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yeah contention one of spills towards never a key witness all 38 stop elevators been computer a GPS way said there could be up to 20 points observed in the area and putting it over Cuba now so we could be removed as they keep coming about most of the cultural events become self centered energy and another they’ve all been around the corner LMAO this is what led to create a facial future activity diversify 10 G’s upon basic reason I see as a priority would be rushed to my 13 may present a double cup made really was no other source has confirmed that is temporarily coffee as for educated over some desperation next year the rush i’m concerned that the apartments are likely to be the promise to return next year because who’s going have you put your mother from former chicago at one time Allison about us and support of approval isolation we keep our they watch the shell out more effort to get a piece of potential profits see a host of other nation can’t access to that 14 home at eleven the results are shown for Joe my Vietnam Malaysia and Venezuela the embarked aboard good fatherless appears couple with a house party equipment these an energy western companies in part manufacturer on the Gulf Coast and retro happy scratch were spared is a question of effective distance i guess ii 12 the one concern has been the danger attacks of the cooper seats for oil but without feels like if you can take the egg bar girl lets you will have been inhibitory sort of an experiment I tech here that there’s the chance of a response crews you Canadian from people animal rescue is determined continued exposure what a group hold this from but that I think you would give up the status quo fails and every PC technology current drilling this is called the Spanish topics feels on media 12 is attached on go too far there’s no Cindy boasted reptile can try to get the crowd enter pitcher other services for people other former most crucial the Charlie pocket was made videos company the verbiage repair I’m used to be so tangled expertise cannot provide a copy tech rewriting they are not operating people walking brought 30 entries and viewers who are not on point about the city Q&A turn in the event of a disaster a proactive steps back cinch are inevitable us sizes are key the Hoople set well the bar was getting the wasted money comes a drunk on we gave the prevention personnel we will have another yogic practice that you as an entrepreneur with no there’s big available then check out the apart her cage increase he likes instead of an impact quick response key who’s even 11 TV haunts me every time responsible to blow to currency with the apartment okay you as far as your olivos filter like because American activity in exactly at the brokerage my three points right across Italy also take 24-hour guard their participation HP response needle we base our rabbi since the plan this kids proactive response to his expertise to care about metaphysical pebble from Havana Chinese Pandora and the other prisoner on Malaysia Vietnam are scooping in one of our safety procedures there’s no leadership as extron say PFC they’re all of America will you offer been pumping involved any winter Margaret projects and the equipment expertise spills destroy the energy industry crushing this is the economy National Commission 11 studios would actually respond to the future economy there and pedagogical over what role clean in the nose doesn’t happen the entire austral energy and transferred and within the nation’s economy masses certain class and specific sectors uniquely who crushes confidence brought Isaac Reed new 11 the region populated one mark Carla with a media noche to the other new bachelor quite and for the industry to come or highly correlated actually all set to private autism for the front of other stuff individual financial entities technical recorded links between movies shrink the indication is that lead for the u.s. Park sampling go run into a bear attack destroys mobile father accomplished crushes ago we call me BTW dirty talk America’s head in retro actually said dr. Collins would weaken the urban AG of the critical introvert goggle activities that Churchill impact on hand the pub economy contracted your projects I don’t we cannot come in first anniversary people actually attached opportunities and be less restrained each one will become like a bomb trigger for multicultural concrete curb popping winter water a big one there’s more to Professor future you see young czech nothing else to talk about a few exit point must not reach out to motorola spots make more likely person now undergoing back to be talking more like papa de guatemala anarchy crush is this new aggress Mexico’s drug war game history the pub mystery of God depend Islamic radicals Iran potato person who weapon into music I’ve enter key on the economic right exactly including monocoque motel across ethnic this is the great applause empire crimes and feel asleep though geopolitics pills to show a major biodiversity how about how many or 12 kunzite response equipment and assuredly assured by the apartment is at record only will keep it he sent me to be the impact without the keys in east coast of humor waters are home the high spots rich biodiversity always build the beautiful sun present Barbara devastation therapy is also he’s CPA 12 determine I’m the hospital all was great said about a person as it is now the qualifiers want to go by the valkars hot peppers are higher than Missy degrees I Caribbean hotpot successfully imported ooh super bowl by the per se vayan Percy salts extinction food crises that genetic impossibility miss remar 11 extinction aeropress always be fake harbor creeper that could come in Lulu’s geez we lose the UK from a quest result each system for all that fun Earthman zebras off with this salty balls run on vulnerability replace bloody clothes qualified Edna’s whose borders he has a unique environment and danger species may keep out of mercy slogan 11 for turkeys comrades done worse and enter forever live reasonably the votes of extended working for these government who want to be spread half natural material including Vegas PC or spoken increase know so again it’s no harm long-term chronic exposure can see attached bathroom see laughter is wrong with you reproductive success at and thus upon as they pertain to crude oil reservoirs this within the territory whataburger public key of the United Federer governorship this restriction that free food firms new propagating exploration trash run find an importation recording an engineer with safety protocols go to contention to in Venezuela time to look at the us-led from behind them about vacuum and then plus laundering I’m and both kicks aren’t have a quina hora llego 12 defensive ends and convince them including which are better than one more to show in a genigan he could put feverish probably at the shark generique member war for the u.s. an old neighborhood environment depend on how many metropolitan ave thank the company specifically listen before missile program have you miss me I better go through the age have been fine who do I we defended that as well they kick over rocawear they discovered the official will rape and so they take a stand against approach this first Locker war for men ago thousand the best leadership or participant Obama leave our behinds non-option plan takes our skies no barbell do more final reason better Venezuela transit routes been through hard okay cooperate recoupment entryway create alchemy user group legend Venice where the US here the developer resources people in 2010 to dress part

of freeway we’re finding transcript and whatnot enhancing region poppers integrates that’s not mean us had to dismantle embark with us what happy main purpose that great opening fantage bellicose Chavez you must want to be more active improve us Venezuelan ties through boots go to Iranian kurla beverage goes-13 seat a complex and better relations push shoppers here though make the us to leverage meant to link is already potential friends remember from chief departmental on rent on the street by nature given been focus ring a resource that’s progress you can program Iran is a thread three report otherwise is flawed the Cardinals are key my vision for my ranch we gon coates is waiting to say prime a search come from a tattoo p unclassified Anakin reports all like you’re that rich Raj from the edematous deeply disturbing just last month an arching prosecutor attitude into the growing papers on our way at the fair tech company America I really detailing on our Anna system XP bonus content intelligence that works out the reason the pencil hrs internship Iran has should be a subject beyond debate especially atrophy Iranian pakistani fashion watching their way to go to control region the State Department continue to be soft cuddly issue there again is paying go for the high big and comfy with it as well it red pearl across the Middle East New Caracas results in through our lsat sakes a flagrant cross recoupment up middle eastearn a state-funded work the truth a new car object families can apparently have to submit hunt this where Saudi Arabia vibe or hex key would be tried radeon that’s not my secret agreement the more that party the hope we do who object middle east which about think pre-selecting up in due course tomatoes include accent or lost but nicole has a war has a betrayal career change I ran this is this proliferating CIA expert trainer coaching vocal parmesan is being rendered visit us ignite uh-huh honey bee on a writing a new Iranian nuclear program isn’t level that they will find a huge ego to what she’s weapon in the very near future the answer is yes visit me after examining several Arab use identity cooker so they all really excited traffic warheads at this underground facility don’t worry the previous all those other words I really already succeeded increasing your on your side project weapon aware this was the final fitting on pay the more sophisticated wasn’t an extra cream we lose all red lines happened in coffee where a new car man is here who vibrating sponsor tackle hug us soil I made then as well etosha pinoy yahoo in a way to go to Stewart or national attended temporary the image for girl who attack the US family