RiversideTV College Football – Riverside City vs Long Beach City

here in California citrus is a part of our lives every day but what if it all just disappeared a devastating plant disease called huanglongbing or HL being spread by the Asian citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your own backyard that’s why it’s important that we all do our part to keep California citrus safe don’t let California citrus disappear visit California citrus threat org to learn more welcome back to Wheelock Stadium in the city Riverside more junior college football action on Riverside TV I’m Ghazala son he’s Jeff Gorham the RCC Tigers are not only the number one team in the state of California according to JUCO gridiron Jeff they’re the number one team in the country and they face off against a longtime rival the invaders from the south the Vikings of Long Beach City College Long Beach City is hoping for an upset City they were three or four times they were League champions last year had a bit of a down year looking to rebuild this year for many years Jeff these rivals were in the same division they’ve switched a couple years ago last week San Bernardino Valley in the first half put up a really game effort in fact they were within a point into the third quarter did perhaps San Bernadino success offensively give some solutions to the Vikings as to how to attack this RCC defense well I don’t know if you can do anything against this RCC team they are so powerful but I’ll say this great athletes Long Beach Poly Long Beach Wilson a lot like Riverside Riverside gets a lot of local guys Long Beach does the same thing okay and here’s the thousand dollar question right now if you are Long Beach City College is there any way to stop this offensive juggernaut that is the RCC Tigers I don’t think so I’ll tell you what the space station is fully operational well thrown out of the third member of our broadcast team standing by on the field Brian Wilson yeah guys one thing to watch tonight Long Beach City College comes in tonight averaging 240 yards on the ground and Riverside comes in averaging giving up only 50 yards on the ground don’t be a good watch matchup to watch out for tonight back to you guys good point bought up by Brian Wilson last week San Bernadino Jeff as we’re back in the booth kazama’s on Jeff Gorham with you Brian Wilson on the sideline our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew also on board for number one Riverside College RCC against the 16th ranked Vikings of Long Beach City College they will kick it away will the Vikings they won the toss and elected to defer and they will kick the ball away to the Tigers of RCC Roland Asst whitener and Ty Kennedy deep and here comes the pooch kick looks like white nerve will feel that at the 19 yard line gets to the outside at about the 30 he’s got some space cuts back inside just in front of the 40 he’s over into LBCC territory and will be tackled on the other side of the 50 yard line by destiny Hall making the play for Long Beach City College so a good return to start it off by row Landis whitener and the Tigers will start first in ten from the 35 yard line of the Vikings that’s a 46 yard kickoff return I’ll tell you what whitener though just made it look so smooth effortlessly didn’t look like he was running a full sprint but man a big-time pick up there look at the starters Mike Irwin behind Center he is the transfer out of Oregon for RCC that big offensive line did a great job last week they’ll swing it out that’s to the tight end rolling up over the 30-yard line inside the 30 complete to Caleb herby we saw him last year he was a standout for San Jacinto high school so 7 yards on first down make it a second and 3 Jeff yeah he was he’s plating some big games remember saying suno went to the CIF championship for the first time in ages four teams in that conference went to the semis he’s been in some big games for receivers in the formation Reggie Watts laugh to the near side and settle that dig route to complete to Lorant catches the ball inside the 10 yard line so another 18 yard pickup on the play it’ll be first in gold Tigers make this look so easy but they continue to just start the game like this it could be a tough one well in the early going we’ve just seen a couple of different plays but remember at the beginning of the game last week they seemed like they were a little bit out of sorts early in this game the first three plays from scrimmage they definitely seem to be clicking very crisp looking sharp as can be right now first and goal from the 10 her one out of the shotgun flares it out and that’ll be a touchdown to cameron Bosley Bosley with the reception straight circle route out of the backfield catches it out in the flat and does the last eight yards himself and quickly RCC on the board four plays in 35 35 yards in four plays we saw Bosley cleaned out her steam

engine El Camino and he it was phenomenal played a great first half it’s nice to see him getting back on the board here as we start this game so at 1343 of the first quarter it’s now seven to nothing in favor of our CC the kick threw off the foot of Zack sir Ellis who was 5 of 6 from PA TS last week against San Bernardino Valley and one thing when talking to coach Brett Peabody of Long Beach City before the game as we see the plays on that early drive that was the big play right there the completion down inside to dylan Lorant and now here comes early when he just finds his running back Bosley out of the backfield into the end zone for the touchdown coach Bret Peabody said hey we think we can run with our CC but we got to start fast this is not a team you want to play uphill against well it’s the Tigers that got off to the fast start the number one team in the country yeah and I was talking to coach Daniel all got us last night Sammartino Valley coach we talked about the you said we were in this game for two and half quarters we tried to make it a track meet but when you have forces tough to run Carson Reed to kick it away back deep to receive four LBCC Zion bones and Julian Woodard both of them are Blazers this is woodard from the 8th woodard for lbcc little waggle at about the 25 yard line dives forward to the 30-yard line tackle there by Braxton Smith for RCC and here’s the offense for Long Beach State Watch – Sean Turpin he’s the big left tackle division 1 prospect Derek West the starter and Bowens wouldn’t Woodard and right all have speed to burn on the outside for Long Beach City they’re gonna try to challenge the defense of Riverside City College well we’re gonna get to see a lot of work here from this defensive line versus a very very capable offensive line of the Vikings defensive line played very well for RCC against San Bernardino Valley first and 10 line is the 34 lbcc here’s the gift to pat know it comes back a little option play and Derek West just flails it out to the outside burns the down miscommunication there wasn’t sure if it was an RPO or just a muffed handoff but an incompletion I guess at least you get out of there without a turnover or a loss yeah great great hands as you see him a fake handoff what lost it there but gets out of the tackle box and throws it away good good heady move by the quarterback no Marcus Wilson up front for RCC tonight AJ Tala file gets the start instead you see him there in the middle big number 96 on the outside Sevilla Vito log’ Alejo and then karo kashikar Ian on the other side for our CeCe so this is the penalty on Long Beach City College moves the ball back to the 25 it’ll be a second and 15 there’s the end around on the jet sweep up at the 30 is Woodard wooded over the 35 close to a first down he’s up ended just the 40-yard line but like he’s just shy of the first down let’s see if they give him a favorable spot and they do they get the first down there ghazan Woodard a freshman from Carson California he prepped that Narbonne high school had a 44 yard kickoff return a couple of weeks ago against mount sac lyon is the 40 it’s first and ten for lbcc long count west will hand the ball to pat pat we’ll try the middle nothing doing maybe a couple of yards forward progress will take him out to the 42 yard line bringing up second and eight and that defensive line was so stout last week for RCC against San Bernadino yeah they were great in fact you know both teams kind of felt each other out for the first two and a half quarters and then it was all RCC and that defensive front really stopped Jeremy Musa who had thrown for over a thousand yards in those first two games really put the staples to him second and eight from the 42 of LBCC this is Woodard in motion instead option Derek West will keep it but he’ll be knocked down by Holyfield pola field will trip him up at about the 44 yard line so third and six coming up Holyfield had 11 tackles last week against San Bernardino Valley he’s the real deal third and six coming up

four receivers in the formation long beach city in the white gray jerseys anthracite gray four RCC the man to the top of the screen is Zechariah dolphin in the Far slot Zion Bowens West looking that way he’ll put it up down the field one on one coverage down the field nice cats but I think he was out of bounds Sean door so on the coverage he was matched up one-on-one with Zion Bowens Bowens the sophomore from Long Beach Poly hauls it in but he was out of bounds it’ll bring up fourth down yeah coach Peabody had really high hopes on him coming into the season he’s really with their big playmaker as a receiver but again look at that one-handed catch great looking that’s just out of bounds Jacob Lemieux a freshman from Lakewood High we’ll kick it away for a long beach city college and or so is the receiver back for our CC rugby style kick angling it off it’ll take a long beach city bounce inside the 25 would be downed at the 20 Long Beach will run their defense out there the Vikings two and one they’ve split two games in one one by forfeit a big defensive line Shaq Lyubov no abayas Devine o Bashar and Shane Irwin across the front good line backing through as well nunu to nick deadly Delgadillo malik welch Dallas branch and then the secondary Burke Gibson and Bailey Gibson’s nickname is Bam and he’ll show you why here’s the give first and ten for our CC from the 20 maybe the line of scrimmage it’ll bring up second down I’m looking to see if coach craft is gonna employ both quarterbacks tonight we saw the young quarterback Bartlett’s last week torched Sammartino Valley in that third quarter I’ll stop calling him Daniel which is his father’s name it’s Jacob Bartlett’s had a big game last week but Mike Irwin still in there on the second sequence he did so well the first one why not that’s Griffin in motion second down here’s the throw from Irwin it’s complete over the middle Dillon Larock down at about the 38 yard line hit on the play by Justin Bailey the freshman from Long Beach Milligan move the sticks up 17-yard pickup and that’s the good thing about Long Beach and Riverside we talked about in the openings Long Beach has a lot of schools to recruit from so officially market at the 41st and 10th quick throw Giovanni Sanders with a quick catch out in the flat he’s flattened at about the 43 yard line tackle on the play Malik Welch combining with Justin Bailey Long Beach Poly Long Beach Wilson Jordan and like Riverside there’s just a pool of talent in those schools that’s why these two teams have been such great rivals over the years second and seven lined the 43 purlin play-action stepping up he’s got some pressure weaving his way buying some space and finally is upended by Malik well chat about the 46 yard line so three more yards it’ll be third and four and watching her when Aaron is such a great athlete watching him run around the pocket there’s two different we read Bartlett’s more of a pocket-pouch can throw you know pinpoint passes but you’ve got to be smart because her one is such a great runner he’s strong and able to make plays of his own which makes him a dual threat here from the 46 third down and four Berwyn quick fake complete to Sanders first down and more Sanders finally bumped down at the 43 yard line of long beach city college by Malik Welch Saunders out of Marietta Mesa tell you what he was a great player so I had a chance to watch him play a couple times over his career they’re nice just pitching catch easily comes open now here’s Sanders coming up in the near slot Irwin back Irwin steps up down the field of Sanders a little bit of a push off some jostling there between Justin Bailey and Giovanni Sanders on the sidelines it’ll fall incomplete second down and 10 comes up for our CC you gotta like to wait both teams are playing clean game so far last week you and I were here it seems like we saw a penalty every other play tonight so far they look like they’ve shored up that problem certainly our CC and the first two offensive sequences jeff has been pretty coarse from what we’ve seen second down here’s the throw complete and it’ll be a

first down ranging forward is Isaiah lief the freshman wide receiver they’ll mark him up inside the 30-yard line on the sticks move up so about a 14 yard pickup there one or going into another or bone in so the organ connection on the right side of the field and they’ve really been peppering the right side of that field Jeff the first two times down for the offense for RCC Elijah Bennett now in the backfield along with Erwin time to throw he’ll throw again to the right side lief the intended receiver incomplete second and ten coming up from the 29 balls thrown a little high I’m sure and lief wasn’t too sure if he was getting hit by three guys that was a tough tough grab I was gonna say last week RCC didn’t seem as efficient or crisp on offense and as definitely it’s almost like night and day Irwin throws it flings it complete to sander sanders danced and gets through the tackle nearly gets through the tackle but good second effort there making the tackle is eight the Anthony Jones Jones the redshirt sophomore out of losing er wrestles him down after a gain of about four so call it third and along six sizes going to continue to throw these short passes if they’re wide open he’s just gonna have to show up that line back of course gonna have to pick up guys man the man here get it’s wide open ty Kennedy on the far slide lofted into the corner of the end zone incomplete intended receiver was leaf flag on the play 720 to play first quarter RCC had a kickoff return out to the 35 yard line and they punched the ball in four plays later this will go against the Vikings so now it’ll be a third and two ball needs to get to the 19 for a first down for the Tigers big third down coming up for RCC last week or two weeks ago against mount sac the defense 17 third down situations mount sac converted eight times 47% whitener split to the near side of the near slot Sanders Leif split out to the far side of the in the far slot Dylan LaRhonda a game that looks like there was some confusion with Irwin in the offensive coordinator coach Kraft what to call I’m gonna say as crisp as RCC came out I would imagine the volume of instruction was probably increased a little bit at practice this week it would have to say so I mean it’s and it’s a funny thing to say we’re laughing about it but you win a game 58-37 and there’s still stuff to clean up and Tom Kraft obviously looking for perfection is what’s the old Vince Lombardi quote if you fall short of perfection you land in excellence third and seven Erwin deep drop gets away from the first tackler now ranging trying to buy time over the middle complete to Dylan Laurent for a first down Laurent will go the rest of the way straight arm and he’s pulled down inside the 5-yard line Dallas Burke the freshman from Los Alamitos with the tackle a 22 yard game and its first and goal for the Tigers look at this replay Erwin nearly grabbed once twice looks at his progressions finds a perfect wide open launch great play great heady move by that quarterback and this is a very talented front seven for Long Beach City College so for Irwin to escape I believe was D Anthony Jones bearing down on him use some moxie and some strength from the sophomore quarterback of the Tigers first and goal line is the for option Erwin stop just short get a running touchdown last week has three on the year he’s run down as he’s trying to run wide his mic Erwin it’ll bring up second and goal to the power formation decided to keep it let’s see if they stick with it force long beach put as many guys in the box as possible here again talking with Brett be body this week the head coach of lbcc he wanted his team to come out fast all hadn’t quite happened here in the early going at Wheelock second and goal Erwin again just to the outside to the pylon touchdown Mike Erwin he would not be denied that time live off came down and looked like he had a shot at Erlander one was able to pick those feet up get around to the outside he’s into the end zone 79 yard drive for the Tigers they’re up 13 to nothing pending

