Air Conflicts: Vietnam Gameplay (PC HD)

the first Indochina war ended in 1954 and led to the expulsion of French forces would occupy the peninsula for almost a century Vietnam was left divided into the communist north and Catholic led but predominantly Buddhist South the south was supported by the United States and saw the spread of communism as one of the 20th century’s worst problems the fear was that a domino effect would occur that after the loss of one nation to communism neighbors would surely follow the United States was facing an encroaching communist front and decided that Vietnam was the place to make a stand recent operation saw thousands of South Vietnamese families moved into militia control fortified villages as part of the strategic Hamlet resettlement program however Vietcong have infiltrated several of these South Vietnamese Hamlet’s killed their leaders and seized control we need to support the South Vietnamese Air Force and wiping out these VC controlled Hamlet’s for the first part of this operation will soften up their defences with airstrikes ready for an assault with light tanks and infantry I’m having some problems with rudder response need to perform a manoeuvrability check under that listing to check you from behind I’m on your six initiate maneuverability under functionality good hailer on functionality good I knew her ability perfect check your flare launcher functionality flare in the air now test engine over engine functionality good now just your brake perfect your maneuverability seems to be fully functional check your systems now good check your weapon systems now shoot your Kansas hoppin mom having negative fully operation let’s continue the mission we need to eliminate the vietcong’s infiltrated Hamlet’s bomb the occupied villages to destroy the vietcong space

and help to reduce the enemy presence in the area dropping bombs a good drink NVA MiG’s are approaching protect our bombers before the MiG’s reach them oh nothing go you good job now destroy the remaining Hamlet’s now Rafi phone and a good strike now dear Joe too bad there was no time for you to come home and say goodbye I was so excited to hear that you’ve been transferred to Vietnam to support our

fight for democracy and I wanted to shake your hand I’ve told all my friends that my brother’s going to fight in Vietnam some of them said that we shouldn’t be dictating how other nations are on but I know they’re wrong and that we’re doing the right thing mother is worried about you and she sends kisses but she is sure our father would be proud of you should he be with us still god bless his soul Lisa was here yesterday bringing me here old textbooks Zoey was helping and she was very proud too telling everyone she was helping Uncle Neil earn after finishing college I want to be just like you but on the ground it’s the Marines for me you take care and kick some commie asses your brother Neil air strikes on the VC controlled Hamlet’s were successful their defensive fortifications have been severely damaged and now the ground attack must commence South Vietnamese light tanks and infantry are already on their way to the Hamlet’s we will provide air support to ensure their success but be careful double-a defenses are still active in the area so we need to prioritize these when spotted this is Cobra – I think we’ve been hit I’m initial sequence under that film in the laminator you over 1 to the fish of 3 I confirm all functionality check thanks Bishop all seems to be working well proceed with the mission objectives some Vietnamese tanks fail to break the habit for vacations in the valley we don’t have any ground forces in the area but to break the Hamlet’s defenses our covert swab will crush them from the air

enemy fortifications were eliminated there is still considerable resistance in the hem and to minimize losses we will provide air support for Vietnamese ground forces a fire we can capture the second Hamlet quickly by dropping our troops near the hamlet at LZ Bravo however LZ is hepatech to by doublea’s Cobras have to destroy the doublea’s to allow Huey’s to deploy our boys at LZ Bravo great our troops were deployed safely at the LZ we have to provide cover fire until they establish a defensive perimeter fireball Thanks

enemy fire surveillance reports NVA HQ located near our position destroy it to minimize the NVA presence in the area enemy fire you