was aware of accommodation capital rainy videos you gave 800 carries my school so I will say the US men either get Richard of what doesn’t burn a favor on the motion capture cameras activity will contain various we are very especial attention particle which are the other on you as influenced everything from the number mcp organic it have to be backed about between our anniversary I rent we had big on thick board made available apartment for the record you sh are watering hollering for Monica listen very well with weapons in that thread in the US the speck on the sua / our perception global warming torch market one is hairy sack and we actually Dashwood’s accepted another spectacular a quick easy gratified late after the US view on these nature clingy Mitchell indiscriminate toward any suppose behave in the unseen enemy multiple scenarios overdue for escalation I so that turns ugly 2010 didn’t you warn him at the u.s. reacting about that meteor had come from Russia thought would please Contador cos my new place of honor on high alert blue mosque on China I was taken to me this has I signed at the US for self-important potential crimp I grow and if you watch it was subjected which is not fetch my other nations might not help her save one way to do center profit cooperation control feature materials terrorists can easily obtain nuclear weapons accentuate so John underestimated terra quickly approaching the designation in the country i’d be down the aisle caticlan be bright signal expert whether you have the clutch 100’s paid to finance at periscope many of our days off the tracking work mailed it was almost red pants desi then finally she raided could easily be changed for to smuggle highly enriched uranium it is respect portal could be smoking when we drove on with the only Nigerian football natural radiation effects all right governor has oil spread after so Oh spit up snow because of region and along with that sounds just right I’m not just drunk we also have a separate layer based on hurricane hurricane occurring which k let’s talk about that so in arcata curse has he promoted from a pack obviously we don’t solve for weather modification argument coming you have played for spawning pina after the hurricane occurs okay but inevitably we will only be able to have a reactive response on a proactive responses that fair indian since 930 i disagree i think we can do things like that no revealing well so we’ll be close i can minimize espresso formations a neat to Cuban waters species that are unique or Evan it’s not list the after a PCP something since I haven’t trailed after still happens to one of the rest in Cuban waters these currents bring it all the way through the Caribbean left Florida up several sorry snares it’s not just the Caribbean author and Shara forwarded people’s editor so kind of hot spots and seven seas waters that are necessary for biodiversity all the way up all the way up to Florida coast I got a 200-mile radius in the 24 hours before an emergency license issued that is to kill enough of each of those species about their individual extinction which G stabilizes our production of things like a special products grown domestically is that correct it’s not just a question of agriculture those species can do things like cure disease so why Jesus etc on top of our evidence indicates that the ecological web is interwoven that destroying key hotspots specifically our economy is estate you sure to see any hypothetical vaccine correct there no specific our evidence in mas de it’s been the Yeah right listen even if you don’t get an extinction in fact trying to resolve diseases is a good thing alright I’m going to talk about your next advantage murderous last two predecessors were offset by military kuz who are increasingly anti-american what incentive does you have to clobber because of oil oil money cooperation that’s why oil is such an oil a second a lot of different than 30 seconds a lot of different has rejected Snowden’s request for asylum why is Madara sickness I don’t know what that has

anything to do like Snowden is not the thing I premature he was hearing a lot more about you wrong mineral play the visit of Iran in July so that should happen sometime soon why would he suddenly move away from this puzzle and because our big plan gives a sufficient said that that would cause that would bring them him away from you on he could maybe have that is on Indian letter and for that doesn’t mean that he’ll continue to have more visits afterwards we stock market have a lot of underreporting territories in Latin America quarters are even City Cakes the fruits of sardis president Erica al-qaeda head blow is a Latin America yes or even it says they have spread through weird huh there no I don’t know the specific countries it doesn’t ok so I’ll Qaeda is not as long as your evidence isolates park which is Marxist lemon lemon is what incentive do they have to cooperate they don’t have to cooperate with each other and how do they get on they can work independently they’ll write and nor should know if I work if you have global terrorist age with your only best it’s about it’s about them getting a laser weapon it’s about them getting a nuclear weapon from be drawn and then attacking us first office politics will document 106 I’ve ever used to be suffers another one which are going to make you moment by the actual so I never let that cool talking with that Furies optimist there’s a 6-foot backs up to a crush on the house and there’s your toe support for the boat landing Congress that’s doing have a look at least eight years before she said we’ll be hearing about single centers will use for Cuba testimony for home to represent marketing department for docking ball and offshore drilling OTC is Nikki degrees for moment using effectively not innocent x + 6 lug bums made and customers in a little over four clusters first attempt Obama delivered and local capital under they shall come to freaking their motivate the longacre square booth bill and increasing green card stories and effective a slight experts office every street from flirty and remember recently things we hung jury with your community produce ability to filter separate events like green Harvey be taken out the mood for eternity its entirety Rizzoli’s maximal integers dead had a nuclear war at a and then I’m in derbyshire electron backer today was expectancy nuclear launch encourage people if you’re concerned falls are fortunate people of observable ish postcode maybe acoustic lon temperature predators are piercing blue subject engagement deficit and one of the best is nuclear weapon since f geography cercare skull skin tone uh no prob school in the defend LG vu nuclear war does he start x office top Cal engagement in Russia cars and creators economic context the Oxford with using that’s Resnick and then what we find these big heavy incompletely receptionist aquatics living forms gluten products including schmiesing a baby-making Megan possible to their enemies amount of goods that I think a lot limit circumcised record mr. Bhushan browser rescue looks at consultancies make once you only Morgan really holding tax or next off the procedure moving to the environmental versity plasma sustainable trend of antique apple computers Khandala and three British health check Jeff collection government solute recognizing development keep some conservatives like entry parts q-tip rotates around order prints from that cult of all day that may be done about nine days or games may file a composite I’m feeling a little welcome conceived generalization who’s going to be on a Kanye and then directs burn through persist creepers as he came across to keep you from your even folks a nervous chance for existing position of half an attentive and there is a most evil energy technologies your eyes de los fanáticos possible to go first or social order switch on a global scale of gchatting and daily for every foot Republic files book pelicans you can absolutely wear such a pretty gal universal system i kept seeking tailored valance restaurants which are to reproduce command 11 mondays not exclude the world’s population across her inner quality green light from shopping existing from my name is keisha carmex give us just the negativity with universities from us from there some sort of shoes on a global scale vsm to steal decorative elements as a college object little rest on matrix our textural although all the nerves are directly for that crazy space for alternatives to knee level engagement Melton three there was no courtesy of honor clock sleep on me a big result Emperor viable Trinity Joe Tex line rental turn every student’s any multiple trips are collected in the middle to arrest me over 29 33 37 possible token black americana the experiments are poz Christine equals not where you quotes on terms X oven Disney’s new auto center bar by bar balloon with Julie nakia preserves our masters magic eight Boston quarter of his major lucky initial information content instruction to cookie starts with an auction will be people be able research subcommittee American Cuban number of success at equal to [ __ ] marsport keep on sending connected possible mess when you watch the games like I’m in some environment effect will be using to Boston the others are Saudi Arabia here in Syria that you guys see may have ended up removing swipes Roger 320 veggies cruz de novo does he really misses you and I remember the smell version welcome Cpl do we turn off your horse really see Charlie punish couplers and Mel facing numerous mockingbirds long-term stephen curry cream in the regional tasty go alarm loss and referees Bergfeld olympic team lays on there could possibly be that we’re developing them upon one day off caveats story’s credible used to prepare commentaires I protection these issues and I were robbed the Isle of a command here from tyrell do cavaco psychopath everyone 170 can be more from you see destabilize increasing sex cruising google tells from Chris the ability to yourself with confidence cupcake buck less comprehensive protection prospecting for new interchange watching coordinating another warrior additional nuclear war go to the counter play taxi 19 * government extending Nexus 5 bridge responsible QV nine states permit church will not adverse to write a new Borbon fine action to controlling stake in Cuba tear crowbars man seems part of treasures of work Lexington’s first equipment next piece bike effectively it all smelled operating on and also and to operate in Cuban waters it solves waiving the embargo and isn’t working

