Week of Twopid Day 4 –

BluJinjo: Aba kliff potem faust main tbh SaotomeK: you want something to destroy your speakers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAmBWYFk2zY achloryn: oh wicked. thanks Cyber mountainmanjed: goddamn it sk no Snuggletoof: Jam/Chipp/Zato myself Mandieville666: pjdFatbord GrowfyBruce: Refresh if the stream hasn’t restarted for you Redamaford: HUSBANDO ROBOT CyberBotX: No problem, I found that out when I tried the Beta and realized it was missing features seythi2: faust was murdered by cuphead and mugman right Joseph011296: Do I need to refresh Klaige: shopuld be back Klaige: hopefully we fixed frame drop shig Klaige: if this didnt fix it, we cant do anything about it BluJinjo: Also dabbled with zappa and slayer seythi2: it works imasquirel: who’s who? Klaige: murph = jacko, klaige = haehyun achloryn: ok i haven’t really played any 1 on 1 fighter game in ages, but holy shit this is beautiful jkdjeff: can we drop Klaige instead of the frames? Klaige: murph is P1 Redamaford: Also, watching someone actually play Jack-o is a nice change of pace LordHayati: Stimulating Death Fist Amacfarlane: Zappa is joke tier, Slayer is mid tier was top tier imasquirel: BRING ON THE GOONS LordHayati: @Klaige you need to show off the stimulating death fist to PLC Moo_Cactus: what the hell? they’re GOOD? gchpaco: Redamaford: I feel that way about haehyun Moo_Cactus: wait Moo_Cactus: my sub! BluJinjo: Zappa joke tier? DansGame Spikeman750: “hey, your got your tower defense in my fighting game” BluJinjo: He has a harem a ghost waifus and husbandos BluJinjo: Can’t top that Moo_Cactus: pjdShark that’s better Spikeman750: “well you got your fighting game in my tower defense game” mountainmanjed: Zappa isn’t coming back not for awhile Hyriana: did that tower just level up Moo_Cactus: @mountainmanjed that’s not fair, zappa was in the story Moo_Cactus: yes @Hyriana BluJinjo: Also dabbled with bedman he was my favorite but got bored of him Moo_Cactus: towers level up JuggerJazz: Get em not Prinnies UnSane mountainmanjed: +R is still too fresh on peoples minds Klaige: is stream ok for everybody? Klaige: any improvement? JuggerJazz: Yeah, loots great BluJinjo: Yes Klaige: ok great, thanks Amacfarlane: looks good! Xaintrix: Looks good Altiuin: Stream looks good Klaige: pjdShark pjd7 Mandieville666: works fine seaswallow: lol granpa viper Moo_Cactus: oh he said stream, i thought he said steam Moo_Cactus: i was like “why is he asking about steam?” DrDanc0: which game do you think will have a better life expectancy MVCI or DBZ fighters? halfcoordinated: I really hope that grandpa viper is the common community name for that move imasquirel: DBFZ Hyriana: This is way more competent gameplay than I’ve come to expect from this stream

JuggerJazz: Klaige is no slouch at fighting games Gaggleogeese: He has really good corner scape and anti air JuggerJazz: I know that much BluJinjo: @drdanc0 mugen tbh Moo_Cactus: holy shit did you see those minions gchpaco: IIRC this is considered a bad matchup for Haehyun helioskannon: Yeah, even if you’re not into fighting games, Klaige GG streams are good fun Redamaford: MAGIC PIXEL Moo_Cactus: if I get the rev 2 DLC do I get the characters kum, dizzy? or just baiken and answer? Mandieville666: we are in twilight zone Salvatore_gog: nope Ein_Silver_Rose: Haenyun seems to have bad match ups in general? Klaige: yea, if you want to see more fighting game stuff, follow klaige Klaige: <- this channel BluJinjo: Wait anwer? That name isn't familiar gchpaco: Haehyun has a handful of matchups that are terrible for him, yeah JuggerJazz: ^ Klaige: he and murph and longtime FG players Redamaford: I mean, this match is effectively "Poor life choices, the character selection" Epee_Em: Did Kara get his account again? Klaige: is PJ Epee_Em: Let's do another Klaige AMA Altiuin: uh oh SindraVania: HAHAH Malarkey_NA: @Klaige now i gotta follow Klaige! Moo_Cactus: @Redamaford we all know why players choose jack-O StreamHatman: Klaige is PJ? HOOO BOY Ein_Silver_Rose: Don't lie. Fujin took over Klaihe's account Moo_Cactus: @Redamaford *crouches* Redamaford: lel Sarumarine: Multitalented Klaige: bork beep, is dag kevinlxndr: pj has full conversion to klaige Klaige: klaigeFronkerY JuggerJazz: Hi dag JuggerJazz: CoolCat jkdjeff: you should rename him to IceKlaige Epee_Em: Klaige, what's your favorite time of day Kojanue: pjdBord Argnar: PJ time for you to set up the bait and switch Mario Party Xaintrix: Klaige's secret PJ life in Rochester TheShadyNerd: Now watch me play games while I type with the ass growing out of my ass :D Xaintrix: This is turning into Mr. Robot CyberBotX: I remember Claris used to be able to type and play Metroid Prime at the same time, like I think during the bonus stream of JRDQ when romscout did some video game music trivia, Claris was playing Metroid Prime and yet still answering the trivia like it was nothing TheShadyNerd: arm TheShadyNerd: fuck gchpaco: I think there are actually a few matchups that Haehyun is considered very advantaged in, but I don't remember which ones they are and I think they're lower tier characters seaswallow: hmm ass growing out of ass Moo_Cactus: Man Malarkey_NA: again my brothers Amazon Prime will pay for my pool life choice Epee_Em: An ass growing out of your ass sounds VERY PLC LordHayati: https://38.media.tumblr.com/5dba2e443c9081b3c025318e224ff4a2/tumblr_ng0njefstP1ra8bcmo1_1280.jpg Gangrel_EU: pjdTrain pjdFire pjdFire pjdFire pjd6pm pjdBigKazam pjdBord Malarkey_NA seaswallow: assception Moo_Cactus: this just makes me want to learn answer and start playing rev 2 again JesterScout: close quintsly: just tuned in who's playing who? gchpaco: whereas Haehyun's bad matchups are against things like Sin SeNor_Kunio: I hope they remeber they have a tream going on Salvatore_gog: boths these character are pretty low Kojanue: Intense focus and concentration Gaggleogeese: @cyberbotx the way Claris Robyn can play super monkey ball should be illegal gchpaco: Haehyun has a handful of players at a high level Klaige: murph P1 jacko, klaige P2 haehyun JuggerJazz: I bet there's enough people in here who play Xrd for you guys to set up a lobby and play right now :O BluJinjo: @lordhayati context or did faust take the paperbag off? gchpaco: Potemkin is arguably much worse Ein_Silver_Rose: Jack-O is low tier now? Malarkey_NA: @Gangrel_EU yup gchpaco: I think she got a bunch of nerfs with rev 2 BluJinjo: Potem is hella fun though Salvatore_gog: yrc killed potemkin BluJinjo: But im biased because i play grapplers

LordHayati: @BluJinjo https://i.imgur.com/lTGaq5H.png gchpaco: Oh sure, he’s a lot of fun, but he’s terrible Argnar: im a bit surprised PJ actually typed the names of the characters and didnt just described them gchpaco: and there’s not really a good reason for him sucking hard Spikeman750: I’m sure I made a mistake wanting to learn venom gchpaco: Venom is very, very good Spikeman750: but he’s got really good buttons gchpaco: and *extremely* demanding DSkye: learning venom? training mode is your new home gchpaco: you have to know the matchups vs. every character cold, I’m told seaswallow: i wan to play ram but her neutral is so difficult BibleThump Epee_Em: “fat old man goku” and “casual friday Zero” StreamHatman: used to play faust in xx and then picked xrd, faust wasn’t fun anymore LordHayati: @Klaige PLEASE SHOW OFF FAUST’S KANCHOU ATTACK gchpaco: Venom makes up for it with the best neutral in the game, IIRC Malarkey_NA: @PJDiCesare you better not miss my sub pjdFatbord lol Ein_Silver_Rose: I still haven;t gotten this so relearning how to GG when I was never anywhere near okay will be a thing. pjdShark Klaige: nah i talk enough with these idiots to know the GG characters StreamHatman: keep giving this game a chance, and just nobody in the cast is fun Spikeman750: yeah, neutral is always a necessity fro me Salvatore_gog: Ram is just a setup character whit worse setups than others Spikeman750: I’m not very aggressive in FGs Arthelorn: as far as hard stuff in fighting games goes, I need to work on my timing for Tekken just frames BluJinjo: @streamhatman what type of character type do you perfer Arthelorn: one frame late everytime on the JFSR for Hwoarang Gaggleogeese: lol BluJinjo: Grappler burst zoner rushers? StreamHatman: depends on the game really StreamHatman: grapplers if they don’t suck (so fuck pot DSkye: pick sol then OpieOP StreamHatman: lel JuggerJazz: Man all the Potemkin hate 🙁 StreamHatman: hey he has problems in this game gchpaco: True Shine can make Pot work in xrd Spikeman750: I know a couple pot mains actually gchpaco: I know of nobody else who can BluJinjo: Potemkin masterrace bodying elphets for breakfast lunch and dinner KMLoneMouseWolf: Jack-O is beast Spikeman750: i feel bad for them ArtenXevious: Like most fighting games, I have no idea what’s going on but it’s all very pretty and fast gchpaco: which is ridiculous considering how good he was in past games Gaggleogeese: Sol is prolly one of my fav Guilty Gear fighters gchpaco: elphelts are the one that bore me to tears StreamHatman: like my sub was Zappa so him not being in here is kinda “fuck now what do I do?” Hyriana: ASSbeat Gaggleogeese: Faust wear apaper bag? StreamHatman: yea gchpaco: there’s only one way to play an elphelt, as far as I can tell, and as a result I’ve seen all their play BluJinjo: Elphet matchs are a good way to get so bored you decide to sleep so theres that going for them SeemsGood JuggerJazz: Mr. Pogo stick Faust Spikeman750: i’ve been meaning to get back into this but the only person I can really play with mains sin and elphelt so rip gchpaco: yeah gchpaco: Sin is legitimately interesting shea_wolfe: Oh hell no, the beta doesn’t have tab-autocomplete for names gchpaco: very good, a bit vanilla, interesting StreamHatman: Sin is interesting, but man the food mechanic just turns me off Salvatore_gog: Sin is braindeath StreamHatman: but it is completely needed else he’d be way too dump imasquirel: the newer faust items make me giggle

