**NewsBlast** 1/18/18 Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Will Knock You Out

Hey hello news blasts I’m Gary I’m Tara happy Thursday happy Thursday yeah just another normal Thursday no birthdays actually we do have some some news we do have a birthday to celebrate my birthday is next week yeah it’s gonna be pretty exciting I’m pretty excited about it thanks Nico all right let’s move on not is Tara’s birthday she’s very excited she’s wearing her millennial pink pink she’s very excited it’s a real color doesn’t I doesn’t look as pink next to my pumpkin orange you know what we kind of like Gary oh man yeah I think these blend this would be like a good eye shadow palette yeah that works appreciate that um let’s get into it Mike Tyson is awesome I love my taste yes my turn now I did he’s awesome he’s gay he’s getting cooler by the second yeah so we remember we broke the story might Isis opening up a a weed ranch called Tyson’s ranch it’s gonna be a marijuana cannabis Mecca basically they’re gonna be cultivating teaching there have a bakery they’re having a glamping area where you can stay or the amphitheater all sorts of crazy stuff Mike Tyson was at the premiere of kick boxer a retaliation last night at our gliders kickboxer fans yeah yeah so this is like this is great this is pretty cool actually I mean this is yeah you gotta check out the trailer it’s it’s gnarly but there’s like a lot of MMA guys and obviously jean-claude Van Damme Mike Tyson is it stars in it also underlay Silva I mean there’s like a bunch of the guy who plays listen I’m not gonna try to pronounce his ha I will try and for not just good hop or whoo leus bjornsen the mountain just call him the mountain mountain thrones he’s in it so yes the man he’s awesome so we talked to Tyson and we asked him about the weed and a couple things and we’ll play the clip but one of the things we asked if he’s worried about competition you know this is the Green Rush in California now a lot of celebrities are getting involved with marijuana yeah so if he’s worried and also asked him about celebrities that may be getting in on this we’re gonna have the best marijuana round he also says that Snoop Dogg may be getting involved with him he says that him and Snoop we’re smoking buddies back in the day and yeah that he wants to bring his celebrity friends kind of on the ranch to help help get involved help collaborate basically so yeah it’s pretty cool obviously this this is great and this is the first time Tyson’s actually we obviously did disturb is the first time he’s spoken about it yeah exactly it’s spoken about what’s gonna be happening at Tyson ranch and yeah how cool would it be to to show up and see him and Snoop Dogg just hanging out with checking you in doing a little he did say yeah he did say that um the they’re supposed to open up at later this year it sounds like a few months we may be a Tyson ranch sooner than we thought we’re really very excited about this here at the blast we will keep you up-to-date on everything going on at Tyson ranch yes hopefully from the scene we’re going field reporting on this one yeah exactly are you a fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey I’m from New Jersey okay to be honest I try to stay away I love Beverly Hills Orange County Real Housewives I try to stay away from Real Housewives of New Jersey in addition to Jersey Shore because people are constantly asking me about it like I should know like they’re my neighbors shit now I know but then like there’s like a whole there’s a stereotype associated with it to be fair though they’re all in North Jersey they are all in nurtures you know from South Jersey but I’m gonna tell you a secret yeah as much as I try to like stay away from it it is a guilty pleasure it’s great I do like it the Gorgas Melissa and Joe they’re fantastic they and the sister Teresa Madison Danielle Staub onion bagels it’s the whole thing yeah Joe Gorga isn’t a war with an Italian restaurant that he had lent his name to and gotten in business but they actually showcase this on the show it’s not Jersey at all yeah not at all restaurant

gorgeous homemade pizza and pasta was something that him and Melissa were working on you can see that these photos they they lent their name to the the restaurant that was at a different Italian name before that and and they incorporated their whole family into it there were photos everywhere they actually lent their their recipes so there was the Gorga homemade red sauce little Joey’s chicken piccata Melissa’s harvest salad and then the father yeah father came in and helped yeah yeah I I watched a clip when they talked about this thing for the first time and it was um it was like beautiful I mean the father starts crying and the restaurant because this is like his whole dream come true and Joe really wanted to make it good for him well the restaurants was big piece of crap and Joe’s yeah joe says it’s basically