Response to (Non-Constructive) Thieves Guild Rant

I love this song alright sorry about that I want to FK minute I had to chill out pop give him a a bone you easy tunes out all right so I’m back so yeah um I’m from the Army thank you the sub box in the Army welcome back my friend thank you for selling out ad to me I remember you I appreciate your contributions and your sub thank you friend so little sixteen non-vet having proxy yeah I heard they gave proxy to uh pretty much everybody for free I honestly don’t have a problem with that son of a [ __ ] alright so I just kind of wanted to talk about stuff with the ESO in general largely from the last video I posted which was the only like non review I did it wasn’t it really wasn’t a review of an ESO live it was just me talking about things freely and honestly I don’t know like it was I have to say it was it was very well received and of course you know there’s going to be the polar opposite of people that didn’t didn’t like it very much and I get that it was put everywhere who’s put all over the forums and a lot of different sections was put on reddit but put in a lot of places but I enjoyed the discussion I really do and it’s nice to hear different point of views a lot of people expressing their support and whatnot it’s just kind of me venting about the game you know I’ve been wrapped up with the Esso for a long time like I I was I was very very early in this game’s beta I mean you can see that from my account on the forums I was looking those a thread today we’re posting about how long they’ve been in the game and everyone saying oh I’ve been here since 2014 and everything I was the only guy that posted in that thread my accounts from [ __ ] April of 2013 I’ve been involved with this game since like it was available to to touch online so I’m familiar with its bugs you know I was in the closed beta when it was very rough sorting out all those bugs and I loved a lot of what this game had to offer it’s awesome with that said I just kind of wanted to touch on that video a bit I just talked about the game a bit more – from a higher level perspective so a lot of people that heard my last that that rant video and they just said you know you know a lot of the negative comments are just like I’m an [ __ ] all right pretty much you know go go away go do something else you know stop complaining about the game all that stuff which those comments just roll off me like water I mean there’s no point you’re not gonna faze me with that kind of [ __ ] I like the people that actually have something to say which are few and far between you know something against what I said which I really can’t find out there there’s not much that you can really counter what I said in my last video about the game and I guess my another drink here what I mostly went over in that last video is how this game has changed and what I mean by its change is its direction has changed it has okay

ZeniMax as a business you have to understand and like any business it all runs on money okay so every year a business you know you need your future projections what are you doing this year you’re gonna make money how you gonna keep this this this boat afloat and all that and this this game has taken a turn a drastic one actually and that it’s dedicating itself very much to PvE content okay and that was a big point of my video that I made the writing’s on the wall okay there’s so many things that support what I said and you can see it that it’s it’s really I mean take these guild for example okay they pushed it out where do I start with it it’s it’s really purely a PvE thing and that’s fine you know a lot of people think I’m just I am I am purely like a PvP streamer that’s that’s what I do but I can appreciate and enjoy the pv aspects it’s the reason I got into this game I loved the Elder Scrolls series so that’s what pulled me into this game but the PvP was awesome when I first started doing it was really enjoyable it’s a fun thing to do with friends but today we can see this game is driven towards PvE so again ZeniMax is a business so when they came to make decisions this year they decided their best course of action was to drive out content that is geared towards PvE it’s not that the reason it’s geared towards PvE is because that’s the market they want to sell to okay these guild is just the first step in that dark brotherhood I’m sure I don’t even know it’s all coming in Dark Brotherhood but I guarantee you’re gonna see more of that you’re gonna see player housing you’re gonna see other features that touched on the other Elder Scrolls games because what they’re trying to do at this point is it’s almost like a rebranding of the game what they what they’ve decided to do they have clearly taken a different course on what they’re doing they’re going to add in those features people are familiar with Elder Scrolls games over the past couple years if you read any of their social media out outlets you will see people commenting hey not buying this game till there’s player housing in it hey not buying this game til it’s got you know all these features people are familiar with from the Elder Scrolls games okay so they hear that they see it they’re gonna add those features and put them in the game that’s what their focus is going to be is putting that content and putting those things in and in conjunction with that the funding for this game the funding that they got for saying here’s our new plan for 2016 and going forward in the 2017 here’s what we’re doing we’re gonna do this ad this type of content and we’re gonna team it up with good advertising which shows off the fact that we’re doing new content so in a few months from now in dark Brotherhood’s coming out I don’t know if player housing is coming I’m sure some feature will come with Dark Brotherhood okay and you’re gonna see the advertisement campaign kick up again don’t be surprised if you see again big streamers come out at the same time you’re gonna see ads if you go and look at videos you’re gonna say oh wow it’s an Elder Scrolls ad yeah you saw it with thieves guild you’ll see it again with Dark Brotherhood and you’ll see it again when they add things like [ __ ] okay they’re trying to do this to bring in new players and and you want my honest take on it if I were them I’d do the same [ __ ] thing okay the reason is their business they want to make money and honestly that’s the best way they can make money right now it makes sense I do the same [ __ ] thing in their shoes okay and I’m a PvP player but I can see this from the top down view it makes sense to me it really does so it’s uh it’s very obvious what’s going on but I am a PvP player it’s what I enjoy it’s again what I can see coming and the reason I’m very sad for the PvP people you’ve basically been written off but I kind of talked about in this rant video with the whole PvP perform it’s something I talked about in my last video they’ve kind of written you off all right they’re going to tell you hey we’re working on it hey we’re excited to bring in the new

