Engagement: What Works for Mobile, Blended and Online Learning, by Cathy Cavenaugh

photos her in new countries every weekend I get very jealous but I met Cathy when I was working in the Middle East. She was the associate director up the women’s campus where my husband was teaching and I wouldn’t recommend campus but she was kinda you are kinda like my in a way I was doing my doctorate at the time and you know i doing my doctorate online it was a different learning program and so I got some interaction with my peers in my dissertation chair but not as much as you get when you’re on a campus and so for me it was very exciting um, to meet Cathy because she’s just an expert in e-learning and ed-tech integration and she- I kinda glommed on to you Cathy and I made her my mentor in a way as I finished up my doctorate and I would go to her and have her basically give me ideas or I would bounce stuff off of her and she helped lead a huge initiative in the Middle East where they implemented iPad with um 17,000 students, is that correct? around there yeah so anyway I’m very happy to- that Cathy has taken some time out of her extremely busy schedule to come and talk to us and I’m now gonna pass it over to you Cathy and thank you very much for being here thank you Michelle it’s great to hear you could see you and join your club. It’s exciting what you’re doing and I have to say that I have a special place in my heart for the area where you all are located I lived in Cobleskill for a while. My parents went to the college there and so happy to be back there, at least virtually um and hope to get there in person at some point. So thanks for letting me join you and what I thought I would do I won’t say a lot actually about the work that I’m doing right now other than to provide some examples of where things are happening that lead to engaged learning and personalized learning. And I won’t say too much about Microsoft unless you ask (?) some research I hope that you’re good with that When I go to conferences, when I do presentations, I like to put “research” in the title and I tell people that’s like my Harry Potter Sorting Hat (?) up in the room when they see “research” in the title of a session, we know they really want some data and and some evidence. I’m hoping that’s okay with you. (?) research that I did (?) with Michelle and some of this research that happened before and after that point Some of it’s research from colleagues so what I’ll do is I’ll move forward here so before I went to the UAE I did have a faculty position. I was a professor in educational technology and doing research at the University of Florida also that’s where a lot is work came from Both in higher ed and in K-12 so most of my career Michelle (?) more than anything else most of my career was spent working in technology teaching and learning and a great deal of it was studying e-learning. Studying 1-1 programs, mobile learning programs online and blended programs so if you do have questions or comments if you want to provide your own examples that would be fantastic. And I welcome you to join via audio. Or in the chat I’ll keep an eye on that as well so what I want to do I think you saw a link to a sway that I did that describes an engaged learning study so we talk a lot about engagement we talked a lot about engagements in education for a long time. We know that the first step of learning right up since (?) what they’re doing so that their brains are activated they’re ready to do something new, to increase their skills or knowledge so engagement matters uh but we haven’t had a lot of I suppose evidence-based definitions of it or really a lot evidence about what it means to engage students in teaching learning so it was great last year to see the study including sway and actually see what some research based elements each look like in this way because I’ll I use this is my work I associate it with some the technology hat we work with but on the principles are what matter are the principal a soul to take a moment to take a look back I’ll and he wants you %uh review the research that mediate in the UAE because we have an enormous opportunity each looking at I’ll what nents or are faculty it take on it in goals and start working you

learning environments using that local schools a hacer it’s what think about what learning it think more systematically about using it schools so we called it a lot evidence ruled out first-year how local lol well are and let me share with you some other results what we learned that what what what well in I’ll touch on up some research on online learning spam that he factors engaging students are what its bungalow delivery a and up in where he saw I’ll him both are research in all online and blended learning that had just come out this year in a chapter with my colleagues here a belt %uh was looking at basically a belt what works in local on so I share some highlights from thats um to learning communities because that’s it’s Lockhart’s are what you subtlety %uh and what students and then certain things forward want what I see happening %uh in terms that trends where we’re headed and up some other promising potential sent new technology up to help us to you growing L about teaching learning sup cell okay lol and again I want to hear %uh when you when you like things to slow down a little bit more detail or stop any um discuss a little bit it’ll all be happy to share with you on the slides which have links to a lot resources what you think cell %uh sway and means you well look like share lights things like what’s what all each you’re seeing when I in monks nuns cell what’s funny construction p.m. slants yeah or yell so I’ll this study Heene I’ll what if the near educational research sure dole’s I’ll your education research E then you might be familiar I’ll its what this particular girls got a high standard so if this