the p80 fourth rushing touchdown of the year for Mike early kick is up and good and it’s 14 to nothing you know you made the job we make the joke off and you made the joke in the open that the battle station is fully operational long I would say it’s absolutely true here’s the first completion to Dylan Laurent on that drive that Erlin again just takes what the defense gives him gets the ball to Giovanni Sanders for a nominal game here’s some more play action right back to Sanders this time Sanders has little more space he’s able to jostle a little more yardage on the play then they flare it again to the outside complete to lief 79 yard drive mostly through the air Sanders another opportunity and he’s wrestled down by D Anthony Jones that urlan this time looking downfield what a play here as he escapes and then is able to complete the ball Dillon Lorant catches it about the 12 yard line now gets inside the five and then here’s the coup de Gras the touchdown run by Irwin as the kickoff is pending Bowens back deep for lbcc along with Julian Woodard so Bowens back wool just down it’ll be first and goal upcoming for Long Beach City from the 25 and watching the first two series for Riverside compared to last week like I said they look someone at a source I would say the best way to describe tonight is patience it has been very patient offense they’ve ran it down at the clock down to five many times they just don’t look like they’re in a rush they and they seem to have everything going in the right direction because of that patience Mike Irwin 9 of 11 through the air 107 yards in the touchdown of the first drive and then he has the rushing touchdown here on this Drive first and ten for lbcc line is the 25-yard line looks like we have a new quarterback in for the Vikings high on Harvey took this shotgun snap on that play the run into the line make it second and nine a 1 yard pickup on the play by Toulon paten Patton the sophomore from st Anthony High School in Long Beach he’s a big fella Jeff just like you 6 to 250 nice I think he runs a little faster than he might so now West back behind Center option west to throw complete about the 38 yard line in on the coverage for RCC is Tyler Kinslow Isaiah pop-out unavailable today great pass lefty the southpaw but we tackle by the former husky of Centennial Julian Woodard with the catch for lbcc and its first and 10 to the 38 yard line pat pat between the tackles running over the hash mark burrows up to near midfield line of scrimmage was the 38 I believe that’ll be enough to advance the sticks yet again that he’s just short they marked him down at the 46 Patton came in averaging six yards of pop led st. Anthony to a détente title back in 2017 who was their first CIF title in 68 years in football so call it second and a short – they go right back to Patton he’ll out the first down crossing over into our CC territory on the painted tiger village at midfield as we’re under four minutes to play in the first quarter – lon captain kind of finding some rhythm behind the big boys up front for Long Beach City College Derek West the freshman Highland High School in the Palmdale area came in having completed 51 percent of his passes and has two touchdowns on the ground as well out of the shotgun here comes pressure gets away from Fitzgerald West will launch down the field and it’s complete at the 20-yard line out of bounds Zion Bowens Bowens the Safa more from Long Beach Poly they’ll mark it inside the 20 like you said the number one receiver coming into the season but a great move by that quarterback the lefty nearly

grabbed in the backfield perfect pass down the field 35 yard completion so officially to the 15 first and ten for Long Beach City College so Derek West shaking some of the cobwebs and now look another look as a wildcat situation tie on Harvey he is the freshman from Inglewood Morningside high school handoff up the middle Harvie quarterback wide receivers home plate both spots tonight Watson the freshman from Lawndale with the carry as we get a look at that last play I was very Vince young esque what Wes just did shoving the defender away and pushing the ball downfield and that wasn’t some ham and Egger that was Coby Fitzgerald one of the top linebackers for our CC call it second and nine line is the 14 of our CC 14 to nothing Tigers jumped out on top trying to muster some resistance are the Vikings here’s the option here’s the throat wide open touchdown completion to Zion Bowens they bought in their running quarterback tie on Harvey Harvey running a little RPO they’re running some option to the outside and they lose track of Bowens and it’s a touchdown and two very big missed tackles by the tiger defense on this series both would have prevented big plays or a touchdown if you’re Brett Peabody the head coach at Long Beach City you breathe a huge sigh of relief p80 coming up Alfredo Flores the freshman from Bellflower he was seven of seven against Grossmont a couple of weeks ago and he’s 1 for 1 tonight to make it a 14-7 game to an interesting road for Long Beach City College they won their opener at Grossmont and they lost against mount sac at home on September 14th they were supposed to play last week but their opponent la vallee couldn’t feel the team so they were awarded a forfeit that’s how they’re 2 & 1 no team are they you know they didn’t have any enough players to field it as we see the play by Patton to get to midfield and then here’s the big completion Fitzgerald shoves him away does West steps up and releases the ball down the field and it’s complete to Bowens and Bowens a couple plays later here’s the play option again gets away from a tackle throws it down the field into the end zone for a touchdown so a 75-yard Drive for ours for a Long Beach City College and they make it a 14-7 game 46 yards passing two passes complete by West on the drive in the 14 yard touchdown from Harvey to Bowens to conclude it short kick feel at the 28 yard line this is Hervey the freshman from San Jacinto puts his head down and hurdles forward just over the 35 yard line so Caleb Herbie seeing action early here for RCC good to see big big big body very fluid when he runs deceptively athletic because then he he’s yeah mentioned that he’s on the roster for RCC as a tight end he was a wide receiver last year for San Jacinto and Eric Galliano his head coach who played a low junior college ball himself at Cerritos believes that caleb is a Duke d1 level talent end-around for Kennedy Kennedy trying to reverse field trying to slither through but too many white shirts there he lose to sew down both they’re up 14 to 7 but right after the score by Long Beach City Riverside looks to get the ball in the hands of their playmaker Tyler Kennedy well and we’ve seen how good he is he’s back going to Southern Miss in the fall made a commitment but he is just so quick finally knocking him down was Malik Welch Welch has been all over the field for the defense as BER went back to throw Erwin down the field he’s got Sanders but he’ll overthrow him second down play make it third down on the incompletion so I guess no loss for Kennedy Kennedy was able to get back to the line of scrimmage I thought he was pushed back to at the 36 but the ball spotted again at the 38 another look at it Erwin has had just wide open lanes a little bit of pressure there released it perhaps a little earlier than he would have liked from the 38 third and ten for RCC they lead 14 to 7 blitz off the outside Erwin gets it away complete tourettes laughs Rhett slap with a first down crossing into Long Beach City territory he’ll be down inside the 45 to the 44 yard line about an 18 yard pickup and rets laughs last week was that unsung hero in that first half really made some big plays and third downs does so again there Kennedy split out to the far side

Rhett’s laughs to the near side of the near slot Sanders for RCC there’s boss Lee into motion here’s the pressure first down looking down the field for Kennedy Kennedy couldn’t hold it and a flag on the play good shot down the field how about that from Irwin to tyler Kennedy great great look great throw that you expect Kennedy to come up with those acrobatic plays they’re gonna call pass interference he’s gonna get another shot here you may as well tries so Dow is branch kind of the rover in that formation had 13 tackles against mount sac a couple of weeks ago matched up one-on-one with Ty Kennedy and that one goes to Ty as he draws the P I so line is the 31st intent three receivers to the top of your screen to the bottom of the screen his ratzlaf ball on the turf and down he goes fumble the snap t Anthony Jones comes in he’ll get credit on the tackle loss back to the 35 yard line for RCC low snap urban went down to get it couldn’t quite feel that cleanly and the presser had come in so second and 15 line is the 35 of Long Beach City College 14 to 7 here is the first quarter winds down at Wheelock stadium lil bit of an overcast night but it’s football whether we like it Jeff we have a roof over our head right now it feels like fall I love it it felt like summer last week it’s a hundred degrees it’s beautiful slamming up the middle for four yards as camera in bousley gets most of that loss back for yards brings up third and 11 Theo Bullard runs out on the field for RCC replacement on the offensive line for Tom craft from the 31 third and 11 three receivers to the top of the formation here’s the throw in the middle nearly intercepted death destined Hall the Safa more from Lawndale waiting in the middle there and the ball is the closest to him he couldn’t come up with it fourth down for RCC surprise surprise Jeff they’re gonna lead the offense on the field just lick to the far side top of the screen is Ty Kennedy I look to him forth and 11 they go right over the middle complete Tourette’s laugh rest laugh trying to effort for the first down and he’ll get it first quarter comes to an end Rhett’s laugh gets up inside the 20-yard line sticks move up for RCC mr dependability third fourth down go to your guy rest laugh needed 11 yards and he got 12 so retz laugh with the reception and the yards after the catch he caught the ball at about the 30-yard line just inside the 30 and he needed to get about 10 yards on his own he was able to do so for the first down so this drive started back on the 38 yard line for RCC they’ve advanced all the way to the 20 of Long Beach City College let’s throw it down to Brian Wilson on the sideline as the Tigers lead this one 14 to 7 at the end of the first quarter hey guys yeah if your RCC you got to be super happy about how your defense has improved this week obviously they got some things that they need to work on those long passes but it is getting physical down here you could tell if this is a robbery game it should be hard-hitting for the rest of the one back to Jeff in Hassan hey Brian thanks a lot interesting point Brian brings up this is a rivalry in the sense then until I think last year long beach city and RCC were in the same division yes they’re no longer in the same division RCC plays out of the national southern and long beach city I believe plays out of the national central all kinds of divisions but yeah Long Beach these two teams that play for many many years I remember as a kid being a ball boy for the Tigers and doing a work in a couple Long Beach biking games here Irwin 12 of 16 for 135 yards in the first quarter first intent of the 20 goes right over the middle there was some contact there LaRon says he got at me official agrees with him complete down to the six yard line so a 14-yard pickup on the play Dylan Lorant now with four catches for 73 yards first and goal from the 6 I’m not too sure if that was a catch but hey we’ll give it to him Berlin look into the right side you’ll throw into the corner of the end zone incomplete intended receiver was Dylan Laurent second and goal upcoming for our

CC look too easy wide open just a little bit too easy for one another first quarter numbers total yards of offense 141 for Riverside compared to 94 for Long Beach City it was a great catch might hit the ground a little bit man what a tough one hand against him second and goal to the near corner incomplete but a fly in on the play intended receiver for our CC Xavier Janel the six-foot-one sophomore juniel the sophomore from phoenix arizona he prepped it Brophy prep which is a big-time athletic high school in the Phoenix area I believe it is the alma mater of big leaguer Mike Leake a lot of big athletes from that school was only one I can remember off the top of my head leach split out to the far side here’s Berman will take it himself Erwin puts the shoulder down runs headlong into the middle of the line you’ll push forward and they’ll say down at the one-yard line waiting for him in the middle was divine Oh Bashar the junior actually the sophomore out of Westchester High and it’s always nice when you can have Kevin Brown come in from behind as you see him he’s not too small Kevin Brown tips the scales at about four hundred pounds six foot seven the big left tackle for RCC and they downgraded because remember it was John Kron last year and he was 611 and John Kron happy to end Malik Walker both who are with RCC last year they’re both up in Portland at Portland State this year playing on the Big Sky hey you and I were talking about going up to Portland this year I went the last year it was one of the greatest places can’t wait for you to go to Portland State yeah I’m gonna be there for basketball for a couple of days because the team I work for a CSUN they play Portland State and University of Portland so we’ll be up there for a few I’m gonna try to get a picture out for you and PAP credit I’m gonna try I’m gonna reach out to Malik Walker and we’ll get a picture of John Curran Malik Walker and myself a couple Riverside guys and then me when I’m up there in December their season will be over by then so they’ll have time to socialize but the incredible I mean they’ve built such great facilities there that opened up a brand new football field I’m excited to see the new and the new basketball facility ville beautiful beautiful arena built right on the campus they’ve great pizza out in front – that’s the one thing I will tell you they have like outdoor food trucks everywhere in Portland they have something right outside before the games make sure you get the pizza they got all kinds of pizza do you like artichokes on your pizza love artichokes so people they like the best the band ascending into the stands it is homecoming here at RCC tonight there are some festivities before the game going on on campus third and goal from the one for the Tigers they already lead at 14 to 7 trying to maintain their top ranking tight set erlan gonna just try to sneak in no signal is have yet now they’ll say he stopped at the one just trying to sneak in behind senator Ryan Julia fought and now flags come in on the play as the hustling gets a little bit intense in the scrum the mass of humanity down in front so it’ll bring up a fourth down I think it’s gonna be calling into Tigers I think it’s gonna be unsportsmanlike conduct here now I thought urlan took it himself but it looks like Augustine bullhook has had to have the carry he’s the full-back out of Tucson Arizona Highland High School and he’s still on the field right now so they get Ryan Roe who’s in the big package he’s the sophomore out of Diamond Ranch for pulling people off the pile and I guess that’s a rule so you have to abide by it and you know how things get testy when you get down close like that and you get two rival teams were both playing physical on the field goal team out on the field now for RCC and roe kind of pleading his case caleb Harvey trying to cool him down there Harvey playing the role of the good teammate so a field goal attempt coming up 32 yard kick coming up for serve Ellis puts his foot into it the distances there as is the accuracy and the field goal will come with 13 17 to play here in the

second quarter RCC Jeff now up by a score of 17 to 7 as long as you get points on a drive maybe they use the lock lock still maintain a ten-point lead you gotta be happy for Coach Kraft so far other than that penalty which probably would have gotten in there in the end zone gotta be happier 62 yard drive took four minutes and 17 seconds culminates in the 32-yard field goal off the foot of Zach’s arias and we’ll get a look at the drive has at the end of the first quarter ratzlaf with a nice catch he’ll have won a couple of plays later as well here’s a win looking down the field for Kennedy can’t quite come up with it one-on-one coverage down the field and then we flipped the field after the second quarter what a catch there by Dylan LaRon setting up this field goal and Carson Reid will put his foot into he had three touchbacks last week this one is returnable but it’s fumbled by Bowens he’s back to the one-yard line has some space trying to get outside and he’ll finally be taken down on the play making the tackle for RCC Ben karikari so Long Beach City College down 17 7 with 13 10 to play in the second quarter starts this game at the 21 yard line her whanau 149 yards through the year 13 of 18 Lorant 4 catches 73 yards RCC 157 yards of offense 79 I should be 94 for Long Beach City but 75 of those came in one drive West gives to tellen patent patent traverses up to the 24 yard line three yards on first and down second and seven for the Vikings of LBCC so qaraqosh karen has made a couple of tackles the defensive end member markets Wilson not available tonight for RCC so its next man up for the defense line is the 24 for Long Beach City second and seven the West to Patton tries the middle nothing doing it appears Riverside’s kind of adjusted pretty well to this run game Hollifield was the first man there to fill the hole third down see if they keep the same quarterback here they rotate in on third down nasty play stick with him toss right split out to the near side trips to the top of the screen for Long Beach City College rolling left is West the lefty will complete the ball to would earn at the 30 he’ll dance up over the stick pass the marker first down so a third down conversion for Long Beach City against mount sac couple weeks ago in the loss 244 total yards they were a 55 44 split rushed to pass in the win against Grossmont they were 60 to 40 rush to pass so the team likes to be able to control the clock when they can Woodard pushed out by Dorsett from the 32 first and ten for Long Beach City College three receivers to the near side bonus at the bottom of the screen but the handoff is to patent and patent is swarmed right at the 36 yard line runs right into Alex oh yeah Wally hi Wally hello met big times tak will save in that play no game olala from Vista Marina high school loss two yards so they’ll call it second and 12 Line is the 30 or Long Beach City play action west looking down the field over the middle he’s got a man it’s complete zion Bowens matched up in coverage with ray estes how good has he been so far three big cat catches so Bowens advances the ball all the way up to the 36 yard line of Riverside City College