ruined his family name dragged him through the mud he’s pissed off and we actually got a very strongly worded legal letter yeah that was sent to the the owners of this is actually it was a cease and desist and there was sent to Joe’s business partners him he was claiming that he has ended the relationship with them with the restaurant and with his partners and he says that they’re still using his in his name and images and photos all over the restaurant and Watson to stop right away and the list of things in this restaurant you started I mean it’s just bad it’s really bad bro yeah so I mean he starts saying first off I mean it gets almost there could have been a big health issue that he found out so the the the Gorga homemade sauce they were selling through like a store online and you could buy him when they were in there they would bottle him well apparently Jill found out they weren’t using preservatives to send and ship those out so you get nasty red sauce it was great and so Joe apparently found out about this he tried to put a stop to it immediately really they were still doing it in the store right so behind his back as much as they took it offline so selling it in the restaurant with bad it’s bad he said it wasn’t representative of the family and the food and stuff and even said he went in there one time and the place was completely disorganized he had to seat himself said the meal the food was was good but afterwards he went to use the bathroom and the toilet was broken people were upset and it’s just really really bad yeah apparently the the final straw came and it had to do the Groupon because the the I love Groupon too but the restaurant was offering coupons and apparently they weren’t honoring them so people were contacting Joe and social media saying why are you not honoring these Groupons and gift certificates so he was very very pissed off and so that’s it they pulled his name from the chef from the restaurant but says that they’re still using it so there’s a big yeah you know that show have you ever I had a really big obsession with these for a long time there’s one called Restaurant Impossible I’ve ever heard of it and then um Gordon Ramsay had one too yeah they should get one of those guys to come in and buy you something cut the shit just like Jon Taffer the bar rescue stuff yes exactly where they’re like hey you gotta stab should should I hold my grandmother yeah that would be cool to have that long yeah it would be there would be some epic fights and the show was the restaurant was featured on this show like six times so it’d be a you know I don’t know they also and and here’s kind of where I think this is heading so this season this is they wanted to stop using stuff they also want the other owners to open up the books and see how much money made up while using his name and so basically here it comes where you know he’s accusing them of mismanaging the business and they’re going to say that they’re owed a bunch of money that they never received and which eight they are probably entitled to it I mean that is the restaurant you got popular off of the Gorga name and the yeah I got to that point I know yeah and Melissa said that they are going to open up a new location so maybe the motive to bring back the Gorga yeah oh man we’re on behind a lot of Jersey today it’s all great positive stories to the country it is she’s well you’re allowed to say it cuz you were free from thing yeah I’m allowed to did you ever watch Jersey Shore when I first you know oh yeah yeah and then move to another state and people were like oh so you know Snooki like that’s your friend when I was working at my my previous employer we actually met the Jersey Shore like right before the show aired like they all came in and they were so fresh-faced and young and the situation who were going to talk about situation was like rock dude his six-pack was unbel that I

mean guy he did have a situation it was big yeah so yeah unfortunately he is now pleading guilty to tax fraud yeah so because I because I start with that story to talk about all the success they had and you know these eight years they’ve made so much money and and unfortunately a situation didn’t pay as all of his taxes according to the government and he is now yeah he is now going to be pleading guilty along with his brother Mark Sorrentino to tax fraud they were hit with multiple charges it’s unclear exactly what they’ll plead to when when they enter enter the the decision there but he’s supposed to be filming the the reboot the Jersey Shore reboot that actually yeah just started filming in Miami and it’s just it’s it’s poor timing for poor hitch because I mean he this is something where he could make a lot of money now it’s unclear what’s gonna happen with him because unless on Friday they like shackle him and like take him away from the courtroom he’ll probably be they’ll be like a length of time in between his sentencing you know from