for all safety self at stevens 811 who else York recipes mysticism let them for dinner fri function cooking accessories by the law school Church week witness from provide representation showing me attention be bumpin they do- travel regulatory hotspur 10k don’t look at Disney mile such as Max’s in Cuba says yes when Max is operable soften sadowski heads of all of installers phone plug our balcony 19 photos that’s not between Cuba extra convincing up the messes fun facebook friends bathroom you can take us into else filigrees multi-level mutual intrical think you should warcraft we’re playing the terms here is your rhetorical tools to people with about tues militarism that occurs on a daily base tarik spurting she’s not an active but they said i can implement Luther evidence through an ohmic skepticism its Greenwald 12 most unfurnished f-15e respects redheads not even watch black ops ii who is no kidding up to arizona didn’t use a service to find repulsing talk about propagating service marks the parson chairs random testing for nelson remaining balance community nutrition value t community last verse historically the editor beans are just like home to us a cleansing would also expertise me all the Great Scott experts take like perked up to the term street for Bobby adult from the other money to the internal inconsistency charcoal one huge affilliate remind you take bath bluetooth mouse mats enemy Spartacus or conference equations by creepy nominated terrible refill train adventure gratifies attending apartment which ends 11 a.m. at the penny machines I was a lot greater risk indian girl near a fluoroscopy Devlin’s change for font Arizona good master adopted I officer in case case babe relations sorry majora I’m thinking local Caucasian snowden river cruise say no that’s grand n 76 and earth knows that Africa member spiesse repair capabilities wonder why I motivation I’m drove itself of genius a second sick middle finger washing powder initiative sequencer American turquoise wondrous issues involving Cal can work in both the Platinum everything you saw your interface and cripples know what Lindsay got your site that’s going to mandate and this becomes 0 60 or 70 forget arrest record online first couple of rubber and watch something to ensure it’s our improvements champion that potential relations with underscores meters or any nutrition piano roxs up profit bullets good men gender 13-under I mean off each other are ready website and I’m syslog report back to dress up another expose everything to go to stablish tomorrow’s banco de NOS down from cruising over using difficult for any causal inference we’ve gotta make herbal by same chemicals not gotten off your on the ramp rowland is nothing just wanessa top row 12 these one last cooperation against both freshen up go check on dorothy communities North Koreans website book my assumption Billy’s never definitely focus on your greed is a very general cracken from surrounding empowers our bespoke loan sharking begins at the new station to protect like a sweet nectar vaporization else potential customers don’t we got with all-new no nuclear terror in kind of peoples of taro scripts it’s kapoor and they separate organizations wanted a new bison cetera et cetera Scruton Revere Ashley Krupps we choose truck watch out of station neuro- the influence then there’s us won’t you sure I did what I want you nuclear retaliation against not nuclear state that’s Washington potions and seventh Obama Saturday you know what I you to work with any surface by Terrence company promised accuse your weapons an integer from discretion controller that on the table the ability Minter no drilling now punky close to grading 13 Russell people bought 2020 philosophy book with everything swollen remember you can use shadow of water drilling to find causes join legitimizes other clunky fits Krause getting ends in 12 there are many years on people Cuba fries inch pillow when we pray the Gulf Coast upbringing Barbies difficult for those companies to any status quo right now literally killing Julian never destroy diversity energy call from devastating w damages ovens Walter and time even without a cash can be stopping off for killing around my school improvement on localize effort Marty you can be right dr. William secular and introduce some pills ahead cards talking to some people systems when they give another problem using to regenerate buzzer census is here you go Junior dreamed of nothing dream is being given drilling and gains or losses don’t have it was lame instructional always maybe every out you guys except in any way that’s both sad 12 in several extras are common objective usual animals rivers curves because califican water’s green oaks ecosystem to resilience kinda game to marine and because this is a really not home internet particular month you’re a free private customer people watching adaptable peace kept quiet even every ability they don’t have a keystone species are being discussed all of Cascade our food supply doesn’t Bosworth Hornaday there is no minutes per second through fifth tier picture 12 days first one who doesn’t own a computer store job will be terrible to the air filter gloomy birthday pieces of topics and research deliberation and investment entertained on working with you capacity and scott’s boat stalls qus corporation set a schedule of you to offer to look mysterious about research on flights temperature and the vigil mexican delicious point bleachers anything you going to pride an able that variable knowledge carry go yeah how does it calculate do anything to resolve the rhetoric of terrorism the kind of point does not resolve the redditor terrorism argument is that using that rhetoric in the instance of this debate around is faster probably another one if using the wetter it mr. base bag what are your cyber terror impact on the politics dis at that is precisely be that is like a step in the right direction the deep entities you look at ya the defense indicates that the these sort of advances that your evidence is making or not swimming that can actually defend defendable the real world right is it like it’s not perfect but it’s a step in the right direction oh right it’s gonna make a quick distinction are Evans’s war on terror and forms of conventional terror group alright that’s hackers there’s another bunch of all your mom’s every does no question okay you are a low pass card on politics isn’t mccain and bunch of different backers are pushing company to immigration for ya your PCT charges that have almost talked about it whatever to

have this is a p-type Obama’s actually essential it just as my goal use I think the car may be argued that that sort of backing is something that is very passage of the bill and then alter a picture no no I think it’s think it makes a general claim that backers lots of a pressure on the house okay I don’t think that’s mr. McCain oh no I think the evidence about political capital that says the Obama still your United order is an impact art or interline is it just talk about we need to have some extra technology oh no your audience is really good it’s like their students those students are go to making our cyber systems no zillion and make know them more singing from it’s a few questions first why can’t we just buy the technology that is developed in other countries I mean if you want to like I don’t think that’s the minute of the affirmative but also okay I don’t get that others that would solve secondly if these people are students how long will it take for them to become rising the ranks to get to the DoD which put your snares predicated although I don’t think those students need to be a part of the deal judge but your scenario out the nuclear launch facilities right they need to make the totality of our system or defense law we don’t not to be granted acts all right okay okay work ethic teak do you can adjust salt for me to live in that America are you kind of spillover global I don’t think solvency is important at all i think the judge needs to take a stance why is that why what is the value of that stance if Neil if it wasn’t is inedible what will we be even though I happens when you vote up okay so how about your pay I understand the Fiat illusion this is just a debate about competing theses my question is right cervix a thesis and capitalism is always bad the judge should probably reject you we want to like okay the Asia the huge and daily evidence why that’s how did you jack know about these invisible populations what have we done oh I don’t visibles a funny word she jack is pointing out that capitalism dictates which numbers are counted in the world that is something that is available or that is something that is accessible to anyone it’s not like what are we invisible how does he determine what is ethical what is ethical yeah I mean one Jack does not say that this is the only ethnic Jews Erick says that oh this is allowing capitalism to continue as unethical because it like allowed to happen from decide who lives and who dies per se let’s do any wait till you see that happens my goodness Julius nowadays when the Prussians course you hoop renew in 64 semester to Miami three somebody’s keeping the helmet that one said that they will look doin everything to just a question I’m effective as i slew of other nations also prone to you drove it in deep water which we done commander thought that cannot be Australian because there will be the hotel until it sets go there evidence does not have us in the unilevel an HIV Fargo there’s also distinction between the quality duck sauce along go public you know since example the tracking portraits by the other market which approach the one whose ass you use gamma D Wahlburgers reported a hundred death in 586 not even doable resolution hopefully you see that and its rating to the merciful a challenge awaiting he Canada Spain our contention for all the in this Cuban waters that is now more say stila source for the economy casts of this fella Vargas also we’re stuck for biodiversity because we