Brett Peabody very confident about his speed on the outside feels that something can use to keep themselves in the game first and ten West off the back foot throwing deep hang it up in the air jump ball who got it touchdown coming down with it is Zechariah dolphin the freshman out of Long Beach Wilson why that was just a jump ball that ball was phone I thought it was gonna hit light instead my bad that was Zion bones with the touchdown Bowens comes down with it again for Long Beach City and they respond after the defense gets little help from a penalty and stops RCC they come right back down the field a 36 yard pass from Derrick west to Zion Bowens who seems to be heating up with 1002 to play in the second quarter Flora’s on for the p80 for the Vikings and it’s 1714 so a 79 yard drive that start back on the 21 yard line for Long Beach City takes just three minutes and 18 seconds and the big play there to Bowens and then finally bones will finish it off – it’s a two-on-one – grey shirts there along with bones and he just went up in high point of the football and he lands in the end zone from the coverage looks like Tyler Kinslow was in there getting some help for our CC but Bowens superlative goes up and gets it you mentioned at Jeff on that drive Bowens with three receptions 81 yards and the touchdown so whitener and Kennedy deep Christian limas the freshman from Mayfair high school kicks it off this is whitener from the 13th whitener trying to reverse his field and he gets lit up at the 25-yard line big hit made on the play by Isiah Hobson ouch Hobson lights him up now Caleb herby was in position try to make a block he didn’t want to get called for a block in the back no he did not this is a big-time tackle so whitener crossing the field gets away from that tackle and see Kirby’s right there he wants to help this guy but if he makes a block that’s gonna be a flax we thinks his guy can maybe get outside but Hobson there to make the hit and it’ll be first in 10 for RCC from the 25-yard line 75 yards to go for the Tigers they lead this one 1714 Long Beach City has been game here in the first half Irwin steps up complete to Lorant who is dosey doe down at the 25 I think they’ll give him his forward progress to the 27 yard line penalty on the play tackle on the play for Long Beach City College Dallas branch I think they’re gonna say roughing the passer here and see if home branch had 13 tackles against mount sac a couple weeks ago including a fumble recovery and a couple of passes defensed the ball will advance up to the 42 for our CC after the penalty another look at it stepping up is Erlin and from behind to fine Obi share with a little love tap call bond the flag this time he goes down the Anthony Jones off the edge the Safa more from losing er sacks Berwyn back to the 35 yard line a seven-yard loss second and 17 now he got right around Kevin Brown you can see here just quick right off the edge line is the 35 second and 17 Berwyn again running for his life throws the ball to the outside complete near the illusional line of scrimmage I believe that’s leaves with the reception leaf up to the 45 so 44 officially so call it third and eight 48 yard line on the Long Beach side of the field is the line to get Kennedy split out to the near side near slot Dylan Lorant watched the man to the top of your screen that’s Reggie Rhett Slav Berlin looks for a Kennedy the playmaker at the cusp of the painted tiger village he’s tackled there by Dallas Branch first down RCC and what a game Kennedy

had last weekend Jeff five catches 132 yards and three touchdowns that’s his first reception tonight first and ten from the 44 orwen looks right back to Kennedy locked up in one-on-one coverage with destined Holly’s wrestled out of bounds and a flag comes in ball completed to the 36 sure where that penalty is what the officials caucusing at about the 45 yard line of the Vikings so ball will go down to the 21 yard line of the Vikings so the Vikings trying to be physical with RCC which is a good strategy but a roughing the passer and a facemask here get another look at it Erwin the quick out and there you go you can’t use the facemask to tackle as he spins Kennedy out of bounds first and 10 line is the 21 Berwyn out of the backfield incomplete Hawaii Elijah Bennett the intended receiver the freshman from Clermont although been on the roster Jeff is aligned as a running back he has four catches on the year for 65 yards and we’ve seen the same from Jim on McLaury who’s been used as a receiver as well very good running back out of Arlington High School we see coach craft likes to use his back says Reggie booth like receivers second tenth for our CC from the 21 urlan look in to Kennedy Kennedy goes up and gets it complete to the 15 yard line so Kennedy heating up a little bit here for RCC but Long Beach City probably has the speed to try to be able to contain him they have a bunch of guys that can match up with him and not let them get behind me but Kennedy I mean it’s not just about speed with Tyler Kennedy he is a playmaker he was a football player Jeff yeah we saw his strength last weekend in one of the touchdowns we caught him to drag three other players down with him we saw the speed of just breakaway speed and right there the great hands of Tyler Kennedy going to the corner of the endzone for Kennedy nearly intercepted it’ll be incomplete was it intercepted it was intercepted apologize we lost sight of him Dallas Burke the freshman from Los Alamitos managed to stay in bounds I had thought he’d fallen out of balance but the official rules in a turnover so the first turnover of the game scored by Long Beach City College another look at it into the corner of the end zone and wow that’s a great play have the put down on the black so I saw the hat fly in thought that might have been the football but what a play by Burke latching on to that and it’s gonna be first in ten from the 24 long beach city college so here we go the Vikings staying with the Tigers here in the early going exactly as Brett Peabody said said we need to get off to a good start and actually it was Riverside that got off to the hot start they were up 14 to nothing first and ten play-action to Patton here’s the option tries to fling it to the outside that’s it they rule it a complete pass they ruled it incomplete of them and at the forward pass because if that’s a lateral that’s a live football definitely I was kind of a strange-looking play there somebody wasn’t where they were supposed to be exactly that’s what it looked like to me but that’s how the read option was invented so he makes the catch there that one foot is in so it’s an interception and then the Hat comes in that’s what I thought was the football second down and ten keeping it is West 25 and finally be twisted down in about the 27 yard line kou a ala Toa throws him down 29 male market from the 29 a third and one there’s patent shuttling first down so they bought they bought Harvey in to run that play tie on Harvey we call his name a couple times thrown a touchdown pass earlier today the

freshman from Morningside High School that’s in the wood isn’t it I actually have a chance to work with a former Morningside coach and my other job Jeff I think he recruited you yes he did we’re talking about you America course yes coach Eric began his career as head coach of Morningside high school before becoming an assistant Utah State then he was an assistant at UCLA for a couple years before taking the Pepperdine job and then he went over to UCLA where he wanted to national championship in 1995 and I know I don’t want to get too personal but I understand you and he didn’t really see eye to eye and the recruitment I will say this had Tracie Marie one of my best friends and Mitchell Butler both attended UCLA I went on my trip I said who are you recruiting he goes you gotta ask that question you don’t want to be a Bruin I said I’m going to cau penalty marked off against Long Beach City it’s a five-yard penalty first and 15 from the 30 running over the left side is Harvey key I always wanted to go to UCLA and I used to go to practices once here my dad would bring us down and the one guy that made you’re gonna laugh at this so one guy made me want to be a Bruin was a coming brand right the sinner he took me under his wing when I would go to practice and I said I always wanted to be a Bruin then Jim Herrick ruined it for me Sofitel coach want to see him first down from the 37 West back in there fumbled snap ball still on the turf I believe West recovered it olotele was the first man in there ultimately I believe making the tackle was Alex Oh yo Allen oh you walleye in there you see olá TOA over the top and then Ollie wale cleans it up to a loss back to the 33 4 yard loss third and 12 coming up watch Bowens he is split out to the near side for Long Beach City College West on the roll there comes pressure stumbles forward over the 30 to the 34 finally bought down by Kobe Fitzgerald fourth down nice job by Kobe Fitzgerald instead that was tie on Harvey so another team running two quarterbacks but they’re almost it’s like a hockey situation with Harvey and West alternating in a shift change Halle fields had the first shot at him and then Fitzgerald cleaned it up punt coming up from Jacob Lemieux the freshman from Lakewood hi punt which turns over fair catch called the 27 by dorso and will be first in ten from the 27 for our CC with 433 to go in this first half 1714 the Vikings keeping it close I’ll tell you what after the first two series we found our CC was gonna walk away to this one with the Vikings like is it changing quarterbacks changing schemes defensively they’ve done a great job that’s secondary Riverside it really hasn’t been able to penetrate the linebacking core for Long Beach has been solid let’s see if Riverside can adjust the Riverside is banged up there without a couple of key players on the defensive side first and ten tipped up and intercepted intended receiver was Joseph Griffin on the play the tip and the Dallas branch comes up with a tip drill second turnover of the game forced by Long Beach City College while watching that play I think everybody in the bleachers knew that was a telegraph pass ever I knew exactly where it was going as soon as he caught it as soon as he got the snap tipped by D Anthony Jones and it’ll be first in 10 for Long Beach City College the defensive coordinator for Long Beach City is Steve rue de Flores his fourth year running the defense he’s out of Alhambra high school interesting twist about his career he played college football at both Long Beach State and CSUN he may be saying wait a minute cuz all they don’t have football teams that they once did first and ten at the RCC 26 this is West handing to patent patent fighting up field to the 22 yard line tackled there after about a four yard pickup by AJ telefon back in the day when Long Beach State was coached by George Allen he was there I think the year after Allen but there is an interesting tidbit for Steve rue de Flores his career second and seven line is the 23 for Long Beach City College and they’re knocking on the door here it’s a fort it was a 14-nothing

lead for RCC but long beach city has managed to keep it close they could either tie or take the lead if they can finish this Drive West looking up top and just takes it away acrobatic interception at the five that was just mano-a-mano between Estes and Taj right and Ray Estes the freshman out of East st. Louis plucks it away RCC football at the five yard line great great hands there so getting back to Steve Ruta Flores I don’t he may have played for Alan Allen’s last year coaching at Long Beach State was 1990 in 1991 though one of Steve Rue de Fleurus his teammates was Terrell Davis they shut down the Long Beach State program he transferred to Georgia and the rest as they say is history first and ten here’s to give right up the middle I had a class with Terrell Davis believe it or not we were we were partners and a lab together at California Baptist University and he was already played me Joseph Griffin takes the second care he had the first carry and now he stopped just short KPK he was my study buddies I’d sit and ask him questions about football and it’s pronounced Terrell matter that was a big I was a big thing and and he would buy dinner because he was the wealthy guy he had won two Super Bowls you know right no he had already won him oh you’d already won he was already retired he was going to because he was teaching out here locally everyone to get his credential at one time third and two Irwin’s still opted to upright but not for long the Anthony Jones was the first man to him and then cleaning it up for long beach city college was Kay’s Hayashi Hayashi the sophomore he’s from Tokyo but he prepped it marry star in San Pedro lost back to the six yard line and the Long Beach City defense plays around the turnover so a punt coming up looks like Bowens standing at the 45-yard line of our CC bounces at about the 32 and takes an RCC bounce it’ll roll dead-on that tiger image at midfield down at the 48 yard line so punt 42 yards no return and Long Beach City still with an opportunity to try to take the lead here at the end of the first half remember they won the toss did Long Beach City they elected to defer I’m not gonna make the same mistake I did last time I was up here a couple years ago with Jeff Gorham when a bumblebee flew in here and I tried to be the Macho Man and grab it with my fingers and I got stung he’s still under there by the way cuz all last night in our pregame I got stung by a bee on my hand being freaked out last year we had a cooler up here too I just stuck my hand in the cooler and just let it cool off he’s still there he’s eyeballing you 1st and 10 from the 49 to give up the middle and the balls loose RCC picks it up Sayid Galloway the freshman out of North Torrance fumbles the football and it’s been a flurry of turnovers three turnovers in about the last five minutes here’s the give to Galloway and has the ball stripped looks like Fitzgerald was the one who got a hand in there an RCC will have possession so Kobe Fitzgerald strips it away first in 10 Tigers from the 39 so Kennedy split out to the near side coming down to join him is giovanni sanders Lorant a little bit of confusion two trips to the near side and now boss Lee moves to the left side of erlan first intent of the 13 air comes the pressure complete over the middle to leaf and leaf will pick up about three tackle made on the play by Daniel Chavez Nick Doug adios in on the situation as well and Irwin kind of a little playful jostling with divine Oh Bashar the big defensive tackle for Long Beach City so call it a gain of four from the 43 second and six Berwyn stepping up Berwyn

