if th th th half off and if half welcome welcome welcome everybody and their server stream here soon- L you how a city as back for more A all know I forgot my bottle opener : tonight at the ground that DNA to either via nights back to the Moon move from the army The works the S M to have an if the NT am a bad for them to move the division did N did in mime troupe to embellish our 10 A finish if the everyone is watching is doing fantastic you know the guys chairs to you cheers to you think OK to dwindle and get started the add the move the Moon exciting mission changed to five mission , what keeps doing that nowhere near ready for the toilet mission so these are all done I have a submission here that I might do first before moving on

to this one search on june the ISP to search for the swordfish in kyrgyz Hassey the treasurer plan I thought I just all yet enters into the fold, ma somebody just came just in the way of all whaling that he lost again OK yet as a sword that we found that the yorty founded for once for the full probably drop in the cave during that five of the yo, I would ask you to come into the clans aid to the plan say your shoes or once more rumor has it that around the times was lost and worries began to run the KB a new guard OK to sell a product to kill the dead warriors and they will reward me with the lovely lovely sword 1111 Jan man with a JM in the middle of a jam and I let’s do this kind so where are we all that’s right I needed on one more level of strength I think the case were here was that pool is that you see that he’s playing are you know I’ve won a RO all no I was not ready for that a stop to this guy here and fees so we can talk to well a knoll nodded mean to kill him know all are in a way to kill him is go back onto that really stinks if I kill them and he in he’s a character you can talk to all be so upset about that do they really hope that in just kill a character , ways that of knoll to all that’s socks man that’s socks he was probably a character of the high really hope the guy was like a character that just continues on the game that you like and the need that would really suck you hear the must be the altar

will die him this way for him to I hope somebody’s shooting at me or doing something to me , see of a rival case so far so good hey Atlantis Wellcome welcome back high you do if it’s Gotta be late for you right now, with times it for you to spin the use of public service to others and other guy oh god Oakmont there ago he’s up there there is right there are cases not like super important that I be as Leo 11:06 PM to have a case is not as late as I thought I thought it was like 1:00 AM for you but that’s not as bad still a slight but have to calm to com, and we still are doing good thought that the drop by for a little bit before going to see why a very much appreciated what this it’s always great to see you and doing any cool artwork lately if you want I would love to see like you know it sucks you obviously but like something like this neo on what I feel a disguise income to lucky I knew it called down to OK a really been too busy Oman be getting close to a national chain at least beating a straw came

, you get excited for animal crossing right , Susan talk to the skies time all I see this guy’s just OK so he just summons these things I was good to know says not actually is not actually a character was really good to know that’s made a couple more thing in middle of the game will play Josh how many hours and put into the game only so many hours reading is some high for animal question arises ends he had up if I’m late for june to maternal drew the Tahoe of you got me of low old cheese oh my gosh you’d call no no I’d try to dodge the type is it into the job that time, bird us some chains taking so long so that some taking a long break and we’ll get back to it all day to call it so as to chains so long taking taken in taking a long break the ocean to set sorry and am to try to revive the sagging on OK if you get my was closer lot of guys are there so my guess is that that’s the boss fired their if there is a costly simple: their own need to go in there are no that’s where the that’s where my thing is isn’t no it’s not it’s and here’s a tip and is 786 from staff , come on top and lined

up do not a direct of all my god of data yes oh my god you Gotta be kidding the man of G’s could they be any recurrence like all my god or UK I don’t have time to even showed that are I came and shields have gotten inside a stint is way too long issue all know of is not what I want to do to-man sullenly to drop the camp speeds on believable how fast the issue how fast they hit me of top of no no killed one noxious of the looking for can kill me are you kidding me to this bull craft no hello of god to a great none more guys from Sergei Eisenstein not responding to your got no more ammo yet corset memorial because Tacoma County serious , I did not say that she would not say this win twice of that why are you to , god did