cannot contain it has good well no technology salty hurt me die because we had a war personally technology and better a lot better containment mechanisms which is piece of Zecharia and small theta chi minh tubs also need a pro ana proactive approach the Augustine people so much happening that’s illegal and repulsive is reacted with since I carry ever since channels now that the Eagles are not resilient are hotspots evidence says I don’t think Caribbean is our sailing because they just because we get any single species and I mean it’s not a hot spot in a generic sense because i love Oct that I just am not good at marine biology there isn’t a magic number funny though Oh am I never touch that it causes countries to question but the views of security commitments to Z set equal to said bounces da flash shock isn’t what kind r your source of Ferguson ever since out this channel snares turns to see this Middle East are given in Des well sorry Warwick is to hopefully vacuum sucks but that’s off their emphasis has a cheapo smart they don’t have your signal to interstate of me we can leverage other nations against Iran even with moderna will say no that is the Noriega honest also we can overcome all those persons because we go through Petrocaribe which things definitely board that’s a reason agreeing I was there a decent they have their being sinister and if I raising sinister in that and so now they are both CIA experts me on the ground as a reason that you never would say that I’ve been actually seen the money laundering it is problem because of sanctions me that brain can I get money anywhere else down the NTA any sense that nuclear care something it’s got uniquely likely because of others not cut is one of them Kapoor kids I’ve got her also figure skating from a former something someone said that will get trigger muscatel using the ice samples as well that’s def another piece of evidence that I’ve already forgotten says that that would really night nationalist sentiment and make the u.s trigger go poppity what’s more to lash out a consideration t-bucket i’m thinkin see the piece of open the icing hours that says that good we wanted to move the defcon which makes up russia nervous t we made their generation plants almost contact within the Cuban government to drill for oil we closely don’t see territory from Cheers heavens which as their definition we need watch okay engage from the death and that mean we get to mobile application only 17 element supplication made over think it begins with a subcategory kitchen jenna interpreting some carrots acabo de calor en casa market and 16 up when he’s impulsive levels from the e key number next Nora go to catch a deer with retainer Kramer good distinguishes from different whose economic concern in the news and proceed haha factors like facility day and religion sources which into top TV camera get sympathy from

Washington bosses are unconditional convertibles you can I mccarty neighbor something the policy from Vietnam believers turn for good desired was he changed before our interpretations are qualified definition is a key to position which in turn willing to employ discuss the Cuban embargo is that beaker of the topic [ __ ] bexley which disincentive Isis resource called public educational technologist at the impact on insulin Santiago de tu Toa theater the Missourian offense swirling from recently competing germination conservation confirmed kappa / me Jason about fermentation did the plan at all nah mutually souza book auto parts of the alternative now the account linked your politics because of corporate cookie whether i’m going to Martinsburg also links to be studied aside because they do it would receive our change it’s our team of mexis FAL Sivas level news while she talked about charter bethany what would assume that Cuba get nexus one printer toner shows notification when people sense of course and power couple to create an atmosphere I think Angela might respond to a few other perils of Trent any religion doesn’t solve Venezuela cuz it doesn’t lift the embargo that’s ventured on radio antecedent licenses Feldstein is also said that they don’t put private email which one to Sandra’s a license we need legislation language phone chat with equipment room did you recently whatever you want to know its connection a Cuban waters where the Cuban is nobody need a region which you apply for licenses Hippocratic waivers are reacted which means that we can’t stop so sad is that baby so Stevens I was now Tara talk there’s only because we knew you might not described in essence tutors and we just are comes about the state best attack there’s also no impact us representation so to la verdad we should not be the other portion of interrupt context and that means being as impossible to claim focus the key to my sauces white ladies no debate also sell do we also we should be obviously old’s your reputation say grace over turning back now haha young green all strong into trouble as interest retardo find a puma chromatog piece of literature creatures bellowing the temple on my apologies of course if you don’t make the same once they send evolution share sex if there’s a lot of autonomy is of course upon with my steaks and take care some people scratching their offensive veremos the allegation that only somebody will take 200 smirks will the other say something Tamina gamekeepers I balls of ice and there’s no setting up 17 scripts in metabolism on a pure gonna dedicate to a conditionality a funding issue for fairness and education time and strategies to make sure the whole two children up and supported shout out anything which kills advocacy skills also just hard contradictions which are a lot of unforced let’s type double turn wonder conditional epson salts all the rocks the critique thirdly Kevin Espada Agriculture’s they do not have any journal into the role of the dollar decision later on strategies they scare these were soaring through the resolution leader makes it more predictive on keto fabrication ground Jason source alternative me level since never order and suffering Pacific to death it would be to include a little tomorrow this will be complacent the olympus on birthday today police or display sources come on economic telligence receptor people when they’re completely underestimated death for the next time evening permeation people planet all non-exclusive sponsor other people alternative double wanna fail to welcome to the tesco department over complete the other new levels in is good and internal enters the warranty second a legal concept abolishing the grade back in one of our world will be whether it’s actually great city center plank like I can see double finger to find out annual income spoke with ranch other words they know if you want a free up a little early Developer console by what if your agent there where the leaders of bubbles for societies are offensive operations they’re good quality and likelihood Kalafina check notes which i will just beat american spirits double station the rotary i recognized in personnel boxcars they said the alt doesn’t matter that proves that if then is true that you look indeed an individual stance against new levels and still say that the United States for amateur go to the plane utilitarianism Isaac to another link in town for work at the subject responsibility Radhika content another chick named ginger about their other when I save the world real violence world p 0 detachably constituents listen joseph e.m expect mostly never recruited good generating more absolutely it was too hot and I’m not effective this poppet won’t pass becoming 712 comes with any picture from stank so that the house the house although dancing abilities has pieces and not till the art of my courses in a suitable thought she was able to remember those cynical they are to be on top I should be knowing that whenever you a bill to the floor p a little bit i was lucky there evidence case awful just I said he’s watching doesn’t see that key lacrosse experts they’re linking results but just as Republicans don’t look just like off your gun which is a linker nuclear option to maintain tanks be seen to time reversal focus alcohol 714 read a person who helps you only take a couple of hitters from the world Papa principal mother he would pay for a camera buff identified entering the etheretic sale ok good thoughts or plans Pablo sadowski drinkin love you see company here could be for you access to keep on all sorts of regular progress is typically a lovely comes to the first project us investment is coextensive a bike you my old increasing in tumblr two more lease including those in your hair stock value the last thing about credit energy hums want to be tough on these Atlanta fix all your problems redevelop there’s no better internal link to their in back there Evans it says that green car because they don’t have ever that they can’t get wrinkled album or that ser would not allow that also a new pumps or aircraft which means that if they don’t automatically new to our pieces are never think accs 115 to go to come as well as Frances into a Republican up and roll the demolition of some professor hex a worker bees leave our conditions active habits not smart at items now folks I know personally hey p13 to the home of the cerebrum common wish I unity defense taxing the country’s community Malloy belong vidisha welcome Pepe certain image minutes and sunny don’t see the American Republic I notice of you this place the public magnetizing is a good foundation go CPW the residential radio watching maybe to hear whether they have been hoarding all signed on CD public with Morgan oils 90 spent searching for a TS Eliot over this trouble listen to one couple interesting noises when develop our heroes have you don’t of our babies in the corn market will you sell kept nagging computer products are good so we’ll understand water-soluble command bibtex house there’s no like your evidence it’s a Cuban dick LOL is sufficient ahead without overwhelming are some of the searches that the bench downstairs your city profligacy want stability eliminate is far from Beth Jones how they go when we show carts on the dorsal came two weeks I represent a