will take it himself toe tap midfield surge over midfield into Long Beach City territory and have a first down flag in the backfield never good if you’re the AMA never tell you what this is gonna come back been rough a relatively clean game they’ve been a couple of late hit penalties and a roughing the passer but as far as in the context of the play might be the first flock yeah I tell you what this has been a very good game so far clean yet they whistle Kevin Brown the big fella from Corona Centanni on the left tackle for RCC so the ball back now 15 yards to the 28 yard line to call it second and 21 need to get to the 49 for a first down on the RCC side of the field Berwyn to throw looking underneath for Cameron Bosley incomplete 321 I mean long beach city just bringing the sink there just sending everybody at Michael Erwin they’re making Michael Erwin beat him our beat them by themselves and right now Long Beach like you said bringing the house Berwyn completed nine of his first 11 passes an adjustment by Steve rue de Flores the former 49er and Matador right and jumps free play Kennedy what a play by Kennedy kind of climb in the back of Dallas branch it fell incomplete but A for effort therefore tied Kennedy the sophomore at a Rancho verdict so move the ball up to the 33 third and 16 for Riverside City so Kennedy split out to the near side near slot is Dillon LaRonde bossed Lee in the backfield back to throw Irwin Irwin now stepping on the throw to the outside complete to the 44 leaves with the reception bumped out of bounds by Dallas Burke 44 so line is the 44 fourth along five Berlin stays out there for the Tigers under a minute to play here in the first half can you do the nearside Leith to the top of your screen and the far slot is Giovanni Sanders Cameron Bosley is the lone setback Berwyn to throw over the middle complete to Lorant first down bumps off a tackle and he’ll get out of bounds inside the 40 to about the 38 yard line 16 yard pickup on the play and the sticks move up in RCC’s in business I’ll tell you what when he got that ball I don’t think anybody from Long Beach knew where he was I mean he’s scissored in and out watch this Tigers with two timeouts in 51 seconds so you can still use the middle of the field if you’re RCC but I’d look to the man to the bottom of your screen tie Canada instead they’ll go to the right side of the field dropped a little bit of mustard on that intended from Orlando’s whitener second and ten another look Jeff yeah that ball was thrown perfectly hi Wagner was making the move before he caught the football second and 10th from the 38 Berwyn looking for laurent on the crossing route the Anthony Jones there with a hand never he tipped the one earlier that became an interception third and 10 you know Brett Peabody the head coach of Long Beach City we were talking about his defense and he was telling me he thinks the front seven and secondary can play with anybody’s if an athletic level we can play with anybody in them in the state we just need to minimize the mistakes and just do our job third down play Irwin stepping up gets away from pressure Irwin looking it’s complete just short of the sticks good tackle there on the far side of the field around the 30-yard line so fourth down coming up it’ll be fourth and short with 31 seconds on the clock basta Lee with the reception another look at it just a four-man rush

nice job by Long Beach City putting the pressure on Irwin just kind of lost that up there puts a little touch on it and Malik Welch the sophomore from North Torrance making the play and timeout I believe Long Beach City called timeout it’s been a quick first half just over an hour long which is a lot different than last week Long Beach City in the National Northern Conference this year they’re played with canyons East LA Ventura Moorpark and Bakersfield canyons in the defending champion they’re two and one right now so canyons East LA and Ventura all two and one just like Long Beach City and Long Beach City comes in here to play our CC we mentioned number one in the country they’re number one in both the coaches and si D polls in Southern California or in California as well but Tom crashes you know rankings me nothing I got look at him once the playoffs start I don’t care about him right now that’s coach speak he’s he’s talking to his wife and say hey did you see that when you were coach of course but I was never ranked number one oh there you go fourth and one line is the 3117 214 Riverside ran out to a 14-nothing lead and Long Beach City has hung in there since Erland going for it all looking for Kennedy it will be incomplete ball goes over on downs the Long Beach City College Dallas branch matched up with Tyler Kennedy so first and ten for Long Beach City so a good first half for the Vikings great first half we didn’t think it was gonna be this this great Tigers start off scoring two quick ones and that’s all they’ve got shades in last week when San Bernardino Valley kept it close into the third quarter and then RCC made a couple of adjustments figured some things out and they put up twenty seven straight points so the Vikings get the ball to start the second half I don’t think they’ll do anything crazy here West yeah we’ll just be content to give the ball the pattern and kind of a wrecking ball he’s patenting of a first now so patent at 11 yard run I was talking about this before the game Riverside had really stifled the run on their first two games had actually given up a total of less than 50 yards and then last week San Bernardino totaled over a hundred yards on the ground so I thought that might open a window for some opposition to how to attack the defense of Riverside I know that Brett Peabody likes to run the football but they’ve been much more successful throwing the ball and they have running the ball against RCC is the first half comes to an end with the score 17 to 14 in favor of the Tigers of RCC Jeff Gorham yeah I really thought RCC started off well I think a Long Beach capitalized defensively made a couple stops created a couple turnovers overall though I thought it was a pretty clean game by both teams now it’s all about adjustments who comes out who will take advantage will have homecoming festivities here at halftime with the home team leading by 3 are we going down to Brian Wilson I guess we’re not I thought we were but they’re bringing out the band for the halftime show we’ll head to the locker room with the score 17 to 14 229 yards on offense for RCC 217 for Long Beach City to approve it pretty evenly matched first half and the difference is a turnover early which me a kick return early gave Riverside great field position they punched it in and went up 14 to nothing but long beach city is rallied back to make it 17 14th half an exciting second half a football coming up will step aside for the halftime halftime festivities here at Wheelock Stadium it is Homecoming here at RCC Tiger 17 Vikings 14 back with more football and some a few minutes got junk too big for the trash can then call 3-1-1 to schedule a bulky item pickup Riverside residents get to free pickups a year but you got to follow three simple rules both the items must be curbside by 5:30 a.m. the day of your pickup light enough for two people to lift and the total volume can’t be larger than 8 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot if you got a lot of junk check out our bulky item and a waste drop-off events held several times each year bulky item pickup call us today and we’ll haul it away I’m police officer pilot I’ve been with the city for a little over 10 years

I’ve always loved aviation and I’ve always loved law enforcement so to be able to combine the two together to the things that I love the most I’ve got experience in the background in law enforcement so to couple that with aviation and and fly every day and still do police work that’s why I’m out here Brooke they ship 75 I usually get here a little before 7:00 we’ll get an email on what occurred the previous evening so I’ll goes for those also check temporary flight restrictions so I’ll check those and see if there’s any in the area that we can’t fly into and then we’ll go out and do a pre-flight on the helicopter we’ll walk around check everything make sure everything’s functioning properly and sometimes are up for patrol other times when we’re here on the ground we’ll respond to an incident if a vehicle pursuit or a foot pursuit or something goes out we’ll launch for that if there’s a fire in the river bottom we’ll go up and provide air support for the firemen on the ground code enforcement uses us for their green pool flights and so we’ll go up and we’ll look for green pools we’re assisting a lot of different departments I’m a fourth-generation Riverside resident out of five generations now my family has set roots here back in the 1900s and I’ve got a connection Riverside so family and friends are here and it’s nice to give back to the community that you’ve been brought up and so if I were to just describe my job and two words it would be uniquely awesome it’s awesome I get to fly a helicopter and do something that I really enjoyed doing at the same time protecting and serving a community that grew up Plus novio says a Mexican market located on Main Street not far from downtown Riverside the name means young male bull which is typically used for its high quality meat albert Amarillo is the owner being in the business for years and years almost 20 years in the City of Riverside and always in Austin so I start working I I always dream like one day I will have my own business and since I’m being in Riverside for so many years I said well this is a good opportunity so I asked a couple friends and all like and my brother hey this is the opportunity of her life we take it or not they’re like yes go for the store features a good selection of fruits vegetables canned goods meats and seafood there’s also several kinds of cheese salsa and guacamole loyal customers who shop here say it’s because of their fresh food and great customer service I hike at Roberto and I go here every morning to buy a fresh ceviche it’s a great market they’re just gonna get bigger and better so usually I’ll come in here to buy lunch but if I need anything from my house I’ll you know any supplemental groceries I come in here and I buy everything’s fresh Alberto says he trains his staff to treat customers like family Mercedes Duran is one of his cashiers just asking with how are you doing that makes a really big difference and just being in a small market you kind of notice who who’s who and what are they doing there sometimes I’ll even ask them like what are you cooking today I do spaghetti are you doing cutting your father you know that’s nice different I wonder the people when they came I wonder they feel like walking like oh this is my house you know like this is family and that’s what I’ve wanted to tell all my customers that they’re not just customers they’re guests and other gases they’re my guests they’re my my family all the time when they came if I know their names I you know I tell them about their names and everything and I shake and all day long and I think they like it my name is lovey Jung and I work for the city oversight fire department I’ve been here for about seven years now and I’m a firefighter/paramedic on engine one when I was younger I actually wanted to be a firefighter but I ended up getting

sidetracked and went and played softball for the Olympic team in 2004 2008 and when I retired in 2009 that’s when I decided I wanted to switch over to become a fireman usually when I come in the first thing I do is I check my personal protective equipment and then I’ll also check the medical equipment being a paramedic I have to make sure all my medications are there and that my equipment is working properly so that when we go on a scene to a medical aid that everything’s in working form and that were professional on scene if I were to describe my job in one word it would be adventurous every day is different from day to day depending on the training or the type of calls that we run you know some days we might go on more duis or some days we might go on more traffic accidents so every day that I come to work is gonna be completely different from the day before and the next day they get to work with a group of people that I enjoy working with and having that camaraderie that I’ve missed from being an athlete but now being a mom I just kind of I want to be that role model for my daughter to you know show her that you can be independent and you can have a job that you want to work in whether it’s a male-dominated career or not and I want her to understand that how she grows up we need to make sure our seniors are safe with consistent proper nutrition and healthy foods delivered to their homes elderly patients who do not have proper nutrition have a higher risk of irregular heart rhythms and sepsis River sites meals-on-wheels program can always use your help if you can volunteer or donate you can visit our website and get more information how you can participate and we thank you do you have unneeded prescription medications and don’t know what to do with them CBS pharmacy and the Riverside Police Department have a safe and secure Dropbox located inside the Magnolia police station this free and anonymous service keeps dangerous prescriptions out of the hands of children and abusers while protecting the environment through proper disposal most over-the-counter and prescription medications are safe to drop off however there are some restrictions items such as thermometers inhalers aerosol cans point mints lotions or liquids and needles and sharps must be disposed of elsewhere and please residential clients only this service is not for businesses to dispose of their medical waste help the City of Riverside keep dangerous prescriptions out of the hands of children and abusers by disposing your unneeded drugs in a safe secure and environmentally friendly way you might have noticed new traffic lights popping up around Riverside and the Public Works Department wants you to see how they work first of all you’ll notice the new left turn signals consists of four lights a red arrow a solid yellow arrow a flashing yellow arrow and a green arrow so how does

traffic flow work with these new signals first we have the left green arrow which indicates you have permission to turn left but oncoming traffic must stop a solid yellow arrow indicates that the light is about to turn red and you must be prepared to stop or if you’re already in the intersection complete your turn when safe a solid red arrow means you must stop no left-hand turns are allowed when the signal changes to a flashing yellow arrow turns are still permitted however you must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before proceeding with your turn these new signals are being introduced nationwide and represent a safer and more efficient way to handle left turn traffic at busy intersections the City of Riverside encourages you to learn more about these new traffic signals if you have questions call 3-1-1 Riverside’s one stop shop for answers the City of Riverside has launched riverside alert a mass notification service that allows emergency crews to alert you in the case of an emergency potential hazard or safety concern that may directly affect you when you sign up you’ll receive a message on the voice or text communication method of your choosing here’s how it works begin by creating an account on Riverside alert comm once you’ve entered your information you’ll be listed to receive alerts all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential Riverside alert allows you to confirm that you’ve received an alert to prevent the same alert from coming through again you can also choose to receive notifications about events that may affect you or your loved ones workplace home school and more go to Riverside alert comm and sign up today the ones you see on the racks here and stuff are personal you know and I take a long time doing that make sure just lay the work and other stuff in there and it’s not just bandsaw cutting out in whatever these things it takes three or four days at a time to make one and with the train it took probably a week people say you know you can sell these you go on eBay or whatever and so on now that feel like work I’m retired you know when I was in Fleetwood they they had a charity called Rosie’s kids and they used to do little fundraisers and stuff all year long to get enough money to buy clothing and food and stuff at Christmastime and so I thought I suggested well maybe you could throw a toy in a tool you know with for the kids one year we ended up with over 600 toys and we gained somewhere 5,000 or more I forget exact figure but we helped a whole bunch of kids families and stuff I’ve been giving out toys for kids and charities and stuff for years and I know when I was a kid I had a stick I know I grew up in the depression so in Brooklyn and that was tough and I can remember that and I didn’t have anything so I want to make sure that and almost any kid I see I give a toy I do this in sort of on the side to to give to kids and see what the reactions are and I always tell them there’s no batteries because they’re always playing with their electronics and tell them that that it’s gonna cost them smile and thank you I always get it I just enjoy doing it I just like to see the kids light up tucked away in a large warehouse off of Columbia Avenue in Riverside is one of