a hell of a hot , okay he’s dead edges of the word about this guy all what a bunch of bull crafted wholly Molly OK to go back to check my English is broken hearts of Camas know I you’re fine amid that you take a break to to be burnt been burnt out to two game taking so long I gotcha no deaths have smiling as ago may welcome the stream, god wasted so many as 88 U.S. are right those talks only crab two will be great fun too, funny how it’ll crossing the residue coming out same day yet same time is a really funny names out there as bad as pepper demon with dogs pay just and welcome back my friend and O my god that was I would see make sure I’ve read everything so that yeah OK that was just the house and only a day like close the gap so quickly the selector so far away and I pull my beloved all assemblies already swinging at you really that so stupid tomb of time you have the board don’t have I should say man that was annoying of god did I just was not expecting it to be that all the sudden expect so subliminal tales proceed at RT died once so that no deaths thing is not that happened to their souls Capper dean of all weird in those bitmaps that was nuts possessed by Mr. G be a spear divisions OK knees and she OM. And so yolk I like a monk was willing hole and holding he should see how see the big as to not have interpret that but perhaps this was a greater responsibility then we corrode up from their sheer take it with two J if you’ll pardon my presumption in making the offer this isn’t sure over plans finest rusher use it well OK EA I’s we’ve done everything we can now have to do this would save all someone on up my

but now I have even better stuff of nonstop and one that’s better for my god 5.285105.2 , image and injured two definition and returned as plus five attack though it’s only was five points higher division Russian attack and on humanity duration bonus , , keep these ones on the tse, I wanna go back two here though so they can level of four level by a strength to need to be level 10 and strengths and I can get access to the bonuses for special effects and armor them wearing you ingest and I, one play wolf and start again fact that an against an addicting though that’s, said increases the minimum required but I can in the wurlitzer snout this point , stay with that also realize from those in time yet as this l’enfant an hidden T house studies of an unlocked to two copies offline Since the spirit stones slumbers let’s do it to have a touch of a family lord British EPA has been missing ever since he left the battle monsters of the Canadian it would be a boon for our campaign OK oh cuts is already arranged a meeting with his wife slowly begin each EU William Levis Leslie for touch of a castle of once OK to-10 mama shrine was virtually record county to placate cheeses and rage spirit hell bent on revenge does long ago-ounce halls of invaded by Wallace frozen purchase your pie rumors abound, particularly in seven cry emanating from the city at night to interesting interesting food and the the Moon will and they’re fast , and so all seems like she knows that the move May 1600 does I flew as a new main mission

will if I didn’t. The next event service area like those to all you know what I forgot on its the weapon that I was just given, this one: white guy that’s amazing amusing that will attack rate close, tackles, that tap tacticians ingenuity and ingenuity I am using that , how good was that weapon that I had is 176 I think the new new new new boat on that day and noon and I walk down there and don’t know if I’ll be able to I can tell possibly, I don’t know Amazon just do right now are now let’s wait if so what somebody ought to 20 years old when anything she ever do anything cool today , since the passes guy to well well below wall, and see him staff to five men see that you can put away a can of this town full

has really taken a lot of health me fooled quits down a meeting of the own game the opinion of guessing this game heavily Japan based R us most certainly it’s made from the same its patience and developers that made on the on while watching a thing of the name of the games, and if the year than age of reel renew you will while those loud redo your boss or someone on Wilson and seven injured games watch everything to the name of those to ensure some deals those its ninjas. I think into serious the developers O all these other energy pretty quickly and as another one right there no one connected to the name of the game advantage a piece of nice that it was the main characters and redo ray you like your boss or something new to one, he can use 11 characters in the debtor live to use the ninja there’s one on all guided, getting them to Diane demain and U.N Ice desperately need health , and he’s a health elixirs I wanna say secure oh probably was employed influenced by this game but what is still fell : nice and slow to cover their probably images somewhere is picking up from Japanese language all were you

from ago which speak it but I do know it sounds like OK yeah I can’t really call that I can really tell the difference between Japanese and Chinese and Korean not say there isn’t a difference I just can’t tell the difference you know it’s okay so should be able to a wonder if I can run across the saloon when flames out is if it looks like it’s shallow enough yet it’s showing off OK beautiful letter that you see this all there’s a busy time over years without this guy perfect as China learned some point you worth was pretty cool travelers learn Japanese I think I’m learning Japanese at the time learning Japanese and attend so to this whole area shallow bowl that looks troubling right there are, if no are you kidding me alone It was intended as a guy’s shooting at us , died her E yet it’s always via it since extremely hard own to learn to the deluxe the best in