fixes but it’s not a silver bullet and it never will be it never will be a silver bullet it’s not getting fixed it’s not worth the money to them okay [ __ ] so why do I say all this why do I say it okay I’m a pvp player I have a big community here I’ve worked with a lot of people you see me desperately try to get changes that can’t come to the game and I’m trying to tell you guys why they’re not coming to the game I can see it I understand why it’s not coming and and I feel I owe that to the to the people that follow me that say Feng rush you know I’m playing Paragon they come to my stream they say you play yes so anymore you coming back I love the community in this game it’s the only reason I give a [ __ ] that come do a review or come in and still read posts and still communicate with the community I love the community here I really do I’ve been here years and I’ve met a lot of awesome people and a lot of good friends and you guys have basically made my stream what it is today so it’s just not that like it’s not just me and my stream it’s just me being wrapped up in the community with the game I really love it and and it’s it’s hard to like let go I’m not trying to who knows maybe things could be better but I’m not hoping for it man I’m really not I don’t expect it either because if I were them I’d I’d do like I said I’d do the same thing their business okay the time to fix PvP would have been before I’ve said this before okay like they missed the mark on that one okay I mean I I pulled up some videos I was I was looking at in the last week I mean let me show you like just just to give you a quick taste of what PvP was like this game okay here’s here’s Angry Joe’s video of this game like look at the amount of players on screen right like this is what PvP was capable of when this game came out this is the PvP I know of this is the not the PvP you console players have ever seen or experienced you don’t know what this is like this was awesome this is what this game had this is what it was capable of this is the product they spent years making okay you won’t see this without lag today you won’t see it it’s like a hundred people charging into a [ __ ] they’re all [ __ ] noobs you know this is when the game came out but like you can handle this right this is the client that came out and it’s not here anymore right what happened where did this go where did this PvP go what happened why is it not here anymore well that’s a good question so again for your for the people that aren’t well schooled in it what happened this game came out I got a lot of bad press when it came out okay one of the biggest things was the bots let me show you a video they’re all over the place pretty easy to find the bots came out and it got a lot of bad press so the game made a major change to fix bots okay that was the client change that this game suffered here’s bots here’s just a quick tour of what you saw everywhere and elder scrolls this guy’s showing off bots that are trying to harvest they were everywhere they really were the robots everywhere when this game came out look at him they pick up the they pick up the bug loss there and it disappeared you see how the pot disappeared look at teleports well the bots were literally they would look at it they picked up that thing boom teleported teleports to the Jew he’s picking up the Jew okay so what was happening here the netcode was completely different back then okay and they got a lot of bad press for this if you went to any big dungeon if you ever went to a big dungeon there was like 20 Templar BOTS just standing there jabbing any mob that spawned immediately so they got terrible press for this they changed the whole netcode they got rid of BOTS but they sacrifice Serie dough okay serie dill was sacrificed it’s never recovered like I just showed you the angry Joe video I pulled up this video

this is what happened after the patch where they changed the net code okay ever since they changed the net code performance has never been the same it’s never worked properly but this is uh this was just after they changed the net code it was the same as the lighting patch but look at this this was the framerate that you had there’s no you don’t see a hundred people on screen you don’t need a hundred people on screen this was the FPS you had after that patch I mean look how bad the FPS is look how bad the it looks so bad you can’t do anything with this right it’s so bad looking like this isn’t this isn’t a functional game anymore right this video is very funny this guy is making fun of the game pretty much but but but but this is what we got after that okay and I make this video and I want to show these things for a reason cuz a lot of people responding to my videos they don’t know the backstory of this game they don’t know how it went from something that was functional to something that got drastically changed and when they made this change they refused to roll it back okay they said it’s more important to get rid of the bots than to have a functional serie dill and at the time there was thousands thousands and thousands of people in serie dough it was huge they’d have like seven servers that held three times the population than they do today today the servers hold maybe a third of the population of what they used to and they run terribly they used to be able to hold hundreds like hundreds and you could have a hundred versus 100 versus 100 at one keep and it wasn’t [ __ ] breaking okay the game ran fluidly it was beautiful it was an epic [ __ ] siege that’s the game they built it’s gone they can’t bring it back there’s no amount of changes that will ever bring that game back so the game they spent years developing they spent years making it and perfecting it making it work in one patch they got rid of it because of bad press okay that’s just a decision a company makes I don’t agree with it I would have taken care of the bots another way I would have hired more staff to get rid of bots on a rapid basis just ban them get out there hire more people ban them but keep Cyrodiil what it is because back in the day Sarah Doyle used to get a lot of patch changes it used to get a ton but it doesn’t anymore it uh you get one you get one patch every five months in Serie dough back in the day before you guys got this on console you used to get patches every week or two they’d say hey we changed these guards hey we added this feature hey we made this this change to camps these guards we took them out those problems with it you know they were doing changes all the time that doesn’t happen anymore you know why they don’t have the resources they don’t have the resources to do that they don’t have the resources to fix bugs they gave up on that this company has shifted to advertising and content creation it is not bug fixing and polishing the words they like to coin and throw out in these things that they’re doing they’re not a priority for them so for me this is a big problem with the game it makes it very hard to be a PvP player and to have faith in this game to go forward with it it really does and as much as I love the community and all the people I know in PvP a lot of them know this a lot of them don’t even know why but but they’ve seen this [ __ ] routine enough to know what’s coming so that’s that’s what my last video was about it’s about knowing that it’s just the same song and dance like the fix isn’t coming the magical patch it’s not coming and I and I hate to be the bearer of bad news like I get a lot of what ZeniMax does I get why they’re doing this I get why they’re just you know again their business and they want to sell things and honestly they’re doing the right things to do that they really are they’re engaging big-time people it’s offensive to us streamers but the reality is they cannot engage they can’t engage cipher or King and say hey we’re gonna fix your tail because they’re not going to because they can’t they literally can’t so they’re alternative is to tell you they’re we’re putting in we’re putting in some changes it’s gonna help performance it’s not a magic bullet it’s not gonna fix your problem okay but they’re gonna keep telling you they’re doing it this is the only fundamental