the most unique and highly specialized businesses in all of California the company designs modifies outfits fabricates and installs a fast array of custom equipment while turning cars vans and trucks into high-tech emergency vehicle welcome to west coast lights and sirens we’ve been in business since 2007 we have roughly 35 employees in a 32,000 square foot building Danny and I founded west coast lights and sirens in 2007 he had a background in racing off road racing and custom fabrication we build cars from San Diego to the Arizona border into LA up into Ventura we have about 80 to 85 different agencies here in Southern California most of our builds are there’s normal patrol cars but we do get into special builds we built a special van for crimes against the internet for LAPD we’re gonna build another one for the homicide we build command center units for him–it there’s a bunch of other things other than just the tow cars that we do here at West Coast lights and siren the vehicles come in their pursuit rated by Ford Motor Company and Chevy’s so they have to go through extreme testing for their brakes acceleration and things like that before we get them but when we up fit them we up fit them with bumpers that will protect them from intersection crashes lights to keep the officer safe in intersections light bars that help them search for things each individual city has a different spec or a different configuration that they build their vehicles on for the for this specifics of their cities the attention to detail the quality the throughput and the professionalism we take extreme care and extreme quality so that your vehicles are repeatable there every one of those my denticles so that officers are safe in our vehicle the biggest challenges we have is these agencies there’s quite a few of them they need these vehicles in a timely manner so they’re always in a you know there’s always a great push to get these vehicles built and in service as quick as we can for the local agency West Coast lights and sirens builds between 25 in 30 vehicles a week roughly about a hundred a month the owners also place the success of the business squarely on the shoulders of their dedicated loyal and highly trained group of employees my employees are the best we’re very happy they are very appreciated and I hope we show it our employees are the key to our operation me and Patricia owned the place but these gentlemen in this building do the work they’re the ones that are should get the credit for the quality that are done we are just giving them the tools to do their job I absolutely love my job I’ve been here for 13 years I’ve been working with Danny for 13 years it’s like a family you know it’s private business and everybody’s really good it’s like working with a bunch of your friends a lot of people don’t even know that we’re located here when you tell people what you do as far as work goes I mean nobody ever thinks of this as a field that people are in it’s kind of I guess out of the public eye kind of goes on behind the scenes I would like to say thank you to all our clients they’re wonderful they’re loyal and they are very open and welcome to come to our facility and tour and review what’s going on here profound emotion is also evident while discussing Riverside and the work with clients whose sole mission is to ensure community safety I was born and raised in Riverside and the fact that we get to build our local law enforcement vehicles brings a lot of pride to myself a lot of the people that we employ here live in Riverside and these are the very people that keep us safe at night while we’re sleeping it’s a wonderful place to live it’s a wonderful place to start a business and we’re very happy to be here that’s part of my job is being an interacting with the local agencies and actually giving our younger family members places to work in future that okay here in California citrus is a part of our lives everyday but what if it all just disappeared a devastating plant disease called huanglong Bay or HL be spread by the Asian citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your own backyard that’s why it’s important that we all do our part to keep California citrus safe don’t let California citrus disappear visit California citrus threat org to learn more welcome GOT JUNK too big for the trash can then call 3-1-1 to schedule a bulky item pick up Riverside residents get two free

pickups a year but you got to follow three simple rules bulky items must be curbside by 5:30 a.m. the day of your pickup light enough for two people to lift and the total volume can’t be larger than eight foot by four foot by four foot if you got a lot of junk check out our bulky item and a waste drop-off events held several times each year bulky item pickup call us today and we’ll haul it away welcome back to Wheelock Stadium it is homecoming for RCC they lead 17 to 14 at the half but a game effort in the first half of the Vikings of L BCC Mike Arwen started the game nine of his first eleven and here’s a touchdown pass to Cameron boss Lee that makes it seven and nothing and he was just red-hot coming out of the chute nice completion in the middle of the field for Dylan Laurent Lorant six catches in the first half for 74 yards here’s Giovanni Sanders extending that second drive they went their first two drives a 65 yard and a 79 yard drive the first two times RCC had the football to take a 14 to nothing lead against LBCC Irvin showing some escape ability here and gunning the ball to the aforementioned mr. Lorant who put the ball down inside the five yard line for the Tigers and then here’s Erlin taking it himself to make it a 14 to nothing lead for RCC but long beach city battled back they had a nice Drive themselves at the end of the first half who’s a 75-yard Drive Toulon Patton gaining some yards on the ground Patton the big sophomore from Saint Anthony a vince young like play by Derek West the quarterback for Long Beach City College completing the ball down the field to Zion Bowen and then here’s tie on Harvey the other quarterback hits Bowen in the quarter of the endzone for a touchdown so it’s 14 to 7 RCC comes back so they get it they get the ball inside the 1 yard line a penalty pushes them back they have to settle for a field goals were underway here in the second half and dancing out of bounds on the kickoff return to Zion Bowens Goins brings it up to the 25 which is where Long Beach City will start here in the second half a field goal by Zach cervelas with 13 17 to go and then Long Beach City made it 17 to 14 to 1002 of the second quarter first half numbers 227 yards passing for RCC but they’ve been held on the ground even matchup 217 total yards little more balanced passing with two S’s of course for a for Long Beach City but two turnovers for both teams and time of possession Riverside slightly in front Riverside City College had the ball for 1639 compared to 13 a sigma 13 21 for Long Beach City College here’s Paton option keeping the ball he’s west and west wheels into the front in RCC territory check that that was tie on Harvey Harvey knocked out of bounds by more for RCC brings the ball all the way to the Riverside side of the field the 43 yard line boy I’ll tell you what that’s breakaway speed right there he was off to the races 32 yard pickup for Harvey now West no Harvey still back behind Center white numbers on white uniforms is tough you have the binocs up here so so we got both Patton and Galloway the two big guys in the backfield this is Pat surging over the 40 to the 37 yard line about five yards on first down second and five coming up for Long Beach City and you have to be impressed with how the Vikings have risen to the challenge against the number one ranked team the Tigers of our CC well they’ve done it both ways they’ve done through the air and they’ve done it on the ground and that’s one thing that Riverside hasn’t been able to to let teams give up they’re definitely giving up the run tonight second and five here’s Harvey Harvey launching down the field he’s got a man Bowen did he catch it touchdown Long Beach City third touchdown catch for Zion Bowens Bowens the playmaker out of Long Beach Poly Jeff Gorham I’ll tell you what just like that there is some confidence from this Viking team let’s see how Riverside can respond to this punch and that has been exactly what it’s been a punch 75-yard Drive the 32 yard run by Harvey in the 37 yard touchdown pass to Zion bones Flores with the p80 and the Vikings have the lead we saw last week we saw San Bernardino Valley make a run to come back let’s see if

Riverside can continue to do the same thing right now they’re the cardiac kids everybody’s on the edge of their seats same formula last week for San Bernardino Valley they scored late in the first half and had the first score the second half remember the defense for RC see how them to a field goal and after that the Tigers just took over to scored the next 27 points and then up winning that game 42 58 to 37 keep in mind that RCC banged up a little bit they’re missing a couple of key guys know Isaiah pow-pow tonight down the field their free safety is out top pass rusher Marcus Wilson is out as well but everybody’s got injuries this time of year you got to have the next man up mentality and the Tigers have had the next man up mentality guys have come in and stepped up for them on defense but the Vikings making some plays here in the early going short kick fielded by Lightner inside the 20 white they’re now weaving up over the 30 dancing to the outside he’s got a lane cuts back inside nice little swim move late he’s bumped out of bounds inside the 40 but a flag comes in on the play roland is white nervous freshman out of Arcadia High School special teams tonight has been party turned special for the Tigers they’ve got great field position nearly every time the whitener just from great speed remember we saw him a couple years ago Jeff in a playoff game against Hillcrest he played for Arcadia he was acting the number 2 option for our fee they rally back they trailed that game 20 to nothing in 120 120 so the foul so a blindside block whistled against RCC it happened at midfield will be a 15 yard Markoff and it’ll go back for the 35 yard line of our CC that’s the fourth penalty on the Tigers for 50 yards in the first half Long Beach City was penalized eight times for 68 yards so it wipes away a pretty good return by were Landis whitener and the offense will tee it up for our CC look at our first look at Jacob Bartlett’s bar leads the freshman from Valley View High School in Moreno Valley into motion is Elijah Bennett’s Bar ‘glitch fines Rhett’s laugh let’s laugh running across some pattern breasts laugh trying to get to the outside when you lose yardage and that’s one thing that Long Beach City has they have the speed to match on the outside with Riverside City College I don’t think many teams in Southern California have the combination of speed and skill at the defensive back positions that Long Beach City does Jeff yeah and it’s very evident right there because rest laughs couldn’t get outside he is driven back by that tough tough line backing core Dallas branch all over the field here’s the give up to the 40-yard line would be about a six yard pickup that was Elijah Bennett on the run so third and manageable third and four from the 40 clock moving 21 17 Long Beach leading Riverside in the second half bit of a surprise here barrage again Durrett sloth complete to the 40-yard line not much running catch and that’s obviously an adjustment the defense made number Rhett’s laugh made the play in the first half where he caught the ball at the 30 wasn’t able to get the first down to the 39 and they’re definitely funneling him outside because he does not have that breakaway speed got great hands but they definitely eliminated that opportunity for Rhett slop and the defense holds again for the Vikings a punt situation for RCC Carson Reed will kick it away and that man Zion Bowen is standing at the long beach 18 to receive the kick long high kick inside the tent and he’ll get stopped right there look like Dylan Laurent was the first guy to him 90 yards to traverse for Long Beach City so Long Beach City Jeff with the lead but if your RCC you can get points out of this you pinned them deep you stop him you might put yourself in good field position here and we have yet to see Bartlett’s really connect and last week he was really the key factor in that victory over the Wolverine I mean nice adjustment by the defense for Long Beach see remember Berwyn starts off 9 of 11 ends the first half 21 of 33 so 12 of his last 21 passing football

patent on the fake and it was Harvey kept it Harvey got back to the line of scrimmage maybe to the 11 so the quarterback platoon working for Brett Peabody he’s got tie on Harvey splitting time with Derek West West a freshman from Highland in the Palmdale area Harvey from right in Long Beach’s backyard essentially he’s from Morningside high in Inglewood this is West behind Center second and nine from the 11 yard line of the Vikings West looking to throw he’ll step up he’ll sling it ahead incomplete intended receiver was Julian Woodard third down goal the sidearm got the can’t to call they call it there okay we are family the closer for the 79 world champion Pittsburgh Pirates rally back from three down the games to one down to the Baltimore Orioles this is West at quarterback third and nine line is the 11 for Long Beach City Woodard in the near sloth handoff at a first down that was patent again and remember they found a little bit of a formula did San Bernardino Valley last week they were able to run the football particularly in the second half ultimately didn’t do much good because RCC’s offense figured it out and just got on a roll in the second half but Paton moving the sticks first and ten ball to the 28 I’ve been impressed with Paton about game here tonight he has been a power back had 39 yards in the first half this is Harvey Harvey taking it himself quarterback keeper into Tigers territory a flag comes in in the defensive backfield so long beach tag for a penalty in the first half and this is going to come back that was a late flag I saw the hold but he waited to after the play was over before he threw it good call nonetheless they catch Taj right so the ball will move up to the 30 it’ll still be a line to get is the 38 so call it second and eight give up the middle RCC saying the ball came loose officials trying to figure out what’s going on they’re gonna unstack the pile look at it yeah definitely was lose he handed it off the Bowens and the ball came out so long beats city will retain possession ball needs to get to the 40 from the 34 so let’s say third and long six the Vikings have long beach city been up to the challenge Riverside jumped out to a 14-nothing lead since the first quarter they have just a field goal on the scoreboard good job by the defense of the Vikings of Long Beach City Steve rue de Flores unit confusion on the field to do with the chain gang over there Todd’s right split out to the near side of the near slot is Julian Woodard you’re looking for Bowens he’s in the Far slaw so west back at quarterback for Long Beach City West throw it down the field for Woodard Woodard extends and reels it in bill mark Woodard down at the 30-yard line 37 yard pickup for Long Beach City West just dropped it in the breadbasket straight go route puts a little air underneath it and Woodard as the route indicates goes and gets it first down