the plea that’s not normally I mean it’s it is listen it could change but typically that’s how it normally says the fear was a few weeks so he could have some time in Miami before whatever punishment is enacted on him gets done but we actually we got video Pauly D and he was actually with Ronnie Magro yeah they were they were in Miami they just touched down and Pauly is genuinely worried if the situation is gonna be able to make it yeah this time we don’t know if he’s if he’s coming so Pauly is in the same job we have the other see Captain Mike the situation and his taxes yeah I haven’t apology that hair has not changed he’s a little he’s a little smaller which is probably healthier you know it’s probably good for him you know he’s not killing it or anything right yeah I mean the guy is Pauly D is awesome he’s always so nice to that to the cameras when he even has a great Pauly D positivity positive he’s still a just I don’t know he doesn’t he looks he the guy has become insane like a lot of people don’t know this but you know not after Jersey Shore and everything Hibiki he’s a real DJ I mean like he was like a resident in Vegas the guy gets paid a lot of money to go perform places I mean he is I would say I probably not now because Snooki and JWoww have had so many TV shows after but he’s top three most successful Jersey Shore people that came out of there into the mainstream yeah but he’s still going to Jersey and maybe I’ll maybe I’ll say this for his case because it was sticky and JWoww they will they look completely different not nothing like they’ve not like the cosmetic stuff in the process but just like their yeah it is better you can tell they’re wealthy now they’re like yeah they’ve made it Pauly D looks exactly the same that’s what he’s awesome it’s great good for him we’ll keep you posted on situation we’re obviously will cover the the hearing on Friday and hopefully you can make it to Miami to do some fist pumping fingers crossed and yeah maybe he’ll oh yeah or he’ll just suddenly be like well this is that is a situation what’s interesting is that for the producers because now they have possible goldmine on their hands because I might get e cuz obviously if he’s gonna do the show he’s already signed on doing this they have contracts this is a great thing I’m sure they don’t want to publicize if he’s gonna go to prison but like right they want to cover this is happening with them and this is the biggest story so for the real-time with all of them that was a four nine five productions they may have just had a little gold mine yeah aliens from Jersey for a minute moving into some some California news no this is worldwide news come here – a global she is a global female force to be reckoned with I would say so you guys already know Kim Kardashian had her baby earlier this week well she had her surrogate had the baby yes yes she has a baby she has a baby and I think it’s interesting that we even point out what I just said that had her baby is sort of a loose phrase in this situation because

Kim Kardashian opened up super recently as a what a couple hours ago this morning yeah on her app and her website talking about what it was like not to carry her own child but also the differences between a surrogate and a gestational carrier she went into quite a bit of detail on that I have exactly what she said okay well I just I think it was interesting it was great that she shared this obviously this is something she felt very personal about really and it’s very powerful and emotional I wonder what her motivation was for sharing this and I feel like it was because possibly because of criticism from just the public and maybe just the public like you just mentioned not knowing exactly what you know what what it is what the process is and because to me it sounds like she lays out that she had no other choice but to use you know gestational carrier and that no matter what the baby is still hers and Kanye is biologically and this was something she was easy with and and I feel like and I hope she’s not getting this flack from people because this is something that a lot of people do and it’s amazing that those people that carry these babies for couples that you know can do it on their own and it feels like she’s defending that decision and I hope that’s not the case I hope she’s having a more positive you know feeling with it but but like you’re gonna read the post I mean she from having two previous children and carrying them this was a real hard moment for her to have somebody else carry her child right yeah it absolutely doesn’t make that emotionally any easier and as you just said she talks about how you know people have the presumption that it’s the easy way out because you don’t have the physical demands on your body of carrying a child and then the complications that can happen in labor but but she says you know after carrying say North that didn’t feel like the case for her and she