and in that’s very challenging on shore up the gun learning Japanese have to come to the Japanese have everything so will the guns and revenues with incomes under Japanese of anything so full that seat will are a very faint show are rare you rearrange the server, – with the little guy there said a little kid that’s scary looking there is beautiful and just run back from here to two vote will will warlord of armor excellent he did sins and I get over there well and O to craft to Diana to all know a good move OK for ago to god eme to doing it again him off guard who was it doesn’t do as much damage and all I get attention off guard Don another one

top those not good again do that again to trim off guard by sings about these guys that they’re very short their very slow and very shrill will shoot holy, health was my health solo and ago looks weird no event as such are a while to see that was a need to treat looks like something to me it’s just a rock OI found another on all U.S. did wall one of these guys that’s weird all nice weather and I think that gives me more elixirs were higher probability of picking up a lectures will go in pop off to bed now of seeing another time and generous of the day session I thank you so much and lands for stopping and you add the bay east and I will see an Exxon a great night there’s another one of his before he sees me beautiful back to the beginning I love that guests got two goals are so something here over here was this stone,

U.S. demands horn EAE Kennard to get that the ninth semites at the menorah for letters as it may be sent him a hard Woo woo a look what we get a share a 77 Damon Allard all will be dead yet he’s dead , quote, who lived on the sweet spot down there a quick all come of what it’s about them work as I have to do roll off of their their ago to the – up this can be an enemy somewhere you right here statute of the Eastgate TI vassals armor , summers Based on low of level of what I’ve got the gun in queue for this right So is there any challenge and one of the letter should go back real quick because number one I almost have enough for a a level up number two I get full health to feels so I should go back

and also, women kill whenever this thing is if I gnash I should have enough close it sooner this is a very cool think we’ll have a: to the Federal to the new staff knew what was that’s OK, let’s just do this and then leads to level of O this please the Showtime constantly constantly drawn to the same saw abilities to have to also listen to look as all right , to drop or rate is now at 20% to to like the one what looks are feeling this guy is of no I can open that OK as one of the double check his wallet and demote she it will issue to forgot man I O whole new to the news one around mom lower simple and have no more India add the Jews will run on loaders sat tool

Janet Chen, a vision of a one I was give this guy and everything we’ve got to wait for him first I year ago to wall and that the fact that an starts a lighting so, see if I have armor against lightning to wildlife and yet was clad of fact I think what I just picked up hoops when I just picked up was good against yet this all in all largely this is better with lightning someone is we’ll do that close ones lightning To and Nancy vs. lighting two puts much of so much worse as we worse to discern open on youngest this is actually the need to be all body requires seven my body is probably a six column and so I can’t even use the vassals armor into my body is up to seven , is nothing here that’s good for landing, and that is the only one that’s good for lighting who was inside the walls and the willingness of the string to bring it was close to landing And that’s cause for lightning who am I knew that one plus two and only the plus for learning is why not even though it’s much worse , you know what two OK so , the lightning Omar each arm and accessory two, lightning Omar chart maybe that’ll help a little bit also was taken off

as a result of traditionally used correct, when using puzzle and rocky and Hirano, one, use that more often mistake of the paralytic and apparel and needle elements a base damage Only the one and though all you know what though I could probably use small spinners stone, spears Thompson and small spears and 32 done in the 3200 75,070 to 080003000 that C Newman and will give requires much cool and see that also you know I forgot to two , you two on makes sense of sets of armor like shortcuts to forget will 253 , let’s try this as Greta HR will hold O own honest and are I’ll have time to use the panic and loan blue Moon to serve a stock is 51 is a good enough and Kayla C to

want to I want to do here all want to set up at Tustin I guess I can only do that in the main menu are the of man and tunnel , can use any OK , take off my elixirs ’cause I don’t wanna use some are just the one you some however I can use this to spread by everything to find away with it wanted to run , then come and get the OK to have a look at me look so crazy so when you charge is a piece, uses a lecture classes lighting blast and that’s going too dry and me your house and does a complete sentence on his lighting blast will shoot off three times it seems like what that counted to just be sure to hoped to build one 123 four that 123 four , OK he taxed twice Compliant dodge the first one look at that that’s crazy and often really should be wearing this armor or if I should just go for