thing that bothers me with this company they’re basically lying to you okay and and that that does bother me it’d be better if they said nothing that could be the best standpoint they’d take to just say nothing – just ignore it if you guys are complaining about PvP just ignore you because the alternative is they either lie to you or they tell you the truth and say hey we’re I’m gonna fix it it’s gonna remain the way it is you know because that’s the truth it’s gonna remain the way it is it’s not going to get fixed it’s not going to get better and bounce bounces terrible bounce is terrible it doesn’t this is a game doesn’t get bounce and the sad thing is they actually put time into changing skills but the people changing skills and bouncing don’t actually know how to bounce the game that’s one thing they could work with us the people that actually know the game they could work with us to figure out how to balance the game and they don’t so that’s that’s something I can fault them for I can say hey you have the people here to work with you on bounce you take it into your own hands to go about it your way okay you know they want to throw in a set instead of removing AoE caps okay yeah vicious death will fix it right because removing any weak apps requires more words work on their end they’re not willing to do because they’re short the resources they’re making content to sell and I don’t fault them for it listen if you haven’t played this game and you are one of the guys that they’re paying they’re paying [ __ ] Nick Carter to tweet out he loves this game literally Nick Carter – oh I love Elder Scrolls online so you’re one of Nick’s Carter’s followers and you’re like oh well I have an xbox I’ll play this game you’re gonna have a ball playing this game you really are there’s so much content in this game people [ __ ] at me on my videos that I don’t praise ZeniMax for the things they do well you’ve created an awesome game there’s a lot of content there’s a lot of good things about this game but if you’re a PvP player and you’ve played this for an extended period of time you’re gonna lose your [ __ ] mind and leave because there’s no hope there’s no bounce and the performance [ __ ] sucks and that’s a problem if you want to play pvp and they’ve abandoned pvp at this point it’s [ __ ] abandoned there’s no hope for you you know if you wanted to fix PvP the first thing you could have done I realized you can’t fix Seattle you are financially unwilling to and I actually get it I really do that’s fine you have Imperial City go fix Imperial City go add something this Imperial City you said the the district’s would be capturable there would be something in there then go do it it’s there man the contents [ __ ] done go in there and make some changes to Imperial City give PvP or something to do be like yeah all that [ __ ] in Sierra del it’s [ __ ] bad we can’t play it but hey at least we can enjoy Imperial City we can’t there’s no reason to go there why didn’t you do it ZeniMax why didn’t you finish Imperial City it’s the one DLC you had in this game it’s the one thing you could have done to really give PvP players something that’s what you should have done if you had somebody in a leadership position that cared a damn about PvP you would have done it but you did not and I have to fault you for that you don’t have the foresight to realize that and it’s bad it just shows how little you care about the PvP community instead you’re gonna go on your eso lives say we’re slipping in these incremental fixes that do [ __ ] nothing they’re gonna do nothing christmas is gonna come this year in 2016 the performance is gonna be as shitty as it was last christmas it’s gonna be as bad as it is right now and you don’t care you have the ability to actually change things you really do it’s not requiring you much work to go change something in Imperial City but you’re unwilling to it shows you how little you care and and that’s that’s tough as a PvP player it’s very tough okay so for all the people that hate on me from my rants and stuff the general discussion white knights that come out saying how great the PvE is I can’t argue with you it is good and I tell you it is I give ZeniMax credit for it they’ve created a great world of PvE they really have the games textures are not that high quality and despite that it does look good it has great voice acting there’s all these great features but that is not my focus don’t expect me to do rants to tell you how good the textures and the voice acting is that’s not what I do that is not my community but I do appreciate it I do realize it and I do credit them for it ZeniMax has done a lot right but for what I play this game for and what a lot of people that I play with play this

game for they’ve completely abandoned us and they lied to us on top of it and they continue to lie about it and that’s not acceptable is it from from a company I don’t think that’s right I really don’t it makes me not ever trust any Mac’s online studios again so if you come out with your next product I’m gonna tell you how you guys are a liar and I wouldn’t trust them especially if you have the same type of people in those leadership positions it’s not right like you can’t abandon your player base and just lie to them we’re not that [ __ ] stupid you know so that’s why I make these videos that’s why I point this stuff out to show you we’re not that [ __ ] stupid I want to let people know what the real is because that’s the real deal and if you want to counter it then by all means please do in these videos another thing probably the biggest misconception of people responding to my videos they say you know fangerous you’re just like a loudmouth child they just learned how to curse and you’re so vulgar and all that man this is this is my this is my channel I can do what I want on here okay I’m not I don’t personally attack these people for starters I saw Gina make a post saying something like if you think personal attacks are gonna help they won’t I have not the slightest bit of problem with anybody at ZeniMax on a personal level why would I you guys are running a business I get it I don’t want people to get fired or lose their job all I did in my last video was point out where the problems come from they come from the leadership you have to you have to focus the problems it’s not fair to blame Roble it really isn’t Robles in charge of Bounce ensure has bounced ideas and decisions I don’t agree with them and I don’t think they’re good but the reality is it’s not his fault it’s the leadership’s fault if you want to push out bad patches that’s because the leadership said it’s acceptable to do so it’s the leadership’s fault you have you have to place the blame where it is is personal attack no it’s not a personal attack I’m just telling you where the fault lies so it’s it’s a it is what it is but it’s not a personal attack but to the people complaining about my language for starters if my language offends you take sensitive ass somewhere else I mean come on like this is just me expressing myself but if you don’t like what I’m saying I mean I don’t know what to tell you that there’s a lot of people that play this purely for the PvE and I get it and I have no problems with you I’m not trying to create a divide between PvE and PvP players I see a lot of them fighting on the forums stop fighting guys seriously if you’re a PvP player stop fighting with the PvE people and vice versa there’s a lot of PvE people that just they don’t give a [ __ ] about the peoples that are doing PvP they don’t care about you they don’t care about the problems you have they say hey I love this game so you know if you don’t like it then just quit just go somewhere else well ignore those people that’s the best you can do but you guys shouldn’t be fighting with each other I’m not trying to incite people to fight with each other I’m really not and I don’t encourage PvP players to go hate on PvE players I really don’t they have a valid reason to play this game and honestly they’re gonna enjoy this game a lot more than you are my point is to show you what ZeniMax is doing that’s where the blame lies don’t fight with the PvE players don’t fight amongst each other in the community I’m trying to paint things how they are and if pvp becomes frustrating to you at a certain point and you’ve seen this and you understand what I’m saying then you have to make a choice and I’m just trying to make help make those choices for people I guess cuz because at a certain point you know they’ve abandoned a lot of aspects on this game and it’s uh it’s really disappointing because because this game had a lot of promise for PvP but again where the game stands today I get it there’s no way for them to recover the PvP crowd they can’t do it anymore they could dedicate lots of resources to doing it and they’re not going to do it they’re not going to fix it so it’s not gonna happen it’s not worth the money to them what is worth the money to them is to do what they’re doing advertising making new PvE content to make this game more like an Elder Scrolls single-player experience okay that Elder Scrolls single-player experience is what is going to sell new boxes and when they sell those new boxes they keep the server’s up and running – I mean it’s that’s all there is to it and they’ll keep doing that until the next Elder Scrolls game comes which might be probably the end of 2017 I’d estimator early 2018 Elder Scrolls 6 I’m amped for it man I love those [ __ ] games I really do I love the Elder Scrolls series I love a lot of what this game is done I still want to I still stay trapped in the