study share that mean that Jarome I’ll it’s a reputable steady again I was excited takes place in a high school classroom I think that certainly there are elements I’ll at work that will book I will not apply higher education any are my rating it’s all things considered a local what their Sandra a banking and that there’s lots mark and there’s not much that I hello regarding are researching H that in higher an I’ll it couldn’t look specifically at some of the principles and are its cell in up let’s take a quick look at what his principles are so we know we know about relevance are you know that matters switch at morning see their lives and with technology that increasing efforts eats see you bring relevance to what CSR waits patiently think about I a smart networks Howard base lining arming its sways immediately well apply with the way up in their lives I’ll when I was teaching designing courses but they were online later the state’s University always tried are she the old the competencies in this say knowledge slur into a project up so a little bit later in the session a look at her learning journey those statements howling bells its knowledge you like use theirs it’s a ghost bill on that stage it’s chill project that students can apply their learning ok real-world I’ll so next see principles ok your concern I’ll certainly seems want to know the country its people I think that was summoned /url pushback from early online courses I’ll and somebody that doesn’t stay systems students didn’t feel that they were I love and relationships and yeah I learned this lesson the hard way when I was teaching outline I’ll can always done it introduction introduce yourself Orem introduce yourself section at the beginning and i won last and then and I work with students who were in the same program didn’t think what’s occurred over okay what’s ok don’t get that things that let you watch it I’ll joining in a conversation with each other get to know each other I’ll you like me human connection it got holes here or what up it seems true with online programs upset me University what happened email I programs and education and I’ll always of her faced a session at the beginning s its campers are becoming personally like this

something build those relationships they don’t already know each other %uh insert she’ll join together a conversation about us a what of so I’ll tremendously important and just paying its not seen it here in students and hearing what they are there there on here’s all the answers are and joining and then see what they’re doing it with us on shoes it is that there they are being listened to and British people and cared about and I think again the technology is the opportunity do that war all what we’re doing yeah up affirmation with another one that was interesting see in this I’ll study and Lions win are Jon hoese I’ll Herman meta-analysis was not so it will your job having he has a book called visual learning that he’s going to eat update over last several years and it basically looks at hundreds million thousand meta-analyses education trying to still at the top actors are ugh Jason learns its effect sizes outreach these factors and as might be expecting feedback and I’ll providing guidance are at the very top alls start that’s right that’s what we eating what I see in this I’ll obligation Prince all number for providing affirmation are again but technology let’s do that more frequently and workers so individual level %uh and also gives us opportunities for students to get army other are as well cuz in an alternate way year something that they’re looking at me in it how to move on charmed all I have a question for you Kathy I’m what do you think a peer to peer %uh like feedback in a more formal way where they actually kinda help great each other I’ve heard both pros and con arguments for and against it what do you think yeah upset you have seen i’ve seen actual systems created for peer grading I’ll I like piggyback a lot %uh youz is that especially in regular classes but also the undergraduate classes because I think its actually reflected process i think thats value here it back is I never did hear grading in the sense that the up formalized assessment I’ll you know I and think there’s a we we have in stock there’s a class for results I’ll like here’s to each other it back I’ll but I don’t wanna I work hard a great not now I really want to get or to reflect the process you not process for students to CEO alternative perspectives in once rights not just up hearing about the content or experiencing object their perspective or might or something but others its for me it’s some value not seen she even lets all me amor yet absolutely right I think the media guidelines you can just not something out there saying anything so I’ll I you know I ask students years this you Sandra birds that I will be using to be done with them or create specifically but said they can use it they’re getting specific it depending on her where they are developmental process 0 so you know initially it looked like it might be feedback %uh around the night CEO relevance or is that we later on it might be relate its you out quality slipping deeper different I’ll characteristic something that would matter out moving away and peers are getting feedback and what state you’re process way I was looking at the partly male operate so I’ll I E use pure feedback in most of my graduate and undergraduate class University I’ll stages inner projects rights I always want students to be able to see you I’ll basically pitch their ideas and pitched common sense and then hitch I’ll how we’re doing in the house and senate in the development of projects each other and get each other some as well as to experience that represents cell the link to the classes that semester classes now %uh in your online classes that week in s Chile Chile’s exactly right well so in many online buzz is that we didn’t get eight-week sessions but inlet upkeep baseball’s six-week session enable the sessions their top there’s time for at least a couple of cycles hear you there of happy where you switching slider should it still say six can to engagement to build student success yeah I had actually gone out see you their webpage witness a is that not sure what I need to get Sarah I’ll that’s what we what we’re seeing is that way page but it hasn’t changed or