a commodity armor plate a second will wait a second wave the second was this over here are all god , from what I just did a lake of So maybe I should be wearing this mission, go back to when I was when the four of them were the ones that Apple’s five model to change that one night in this one yet running speed O defense so to it and 36 , and if the was running speed noses, the this one EA In

one become fame as by followers crimes and he resigned following by that, following the hijacker on while doing what you see her as my god man wall laid wed a bug in ever knew that Manuel Kinney just like gives me for free no late pleases why they please men on Canada seven for free pretty please avoid well tended to I’m going to evoke as a vassal armor I should probably level up once more certain use it and then I’ll just use all that she’s all that you are in the it O

so much easier than one of the cow destiny, if it’s offered me to do that some of the hell my name , then that’s a layman to their goal that’s that’s the beauty is the huge U.S Victorious war while the photos and was given crop of me when, in this understand that I so BU T0 so cigar right here as unknown Keogh money on state this guy out to all one , I should be good to one leveling out now so that’s the lowest level up mind the body ones so that I can read the stuff for a quick limited to us

They love of the body so that I can use a sign of crusade I’m not know was that I can use the vassals armor vassal how to make armor sat astride a file that I can do that now on at a loss to how to do that he’s a little tech damage and returned vs. yolk Ireland in Europe is yours is pollution and the following from the real Perot as to this one year, close combat damages to this one a one just use this one that resume of the weapon case lost into control using the weapon ratio, around is to that image from fall colder and fifth and drop rate engine to power of the view that key The shuttle this one was so many holy cow I was too shy to this one sounds pretty cool P master it had a way to use it , and all the time I did just that becomes 50 Whenever , ties and I’d deaths 95 deaths while 9089 of those were times killed from a frontal attack was pretty sad do all facile others facile and the new vessel to that should help I wish you could once you unblocked once I found this vaulter I wish I could leave the mission and come back and decide which alter one to start from the vehicle feature slider don’t have to reset the entire level over again but OK-only did that on to that school for Shelly

O123 four while new book a pulled by Litwin able to beat this guy will be more tries so so I don’t wanna get that close to him all its two to the old my java man stopped OK C roles and lightning trails him OK were just in the process of learning how he works so there’s no way around it means we’re gonna die and we’ve never because the first time we’ve come to fight this guy of two Staff of five dodge from us to just not conducive to keep up the complete he pulls it will resume with a key around too much internal plans a winter pictures of you. Now if them And to the FMLNA Delano been open open open for you to its eye was blocking 234 without 1234 , conduct a step closer to a

: O and charged operation of O NA home move with AA had a good children’s AA and the AMA FAA The U.S. is a stop What. Yet for fifth and fourth On the eye socket, to have lived there for my key tonight will just isn’t just have to forever and ever never been. In the fifth hole- half at home and was of a EWS, which have that, the have a while and have an he is selling down Levin added for me Al Yoko Diaz the money to meow indeed OK here the meows can hear the cats to what was even close to him yet the whole life, all that’s bull crack Polk rap against top all that’s bull crack to blood contact white east are already wasn’t close to him yet below trade and economic the coaster of lights to three or know I was blocked in to two O no I was blockading paid money board and no industry say EL and save me how a seven YR a board, but a aria me anno Sourcing and I from its staff no at all No doubt was way too far away one to 12 Can wish I had my ellipses on me are

way what that was in the same thing OK so if your boss Arkansas phone post any new taxes and you’re out of the survey found a cool, but again, cool advantage now so this try that again us all my buddies got up early on nice to miss this size you guys came into the same exact time solely a high is in sight bunny aria knoll almighty god that’s bull crack 1 to 3: OP date to finish number of Aden , another day of the only close game is all about trial and error and ready for an exciting thing we all said exciting thing the noon to 30. Somehow the hit me stupid to our view , that person assigned to happen only have no clue for OK to OK literally instantly kills me and does even move to specimen kills and are zero dozen are others doing a no way of doing , you he’s getting underneath him all of all that’s my opening night there all mind cannot do is gasoline tax , its own possible to know when to when to block one to dodge one to move on to attack since so many moves

