NVIDIA SHIELD TV – This War of Mine – Days 1 & 2 (Gameplay Overview)

hey guys what’s going on it’s greggles from greggles TV today I’m gonna play this war of mine it’s basically a game that you play as an elite soldier rather than a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city struggling with lack of food medicine and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers the game provides an experience of war scene from entirely new engl I watched a little trailer of this game on my nvidia shield TV and was blown away the graphics are beautiful to side scroller but they’re so the graphics are amazing so let’s get this role loading loading loading yeah I think you guys are gonna really like this game and I’m watching the trailer it looks so cool and if you look at the reviews of it on the steam store because it’s a pc game as well the reviews are like seriously for all five out of five so see how this plays on the Nvidia shield and how it looks ominous gray black creepy alright was that me on the civil war broke out many people thought it would only last a couple of weeks it’s been years since government as we’re out the rebels in the capital cutting off all supply lines Civil aville Yin population trapped in the city or second with hunger disease and shelling catia met both Pavel and Bruno before the war she used to be a reporter la Bruna headed on television cooking show Pavel was the star of a local football team catia even injured in at once now they make dramatically different circumstances looking food and shelter all right target the tag is our tea switch characters are be same as lb toggle scavenge combat mood actually character movement alright basic things here the door was locked i could force the lock if I only had tools how Paul managed to keep it warm in here what is she doing here what should I like components we need conversely that all this without that I have a chair what is this oh whoa whoa can you up that line fuck it I’m going here what is this I take them off that’s good good all these materials climbing up the ladder cats are a fool I’ve got a nasty headache so get up some medicine there’s nothing any bullshit so so we got in here fuck the ward my worry so I guess I go oh yeah Caleb suit oh shit no mother fudger whoa whoa whoa

whoa whoa whoa mode you press like one tiny button there yeah but I get in here where am I getting alright raw food herbs edible building fortress from cooked components can you jump over that bullshit I’m taking it on google crap is that can I help this guy no sex I should I see the controller again inventories why pocket so I can go downstairs whoa what is she doing its girls doing all kinds of shit we’re gonna hurt lock picking and this is taking a long time let her do her thing that’s all you can do no one has a shovel here no show take your time take your time I feel filial it’s nothing serious well if you finished up be good finish up here almost there hey burst now right never says I medicine all right looking good got more rubble whoa it’s gone the neighborhood recently got shelled in many houses are still burning people were fleeing for their lives in a hurry so we may find some useful stuff here they are without meeting anyone would want to prepare she sleep I guess please select unselect ask a linear sleep dude then that was calm apart from that go distant shots let us hope it don’t get worse alright this girl is sick

Oh she almost done sleeping on the floor is terrible now xplocial such as heat lamps for gardens mixes for a warship reform at workshops what should I make so better in here then I have lock picks that’s right pics not this you take over see ya nothing nothing nothing 45 I’m following might meet these been so take them you can take a very filling sushi whew alright so back in this guy that food you see he’s gonna find some stuff boost oh that’s just the door leads that

dragged to place or in contested issue snipers can still be around I’ll show you essential for the fragmentation process so he just made a bed see what else we got well so I can’t make anything else let’s consumables all right the other guy seems stuff yes I I leave I guess just sit down looks like I’ve done everything in this night who needs it or slept poorly so everyone slept poorly she crying he’s asleep in the bed yes i’ll have that guy’s scavenge you know what sleep scavenge something bad see what goes on here what’s going on this is slow burning to see if to go in see ya what’s a gap yeah take the old stuff with my first scratch too lazy gasps you got a little food dude drop some of this damns all kinds of shame diesel herbal meds I need jobs in this little shit would

dean faiello you know what i think i’m good at this point door was locked Pavel is back alright guys you want to end it there this game is really cool i think i’m going to continue playing it I will guess we can see how days three and four go so check it out hope you guys like if you guys like you give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe guys and we’ll see you guys down the road thanks for watching