Long Beach City Taj right to the bottom of the screen full house backfield patent how do you do lame-o Unga the freshman from Vista Marietta greets him pretty rude Lee in the backfield that sure was quick Wow Unga we compared him last week to sua Cravens that was a very sua Cravens like play he was there almost as soon as Patton grabbed the football second and 12 push back to the 30 are the Vikings rolling right is Harvey and Kobe Fitzgerald he escapes from him but he won’t escape the second effort the 35 yard line that’s Zakaria Holyfield so the loss to the 35 yard line so here’s her of you here’s Kohli field now Fitzgerald had the first shot and then Holyfield is not gonna be denied as he gets to him from behind just tracking him down third and 15 line is the 35 West back at quarterback for Long Beach City throwing the ball down the field its complete inside the 30 Reyes with the coverage Woodard with the reception so Woodard picks up about six yards it’ll be fourth and nine and clock is tickin under seven minutes to play third quarter Long Beach City in the lead can they knock off the number one team the Tigers of RCC Sayid Galloway the freshman from South Torrance to be North Torrance on the one a short change Todd Croce the fine head coach there of the Saxons fourth and nine the lefty flings it into the corner of the end zone incomplete ray Estes in coverage again ball over on downs to the Tigers RCC dodged a bullet there two long plays had the ball at the 30 yard line for the Vikings and this time it’s the Tigers defense Jeff that stands up yet finally that secondary was tested and right there it came through let’s see if the Tigers can respond because it has been all Vikings the last quarter and a half here 632 to play in the third quarter it’s a Long Beach City lead Bartlett turns and gives to Bennett plows forward four yards second and six coming up Elijah been at the tailback actually instead that was Thomas Kinslow Caleb Herbie jogs off the field and Dylan Lorant replaces him for our CC they marked it officially 232 so call it second and 7 abolish to throw over the middle complete to lief immediately going to be tackled Malik Welch there along with Nick Delgadillo the freshman from Garfield High School L a kid at a big year last year third down and four Bartlett’s over the middle first down to leaf leaf will cross over midfield tackle made on the play by Justin Bailey the freshman from Long Beach Milliken Tigers to the 49 of Long Beach City College and Jacob Bartlett just going through his progressions stepping in and throwing the football here’s the gift to Kinslow Kings low had a 56 yard run last week powers up to the 40 yard line very close to a first down kin slow the freshman from Centennial good balance of power and finesse in the air right now on this Drive as Riverside really played a muscle-up offense play-action barlas to throw through kin slows hands Kinslow was the safety valve yet pressure coming in from behind Noah Baez the sophomore out of Sarah was bearing down on barrage he had to release the football it’ll be third and one coming up a little bit too hot

perhaps for kins flow in the backfield so there’s leave moving Laurent split out to the near side Kinslow runs i don’t think he got like i don’t think he got it i think he stopped at the 40 he ran right into the anthony jones and they will mark him about a yard short of the first down under five minutes to play third quarter the defense for the vikings have been up to the task tonight against this powerful Tigers offense so lieth to the near side near slot is giovanni sanders Lorant in the far slot down the field for Dylan Laurent overthrown ball goes over to Long Beach City on downs so that is twice that coach Kraft is elected to go for the the deep threat has turned over both times two in a row great defense by the Vikings it was their yeah play was there Lawrence had a good evening tonight another look at it missed overthrown Jacob Bartlett has time throws it down the field Lorant running one-on-one with destiny hall and long beach city back out on the field last score for RCC Jeff came on a field goal with 13 17 in the second quarter Harvey at quarterback gives to patent on the misdirection patent kids the line of scrimmage will be bounced back looks like alex navaro Silva and Kuwait ola TOA combined on the hit so maybe a yard on the play keep in mind the Tigers playing without Marcus Wilson six-foot-five sophomore 250-pound defense event out of chaparral tonight also missing Kyle and Ross one of their rotating players in the secondary and also missing free safety eyes at pal pal second and ninth of the 41 option piers Harvey Harvey gets to the outside first down crosses into Riverside City territory bumped out at the 44 so about a 15 yard run on the play and this platoon of quarterbacks he’s really doing the job for Long Beach City jobs it really is it’s giving him two looks both very athletic quarterbacks but one very much great option pass or option quarterback the other a little more of a passer but they’re getting gains over the line of the Tigers here he really bluffed Mesilla on that last play first and ten from the RCC 44 Harvey tries to run nothing doing they’re bearing down on him was big AJ telephone so he’s back to the 46-yard line of our CC loss for the Vikings so the defensive line you know it’s been next man up we mentioned Marcus Wilson is missing but the guys who’ve been in there have really stepped up for our CC big night tonight for Cairo coach Curran he had a couple of tackles in the first half clock moving towards two minutes remaining in the third quarter now Derek West back in at quarterback and the clock will now stop a timeout is going to be asked for it’s a long beach city with the lead 21:17 here and remember they didn’t even get to play last week they won but it was a forfeit because the opponent could not feel the team knew the injuries and whatnot and the Vikings we see in the state poll they’re 16th is the coaches Paul RCC not only one in number one of the coaches poll they’re number one in the divisional poll in the SI d poll and JC gridiron has them number one in the nation does they’re number one all around undisputed but there is there might be a poll like the Dairy Queen poll that they some little minor group might have chose someone else but yes undisputed well the four poles that are published to me and made a big one that’s pretty impressive it’s hard to get a consensus specially in sports at Mount well I have the number one Derek West back at quarterback second and 11 line is the 46 movement up front let’s see if they were drawn so they get Tala Fah

who had six tackles last week the freshman from tahuna San Juan are you you’re old enough to remember the old Shrine game they used to have with California used to play with Texas they stopped it right around 2000 2001 from the 49 Long Beach City second and seven Derek West gives to patent patent gets through the first tackle but he won’t get through the second he’s pushed back big surge led in the middle for our CC Zechariah Holyfield had his nose around the football the ball back to the 43 yard line of Riverside City College I used to love watching that game because you know the Samoan guys would come and they would do their little haka dance when they’re being introduced and the Texas guys man you could tell they’re a little intimidated of course because they were gonna eat him and beat him up and then win and take the trophy West calling signals and a whistle flag comes in on the play I had a chance when I was playing overseas in New Zealand to befriend some of the Mallory’s right what I’m saying is that those two some of those those the Polynesian and the Samoan chants are rooted in the in the Maori haka yes and I’ll tell you what I would go watch the All Blacks the greatest rugby team in the world and it was scary before the games and my buddies would talk to him and watch this and I would say I don’t want to it’s scary third and 15 for Long Beach City to the 48-yard line of RCC Derrick left in a quarterback three receivers on the far side West to throw toe tap looking over the middle incomplete good defense on the play by Ray Estes Estes matched up in coverage with Julian Woodard if you watch the HBO show real sport there’s a great feature on this month’s edition they go to New Zealand and I do a feature on one of the all blocks in relation to the Christchurch shootings Christchurch one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever been I got really sick in Christchurch somebody bet me 20 bucks might get on one of those human gyroscopes yeah and little did I know that they told the guy who was operating the human gyroscope they keep him on an extra couple minutes so not only did I not feel well I was on near the ocean I ran out and said hello to a couple penguins and fed some fish the official informing us it is third down as what we had up here anyway our oversight TV guys are always on it from the 48 West needs to scramble West trying to get to the stick can Fitzgerald beat him there he’ll be out of bounds a couple of yards short of the first down looks like they’ll mark him out at the 45 yard line try the 35 he needed to get to the 33 so fourth down and along too well it’s two and a half because they marked at the 35 and the stick as you can see is just inside 30 31 so yeah so it is worth it for West for the Vikings it’s gonna look down the field got a man completes Woodard in touchdown Julian Woodard first to make the catch then they get to the pylon ray Estes even has to acknowledge hey nice play young fella I’ll tell you what he would he was pretty good in the first half in fact that first quarter made a couple big plays but Wow flirt big-time play by a big-time player under a lot of pressure Woodard and Bowens have really been big tonight for Long Beach City College and Brett Peabody very confident in his outside guys and we understand why they’ve done a great job defensively but both Bowens and Woodard now have made some big plays on the offense for Long Beach City

College and this is a bit of a shocker now still plenty of time to go but now Riverside has allowed three straight scores they were up in this game 17 7 the last three touchdowns have been from Long Beach City College a big part of that I believe has been the quarterback platoon of Ty on Harvey and Derrick West I believe that’s kind of taken RCC’s defense a little bit off balance it really has and I’ll tell you what that secondary of RCC has been put to the test on big plays throughout the night I’ve got to get in front of that football they’ve got to be alert she knew where it was going once he rolled out and what what Harvey does when he’s in there he kind of keeps the front seven alert so when this Tiger front seven can just pin their ears back and come at the quarterback it’s just really hard to sustain against them but you throw a little wrinkle into it a running quarterback they have to be a little bit more on alert so the elite is now 11 for the Vikings and Roxy needs a drive here as Whitner will bring it from the six Roland is Whitner dives forward to the 29 and that’s where our CC will begin the drive here is the third quarter begins to dwindle away so a flag coming in late little extracurricular activity so the end of the first half Jeff the numbers by comparison are CC had 229 yards of offense in Long Beach City had 217 thus far in the second half Long Beach City has 205 yards of offense Riverside has 40 oh that sounds incorrect I would be wrong that is the dominated so this one this flag is on Long Beach City so the ball will move out to the 45 yard line of our CC for the second straight week the Tigers allow more than a hundred yards on the ground Paton with 57 West with 46 Harvey with 53 so nearly 200 yards on the ground for Long Beach City College they’ve run for 170 yards here’s the run Elisha Bennett goes to the outside he’s taken down there by Nikki beggar do actually the tackle the Anthony Jones tripped him up and he got a couple yards on the play from the 47 at second and eight that’s Sanders moving up into the slot play-action here comes pressure dumping it off to Kinslow catches it on the carom and down he goes instead that’s not Kenzel that was Bennett with the reception tackled by Malik Welch the sophomore from North Torrance high school another guy who played high school ball for Todd Croce and the Saxons so there’s the care that’s dangerous it could always be could be picked off Bennet trying to make something out of nothing and he goes down at the 44 yard line that’ll be the end of the third quarter so a third and long situation coming up for RCC as we go to the fourth quarter and the score here Jeff the bit of a shocker with Long Beach City up 28 to 17 over RCC yeah and the toughest thing is the big number I should say is the little number 17 points by this you know great offense two touchdowns on the first two series and it has been basically nothing sits they feel gold but they have come up empty-handed Long Beach has been great got to give credit to Steve Ruta Flores the defensive coordinator of Long Beach City and Brett Peabody their head coach let’s toss it down to Brian Wilson between quarters he’s on the sidelines for us Brian what do you got hey guys yeah a little bit of surprise here at the end of the third quarter figured that uh Riverside was about ready to turn it on but they just haven’t been able to get anything going offensive leap the herbicides an explosive offense can’t just can’t help but think that the other she’s gonna drop soon back to you guys and the question really is why what’s going on part of that part of the reason they’ve struggled is Long Beach City has been able to get pressure with the format of the four-man rush and they have the speed in the secondary to keep up with our CC usually when the protection is good for RCC they need to bring five six seven guys and then you got four guys and one-on-one coverage

somebody’s gonna break open third and 11 coming up but I believe Brian is right this team can explode at any time barrage now they’ll bring some Blitzers here he’s got a man down the field and Sanders goes up and gets it at the 15 yard line so a 41 yard completion just like that just as Brian Wilson said this offense can turn it on Jacob barrage throws a dime to giovanni sander let’s get another look Jeff yeah Jacob Bartlett’s just a perfect thread in the needle right over the top great play by the true freshman and a Valley View High School at the sixteen first and ten good throw by Barley’s to start the fourth quarter pump fake he’ll go to the corner one on one interception is dropped he was looking for Ty Kennedy Dallas branch the freshman out of Silesian high in Los Angeles nearly came up with a big play for Long Beach City College turning got two hands on it Kennedy kind of lost his footing as he went in there but a good play by branch second and ten line is the 16 for RCC Bartlett looking left over the middle touchdown Dillon Lorant looked off the defense with his eyes and then found Lorant crossing in front of the goalpost Lorant had a big first half had been silent here in the second half Jeff but he comes up with a big play when the Tigers need it here in the fourth quarter I’ll tell you what they’ve ran some great routes and they’ve really said hey we’re gonna attack their secondary Bartlett’s just gone deep twice and they’ve been both times they’ve been great passes nearly intercepted on that errant pass to the left side of the end zone but man barrage thread the needle again and watch him look off the defender he looks to the ball this is a drive there’s the catch here by Bennett and here’s the first throw I believe down the field where he finds Giovanni Sanders and again when you have playmakers is just a matter a time that was on a blitz we found the open man the booth and he looks off the defender to the left throws it over the middle Lorant there they had tied Kennedy on the left side everybody was sniffing after Ty Kennedy and the ball went to Laurent over the middle for the touchdown Dillon Laurent now with seven receptions 108 yards and a touchdown Bartlett since coming into the game Jeff 7 for 11 73 yards on the touchdown but he had the two big completions on that drive huge completions and that could be hit back with a backbreaker if you are Long Beach played great defense and given up too big-time plays from the 10-yard line this is Bowens striding over the 30 he is stopped over the 30 yard line and that’s where Long Beach City will tee it up Nathan Bolton with the tackle for RCC and it’s up to the Tiger defense and see if they can stop these two quarterbacks that have been electric tonight for the Vikings let’s see what James Cook the defensive coordinator for RCC can dial up in the bit of a chess match with Steve Rue de Fleurus who’s done a nice job against the tiger offense plenty of time 14 12 to play in this one thanks for joining us kazama’s on with the along with Jeff Wharram Brian Wilson on the sidelines our entire award-winning RC Riverside TV crew here at Wheelock Stadium it is homecoming here at RCC and a very special homecoming for our producer Scott Brosius who himself is an RCC alum so welcome back Scott hope somebody bought you a cake or a steak or something I am something give him your RCC guy to write I buy I was here for a year okay you play basketball he did shrimp the late great Bob Sherman it was in the Community College Hall of Fame I came back and coached under him coached for Bob Russo a great great school here Riverside City College said it’s changed the name a couple times since then it was Riverside City College when I started that it was Riverside Community College the house back to Riverside City College I like our CC because it is downtown Riverside it’s the essence of the city long beach city we’ll start with the ball from the Vikings 32 Derek West is taking the snaps trips to the nearside Jonathan Watson is closest to us on the