not seen any slider her anything moving gotcha okay well and we’re going to do then because I’m on almost six he to engagement that list stay on the slide and go from there above six the one itself expression I’ll so basically allowing students use in creative work and its chances about what 18 I’ll and again but that technology has the opportunity to help students with expressing themselves and in the process said doing work that they’re doing me what model will bear you great okay well so did a little bit more deeply into you engagement specifically in the kind learning environments that work or not all highly eat me on some other findings from the research that we did in the UAE example up because I it translates really well I’ll it when people first year abouts I’ll anything happening in the Middle East they think oh that’s so completely different from but my world %uh it it might be some limited I’ll transferability but in fact the faculty that works well were primarily from the US here each hey on Australia are and and teaching English in teaching Ariel American bridge circuit court well I’ll so I think that coach in the academic culture is very slow so it might find in universities in the US are so what we get %uh in in 18 rules I’ll it the announcement was made by year Minister higher education what tops text books at your place by tablets that and that it looks like one well joining I’ll and said and by time that students started but following Sept we need to be ready so love with Michelle hope we can you start work what’s tackle development the it webinars I’ll it based a speech and personal communities arrange activities I’ll primarily it was around all those are creating you learning experiences ensuring in see you teaching and learning from a design perspective so i can text me also design workshops faculty being as designers and I think it sheets and so during this process I’ll opening up that the local learning program and will be deducted looking at it what it learning environments we collect login information I’ll also close observations that our faculty dignity other because they were doing a lot of here are curriculum development and so there was a I’ll close observation I’ll instrument that uses specifically designed for mobile learning in actively engaged learning environments so this was one at me we adapted wanna have been developed by the National Science Foundation yes we have some information about that in hell hell Cup rules in the classroom an excellent working out love interviews and focus groups arabs serbians a railroad okie I’ll technological pedagogical acknowledged I’ll and then also asked faculty or looking for teaching what examples at their best approaches the best you can purchase a bit deeper points in the house and aligned member when I’ll rubrics for that signal earning and burning learning yea hey sexy ops it your I wasn’t really a needed by letting agents as out students being in in the cluster and so we wanted line now also on campus not who are I’ll definition that works the faculty used see where they were and so I’ll Johnson hence definitions and aggression for meaningful learning I can share with you a link hardware that on has been want financials technology and we also always newman’s rubik’s or /url and meaningful enough and what 8 us it’s only ones make release specific in its all set and on so what happened was I’ll me up we looked at but could take something agent in all of this is actually published an article that he melts a few months ago the ACM has online journal called you are %uh which is an ace set are research-based case-based on stories a bell using technology 11 so I’ll its this study was is are helps cynicism search that we get was published in that you’re not so it’s available but I’ll just I’m highlighted so I’ll doing it buying what engagement that ensures that all and technical it band I’ll site how we want it said

to look it up handouts so what happened west s Michael to be in working together designing a curriculum thinking differently about what they you else it seems deal I’ll Acer using the school’s and then on certain things much more stayed at home were much more productive sorts schenectady is they’re using time in the classroom since to work together to get the internship being group together to give each other it back come to practice are and to collaborate so the emphasis was on that that cooperation and engines and pedagogy they were there’s an emphasis on community and so within each its faculty or increase it to work together and the worst many speeches for that to happen is that look at something that you says a virtual communities as well arts and bring faculty together just it’s not about interest a hammer or just for you and and we did national celebrations are also periodically while together share some of their top most ideas and quick share sessions and we always tell 406 number on outcome together our day in one place share the sessions energetic now that I’ve seen %uh lol that model adopted in other places in the air its very well also since sharing and community out that luncheons gays it changes in in practice I’ll and the process also Smith biatch so a timing sit back and think all about helping on I’ll at injured reflections the other up with inserts and it or we also need to rethink suspects so I’m there were some Center