gchpaco: elphelt is probably a good char for starting, because she’s very, very good. But she’s boring to watch Salvatore_gog: outside resource management Redamaford: Yeah, he’s balanced by the fact that you need to end some of your own combos early by eating Thysis_: so what is this game? Spikeman750: also how active is online because that’s pretty much my only outlet shea_wolfe: You can commisserate with Klaige on mains not in game Streamhatman BluJinjo: Shes boring to watch and play against gchpaco: Faust is the character you play when trolling your opponent is more important than winning, although he’s not bad as such gchpaco: but he’s super, super troll StreamHatman: doesn’t Klaige make 1 anji tweet a day? BluJinjo: I’d rather deal with X testament one frame bullshit tbh helioskannon: I’m actually legitimately somewhat interested in the DBZ fighter coming out, which is a phrase I thought would never happen from me shea_wolfe: Seems about right Streamhatman StreamHatman: like if I got back into this I’d probably go answer or axl BluJinjo: Yo axl is the goat though StreamHatman: but i need to pick up rev2 dlc on PC anyway Yeouch: how’s the week of stupid coming along? StreamHatman: Original GG axl the goat gchpaco: I have not seen a lot of answer players, and I have seen basically zero axl players imasquirel: I want Anji, ABA, and Zappa Redamaford: DBZ fighter is basically “Take MvC. Make it as easy to understand as that game, but then make the mechanics not terrible.” BluJinjo: Playing against axl’s was hella fun gchpaco: so it’s hard for me to judge them BluJinjo: @imasquirel what about justice and kliff? Ein_Silver_Rose: Oh man I want ABA back so bad gchpaco: May is sort of the grappler char that’s not actually terrible these days Brutask: gotta love the Boo-Boo town graphic imasquirel: as long as bridget doesn’t ever come back 😛 gchpaco: or arguably Zato Ein_Silver_Rose: Just so I can be sad at how bad my defense game is again BluJinjo: Yeah theres maybe 2 axl players in tourny history helioskannon: Redmaford: I mean, for someone who hasn’t actually seriously played a fighting game in 15 years, and even then not that serious, sounds awesome gchpaco: but Zato is a huge chore to learn Gaggleogeese: I played MvCi I was not impressed DBZF looks top tier for tournies though gchpaco: yeah DBZF is very interesting Gaggleogeese: It still getting released in Feb? Redamaford: Oh man, some of the combo videos coming out of MvCI high tier play are VERY disheartening BluJinjo: For zato you need to know the matchups and the other players kits otherwised you’d be so free imasquirel: Reality stone, reality stone, reality stone StreamHatman: best combo is reality stone web ball JuggerJazz: Man I didn’t realize there were so many fighting game players in chat 😛 Redamaford: And that rose garden move Hyriana: I can’t imagine playing against this tower defense stuff myself. I wouldn’t be able to help myself from breaking those little things asap gchpaco: I don’t really play any more, but I used to BluJinjo: Kum is a bootleg tager FeelsBadMan Redamaford: The joke is that jack-o’s minion mechanic is hamstrung, because they REALLY wanted her to be a fighting game character gchpaco: I respect GG a lot but I never was any good at it Spikeman750: I’d say we should all play a few games but all I’ve really got at my disposal is SF5 and T7 :v jkdjeff: I am not sure how to react to actually seeing a decent game played properly Redamaford: So the joke is she might really win, if you focus on killing the houses shea_wolfe: pjdTing? shea_wolfe: pjdTing Tortalius: This game is just gorgeous StreamHatman: i just need a bootleg susano-o and i’m good imasquirel: I prefer Project Justice but I have to satisfy myself with GG helioskannon: <- is very not a fighting game player Tortalius: I love that the models are actually 3d Altiuin: Yeah, the 3d masquerading as 2d sprites is well done Greenk4: When are the bad fighting games? BluJinjo: Yo someone else knows about project justice? helioskannon: Yeah, I was stunned when I realized this was *actually* 3d gchpaco: When is project justice! StreamHatman: whens hnk? BluJinjo: We in there PogChamp KMLoneMouseWolf: Haehyun is probably the funniest character in GG currently JuggerJazz: PogChamp

Redamaford: THAT COMBO gchpaco: when is nagano assist! JuggerJazz: KAPOW Redamaford: YOU COULD FEEL THE WAGGLE FROM HERE JuggerJazz: WAM KMLoneMouseWolf: so what stupidity happened tonight? :3 seaswallow: PJ and Mecha went somewhere? BluJinjo: Axl is played as much as taokaka in bb tournys aka never wetZA seaswallow: oh nvm, PJ is still there Klaige: is here Hyriana: Both players have one corndog a piece, it’s anyone’s game! Klaige: (PJ) Malarkey_NA: when I close my eyes I am reminded of my youth and arcade I went to as a kid. good times Argnar: oh do you know what needs to happen before everyone leaves, Marvel Ultimate Allience or a similiar game Redamaford: Hello kludge the__djoker: who is playing?\ Klaige: fffffffffffffffffffffff the__djoker: klaige and who? Klaige: yea argnar Klaige: that game is amazing JuggerJazz: Klaige and Murph BluJinjo: PJ whens fighter of gods JuggerJazz: Murph is left, Klaige is right the__djoker: i thought so Epee_Em: X-Men Arcade sometime? BluJinjo: Moses main btw Klaige: murph is p1 Klaige: kliage p2 StreamHatman: yoooo Moses JuggerJazz: PJ is player 3 StreamHatman: he is my dude Argnar: time to sneak buy ultimate alliance while these two smash buttons? Klaige: im on klaige laptop,dronking Klaige: ….not fixing that Epee_Em: Yeah Altiuin: pdjShark KMLoneMouseWolf: Hi PJ? Epee_Em: Bord-style typo shea_wolfe: pjdShark Altiuin: aw man it’s contagious Pkscratch: That sounds perfectly okay ZEML: pjdBoost the__djoker: who is jack-o? Epee_Em: Hi P! Sarumarine: Dronking status is a strong status Argnar: klaigeBord pjdBoost klaigeFronkerY dronking Redamaford: P. Lage Klaige: murph is jacko seaswallow: Murph is Jack-O Pkscratch: And a bit Meta. Because Klaige’s character has a character inside of it lumpywater: pkludge the__djoker: GO JACK-O gchpaco: that was an interesting burst decision, Klaige Malarkey_NA: Jack-O best crouch block sprite 2017, lol Redamaford: Murph is playing the silliest character is SEVERAL fighting games Spikeman750: I feel like we need a tournament-style overlay showing names and match wins up top BluJinjo: Tbh jack-o looks like she went to hot topic for a halloween costume gchpaco: Would you explain the reasoning that led you to do it? 😛 Pkscratch: Who’s inside the Old Man suit again? some girl? I forget the__djoker: my number 2 fav in this game Redamaford: Yeah, that old guy is actually a mecha Redamaford: There’s a girl in there niteshade7: We need some business ninja in here Pkscratch: Which is why PJ inside Klaige’s account is very on point here BluJinjo: The girls also a robot controlled by an ai JuggerJazz: Old guy is a robot? Rad Pkscratch: is the AI pjdBord or Mecha? Redamaford: If people actually did instant kills in this game kom has a really amusing one, but they don’t LordHayati: is klaige Kum or Jack? Redamaford: Klaige is kom Pkscratch: Klaidge is Kum Svnhddbst: i feel like kum was an inspiration for dva Pkscratch: all dirty jokes intended? LordHayati: holy shit Klaige is DOMINATING then gchpaco: I want to say they do happen, but they’re rough and they’re impossible to combo into

Redamaford: It’s worth pointing out that jack-o is jack-o IceyTheInsaneBunny: Kum has big hands. Coincidence? I think not Kappa Epee_Em: I mean, he also has that giant projectile shot attack Epee_Em: You can only really call that one thing gchpaco: that corner pressure is classic Haehyun Thysis_: its too god damn quiet <_< Pkscratch: not enough stupid? helioskannon: Yeah, what's this competence noise? (This is actually fun to watch, though I have no idea what's going on) BluJinjo: Bridget idle animation Kreygasm Pkscratch: Well. It's Murph and Klaige Pkscratch: maybe PJ could sabotage? seaswallow: glad this game has amazing legacy support. which for some bloody reason bb doesnt have BluJinjo: I'd toss that salad like a masterchef tbh gchpaco: Klaige appears to have figured out what settings were different between his machine and Murphs and is running a train on murph Redamaford: @helioskannon The stupid right now is the character choice, rather then the actual game being played Mandieville666: too much focus not enough stupid seaswallow: despite being the same dev Thysis_: PJ should fart on one of them Epee_Em: uh helioskannon: Redmaford: Oh, are these characters awful? seaswallow: bbcf legacy controller is the worse jkdjeff: we can fix this very easily, just make PJ and Mecha play instead JuggerJazz: BlazBlue fights every anime the game is comming soon though Redamaford: Yeah, both these characters are pretty... hmmmmmmm Pkscratch: blaz blue the anime crossover fighting game coming soon seaswallow: i'm not really interested in bbtag StreamHatman: the only way i'm playing that game is if ArcSys does me a solid and puts Kunio in gchpaco: if I'm going to watch two idiots play a game they don't understand and are bad at, I'd really rather it be Project Justice Pkscratch: also incidentally made an entire crowd of people come Ein_Silver_Rose: BlazBlue has many weird quirks that make no sense like random unblockable in the air comman normals and power creep I have never seen before in a fighting game seaswallow: i wanted p5u Pkscratch: give that time Pkscratch: first the dancing game Pkscratch: then they murder each other BluJinjo: If you really want to see stupid watch a solid bedman vs faust its nonsense Ein_Silver_Rose: Forget P5 Arena. I want an actual SMT fighting game with all of the protagonists seaswallow: well i'm interested to see how ruby and co play though. they still havent release a vid of her gameplay Hyriana: Jack-o's crouching stance is very dubious jkdjeff: Why bother, Sojiro would win Pkscratch: Demifiend will be the boss seaswallow: thats pretty much the only interest i have in bbtag Redamaford: Remember Tager? Back in the first BB game? He was so delightfully useless niteshade7: No character is really bad in this game, they just don't have the easiest matchups gchpaco: Tager has *never* been worth beans BluJinjo: Excuse me Thysis_: also theres too much competency going on....i think we really need PJ and Mecha to take over JuggerJazz: Tager is magnet hands guy right? Ein_Silver_Rose: Well Nanashi is kinda hilariously OP gchpaco: It's shameful Xeronic: its why im hyped about Dragonball Z Fighter. This dev will do it justice i think Redamaford: Yeah, he is BluJinjo: Don't talk shit about my boy tager Pkscratch: no, we need more alcohol