community with this game I want to create and help make builds for people that came to watch my content that appreciated it that that that come look for guidance I want to get builds outs and and I plan to come back and try to at least do some builds it’s just really hard for me like this this game it went from me enjoying like I used to enjoy like 60 to 70 percent of my stream and I’d spend twenty to thirty percent of it raging when I got like two thieves guild I was spending eighty percent of my stream raging running back to a fight where I got [ __ ] over or whatever and only ten to twenty percent of my actual stream enjoying myself having a fun fight and that’s not right like and at a certain point I had to you know disconnect and and enjoy myself a little more so that’s what I’ve been trying to do but at the same time like anything I do for this game at this point is really for the community there is a lot of good content if you’re new to PvP there’s some great experiences you can have when you’re not lagging if you’re new to the PvE you’re gonna have even a better experience there’s so much good content this game there really is so people that say I don’t give them credit I do but I mean like that’s not what my videos are about they’re they’re really not there’s obviously a lot of value in PVE and I don’t come on here telling you how bad the PvE sucks I never have the games done a pretty good job on that and that’s what they’ll continue to do they’re gonna build to their strengths and they’re gonna they’re gonna put aside their weaknesses and forget about PvP they’re gonna move on they’re gonna sell boxes and tell them till the next single player game comes out and then honestly yes so probably died out after that but but this year ESO will do better this year than it did last year I predict that because they’re doing a better business plan than they were last year this year they’re focusing on making PvE content advertising the PvE content and spending money to engage the proper people to do it they’ve made a good plan they really have the problem is if you’re a PvP player you’re boned like it is not a plan that makes your experience better so I’m sorry but but like that’s that’s the reality that’s the way I see it if anyone can prove me wrong please do I’m happy to entertain the discussion but I don’t see it any other way I mean again the writing’s on the wall my friends so I don’t I don’t know what else what else to really talk about I don’t know there was a lot there was a lot hopeful for this game at one time I went back and looked at videos if you guys never let me throw this out real quick if you’ve never seen this video I encourage you to go if you really enjoy this game and you really like it I encourage you to watch this video at some time this is when I was going back and watching this is Nick Konkle he since his left here’s Paul sage behind him he is also since left this game I’m gonna go ahead and talk about the spell crafting system I brought this one because I love this I was excited for this I was really excited for this [ __ ] spell crafting supposed to come into the game say that it’s gone actually I shouldn’t say that it probably will come but it’s going to come in a really hodgepodge form like it’s it’s been sidetracked now graphing is what it sounds like you’re going to find and combine various effects from spells in the game some of which will look very familiar this is like a two hour video by the way this is all this is a really good video it really is a lot good in here this is from 2014 this was the direction of the game kind of after it came out all the things to look forward to it’s very exciting it really was this was before veteran ranks before champion system before dark brotherhood or thieves guild was ever talked about all that there’s just a lot of a lot of flexibility that will be added to see the menu here you can customize skills to like make things you wanted skills you wanted yeah awesome like that’s what Elder Scrolls had that’d be so awesome for PvE or PvP it’d be so cool I’ll put this in the

video I don’t want to sit here and watch this and play this it’s it’s a cool feature that was gonna come to the game it’s not coming again this comes back to them they don’t have the resources to do all this [ __ ] they can’t even bounce the game how can they throw in spell crafting you see how way out of their league they aren’t bouncing they can’t bounce this game for damn not even a little bit they’re terrible of bouncing and it’s it’s not a personal attack it’s just a reality the bouncing is very poor at best okay and if they can now bouncing and bring in spell crafting you imagine how fun and be to like create your own classes and do stuff doesn’t matter again if you’re PvE or PvP there was so much to do what the scheme thrived on in the beginning and even met fire had set it in some interviews the skill system in this game is awesome and unique and I agree it really is but what have you added to this game since it came out you had the stealing skill tree and undaunted that’s it it’s been 2 years what happened to the weapon Ultimates that you talked about at release where are any of the new skill lines where spell crafting where’s all this stuff they didn’t have it everything that’s being like released was actually in this video this is from 2014 [ __ ] that’s coming out this year is in this [ __ ] video like like Paul sage even talks about it Paul C talked about the justice system situations that you can act upon and the game reacts to what you do about this being an online game is that you aren’t going to just have to be the anti I guess establishment character but you’re also going to be able to be guards you’re going to be you can be garbage to find those characters who haven’t paid their bounties who’ve been on these killing rampages and you’re going to be able to enact your own justice so that’s right what’s the BBB yes active PvP you hear you’re the crowd like yeah camp oh it’s it’s active PvP in the world it’s it’s it’s just turning the game over to you in ways that I really like I really like it too Paul I’m that’s just I miss you already I’m gonna turn this over to Nick Konkle who’s gonna talk about one of my other favorites I mean there you go it’s gone PvP and the justice system how do we do that it’s gone it’s not coming you know they don’t have to do this stuff again I’ll link this video in in the in the comments of when I make this highlight but I suggest you watch it to see all the things that they talked about in this video there there was blood spawn okay there’s Evan Hart armor okay there’s Malecha whatever armor what’s it called this is all undaunted stuff this was all made in 2014 all the stuff that you’ve got in like the last year too was already made they already made this [ __ ] this game had abundant resources it had abundant funding all the stuff that’s coming out is [ __ ] that’s already been made they talked about [ __ ] Merc Meyer in this this is 2014 they talked about Merc Meyer Merc Meyer is gonna come after dark Brotherhood in case you guys are wondering I see it a lot on the forums what’s what’s a after dark brotherhood Merc Meyer okay Merc Meyer was made a while ago they talked about Merc Meyer in this video somewhere I don’t know why ESO is hiding the fact that Merc Meyers coming but it’s coming okay it was made two years ago this game is capitalizing on [ __ ] it made when this game was thriving when it was released and it had the funding before it went down the [ __ ] you know when when they saw sales or like wow this games not doing what we thought it would do they made a lot of content they are slowly doling it out to you what they’ve already made years ago so much of this in 2014 is either in the game or or it’s been abandoned there’s glass armor cool that just came out recently there’s the Zipkin costumes cool that’s in there they talk about Hrothgar that just came out a little bit ago like this [ __ ] and everything in 2014 that they had planned to come it’s probably made by people that have left the company they’re not there anymore whatever it’s already been made so honestly what they do beyond 2016 and beyond mid 2017 I’m really curious about I really am they don’t have the staffing I don’t think to keep up with it I really don’t think they do they’ll create the illusion they do but I don’t think they do that’s just

