PE LIVE! – Japan Sales: Switch Tops PS4 LTD | Yakuza Producer on Nintendo + Q&A!

You think again don’t you know Justin you never see it they construct game do down you’ll never see it I gave my friend and you’ll never see it

you you might bang all right what’s up everyone Oh J here welcome back to another PE live today we got a great show for you guys we are going to be talking about the Nintendo Swift sales in Japan whilst we talk about some other stuff as well hopefully you guys enjoyed the music sorry for the technical difficulties at the beginning of the stream I don’t know what was going on but there was some issues with the music then there was issues with the stream actually going live and all sorts of other stuff but I think I figured out one of the things that was the issue with the stream I think my bitrate was way too low for the type of the quality of Internet that I have which might have which might have fixed or might will fix some of the blurriness issues that we have during our gameplay live streams so I think that could be the thing because everything’s showing green where’s usually it would show yellow or sometimes red so pretty cool stuff there but anyway we’ll get into some ninja news but first we do have a donation the first donation of the stream and the acraman shout out to my boy donated $2 new super chances get some juice um I don’t really drink juice outside of the v8 fusion juice the light calorie one but that stuff whenever I get it I always drink it way too fast it’s so delicious but yeah I’m probably gonna be going to the grocery store either tonight or tomorrow so I’m probably gonna get some v8 fusion juice it’s vegetable juice and fruit juice put together it’s really good it’s really good I actually like it helps me get my fruits and vegetables in so yeah so yeah good stuff but yeah I think we fixed that issue with the gameplay stream so so it should be it should be better guys cuz everything’s going a lot better here okay says lol know your juice okay Oh Jay I got you ha ha ha yeah yeah shout out thank you so much I appreciate that

Andy Andy Ustream labs my boy you donate it you’ll be donating way too much to be using super Chet Ustream Labs my man you get that you get yourself a custom shimmy instead get some custom shimmy instead my man no but thank you Andy I appreciate that I know you’re on the road a lot so it’s a lot easier to use super jet alright so let’s see here so let’s go ahead and let’s get you up let’s get you up here on the top stream enjoy my man Andy with the $4 $4 I’m gonna go and put those two together so the four dollar donation thank you so much appreciate that and you are the top stream ninja for this week so far or actually no reset it on Sunday so I think oh no actually you are never mind no you stop streaming injure for this for this stream not the week I’m confusing that we can because Avedon’s actually weekly because it’s right above there so shout outs man let’s see here I don’t even know what stream webs is Creek Andy click the link in the description so click the little I don’t know if you’re on mobile I think you’re on mobile right click the link the description box and then from right there you’ll see this is like the stream labs link from right there and they’ll get you like a custom message on there instead of like that I’ll get you me doing this shimmy instead it’s a little bit better for me because YouTube is weird because they take 30 percent for some reason so if they take 30 percent of the donation which is the dumbest thing ever but that’s what YouTube does cuz that’s how you do this so yeah alright so sorry let’s go to let’s get into let’s go ahead and get into some of the ninja news for the day we had a brand new fire emblem video so if you guys have not seen that firearm video make sure you check it out on the channel it’s on the community page and it’s also let me go ahead and let me just go to the community page so you guys can kind of see what’s kind of going down there so it is on the community page so if you head over we’re gonna go ahead and go to reaction here so if you guys head over you will see it we did give a shout outs to the top stream ninja for the past week so thank you guys for the contributions I do appreciate that and we also did I put the commits I did it I did anyway so if you click over to videos you can definitely find it so yeah the the firearm video is up thank you guys so much for the support so far than we have around like 2500 views or so that’s gonna be pretty good probably rounded out by tomorrow by five thousand six thousand views so that’s good so that’s up the the PE podcast is up as well so if you’re not a patreon or if you’re not a YouTube member that did go up on Sunday on Mother’s Day so the PE podcast number 51 is up for you guys to watch the PE live as well with meri skelter and all that my saints row gameplay footage all the stuff from the past weekend is all up also my 20 years PlatinumGames video that’s also up as well and a minute many of you guys probably missed this one but there actually was a new Pokemon game announced for mobile phones I did a video on that you guys haven’t seen that it’s pretty short video only about four minutes long without give you information on that I just don’t feel like talking about it on PE laat because it’s a mobile games I just did a little video on it so there you go my live reaction is also up as well my e3 stuff as all of them thank you guys for the views so far I mean all these videos from last week are doing pretty good like the e3 video the Bandai Namco video the Fire Emblem three houses video my other one went up my mom was soft video all of them are doing really good so thank you guys so much I even like the firearm video from last week doing really good the bayonetta video is doing really good 18,000 views so if you guys can continue watching the videos and supporting that’d be great so thank you guys so much I appreciate that so yeah so make sure you guys check out all the chat all the content on the channel we’re getting really close to 49 thousand subscribers and then of course that 50,000 subscribers we will have some type of little special thing I’m not sure what I’m gonna do but hopefully we can hit 50,000 subscribers around the time that III starts we should hit 50,000 around that time because EP is gonna be big it always brings new people into the channel so probably right around III we should hit 50,000 subscribers so thank you guys so much for the support for all the years on the channel alright so let’s see here I think that’s it for a ninja news if you guys ever have any questions you guys can always hit me up on Twitter when it comes to certain things alright alright so let’s see here um I’m a PE podcast your PE podcast what’s up Jordan how’s it going alright it’s gonna get it to shoutouts here so if you guys want me to say how do you feel free to say hi in the chat I’m more than happy to say hi back to you so let’s see here just you wait abandoned abandoned we’ll be you know what 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the $20 donation says Sweden destroying Norway good stuff hashtag Viking nation place of victory song for the Vikings 9 1 o and Norway put the skis on the head stay away from the hockey rink then you’re actually good lmao oh and what’s your main and Game of Thrones rough this man Tiger with that expert post and trolling me at the same time like literally literally trolling me and everybody with the amazing pulse at the same time so yeah my main in Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is muted that’s my main in Game of Thrones because there’s too many people for just one damn second about Game of Thrones these Twitter weirdos and these are some of the people that I know too so don’t take it personally if I’m sitting here and comes out but Jesus Christ I don’t need five million posts about Game of Thrones this show got you guys trapped in this endless being like I don’t need to hear it so I have to mute all that crap nudity I try to hear all you guys talk about Game of Thrones I don’t care about your opinion I don’t care who you shocked who died I don’t care who had sex with who in a fake show I don’t care about I don’t care I don’t care if this girl watched it with their parents I don’t care I don’t want to hear about you guys this game of Thrones crap okay I’m done I’m over it muted the whole show everything not on my timeline anymore I don’t care how amazing it is that doesn’t mean I wonder all over my damn timeline and that doesn’t mean I care about what you think about Game of Thrones though I don’t give a damn about what you guys think about Game of Thrones on Twitter I don’t care I just don’t care about your thoughts on Game of Thrones so I don’t want to see it on my Twitter feed so I needed it I needed it they I had to get that off my chest Jesus Christ people under damn Game of Thrones I don’t care what you guys think about giving phones I’m sorry I don’t care and I’m never going to care I’m never gonna care well what 5,000 people on Twitter think about Game of Thrones sorry sorry alright krazy-8 alright so let’s go to put fury tiger up here shots the big tiger thank you which spell spawn Durant’s also set us to Andy with the $5 distance is happy now yes very happy now thank you so much Andy I appreciate you using stream labs that actually does really help out more than Super Chad just because like I said YouTube does take 30 so thank you so much man I appreciate that and yeah I really you didn’t have to do that and I but I appreciate it I really do so fear you tiger is the top stream ninja and the top weekly ninja as well so thank you so much very Tiger I appreciate that let me play this what music are you talking about here victory song for the Vikings 91 what is that victory song for the Vikings is that is that like is that copyrighted victory song for like that the Vikings football team oh okay yeah the fight song okay there we go shoutouts to the Vikings Oh play some victory song Oh some victory song okay okay here we go here we go is the victory song here we go shoutouts all right let’s keep it going here all right shouts Atomics what’s good how’s it going shadow king what’s good Andy he says that took forever AB damn using YouTube no Andy no no Jake true-blue what’s good Jay to blue DJ what’s up sis Oh Jay snap no party BAM what’s good party man very Tiger what’s good theory tagging once again thank you sue for the support also set us to Andy thank you so much appreciate that positive ways what’s good market Hawthorne check the check the freaking description below you my man just check you can see when we started streaming it’s very simple very simple tap process let’s see a jump mom once good tea dude what’s up man charity Scott good to see you your charity charity the fact that you’re still here is incredible let me put that fanfare again for the for Sweden destroying Norway my breasts in peace by the way rest in peace Andy mine after that that bludgeoning that Sweden gave to Norway so shoutouts let’s see here yo what’s up Keith how’s it going

