but I use the blackest black and yeah and everyone YouTube you guys should know about this but one thing I love about it is it has a curve to it to the wan there’s me come all over me it’s died okay but this is so amazing because you only have to curl your lashes but I do anyways but this like gives your eyelash of the pearl so that is my favorite mascara um next question is Sephora or Mac and this is so hard to answer I don’t have any Sephora or Mac products but I know everything about everything line but if I had to choose a probably meeting back only because the Kardashians wear Mac and just the quality of Mac products or just I heard their brushes are just amazing and I really want them like brush but yeah I would say do you have a Mac Pro card no I wish change someone getting a full card um what makeup tools do you use in a makeup application now you’re talking about brushes and I’ll use them like my foundation on stuff to put the foundation on I just use a wedge like little sponges and I

use that I don’t use the same one because that just brings your skin out more and makes it more oily so I use a clean one everyday but my brushes are the she’s neat little guys the bamboo brushes um but I have some other brushes in here as well as well have a kabuki brush a little kooky brush it’s so cute to do so soft and if I still but this brush retails for $20 my other brush like what I do to smoke out my crease would be my Soho why can’t my crease brush I mix a crease brush broke and let me sad the case not this smudge brush smudge brush increase faster at this evening’s and then the other tool the eyelash curler and then my last brush would be an elf brush this is the blush brush and okay so do you use makeup base slash primer for the eyes no I don’t I used to use primer it was all gone but honestly I think primer prime prime your face period is just a joke um depth that’s my opinion but I basically just put concealer on my eyelid and that works perfect as a primer in my opinion let’s get that question what is your favorite eyeshadow color or shade hey this is really hard um my favorite shade would have to be maybe Gold’s or bright colors um but yeah making sure that okay you need to use pencil or liquid island um for my winged look I use bolt I’m I used the wet wild little guy I don’t have it were either and then I have just a just normal black eyeliner pencil but I use both but when I bring out my eyeliner like the cat eye I start by putting on the pencil because I thought easier to clean off then I look like okay so look with a little smear all over the place and I get really mad and I just want to take off all my makeup and call it good but after the pencil is all done I basically just how often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil this is hilarious I I don’t use a eyeliner pencil because it does not stick to my waterline whatsoever I use a eyeliner brush and I basically just use the eyeliner brush and just put it in my eye shadow and then I really pull down my eye and then put it along my waterline and that works just as great and I think it lasts a lot longer what do you think of pigmented eyeshadows um it’s pretty obvious I love bright colors I love blues and the purples our greens um Pink’s there is a peach I don’t know but I slept do you use a mineral makeup no I don’t I have never liked Imanol makeup I think its first of all it just makes a

mess because why would you Nixon I’m saying I think my mommy’s mineral makeup and I’m no but mineral makeup literally makes your face just too powdery and I don’t like the feeling on my face it just feels like I got attacked by a cake yeah I’ll leave it where’s your favorite lipstick page 2a q my favorite lipstick of all time would be the superstay 14e lipstick by Maybelline and the color or kiss me quarrel I actually said that was right I always have a shoot same word but it’s basically like orange red and if you look at a lot of my pictures I am wearing this but my favorite lipstick great meal would be a neutral color and it’s just amazing it’s in the color just peachy this colors Oh what about lip gloss I don’t like lip gloss that much I used to love the cost I used to wear all the time but now I’m being older I go for a lipstick but if I had to choose my favorite lip gloss it probably the bats and Body Works tropical Claudia but this lipstick like I can use eat it it just smells and it tastes so good and the color is so pretty I don’t think you can tell because my camera is crappy but there is why is your favorite blush to use just like the lipstick I have two products on my all-time favorite blush well blush is if I to choose like a lime would be the Maybelline Dream bouncy cream blushes and this one is the purple one I don’t know when it’s cold but it’s purple and when you think of a purple blush you like what but honestly I’m thirsty and this looks so pretty and then cream blushes lasts a lot longer than blushes but the blush I’ve been wearing a lot lately is the elf blush and these $3 please believe these are $3 these you see this fuchsia fuchsia it’s like I want to get on top but it’s hot pink with glittering it um but they compare these blushes to the NARS blushes and that’s pretty good and this is $30 for NARS freaking blush as your partners spent over $15 I’m guessing but yeah so if you want a NARS blush you can tell once it’s so much cheaper and the following the packaging is just like nice do you buy your makeup on eBay knowing it know you might be fun even I’m kind of scared no I didn’t do you like drugstore makeup yes I do I own all the drugstore makeup and you have some high-end brands but mostly they’re all drugstore do you go to CC o s cosmetic company elet’s um I’m guessing that would be outlets like Mac and stuff i i am be true they have never bought that from them but bought stuff from them but if old accounts yes did you ever consider taking makeup classes no I haven’t it would be fun to make the classes but honestly I learnt my makeup from watching Beauty videos on YouTube and weekly experiment getting new products on my own I studied my makeup when I was about 11 years old and that’s when it is please somebody named a makeup crime that you

hate X 50 worst again a name of crime I hate this one’s hard um oh I know one when someone has a foundation line you don’t know what that is it’s where your foundation does not match your face and you have a line right here honestly you need a different foundation you should not have that your foundation I know it’s not gonna move like mine it it blends in perfectly but not all skin types but when you probably should it’s not good just look disgusting are you clumsy and putting on makeup um it depends on if I’m tired if I’m tired they really I put on like mascara and foundation that’s about with it I’m not really clumsy I take my time and I really do put the effort into making my face okay do you like colorful shades of makeup lipstick or eyeshadow or neutral ones um I love both I’m more of a colorful person but I also like the smoky end which is what I’m wearing right now like the first one it is beauty but by oh um it’s a smoky I said they dont sell it anymore because it’s like a woman edition I’ve only made they can find online not sure but I love the colors in it and you tell about what you’ve been through um but they’re so bright and pretty as well as the Maybelline Color tattoo I have like every single color of those my other favorite with which is what I’m wearing right now is a wet and wild little guy okay is this one I don’t know what this one’s called but you went to like Walmart or something you’d be pretty obvious it’s just gold red brown and pink and beast and it also ass lipstick I love my old Phillips which celebrity yet always has great makeup so I had this discussion with my mom I really thought Beyonce because Beyonce for every concert she does she puts on her own makeup and it looks so good so I would say any the best celebrity that does good makeup is probably Beyonce if you could say a YouTube star I’ll either say Michelle Phan or bethany mota um they’re both anything at me um if you could leave the house using just one make up on him what would you use ice kara I feel like mascara this completes could you ever leave the house without any makeup one when I go to school I need to wear makeup um but if I’m just going something real quick mmm no I if I have to go to like a party or something I just wanna use foundation do you think you look good even without any makeup on yes I do think I do in your opinion what is the best makeup line this is a hard question um like I said Mac else I need to be they may believe you’re GG gonna mix now I’m single but those are drugstore except that um but for another high-end and ben stiller or you in a a last question what do you think of makeup I love makeup I have way too much of it and it’s my passion

um and yeah yes this ending is awkward yeah I know you can’t see you though I hope I can and it is okay it is ending to my tag I hope you guys liked this video and I will see you by