to all my god to can figure him out 1234 oh my god , they do that to all Casey Gotta get underneath his belly and just attack him go, but have long tried man, up 5/8 or crew nicely by trying to call me and all non and a no no no telling the use although no right that’s unbelievable as you work Friday and now the rescue work today now they can go screw themselves to payables under I know that was close There we go to a mother figure that out no to all my god is so close , but mylex’s back on to all those so close guys so Krause but he’s so much easier now that I know that also heavy use the salt to just put on a minute BLK said to those stupid fact that only seven OK good would come on again be kidding me , I come on in need of a bid that Lassen was close my kids realize inside dead space attack the glowing orange yeah that’s that’s of its actually good analogy I’m only the use my looks as if I get his health down to like they be close to a corner damage to all, I’m guessing that their ago all, a nine is crazy his outlining

I have two lightning charms on an ole health projects made in slamming his winning still kills in two events was appointed the protection to I’d held all my gut blocks that time I’d definitely pressed down the block, and before he hit me and didn’t do anything to become the Isaac the Asian download a war zone and we can die together the various has been canceled because of the corona Vars so is that actually true in the actually has been canceled or is that just a possibility , saying like it it probably will be canceled or might be canceled or they say it definitely is canceled its base of 100% canceled oh my gosh dude as crazy wild wild me adult Wilson switch to this Bockius again to all of the wait and see that the waiting so too was a waste waste waste all I got just wasted three elixirs of the C something I read which you can never tell you threes in june something I read which you can never tell the three isn’t June 1 you can always sells in june and people exaggerating about that, well I mean I don’t know that some people are saying that in some people are saying that’s not an exaggeration and fox’s having their own online gaming thing and Sony is as well I think OK to be honest 1/2 them might just be using it as an excuse to not do the three because eateries been on a decline in a long time that the inner peace flow there ago

no no no the rose city like the idea of each company having their own show even if it’s just online and it’s always a life for me anyway so I’m getting closer to a thing and just get too greedy you know I’m getting too greedy I get a grip the the greedy as well as create the TV and getting two I’m getting too greedy greedy , and we’re saving sometimes it’s yet to of oak and the active Japan is a land of national hot springs and were laced with enemies poultices to sell her string of five experience most refreshing by collecting eight dissipates that they dissipate yellow when you are ever you a piece of garbage I just show me just kill me to think that I think they have a good idea that read the beginning I known that for knoll undead just how that killed me just kill me and work Yes I did was holding down a dunk out the body to mike the power of Isaac Devlin agree that we need Isaacs powers will win as it to money we smell to three for their ago

no of 1234 is almost dead 1234 the-eight got two the Hoke you’re a La is you didn’t have my family of Shelby and and who might you be young lady you know I think atop the most in all of them yet probably do we got and as the gats am a word about ago shoes are for a second will want to of the altar this will take this as a funny looking at their woman and is for all blood AI am often on the all major project is very nicely to restore from an internal from little as a while ago we I think you still seems upset the may be able to quell its anger you got gestures Sari Just remains one of us posted up size of a man , way what , I was going on right now but said he lifted spirits blood A find it useful and Hogan , garlic so awesome had no way that will of the comeback I just saw to put down the middle and back and quick

about this is not the end of the level you are the sky is while to me add all right here in an altar may be innocent to hear those of you like it hot , hot water boiling you know my pain is uncharted we go back all grab them is something was there something else that I missed all some of the other option pack on new code, cents Wu a life that often assumed this one about the islanders one to dispose two defense post six, two that of whites see 3132, this was one division content was five, do that all rights to do that, down vessels armor was all those was using raging bull way better than guards, C36 those two anything better than that this is 31 defense post three from running speed toughness from the OS to this one you know this looks good to assumes his defense post three and he plus two that sounds good to me we go back there was a treasure all that’s that’s the Tina Turner, I sue you saying you know my pain in uncharted, go back to life is a treasure that the lack of cash and 1/2 you that sucks to eight that encompassed from backdrop. You to power life lost 13 new that’s not too bad to resign vs. you Cairo , 191622 , its way to keep out of the two damage bonus you should plan charted I’d have played all of them all-the first three at the top level one of the toll on the PlayStation three NFL of the other 27 plan yet