that’s just my honest assessment so yeah Riina’s are coming great but they don’t have the staffing to meet content like they used to you think they’re making a lot of content today they’re not they’re releasing the content they made when they were at max there they are not at max staff anymore they can’t fix bugs for the life of them they can’t do it they don’t have those people anymore so I mean you get one thing but you have to understand what’s going on in the background and hey maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I am I think I can see between all the lines with what’s going on with this this business and everything that’s why yeah people are saying no ETA expect no ETA a lot of things you know rich Rich’s favorite line is I’m really excited about that I look forward to something we’ve talked about these are these are all direct quotes you could take I could I’d love to sit in one time I could just I could be rich Lambert I think first stream be like oh I’m really excited about that you know we’ve had a lot of discussion about that we look forward to doing that and we’ll continue to discuss it no ETA next [ __ ] you’re gonna get a lot of that as after murk Meyer and Dark Brotherhood I don’t know what’s coming Arena is not coming this year I’d say middle of next year best at best and honestly arenas are probably gonna have some PvE [ __ ] tied into it expected expected because for them to release any PvP DLC content that’s purely PvP is a mistake it’s a [ __ ] mistake at this point that is not their market anymore that’s not what they’re advertising they are not spending millions of dollars on advertising to release you an incremental patch purely for PvP so I’m just trying to be honest with you make your choices it’s fine I’m not trying to dog this game I’m not trying to throw it under the bus I’m just trying to be honest about it you know I’ve been here a long time I’ve I’ve tested the game thoroughly I’ve met most of these guys that were on this stage I met Paul and I even met fire before these guys probably don’t remember me I met them it doesn’t mean anything I met Conkel seemed like Conkel seemed like a pretty cool guy I really liked Paul sage Paul say he seems really dedicated to his vision of how he created a game that’s the one thing I respected a lot about him even if I didn’t agree with what he said like he had a vision on how he created content and I liked that I mean someone that kind of sticks to their guns on how they do things but I mean I didn’t agree with his whole outlook on immersion but we you know the players overturned him on getting UI maybe the resub know where they welcome back man yeah Paul sage was really really big on immersion in this game and honestly they’ve done a real good job on the game is it does have an immersive feel and I commend them on that Paul sage wanted to be very immersive but he was overturned like there was a good chance we wouldn’t have had add-ons in this game and the community fought very heavily for those and we got them and I’m glad we did because if we didn’t have those add-ons there’s so many skills in the game that were broken that we would have never fixed because we couldn’t see the numbers before now we can and we’ve been able to test those things report those bugs to ZeniMax and see them get fixed sometimes it takes a couple of years but you know at least we know they’re bugs that helps so with uh without anything else to say I’m not sure what else to talk about I think I kind of do like a Q&A if you guys want to ask questions or whatever and I’d be happy to take questions finger see why change came after he left nope all stage left after consoles were released we were able to get add-ons before that to be fair he didn’t want them and I get why he didn’t want them I’m just saying I listen I and I know Paul sage wasn’t well-received I don’t think he was around the workplace it’s a touchy issue if you post anything about Paul sage and Senna max you’re likely to get banned on the forums if you make any kind of like tongue-in-cheek comment about it it’s not tongue-in-cheek with them they’ll ban you I don’t know why I don’t know what the deal was I don’t know the relationship I’ve never bothered to ask