Pkscratch: let the alcohol take over Pkscratch: pjdFatbord pjdBoost Redamaford: He’s a giant slow grabby character in a game where you’re supposed to value mobility BluJinjo: I love getting 100% magnet then destroying spaming nines and getting hatemail gchpaco: your boy tager got the wrong end of the nerfbat even after he was the worst character in the game by a large margin Ein_Silver_Rose: lol Tager. Such an amazing character who can’t do a fucking thing half the time without being able to see the future BluJinjo: Its hilarious IceyTheInsaneBunny: Fear the beer :3 Redamaford: But he can magnetize you and make YOU come to the grabs. That’s his gimmick seaswallow: i always would like to see raidou in the persona fg game Pkscratch: PLC. Incidentally encouraging alcoholism MysticTH: WAR SHOOOOUT gchpaco: I *want to like tager* he’s hilarious and he’s interesting and he’s *terrible* Pkscratch: WAR SHOUT Pkscratch: SwiftRage Altiuin: \o/ LordHayati: WAR SHOUTTTTTTT BluJinjo: Taokaka is in a worse spot than tager they removed her tauntloops Redamaford: WAR SHOUTTTTTT BluJinjo: She’s actually just grool now Pkscratch: Is everyone’s ATTACK POWER INCREASED YET!? SwiftRage pjdBord gchpaco: yeah, but tao is boring gchpaco: tager is entertaining to watch shea_wolfe: Mine sure is Pkscratch Redamaford: Yeah. Tager is like Jack-o. Interesting. Fun to play when he works, BUT TERRIBLE gchpaco: I just want him to not be trash Kuraude: i like how we got to hear the war shout before we actually “heard the war shout” Ein_Silver_Rose: Litchi becoming top tier always annoyed me too especially with how boring she is Pkscratch: we got spoilers Redamaford: I want Jack-O to not be trash, but here we are. Someone playing her OHuckabee: Tager had the best instructional video thanks to Mike Z gchpaco: that instructional video was epic Pkscratch: jack-O looks interesting and on paper being able to summon minions on the field that are constant threat is a point of interest Epee_Em: REAL SOVIET DAMAGE wil live on forever BluJinjo: Also long ass name wolf guy is hella fun in bb the__djoker: @Klaige pj, can you ask those two their opinion on MvCI? MrDoomgape: plc is always in danger time JuggerJazz: Wooh BluJinjo: But hes so much work KMLoneMouseWolf: clutch Pkscratch: and she is waifu Epee_Em: Also that TAS of the olympic game almost made me suffocate laughing IceyTheInsaneBunny: Dizzy is waifu too \o/ Redamaford: I saw that, epee Epee_Em: The fucking UFO crash into the stands BluJinjo: Tbh i much perfer male characters because they give them the most ridiculous bodys which is godlike Altiuin: that tas is so good oh my god Pkscratch: Oh man. Dizzy’s finisher Pkscratch: and the slow raising of the white flag from the opponent after they avoided a magic nuke Ahdok: yeah it looks like jack-o is really swingy Redamaford: The problem is that you NEED high level hoises to do things gchpaco: to be fair, PJ, Haehyun is too. Haehyun has a hell of a time until he gets a knockdown, and then it’s bad news JuggerJazz: KAPOW KAPOW Pkscratch: DOUBLE KO! or not seaswallow: i’d like to get good with ram someday. single player fighting game MysticTH: oh MysticTH: oh man Redamaford: But you need to delay the match to actually get houses to a high enough level, and get minions from the houses Ahdok: it’s really interesting to have a “summoner” mechanic in a fighting game MysticTH: They need to show you bullshit tier then Redamaford: But then if you get knocked onto your ass all the minions die and you wasted your time

Epee_Em: “I will be the villain”, said Murph, in a moment of existential redundancy Merc_Fett: All I know about this game is Klaige wants underpants Goku character BluJinjo: Venom is super fun watch especially when they destroy elphets in tournys Tortalius: Dizzy’s instant kill in this game is wonderous gchpaco: high level venom is terrifying Epee_Em: Jack-O’s minions are so adorable too BluJinjo: Because you can see the despair of the elphet player Tortalius: I got to watch a youtube video of it against all teh characters seaswallow: belor? Ahdok: like, it’s definitelya unique idea for a figher game Tortalius: it’s super cool Redamaford: It looks like she was simply intimidated by the foot Pkscratch: Ah… so Jack-O is a very gambling type of character. You’re always all-in with your minions…. Which sounds okay if you can guarantee you always dominate. But that’s unlikely to be the case Ahdok: what do P K S stand for on the houses? Ein_Silver_Rose: huh Old Jack-O sounds like CS Litchi Tortalius: The button taht summons/levles them? Tortalius: levels gchpaco: she has some defensive options, but yeah, it’s real rough seythi2: god i just watched the olympics tas BluJinjo: High level bedman is the most scary thing MysticTH: I was going to ask if either Klaige or Murph could show you the bullshit tier that is Chipp, but you watched the revelator 2 tourney with us. so you know how fucky asshole assassin guy is Moo_Cactus: punch kick slash @Ahdok seythi2: the pole vault Pkscratch: Oh… hey. She’s using my acronyms Redamaford: That’s the type of minion, there are three types Pkscratch: PKS. Didn’t notice that… thanks @Ahdok Hyriana: I was hoping the houses were going to spell out SPOOKY gchpaco: I was really happy when bedman started showing up in tournies gchpaco: because he invalidates a lot of conventional play decisions Ahdok: but the “slash” house summons mages with staves? SindraVania: I….know this OST track Epee_Em: Klaige falls for worse traps, like Batman Forever SindraVania: Was this from XX?? Epee_Em: And going to your house Moo_Cactus: @Ahdok the letters correspond more to hit strength than anything Pkscratch: This is anime. If you want to slash with a staff, you’ll slash with a staff Moo_Cactus: @Ahdok punch is like jab, kick is slightly stronger than jab, then slash, heavy slash, dust Redamaford: P minions fly. K minions walk on the ground. S minions fly and casts spells Doomathontex: question from someone who doesn’t play guilty gear: does a red X near the combo display mean anything? gchpaco: Ahdok: it’s related to the button you used to summon them. GG buttons are Punch, Kick, Slash, Heavy Slash TheBeerinator: but is it a bladed staff? TheBeerinator: cirThink Pkscratch: Ot BluJinjo: You mean a polearm Pkscratch: It’s got a star on it* Moo_Cactus: full bar super is your DESTRUCTION move gchpaco: Jack-O doesn’t have a HS house, that version of the move commands the houses to do things Snuggletoof: means you could’ve broken out of the combo there Ahdok: suddenly a bunch of mechanics I hadn’y seen before Pkscratch: maybe they stole the staff from Kirby and mass produced a bladed version gchpaco: That Haehyun super is so good seaswallow: its fun to see opp gravitate around in that super Ahdok: she reminds me a lot of the cat from blazblue Brytice: @Doomathontex That’s probably not a real combo, when the combo counter changes to gray it means it was possible to tech out of it Pkscratch: Kum Haehyun. For when you want to play your waifu and say “No, it’s not an old man” BluJinjo: @ahdok taokakaa? Or kokonoe? Ahdok: taokaka

Snuggletoof: kokomoe bleedPurple Ahdok: with the ducking with the butt up in the air and the voicework :p BluJinjo: Choco cat that you’ll never find online Pkscratch: and the hentai Pkscratch: I mean… no that’s what I meant Redamaford: That’s there to motivate you to put your houses in danger, by leeching meter from them MysticTH: Jack-O’ has the least amount of options without her houses+meter Epee_Em: As opposed to pink cat who was literally so fucking broken when she came out that she was banned from tourneys gchpaco: my *god* I hate kokonoe KMLoneMouseWolf: Jack-O is a true glass cannon Ahdok: kokonoe looks like a fox girl to me Snuggletoof: i love koko Ein_Silver_Rose: Kokonoe is amazing Ahdok: rather than a cat girl Snuggletoof: but i kinda main mai now Tortalius: Does Jacko have neat lore? Redamaford: I literally have no way to escape this combo and build a house, DARN MrDoomgape: kinda gchpaco: tournaments were 5/8 kokonoe, 2/8 Noel, 1/8 some fool who was gonna lose Pkscratch: This is an anime fighting game. I think they all have lore Redamaford: WELCOME TO PLAYING JACKO Epee_Em: Of the spoiler type Ein_Silver_Rose: Can do everything with no draw back BluJinjo: Zato is more of a glass cannon than jack-o Snuggletoof: zato has crazy amounts of zoning and setups BluJinjo: Yeah but good luck once you get hit once and die Redamaford: PERFECTO~ Snuggletoof: he was really fun to learn Epee_Em: Oh jesus Klaige BluJinjo: Your brittle like a twig Moo_Cactus: welp thanks to you guys, I just purchased rev 2 and all DLC, so I guess thanks? Moo_Cactus: pjdShark gchpaco: zato also has one of the best command throws in the game, IIRC? Vrorag: You made the right choice aluminiumbatman: Part of my wants to pick this game up, despite the fact that I am pure garbage at fighting games MysticTH: pjdShark gchpaco: if for no other reason than if you pull it off, it’s three uncontested seconds for eddie meter to build back up Pkscratch: Hey. Guilty Gear is a good fighting game Pkscratch: Enjoy Pkscratch: And it’s a better choice then Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Redamaford: HAHAHAAHAH Redamaford: HELL FIRE!! BluJinjo: Idk dude mvci has my boy jedah Snuggletoof: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite combos LuL BluJinjo: But no hsien ko Ahdok: alsh her death “wa wa wa” sound reminds me of taokaka :p Redamaford: SPINNY HAND MODE~ LordHayati: How does DANGER MODE activate? Pkscratch: True. Does have Jedah BluJinjo: Or my fav darkstalkers character anark and lord raptor Pkscratch: and from what I heard, the game is actually really fun if you like fighting games. Sounds like it fixes a lot of problems from older Marvel vs Capcom games Brytice: @LordHayati Random chance when two attack clash gchpaco: yeah that super has all the iframes seaswallow: mvci plays fine but it just looks bad Pkscratch: But the roster does hurt Pkscratch: and yes, the graphics hurts people gchpaco: it’s arguable whether it plays fine, either BluJinjo: Shes a succubus! “I’ll say she does! atpRtsd ” Redamaford: DANGER TIME! PERFECT Redamaford: Duck animation~