new Swedish a blessing that I nope I an extremely double to be able to be a blatant violation of the apt literally becomes a chair speculate yeah then don’t touch something was released in some trouble some herbs like to tell that means that I ran to the only scenario but 17 take 4 to be more danger especially little slow right now head to the company made to me car i think mostly shotguns your box all nuclear Iran will eat other station delays including Saudi Arabia Egypt Turkey right mmm so make the argument that Russia companies other people want to drill I don’t understand sorry Russian companies but then there are also other people you outline I don’t understand the argument that that drilling cannot be an economic net increase in the world other countries want to drill in the u.s displaces those countries in the Cuban region right what do you need this place like there’s obviously going to be some sort of competition there are a finite amount of like wells and places where we can drill for oil within the keyword region right means if those countries still need to meet their demand when they just grow somewhere else what do you mean meet there I mean like obviously there will be drilling but American technology safer also the embargo prevents American companies from giving safe technology to companies and sure I’m not none on the context of a spill but that’s fine what are the whatever then there’s in what are proactive measures as per the app things like giving technology preparing responsible giving technology prepared wait preparing responses proactive not preparing a response but having like a chart that’s like this happens over this this happens a hold of this thank you everyone else it exists now it can’t exist you don’t have a contingency plans to legally we couldn’t follow through all the contingency plans even if it exists okay but like I still understand how that is proactive as opposed to reactive like why do you think they’re salty need to find more active that’s what I’m asking you to do okay well i just gave you a list of some measures I thought more proactive right why can’t those exist in the world once the embargo makes them illegal and you okay cool uh what times of economic decline by with the US attack big countries as opposed to little countries like rally round the flag effect is true then why wouldn’t he make a rally round the side okay what is sure fine ah the solidly deficit for the Venezuela portion of the counter plan is that is it the your organism in the context of lifting entirety embargo I don’t understand why no it isn’t that’s what I got into this juicy then what do you why do you think it well I mean I said the embargo cm at the pocket of thing but iran oil is there a zero piece of one acc evidence you’re going to direct Benjamin I’ll go they do and ok I know they’re a lot it’s the one wont to say the second or third on then it makes it comparative claiming about the entire TV mart would not be necessary no but it does talk about this part of the amount of be necessary okay oh how does one conditional option solve for your contradiction standard like you can read a que encounter let’s count today yeah but you can forget ooh dis haven’t received their contradict i’m at yeah and then we could link to turn the dis ad and say you can’t critique this back we can’t do that okay captain because you can kick k can’t that’s yeah but then you kick at me like it’s not unique because we don’t have it all the K was the offense I that’s fine um next question about the goat claudie evidence reading my critique of it seems like the way you’ve highlighted this it just makes several warrants already made several claims I don’t understand why there’s you’ve worn for any of these arguments it’s just like poverty decreasing X is decreasing your part hardly changed you both links to that benefits children get the perception they sell accessories movie perception they said some transmitted actual operation costs Saudi their proliferation they say carbon all the other parts of dunno what that means either is asleep above it is definitely derby in severance is phony issue code because just moving truck moves if you never cover the waffle Susie green-minded places business post was magnified officials too well protected by one they have is the increased potential reduce dependence to no perception of it international cooperation with chris i hereby three of course the hyperlink last december’s linear at using complex oklahoma report it’s just that means that we say thing with a district every way that is that gets another hey that message goes where happens in peace empirical proof in the gulf of mexico the cooperation between peppers multilateral in frisco operational frequent access to date technology which also their alibi resolves all their things into easy for y ready but would provide quick responses nice yesterday pieces to solve its fill cap was not supposed to do they say licenses feel would’ve been Piper companies like hydrology status quo are commercially doing this or violent they’re violating it now and slowly push water out legal the calculated so that’s out where sippy sippy SATA ports on the

example to house welcome to do the highest reparations hardly go to be good after class is guaranteed to spoil pleasant market which is the price of all videos to increases the likelihood of things we splittin my work has been completed because nuclear deterrence video I would turn me in recent American side of it with young when he had crushed the Middle East found Jesus at the film professionally put extending C&C down with round overall I really Washington critical operations because they perceive themselves vulnerable to reach a new window marks fixes doesn’t receive to find a new a subwoofer and the technical services treating disease houses like this receptor would necessarily need trade-off because if it is cumulative use got their large no I’m half for services carriage in every situation sake pachi oh sorry relations are pulling that then depended on a polymer synthesis which will confuse me in front of the price of oil I love production skills feel better fits in that case a groupie dash work is there depending on the Arab of their parties based on for definitive statements patchwork my principles would only cause so deep role of it insiders perceived we can image from the US for specificity Paulo there’s no however with the CNN CBS is there people to surprise since I’ve ever seen by travelpod more like provide one is the u.s. foreign equity securities user-friendly spectacles try or die for these new trainers significantly Venezuelan a day to up okay saying those are a couple clock movement causes versus their first the kuzmina xperia x10 with high oregano and clear but Rose not the limpid and stern position with the Death Eater political taxes we didn’t have these only move we move point your plan would it be one who planned the attack up rusev never csps business to ever and 86 87 acoustic number 12 on when to invest in from united there are questions every ounce of your insulin syringe of their property index noticia Snowden who sees sekito murder of Paul since greg has already seen quarters with your first canadian olympic supercross blue team apparel their presence teams are aluminum instead of which you to release Turkish league reference relations could not be at work even our own fish Mooney hi omaha solution gets from a corner surface government policies come proofing recruiting the night attention sweet array of it no man attention there’s no way to charlies further than the US State Department’s whose two years families tiny cage tunde’s yoga concluded previous assumptions were in Crimea don’t believe me in Texas pretty filled remember all their assets now from last week that’s given 624 there itís comes from Cardenas and noriega work at mission America’s a neoconservative lobby group that are you from freaking no separation between church and state their local is a bald eagle the back of your website is American pot you that you prefer consensus original at various decreasing not support are committed arenac was four years old iron swing the recesses in Beverly that right swampy that’s what I’ve ever bring the negative ever it is not making money I think this is not probable that thanks for their turn to proliferation you can’t make a bomb without an influx of cash boost to Team GB arcade that proliferation proliferation cottage Perez Matty Dolan established using bottom that wouldn’t be seamless recent sonic room circular phrases distinct because of me cobra rock whatever be open by the Constitution dinner after the students that were stirred love with you nuclear terror in my crevices all kind of Noriega more evidence not well by Seager kind of proposal to ask you both right level because they got even more levels is like Ashley Rihanna me if I was saying hearts prepare car later get along so more specific taxis or shoe apartment sub-national groups salen makes you feel me phenomenal rate attack against we conclude with a nice trip wire get it was a goofy will be mostly true freshman work with simple that keeps everybody for knowledge since much of a future use of 10 bottom will retaliate with nuclear weapon traveling ten of course with the visa for them if your SS using my that’s a wake up to which Harrisburg would be actually include council members who used to access or get any time ago was in gut Tennessee we don’t have someone to retaliate against it has logo or a bar is a bomb because they’re not national organization which we do not set it also varies for China would get trying to use me because who has been things that piece off from the cobraman even if there are with attendance or buddy hot but not it would want to immediately jump to an immediate obscenity now no don’t extend the deliberation babe at first I pursue our site / well the recklessness because their authors okay economic and political incentives for trainees who trips it’s an irrational to pursue their own interests the evidence though I love that listo Manassas internal it turns the I PHP’s the reason why they’re swollen face two operatives because they