bottom of your screen that’s bones in motion keeping it his West West maybe back to the line of scrimmage polar fields nose around the football as he gets up from the pile also getting up from the bottom up I’ll age eight elefanten the freshman from some on so maybe a yard second and nine from the 33 Zecharia dolphins split out to the near side for Long Beach City haven’t seen much of him woodard the top of your screen Bowen in the near slop second down West to throw West to the outside complete at the 45 yard line right in the scene nice catch by Taj Wright his first reception tonight right the freshman from Ridge View High School in Bakersfield sticks move up first down over the 45 to the 47 what a tough pass hey you see he had room to throw it that’s patent again into our CC territory about five yards on the play they want to forget to thank Nick rice we have to Nick Rice’s and they’re both our CC alums we do engineer Nick rice and then we have Nick rice who does some work with you on our CC as well as on high school football he’s the audio voice of our CC he does their Road games on the audio site second and six from the 47 and this is West Bowen in the near slot split out to the near side is dolphin here’s the gift of patent trying to get outside he’ll get slowed up and maybe get to on the play slowing him up on the outside was Elton I D whoo clock continues to turn third down coming up here’s a big play for our CC would be a big stop for the Tigers on 3rd and 3 the West at quarterback trips to the far side Woodard and Bowen are both on the far side Taj Wright the receiver for the Vikings to the near side and the extreme top of your screen is Zechariah Wilson he’s the freshman from Wilson High School in Long Beach let’s see if they bring heat here comes the Blitz long pass down the left side asked us in coverage and out-of-bounds goes Woodard it was a little bit of jostling in there but good clean play down the field and fourth down great defensive call they’re showing blitz great arm strength though from the quarterback throwing off his opposite leg through it ways West coming into the game had completed 51% of his passes for 318 yards he has 165 yards through the air and a couple of touchdowns here tonight the Vikings against mount sac had 244 yards they rolled up 611 yards against Grossmont in their opening win last year 26 and a half points a game nearly 400 yards 388 yards plus and they split about 54 to 46 in terms of run pass this year in the two games they’ve played averaging 37 and a half points a game in nearly four hundred twenty-eight yards most of those on the ground they averaged 240 yards on the ground coming in there close to 200 tonight but still 11 minutes plus to play and Riverside City will get the ball back number one team in California number one team in the country there’s the pot off the Meuse foot caught at the 10 yard line and torso spun down over the 15 will be marked at the 18 so here we go so Mike Irwin played the entire first half for RCC Jacob barrage the fresh mount Valley View has gotten the assignment here in the second half and an opportunity here for barrage to give RCC the lead 2824 a bit of a surprise the Vikings are ranked and this has been

kind of a rivalry but even Brett Peabody told me you know what these guys have pretty much gotten the best of us the last few years that’s Jumonville glory going into motion for our CC quick throw complete tiller on at the 20 Laurent will go up to about the 30 that 23 yard line and he’ll be taken down at the 23-yard line by Dallas branch so give him the 24 second and four for RCC they trail by four points in the fourth quarter it’s been a good one tonight giman McLaury the kid from Arlington will traverse over the 25 of the 26 a couple yards on the play third and two coming up good to see my glory in the ball game one of our are yours my favorites over the years watching him over at Arlington High School under coach Rich Lunsford player down on the field is the Anthony Jones for a long beach city college yeah interesting senior year for Jomon but glory remember Arlington had a great year they ended up winning eight games that year but they ran that single wing where they did a lot of unbalanced line and he was really the offense it was Jamaal Magloire right come on and I remember he would kind of kneel down in between plays and I saw I asked coach Lunsford do you mind that he’s like well he’s toting the ball 35 times a game so he can catch a rest I’m fine with him catch an arrest you know sometimes coaches don’t like that in terms of body language no he’s being smart he’s a smart kid he knows he needs to preserve his body line is the 26th 3rd and – that’s my glory in motion barlas to throw for me and rush complete to Lorant first down and more he escapes and gets up to the 35 yard line finally bought down on the play by destined Hall the sophomore out of Lawndale so call it the 34 it’s a first down either way Laurent his 10th reception on the evening instead his ninth I’m sorry’s 9th reception on the evening one more I’ll make it 10 from the 34 first and 10 RCC here’s the gift and McLaury bounces off the first contact up over the right side and gets over the 40 yard line so a good six yard pickup by Jamin McLaury and you look at him and you don’t think he’s formidable but he has strength we’ve seen he is a power back tough to bring down he’s just moves those feet so well churns and then second and four from the 40 complete on the seam route Sanders still on his feet spins in to Long Beach City territory over the 45 so Sanders picks up about 16 on the play to the 44 of Long Beach City and the offense hummin adjustment made on the RCC side so first intent along beach 44 varlets gives Tim a glory McLaury still fighting straight ahead to the 41 3 yards on first down and it’s those big boys up front getting the extra push particularly on the interior that line remember a little bit of a substitution for our CC Theo Bullard at center instead of Ryan Julia fire but the two guards Donnie long and Cole Sain getting a really good push in the middle on that play so they gave him to call it second and eight from the 42 garlic to the outside incomplete third down coming up Giovanni Sanders the intended receiver for RCC a big big down here here’s the question eight and a half minutes to play in the fourth quarter if you don’t make it here do you punt Carson Reed member has been a weapon for them yeah I mean I would hit him back in that deep spot and hung your head on that great defensive stop last series as he can do it again rest laugh to the top of the screen the throw though to the man the slot is Sanders Sanders trying to make yards after the catch he’ll be close I don’t think he quite got to the sticks good job by Sanders taking about a 3 yard hitch and getting up near the first down marker so a big decision coming up for Tom craft and his staff barrage with the throwing another look at it throw to the outside spins away and the first tackler and then goes down offense is staying out on the field in the spot though it looks like they could be close the spot is almost right on the marker of course both Christian Connolly Kevin Brown part

of that offensive line for our CC gonna to look at it so tackle finally made on the play by Justin Bailey he extends the ball and on that angle looks like he should have it from where he extended the football but the spot wasn’t as generous what a heady play there by Sanders he knew exactly where it needed to go Jeff yeah I’ll tell you what takes it and gets it out of bounds let’s see if they give it to him they did not they’re gonna say it’s worth an inches so what do you do here just run it behind the big guy in the middle you got to you have to how far let’s get behind Center just go behind Theo Bullard the middle of the line has been getting surged on this drop jump in the pocket of Kevin Brown but three chain lengths it’s not a first down still a great effort by Giovanni Sanders Sanders last week against San Marino Valley had five catches for 166 yards he’s got a couple of catches on this Drive to bring his total tonight to seven nice homecoming crowd here just below our press box that 1989 National Champion decal right there thirty years there were national champions thirty years ago and right now they’re the number one team in the nation but long beach city is threatening that standing and at this point I think they just go for it yes you do so ball spotted at the 39 they literally need about four inches and they’re gonna go from the shotgun so the officials pointing something after the Tigers so here comes barrage surging forward and barrage has it to about the 31 yard line emphatically Theo Bullard signals first down Tigers great play by barrage walking up under center as they go back to the hurry up here 31 Jones jumps free play but whistles will kill the play he was looking for Kennedy was Jacob Arledge well the Anthony Jones has played really well for long beat City he played back in 2017 had 15 tackles for the Vikings including four sacks only played in one game last year due to an injury and he’s back for Brett Peabody here in 2019 so now call it first in five in the 26 looking for Kennedy low throw they’ll say it’s a catch to the 20-yard line so a first down clock moving Tigers in the redzone soma glory the tailback Sanders in the Far slot split out to the far side ratzlaf Lorant and kennedy year receivers to the near side Lorant in the slot kennedy split out barrage gives Touma glory McLaury just right up the middle of the defense and has wrestled down after about a four yard game Devine o Beshear with the tackle though Beshear is an interesting case he’s at a Westchester High School he’s a West Chester comet had nine tackles against mount sac a couple weeks ago last year as a freshman 46 tackles in six sacks and that’s a pretty darn good year six foot for 285 pound guy in the middle of that defense so they gave him four officially second and six from the 16 Sanders and rets laughs to the far side he’ll look for Sanders crossing over in complete coverage from destined Hall to South of war from Lawndale I always like to bring up Westchester High is the alma mater of my guy islands it’s my sister it either was just her comets one of my guys and Mason honored for members and mates I do another Westchester guy right there on Manchester Boulevard right right by the airport lax third and six Bartlett’s steps up throws to the end zone a little bit high for rets laughs

incomplete Malik welts the sophomore out of North Torrance there on the coverage so now forth and six so what do you do here Jeff 629 to play do you put the points on the board I always you and I have always talked you always get the points on the board we got to rely on their defense but and Tom craft is going for the points Zac service on the field it was 1 for 2 last year and that one misses so the field goal falls short the Vikings defense holds and now it becomes a game one more possession RCC needs a possession to go ahead in this one and if your long beach really just gotta chew up some clock make a couple big plays if you don’t score you pit our CC back in their part of the field make them traverse from deep territory there you go and now it’s the job of the defense for our CC to get the Vikings off the field keep in mind they’re missing a couple of starters today West to Bowen this is Zion bones had a big game but he’ll be tackled after about a three-yard pickup on the play that man Cairo Kush Karen the defensive lineman makes the play for our CC another look at it gets to the outside and push Karen they’re stringing the play out he’s a freshman out of Burbank so a three-yard pickup second and seven here comes the pressure deflected right back to west west catches the ball after it’s batted back and maybe back to the line of scrimmage everywhere die thought that says he gonna throw it again yeah an opportunity could’ve let’s see here he’s tipped right back into his hands I believe was alex navarro Silva was the one who deflected it they’re gonna mark it to the 20 then I say it’s a loss first down up to the 30-yard line for Long Beach City big third down play for the defense can they get the Vikings off the field they trail by for time dwindling in the fourth quarter nickel package in for RCC and James Cook the West to throw over the middle it’s complete to Bowen but right there to make the play is Tyler kin slow for RC Seattle bring up a fourth down and Oliver besides getting get an opportunity here and probably with pretty good field position to boot but the Vikings defense has been up to the task tonight so the ball spotted at the 25 dorsa will return the kick for RCC’s standing at the tigers 37 so officially the line of scrimmage is the 26 Lemieux on to punt hi Pont little bit short but it’ll take back to the 32 yard line door saw off the sideline around the 40 they’re gonna mark him out of bounds right at the 40 yard line and there’s a Viking down on the field so 60 yards to go for RCC with 423 to play here in the fourth quarter I want to thank our fine crew again Scott Brosius I mentioned he’s an RCC guy and look at the injured Viking on the field carry in the booth doing the the graphics Ross Doug Brad Jason Nick courses I’m not mention Nick rice I don’t know about that Doug guy you don’t know nobody okay I was that he’s a nice guy he seemed like a really nice guy he’s he’s pretty he’s okay be right he’s tuned a little too nice you saying something about him just yet guys it’s way too nice you always think he’s got an agenda that huh I don’t know what it is he’s always and he works every one of these games we cover it all he is there Jared Troutman is the player down for

Long Beach City he’s a Mayfair high school product out of Lakewood I love Mayfair high because they have the coolest nickname one of the coolest nicknames in Southern California what is there Nick the monsoon that’s a great one in it it is a good one it’s like the knee they’re working on the knee so it’s painful but hope not too serious and he’s clearly conscious have that situation last year with San Bernardino as well 423 to play in the fourth quarter 28 24 the visitors on top and that’s a bit of a surprise yeah on the road here in Denver so here comes the replay and the kickoff of ours you’d be the punt and then that’s where Troutman goes down at about the 38 yard line so he’s getting help but he seems to be okay going off the field that left leg is not able to put any weight on it and they’ll work on him on the sidelines Tigers football first in ten lion is the 44:23 to play it’s go time Kennedy split to the near side McLaury instead of not mu glory in the backfield that’s Cameron boss Lee costly into motion empty set four-man rush Bartlett’s throwing middle the field complete to Sanders absorbs to hit ping pongs off of it lunges forward to the 39 yard line of Long Beach City 21 yard completion and RCC’s in business good great pass not too high just perfectly there on the numbers barrage now 13 of 24 137 yards first intent from the 40 loss Lee again in motion another empty set four-man rush Bartlett’s middle of the field complete to Dylan Laurent Laurent trying to make something happen but goes down at the 34 yard line so a modest six yard game Laurent now with ten catches on the evening for 128 yards and a touchdown so Bartlett’s running this offense with the two for two on the drive he’s now 14 of 21 through the air for 143 yards barlas last week 12 of 15 to 39 and 3 touchdowns very efficient passer ii into 3 that’s Lorant up into the slot here’s the give right up the middle is Blas Lee bounces off a couple of hits and gets to the 25 8 yard pickup first down Cameron Bosley was very very effective in that first couple drives for the Tigers we haven’t seen much of them coming in strong here in the fourth played his high school ball in Kylene Texas at Schumacher high school clock turning to three minutes door to the outside Karam up in the air it’s going to be intercepted off of Tyler Kennedy the carom recovered by Mark Gibson the freshman out on our bond so Gibson johnny-on-the-spot barrage peppers it to the outside Kennedy goes to leap kind of catches them in between hit him on the helmet carom DUP in the air and going to get it is Gibson it’ll be Vikings football so 256 to play three timeouts left for our CC does the defense have one last stand in them Jeff Gorham I don’t know I’ll tell you the ground game we’ve seen at times tonight from the Vikings has been pivotal they’ve eaten clock they eat real estate let’s see if Riverside can stop them Riverside the luck has three timeouts left though which this could be great in this situation 177 yards on the ground in 34 carries for the Vikings you have to think they’ll keep it on the ground here indeed they will Patton runs right into some interference knock down maybe a yard on the play clock continues to move to lawn patent before that Carrie had 63 yards on 16 carries 63 hard-fought yards pads a big dude Saint Anthony’s High School in Long Beach six to 250 led them to their first CIF title in 68 years back in 2016 second down