but um yeah it didn’t seem like everything was hunky-dory I guess but I’m not gonna go into it I could only make assumptions and I can’t so let’s do let’s do QA fire questions I’ll try to answer some what happened to this Paul guy he left he went to gearbox he’s working on a game at gearbox now Conoco also left không có went to Riot Games Maria Alejandra also left at the same time a lot of a lot of the head development of this game last rate after console release so that’s that’s a very important and relevant thing that point out it doesn’t even include all the mid and low level staff that was also cut out from this game which clearly has happened mycommerce that’s unrelated I’m not going to answer that and my single Misha I am they add capturable districts in I see II will you play this game again full time I would definitely take a look at them frozen I’d love to see how they implemented them you know I’d love to see them reach out and say hello PvP players of the world it’s us as Animax we’re here to figure out what you would like to see in that because we haven’t finished it and we want to figure out what you want out of it but they won’t I could complain about it and they might even go and make those changes frozen if I complain about it and a thousand people make threads about it on the forums they might go and make that change man they might go and do it but they won’t ask us how to do it they’ll do it their way and that’s the problem because they could do things better if they engaged us they really could and they and maybe it’s like they refused to they just I said at my last video man I don’t think there’s any better way to say they just [ __ ] jerk us off on this [ __ ] they don’t [ __ ] care about what we have to say they say oh okay thank you for your input alright [ __ ] off and I’m gonna do it my way now you just do it their way man it doesn’t always work you got to work with your community because their way hasn’t always worked they haven’t been they haven’t been killers on that department you scale one 1000 feet war verse slays me I don’t know I don’t even know how a reverse lays could work that was the most ridiculous answer ever how many people still work for ZeniMax I couldn’t tell you I can just tell you by a lot of different things that that their staff has downsize what’s your opinion on the removal of required sub B I only joined the game after I went by to play I think they’re really gonna push for you to have a good reason to sub I think it’s clear they’re already doing that with uh what was the content they were talking about oh yeah the crafting thing so if you want your crafting inventory to be non messy just sub up get all the DLCs just sub up I’m sure they’ll add more as they go forward honestly I from a very high-level perspective because this company is owned by the the higher broader ZeniMax which oversees not just Animax online studios but it oversees Bethesda I think they want to keep this game relevant on the roadmap and as a holdover option for people that are waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 okay I am so excited I love Elder Scrolls games and that game comes out I’m a stream that [ __ ] because I love it but it’s it’s made by Bethesda non-sena Mac’s online studios so I almost see it as like hey we can make some money before that game comes out literally I feel like I’m sitting in the meeting room and I was never invited but like the game will probably come out in the next I’m gonna say like mid to late 2017 it might come out at earliest at the earliest I don’t think it’ll come out any later than mid 2018 though so I’d say somewhere between the second half of 2017 going forward an early 2018 first half I think somewhere in that year span the next Elder Scrolls game should come out that’s usually how their development schedule goes and I’m very excited for I love their games they’re great and and I feel like what they’re doing with this game is giving people that that enjoy that kind of content something to hold them overs something to sell a box for because if you’ve never played this game and you appreciate that kind of stuff it’s worth the money it really is so they’ll sell that and and I don’t fault those people for buying it if they just want to come play the PvE and never step foot in Serie dough I don’t fault them for that there’s a lot of good content there this

game had so much good content created that people say I don’t give them credit for its it’s not that I don’t give them credit for it it’s there it’s good it’s just the other stuff though the whole package isn’t there is the problem what I play I see district capture is added in dark brotherhood I would definitely absolutely look into it much more yes because the lag isn’t there as much in Imperial City that’s a big part and and I’m really looking for something new something enjoyable that’s not performance hindering I’d really love it man the game’s combat system is good it’s spot-on it’s something they don’t sacrifice or change drastically that balance is another story there’s two things in PvP there’s the bounce and there’s the performance and both have to be on point the performance you can’t forgive the bounce you can be mad about but you can forgive them because you can just say it well I’ll play the overpowered class you can’t say I’m gonna play the class that doesn’t suffer from performance because they all do everybody suffers so I mean those those are the distinct points I think do you think if we keep supporting exhaust they’ll eventually fix most of the bugs and they perform at some point no no no no I think the game was doing better with the sub fee I don’t know that’s that’s not a real question you can answer was the game in a better place when I had this up these short is it because it had a sub fee no that that didn’t bear weight on on why it was doing better it shifted models because you know you don’t shift models because how’s the game doing today you make decisions on your future based on a growth mom and and what’s what’s happened and where you’re going that’s how those decisions are made so they’re not made like that it’s my favorite drink a stout I guess a nice stout can I like the video I will you know what I’ll link it here my stream in a minute but I also put it in the youtube link when I post this it’s a good video I suggest washing it it’s it’s a good watch there any hope that this game will be fun to play again there’s a lot of good content deadly sin it really depends what you want if you’re just if you’re just a PvP player it’s gonna wear thin on you I think after after a certain amount of time what am i doing it’s very quickly so well am I gonna mean Paragon I’m playing a lot of Paragon now I want to get involved in the community and learn the game and be able to do the same kind of builds I didn’t yeah so I don’t want to say like I’m just like gone for me I so like I really enjoy the community and listen there’s people that could watch my thing and even agree with it but they log in and they play and I don’t fault them for it like it’s just at a certain point when you PvP and nothing you see the same thing over and over you get too frustrated too frustrated there’s people that enjoy it look at look how long I played the game I enjoyed it and I was frustrated and I can still come back and do that but I mean I actually have an option that makes me really happy to play so if I have that I’ll do it not everybody has that not everyone has a really good option that they can play so that’s the that’s the difference in the problem so it’s not like I’m gone from this community that’s why I’m doing this video that’s why I still come and talk to people about eso ch1 his council launched today before quitting probably it was probably the last major project he was tasked with you get tasked with a project and you don’t want to leave in the middle of a project it doesn’t look good to do that so sage had probably decided to leave the company well before a console console launch but it was like listen we’re gonna transition so-and-so into your job finish the console launch over our separate ways that’s that’s what that’s how that works no because there are groups of 50 people on I see right now it’s spawn camp points listen I see should not have the instant respawn the districts need to be rebuilt they need to be redesigned rethought out and that is where they should engage the players sooner thank you guys thank you age 23 – nor welcome back the icy districts need to