to what this one does life plus 13 was a census 205 170 stop in use. 153 win 98 that’s better than what I have his middle distillates familiarity will go up even be better than to 05 years to that one Syrian trust me it’s can all I know it’s good for the for this all of her just be offered I’ve seen game play that looks like a door that looks like it or maybe should also agree just an all white Sosa insulate the school turn will be going on without fans and in attendance will buy the NCAA white pass just weird man crazy when of ages to a woman does to a video game tournament that of his although playing video games at their convenience of their own home on live in half of the A many furry ghost to yet that’s fine by furry cat ghost guy friend and not only now will sign Regis and hey, we have identified none VOL O have had an like reading the messages like the conversation only been Breaux London: roll all sub roll when will you pro great pro EA old The stupid to open this up I can play this level hasn’t finished it seems beach culture by some however OK O two in getting into but he did in

Brodsky high all your friends bill on the day and it stinks I know that’s what you meant the ski yet friends and partially be that of times friends in my best friend icu all right to put down the panel Mac or the eye, she dies on the resident evil two honk play through fourth fourth survivor play through it, really , that’s an accent, that’s an enemy right there that director used an attack one sign to all use and always an elixir gotten down team would win, who played the head covers an evil to bondage a all your notes due in the GPA than you have kids and try to remember but I can’t win and someone else are foamy or just an that altogether the sentence I mean I know I have kids but I don’t think he does either pretty darn sure doesn’t have the a you beat that nice wife, play it again to some control freak thing on my controller wanna see if it’s any makes me more accurate also house war zone treat me just an it’s so obvious is a bad guy called a one of these guys outcome of

a white Intel and drank some sparkling water sparkling water, or the sparkles made of its the power of the rainbow of move interesting power the rainbow ever go lucky charms spare go well leprechauns dare go Irish people ever go alcohol and ago-looking out: gopal Dole was sleazy back here , OK are you kidding me are you kidding me why didn’t the case is a beginning again OK so vicious brings you back here I got it seeking come from that direction or the search and OK , hired ish man he select something off of black loafer Foo whom the together recharge the end of the year two never, never read and the revenue up the renovated O scale, yes to that should irony that session. Right there to is also pretty good as the body of every up and I’m the area All yeah I get a look to the parade by 25% David E and a parade of materials as amazing are random coasted all OK only admission. 98 That’s that’s a bad it’s a guy and Philip

Nolan Sinead was ’cause interment and Emil De rap all know a solution which was designed for women It’s like the pain may decide if home in new issue date at age 28 done a dynamic decision may be sent to offer letters went like this I generate these well so many almighty god it’s right there all medicated process, all they could someone stop am is getting wears a Philippine News anchor but the NBA just cancel the rest of the regular season all my god any serious they cancel the rest of the regular season while fact that you are just a news anchor this just an just an reporting on what this of what is just a matter of this just and Justin Thomas to the use of those awful fact that of the monies that this is yet that’s insane man I can’t believe that all that directed all my god hall would ever be an anchor and

this just in just in reporting the news, that’s dropping down hard sell 60 Fraser second the slickers for pro what the heck man with the hit me and the fans just crazy I can’t believe that that’s insane mixing you know game stops in like close down for a little bit too downbeat Hussein is not happen but the debut of hurricane coming and games topple not fact that the , noted that basically them They only if there is the state of emergency they will they on the something both got really the religious to that just understand something like stocks until it’s all over it and that as a date we shall there just was just all this state right here fifth all those actually enough of the human that some of the Miao The only thing coming year, to display some from 10 fans take the art since you get a file and if an aft you know it yet I have we are to have PST are too so I could be that of a canoe of fenestrae and I’ll have a nephew though that someone sees this one not to I can’t believe I just did that again , and these guys are hitting me walk all over me lucky the rickety as ’cause is that was a KB had stupid kitty what’s

