World of Warplanes: Patch 0.4.3 Changes and Mid Tier Madness

hello and welcome to another unrehearsed mess of a video this is alma fide hippie for random madness 856 that you can see my name so I don’t know why I keep telling you that I’m really bad at this aren’t I well anyway we’re back in World of Warplanes this is the latest patch it’s update zero point four point three and there are little snowflakes falling down my screen hourly snowflakes Marv just dust but really huge flakes of dust that was completely irrelevant I’m tired okay so they added quite a few things in this patch we’re going to go over those things briefly and we’ll do some gameplay first thing you’ll notice probably the graphics have changed a bit these planes look a little more glossy and not sure if that’s good or bad I’ve heard people say both ways the frf doesn’t look too bad this is I’ve got the graphics turned down to record this because the increase in their graphics quality has decreased my framerate not really worth it in my opinion I’ve also added something else new you can actually train your crew now you can train the 75 percent or one hundred percent and then after you get it to 100% you can unlock guild secondary skills that increase your crew members help or resistance that injury increase your view range improve the aircraft acceleration or other stuff depending on what your crew member is doing much like in World of Tanks just a little different now a few other things they’ve done is that they’ve completely removed the p51 jet-powered which was the weird-looking tier 8 plane and they’ve replaced it with the p51 h some say the planes overpowered I really haven’t done much playing with it I don’t know it looks different I prefer to look at the p-51d but of course it’s probably just a paint scheme that’s all that’s the difference let’s see that and pretty much anyway they’ve also moved the me-262 over to the heavy fire line they’ve done some shuffling of the tears they’ve added a few planes one of which is this monstrosity the il-4 TP is the new tier 10 the aisle 40 is now a tier 9 questioning their decision on that one but we’ll let mavs it this is weird looking plane um there are some other new claims such as the p1000 101 or 11 of 1i whatever you want to call it I haven’t flown it yet brand new tier 10 I don’t have enough gold the credits for it anyway they’ve also added this a little bit i guess i’ll let you see my teeth length you can now see your medals you have the ability to earn medals for different achievements that’s pretty nice you can now check out your stats on each individual plane instead of just being overall which is nice and then you can also look at your overall results I know I said I wasn’t going to show you that but and whatever now we’ve also got the store so is basically your depo like in World tanks but a little different all this stuff is still under development whatever in your settings there are a few different

things that they’ve changed and they’ve changed the voice messages so that was interesting I’ll let you hear that now you’ve got the ability to have barometric or radar or radar and barometric altimeters kind of useful some say I just keep afraid are all this is still the same controls are pretty much the same i haven’t seen much difference in those what else was there oh yes we have the ability to do some training I’ve already done it but I’ll show you what it looks like sorry server is busy well imma wait here all day I’m we hear old a yeah yeah I’m awake I’m a week I’m gonna wait here all day welcome to your first training flight this isn’t my first training for pride grossie to the training area to start your gunnery practice do I get a gunnery sergeant please who’s to pick up their speed away cuz that’s the Marines darn boosting do a barrel roll it’s not really a barrel roll it’s just a straight girl look practice starts a bit of twitchiness in it cuz destroy the first I’m lazy hi fire okay listen to that voice destroyed destroy the second balloon I mean it’s not it’s not bad per se it’s just they’ll expect my people who are trained me to be yelling at me yeah I know destroy it’s bloody loud ridiculously so destroy the third balloon activate booze to pick up airspeed ok really people thought me to go slower target destroyed all right or even the next thing I’m going to be blowing up yes you are a ju 52 what are they gonna put that negates likely never whoo yeah it was easy I gotta turn that down we’ve also changed chat channels a bit so you can go in two different channels depending on what you want to do personally I prefer just the general chat but it’s a little more helpful for the developers I assume so that they don’t have to filter through off-topic stuff so that’s really about it they’ve added a couple of maps and so ugly looks like a guppy look at that thing it looks like a fish an ugly fish not even a pretty fish like a coy or something it’s an ugly fish so weird okay so let’s fly mid tears today let’s go with the Wildcat because I don’t know what else to fly really I’m sorry if I’m a little bit crazy today like I said this is totally unrehearsed don’t shoot your friendly aircraft that you’re trying to cover don’t shoot it it’s just bad practice wow I didn’t know that ha dude inside joke sorry so it looks pretty like I said this is like low graphics or very low i’m not sure what but I increasingly heated the