Redamaford: So yeah Ein_Silver_Rose: Aw, that animation is adorable Kilen97: Is that Anne? seaswallow: bad art style, bad roster, bad music, bad voices, bad dlc, bad collectors edition 0_The_Fool: Why is she wiggling her butt in the air? Hyriana: Jack-O is going ass out Pkscratch: I’ve only heard the opinions of some fighting game enthusiasts here and there who’re basically just “The initial getting into it is hard but the game is stupid solid” Tofu511: why not? animu Redamaford: That’s her ducking animation Pkscratch: ASS OUT! TheBeerinator: that is NOT a family friendly pose lumpywater: ASS OUT Kreygasm Temporal_Paradox: Day idle doe helioskannon: That animation is really not okay Pkscratch: Why do you think she has so many minions? Vrorag: Guilty is also full of super solid tutorials Malarkey_NA: ducking animation champ 2017 Pkscratch: Wait, her ass out animation is her blocking? Epee_Em: Jack-O’s minions are soooo cute though BluJinjo: @thebeerinator idk whats not family friendly about acting like a cat wixSanic seaswallow: feel that there’s a high chance for a 2nd season pass for mvci Pkscratch: I have comments if that’s the case aluminiumbatman: Wait, fighting game tutorials that are NOT pure garbage? Those exist? seaswallow: seeing what they did with sf5 Pkscratch: yes, guilty gear rev has a really solid tutorial Redamaford: Land O’ Lakes stomp Redamaford: hahahahahaha Pkscratch: and you also get to beat up all of jack-o’s minions during the tutorial niteshade7: Yea, gg actually teaches you all the mechanics Pkscratch: and really in depth at that Kuraude: can we get a mod for this, where pj just names all of the moves? Spikeman750: roman cancels Redamaford: GG is a pretty deep game, but the game at LEAST tries to help you play KMLoneMouseWolf: I had no idea all of the PLC were fighter fans Pkscratch: as in you’ll have no excuse of not being able to play if you do the tutorial BluJinjo: Guilty gear doesn’t tell you how to deal with a bed,an BluJinjo: Bedman* gchpaco: yes, but let’s be fair Pkscratch: that’s bedman gchpaco: life doesn’t teach you how to deal wih bedman either PaperclipFigurine: “The power of tuning!” … ? BluJinjo: Can’t argue that @gchpaco Pkscratch: the girl inside of the robot tunes stuff with music Redamaford: Yeah, her character has a weird backstory thing Vrorag: The devs dealt with Bedman for you Pkscratch: her instant kill is retuning your body into being weak as hell and being defeated by a poke niteshade7: Isn’t it a giant harp inside she plays OHuckabee: So is that how Hulk Hogan beat Kevin Nash that one time? PaperclipFigurine: Robot? I think I missed a bunch of things MysticTH: Jack-O’ saw good action at the last Evo, she’d been building in popularity a little bit before that but it reeeeally picked up after that Pkscratch: The old man is a mech/robot Pkscratch: inside the mech/robot old man is a waifu PaperclipFigurine: … Oh … kay Redamaford: Kum is a giant man robot with a smaller lady robot driving it Vrorag: Kum is a girl in a mech Ahdok: the combo where you throw out a ball then pillar-to-post them off the ball and your fist is super good Pkscratch: So yes. Kum is the girl Pkscratch: If Klaige wins, you’ll see the girl eject out of the mech by accident as her victory thingy Redamaford: OH NO, HERE’S DANGER TIME BluJinjo: Kum haehyun aka if you wanted robot waifu and a mech husbando here have fun

SimpleSarah: Danger time is such a terrible mechanic Vrorag: When Kum gets hit hard enough you can see her face in the beard OHuckabee: It still amazes me that these are 3D models animated and rendered so they look like sprites. That’s really putting in the work Ahdok: seems like a good idea to me. if I were fighting I’d want to be in a giant robot so all the punches hit the robot rather than me Pkscratch: Yeah… her blocking animation is her going ASS OUT gchpaco: are the donkey kicks still viciously difficult to perform? Pkscratch: I have comments Tortalius: @OHuckabee yea Tortalius: I lvoe taht these are 3d models seaswallow: batman forever teaches you how to play fighting game UnfriendlyBlob: well for the models it’s mostly just cell-shading Hyriana: You have to put on a toga for the roman cancel UnfriendlyBlob: the animations are well done though Tofu511: top tier shaders LordHayati: when are they going into training mode? Ahdok: after this, mecha vs murph on batman forever vs mode Tortalius: Let the victory animation play out this time Pkscratch: Batman Forever. MN9. Mario Party Tortalius: I wanna see ejected robo Tortalius: girl Pkscratch: there’s still so much more stupid to be had Tortalius: thing gchpaco: PJ: I think you’re asking about the YRC, which is yellow roman cancel and is used to abort moves Epee_Em: With both of them playing as Riddler thugs and using Fat Gun BluJinjo: I love the super eye cancer shaders for the characters especially in tournys because everyone loses there shit aluminiumbatman: I wanna see Klaige vs Murph in Shaq Fu MrDoomgape: ^ Redamaford: WHAT A USEFUL MOVE Pkscratch: Jack-O tried to block everything by going ASS OUT… and of course the result is clear Pkscratch: I still question the idea of blocking that way SindraVania: I FIGURED OUT THE TRACK! SindraVania: ‘THIS IS MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL ISN’T IT?? Redamaford: That’s her blocking while ducking seaswallow: seeing dbfz frame by frame looks amazing Redamaford: The actual guard effect is putting that shield around her Pkscratch: Guess you gotta block somehow gchpaco: I question the value of fighting chained to a giant metal ball, but it’s clearly working for her Ahdok: murph, when you dump out a bunch of houses then throw one, are you throwing it just to spread them out? – or is there more good reasons to do that? BluJinjo: PJ what if you asked them to both choose random so we can see some stupid dope mixes atpGasm Pkscratch: Well that’s obviously to make her kinkier @gchpaco SindraVania: Jack-O is part-gear…so…giant iron ball means nothing to her, lol DSkye: when you throw the house, the house acts like a projectile Vrorag: Not even the weirdest GG Fighter DSkye: so it keeps your opponent in blockstun SindraVania: It’s an accessory, lol Pkscratch: “I’ma throw a house at you!” KMLoneMouseWolf: Roman Cancel is a good technique Redamaford: She needs to be standing near a house to build meter aluminiumbatman: Who WOULD be the weirdest GG character? Redamaford: So it’s likely to place a house near the enemy, so he can build meter while doing a combo Vrorag: Like she is in playstyle but not as a character OHuckabee: Faust SimpleSarah: Weirdest GG character is a very tough question 00Disgruntled: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CMxonNBVAAArcdR.jpg This is a Roman Cancel Tofu511: Something chained to the leg is a fairly standard archetype Pkscratch: Faust is a strong contender Ahdok: hahahaha that’s hillarious jab-jab-jab-jab-jab-jab-jab-HOUSE KMLoneMouseWolf: Faust is outweirded by Bedman, come on Pkscratch: But Faust is also very common weird gchpaco: Bedman is sort of conventional weird Vrorag: Weirdest would be A.B.A or Zappa easily gchpaco: Faust is bizarre that you become desensitized to by overexposure BluJinjo: Weirdest? Probably the boss thats a corspe and is also a gear Ein_Silver_Rose: None can out weird Dr. Baldman OHuckabee: Leopardon? Redamaford: Faust has weird animations, but his attacks are MOSTLY straightforward 2bitmarksman: Kinda late to ask but what game is this?

Pkscratch: Guilty Gear Rev 2? KMLoneMouseWolf: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 I think gchpaco: Guilty Gear Xrd rev 2 BluJinjo: @ohuckabee s that his name? Can never remember it 2bitmarksman: Ah ok Pkscratch: missed the Xrd part MrDoomgape: door is still one of his sillyest attacks AnnihilationHammer: Its clearly Stupid Invaders Redamaford: Kum is like FUCK YO HOUSES SimpleSarah: Leopaldon himself isn’t that weird. It’s the whole gear setup that’s bizarre Pkscratch: Fuck yo houses. I’m already fighting you inside mine! OHuckabee: All I know is that Leopardon is a giant fat dog with its mouth open 180 degrees and someone is piloting it in the mouth Vrorag: A.B.A is chained to a blood chugging key and Zappa is full of ghosts Redamaford: It’s another smaller dog OHuckabee: I think the take-away from this is that Guilty Gear has a lot of memorable characters BluJinjo: Aba isnt chained to the key BluJinjo: The key is one of her only friends Pkscratch: Oh yes. Guilty Gear definitely has it’s cast of Animeeeee characters Redamaford: Yeah. The key wants to be the one being friendzoned. ABA disagrees niteshade7: Zappa is cured niteshade7: I thought LordHayati: yrc? lumpywater: BibleThump DSkye: yellow roman cancel Pkscratch: Hula Hoop victory pose Ein_Silver_Rose: Zappa WAS cured Vrorag: She moves like it, but I haven’t played AC in forever niteshade7: Purple costs 50 BluJinjo: Wait does zappa no longer have a ghost harem? Whats this cured batootie niteshade7: I think Faust cured him in one of the versions of xrd BluJinjo: Also slayer is kinda weird i guess he owns an orphanage of ghostly stuff bang_camaro: wheres the good games like iron commando Ein_Silver_Rose: Faust cured Zappa somehow but The Grudge finds him again since he started to miss her Ein_Silver_Rose: Zappa made mistake niteshade7: It’s so hard to keep up with this story Pkscratch: Faust is a doctor after all Vrorag: Slayer is cool Pkscratch: his instant kill is instant-makeover BluJinjo: I always forget faust is a docter Pkscratch: how? Pkscratch: it’s literally what he is lumpywater: spooky ghost friends? VoHiYo BluJinjo: Idk tbh KMLoneMouseWolf: Never been a fan of dead angle gchpaco: do people actually do dead angle stuff? SimpleSarah: Absolutely Vrorag: Faust: Will jab you in the ass to win Ein_Silver_Rose: Yeah Redamaford: Faust doesn’t actually know medicine, but he has powers to shape reality to his choosing, so he uses it to heal people. Usually Ein_Silver_Rose: It’s a very useful asset SimpleSarah: It’s pretty important for escaping pressure gchpaco: I’d been given to understand that most folks preferred the other defensive options Ahdok: I don’t know what the difference between burst and tension is :p seaswallow: heh dead angle, sol’s old sidewinder loop Pkscratch: Faust: Will give you a free plastic surgery in 10 seconds flat to win seaswallow: that is fun to see niteshade7: Dead angle becomes important at higher levels bang_camaro: dead angles hella good against characters that lock you down forever like every new character DSkye: tension=super meter BluJinjo: @redamaford hats exactly why i forget gchpaco: Ahdok: tension is super meter, bottom of the screen. Burst is … I honestly don’t know what causes it to cevore besides time seaswallow: shame sol doesnt have his sidewinder in this game AnnihilationHammer: As a person who doesn’t play fighting games at all, al, I can do is nod when they say these things and pretend to understand

Tofu511: accurate Pkscratch: So like most people @AnnihilationHammer DSkye: burst increases based on the number of hits you take too Spikeman750: The only way I can learn any of this is to actually try it niteshade7: If you blitz shield does it recover faster, I know you can slow down the recovery of the other persons burst with blitz shield BluJinjo: Also whats the lore on bedman I completely forgot his story from the games DSkye: so getting hit by a long combo increases your burst gauge faster gchpaco: Bedman is a figment of your imagination BluJinjo: Damn thats spooky gchpaco: IDK, I was trying to make a 4th wall joke BluJinjo: atpDisorderly Pkscratch: pjdShark seaswallow: doodStare Pkscratch: Animeeeeee DelphiNhyte: man it is so strange seeing this game played on low settings BluJinjo: pvpHold pvpEdge Ahdok: I assume the choice of arena is purely cosmetic? DelphiNhyte: i meant to say DelphiNhyte: lower than max BluJinjo: Lowest possible setting lets see some jank Redamaford: Danger mode because she stopped the house violence Spikeman750: low settings? Like, how low? Redamaford: And yeah, stage choice does nothing in this game BluJinjo: As low as limbo low Spikeman750: like a toaster can run it? Redamaford: Apart from perhaps choosing a less-distracting stage DelphiNhyte: low settings get prety fucking low seaswallow: i cant say i like interactive stages of mk and injustass Pkscratch: They can get in the way of an intended attack Ilseroth: me either, but I don’t really like the game feel of playing those anyways Redamaford: I want May stage. Cute dolphin Ilseroth: I dunno why Pkscratch: it’s more stiff seaswallow: because its stiff? Taku_: so who’s playing?