specified assessments but I’ll sports its essence watson’s did along the way was reply was in a model or red welcome the such a businessman but it wasn’t in it specifically be are all and then from the community community focused on her challenge project inquiry are and taking advantage what’s or were able to ski with its different environments %uh something to move forward sportscasting are slightly it’s very small change yes thank you irate 0 so it was a great learning experience could just see how impeachment could be I’ll hits and are Korhonen at a national level as well as I’ll on specific inputs and I’ll I want to mention that harder than Community Partnership shelling you think was that’s what ours I’ll shall lead had I’ll personal under seal all they were people who are back you let them just gonna get things going partnered with faculty a little bit like a coaching up and then pretty sick backyard editing ok sure what they were doing I was just um cell moving on from mobile learning environment skew are him but so from the heat chapter ritalin review and everyone to see basically with the what the letter sure what to say me abouts I’ll effective learning crap its I’ll cross about the last that he researching local learning its ok you he beings he now that research services I’ll global let me broader perspective and so on so when the woman major findings was that lol students were able to be more active who creates so letting students in this creative productive loadings I’ll were coming off because they have been schools is to create and the anti-choice schools so caring choices that’s what they get is I’ll create a I’ll he said project are it’s that rolls makes the owners lol have a sense that it L skills it was important to see well and see examples of how that works other range content areas um in that case in Swat civility so not responsibility time place %uh but that process that they use they’re learning to not only did they have a range schools to construct evidence that they’re learning but schools actually each process lighting I’ll up going into a little bit more detail school took place there’s great research are actually over the past decade

aunts you said schools appropriate for the task there agent learning up this is really changed it ballots about well its technology and a little bit about faculty role in helping since think about themselves as learners think about learning process %uh and how they make conscious decisions about that schools aliens having access to them anytime anywhere i’m hopeful to be more deliver and she’s that’s all the great thing is that this wasn’t the is similar in it’s possible continue to use beyond our clients our program for their country into their professional lives the next eight is that correct it’s not something that comes naturally I’ll rights yet oh yes it’s been using technology their colons baby I did you look at education or should not be sent I’ll sewing in terms of independence that was another in making outs I’ll that because you can’t get access to the technology and they’re learning environment any other outside the class period that I’ll bedding that in large expanded learning time students are are and get more opportunities to reports on the glass rail you her MARPAT things in it’s not that we have we don’t necessarily killed every what her and out with their ace ace so it’s it’s great if that’s not possible at this article see bill that an /url in yellow environment just something that session for sit here you those cuts practices do really well it I’ll century leadership I’m apart from the learning I’m we for we’re increasingly seeing that the importance of the role that leaders up but its leaders are program earlier institutional L Peters your different levels %uh and having a bitch in supporting and modeling I’ll new practices or desire says makes it so if you’re fortunate enough to be in a situation where you got you got that leadership that’s the hard thing I’ll technologies not calls I’ll but leadership E I’ll I’ll cell in hell information or suggestions about supporting leaders that something that works look or its recognize that matters I’ll but we haven’t gotten really good and education about hearing it had a guy leaders ok here’s um for arches so %uh lesson learned but not seen any answers at this point there’s a lot in business and out so we got a couple others looking at whether leading innovation and leading change business or organization education translates to weeding innovation she its aged you’re interested in is there’s %uh person I’ll and sell mature and ok be there the living any evidence I’ll but research in becoming increasingly important so as educators and students and leaders have more choices be I’ll seems to be expressing a greater desire or and sports and balls or something networks %uh war on what studies any on evidence that shows that way what we’re proposing what we’re asking against a up or now we know that we’re moving in your direction so there’s a balance here between your I’ll we didn’t work crew I’ll and kind experimenting and visiting be night here of an education I hear people saying what we shouldn’t be experimenting students I mine position yes worry were required work or not were not serving them well experiment said because we know it’s not perfect we know we’re not doing as well we couldn’t get his or her crew but you keep trying are but based on evidence-based all I’ll good practice right base our expertise intimate decisions houses trying things excitement or are try to improve outcomes so their love the models %uh that people are working well %uh you know she looked across institutions that you know sure you’re seeing competency aced grogram situation personalized corporate hmmm as well as normal a life wanted so there’s there’s greater diversity than ever and being out that are purchased education and growing evidence base yeah alright on Sanchez what time it looks like we’re about halfway we’ll get timely her no I make sure that I’ll it there are questions or want you are bring I’ll that are not moving too quickly I’ll