EO let’s hop Barry gentlemen like of you let’s go this way looks like this side could use a little help hi you look like something to shoot at what are you p for tea yeah I’ll take that off good hit serum knowing that guy is I don’t like it you still recover I did not stall there’s a distinct difference between stalling and diving make the change the flight mechanic the bed it also changed the physics for when the you shoot a plane down it doesn’t look quite so ridiculous anymore so kudos to the dev team on that sounds just weird oh good hit oh yeah I don’t want to go help her Louise damage oh good that means I’ve got less air resistance my wing is damaged right we got hold on it the world was after me got to be a zero everyone knows a wildcat and not alternative what I’m at a loss the BF 110b that thing out there week engines overheated the fuselage is damaged no I’m gonna get messed up by stay behind this guy aircraft destroyed ma’am okay i love about not my favorite plane but it’s all right um sort are quite a bit of time quite one of the new planes BF 109f they this has been in the game before but it’s been a modification of the BF 109 g and yes that’s some sort of Mickey Mouse looking thing with a pistol and a hatchet actually it’s authentic World War 2 stuff so you know I can deal with it I forget which pilot it was that had that on his plane but it was a German pilot I believe some history buff is gonna come in here and just tear me a new one for not knowing that but I really don’t care QQQ how I love you not really bo keep zigzagging even if it spoils them a chance to panic attack I don’t even know I really don’t even know you read me bling ring me fine by surprise eggs eggs I see eggs no i don’t i see play Elmo play hey we stupid Mouse wire keeps making noise it most likely didn’t exist before the pats buddy yeah least new planes if you had the plane that

they were replacing the engine has overheated before the patch you got referred the stolen i hope i pronounced that right my German is not very good by not very good i mean almost non-existent well looky here that’s a furball are you rich environment we can shoot in all directions and still hit something that’s the way I like to fly let’s see what you got good hint enemy damage oh yeah these planes have flaps stop flying tier ones zombie and you might understand that back up good hit anyway headquarters destroyed inaccurate anti-aircraft fire oh that’s nifty I don’t care this is a furball yeah ok I’ll some guy just ran into me they’ve changed the flight mechanics a bit so I’m having issues getting used to it what else is there to fly that’s new why is the il-10 in the aisle eight in the same theory but I probably shouldn’t fly that one I said we were sticking off mid tears um let’s fly a premium plane is that the 37 millimeter cannon on the front of it can we say tank cannon and then we play the waiting game and now we play the waiting game I’m tired of the waiting game it’s keeping me out of the skies no British planes are not in the game yet a little bit of a teaser for what’s coming during what is well what’s supposedly coming during open beta which is coming soon by the way so guys get ready you’re actually going to be able to play this game pretty soon I highly recommend you try it seek the zag zig zag Zig Zig Ziglar the dude that I did I got it they added this till this is different you can also compare your plane to other planes in the team list I don’t want to do that let’s go hey man I mean sometimes sometimes you gotta be a zombie man telling you actually think zombie is actually an alcoholic beverage but that’s well out of order hi one of you gets to die you good hit enemy damaged that’s one down yep come on lock onto my target good hit a wing is damaged you solve recover the tail is damaged tank is leaking

yes that’s two down I’m going to explode now the engine is damaged the engine is dead oh well I’m screwed good night folks aircraft destroyed yeah that happens I’m actually not really trying all that hard so maybe I should yeah I think I’ll try a little harder in this next battle I’ll fly one of my favorite planes the f4u Corsair a beautiful machine interior crocodile alligator i drive a chevrolet movie theater interior crocodile alligator i drive a chevrolet movie theater best rap ever seriously just those lines right there sorry see look what I didn’t do I didn’t follow these directions that screwed me over because that’s the way I roll Lock target window I disabled that because I wanted to why’d you leave the keys on the table you wanna what did you leave the keys on the table you wanted to that’s why cuz you wanted such a beautiful aircraft it really is let’s go oh isn’t that just screenshot worthy oh I love it look at that engine it wasn’t radial it love those things awesome do a barrel roll actually was a barrel world a bad one but it was bearable Oh good hit I should have seen that coming Oh um yeah that was terrible I screwed up big I don’t know what it is but I can’t see the friendly markers in this game for some reason so that happens to me on occasion what should I fly now why not at tier seven cuz i will like flogging to your subs well too bad you’re gonna fly tier seven whether you like it or not but but I don’t want to well guess what to freaking bad um I want to fly might as well by the p-51d d4 dunce wait no that’s me darn the d 15 p wait that’s backwards you I don’t think we’ve gotten any of the new maps severely disappointed oh well such is the bread of an everyday life from morning to noon to the shadowless night your aircraft is vulnerable to a a gun fire avoid getting into the range of enemy AAA guns well duh ah

his reason is called anti-aircraft fire you know it it’s designed to shoot down aircraft away let’s go hi you almost hit me good job um not music music school is my shut this guy up why doesn’t send the fighters directly over the enemy base that’s that’s stupid Oh you think you’re a sneaky don’t you well I’ve got news for you you ain’t that I can’t catch up to it because of the frigging jet a [ __ ] hard because if he gets those guns on me I am finished Benito dead good news is I’m much more maneuverable I’m also lagging like crazy it’s really hard oh yeah Thank I damn it’s too thin doesn’t seem to be helping me much though Oh autopilot great oh yeah see I’m not a terrible pilot am I yes yes yes you are hippie your worst pilot who ever flew a p-51 it’s actually probably not far from the truth considering how I’ve never actually blown I definitely never flown a p-51 as much as I wish I could what are you what are you who are you what’s this there I tried to pull up whatever this is what it looks like what you’re playing goes down folks that’s it looks much more realistic banking stoop anyway like I said my excuses lag that’s my story and I’m sticking to it hope you guys enjoyed this um see you in the skies peace