seaswallow: also its just a zoning game Ilseroth: I guess that’s a good way of putting it Taku_: im assuming klaige / murph seaswallow: for injustass that is Ahdok: Housed to death niteshade7: The train stage is cool too Ilseroth: I usually play street fighter (though I haven’t touched 5) lumpywater: hit him with the house! Redamaford: Murph on the left, kludge on the right Pkscratch: Really Jack-O’s just trying to help the housing market Pkscratch: She’s a very aggressive saleswoman BluJinjo: I love how angry the walking guys are seaswallow: i’d buy those cute little houses BluJinjo: They look furious SimpleSarah: Oh god, blocking the attack and not the character in GG. x_x SimpleSarah: That would be impossible Pkscratch: the minions are cute Pkscratch: oh hey, i saw a LEVEL UP! Redamaford: Potemkin is amazing seaswallow: also sf5… it feels boring Pkscratch: the minion houses levels up? seaswallow: and i cant stand all those 8gb updates Tortalius: Does Hell Fire just mean you got hit by a special? gchpaco: yeah, over ime BluJinjo: Potemkin flick is the best Redamaford: Yeah, so the longer a house exists, the higher level it is DelphiNhyte: yeah, for as long as they are up Ilseroth: I’ve heard very little in favor of SF5 Vrorag: Up to lv 3 Lozrat: Yeah, their level is on the left side of the screen Ilseroth: and I kinda stepped back form fighting games for the last few years seaswallow: they have 2 season pass also Pkscratch: SF5 started off on the wrong foot and hasn’t done too well as far as I can tell seaswallow: which many ppl are really unhappy about Ilseroth: But I might pick up this or DBZF, not sure Pink_Paper_Clip_Guy: God-tier wiggletroning gchpaco: Tortalius: Hell Fire is weird. The last like twenty percent of the health meter? is special and normal damage is reduced. *except for supers* Vrorag: Flicking Johnny coins is the best BM seaswallow: dbfz is beginning of next year. so you can get this no prob Redamaford: The problem is that you can say as much as you want between the evolution of SF4 to SF5, but in reality, it’s still the exact same slow spacing game to me imasquirel: so I left for like half an hour and they still going at it? imasquirel: what’s the overall score? Ilseroth: @seaswallow I currently have no income, my game selections have to be super picky Pkscratch: Doesn’t help that they caved to social pressures and alienated their market at the start Tortalius: I ended up buying Pokken recently because I like owning a fighting gamew taht I will never put the time in to get good at Tortalius: it seems really neat BluJinjo: Also flicking elphets sniper then proceeding to beatdown city population now 1 is the best gchpaco: I’m not sure, imasquirel. I think Klaige is slightly ahead niteshade7: I’ve had someone call sf5, 3rd strike with counter hits and no parry imasquirel: does klaige and murph play any other characters? CyberBotX: The score is Something to Something Tortalius: I also bought Blue Reflection today because I wanna play the jurpies JRPG that exists AnnihilationHammer: Klaige did have a 5 win streak at one point ZEML: Hellfire… Seems like Awakening from P4A Pkscratch: No. They enver play any other characters Pkscratch: They will play these characters forever seaswallow: hmm well there’ll be sales on steam so you can wait and see for a good offer? @Ilseroth gchpaco: Klaige has been known to play Sin from time to time but not recently imasquirel: @Tortalius I been playing that game for last several days. its great ;D Redamaford: GRANDPA VIPER Moo_Cactus: sin is fun Ilseroth: The main thing that stopped me from buying Guilty Gear so far is, I was about to buy Xrd, then they released revelator… now there is a revalator 2.. I don’t want to rebuy the game after release Tortalius: @imasquirel which one Ilseroth: so I am kinda waitin for them to finish it Ahdok: the triple pillar to post was pretty amazing Pink_Paper_Clip_Guy: Mistakes SimpleSarah: @ZEML ASW games tend to borrow/steal/base mechanics on each other imasquirel: @Tortalius Blue Reflection. its great Pkscratch: fair point Ilseroth Tortalius: Is it? I’m glad to hear that Tortalius: I needed a new jurp to play Ein_Silver_Rose: Wait. Is Mecha asleep? seaswallow: pre~~~ty sure this is the last iteration BluJinjo: Jurp? Pink_Paper_Clip_Guy: Or bathroom Salvatore_gog: every arcys game does that Tortalius: and I was worried that it’d be really meh, since gust’s stuff is real hit/miss Pink_Paper_Clip_Guy: For like an hour

Tortalius: jurp = JRPG. (jurp sounds liek it if you try to say it out loud) seaswallow: i heard blue reflection isnt well receive mecharichter: I’m awake ZEML: @SimpleSarah Yeah they. SF4 even has a similar mechanic where the last 50% and 25% of health have scaling damage reduction seaswallow: when the jp ver came out imasquirel: @Tortalius fan service. but combat is free cause u just get free heals after every fight Ahdok: what’s the thing when Jacko pulls out a blue horizontal ring around her? Salvatore_gog: spect super dragoln ball z iat the end of 2017 Tortalius: The couple reviews I read sounded like the game gets kinda easy, but the writing is good Ahdok: it looks a bit like a ring-piano imasquirel: @Ahdok playing the orchestra imasquirel: buffs goons BluJinjo: How are you saying jrpg? How do you manage to say jurp im so confused DelphiNhyte: it is ahdok OHuckabee: As long as we’re talking JRPGs, Trails of Cold Steel got a godlike PC port Tortalius: Long as the 1) Music is good, 2) the combat is fun, and 3) The characters are written well enough, I’ll be content Tortalius: @OHuckabee It did. I played it on the PSN though. Highly recommend it imasquirel: @Tortalius I’m in love with the battle theme for Blue Reflection Redamaford: It’s similar to arcana heart, where your defense goes up as your health goes down. The actual size of the health bar is… deceiving Ilseroth: Yeah I know arcsys games have a tendency to do this because their focus on arcade releases, but I don’t have the bling to mess around with that many releases, and the old versions of arksys games die fast Pkscratch: Oh yeah. Blue Reflection, that sailor moon-esque game BluJinjo: Aka damage scaling Tortalius: jrp sounds like Jurp. It’s a fun way to say it OHuckabee: @Tortalius I just beat it today niteshade7: Aegis shield is the piano with purple bubble BluJinjo: But not really damage scaling Tortalius: @OHuckabee Time to play teh second one then! I’m super stoked for the third one Ilseroth: I bought original blazblu, and then they re-released that like, a dozen times at this point Ein_Silver_Rose: @mecharichter How do we if Fujin didn’t take over your account too? seaswallow: sadly thats how it is Ilseroth Ahdok: the score is one glowing corn-dog each imasquirel: last blazblue I bought was CP. I didn’t even bother picking up CF Salvatore_gog: and dlc for each version OHuckabee: @Tortalius I’ve no PS3, though. Which is suffering because THAT ENDING mecharichter: Because I bark bark the bark woof beep Tortalius: @OHuckabee oh god. No PS4 either? I pitty you Tortalius: pity BluJinjo: The latest blazblue isn’t really fun online or in tournys Hyriana: I was about to ask if Mecha died, but I guess that’s the answer gchpaco: I wish there were people out there who played Tsubaki (not the upgraded version) at a high level SimpleSarah: I mean, each version is an updated game. It has been like this basically forever for fighters. I mean, look at SF2 Tortalius: I was planning to play 1, and then play Nier Automata several months ago, but after the ending, I had to go the game 2 immediately gchpaco: I really enjoyed watching that character Ahdok: I think the last fighter I actually bought was a street-fighter 2 on GBA Spikeman750: nobody in BB was fun to me BluJinjo: Its just nine kokonoe and spear girl Ahdok: although I apparently own skullgirls on steam, presumably due to humble bundle Tortalius: Though game 2’s plot goes off rails and full anime, while game 1 was way better than that imasquirel: main reason I don’t get latest blazblue is how much I see Izanami 25 hit corner combo from tournament vids Vrorag: CF is fun but I wouldn’t have gotten it if it wasn’t on sale seaswallow: @Tortalius game 1 game 2? Spikeman750: finally found someone in the latest one though…but it’s mai Tortalius: Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 seaswallow: oh Tortalius: @seaswallow ^ Pkscratch: Trails of cold steel Kreygasm gchpaco: squirel: yeah, BB has *real* balance problems seaswallow: i’m just waiting for the ps4 ver imasquirel: I haven’t finished both trails of cold steel…….or tokyo xanadu……I’m fked seaswallow: every fg game doesnt have balance Tortalius: I streamed a full playthrough of Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 for a friend a couple months ago Pkscratch: don’t worry imasquirel Pkscratch: there’s a lot of games Pkscratch: it’s not your fault Tortalius: it was interesting to see his opinions on them, as someone who plays very few JRPGs OHuckabee: If 2 is even half as well-written as 1 I’d still love the hell out of it. Main characters who are actually SMART and TALK OUT THEIR PROBLEMS Salvatore_gog: OH BOY RANDONM TIME imasquirel: I’m rushing blue reflection right now, just so I can play Nights of Azure 2 next month Moo_Cactus: so is PJ playing Moo_Cactus: ? Tortalius: Night of Azure 2? Pkscratch: Night of Azure 2 Kreygasm Tortalius: @Moo_Cactus no Spikeman750: I’d argue that any FG requires knowledge of frame data to get anywhere, especially in high-level play Ahdok: !quote add “I’m pretty sure I win in this situ…uuuuhhhh.I don’t have that ability” – Murph Tortalius: What is Nights of Azure? Lozrat: Murph is P1, Klaige is P2 Ahdok: Kappa Kappa Kappa imasquirel: a very fun jrpg @Tortalius Ilseroth: I’d like to see them teach PJ a bit! Redamaford: PJ does not fighting games seaswallow: a yuri action game