so yet rates own summit hattie a moment ago I’ll hani’s visible learning is source that’s I’ll love the tickets appreciate because it distills down all I’ll decades knowledge that he research and education into you outranked so let’s now you couple things might look at Jens list tile that it %uh each practices in there were many 8 and are our knowledge about teaching and learning she clearly are purchased the teaching and learning shit and sell it’s informative its use all W needs you to look at it with I’ll and Heights you or yards that we’re looking at so home kill the top ones for students of assessment which the end is I think what you’re learning coming in still students she couldn’t there were being burned by the people on think they have to well but about it in sound like me they have to be sprinting in an explainer me um and this also assessments internal in lame I’m sober election on CS students be assessing themselves and Morrissey wastes each other always that way and this thinking about what they’re doing been and warming so that many I’ll so any 100 formative assessments number one issue in speed and on health you and Heather aggressing be an me distension on in clear the snow in online learning you know we see what’s what was online classes and we hear over and over again structure I’ll detail being very specific matters yes when you reach that balance between a.m bilbray and the way information right amount of information and being overwhelming boron where witches delicate balance secular Rapids on its model T specifically in terms of on only morning it worsens cynicism research that I needed no not too long ago um eons original research that will yeah I don’t want you to actually be in in all my classes and since seen what aidid when powell made it it she would be to balance their I’ll dear he year we’ve been a learning management system interactions with each other instructor I’ll also much time is and loggins years as well as what was happening all as um that the analytics allowed us to take a look at helms actors insure me didn’t you actual performance germs and I’m staying grades in on since in great in um innings and beyond last so time as it makes sense was a factor and so should you spend more time each in their and they’re learning were the ones you didn’t ask she I’ll motivations clearly in fact there’s a student’s parent company you know they didn’t get a jump start now all that anything that we can do to keep them motivated and engaged brings some I’ll Bahraini to the learning experience you %uh kinda have been slow BC and he wants the East struck you might actually needs lepers next its no those who don’t know me aansu on the chest and spending more time and learning experience abandoned back you know on the research on occasion I think most important it planet it so can be some and homie right it seems that you like me they’re not seeing see many risks that there’s there’ll be some or or them I’ll bet that would be you um their instructors and their community of learners I will these important was not match waste flexibility own and adhesion as well it was not announced its winning online home Italy nurture and inspectors that matter although there were some subtle differences but I’ll onto briefly were students in Sony 9 p.m. students in introductory class in some novice level 11 since and students in more advanced on since so not necessarily experts but farther along in their learning but quite a while time salon means Xilinx when a new permanent sure last year advance arms snow on Kimmy each other classes students logged in less frequently and state courts I’m law in intersections thinking that said you better San CIMA as an obvious need more time I’ll said process and to work with the new

knowledge one at the advanced level what was becoming so much more complex been with unreasonably low points needed to log in once less time but looking war me but me many did she have space their profits and so it makes sense to look on recent prospective tenants be that’s true then that can help us with our Design so are designed for injured on some big Bell on longer periods isn’t snapple’s actually believes nurses for dance classes no intentional differently & Noble schemes work on their want their learning in I’m episodes in I’m looking at the chapter on article in The Chronicle donation donation is absolutely he I’m certainly there in your YouTube a subordinate student its don’t so what nation that he in education in general on the technology not can motivate some students because it’s millions in 10 min and suburban like it but Adrian lol woman in scenes in general %uh isn’t is different from technology technology used to motivate students %uh and he me doing and how is that so you know working poor we’re having and watch lectures level and interaction own I know he’s not me another forms a using the technology helped me productive and you know it as they move out in Sioux a professional roles what we’re hearing and and I went into not using this as well professional programs I’ll employers are asking for students you need it all small in the hearings a long time my company hires people not be is what they know I’ll but he doesn’t want the do and how quickly they can all learn so looking for evidence that someone he and start something that’s news to them and learn quickly on and begin to form in teen bill money other boots explicit requirements a bit oppose jobs on and sent me you know filming collaboration and production and home since you know how they learn in Georgia you then I think we’re not bowling preparing them abort where they need