goes into the the difference between surrogate and gestational carrier by saying although she’s used the term surrogate in the past a gestational carrier is actually the technical term for a woman that carries a baby that she has no biological relationship to a traditional surrogate will actually donate the egg and it is inseminate with the father’s sperm carries the baby to full term but and I’m just as confused the gestational carrier is actually implanted with Kim’s egg and Kanye’s fertilized sperm so the baby is biologically completely tiny yes and there was another part of this I didn’t think of it till after he put up the post later and I was just reflecting more on you know as I do throughout the day I think a lot of people were were hypothesizing that Kylie was the carrier that and people were saying Kylie was one that had the baby Kim makes it clear there’s a hole right up where she says that they did not know this woman that there was background checks done medical checks that you know she comes from a good family she’s very healthy but they had no relation friendship anything to this woman at all agency yes agency so so unless she really has no clue who kylie is I think we can rule Kylie out rules out that Kylie was adjusting no there’s another interesting thing Kim did today is the baby we still don’t know the baby’s name dying so posted a close-up image of a Louis Vuitton purse or something you can see like the fabric there mm-hmm can you tell if that’s a fake Louie or a real Louie just by looking at that by the way I’m sure there’s people that can I can’t I’m sure it’s real but like it’s an Instagram post so it’s hard for me to see the exact decision with the leather yeah exactly I’m like if the purse was in front of me I could tell but yeah you gotta be you gotta have a real good idea that always bothered me that’s touching cuz it looks exactly the same it shouldn’t matter it’s like you got the printing on it doesn’t matter if it came from the actual store or like I bought it on what’s the street in New York canal Canal Street place is awesome like you get like 50 purses for the price of like one fantastic so people are wondering she may have named the baby after Louie Spence a bag West exactly so she’s it yeah we know it’s a girl is that Louise Louise is it a French name there’s so many things that could be posited from this one Instagram image yeah or she just really likes a live-time she but yeah oh my god what if it was a fun Instagram post that would be I mean Kim’s body there’s no option it could definitely do some crazy maybe if she was just like look yeah it’s my purse I still I’m gonna share my

my theory I’ll say I think it’s shame yeah I think okay first on its first off Kim and is a master of publicity of hiding things out in the open when you see marketing and to me and I’m dis listen I’m probably gonna be completely wrong but if I’m not you heard it here first if I’m saying it on record right Chuck yeah she remember when the baby was born Kim wrote she’s here yes on her website she had a giant graphic that said she’s here no it’s just interesting and then she there was another obviously understand it’s a girl and that’s what you call girls but it’s just weird because it would follow the I mean Shaye could be a little French they love they Kim and Kanye love France they’re in love with Paris well it might be it might be but it doesn’t work but it doesn’t work like when she says plus that’s to be single syllable you got st and North yeah you can’t yeah it can’t be like you know I’m gonna work so we’ll see we’ll see I’m excited I like that theory that’s good um it could also be here yeah it could be here if it’s here then I have no clue I never know that knows but keep coming at us we do series guys yeah let us know what you think what Louise but they would it would go the two-syllable thing wouldn’t work anymore yeah yeah imagine Kim would separate the third child with a second syllable it’s all got to be there’s some very strict criteria here to be a West baby yeah so well hey I like the theory though Lonnie it’s not as good as my theory but I mean it’s good alright Zac Efron so when it we were like oh this is creepy like he’s Ted Bundy I was like what is sexy though he’s very sexy I guess Ted Bundy was like good-looking that it wasn’t that part of his deal though he’s like jail baby okay yeah looks like that guy from below blah blah would be very offense I’m sorry more than he hates bella thorne yes oh yes Zach’s gonna be extremely wicked shockingly evil evil and vile it’s gonna be a Ted Bundy film and it’s gonna the story of Ted Bundy is don’t know his serial killer executed in 1989 convicted or he was convicted of lots of murders and sexual assaults and he actually confessed to over 30 homicides I had a lot of issues really Collins is gonna be well yeah she’s gonna not – she’s gonna play his Ted Bundy’s girlfriend and the story is told through her