Tortalius: @imasquirel tell me more. I am in the mood for more JRPGs imasquirel: I wanna see PJ vs Mecha in GG Tortalius: they’re my comfort food Salvatore_gog: iN 2D ALWAYS BLOCK LOW Pkscratch: anyhow. food and drinks time imasquirel: @Tortalius its yuri action jrpg Pkscratch: goes to lurk seaswallow: gameplay seems just playable thats all. in nights of azure gchpaco: there are actually a lot of reasonably balanced games out there, or games that have reasonably balanced subsets. They’re just not popular. 😛 Moo_Cactus: How I understand it is there are 4 attacks, Low hits standing block, mid doesn’t hit any block, high whiffs crouches, and overheads will hit crouches Tortalius: oooooooooooooooh @ ima Redamaford: THAT POOR HOUSE Tortalius: I saw that on steam. It sounded….not that great Spikeman750: In 2D, watch for overheads, in 3D watch for lows Tortalius: @imasquirel ^ imasquirel: somebody should start PJ on Sol Badguy Ahdok: negative penalty? BluJinjo: Im exicted for the new barkley shut up and jam gaiden seaswallow: i was interested in nights of azure then i see the gameplay then like hm NoaTheDarkrai: someone set up pj with Faust Salvatore_gog: overheads are high UnfriendlyBlob: I think you just don’t think about it in most games gchpaco: original SF didn’t have overheads, but there were jumping attacks Tortalius: I’m like a turn based JRPG fiend. Love them imasquirel: Faust will have PJ laughing himself to death Spikeman750: there have been overheads since ST I think Tortalius: Not a huge fan of the western turn based stuff normally. I’m gonna try out Tyranny at some point Tortalius: and see if I like it ZEML: @Ahdok there’s a penalty for avoiding combat excessively seaswallow: well there’s divinity 2 gchpaco: Tyranny is really interesting seaswallow: its certainly made with love BluJinjo: I wanna see pj with faust so bad Redamaford: Basically it gives you a warning, and if you continue to beat around a bush it hits you with a massive chunk of damage as a punishment Tortalius: It’s a defense down Tortalius: you don’t just lose hp Ilseroth: So for people that do play this, just checking some of the characters I played in old old versions Ilseroth: Is Slayer or Jam any good? Ahdok: Tyranny is fun aluminiumbatman: I just imagined a cross between Bord and Faust; now I REALLY wish I could draw BluJinjo: Slayer is good Ahdok: you will always be a terrible person in tyranny Ahdok: it’s great Spikeman750: @Redamaford I thought it only took your meter away BluJinjo: Jam is good Housetowne: Tyranny has a neat magic system BluJinjo: Both require work gchpaco: Slayer used to be extremely good. I don’t know if he is good or veery good right now AnnihilationHammer: Its like rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock, nuke gchpaco: Jam is hard but you can make it work Vrorag: Both are good DelphiNhyte: @Ilseroth both are good Ilseroth: And how bout chipp? I played him a bit BluJinjo: Chipp is chipp imasquirel: I would really love to learn how to play Jam Ilseroth: fair enough gchpaco: Chipp is very popular, and I assume that means he is good. But he is suuuuuper fragile Ahdok: I think I preferred pillars of eeternity Ahdok: but Tyranny is good gchpaco: not as bad as Raven Vrorag: Guilty tiers are fairly shallow for the most part Ahdok: okay, g’night! Ahdok: have fun everyone gchpaco: yeah, I hear from a lot of people that PoE is the better game, but I really liked tyranny Tofu511: o / seaswallow: night Housetowne: Pillars certainly felt larger/more grand. Tyranny felt much more… personal? Ilseroth: God, what was his name, is the guy that is a zombie in this one? Ilseroth: Zappa? gchpaco: partly because you can totally do spear & shield in Tyranny imasquirel: Zappa is not in this game

Ilseroth: aww Ilseroth: he was fun BluJinjo: Zappa and thats not a zombie BluJinjo: Its a ghost imasquirel: that’s Samara Kappa Salvatore_gog: Raven is stupid MysticTH: FUCKING GOD. DAMNED. CHIPP. AND RAVEN niteshade7: Raven is fun though and easy to play gchpaco: yeah, but he needs the nerf bat imasquirel: raven does the same shit all the time tho gchpaco: not, like, *hard*? gchpaco: but he needs it Snuggletoof: i played chipp way back in GGXX, so much fun to play Vrorag: Venom is starting to pop up more which I like seaswallow: jrpg, oct has SJ and EO5 BluJinjo: I always love seeing venom seaswallow: oh yea, cyberdimension neptunia also seaswallow: Zzz Ilseroth: Oh yeah, Baiken? she any good? seaswallow: so many games Tortalius: I’m excited for EO5. I’m not really interested in playign SJ again gchpaco: Interesting to see Kai get listed Salvatore_gog: Sin aka nerf me more and I still am top Redamaford: LOUD NOISE alestrom: Klaige just salty Anji isn’t in yet BluJinjo: Bedman is definitely top if the players is a god Tortalius: I never got into any of the neptunia stuff. Seemed like too much anime “bad stuff” for me seaswallow: i wan to play SJ again. didnt get to finish it last time imasquirel: I’m now firmly in the middle tier. cause Faust still isn’t top tier yet Spikeman750: I’ve heard baiken is arguably the worst caharcater Vrorag: Ky has tricksy setups and reliable damage Tofu511: Neptunia is tropes the IP DelphiNhyte: how would you say baiken is currently gchpaco: There are a number of characters that are very, very skill dependent but when played with extremely high skill levels are unbelievable seaswallow: i’m not that into neptunia also. dun like some of the system. but the new one seems neat Salvatore_gog: UBGA seaswallow: that mmo theme action game Salvatore_gog: UNGA Vrorag: Baiken is hard to do work with but she’s fun. I main her Tofu511: Neptunia battle system is kinda shallow from what I can tell, but maybe I didn’t look into it hard enough DelphiNhyte: same vrorag gchpaco: Yeah, I’m not clear whether Baiken is bad or just needs execution that nobody has right now Ein_Silver_Rose: Neptunia is shallow in general seaswallow: i find that shield system annoying in neptunia Redamaford: JESUS CHRIST KMLoneMouseWolf: Baiken is tricky Salvatore_gog: Baiken is bad AND neds execution OHuckabee: As I recall Baiken was a defensive character in a game where there’s a penalty for excessive defense. That the case? seaswallow: slowly chipping away at the shield before you can deal direct damage Vrorag: Smallish moveset plus a fair bit of guesswork niteshade7: Yay wall bounce gchpaco: Huck: classic Baiken was tatami smash offense on the edge of her range while you wait for your opponent to do something predictable, and then you FUCKIN MURDER THEM Ilseroth: God that pressure seaswallow: but i’m gonna just buy EO5. planning to save money to buy that sweet sweet MHW ps4 pro

Tortalius: EO5 should be wonderful KMLoneMouseWolf: Zato LUL Moo_Cactus: zato is fucking nuts Tortalius: then FE Warriors/Mario Odyssey/Destiny 2 gchpaco: I don’t know what Baiken is like now gchpaco: Bedman is … difficult to characterize right now BluJinjo: Bedman depends on the player gchpaco: he feels defensive because he’s slow and requires a lot of setup seaswallow: i dun really have confidence in FE warriors when i watched the videos Vrorag: Tatami pressure and hooking people to you for combos gchpaco: but he has really vicious nasty nasty nasty offense loops Ilseroth: Well my problem is, I played a lot of GGX#Reload… with my brother and his friends. which means I am sure anything I know is totally irrelevant comapred to modern fighting games where you fight people online AnnihilationHammer: If you haven’t tried it yet, I also recommend FE Echoes as well Ein_Silver_Rose: Where do Sol and May fall on the “Can they deal with Chipp and Raven at all” tier SimpleSarah: Yeah, Venom is fantastic seaswallow: seeing what happened to berserk musou also Vrorag: May’s quite good seaswallow: so sad Ein_Silver_Rose: FE Echoes is awesome Tortalius: Echoes was fun gchpaco: Sol is solidly mediocre to good. Bit more committal than Ky, which is bad as Klaige mentioned. May has some of the weirdest fuckin’ offense in the game Tortalius: as was Metroid 2 Tortalius: which I finished yesterday gchpaco: the Sea World offense is bizarre Tortalius: had a lot of fun with that Ilseroth: Alright let’s go PJ learns GG stream! BluJinjo: May is fun niteshade7: Just watch FAB play pot Redamaford: The polphins shea_wolfe: PJ “Welcome to my level” DiCesare BluJinjo: The dolphin combos are cute seaswallow: would like to get metroid too imasquirel: FAB makes ppl feel stupid Redamaford: “Hey I know my projectile can come from ANYWHERE how about that” aluminiumbatman: “All I do is feel like an idiot and make my opponent feel like an idiot.” seaswallow: it really looks good Salvatore_gog: Yhe new char fell out of place imo AnnihilationHammer: I still have Ever Oasis and MH Stores to play after Echoes before Metroid Salvatore_gog: chars* imasquirel: I’m kinda disappointed with MH stories. combat system let me down Redamaford: GRANDPAAA VIPER EX_Ragnell: When’s Marvel? Kappa gchpaco: meaningfully puts a brick in a sock AnnihilationHammer: If its system is like Dragon Quest Monsters system, I’ll be dine with it OHuckabee: It’s Team Poor Life Choices, not Poor Taste imasquirel: when’s Garou: Mark of the Wolves? Kappa Raijin300: what are the 3 different kind of pumpkin guys Murph’s character summons? Lysianthia: Is this Guilty Gear? if yes which one? Taku_: LOL Redamaford: I AM HOLDING A HOUSE. SHIT EX_Ragnell: Hey, I pay attention to Twitter, I know how much Klaige loves Capcom these days Vrorag: Rev 2 gchpaco: Yes, this is GG; Xrd 2 LordHayati: on youtube, theres these batshit insane instant kill moves, that end with the screen saying DESTROYED. how do those happen? rosaagustina: No kick loops BibleThump seaswallow: MHstories i feel that that weird cat ruins it for me seaswallow: i find him super annoying imasquirel: MHstories ruined it for me with the stupid rock paper scissors combat seaswallow: specially after watching some of the show

gchpaco: Hayati: you have to have full tension, which is tricky because both these characters (and everybody else) wants to spend it on everything. You initiate the kill state, which eats your super meter and puts you on a timer 2bitmarksman: CRUSHED gchpaco: and then you hit your opponent with the move, and they die DelphiNhyte: @LordHayati Players can enter instant kill mode where they can do the thing, but if they miss their tension meter is destroyed for the rest of the round seaswallow: yea the rock paper scissors sysyem… pjdShark Moo_Cactus: P is pawn, K is knight, S is sorcerer gchpaco: the only time I know of people seriously using instant kills in older GGs was when you could combo into them BluJinjo: Back when i played in tournys in like 2006 i saw one of the most depressing things a bedman player that wasent a local player came and destroyed this teen that was really good with zato and the look of despair and hopelessness during the match imasquirel: also instant kill for the swag disrespect BluJinjo: Oh my god i will never forget that day Vrorag: Some happened at CEOtaku Moo_Cactus: SORCERER IS A MAGICIAN Moo_Cactus: FUK U Vrorag: It was great imasquirel: @Vrorag u mean the sol badguy IK at ceotaku? Vrorag: Yup Redamaford: Also, the instant kill state is super predictable thwak: people were playing bedman in 2006? SimpleSarah: @BluJinjo Ah yes, back in the days of 2006 when Xrd was still almost a decade from being released Dracheseele: MHstories’ combat does get a little more complicated a bit into the game, because theres alot of attacks that ignore the rps system Ilseroth: Fucking Kum Haehyun coming in being godzilla in these little minions village BluJinjo: Not bedman i am fuckin stupid hold up niteshade7: Lol BluJinjo: I meant aba gchpaco: if you got clobbered, or if Potemkin managed to get his hands on you Vrorag: I miss Anji SimpleSarah: I mean, Dizzy is already Dizzy so gchpaco: is Dizzy any good in this? Her IK rules gchpaco: but I had been given to understand she sucked Ilseroth: So @PJDiCesare Are we going to see you as potemkin? imasquirel: the dizzy IK is the best cause of the looks of horror LUL SimpleSarah: Unless it’s against Slayer Ilseroth: Fair enough BluJinjo: I legit don’t know why my fingers typed bedman thats my b probably has to do with being awake for 30ish hours EX_Ragnell: I dunno that sounds like basic Potemkin play to me Raijin300: @PJDiCesare is that the end result of playing all of the trolly characters? Mr_Escher: yup, competitive games are what makes games not fun shea_wolfe: Oh jeez Blu, get some sleep? SimpleSarah: Yes, please rest BluJinjo: Cronic insomnia my dude