to go Orleans aunt so Olympus home engagements that pure need them this students of assessment every what we’re talking about is helping students to attend see you help me learn and hoping and city more on expert corners its whatever our primary objectives in education and your own he and yelling and take a look at your ok large incomes one want them on so to specific we is that students in Council earning experience and on since you’re gonna be out is the person he knew on has changed a little like thinking about that when its technology Jimmy to learn each and shares an independent researcher time she’s been working women %uh geologic each interfaces horrible and a 8 and said she wants and Houston actual user technology went there police with keyboards touch um we in you whatever the EM me directions are that are available when the bases innocence need now what we need to do what their task wouldn’t learning process cell Welsh she’s got business some sets experiences students though 10 when they’re learning something new said this could be bond as impression across the courts or lower level and aggression US session was like being mediator well module no when I think about it James its mileage and then building I’m in cycles here at corys so in the initial stage typically a student is working England and Jonny up there nine children some big-name someone being video it might be an experience we provide and might be army she’s been getting some new and experiencing some albums and starting points I’ll when you’re using technology I’m be being eat meat processing what beer experiencing and so Benny should be able to move back and forth among different sources in Soma me interface when they’re using its technology I’ll is really about consumption more than anything

but very soon you reach a point where they need she think a belt what they’re doing me so they need you work with many gb acted home insurance most recent she jus got a couple in recent but monitor butts %uh Tim Smith I’ve been reading I’m so many she she’s got I’ll statistics about how much more learning how much more time how many more ideas have anymore quick solutions is common on all but schemes generates when they’re doing active learning when they got activity sheet schools or are there lots take notes ordered diagram to process but in their heads i’ve been waited ex-general to in so this is where she believes that E in some way when there’s on PCP or or digital it seems really Nico is once in our hands is not necessarily screens are characterised and so by chaining we can get a little bit in that come here something else altman and whole are learning one’s but by having I’ll speeches more dimensions what polluters cheats locations all about available to us Welsh me think much more clearly and will be much more holistically and big were looking expert she did a lot of work your novices and experts and on Sunday that dynamic Bronson’s was up much more use up by exports so it’s something that seems ought to have experience not what was not its or bending rules from Brisbane individual encountering constantly counseling experience is 7 also sent been be beanie there bernie on more explicit and most some business from individuals you elaborate process as it begins its bills well with each other on each other smaller individual learning well and so this is love in search she is among those constructed souls summoners so much technologies been might use he show what they’re learning and collaborate indecent here %um or talk more now this is a bit better really granule granular individual student individual learning experience level on but it’s surrounded by all technology and we’ve been talking about experiences warm-ups Beach on out so Sentinel me to do with the people that we have that certainty stills on sum up her research %uh and and you can also get access Gmail your butts I recommend her yea learn something we’re not talking about is bringing people together to collaborating and so there’s one other resources on that what’s new around learning communities and how technology supports learning communities only you got great examples out we got michelle’s working on the 13 communities but who teach and same issue one communities students on sukhumi in a series in huber’s been commissioned from ok experts around the world on no ten different pockets in education and one in the Muslim communities and the stone was processes at johns hopkins you spend a lot of time studying waiting building I made pursuant seating learning communities snow on luncheon on Burnet to you as you can bentsen’s does well yeah um research says a balanced on facilitating learning communities in c.net learning communities when in a clamps any mayhem learning communities that trends and then a specific class or students and gold rumor group students I’ll went specific all sponge one community is you can’t learn over time don’t see one themselves you know they need are active facilitation a and I’ll me be be be easy pursuant each well reflection on new ideas but also current recession and telling us about those ideas an action sometimes you might be permalink mutineers learning community that just seems like people on we’ll see how he is not really acting up not really negation Island speeches she comes into the culture a big group know what the expectations are worthy purposes I’m still in its me on for everyone so again all should not lead on segal looking abs me and I’m sure %uh up the next couple of minutes on looking forward what a lot of people are beginning to move the issue %uh and show interest in is Hellion better learn