weird and on the fighting there All is up there screw them to run him know can be a stupid mike Nanula stupid Katy Steding TV and has a make you feel the john Keeney now I love my cats I know them and then in march to the slide areas are just held shot this guy’s Gotta go all my guy I ran right into him I will again use I have to use an elixir a much shorter go from here , are you serious he’s still not dead after all those attacks in route and that’s a Cold War attacks he had one hit left and I had him two more times that sold on and will bet you with these positive only a wall punch in these Cody wish I had of your yet will cool thunder I do have a VR bra has it make you feel punch you in the face two of the fact the just because I have the Arlene Dahl almighty god did while Wells died man with a dose of par 60 friend for second sub 60 know ain’t gonna happen draft no candle he’s never allowed into my room, why he thinks he can use a lot and that he all of america’s lousy meows when the doors closed he’s not allowed in regardless he chews up all my stuff he gets in everything to her TV and yet kitty kitty

as Gandalf avocation for my face might look of my PF T your PST was at the door to go up wait a second, now see this how do they not see this he’s a cat opiate pieces for profile picture I can see your profile picture about looking at profiles coliseum names and a CIA names and address your messages some easing up a new chat but are not checked body of the chat window that lets you see all the messages from you to twitch and mixer football will move Stacy Joe Yes I have also movie fantastic movie that follows a great movie opens a platform was acting on some of the turtle guy journal journal upper back no problem could be no problem mystery the Mr Caplan O two to stick up behind him Da a baby that’s what I’m talking novel and to think I’ve think those everything here right suspicion are you joke was awesome all you saw too cool thunder also, the cool thunder’s also named Tony, to see

what it’s a almighty god to keep falling for that 123 12 ) for insane did what you are when you had all the box for streaming and had so many things in the shop and their ranks yeah I rolled out to those lot of work constantly revising all that adding new staff is a lot of work that owes a lot of fun to go just very stressful armor that youthful I heard of code, somewhere back by layer oh god it’s all my it’s a ability to king right again I’m back here of men who That too much to handle not even like I just kind of wrong he was he was on its going for a second swing us try to get into uncharted go toward some right at the end of the swaying selected attack him because when used when his yellow when the areas that are yellow are lit up to do more damage to try to do it quickly and I just kinda wrong

up again and just under on only sorry you serve all stars again I know right even soon for almost 2 hours in no audition for 3 hours to a minor to stop soon as I dive right there while diving right here I heard a Kodama up here was good to know was not far away from a year that on yet that the boss and everything didn’t become too much to handle the added the camel too much to handle definitely it was just like too much work too much stress, furry ghost appeared that’s a that’s your conference call Kato which is like your the fox are something , I hear sparkly and EA all my gosh I made a bad choices are now the knoll no old again again of this room while that was really close those terrible I did terrible there were only good lord sweet OK and a lot of experience right now of the student body again

says is gonna be right here Nobody going to win new I do not have work on soon will have worked on Friday morning screw system passed and oh god I do have to buy my guitar lessons tomorrow the site you have that to lose this event The famed server a key the anno heavy use act if that’s funny and I know how to use it to wait and see isn’t the end it’s cool so why are you tomorrow off Tony with a K and Sunday 1005 yet while I have been among the organ see what some beyond this for a quick and then we’re gonna all yes , you really serious hole my god did she’s legit holy do not want that source while she’s legit while if she were flying yet issues like blocking, up from the FA so far back still is still quickly she kills everything my god , back and heal to know might you can have this or wait until one day when a FAA is not fair to the

the Moon was like this person is one of two officers should be a offer shares via U.S Because you would abuse its power young, one knew what perhaps the jail and will miss well what of these Irish is all in ish RO two was a woman to these while that of the stock in a beating sorry yeah thanks Tony a boy at an all of those shoes for a long time your thing, to save this for next time Unix and I’m pretty hungry only something before it gets in the old sister too late , if you notes: just that was fun yet was key on bright guys Brian E that prominent in a while to figure him out as don’t really have via the energy to do right now the first possible autonomy the U.S. the AA at all yet absolutely a kitschy as the next one for sure and the local dramas are fighting

to me and say only silly billy’s all right boys and girls alike this one from the that was pretty cool for don’t have too much fun tomorrow will be able to visit DOS does dominate our lessons but after that and before that old and Claudio fun of Allred boys and girls if I’ll see as later they so much for tuning and you’re awesome we got at least one bus down next boss soon become stand were to keep pressing on to so I guess if a kitchen later th th fifth of the