seaswallow: wonder if team PLC gonna play mhw or not Mikey_McC: Fighting games are like, super interestin g to me but it would be a terrible idea for me to play them because I would the the RAGE real bad. Like, I nearly broke a 360 controller over my knee from doing some fightgame stuff LordHayati: whens the Training mode INSANE COMBO showoff coming? Ilseroth: PS4 and PC Lozrat: Monster Hunter World is coming to PC as well DelphiNhyte: MHW is coming out on PC at a later date Redamaford: It’s coming out on PC seaswallow: PC later down the line Dracheseele: Monster hunter world is PS4/XB1/PC imasquirel: when is PJ playing guilty gear TehRougeFool: Monster hunter world is Xbone as well Eclipsedhusky: Switch is not region locked at all Ilseroth: @imasquirel he isn’t imasquirel: aw Ein_Silver_Rose: So I turned off my laptop trying to kill a cockroach. Go me Eclipsedhusky: Mon Hun World is coming to Steam too Dracheseele: no cross-system play AnnihilationHammer: Sony is just like fuck you to crossplay seaswallow: sony doesnt wan crossplay Mikey_McC: Yeah, Sony is really shitty about Cross-platform play EX_Ragnell: Sony hates fun so no x-play seaswallow: well microsoft did it during ps3 xbox 360 era isnt it Mikey_McC: However I could see XBone/PC crossplay seaswallow: no crossplay Eclipsedhusky: CapCom knows they have to get MonHun on PC these days Argnar: gotta get mecha and pj to do the ultimate stupid and play GG Mikey_McC: Sony SUPER hates fun Tortalius: Show us the dizzy insta kills Redamaford: Yeah! BEAT UP SLAYER! Mikey_McC: Even Nintendo allows crossplay Eclipsedhusky: You want Voice Comms in Splat2? Heres an App for that rooVV Nintendo Lozrat: Eh, Minecraft is crossplatform play on Switch 😛 Lozrat: with pc/xbone/etc Mikey_McC: As is Rocket League EX_Ragnell: At last check it’s more or less confirmed that the biggest reason XBONE+PS4 multiplat games aren’t crossplay is because Sony says no so idk BluJinjo: Don’t beat up slayer he has a orphanage of ghostly orphans to look after DansGame Redmarien: Sony official response was they don’t want to be responsible for players they cannot control Redmarien: Basically that is* BrackMadar: mostly that, cross-play is just a pandora box Redamaford: DUCK! DUCK! DUCK! NoaTheDarkrai: wait what? aluminiumbatman: Goose? seaswallow: nintendo loves to rip customers money. their products are so expensive BluJinjo: Are they really though? Ein_Silver_Rose: Assuming Nintendo bothers to produce enough product to sell BrackMadar: yes they are Tortalius: Time for zzz Redmarien: Oh a brighter stage, Tortalius: night all MysticTH: Night tort seaswallow: night

EX_Ragnell: At the end of the day they’re really not any more expensive than the other guys BrackMadar: if people didnt got turned off after having to buy a phone app just to have regular comunication in games or even getting to create lobbys and what not Lozrat: I like how there was a game that recently “accidently” enabled crossplay on xbone/ps4 and had to disable it and called it a bug BrackMadar: then idk man NoaTheDarkrai: on the othwr hand Nintendo doesn’t make shoddy ass consoles either BluJinjo: @lozrat oftnite br iirc BluJinjo: Fortnight* MysticTH: Thing is this. Nintendo does not understand how to internet, or how to PC. keep in mind, home PC’s are not all that super big in japan MysticTH: everyone has a smartphone/smart tablet device Lozrat: It was before battle royale, might have just been the vanilla version of Fortnight AnnihilationHammer: Nintendo makes expensive products you say, yet the PS3 was $600? at launch MysticTH: also ^ seaswallow: PS3 was no doubt expensive as shit at launch MysticTH: same for XboneS BrackMadar: oh yeah, tell me how does the regular controller that you must buy for 100+ dollars for the switch is not a rip off EX_Ragnell: At $600 the launch 60GB PS3 was cost less than outfitting a 360 comparatively, fyi EX_Ragnell: “The regular controller you must buy” you mean the one every Switch comes with? BrackMadar: and people forget that at launch the ps3 was selling in red numbers MysticTH: uhhhh it’s not $100+? BrackMadar: it took sony some years to finally see profit just from selling consoles Redamaford: You gotta do it theultimo: i still prefer my PS1 fightpad /shrug BluJinjo: Where do you live that a switch joycon is a 1$00+ dollarydoos BluJinjo: $100* BrackMadar: im talking about the “pro” controller EX_Ragnell: The “pro” controller isn’t $100 either BluJinjo: Its $100+? BluJinjo: Hold up im lost

Redmarien: Got mine for $55. So idk Lozrat: Yeah pro controller is at most like $70 Jin_Halloway: Not to mention the pro controller isn’t a must buy either BrackMadar: it is in every country of the world that doenst make them in home Lozrat: Unless you are in Canada where all game prices are stupid as hell AnnihilationHammer: The pro controller is not required, and also not $100, the joycons work just fine, and it can be two controllers if you need them to be EX_Ragnell: Buddy, I get that you don’t like Nintendo, but exaggerating prices to make your point when you’re obviously and easily proven wrong isn’t gonna work seaswallow: maybe some places just have bloated price Altiuin: This sounds more like an attempt to stir up shit than present any sort of point seaswallow: switch is pricey here seaswallow: being Moo_Cactus: is jack-o actually a villain though? ZedOneOne: Guilty Gear without a Faust DansGame seaswallow: 450+ usd? Redmarien: Pro controller is not required, but sure as hell better then the joycons. Don’t forget the LAN adapter that’s another $25 or so EX_Ragnell: LAN adapter, also optional Redamaford: I would argue that in Guilty Gear, everyone is equally the villain Ein_Silver_Rose: Except Dizzy EX_Ragnell: Except Dizzy Redmarien: After what I witnessed with the Switches Wifi. I wouldnt say its optional. Lol EX_Ragnell: Dizzy is pure Redamaford: Dizzy has no idea what’s going on, yeah BluJinjo: But is kliff a villian? BluJinjo: Hes a war hero Snuggletoof: #BringBackJustice seaswallow: there isnt any incentive for me to buy a switch currently also. dont really have any games for me EX_Ragnell: The Switch’s wifi has been no issue for me. Works better than the PS3’s or PS4’s does, that’s for sure Ilseroth: So could someone clarify Jack-o’s mechanics for me? Her minions die when she gets hit, do they just spawn whenever she hasn’t been hti for a while.. and what prompts them to attack? seaswallow: only mario odyssey interest me Redmarien: Well thats a given being older systems. Lol EX_Ragnell: PS4 EX_Ragnell: “older system” EX_Ragnell: aight my dude Redmarien: First gen PS4 Wifi is pretty bad compared to the newer models Ilseroth: I mean, 4 years old is the ps4 helioskannon: I mean, the faulty comparison there is Sony, I don’t know what hammered dogshit they use for wifi chips, but they need to not seaswallow: ideally you’d wan to plug LAN anyway Tiepo01: stupid question but are these the only 2 characters you can play? KerikXI: wait, four years, really KerikXI: goddamnit i’m old Redmarien: Heh EX_Ragnell: I’ve noticed zero difference between a launch PS4 and a PS4 Slim in terms of how the wifi behaves BrackMadar: i mean, its not like you need to play with wifi on the ps4 in the first place, the console comes with a regular conector Ilseroth: @Tiepo01 Generally people learn only 1-2 characters

Ilseroth: Knowledge of mechanics allows them to play other characters, but usually they stick to 1 Snuggletoof: 1 main, and maybe 1 to cover bad match ups seaswallow: its not easy to learn multiple chars and be good at them too seaswallow: well at least for games with difficult learning curve helioskannon: I mean, yeah, I really didn’t want to run ethernet over to my PS4 initially, since my network gear was across the room. Kinda had to, unfortunately BluJinjo: I want another blue dragon game topazshot88: Switching? BluJinjo: And a second sleeping dogs BluJinjo: But sleeping dogs is a pipe dream helioskannon: I concur for both of these. Sleeping Dogs was great. Blue Dragon was also a lot of fun seaswallow: sleeping dogs sequel is now an mmo pjdShark seaswallow: cant remember the name seaswallow: dragon’s dogma also…. why did they make an mmo seaswallow: i’m so mad shea_wolfe: There is one, murph was doing it, but dunno what Redmarien: Cause capcom sucks seaswallow: capcom starts to suck since sf4 i think seaswallow: going downhill seaswallow: only mh and ace attorney doing good Ilseroth: Honestly, dragons dogma in general was a pretty big disappointment for me BluJinjo: MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3 BluJinjo: fuck NotLikeThis seaswallow: pjdBigKazam

Ilseroth: though a lot of it I suppose is my fault. I went into dragons dogma expecting a more player skill based actiony game, but it’s heavily reliant on stats and leveling, with enemies just turning into huge bags of health if you aren’t an appropriate level/equip Redamaford: THIS BUTTON aluminiumbatman: NINJA CLOWNS Tofu511: Dragon’s Dogma set out to do some really interesting things, it succeeded. But it suffers from lack of content seaswallow: thats often how games with rpg element are seaswallow: not high enough stats = longer to kill Redamaford: There was a guildwarsy MMO release, which is pretty decent, but it was never released in the states seaswallow: one thing which drives me mad in dragon’s dogma are those dialogues from your party members and that line from the weapon shop owner Ilseroth: well yeah @seaswallow But a lot of games manage to make it feel ok. Dark Souls does it by making the amount you actually gain from stats not being statistically significant compared to othewr rpgs, skyrim does it by adjusting the level of enemies seaswallow: ARISEN! ITS WEAK TO FIRE! helioskannon: Honestly, I feel like the only game that’s really nailed the “player skill, with stats!” is Dark Souls Redmarien: You can train them sorta to be more of a silent party member seaswallow: “They’re masterworks all, you cant go wrong” Redamaford: That’s because stats represent what your character can do, and there’s a fixed limit to the maximum you can do Ilseroth: You can straight turn off the pawn dialogue seaswallow: i hate that shopkeeper so much CurlyW: I’m conceding the NLDS CurlyW: Cubs won already CurlyW: fuck everything helioskannon: Like, even Skyrim is a little eh about it… but considering the combat system, it has to seaswallow: platinum games did the balancing in nier automata pretty badly too haha Tofu511: urgh, chip farming seaswallow: sometimes too overleveled sometimes underleveled Redamaford: That’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to Camelot Unchained, as stats in that game represent what your character can do, rather then being a pointless number that can be raised to infinity seaswallow: i can forgive them because its their first time making this kind of stat system shea_wolfe: So it’s worse than they thought CurlyW? Klaige: fpor more gg, follow this account Tofu511: Otherwise nier is fantastic. It’s not like you need to grind to do most of the content though Klaige: <----- Ilseroth: Also monster hunter does the stats thing a bit better, you don't level up at all, your stats based on your equipment... though I will say the G rank equipment is far too overtuned, making old, non g encounters pathetically easy CurlyW: <------8 Rej72380: It looks like I came just in time for the Week fo Stupid. danDerp Klaige: klaige will answer basically any GG questions you have Redamaford: You should just follow Kailge anyway, since he's a pretty cool guy Ilseroth: Hey klaige. Can you play some more GG? seaswallow: i wished nier combat mechanic would be deeper too @Tofu511 CurlyW: will klaige also refer to himself in the third person?