once working I’ll be teaching and learning so Chino in the past we did not are all on expertise experience our institution are researched and research isn’t as fast as maybe you might like it to be or as comprehensive as a man like its abuses bearded militants were being able to use learn and share your search I’ll man all week axis teach rules that can help us more dynamically see what’s happening his student learning C problems million cookers and steamers arms and hold systems that be reception all students are doing on 1h it so many analysts that might be built since you in the chocolate Puma running its insistence that innocence Huskies are doing learning experience was a great examples um ways that we can use my I’m not saying maker analytic in Louisa I’ll be initialed look like or not in there are no more schools for that kind analytics always I’m preschools you possibly gatien’s beach its shares able to best ans news interest in moving beyond that she’ll in on morning so what we’ve learned from using those hole in its beyond specific 16 any so what you mean your class so what you learn about what works %uh is useful to you and other colleagues that you work but baseball useful other people as well so how do we sheer what we know and what we learned what bronte in hidden lunar close booze own experience cross-court must programs and oxygen she and that’s where on gonna be your picture more making analytics a certain kind Lin H and I’m that new tools are mitchell’s dinner that are available on more accessible hamster easier less it stands and more do in some of those and let’s not say to get a quick snapshot about that looks like I’m in a movie Co aunts you 10 slimy here own so what’s the news and I mention she wasn’t Sony account many factors that influence you learning MLS once in another candidate sources that was a few years ago when it’s hot you get a hold a lot of data about student learning an instant thing connect need it together with us sticking it out you know let’s talk was a slow process mandel you that says she’ll a much wider range ubdina on student learning so we got needed coming in mom students social networks we got detain from what students doing aids got didn’t know what students do in their database %uh we got beaten from I’ll what instructors see just you in their interactions are unit from students themselves is a much richer I’ll center data sources that are available on the and selection and seeing being at the scene isn’t that describes you and one didn’t you a machine learning serbs so there’s no service that looks can’t be no overtime and not only explains what has happened mass and what’s mine agree to detail the most is the me but certain to make predictions up and that’s a look that be in bed personalized learning adapted mom programs are starting to be started CEO cordage what might be used all next steps on machine learning does not harm wider scale my India are not many Estonians she wants all it predicted eighty percent accuracy which students well 126 in accordance um and so is useful you have that information earlier to the meeting change those outcomes so that’s one advantage to using still in use new analysts polled we have cheese earlier information about what’s likely to happen another advantage these tools is getting a recommendation so in addition to knowing what was likely to happen based on standards of me any in group files apps interventions I’ll programs that could be used students were at once %uh what was your first exposure and then the machine learning schools were able to match and Houston’s she like we grow grams that could change their very on since better information decisions or let’s hope we need to know what to do with the information and then spent walkers a bar no taxes to align information but not necessarily know what the best action would be so the technology is starting to be more available homes to Bel meet in Houston’s I’ll or universities that once you know more about

I’m intentions to meet and she and I’ll be minimal see stitches to increase significantly increased retention rates decline is a machine learning showing them what was likely to happen it was likely how let me help you are long what would cost benefit analysis and another kind elements as well making a decision an as new moves forward there’ll be more sources and information that can help us make decisions about what matters for G horny I’m see maybe using simulations are augmented reality its own money Sabres 0 glasses virtual on allstate’s what happens there can increasingly be added in jail opinion that we have around one hopes individual students learn on me wearable use I hate when that has galvanic skin response and I would love it a bit small me when I was in a state low so that I can be made in China it said and newness what was happening at your not my back all when it you tell me I was estate sprints and notice that and try to minimize and then sneak back be used all to help men so burned emission standard years since then on working it not wants a is changing their neighbors we will install should so it may need to get all use that right now instance the is not at that point I could be technologies there or not really losing it I miss another opportunity and United being solved papers answers and men are being used buildings and vehicles in he is not my best use those in learning stations and tell us about want snuggles and you know oxygen levels a light levels or usage an associate those with learning as well hope was to better design our state’s on there are lots of possibilities shorts technology to help us better understands when a teaching and learning are working might have been helped me get more steps to which I think makes me better and no but I think there’s more is more there’s more possible she so I’m very optimistic a bell what technology can be used for since %uh has already done certainly home and I think there lots of possibilities looking forward I’ll and you believe strongly that it depends on collaboration community a meeting he when he group working together and learning