be rebuilt redesigned completely the terrain is there what they need to do is engage the PV peers and say what do you want out of this place all right the good news is Brian wheelers in charge of that and I could much easily talk to Brian wheeler than anyone it’s not his decision though it’s his leadership decision [ __ ] hopefully you can go ask his leadership and say hey I want to make districts good again I want to make PvP good again can I can I engage Venga Russian company to start talking about how we can reshape districts and they’ll say nope we have the next PvE DLC mr. wheeler [ __ ] go about your business making that arena thank you very much moving on that’s what’s gonna happen I’d love to see districts work Don I’d love to see a change but I don’t expect it Merc Meier looked awesome I saw but I kind of completely forgot about it until now yeah it’s coming it’ll be the next thing after dark Brotherhood man I am willing to bet you they’re they they made they made Merc Meier it was their show they showed off in this video I didn’t show it to you guys but in this video posted in 2014 there showing Merc Meier bet your ass it’s coming brother hood I don’t know why they haven’t announced it you guys can come and say fingers you were right it’s coming after talk brother it’s very obvious you feel like you’re crashing this game has been limited press one point six do to be is films like a Jody will power Maelstrom I wouldn’t say limited I’d say I don’t know I feel like the game is very limited on its skill sets tribes I I want to see the skills I want to see more option builds man there’s like there’s so many bills that are just shafted into a single set man it’s not like hey I run this build but this guy runs this build and it counters mine they don’t do that stuff there’s man like I I kind of wish I could like engage this game in making some PvP content and working with bounce like I want to dip my toes and a little bit of both and guide him I really do this game has so much good good structure and promise it could be made into something great and I’m just not in a position to man and even if I was in a position to I wouldn’t get the support to do it so I already know that I’ve worked enough in corporate America a corporate America to know it’s uh it’s not that easy nothing is that easy it doesn’t work like that fingers have hey every approach you and cipher del Tia and other streamers an attempt to bounce create new content now no they haven’t they’re not interested in our opinions on that honestly they’re not and they never will be they’re interested in making their content the way they want it what works for them they’ve never even really engaged the streamers too much at all the only streamers they’ve engaged are people that don’t actually play ESO which is what I talked about my last video again I wasn’t pissed off with the fact that they didn’t engage us like I’m jealous I’m pissed off they have people that love their gaming that are passionate about their game and they just give them the cold shoulder and then they went out of their way to pay people it from a business standpoint it makes perfect sense from a standpoint of being a streamer that loves this game and dedicates a lot of time working with the community it’s very offensive that they just don’t give us the time of day yet they will go and pay people other money to sell their game it’s it’s really disheartening it really is it’s it’s it’s a spit in the face man I’m trying to catch up on Chatham’s this chats coming in quicker than I can [ __ ] should stream Skyrim one of these days oh man I played scams how much I’ve played all the other scrolls a lot I played most of them more than once all the way through where are your thoughts on player housing coming in late 2017 I’m really neutral on it I wasn’t even really excited about it in Skyrim is okay III don’t find much value in it personally but there’s a lot of people that really do so I understand there that’s the games are some of the best games released during its release time yeah absolutely they’re very very unique they’re great ever heard about you hear about get was short towards to PvP regular and now and I’m not interesting kill words to I’m really not I’m not trying to play a lot of mmo’s I was pulled in this game because of its title and its name honestly

well I tried Dark Souls 3 not really no I just don’t have time to stream a lot of games what do you want I see district captures to be that’s a pretty in-depth question but to put it lightly I don’t want three spawns I want people to be able to defend invade and be limited to numbers like hey this sixteen or that’s not good let’s go with twelve and this twelve man group is invading you’re 12 man group I want to see small man groups fighting inside those districts where the resources count where I send eight people to the north part of the zone to capture something I send four people over here and four people are fighting in this house and eight people are fighting over there and and the people defending their district have to break up their group to defend things and think about what they’re doing I want to see really cool PvP and really cool terrain it would be so good it’d be so fun it doesn’t have to be ranked it just has to be fun I just want to have really fun PvP and they have the environment man it’s ready they just need some good minds to help guide them it’s it’s not gonna happen though it’s it doesn’t it’s like it’s like content that’s already there that could be revised that would just be awesome it’s not gonna happen man you know you guys wanted to happen go tweet Bryan wheeler about it I’m not gonna personally engage him I’m friendly with him from a friendly standpoint but what they do professionally I’m not trying to get in the middle of again it goes back to my whole thing of these these people all these peoples Animax they are real people with real lives and I don’t try to [ __ ] with them personally none of the things I say and do or meant to be personal they’re real jobs they have real bills to pay real families and I don’t you know I wish them all the best I really do and it’s be [ __ ] up to say otherwise because I don’t agree with something I’m not trying to interfere with it but I’ve run my channel and I talked to my viewers honestly I talk about the game and the company in its direction that’s really my focal point of my stream and my rants it’s what I try to stay driven on everything else is just for fun it’s not personal I don’t attack people because that’s not right and I don’t agree with theirs or condone that if people are doing that on my behalf I I don’t condone that at all well i played ESO tonight I’m not menace no this was really a long-winded rant man and and I’m just kind of getting it getting it questions and everything we’re just doing a AMA right now and then I might do a little bit of single-player although it’s it’s been a little bit any high-power what’s up yeah I am so far behind on Chad I’m not even sure I might miss her questions I’m gonna try to get to the bottom and if you have things I missed you can repeat them my five minutes behind in chat where my thoughts into their house already answered that Brian to make PvP greater yeah that’s right engage them if you’d wanted to uh you can link them the video if he wants to watch it and do something I’d be happy to do it I really would but I’m not gonna try to go and do it stripes I think I answered your question I see you re pacing and I’m pretty sure I addressed it I already talked about Dark Souls 3 and I’m not going to be playing it they ever approached you and safer I answered that [ __ ] man how far back on Chatham I feel like it’s repeating I feel like I’m in the twilight zone at this point oh my god any thoughts um next MMO you’ll play I’m not trying to play another MMO right now this year I’m really not well it’s not my goal to play another MMO if I play another mode really has to draw me in for a lot of good reasons I’ll be open-minded to it I’m not apex I’m not talking about Paragon on this stream you think Sam circle be viable at all this patch anything can be viable at any patch almost really I think it’s very weak but it can be viable sure your chat is really the delete’ it’s not that it’s that I’m trying to read questions and I answered them and I have to catch up I’m sorry I don’t want to miss questions I’m trying to take them and maintain chat Lily aura I’ll see you later

