my first time playing SPINTIRES on pc

welcome to Westside games where I play xbox and you enjoy hey everybody welcome back to my channel and thanks for joining me another video and I hope you guys are all having a fantastic night and a fantastic weekend so far it is only Saturday though but um anyways I’m really excited for this video I’ve kind of been playing around with everything but uh anyways so I’ve always been watching this this one guy on YouTube playing games his name’s Tomcat um so I’ll give a shout out to him so he plays this game called mud runner or no he calls it’s called spin tires anyways so we watched him for a really long time me and my younger brother like man that game so cool we wish it would come to console and you know of course it did at one point it did and uh it’s called mud runner and we had always watched him on YouTube and thought is so cool how he always had like these different vehicles and stuff and he was like customizing customizing them with lights and all sorts of cool things room like man that’d be so cool and we’re really excited for when it did come to console and it’s really fun but uh so with this new PC that I got I’ve been experiencing and playing around with playing games because I’m not super good on a computer or whatever but this computer that I buy is able to play games and all sorts of stuff like that and so I’ve been working on getting that all set up and everything and I got this war game that I’ve kind of been playing around with that’s pretty fun called war thunder but I finally got a new the game that I’ve always been wanting to play um I got spintires the original the one that Tomcats been playing and doing all the mods like that and I kind of been playing around with it a little bit you know try and add mods and somebody that and custom vehicles and stuff but I finally was able to get one so uh this Saturday we’re gonna go ahead and play some spin tires the original the one that I’ve always been wanting to play check it out so today worked on making a space for my editing and my youtube and everything so odd this isn’t gonna be my new area where am i and that my videos do all sorts of stuff like that I’m really excited about it you know it brings a lot more so I have my own little space to film videos play games and all sorts of other stuff so it’s I’m really saying about it but uh here we go it would take me a few minutes to get the game going but get the right setting for you guys all right here we go watch the game I’m new at this so uh maybe a little bit rusty but your guys have turned the lights off see how that works we’re so good just be my first time using my camera and filming a game like this but uh okay guys so uh I kind of started playing this map so that’s me I’ve been playing out with moths today trying to get vehicles and survive that customizations and all sorts of stuff like that learning different things and um because you can basically customize and get different mods that other people have made up I’ve tried to figure out how to get the different ones and so I’m still a work in progress but I got I was able to give this one this one off of line it’s off the steam store under what’s it called basically where people create vehicles and stuff like that and then they post it to the steam store and basically you go and you look at it and subscribe to them or whatever it’s called and then you can get a new vehicle that way and this was my first one that I was able to get after you just playing the original game but whoever made this I can’t remember his name is but it’s so badass so I have you know I’m gonna be getting a lot more vehicles some stuff and you can look to look forward to many more videos with playing this game and Monsta Balan maybe I can even figure out a way where I can mob my own vehicles and stuff but for now I’m just gonna drive around and kind of explore a little bit cuz I have never played this game on PC until now and so I’m still getting all used to him everything but it’s super fun I’ve just

been playing a little bit today so I’m still getting used to being on PC and stuff oh how did we get the default that would be I don’t want diff lock there we go and then this w let’s see your parking brake up sorry guys you’ll have to bear with me as I’m getting used to you’re getting used to and what the heck oh I don’t want that right now I don’t have a very good how did I get I don’t remember I’ll get this off I’ll be right back with you guys in one moment alright guys I’m back I got it all figured out it just does take me a minute to remember what keys I had to use but uh yeah so uh let me go ahead and there we go see I’m coming from playing on a console to this so it’s all new to me about all the different keys that you have to use and all sorts of stuff like that so I it’ll just take a minute for you guys take you off to get kind of give me a little bit of a break uh you know playing this game and stuff but uh I just gotta get used to it here oh it’s pretty bad that’s a thing I love this game law don’t know where I’m at but uh still learning so uh just give me a little bit of a break on school oh don’t do that but I’m really excited that I finally got this game on the console or PC oh