this is galloway saeed galloway trying to get the outside and galloway just ahead of the 10 yard line will get about to Kobe Fitzgerald was the first man to him and a timeout called by RCC so Galloway another big boy six-foot 230 coming into the ballgame had 15 carries for 108 yards Galloway tonight just his I think he’s had a couple of carries I don’t see his number on the on the ledger but he had a couple carries today and a timeout called by RCC so 207 to play they have two timeouts left it’s third and eight if you’re a Long Beach City keep it on the ground here to keep the clock moving correct you have to open but you’ve got to you got to be maybe we see maybe you see Harvey we could the short pass was effective in the third and fourth quarter for Long Beach no matter how this ends a great job tonight by both Brett Peabody the head coach for Long Beach City College and his defensive coordinator Steve rue de Flores did a fantastic job with the game kind of obviously the tiger the the Vikings players were up to the challenge of RCC Riverside have rolled up 58 points last week nearly 600 yards of offense – here we go third and eight from the 12 full house backfield for the Vikings option and Fitzgerald in on if he’ll release the football incomplete West was the quarterback for Long Beach City and the clock will stop with two minutes straight up remaining fourth and eight Kinslow also applying the heat and now our seats seemed an opportunity with some good field position so the ball at the 12 yard line which means that Lemieux will have to kick out of his end zone and a little bit of confusion Fitzgerald coming in to make the hit as he flailed and that was a dangerous past a throw here’s the punt dorso coming in to field it he’ll let it balance it’ll bounce in Viking territory and it’ll creep over onto the RCC side of the field but he’ll be right at midfield Jeff well it’s gonna be let’s see if Barr llege can pull them in here and get the Tigers back in the winning column now because of the missed field goal Earl you need a touchdown here as you do so if you’d gotten the three points you could just drive for a field goal but here down for the Tigers need the touchdown so whitener to the top of the screen Sanders in the far slots split out to the near side is Kennedy in the near slot Dillon laronx barrage in at quarterback for RCC first and ten from the 49 thrown to the outside nearly picked off Sanders the intended receiver trying to make the play for long beach city Malik Welch jumped the route nearly had a pick Welch kid from North Torrance spent a year in South besson spent a year at the University of Tulsa second down complete to Kennedy at the 45 it’ll be third and four so Kennedy with six catches tonight with just 38 yards obviously RCC four down situation as the clock moves third and four Barlet Lorant nothing incomplete so here we go Jeff it’s all for everything right here this is the number one ranked team in the nation the Vikings on the cusp of an upset fourth down and four from the long beach city 45 four-man rush Bartlett’s throwing what a catch complete and the drive stays alive that man relentless whitener reels it in the freshman from Arcadia High move the ball to the 34 yard line first in 10 RCC here comes pressure Bartlett’s trying to evade it who just burned the down Doug he threw for Kennedy Kennedy was in coverage with Dallas branch it’ll be second and ten incomplete dangerous passed by Bartlett’s but he had Kennedy in the vicinity there’s the first down on fourth and four second and ten from the 3463 tix remain in this one bar ‘glitch over the middle

a little bit of miscommunication incomplete Lorant got tangled up with nick Delgadillo the freshman out of garfield for a long beach city third down so they’re gonna bring Sanders off the field Kennedy to the nearside running into the game Zach are seeit in the near slot for RCC Bartlett’s with the pump fake Bartlett’s over the middle incomplete and a flag comes in Tyler Kennedy the intended receiver I think Malik welts may have been a little early on the bump it’ll be against the Long Beach City College so I think Sanders had to run off due to an equipment issue instead I’m sorry I did not mean to impugn Malik Welch it was Dallas Burke who got called on the penalty so barrage steps up throws and little contact early so they moved the ball to the 22 yard line of Long Beach City College 52 seconds left in this one thanks for staying with us Elijah Bennett the setback for RCC Barlett looking to throw endzone overthrown incomplete and to tyler Kennedy just overthrown a bit howdy overthrow Tyler Kennedy the fastest man why Kid Flash second down coming up whitener split out to the far side Gerald Anderson in the far slot there goes Bennett into motion barrage looking for Sanders Sanders with the catch on the run breaks one tackle and bought down at about the 12 close to a first down so Giovanni Sanders has been clutch his eighth reception on the night he’s got a hundred yards receiving timeout on the field so it looks like it’ll be inside the 14 which will be a third and short both teams with one timeout left so Tom craft calls timeout here it’ll be third and short you have one timeout remaining what a move there by Sanders Sanders and retz laughs both very good after the couch so what to do here on third and one you have two plays to get the first down but of course the clock is your enemy and you need to get into the end zone you have the timeout you could also clock it if you need to after the first down so a lot of options here that they’re gonna draw up the defense comes back out for Long Beach City I’ll tell you what they’ve been great in pressure situations tonight all the credit goes to the Vikings and their defensive coordinator Steve rue de Flores from the 13 it’s third and one RCC Kennedy split out to the nearside Lorant in the near slot Sanders and the far slot for the Tigers there comes the pressure looking for Sanders touchdown Tigers giovanni sanders jeff has been incredibly clutch all season and he just exemplified that tonight in the last two drives got them near to a first down and then finally jacob Arledge finds him in the end zone on the post route for the touchdown a big-time play great play important p80 here for sir villas who missed a field goal earlier three-point game 31:28 the Tigers were down 28:17 so there’s the throat of Kennedy the short yardage game for barrage and how what a cool calm customer he was that’s a completion to Sanders now look at this

play by Sanders didn’t quite get the first down it wasn’t for lack of trying down at about the 13 yard line and then Barla just finds his man one on one and Sanders with the touchdown for the Tigers so Jacob Arledge now 18 of 31 181 yards and two touchdowns Giovani Sanders tonight Jeff ten catches 132 yards and a touchdown the Tigers now with 408 yards passing on the evening 25 seconds to claim not over yet Carson Reid to kick it away from the 10 here comes Woodard he’s got speed to burn submarined near the 30 tackle on the play by Ben karikari for RCC so one timeout left for Long Beach City you throw one over the middle you try to get to me to feel down it’s Hail Mary time yes it is and I’ll tell you what let’s see if Riverside can handle this Viking offense which is bad times made great tonight great job by the defense for the Tigers stiffening in the fourth quarter Long Beach City though a game effort tonight and RCC will exhaust their final timeout looking at the formation with a minute four to play in the third quarter Long Beach City went up 28 17 and remember the big interception on the deflection came with about four minutes to play in this one actually three minutes to play in this one and the defense for RCC stood up and got the ball back for Jacob Arledge and he wasn’t gonna be denied this time there’ll be no tip pass the last time down the field two big completions to giovanni sanders including the go-ahead touchdown with 25 seconds on the clock so watch bowen he’s the closest to the quarterback on the near side he with a big first half and the west winds it up and throws over the middle incomplete pass was intended for Todd’s right they can still complete one to midfield here and call timeout one timeout left for the Vikings second and ten coming up from the 30 31 28 Riverside with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to come back from a 28 17 deficit West throw into the middle incomplete Joey maja makes the play the freshman from one singin Texas the defensive back makes it third and ten great atmosphere tonight homecoming Long Beach contributed to it the Vikings gave the Tigers everything they could handle in fact led by two scores coming into the fourth quarter nine seconds to play one timeout left for the Vikings need a completion here West to throw lobbing it down the sideline incomplete there were two white shirts in the vicinity Bowen was one of them fourth down he a Herculean effort for Riverside in the second half fallen behind and rallying back in this one a team effort the defense and the offense complementing each other one player left more than likely for Long Beach West back to throw middle of the field makes the reception fumble recovered by RCC on the lateral Kobe Fitzgerald seals the win as he

scoops up the fumble lateral and Riverside maintains their ranking they get a scare from the Vikings of Long Beach City College but the Tigers victorious on Homecoming with a 31-28 victory Jeff Glor oh I’ll tell you what you’ve got to be happy if you’re Tom Kraft because your guys didn’t give up it’s a tough win and a versus a very tough Long Beach team you got to be proud of your guys but I’ll tell you what you can’t go down two games in a row it’s gonna catch it you’ve got to tighten up things I’m sure coach will address it here on Monday what good teams do is they’re confident they can win at any time they whether they’re down one score two scores the way our CC was the success this team has had over the years when they came in and it comes from the top it comes from the coaches yes they had no doubt down 2817 they could come back and win this game and that’s precisely what they did a lot of that credit goes to the defense for standing up in that fourth quarter and stopping the Long Beach City Vikings the other credit goes to the offense the offensive line and the quarterback Jacob garlic garlic could have been discouraged when he threw the pick off the tip late in the fourth quarter with about three minutes to go but his defense picked him up and then he came right back and engineered that drive down the field there was a big fourth down conversion and a big pass interference penalty that aided the Tigers along the way here’s the first score coming right out of the box and then it was a 14 to nothing lead the fourth quarter has erlan takes it in here’s Harvey one of the two quarterbacks that was playing for Long Beach City completes it into the end zone for Bowen to make it 14-7 this allowed our CC the completion to Dylan Laurent allowed them to go up 17 for 17 to 7 and all of a sudden Long Beach City stepped up here’s West lobbing a deep jump ball Zion Bowen goes up and gets it the kid from Long Beach Poly makes it a 17-14 game and then to go up 21-14 give me in the second quarter the throw into the end zone there from West now here is Harvey with a great play with the option the fake gets to the outside and keeps the drive rolling and now here’s West the lefty throws the ball deep and Woodard not only makes the catch but is able to pull his defender into the endzone for the touchdown and then back though come the Tigers on a drive where Jacob arledge had stepped in to take over the reins at quarterback a big throw down the field and a big completion to giovanni sanders to complete the ball down to the 15-yard line and then barrage looks over the middle and completes it to Dylan Laurent to make it a 28 24 game and then the final drive of the game completed Ty Kennedy and then Barlow’s looking downfield here’s the big play on fourth down that giovanni sanders reels in and then barrage again complete to Sanders look at Sanders just after the catch didn’t get the first down here but loosened it up and then on the third down play finds Sanders in the end zone that’s the game-winning touchdown for RCC that was score with 25 seconds left to play 31:28 the final barrage in the second half 18 of 31 181 yards through the air the big receivers Giovanni Sanders 10 Kent 132 yards Dylan Laurent 10 catches 128 yards he had a touchdown on the long beach side – lon Patton ran for 63 yards on 17 carries PI on Harvey ran for 54 yards threw for two touchdowns Derek West through 486 yards and two touchdowns ayan Bowens seven catches 170 yards and three TDs for the Vikings overall the Vikings rolled up 461 yards on offense Riverside was one yard better with 462 but more importantly Jeff they were three points better by a score of 30 128 five of eight in the red zone for Riverside one for one in the red zone for Long Beach and that beat all the difference yes it did I’ll tell you what they made big plays at big times but they you know at times they just didn’t look like the rivers I came we’ve seen the last few weeks but I’ll tell you what this is a scare that can really trigger the tiger to become that number one ranked team to live up to that expectation because I’ll tell you what they have a giant bullseye on the back that everybody’s coming after ya they will maintain their number one ranking great game for Long Beach i think the the the Vikings are back on track remember they had that little misstep last week where they went there last year excuse me when they went four and six and we’re waiting for Brian Wilson he’s got him gonna have Jacob Arledge couple the players for a postgame interview will Brian Wilson so we’re waiting on that right now

but if you’re Long Beach City you’re disappointed obviously because you wanted to come away with the win you wanted upset the number one team in the nation but there’s a lot that they can build on here you know they say matchups make fights and in this game you know Long Beach City had the talent on the outside to combat RCC both on the defensive side and on the offensive side and I believe we have Brian Wilson down on the field with Jacob Arledge yeah guys so hi I’m here with quarterback Jacob Bartlett so you guys fell behind early what was the coach’s message what did you guys kind of do what made you rally back behind we did I mean we just had to play better we made adjustments in the locker room and the team we had there are great defense we had to make adjustments and we had to we had to get going we had to play better so that’s exactly what we did there in the last few minutes and here we are with Giovanni Sanders yo so biggest play the game game-winning touchdown could you break down for us what’s going through your mind and I saw him call yellow Boston I remember talking to silver talking about it coach snow Boston they can’t guard the slots and as soon as that ball was snap and I look back I saw Jake release the ball and I knew I had to get it I knew we needed a big play to win the game and I knew I was gonna do it for the team to bring I we’re a team effort and everybody all assets you all get good and we have some Dean’s to improve on but overall I just know we needed one more big play after back to you guys I say it all the time big time players make big time plays Giovanni Sanders was a big-time player tonight when his team needed him he stepped up and made three really big plays yeah he was amazing and I’ll tell you what what I like about RCC is that they have two different looks you’ve got a great quarterback that you can start the game with it kind of get you going and then you bring in Bartlett’s who’s really just a pinpoint quarterback is able to get those guys the ball how about Jacob Arledge bouncing back remember he had the ball tipped and intercepted he’s looking for ty Kennedy and then to come to get the ball back and he said all right guys I’m gonna finish this one and he finishes it with Giovanni Sanders it’s just I mean just a perfect pass and really the cut it’s gonna gain confidence for that young man he’s won at every level he’s played at and I’ll tell you what he’s gonna continue and this is gonna be a great Riverside city college team if they can continue to grow a thriller tonight here from Wheelock Stadium the Riverside City Tigers they maintain their number one ranking with a 31-28 win over the Long Beach City Vikings a really game team and an old rivalry renew these teams for a long time we’re in the same division they’re no longer in the same division but they respect each other both programs and they’re both very similar programs in terms of they draw a lot of players from their local areas and they give opportunities to local talent on both sides so congratulations Tom craft congratulations to Brett Peabody the head coach at Long Beach City Bar final tonight is 3128 for Jeff Gorham for Brian Wilson on the sidelines for our entire the award-winning Riverside TV crew homecoming night here at RCC and the Tigers with the wind 31:28 my name is Gazala Sanh we’ll talk to you next time so long everybody