see is to neoliberal which means to which means it only be taken salt many spills advantage this feels a bit the viper see a package can infest by any sneak you in water which means that redundancies check cascading biodiversity loss of the Gulf of Mexico because they’re true will impact our December talk with their internal link which was to hold them to a high pass holder of that explanation Charlie says watch their half note specific speciai think if you’re planning their 80 hotspot rossini to all applicable for insight and pharmaceutical speciation up you know this one kinda procedure / graphic that would I suppose we play the Canada isolate this piece behind the skeptical Millington Synge what the ball between ETA to evansville sarah tyler we oughta be super for tomorrow a miracle early for the treasures of taps in Florida boarding a beach again and the economic 258 communicate that really to really to seculars which turns exciting in part that isn’t to the comics a possible big how much supply these political leaders kicking in and support for their twist works which are again in a work instead of lashing out that was the most need Christ group that was much larger kill time mr. Harrison love evans at most the asset class in florida smacky to get the US economy us think you the global economy do couples trip bloomberg is 10 years older design dollar who purchase private leading businesses grow they refused so she practically threw wit yo como point opportunity to compete with your stretcher with each juncture commissioner become a terrible but it’s been recorded in world economy showers and flurries in Iran girl in d cocky is there recently di you don’t like use heavy people in the face to shop stop the charts quick link is that they think we don’t want their oil anymore and that makes them feel sad and alone do great that’s recognized but yeah well sure so why part of us no longer wanting their oil now is different from post the plan trusting here’s a question of your house card there’s a lot of talk in American politics about the desire to become energy independent no longer dependent on countries like Saudi Arabia the numbers are there fracking and offshore oil I don’t think they like it when we talk about energy independence I take it as a personal insult justice abalone are currently exists and careful example of how fabulous our uniqueness evidence its more recent and anything despite those talks they’d all diffuse empty rhetoric because even though about reducing locations on climate he never really does anything about it which more closely feel international cooperation okay this says they feel sad and alone now but the impact of the perception link what makes them proliferate is that they don’t think we have a day of a security guarantee anymore or is it that the word about the internet economy um it’s the security okay Leon Panetta announced that we were moving our aircraft carrier out of the Gulf this year why did that make them freak out don’t want perfect yeah we’re still moving an aircraft carrier bahrain I mean the asian pivot is irrelevant and it’s not the asian pivot they announced we are no longer going to have that aircraft carrier why do you think they still perceive a security guarantee our Ivan’s indicated the way they the way they perceive these calculations are that the US has motive for having those kinds of security guarantees are based on a boil right and we don’t have the security guarantee we still have security guarantees despite that one aircraft carrier moving alright so the counter plan allows for international cooperation between us firms and international forms because of waving license fees right no the mexis plan okay but still be your first register the international cooperation on hole puncher okay you said the link to that Saudi probed Assad’s because they could see were internationally cooperating on Boyle no spoil drilling it’s not with the counter plan is in the world truly the Catalan doesn’t do job but doesn’t the kind of plan cooperate internationally on thrilling no it doesn’t teach really do you see my confusion though do you see my confusion okay cuz he’s a great team responds the way you explained the link and then would like to rebalance question I tried to answer it you said that I can see it something what what I guess that’s why your cookies can you you just said no more thank yous can be ready so sorry all of your no retaliation evidence is about Obama doctrine do you have any evidence that said Obama’s like the person comes after Obama would retaliate like that is enshrined in u.s doctrine forever okay conditionalities your kind of reason get one has my most you can’t cross plains or any flexibility violent temperament multiplying lucky to have each must go with muffins are multiple oh there’s no more awake you can script frenzy Glock two extruders and Penny bow ties with my referred to on say Frankie stop taking different surveys have to go ahead and add owner because for most countries you see a conditionally ski doo doo being negative resources really think he may have to make a good apple tree depends

less sanskrit on transfer demo the blobby birth one every single is faster than your free day da we can write eighty violation ticket info crossing large quantities of the most critical t-cell learning commission on the Las max comes to an hour check only over 1 which we love effort 13 or 100 dozen 12 verse understand I still others like you had a lot of flexibility as a real world this as long as we’re stopped we went sending it that out here my you’re gonna text me she’ll go device that in response to Polly’s okay now does everyone set really what are we really just you have to be nice to Jonathan so there’s an H in there it’s Jo HN a TA nah it’s not jo na Eric Emerson spent the entire year calling me knocks back so I I believe I performance ever sturm judge a patient they do look good politics outgoing see there’s no one’s really also good for couples in gene and as a bum can use through to our excavations go to d critique for other holidays bro I think the first army was a no links our first game is he gonna give you ten times remix our country the image we are developing three days counting the limit is a delivery levels below cheese cube size alternate strategy second is Cuban old saying use control of the noodle turn up Abbas motors from the social model you are for slider equities shifts timidly common practice app development whether Christina father trans and third as heroes in the global creditors a primarily due primarily just peach Roshan state of emergency sido replace disappearing or keep decide if you washing dish maybe I’ll probably read a shower probate writers use your card here next day that these favors me ethics debate energy games we won a comedian exclusive aubergine a little oh shut up Jerry for president of marketing for software at Black Joe squeeze at stonebrook journal 30 octro Star Trek during a public community framer argues that the moser equal methodology CD burner finding a plenty of FM shukran a curse is going to Germany to your phone pretty lame argument organs particular reason person ages a mega trends academia will be princess my seneschal negra put the Africa to the hidden resolution thing to get out of that outside that actually as long as we set aside trees with oneself is there may be a progression are going to get a looming five months internal view / clickable all study what are you shooting a just reason why should now be there am x.x organs that ineffable the army don’t we got our homes asteroid planet revolution sisters all this time because we dated you just killed a shot at fermentation is a flawed bottle of revolution the arm it is a multi refusal to accept the other compliments psychological ploy racing liberating multi-parameter solving the problem is a the only curse the constant maintain capital thing says that is a trace for thinking as I capitals of donek systemic might keep you open up new space work in organic necessity jacket and the only they see permutation bifurcations brownie or any more live organs are fundamental playing political strategy kapag federal a federal even play keystrokes and dealer pulls on the fermentation includes incriminating piece network link ethics exactly because these shipping labels from you still have hope because of black money together the authenticator ethical buckles are as shown us is true social engagement vocal theory get the information to your secretary computer servers in market exit players enter include some above an applicative federal sure to text book these are what he be speaking to destroy didn’t even go to negative to create strategies negative gdr yeah he says that guy he said he says that it results are you CC says that vehicles and salt we complete terms you she notices you have your fault either setting of attics additionally maybe you resolve it’s one of the Perkins appreciate our rivers our businesses tried a chronic for you will tell me the awards the fuel and will to blow up in the water around beverage going to explain why I think that we don’t like if you want area extract little more attention to go plenty of the Immaculate rechristen zabbix any consideration coach first museums but what is he three hours a day in the other blood ethical responsibility search on exploration company philosopher lunch in here on this very building markdowns which replaces the days of the derivatives are fancy party you need for an antenna get the ordinary principles of watch for PCC foundation for 70 strategies domination these for anything because I gather you’re wasting every political power supply natural Authority human holiday planarize most refugees busy who will send that’s an event so Christy pressies rusty pastas and capital creates a month live blog nobody seemed that all chose acts comic with a Sophie fill out form including Goldman your own sister Christine epochs s revolution company gravity research he has blown responsive education to including monitor special actually get domination to Nepal’s failure business oh they’re in fact I’m security communist gloss over broader structural problem bubbles burst cheek increased nations that you know that center I incentivize corporation one of it is if I want their granese on globalization of auctions the reason why just individuals one attack first would be to be put into a true prophet makes is an observant enough our resource and the person was capital accumulation cells crew cause dangerous draw across christian center by this virus tired more activity I’m interested in a new beer we were more prudent while been missing the captain’s go there’s a distinction in quality of life and then dial up going away belief to win internal link to the second when he liberals Mesa job sorry actually that’s the system yeah judge choice permutation the alt does matter to question of Joy’s a question of not from the point anymore Frankie locate the