perspective which I haven’t I haven’t read up a lot of that but did she not know is that like did she not know any of this was going on she didn’t know okay so she look completely oblivious girlfriend how do you not know oh my gosh that’s some real ignorant he did he was I mean yeah but he became I mean you know he and people still know Ted Bundy now he’s one of those like infamous serial killers that come and gain pop-culture fame and unfortunately but yeah and and Zach even when he posted the photo he just said meet Ted yes creepy and Lily puzzle is so it’s interesting the hashtag Jail Bay knows our Trimingham up yeah I mean you know even there’s a jail meet Joe Bay no jail BAE BAE it’s good to know both informed yeah when you have when you have a good-looking person in a mug shot where a person eats that’s Joe bit Jeremy Meeks who’s the heiress he’s with oh shoot Chloe I forget oh my god yeah but he’s doing good for himself he’s he’s doing great so for those I mean not so much for those of us like Zac Efron and Meek’s into bundy rest in peace oh just kidding um that have good-looking mug shots good for you not Nick Nolte epic mug shot oh yeah that’s pretty great so we’ll see what the movie comes out interesting there’s a Charles Manson movie and now this maybe some positive people we can do movies on right I feel sorry I don’t know maybe 2018 is just

the year of the serial killer really anything else anything else interesting I thought oh oh we have another we have one more so many interesting things this blac chyna thing is actually pretty crazy it was super crazy she shockingly called somewhat of a truce it seems mini true yesterday a tiny truce a little white flag waving in the wind but oh wait flag nonetheless she called her small truce to congratulate Kim and Kanye on the baby yeah how nice is that it’s great remember she has a lawsuit let’s go right now she has sued the whole Kardashian family claiming that they torpedoed her chance at fame and that she they ruined her reality show on E yeah she’s definitely hearing a lot of it but she’s claiming they screwed her out of a ton of money issue this is the all connected to the fight that she had with Rob and you know Rob says that he choked her with a nikkor she choked him with an iPhone cord and she claims that he was being abusive to her and blah blah blah blah blah super messy but this video though I mean in the midst of all that to kind of let the BS go and taking gratzes pretty cool do we can we show that video all right we have that room are you happy about humankind man having you kids baby girl this is that your dream will have a cousin at least a sister right thank you let’s talk about the relationship dream we’ll probably have but she is happy for them maybe she was in the camera maybe shouldn’t think anybody would see her china she just froze yeah it’s like a train flex linked away sorry Pauly D positivity I like that right gonna use that more of my life what’s the Paulie be heir Joe he just like I mean it’s straight pretty great up impressive like that’s like a defiance of gravity yeah in some way for eight years since that’ll be he hasn’t showered yeah absolutely it’s like it’s like a casing it’s like the man in the iron mask he has like a thing he wears on it stays do you think we like brings home girls absolutely oh I need a girl touch me oh wow Wow never touch his hair no no that would be a deal but you’re so positive no positive so I appreciate that about you Pauly D that’s very kind and I think that’s it right yeah okay at all we’re gonna have some we have a great I think it’ll be done tomorrow we we went and shot Wheaties that we wouldn’t shot at fat the fat cells Hollywood yeah we’ve done with that fat cells make amazing sandwiches crazy sandwiches they’re the new pizza sandwich loaded with everything except the kitchen sink that it’s pretty great french fries bacon burgers chicken fingers mozzarella sticks onion rings I’m forgetting things that rhyme yeah there’s a lot of sass Jimmy Hoffa’s in it it’s like everything yeah there’s everything but it’s great we win shot video with them the guys are super cool make sure and check out the site tomorrow we will have our whole little it’s like a little field trip it was fun yeah a little bless me feel sure Mikey I know neat yeah really yeah you guys are gonna love the video saying Gary usually try to devour this is taking bits of bacon and ranch out of my hair last night when I shower that’s a yeah so check the chicken it was pretty crazy check in there and make sure you guys are following us on Instagram see that you can check out our stories also follow us on Twitter like us on Facebook subscribe to us on YouTube follow us on Apple news hit the little heart that way you can see what’s going on right there right there right there share this video good I’m so bad with this here here I think it’s here whatever right here videos right alright everybody have a good day yes