look at that one right that right over leave this is the diesel in here exactly sure I just kind of got it off of the thing as my first limit I was actually able to uh get um I’ve been having a little trouble with everything you got to get some things added to your computer and so I’m still figuring it all out but uh yeah but uh I’m really glad I was able to get this I think it’s really cheap actually so I think there’s only like ten dollars and then ten dollars because it’s an older version right now and that they’re gonna be having another one that comes out called winter something crap I can’t remember where I know what it’s called oh yeah see about a scheme huh summer break for being uh having lights and everything but uh pretty cool not very it’s pretty dark out in the forest here seems like I thought he’d be a lot of brighter but I hope ever is having a great night and then join their weekend and I hope you get it all stained working on stuff I know that I’ve been staying working about my hours are kind of low right now well glad I’m staying working a little bit I know a lot of people are shut down right now around us and you only hope that we just get past this and that we stays healthy and you know I hope that’s don’t we just get past this and to create these crazy thing right now what I hope every state health thumbs water I’ve been stayin healthy out there and everything well it’s a crazy time right now for our world every the all to work and a lot of businesses are shut down which is really gonna be a bummer which is a bummer because I’m sure there’s some small businesses that you know won’t be able to do survive and stuff it’s a crazy time right now but um the only thing we can do right now is just hang out with our houses no I mean right now we are totally where we have to be in our houses and stuff so I’m glad of that but you know this is a crazy thing right now but decided that I would go ahead and play my computer and my thing by everything that’s going on in the world right now and yeah and I’m super excited that I’ve been working this I’m super excited that I’ve got this game on my PC because it’s totally a lot different from you know normally playing on your the mud runner is totally different it’s not even the same you know so you can add mods and also eggs and stuff like that and it’s so cool watch that guy on the internet for a really long time I’ve seen both me and my younger brother I’ve seen videos I’ve been playing and I watched him before and I was really enjoying watching the balls a man I hope they bring it to console and I got it

and played it quite a lot and I’ve really enjoyed it and then for my youtube career and everything I moved to getting a new computer because for everything that I’m doing there editing and stuff like that I need a new software and I needed more things and you know the super slow and stuff and then I was like hey you know I’m kind of already venturing into you know playing online and you know everything with that and so I was like hey you know this computer will allow me to play they play the games and everything on the PC like all these other guys do so not invention there and yeah so I mean who knows maybe one day I’ll have a really nice setup where I can play all sorts of games and stuff and you know it’s kind of my game plan I guess but right now I’m just kind of doing what I can you know making videos of all sorts for you guys and but you know I really eventually at some point I would like to have a like a studio and stuff where I can you know play games and everything and you know add all my videos and also just over that I have lots of goals that I would like to do you know but everything like that takes time so you should know and okay now I have to figure out the whole winch thing because I have not learned that on here can they just goes the garage what’s he advanced but yeah I have lots of plans of where I would like to take this YouTube channel see how can I do this maybe I and maybe it’s W seize their winch point on this see I’m going from being on a console to this so I don’t remember how they used the winch as much let’s see which dustless well those I don’t know I don’t really remember exactly how to use the winch now that’s really a bummer I need a winch at this moment that’s a horn hey I’m through that up guys let’s see don’t remember I used to win

okay here we go set a inch controls how do we do this at night’s age space wench OSF well let’s try yes afters let’s try that out Oh huh what did i do again the website maybe said the F was for the okay keyboard is turn that rich pool and nights for new tell it head camera I don’t see where it’s shows okay and break you see this works all right guys um I will be right back to you guys in just a moment hey guys so while I’m back I don’t know what happened with the last vehicle I couldn’t get it rolled back over I don’t know if it doesn’t have the winch or I just haven’t figured out the winch yet but uh so yeah this is I got the vehicle and everything um yeah I just restarted the game and went to the main menu and everything but uh yeah come down $4 in your back but I probably won’t make this video too much longer yeah I’m really excited that I got this game I’ve always kind of dreamed of having this one dreamed of having now on the PC I’ve always watched Tim plane and the Mega Man I want that cool vehicle that he makes and stuff and now I finally have it so I’m pretty excited and you know it’s really fun it’s cool I can customize and get all sorts of mods and stuff so I’m really excited I’m always trying to get better on my videos and who are we gonna roll yes of course we are New Kent damn it you see I can repair Katy Perry but the thing is can I use the winch

oh no this doesn’t really figured out this whole wench thing P the water huh it’s so weird don’t know how to use a window to use that I knew I have a winch on here but I can’t figure out how to yeah so weird I can’t figure out the winch guys huh I know I have a winch cuz I can see it there but it’s like the the keys are I don’t know what key it is I don’t know you see I came out yet another truck I really don’t have anywhere to hook it from anyways anywhere but we don’t know if it’s that there’s an anyway spots which it doesn’t look like