original text alternative is a textual tournament do not do the approving the solution to be over intelligent be levels insipid with dropping the assessment system are that existing networks will exist ee videos from the question everything knowledge of capital fish yourself as one on it I think they can I get you myself becoming offer believe you’ll become common a tree falls no common Rose many bench for Atlanta bear comes the final court rulings on faustino structured difficult an alternative is 30 security for exhaustion cold-blooded magistrates impossible a clear actually answered the question the affirmative on YouTube a culinary deposit posterior Australian passengers an engine mounts in reasoning and that in turn every chill trainer or no confident as ever and questioned be locals who happenings including if you want to be supposedly Local Coordination s number exceeded people it’s a decision rules and the agreement ultimately were lower section geotechnical beauty faster to cook outpatient facilities University exactly made many others work after go go for political monomers news published on texts we have three tables Stanford husband shouldn’t have answered stills and I’ll be continued on the fight they don’t assume busy the Cuban Caribbean only only for dolly comic watch this doesn’t cause but they don’t hedge every sale question asked a because we look weak as well start to retry to our turtle eggs in the heart are turning about the entire offshore industry which does call this chocolate but we finally destroys confidence we have no true of a preferred recency that other countries develop updates to Philip on disability otherwise no need an obvious need a big shop too because it’s doing a trigger for dissent there is no they don’t sure they will terminate American simply does not matter that I gon be under find a nuclear weapon a local friend a logo graphic with asylum for the front they’ll continue to wait out the G ways down delicious you’ll never really over the relations obviously when you take motor what everything’s up there entrepreneurs what we have to say they give out the aircraft care crew that there’s others out there common targets in fact that we will safety that nobody would say that’s like Iran does they want to probe the truth other regional were speculations their evidence included military-type toy box we 20 the usf station even a pretty bold video do some life lessons other reasons on my chocolate entered the hackle fresh track them for a dentro that identity chair of the Joint Chiefs but we might be there because the multiverses example we say that we come you cannot really delivery to attack you are going feature not disturb unknown through oil for interpreting development of a competitor’s partnership on partnerships trust out the weinermobile can you offer you the future having 20 pitch with another one coming up we have them here today commit what’s this a joke doesn’t to the economy they work for don’t turn to copy the hopefully market in Marseilles and Kurt ensure continued ties there’s other ways in clubs here to take apart video and see stuff is also credit indicators you dizzy legends rocks all the two countries through otra cosa en concierto 20 collaborator party on pressies in developing reminyl via you’re on is bigger and traveling to proliferation because serum lipid evidence indicate a Saudi Arabia wants to build Eva only do see the colon came on proliferation for they tried it would they try to put the check to the freight themselves shopping separated reason Jack groans now permit an offer on Crunchy’s doing by the comp and Lisa to go because Monica the tail to achieve its not millionaires question through about four per second common stock software lets you forget about the process of a stroke they do things go to feel things I believe our second mrs eagle with a whistle you wouldn’t have a little house in have affected to have effective drug uno every step of the zoo but then I’ll be other Central Depot tell us expertise Caracas that’s our key to being a software entrepreneur key to being able to suffer Couric of preparing head over to end also conditionality Disney voting issue a license no residues double booked for the been offered a caution particular girls cute Wheaties traveling across by Jove are often against excuse policy analysis to acs t1a articulate one conditions historically sixties and exalted office groups on kaiser netflix negligence in North your choice Salisbury and sent by his research and first wash cars educational total base and top of research salt educational breath armor protection page to death near upgrades for south Irishman charming sauce Farrell thing they killed at critical thinking through by Katie plugs are losing creates a shallow education Detroit out these skills mrs. winter king of portable skills in future visits relevant policy issues with change the only debate going to teach you to defend our armies I’ve seized change unique is they are diversity of 20 dokdo and mount see we won’t they won’t prosper still student we see condition is called a psychological treatments group level the Negev what angle I thought you can get there be snow opposing without without being but without any confidence recruit II the rules about is actually the best of the first traffic we were the old tale that period of our education guide and rewards at sri chakra we’ve accomplished in education we just as they they must just when things must be so they just been solid scene and then they’re alert rotates yourself semi armor and online trading that they can possibly for a party to the panel not into two parts on the old tracks on the affirmation from up there neoliberal Mickey the best part of mia we keep the best part of needles everywhere we go best part the other because in the stands tall man that means that they do operation not obviously the opportunity costs capping go pocketbook single except I yield everyone’s event in the greatest uniforce no further coordinates and eccentric some partly sells for probably was trying to epic only already talked about people who are on the ground are you like this never been subjects but we help increase lightly on the environment technology technology those in the party’s just we don’t have to tackle this reason why need to spread he’ll there was ready liberals are further cereal or boli parody is gonna do that they need to have specific engineer every economic indicators of one’s life increasing the abstract and from nonprofit the percent of people who were looking for a house full of one percenter going on today or fall window pending park or 1099 to do ba og pockmarks ever sent 2,500 people within a month below to vote for Dave on from 220 number 6 30 at 7000 65 in two thousand and more news am and Nikki’s in measure incoming poetic 1l indexes yogurt British people being funny comic oddity in action 82,000 utilitarianism most ethical as you moan Attica weather but we will let wavy the world of the shrine about we must try and take the greatest number of good life sentences are impact affect those who are affected by partner effect by parties will do though don’t even have an objective most ethical Santa to save us shall move on one more week be more profile reads the

chunker okay place often visual million zoo khao SOI number two let’s give out of copies f % the world population extreme army fella shared population eccentric person probably have encrypted i hope improvement bookworm right anyway because of fortune course Ramirez Damon rabbit if I’m whopping they try to be the worst most decorated there’s a good that you have to register to the greatest virtue ecological send Globes admin rather a lot of sort of personal because I’m talking to knit and every one person half of the global wasn’t founded possible solution ET Charlie that food security piercing the turmeric seven position to expense for the fourth looming coming India they each other two hundred going out after copy I read said the village Ivan [ __ ] themselves they stupid comedy me about the songs well pockets at the paradigm don’t want to do that maybe are studying number of people who can find a pharmacy for four percent dbase pattern emerging middle class and property search on any capitals have been followed by five credit rent canoes property common in Iraq a copy 100m taste n decreased poverty in company oh six up in the secrets we got to work Bobby Hebert also utilice best because the DJ has it owns attention a huge morality they didn’t differ about competing brass making progress to evaluate which is no full of course conceded turkey carcass makes impossible for you to farm in front of a good from the first economy economy Bellas are the solution to a common practice in place easily pattern we’re getting their ancestor successful is vulnerable to a pot is 94 going to be causing functions of future someone retro music Iris’s go awesome sentence drill the only reason through the teachers two examples of Margaret and sanitizes and necessity tightest i’m about to do accomplish makes the oil drilling the Neville’s her the soldiers catlins the [ __ ] all other women to come on Catherine equal fuses informations test covers Naga a house of in nomina anatomica there’s no substitute a blender infinities makes you wonder is quantifiable we didn’t design the effectiveness is what separates the defective are they say their correctness keepers their purses that message solves all the respect cracks response is good at allows us to effectively respond to their Colonel if I could resolve it I made a mental argument that be her tweets AZ her consent Ehrlich means get that no one is able to solve he personally should feed that into movie basically command you only enough for at responsys people supplements bilder is it a little should have a deal with if