take care I saw your I saw your comments tonight thank you for those how do you make district capture fun all over the district if you’re captured if you’re trying to capture a single point I’m not even saying district PvP should be a single point capture I don’t I don’t like single point capture I don’t think the district should be that actually I don’t know what they should be but what I would prefer to be is you have a zone it’s a district it’s not too big but it split all over the place alright and that that players hey we come into the district we have 12 players to defend the district you know maybe it’s four points in each corner and we have to do that or maybe it’s something that is variable based and changes depending on the scenario which are probably better to keep it interesting but something that’s not just alright guys here’s the flag in the middle of 12 e 12 and [ __ ] the rest of the zone that’s how you devalue your content like don’t devalue good content they have really cool content in the districts there’s houses make me fight in the houses make me fight people on the steps make me fight and the choke points in the hallways make me fight outside of the choke points in the hallways because it advantage is my group like give me the options give me a cool environment to do awesome stuff and make me be able to have different builds that thrive in different scenarios give me options that’s what I want you know but the balance isn’t there the environment isn’t there [ __ ] man the bounce is so far out of whack it’s disgusting I wish I was bouncing this game the last year and a half or something because to have much better classes with better options and cool choices and not just hey I’m an X build so this is what I do hey I’m your magic assort do you shield stack use cursed with detonate and a crystal fragment proc filed by a Dawnbreaker alright you’re good come on in here I’ll use pets alright there’s a 24 man group over there for you get the [ __ ] out of here what are you Templar breath of life come on here yeah that’s what I’m talking magic a knight plate you got debt alright you’re on the team you know no one wants a magic and Knight plea that’s doing some stupid [ __ ] she want you to blow [ __ ] up everyone has like a one go to build it’s [ __ ] up man so far gone bounce it’s so far gone you need to need to build a [ __ ] time machine and send me back in it to get bounced in order what are your feelings on black desert online I have no feelings on it I haven’t played it can we watch please watch one of your old 1.6 videos can you PM it to me JW let me look at what it is how did they break reflective scales very easily apparently very easily I don’t know why or how I don’t capture the PvP capture the flag in PvP maybe open neutral keeps around the map I don’t know man they could do a lot with I see the reality is it’s there it’s there to be made man dude they could do something anything would be better than what they have today this is why I stayed for how these must be do his height was literally like a fart no way nowhere that’s harsh that’s me do you wish for me you must be that video I’ll bring it up see what it is district PvP like you’re describing sounds so [ __ ] fun little points all over the place yeah man [ __ ] like if you guys have ever PvP in the districts the houses are so cool take advantage of it man take advantage of what you have have you guys ever fought people inside Bruma did you ever go to the quest hub of Bruma and go inside the house and you went inside the house you’re like there’s three enemies right in front of me and you’re all in combat now cuz I’ve done this and it was really cool it wasn’t a hard fight for me I killed all the people in this house was five people in there but I like went up the staircase caltrops in the stairs people are coming up the stairs I’m streaking over the stairs like I’m fighting in environments I have never fought in before it was so awesome and instead what we have is seer Adele oh you’re at this keep you don’t

even need to know the name it’s the same as the keep you just came from and if you die you’re gonna go to a Keith it looks like to keep your fight not right now but if you take this keep you can go fight for another key that looks like to keep you’re at right now like I’m [ __ ] tired of it man I figured by this point you would have updated the keeps you would have made version XYZ a B 5 there should be so many versions but there’s not there’s [ __ ] two versions of every keep that’s it ok fair enough districts give me something in there give me a variety of content to fight over man come on and you have these towns do you know what they literally said with towns they’re gonna make them capturable points please don’t do this enter max please Brian wheeler put your foot down please man for me say no don’t make Bruma a capturable point like a keep don’t make Bruma another keep please don’t do it man make it in like an area that has value make me go inside make me enjoy the content you created make me go inside the house and appreciate fighting in there because it’s so fun it’s so fun all these PvE areas we will never ever ever get to experience PvP in they look so cool have you ever gone to some of these towns like Rifton you ever imagined fighting people in Riften do you ever imagine if they actually put the justice system in the way it was supposed to be chasing down people in [ __ ] driftin or [ __ ] you know all these different towns they have how cool would that have been it’s not gonna come like they’re not doing it but I mean these kind of battles are the kind of things that that you should long for as a PvP player you should one that would add so much more to the game that’ll hold you over for months man cuz it’s so fun it’s not coming I don’t know why I know why this doesn’t sell doesn’t sell copies it really doesn’t but I wish it I wish it would be like that I would have I would have done a lot my I said it sounds like a detroit camelot unchained well that’s very positive all right JW what’s this video you were linking earlier where is it I don’t see your whisper JW in fact I don’t think you did whisper me you could just go ahead and just paste that link anywhere just paste it in chat again JW and I’ll check it out I went to bruma today and got wiped by 30 Reds I think it’s already well that could happen what I’m recommending with those is they also make them semi instance I recommended that they made those things part of the zone like hey this alliance has this and this so every like X interval Bruma would be a contested thing where you would bring a certain amount of people and you could zone you would zone them into Bruma I hate instance combat but I don’t know how else to make this work because Cyrodiil is so laggy if you can instance off anything please do it because sierra del serie del cannot be saved the guys it can’t be saved it’s damned it’s forever damned so instants off Bruma and say hey there’s an event going on there’s a there’s a cargo thing coming through or Bruma needs help whatever the [ __ ] it is and you bring in your six or your twelve main group an ad can bring in their six or their twelve main group and EP can bring in their six or their twelve may or whatever and you all go in there and it’s like a it’s like you know a three-sided battle for something in there I think that would be awesome I really do it’s not gonna happen they’re gonna make they’re gonna put up here’s what they’ll do they’ll put a [ __ ] flag in the middle broom and say hey guys our new PvP content coming out Brumos capturable now would be really cool with a respawn they’re in the house and there’s a flag you capture the flag great thanks you know that’s the kind of [ __ ] [ __ ] update you’ll get with Bruma and it’s a shame man there’s so much good there I guarantee you they [ __ ] it up I guarantee you sucks alright jwg like this you did