HP Stream 7 Gaming – Grim Fandango Remastered (2015)

you sorry for the wait mr. Flores I am ready to take you now take me take me where no no there’s no need to be nervous nervous no just your appearances little intimidating intimidating me but I’m your friend my name is Manny calavera I’m your new travel agent I don’t want a new travel agent I want to go home but you can’t go home cell so you’re dead but you’re not alone everybody here is just as dead as you that’s why we call it the land of the dead are you ready for your big journey know what journey the four-year journey of the soul it is quite a big trip and I can’t lie to you sue sue it could be very very dangerous unless you were to take that money you were Barry with and buy a better travel package from us I mean wouldn’t you rather cross the land of the dead in your own sports car maybe try a luxury ocean cruise or if you let a very good life you may even be eligible for a ticket on the number nine itself the number nine that’s our top-of-the-line express train it shoots straight to the ninth underworld the land of eternal rest in four minutes instead of four years but very few people qualify let’s take a look at your records hmm well the bad news is the train appears to be just out of your reach but I still got a couple of tricks up my sleeve here mmhmm yeah ha yes that’s the ticket the Excelsior line yes she’s a beauty that compass in the handle was sure come in handy too oh you’re going to have a great trip wish I was going why don’t you you could give me a lift oh I can’t leave here until I’ve worked off a little dead to the powers-that-be community service and well I guess there are some folks worse off than me oh I’ll be leaving here soon enough no thanks you did and no Commission lowlife cases like yours men so cool hey Manny the boss told me to tell you not to leave early tonight monster talks to you about something when he gets back from his trip tell Don not to worry I’m not going anywhere especially not with clients like that why do they get these guys they don’t qualify for anything good so I can’t sell anything good can work off my time and I’m stuck stuck selling walking sticks to a bunch of boards for eternity I need better clients I need a real Saint I need a lead on a rich dead sink kissed

looks like I got a message it’s some sort of special work order to all agents from office manager dan koeppel all right you boneheads thank your lucky stars and get to your friggin cars we have a mass poisoning our hands too many dead to assign specific cases so all clients are first come first serve don’t let sees a puzzle out there whatever you say if he buenos días Manny why are you at the poisoning what poisoning the code 3 gazpacho poisoning that everybody that but you why do I send out memos if nobody reads them where was the poisoning again just ask you driver for crying out loud he’ll know I forget am I supposed to be somewhere right now Manny do I have to explain your job to you again no but I like to hear your description of it just for kicks well the men will caliber than I know picks up people in the land of the living the people preferably and he brings them here and tries valiantly to sell them the best travel package they qualify for if you sell them enough premium packages our hero will be free to leave the land of the dead until then he and I are stuck here having the same conversation over and over again for eternity what if we just get down tonight you and me baby well thanks for the offer but we never make it out of the city alive but in one piece I mean I bet I could get you out if I really try Oh Manny look at you you’re a trap song you don’t even know it so what did you do in life to get stuck here what I did back in the bad things is none of your business you know the rules well I gotta go hit the bricks ok you show those bricks a lesson Oh the driver demons operate this amount and the company won’t tell a Salesman how it works got it keep us down somehow hey service Hey Oh what sorry sir I didn’t expect sales agents usually don’t come over to this part of the garage hey you a driver me ah no no no I don’t ride them just wrench up I’m calavera Manny caliber my name is Gladys I don’t get many visitors hey I got a message for a mr. calavera he driver said that mr Hurley said daddy could have the rest of the day off Domino sent my driver home

yeah wasn’t that nice looks like I need a new driver oh I uh I I would agree with that yes you do you want to be my replacement driver oh oh no sorry can’t rules come on Gladys I need you to be my driver no I can’t I’m I’m I’m too big you’re not too big you just right no they told me again and again I’m too big to drive you’re not too big you just have a self image problem a wad repeat after me i am not that i am sin women find me attractive hey I never said I was too fat for the ladies just the cars the ladies like me just fine you’re not too big the cars are just too small yeah those dang compact cars hey that gives me an idea I could alter your car just a big with just a quick torch job to let out the seams you know oh well I’m not allowed to bother filing cars without a work order from upstairs I could lose my job a work order huh yeah I can’t torch anything bigger than a cigarette without one of these signed by the boss himself hey hey that’s my line getting people to sign back in a snap yeah too small I not too big everything around here is just too small if I really need the pasta scientists work order I’ll give it a shot mr. kopel i’ve got many calavera out here to see you didn’t I say no interruptions today yeah sorry Cal maybe tomorrow that’s to lead oh yeah like you’re going anywhere if I leading need the pasta sign this work order I’ll give it a shot mr. kopel i’ve got many calavera out yet to see you didn’t I say no interruptions today yeah sorry Kel it looks like a rope but it’s really just a bunch of cheap dies tied together it looks like Don’s rigged his computer to automatically answer his intercom I’ll just change his how to response

here not now Ava it’ll have to wait I’m in the middle of a very important meeting didn’t I say no interruptions today whatever it is it will have to wait I crimes a man just citing yourself with you I’m busy Wow if I really need the bus to sign this work order I’ll give it a shot mr Koppel mr. calavera has something out here that he says he needs his signature on ah Christ Eva just sign it yourself will you I’m busy you’ll have to excuse him Manny is probably a really hard crossword puzzle he’s got in there today ever I’m impressed I had no idea you had this kind of power well we all have our secrets hey I look good in this don’t I yeah yeah well they say black is slimming I could have walked faster than this he holy I’m gonna miss the poisoning Oh domina mmm the living still give me the creeps I can’t use my bare hands I’m a professional bound only by the paper thin wrapper of mortality a soul here lies struggling to be free and so a child thanks to a bowl of bad gazpacho and a man named kalimera it’s a fear of death that makes monsters of us all I can’t reap hamburger cows or a whole other Bureau nuh mmm smells like the perfect client rich and sweet I can’t use my bare hands I’m a professional scaring the living is technically against the rules but we all do it