the other their knows a lot of criticism but I’m sure you’ve heard that or technology me at West there’s a human side I think it’s the opposite more technology we have available to use an education and more importantly it’s gory teachers are on and doesn’t know you cannot see augments the lives that what’s my name and yet but interaction they have what students know when students need not look I’m at home what minutes location and I didn’t stop Jan so me is Ramzan on I’ll share with you on and article and blog opening in about this and all its as all the other sources and information i’d it’s Brian I’m so anyone who’s interested in it does get more information so all witness was not much time will have a moment that’s like on you well let me in only I had a comment me khaki just yet I am it’s been a common theme already here that I work in e-learning muhammed faculty huge here technology in education or putting a question on line and a common myth by 10 ought in often get in training session in while technology will be placed the teacher no and that absolutely impossible student white teachers even an online learning you didn’t get it back Shingo not with them or interaction or more interactive feedback may get from the professor people paid to wishing to have access to that content expert and when they don’t get him they complain any cheap on intercourse surveyed to go down and have lower I’m you know at success rate have that able one teacher they want the money waiting to read a book on their own and they can go to Wikipedia an eight-page wishing to have that connect burden they want them in no I would like to point out that I yeah he technology will never replace a teacher at just a great advocate or taking Yahoo when you’re not completely students what an experience and they want absence you guy admin server a klutz you want someone who will help then I’ll um either have an experience that’s due in part to make it harder just access I’m what’s the haps um but the learning is more it is about much more than content now snow that shit so it there faculty I’ll who for whom teaching is only about on snitch know maybe maybe they’re just as much but its bell

and experience and skill hasni often see what we can do we’ve been constant what we can make it how we can apply in rate and moving up to the higher level most always Nam me tackles your central yet he did anyone have any questions or comments for Kathy moment you have a question which carroll et wall I’m happy I’m doing a little study now line I see your practicum course that we have its capstone course bids pretty intense learning experience am when students and student feedback we’re looking at see areas and stressed in the corners because that’s a lotta back we’re having and wanted the comments every penny repeatedly instances that they value choices in terms a Howell assignments are meant to be delivered now the question I have is he me is that I mean I realized that uses are now with option for us this penalty back should mean look at that I’m not sure whether some knows responses are coming from students who were braided turn Knology and they want to have a choice in the traditional paper and/or hardly and are afraid to think that you use in an attempt to all or is it really that you know where should the students be bridged more going to the tech tools say no we’re not having a neighbor’s an option for this or our when you’re gonna you know we’re gonna use whatever whether it’s you know up late or ways to render other things that we’ve been using through the program what’s your opinion on that yeah I agree now that choice matters %uh and me that with me running a rational with each business whether you’re well E about the easier the second choice rights United it’s not open insights on year your deliberately thinking about the the country’s you want to make available and we’re doing that worries whether it’s related issue I’ll hemmings you to experience something new or weapons-related soon having and using technology don’t you owe production process its relevant to them and thank you elect abstinence whatever the next stages I’ll you know I think that’s something that I’ll me wrappings you well will be no right when they hear about last so on you know they’re moving in she would not go grogram word right decision will be he’s not then you know it’s it’s just by the bill white paper %uh but it and moving it to some other experience where we blackbirds we or 0 being about immediate each media matters then I’ll you know that since patients so you should try it see women also the program on or also sq are first um and then she was stressed and CNN institutions that have looked at I’ll DC general I were students have experienced strands women I’ll Houston branch and a lot to me is maybe not the only one experiencing it and so maybe it’s a kinda personal weakness that they have and mister Bell cells so when they found the incident that hot seems to see that it’s common its acceptance harder this should get three I’ll you know it’s are the classes will get here with their ways to get through it and programs designed to help get through its actual you much better so on there may be a couple bracelet but he can address it all thank you all are there any other questioner comment their thoughts the the the in look at me I want to thank you very much for your time today really appreciate you I know how busy you aren’t coming in here and bring any and all its newest so much information I’m gonna have to go back to read this and and pick it up higher unit a lot and my we’re gonna be reporting show we’ll put that on line in Austin everyone the link 1 cent now it might be a couple weeks read a conference next week but match there any final comment earn it many many im in thank you very much cathy thank you he have a great day everyone thanks for coming need