there is any or if it is that I knew I have a which on this but if there’s any which in spots hmm that sucks nope I guess I have to go back to main menu and go to main menu yes I want to do that oh well yeah anyways guys I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and play around with this game some more but I just wanted to show you that I finally got this game on my PC I’m really excited about it all and well telling more videos about it and everything but I’m going to learn some more about the keys and everything and so stay tuned for more more videos I’m not exactly sure if this one will go up or not I may do some editing on it and just put up anyways just as whatever I’m still learning and stuff like that but uh if I don’t I’ll have another one out to you very soon about this game I’m really excited about it all but uh yeah if you enjoyed this little segment of me learning give it a big thumbs up I really appreciate it also tap the bell in the notification so you know when I upload subscribe to my channel to follow a little more you love a lot more coming to your way hey everybody so uh um that last time I just I wasn’t at a point where I could use my wedge but I’ve restarted went to the main menu and got my same truck and I went back to the same map and we’re gonna go ahead and continue to be exploring a little bit but I will make this video too long and I’ll do some more exploring and learning on the scheme and then I’ll try again but uh this video will just be on learning learning to play this game on PC so it takes a while get used to everything on a PC it’s a lot different from my console especially with me being so new to it and everything but now we’re gonna explore a little bit and make a video out of it and uh yeah have a little bit of fun you know trying to get away from the drama that’s all going around the world yeah I hope everybody’s having a great weekend and hope everybody’s still staying at work I know a lot of places around the world are shut down right now and not working but uh I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to stay at work and and my hours have been well so we’re right now but that’s okay this isn’t a channel 4 drama a race but I just decided that without entertain you guys a little bit or try to you it’s not playing this new spintires game with I got this weekend and I got this is my first mod that I got I got this vehicle and yeah it’s pretty badass I’m actually whoever creed did a really good job maybe eventually I can get to the point where I can create and something that will see just still learning how to play it on PC it’s so different with the controller you know and cuter PC it’s a lot different although the cool thing I like about PC that I’ve been noticing is that there’s so much different things that you can do on a PC compared to um Xbox or whatever you can customize and do all sorts of different things than you maybe trying to explore that a little bit but uh I’ve only got two other game or one other games so far I’ve gotten more Thunder I believe it’s called and I’ve been playing that with a little bit wow it’s pretty cool yeah it’s pretty fun but I’m still learning that a little bit but uh this one I’ve always wanted to have cuz um it’s a lot different compared to my brother which I have on my console well I always want to watch Tomcat and he was always doing such cool things in like giving new maps all the time and getting new vehicles and customizing them and all sorts of stuff like that all the time you like didn’t we watch me like man I wish we could get cool vehicles like that and stuff and then when I actually needed new I need a PC a new PC for doing YouTube videos for everything

you know I was like hey you know what I want to at least get a PC that I’m gonna be able to play games on and do all that and so now I’ve been exploring the gaming world on my PC and so yeah I’m really excited really excited to share that with you and bring you know more of a thing to you guys more videos to you guys and I’m really excited to start this new thing it’s kind of been a dream of mine to own a PC that I could actually play games on that’s the pretty expensive that’s for sure I know eventually down the road I would really like to get a whole studio where I can edit and do my videos and all that sort of stuff you know why let’s down the road then you get a house and stuff but uh I really like this computer so it does great for you know eventually when I get my own studio which I like I roll get like a whole studio a really nice computer like you see on TV or on YouTube with all the fans and all the different things that you that would be my dream your looks I can add and play games and everything you know but that’s down the road a little bit but uh you know I’m always improving and trying to make this channel better and better and yeah things look cool only seems like it’ll go anywhere I hope you guys are enjoying this video I’m gonna continue to learn in all the keys and everything maybe I’ll get a controller eventually or get my a controller hooked up to it we’ll see I just thought I’d make this video for you guys to give you guys a little bit of entertainment and I wanted to play this game a little bit but this is this checkpoint looks like it is to what does this mean Cokely you job that’s so cool Oh oh yeah nothing’s sick oops I guess we’re not on people playing flat on dang it huh they have been my most favorite games here so fine exploring himself where’s the fuel station I don’t think I need no fuel though Oh forty liters that’s all I got didn’t need much I hadn’t been playing this one very much so