you can’t put off the TV that’s how can they say it’s illegal the licenses make it legal there’s no one air explanation of why oh well I mountain Vince next welcome Pete Orr a new house of worship which worsened Harris guard it means that there is no attachment being a little hair clips purposes us expertise licenses give me expertise to recruiting these for you to Cuba companies status publicly which is not one of my life infinito Ricardo with you won a heart of the only read his blog back that’s not in for any to us yard miss Christmas you then continued crazy are from the Caliph me to enter text i’ll only go for one which allows the experts part of the trade our answers all there where the tournament’s if they didn’t ask to see us peace missile shells to sing us with something salsa education claims things go always I always how many things like negative one to facilitate neck made cycle you guys are you chewing on a few kids are one tall scrub there and put what you decide to see doesn’t office is still endorses conditionality please do go I feel lots of flexibility of housing real-world attachment because is not impossible any negative no is Rita eight evaluations are just haven’t covered with each other to detention no difference to it it also fails a freaking issue time transfer Nevel turned over in attacking the two alternatives are an office department in with yr that intimacy she’s thinking maybe the only possible worlds in each others you may have to think of good apps reduce or hot lines or a hearty food for geniuses that is a topic education we saw better other things a lot to do tata business and funerals as well in that case specific counseling so i don’t know yet besides us see is the only fictional sin and you no scammers we think the most popular package abilities as well because because of my mentioned protocol if I a treasurer full of results deeper I’m gonna which was a very old and so inherently or expands its use it to demonstrate that they their eternity eternity since I rabia would flood the market Charlie proxim same exciting warranty dark tinted with well release all their oil which we were to chase you all surprises navies and they also theater my retort a check for that a nuclear testing would trigger myleene klass a larger internal linkage there and chill scenario because Dean conceded wit 11 Keith disposal may be contained chemistry or anything global health implications and redundancy check any of their term life countries could only choose the ibps nothing society ago would it never feel afraid our Elvis’s contextual in touch grade okay then I’m sorry Vanessa for international relations professor security ties are keen how we ever forget it concerns and even in other trench not indicated now then where would you go for week 2 Bravo or oil supply the proliferation would be inevitable and only occurs getting it interception exceptionally service are you so quiet leafy substance trade-off languages that there’s no we can become like because it does not increase drink it does that increase drilling the relation uses relations are silly and our attaboy waiting relations are not to leave the world it was that you know that their security is here too buddy cousins who gave us into the markets which was only your TV their minds which we retrieve oil is even the right ones are true director better than our sorry wake up would we have open access to knowing it is near records turn this one’s new way are vicious alligator also

known as we are two more to an arts which means turning the hardest fiction based food now that keep our discussions and his food would say to them there’s no but it happens for our eviction widow for burgers we can’t right now is it hasn’t stopped their attention getting intense to be a new so much emphasis in military yeah love it these pieces that other uses that military ties that way in military kind of ideas but uses done it pretty confident opens his arms his concepts are key Oliver and into the elder institutes and we’re so mainstream printers would be the only thing that is Saudi Arabian cares about the soil which is the biggest journaling that they can impress rough everything from the advantix publish we said there’s no way we would be affirmative and the only risk or croquet tournament we’re good the catastrophic economic impacts of an oil or not working March larissa honey we may not make the choice to go nuclear I collapse of the energy sectors rolls of a public by faster to epic about Noel spoke as a global economic conference Lee two hours i contested that mr. Ergas a nuclear war the oil analysis across the country to question our security commitment which means that it turkey Saudi about disadvantages we would already security guarantee which is there’s narrowboat but that also cause a Middle East organs move before to a job by their haste also external scenario countries like China check into the fire vacuum and that cussing diversionary course which other proof that America’s most of her mentality this Carolyn does not solve any of these things the Stephen Zappala says that you cannot have engagement because I relations are paralyzed being they abide the embargoes they do not change licenses are also to piecemeal and just take too long to hand out which we that the backlash would already have occurred on obviously there was an invisible threshold after which they bomb the northville would cause a backlash through the oil secretary Senate you lectured era review also can’t go in and proportional to beat up proactive you can do things like put calving sex then no relief us all or you can and if they linked to literally they’ll both links of the net benefit develop i shouldn’t’ve literally i apologize however the current plan provides licenses for US companies to going to cuban waters and drill and to provide technology that means both US companies would be drilling for oil which would make saudi arabia freaked out because they’re not drilling in saudi arabia more but also mean that oil is coming back to the US which triggers the other link about cuban oil trading off of saudi oil you shouldn’t kick the counter fun for them because i don’t think it was an argument of the to an hour even if it was then we have a half which i explained elsewhere the old dated the only engine is they made his like we’re not going for the perception link they link to the other thing too because the chemical in functionally does the plan they just worded it cleverly decay the bubble argument make any sense obviously bubbles conference sessions for our agreements about a progress shot to the energy sector which they don’t have an interline to also drilling in our rooms we need us experts ain’t never done to would retreat that this is not a geography you don’t know primitive um this yeah the study arabian antelope ee z ultra source is not the only extinction impact their evidence is about a generic keywords that you roll back into networks is obviously not about sun equilibration there’s no hot soccer now but you can also listen to think ami didn’t need to be able sad that they would flood the market or that note that would truly come be honest leader if we went and we winter olympics even stop to the internally and that doesn’t that make it also tell when i go to the environment vaca which we don’t see TBC tools in nuclear testing army now but i also redundancy check our even takes it up now relations are analogous oil is nasty lynch contempt ice versus other economic ties that we cooperate on the cobra and things like that agriculture and airplane parts between that the use won’t have to be trading haha we’re sorry we’re that’s how Smith that Minister David we all approve that you always read a book relationship of some surgeries at our dear mama be sad and the lungs Agnes military price and supply routes other we will enable you have a military presence in the Middle East even though we’re shipped into Asia areas still visit in the Middle East about that several times and we obviously just have this weird thing about the Middle East which copies and even if they win that Saudi Arabia will strike and prolific the US presence there will deter an escalation allow us to essentially which in which we know that they do not have been turning toward the only scenario Foreign Office oh dear a people actually escalated when we were lowest either us or to draw back from the lease which would normally I would never come to class also we will continue our security guarantee that because we have similar interests they’ve helped us do things like counter-terror something and things of that nature that’s the Roger seventh which is their link evidence that weary highlighted 2xa the relationship is inevitable screech that they will never proliferate which is tourmaline black offense disadvantage if we take out them out but none of the disadvantage to reduce it to statistical background noise you go to a group photo feminine now the arms sales upset third his arm cells are evidence has no relation she’ll be quoted of a rock-solid because the of camera tears a person we’re selling a bunch of airplanes which is obviously another part of the security grantee they say good that savvy Ravens not perceive that you don’t object to perceive that that’s the Rogers happens obviously there’s also no in back to that Matilda of it will just obviously tell them what they all come to us to be like America why are you getting oil from Cuba we are sad and alone and we will say don’t worry we can still be friends we still have aircraft carriers we will still sell you

arms um the other arguments is because the other reason that they said relations are resilient is because of the presence of nuclear weapons obviously we will still have nuclear weapons afterward which is also terminal impact defense because us losing oil would not cause us to disarm in hold on a second not about proactive versus reactive they said the link was a yes/no question obviously there’s a yes/no question of whether or not Saudi Arabia proliferate even if we only win that they accessed a perception link that the counter find links to perception they don’t just get that kick links because the one ERA didn’t get test them and if we not if the counter one leads to one of them that would trigger the hold is