War Thunder Simulator Battle! – Awesome Dogfight :)

all right guys what is going on fly here and I’m playing some war thunder today this was not supposed to be the free-for-all Friday video but I tried to get aisle to battle of stalingrad which you guys voted on to work but it keeps crashing so I’m gonna keep trying to get that worked on but for right now I am playing sim battle Battle of Britain right now with the Spitfire mark 2a and we’re gonna go ahead and get into it yeah I was really bummed out because I downloaded it last night and I tested it out and everything and it was supposed to it was working fine but then I started up today and out of nowhere it just up some already crashed but it said a I know good but I don’t know where today just stopped working I have no idea why so what I’m going to do is I’m just redownload it tonight and hopefully get some footage out with it later today or if not tomorrow because everyone crashed on takeoff oh my gosh I don’t know what that wasn’t for me this is gonna have a rotate gear up beautiful plane love is failing so this is a battle Burton so we’re defending the Britain homeland from German invaders what I’m nervous about is that if if I see a one 10s and eighty one one ones they’re going to be hard to deal with in these Spitfires locale planes fighters no problem the 7.7 ‘s I have tracer rounds I believe loaded so that won’t be an issue but the bombers will definitely definitely be or the heavy fighters will be a hard thing to deal with to trauma on this 109 right now it’s much faster than me I understand that we’re gonna lose them in these clouds right now I’m reloading I’m reloading that would be ideal for that one man to get on our six list I know how to throw them off but this is crazy how I haven’t really had any engagements yet there’s been so many players I’m just hmm okay and I’m flying very vulnerable right now a lot of our Spitfires and hurricanes and things have just crashed without really much reason we CA over here firing at something I know that that’s friendly because I don’t know why Germany has a emplacements on a Britain map that’s definitely for either Spitfire hurricane we could check the Germans airfield on Britain but for right now it’s nothing going on now where is Jerry no idea I’m just keeping a nice tail scan of my a nice oh my gosh nice scan of my tail so I’m just kind of trying to concentrate right now I’m feeling very vulnerable right now like someone’s watching me hurricanes crashed

okay we’re about to head over to the airfield right now I feel like I’m on a Sunday flight right now no one on the airfield either you actually have somebody over the airfield Oh oh yeah I think I made a mistake earlier in the video when I said the carburetor gets flooded by negative and it doesn’t there’s not enough gas that goes in I believe I think that is it here we go we got somebody that’s close he’s in the clouds again oh nice nice job nice job oh my gosh I’m getting jumped by two I can’t I can’t do it like that really good right now there were two of them before but now I’m only seeing one and his camos very the camo he’s using blends in very well with his gloomy atmosphere right now if I tell mommy with AAA yep thought somebody got help I got help [ __ ] yeah whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa he [ __ ] around each other no way that was [ __ ] incredible that was a dog fight for the ages all these [ __ ] maneuvers I’m pulling

off are wonderful right now oh [ __ ] come on come on come on come on come on nice nice nice the tides have turned three verse two is now to verse one let me give my spitfire space to engage unequaled all my engines right now okay a hundred percent Oh [ __ ] the tides are even again tides are in our favor there is I really need to go back and land now these guys are so freakin good I’m so badly damaged right now it’s hard for me to reform I haven’t in I I haven’t seen I’ve haven’t hit anything yet you know I’m saying guys like I feel like I’ve at least nicked them once or twice but I have no hit Ridge on anything time to go home boys we’re going to stay in the clouds while we engage back to base I’m very confused about these clouds and how they look I’m using my Hawk am talk right now or horizontal what am I trying to say artificial horizon there we go sorry guys I’m just really confused right now that was

and I always having that was an amazing game um so what just happened you guys are confuses me so I’ll try to recap is that I was low fuel hot engine coasting back to base on 42% and what I believe is Goldilocks mistaken me for an enemy and was trying to identify me but I mean if you got that close then I that I think that I really don’t know like their their readout and stuff to you when you get close that’s really frustrating guys it’s just this crazy how some all that work and all that fun that you develop in a game can be ruined by one players and competence like that had to be deliberate there there’s no way a slow Spitfire that like the thing is I would I would say okay you know that’s justified that you know maybe he didn’t see me but that was a that was a back end Ram so wasn’t vertical or you know you know vertical Rams are understanding because no one’s watching up or down as much as they’re watching side-to-side but I just don’t understand that’s really I’m gonna go in the replays and try to see what happened honestly because that that is very I don’t understand at all I’m very confused as I bet you guys are as well right now alright guys so we’re back we’re about to engage in the dogfight against the four 109s that you know happen to be here I want to show you guys the head on where the two 109a of each other that were booming and zooming me they there were much better pilots policing teamwork standards but they just made a error with coming heads on you no one was leaving engaging me one was coming on to engage me okay alright so here is one of my first shots I put off I did not put off a shot down okay oh maybe now I hold my fire okay I some pretty sweet dodges that game okay I pull off him because I know someone’s behind me or I’m just too scared look at I did look at that camo look at that Camel in this environment it blends in so good compared to mine I mean mine probably still doesn’t wonders but that Camel is just amazing I’ll dodge him I’m my wings are still pretty good right now that was a head on that I missed now happens here Oh dodged that guy jeez Louise man defensive flying for the win okay where did that guy just go ones behind me anyhow and I know really good 109 pilots al he’s just like so competent and just oh my gosh I was ridiculous using my Spitfires turn four to its advantage this is the RAM c11 just disengaged me ones coming in they had no

idea wing slap oh my gosh he fells right over my plane oh he could have [ __ ] on the shot look at that he his his left when he might have hit my right wing or you know fear so I’m saying then this guy went down I got some hits there but I got no credits for it so I got one behind me I dodged him luckily look at that going a little flat spin there pull out of it though I pull the tighter Turner there so I can cease his fire and so at this point I think it’s one on one right now or 200 so I start getting pretty confident so I trail him cool my engine off I should be one guy coming behind me yep there he is and so you get some really nice shots on to me I took some pretty good damage to my wing you can’t really see it in the replay but it happened in game you until he makes a mistake of turning too early insult and installs his wings so I get behind him and now I want to see where the shots went okay those are [ __ ] missed horribly yeah look see I’ve got some hits on the wings and stuff but it didn’t give me any kind of credits in the game not the best shooting but I want to be rewarded for what I can achieve in a game you guys know what I’m saying look at that I knew I got hits on the plane I was using tracer rounds which are they have armor-piercing shell in it as well as incendiary all right so that’s that this guy so right right about now if I can find myself I’m losing my fuel and my my oil temperature is very hot so I eventually pull off from him in a second I’m like okay you know he’s in the clouds I’m gonna do the same I’m out of here I’m going to take my loss and cut it so I’m starting to head home look at this here is look at deliberate Ram and SB I don’t understand this at all I don’t understand that Goldilocks you don’t do that man not an SB man to the same team after a 30-minute game bro he says so sorry I understand so does he not crash oh and then he leaves his plane out of he he’d like that’s just that’s griefing right there like that that made him feel good ah man that was an awesome get wait if I mean I’m sure we wouldn’t been able to finish the game win but would I would have made it back to base repaired and everything that’s too bad alright guys so there is the freefall video for today I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you’ve enjoyed my flying my defensive line it kept me alive at a lot of my teammates to get on some of the sixes so my teammates really weren’t there for the same reason as I was but with that said guys I will be trying to get the

aisle to stalingrad up as soon as possible alright guys peace out