whoops Oh where’d it go oh there we are whoo I was a close one guys takes a lot of a powder eater amazing his games whoo that was supposed to be over at the building yes whoo I think so cool and I believe this map is called volcano or something I don’t remember I think that’s what it was but uh I don’t think I’ve played this one on my xbox so I don’t know but I’m just kind of exploring a little bit tonight not gonna try to do the emissions or anything like that but I may start doing all those on here too but I just kind of wanted to explore a little bit get used to playing on my PC and just hang out with you guys a little bit I probably will make this video real long but I hope you guys are enjoying it and I hope that you guys are all staying healthy and we’ll make it out of this whole thing and you know it’s just something that happens I guess do you think ladies rocks whoever made this vehicles did really kid on that it’s things about us OOP let him roll guys we think yep backwards we go Oh backwards get on the water things can’t climb so well yeah we’ll make it dude I don’t think we’re making that one guys thanks for cool

mm don’t want that we bring on down the sting see it’s so cool I’m gonna work on getting a bunch more deep a bunch more vehicles and Marvin’s I like that maybe I’ll get into customization or I’ll see how people do it hmm but what about me there was the trailer something I’ve followed this one will degree oh yeah it’s really cool cuz use him after like endless walk for the most part any muscle East I think they you know for the most part but it’s cool they’re like an open world I left if I’m gonna play any game I really like the wall open the world type game spot things on school moving homeless out will come up we got it come on oh yeah I think so

oh I almost know that tree down obviously if I can just go right over you ran between see how far we can make it up the school no sweat things looking all right we’re off to see the Wizard what what it’s stuck what come on we can make it we’ll reverse action here see here we get it a little another we’re in a hole come on go forwards ma-maybe oh I don’t think we’re gonna make it guys you have to do reverse Oh don’t want roll it you’re looking a further away round second gear yep I don’t think we’re making now on top the world here oh yeah knock that tree right over

no no whoa Oh wonder what little dark no only don’t know weird it just went dark for some reason I don’t watch cool along I was really cool yes no my cameras and now gonna make it to uh fuzzy for you guys hmm that’s a little better oh that’s the border it can’t go past that reverse I guess we can see what happened to go forwards nope that happens since then we’ll see what’s down here alright guys I think I’m gonna go ahead and call that then of this video I just

wanted to kind of play around a little bit on it and have a new video for you guys I’m really glad I got this game on my computer I got many more of these videos that I’m gonna do exploring this and I’ll probably try go through the whole series I’ll see but I just wanted to do this video because um it’s kind of been one of the things that I had always wanted to play on PC you know as I’ve been playing xbox I got into that law and then I watched law youtube and seeing this guy tom cat playing the scheme but he had all these cool paws and somebody that and then finally they released it for finally they released it for a console and I was like really excited and I got the game and it’s awesome it’s a really fun game mud runner you know it’s the same version of it pretty much but on PC I’m gonna actually go ahead and find mods on the find mods on the Internet and then download to your computer and then you have them on your your game and it’s really cool and I think there actually is some way like if I had my Xbox hooked up to my um my laptop I could add mods students I like that but I don’t know exactly how to do all that but anyway so I just it was really cheap game to get this one it wasn’t really expensive so I just went ahead and bought this and I’m really excited to test out all the new options and the mods and everything but uh yeah if you guys enjoyed this video give a huge thumbs up I’d really appreciate that also had to tap the Bell notification so they you know when I upload I’m gonna be doing a lot more games on my PC and something that I’m still gonna do next box once I’ve got some new games have already downloaded that I’m gonna try to and if you guys know how to hook up your Xbox to the computer or if you’re even able to let me know because I’d be really cool I don’t know if I have to have an actual um you know a not a laptop but an actual computer I may have to do that but if you guys know about that let me know but uh leave me some comments about this game fears really enjoying it we know and if you guys really enjoyed this video of me playing spintires from the first time on my PC let me know if you have any questions let me know also but I have a fantastic weekend the rest of your weekend and I will make a new video for you guys very soon on this game but um go ahead and subscribe to my channel to follow along also I’ve got a lot more videos coming out to you I have a bunch more I’m still we’re still working on my Jeep and I’m always working on new content for you guys but uh yeah so yeah have a fantastic weekend and I will catch you guys in another video very soon