Monsterland || MS-DOS Styled Text Shooter

hey guys today I’m gonna be playing monster land motzo Anna’s a game on steam it’s described as a ms-dos style text mode shooter with a story-driven campaign which is almost three hours long so let’s get straight into it difficulty I’m not choosing the hotter one day one so I’m just going to warn you these graphics are going to look terrible but give this game a chance cuz it’s actually pretty fun kind of reminds me of game is like doom like the old dunes okay log it in so this is my character I canopy Christmas 3848 your cryogenic sentence has been sued enjoy your new life on something too so my prodigy next sentence has been served so leaving I don’t know if this is supposed to be like a spaceship or what but I just got a scrap gun scrap gun you can break walls and such so down here there’s a gun um I think this number four yes so this is I got a chain gun yes you’re just picking up shapes it’s hard to get your mind wrapped around this game everything is just a bunch of characters like alphabet characters and this is shooting but I have yeah this is shooting chain gun so let’s go forward and there’s a monster here comes here comes killed it let’s keep going down this corridor uh what does it say wait oh you can break this wall it’s cool so these are yellow ones you can break the wall with your scrap gun what is this I’ve got a key card Pamela switch back to my chain gun so you just use the WASD i am the arrow keys like a twin-stick shooter I don’t have this game supports controllers yet but it would be cool if they did in the future there we go I actually think this game is like pretty amazing like I cannot believe someone will make a game like this I shotgun so let’s go HS health and those little lines are ammo but the monsters get close to you they’ll damage you no littering and surface areas okay so i can just imagine this is like some sort of like futuristic spaceship like sort of like dead space or doom where some crazy virus broke out and you were in cryogenic sleep pretty generic a typical story but just the graphics themselves are just amazing in my opinion anyway it’s actually pretty well done the story anyway there’s another monster so this one is slower but it has more health crap okay get out of here it’s kind of hard to aim because you have to line up on the row or the monster is a power shotgun so this is a close-range shot gun that fires multiple squares that little green thing is actually a like a bomb or fusion core so I just blew that up but that was close enough to it it would have hurt me let’s go up here and get the health got another key card key turbine oh crap there we go so as you can see the shotgun it can hit multiple squares at the same time security no [ __ ] and you know this is the children allowed okay can’t think about my daughter this is not the time

I’m a pee I’m a p shape appy shape has thoughts I should use that later my bad so I’m gonna switch back to my scrap gun break this wall whoa whoa no no no no no no oh crap oh crap again surrounded by em shapes so M stands for monster in case you haven’t gotten that so far oh my god because I fast just an and over here what was that pick up a box of rockets I’ll have Rockets yet oh there was a bunch of fusion cores in this room I could’ve just blown up the whole room I’m kind of dumb oh well I keep forgetting like these green squares are actually bombs so if I hit the green square it’ll blow up but it’s okay I’m fine on health surprised it didn’t do more damage I thought I was dead for sure officer what’s that an elevator or something I’m not sure what just happened but just feel safe I should make my own way across with the scrap gun ok oops come in to pick up picked up a ring shotgun ok whoa whoa I know it’s in here audience oops kill the monsters getting the guns that all that was over here see how it’s like some secret items over here oh crap secure bridge can’t go that way so I have to go up oh crap I died f9 to load latest save did I even save f9 autosave okay so glad there’s an autosave otherwise would have got to start from all the way back at the beginning that was sucked try using a chain gun King gun seems to be the most like safe weapon maybe not I wish the monsters that I have such a like a large range of attack should make my own way across with the scrap gun hmm favorite no such a big step a shotgun oh dang it i can move through here oh I can all right so I can just bypass that whole bridge area even water surface needed what there we go okay made it past that oh crap anymore weapons settlements not far

are you kidding me that freaking monster captain that monster has a shotgun I’m about to die paid some health kill the monsters gonna pick up shells so I guess I go down oh wait no Mother’s a colony key required oh it must be in here there’s a monster in here though kill that thing I wasn’t too hard I wonder if there’s anything over here nope okay what’s up that was cheap the GPS here now can’t have those tourists getting lost okay oh wait which intersection here over here health and some more ammo Laura shotgun let’s go down let’s go over here couple monsters I mean this game really doesn’t feel much different from a game like doom only thing is the graphics are not there sort of like kind of shows you like how little graphics mean two good games Lenny made the best cupcakes and he was going to fix that weak wall oh crap are you kidding me piece of [ __ ] ok kill that guy oh I just blasted through the wall it’s cool your destination wait okay the V shapes are traps or specs or something they were hurting me I hate that freakish shotgun one you’re dead I’m really low on health room safe let’s have a son oh oh oh oh I’m dead Oh try one more time if none let’s go to autosave you can do manual saves too I think f5 is to save your game manually well I’m starting out with frickin 11 health trash bullets trash bullet casings blood not sure what’s out there paralyze their dead space and so confused it will just do here I

don’t want to go up because there’s it’s so many monsters and I get hit like few more times and did I got the key card okay I got the green key card got a rocket launcher mmm funny-looking rocket launcher I got some health so I’m a little bit better now so I got the red I think I got the red key card is in the house all the monsters are dead rock it slow like a needle let’s kind of go go down here what am I supposed to do all right maybe over here yep all right no oh I’m shooting the wrong thing god I’m stupid I’m shooting at the are shape instead of the end shave okay keep going I’m living here what was the point of that ok so the purple wall is locked I’m kind of confused yellow that would go back I got the supply key may be able to go back to where I came from let’s sit and go down all I came to down okay but I can’t go past that great barrier there’s nothing over there so i guess i have to go back because i’m a bit lost and i’ll go back track a little bit like I have the red the red key Lord alyssa’s use the red key on well there’s nothing here so maybe I did miss something toxic spill there must be like a wall that I can explode somewhere but I went down here got the rocket launch here maybe I should just shoot the rocket out here nope there’s a tee down there Tootie nope her that way yeah that was not the right way oh I’m gonna conclude my playthrough here I got kind of lost so i might need to look up a guide cuz i’m not really sure what the deal at that section um could try to look one more time to see if I was missing anything I mean the red cue card opens red card opens this area uh-oh so I’m gonna conclude my video here it’s getting kind

of long if you enjoyed this game be sure to check out um monstro land on steam I’ll leave i’ll i’ll leave a link in the description and i hope you guys have a great day where you going we’re not done with you