seaswallow: but for ease of casual players i suppose Dracheseele: Yeah, monster hunter more or less expects you to stay in the ranks you reach Redamaford: THAT IS A SILLY COMBO Tofu511: Yeah, the moveset was really limited Moo_Cactus: Between the time you started playing guilty gear and now, I have both purchased revelator 2 plus DLCs as well as finish all of answer’s COMBO mode trials seaswallow: PJ is still using Klaige’s account LordHayati: @Klaige show us the INSTANT KILL 😮 BluJinjo: Klaige can you do fausts special on people wixZaldo Redamaford: This is actually P. lage Ilseroth: @Dracheseele Well I mean the jump from Low to High rank, is pretty mediocre, even in high rank armor, some of the low rank monsters can still do decent damage to you. G rank armor makes High rank enemies do like… no damage to you seaswallow: Plaige Redamaford: Also YES, SHOW INSTANT KILL CurlyW: Play Iron Tager Tofu511: P.laige, good nickname Redamaford: FLICK Redamaford: DESTROYED Altiuin: … lol helioskannon: That’s an amazing animation imasquirel: play Faust LordHayati: DOINK Redamaford: FIND TAGER Moo_Cactus: I love that dizzy’s DESTROYED move is basically a nuclear bomb, but it misses and the enemy just surrenders instead theultimo: lol aluminiumbatman: TAGER OR RIOT! BluJinjo: Iron tager Rej72380: So, PJ, I am playing Sinistar using a PS1 arcade stick BluJinjo: Do it gchpaco: dooooo eeeeeeeeeetttt Supakewl: Both CurlyW: vote Kuraude: Ultimate Quackin’ Horse Game Altiuin: figure out how to get ducks into chicken game TheDebtCollector: Quack or RIOT Altiuin: ruin everything Supakewl: Both, but Chicken is a little better pyrelight: prepare the machine 😀 BluJinjo: I love brit boy axl he sorta looks like a long hair steve irwin seaswallow: oh, dragons dogma ps4 is this month too Redamaford: PREPARE THE MEGACUBE Rej72380: Locla Multiplayer Duck Game. This gonna be good. pjdDuck aluminiumbatman: pjdTrashPanda when? seaswallow: doesnt seem like there’s much different though between ps3 and ps4 ver BluJinjo: Lethal league blaze in 2018 Kreygasm Boozeyclues: klaigeFronkerY LordHayati: Uh Redamaford: Oh man, I am so ready for a new Lethal League game Ilseroth: I <3 fighting games! LordHayati: Twitch suddenly said AUTHORIZATION FAILURE LordHayati: should I be scared? MysticTH: d00d always happy to watch Revelator 2 Redamaford: That's fine, a lot of people seemed to enjoy a change of pace~ Svnhddbst: i am not interested in fighting games at all, but i am interested in watching people be good at things

Boozeyclues: klaigeBord Redamaford: Oh man, the moment Murph picked Jack-O I was like OH MY GOD IT’S ON NOW~ AnnihilationHammer: There we go, badge reacquired Gangrel_EU: pjdTrain pjdFire pjdFire pjdFire pjd6pm pjdBigKazam pjdBord AnnihilationHammer Lozrat: Until Yamcha imasquirel: just play Yamcha Svnhddbst: … so klaige = learn to play better. murph = learn to make everyone hate you Kuraude: Yamcha or bust Svnhddbst: understood BluJinjo: @redamaford to oh heck you actually played lethal league? theultimo: Team Yamcha, yamcha, yamcha Tofu511: Yamcha, Majin Boo, Mr Satan, done Kuraude: exactly, ultimo. the ultimate team seaswallow: ah…. i made a mistake about SJ release date. the JP ver is the one releasing in Oct AnnihilationHammer: I went to use duck emote and noticed today was renewel day Redamaford: I didn’t actually have many people to play it with, but I know the game exists and I want more of it AnnihilationHammer: pjdDuck Boozeyclues: if you play hercule in a dbz game Rej72380: I have Ultimate Battle 22 for the PS1. I should feel ashamed of myself Ilseroth: Ki ko go fuck yourself CyberBotX: But I follow all 4 of you… what does that mean? LordHayati: GHOST NAPPA theultimo: DBZ Big Green Dub imasquirel: you mean filipino dub BluJinjo: @redamaford ordinary days Kreygasm also im down to play some lethal league with you fellow saltbaron Altiuin: oh god team four star dub, lol Boozeyclues: i want abridged nappa Altiuin: I would potentially buy the game just for that mod even though I’m trash tier at fighting games aluminiumbatman: Look who it is! Ghost Nappa! BionicRadar: In the Russian dub, Goku goes to the hyperbolic time chamber to get more vodka drinking in Knonme21: oh god this game Redamaford: THE BEST GAME Instixic: Oh boy! theultimo: 50?! Rej72380: Altiuin, all it takes is a few dozen hours to be proficient at fighting games seaswallow: all these resolution choices! aluminiumbatman: My dog sometimes stares other people down while getting pet, but he does that as a warning not to interfere with his petting time theultimo: 1440 is 16:9 BluJinjo: @redamaford FeelsBadMan is that a no? aluminiumbatman: If you come over while someone else is petting him, he will swat at you with his paw to make you go away Kurohoshi00: Wowies. Ten hours in, finally beat cuphead Ilseroth: I’ll agree with Rej, “Getting good” at fighting games is more understanding the concept of how to play them well mostly, that’ll make you better then like 80% of the people who play it in and of itself

AnnihilationHammer: What would the other dimension be to be 780p? Ilseroth: from there it’s just learning how to play the game against the other people that actually play fighting games Altiuin: I’d like to give them another go sometime, but I’ve been playing them and other pvp games off and on for at least 15 years now and my reaction time/ability to respond in general is just… not good >_> theultimo: Does Murph have some random Arcade monitor at 57hz or something? Svnhddbst: yes Altiuin: I dunno, if I found one I really, really liked I’d sink the time into it anyway, but it’s kinda tough Svnhddbst: it’s murph, of course he does seaswallow: technical difficulties? drink more beer! Redamaford: TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES~ pyrelight: beer right back! aluminiumbatman: Technical BRB aluminiumbatman: PJ is techno-tsundere UnfriendlyBlob: I don’t understand why games have such problems just remembering your resolution settings BionicRadar: We just need a version of this screen where the cake is a computer labelled “Technical Difficulties” UnfriendlyBlob: and windowed vs. full screen AnnihilationHammer: PJ continues his technological romance UnfriendlyBlob: also any game that doesn’t have fullscreen windowed should be banned Boozeyclues: send in the pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep pjdMeep UnfriendlyBlob: aka borderless or whatever Rej72380: Pong, anyone? manHURR AnnihilationHammer: I don’t know why fullscreen windowed is a thing BluJinjo: Same tbh my reaction time is garbage with my old woman hands atpFeelsBeardMan @altiuin AnnihilationHammer: I either want it fullscreen, or windowed theultimo: WIDDDDE SCREEN helioskannon: Because anyone with multiple monitors, honestly Ilseroth: … I just realized DBZF is being made by Arcsys… the amount of DLC characters is going to be insane Altiuin: Sympathy high five, BluJinjo D: theultimo: I have a ton of issues with borderless helioskannon: Alt tab without the GPU context switch is super nice UnfriendlyBlob: @AnnihilationHammer so it fills the whole screen, but doesn’t incur the ridiculous issues of true “fullscreen” BluJinjo: Fullscreen window is a godsend because i can alt tab faster than having it fullscreen UnfriendlyBlob: and yeah it’s just faster than fullscreen UnfriendlyBlob: GPU true fullscreen is always trash helioskannon: Running faster depends a lot on GPU and if you have multiple monitors theultimo: yup AnnihilationHammer: Then you run into issues with stuff that doesn’t constrain mouse to window UnfriendlyBlob: what’s the point of having true fullscreen when borderless works just as well, though theultimo: because borderless doesnt do DSR helioskannon: (OS, too, but I think that’s stablized for Windows) BluJinjo: @annihilationhammer never had that problem tbh Klaige: brb Klaige: we’re switching to other computer! hoveringhalibut: Klaige: we will fix Gangrel_EU: pjdTrain pjdFire pjdFire pjdFire pjd6pm pjdBigKazam pjdBord hoveringhalibut Klaige: I LOVE IT AnnihilationHammer: “Fix”

CyberBotX: We heard alllllllll the tech support Redamaford: ONE OF US UnfriendlyBlob: I dunno I prefer just rendering at native res Klaige: like i said, we will be back seaswallow: off stream subs are the real subs Klaige: with better framerate helioskannon: DirectX is a really weird beast Beaf13: Gangrel_EU: pjdTrain pjdFire pjdFire pjdFire pjd6pm pjdBigKazam pjdBord Beaf13 Klaige: or something halfcoordinated: yay something UnfriendlyBlob: you won’t have mouse bounding issues in borderless though… it still fills the screen TheDebtCollector: I’ll Show You Something Moo_Cactus: I LOVE IT pjdShark Gangrel_EU: 🔫 klaigeDuck 🔫 klaigeFronkerY 🔫 pjdDuck 🔫 pjdMeep 🔫 Moo_Cactus BluJinjo: Anyways my eyes are hurting and eyelids aren’t staying open time to pass out ciao CyberBotX: Bord is so good at eating to silence too helioskannon: Unless you have two monitors, then you occasionally have problems, UnfriendlyBlob UnfriendlyBlob: pjdBorder -er-less UnfriendlyBlob: fuck theultimo: scaling can be an issue too seaswallow: i’d like another monitor just for my ps4 pjdShark seaswallow: currently using a hdmi switcher to switch Rej72380: Uh oh! The stream is borked. GG, PJ UnfriendlyBlob: I only use one monitor though UnfriendlyBlob: and I’m a programmer UnfriendlyBlob: get @ me helioskannon: …HOW?! theultimo: if say, you run a 4k desktop at 300% scaling mecharichter: it work now? Instixic: UnfriendlyBlob: Same UnfriendlyBlob: alt-tab > multiple monitors MysticTH: Uh helioskannon: Maximum incorrect UnfriendlyBlob Redmarien: Lol MysticTH: stream changed over to murphs stream? Svnhddbst: i am a fan of win+tab hoveringhalibut: I’ll just glad it’s a computer problem someone who isn’t me has to fix Svnhddbst: live on murph