Rico Romero what’s up Rico hasn’t gone mr. medias what’s good gun slinger what’s your focus on me let’s see who did I miss KJ $23.99 what’s good Shadow King Boo Boo’s elite ninja Shawn Diamond David Bell Ford um alright so you’re gonna have to have a new name otherwise I’m not gonna say it so the dude in there with the get drag you gotta you gotta have a different name where I’m not gonna give you a proper shout-out let’s see here um let’s see your artist Akira you said I have to do the same thing yeah man shouts artists Gary had to do the same thing I’m not having it mr. Game & Watch what’s good dragon gamer what is up yo Robert what’s good co-captain of the Viking nation is here live star a new Quinn Alonso vines within Jolanda wines we didn’t just ate and Quinn what’s good guys thank meme what’s good let’s see your King Beast King bees is here what’s good man Loki gee what’s up Loki what’s up Loki extreme labs is here what’s good every end was good xeno 3 what is a euro biowulf with the shimmy what’s good what’s good thank you so much but the $5 and says what’s up that what’s up with the dude saying he expose you and all the false claims I got legitimate upset while watching him yeah don’t worry about him I’m not worried I’m not worried about him at all of course he of course people are gonna say stuff when you’re a public figure and you have an actual you know channel that people watch people are gonna say a bunch of stuff and make it up and not leave links does not actually give facts to the support what they’re saying here so I don’t know what’s up with them to be honest man I actually feel bad for him I feel bad for him and I feel bad for his pants you know maybe one of these days he’ll actually make content that makes his parents and his family proud but I’m just feeling sorry that they probably they probably were upset that they even had him in the first place so I mean maybe one of these days you know he could make his parents proud and he can actually amount to something in life but you know that’s pretty much I just feel bad for him I feel and I’m not even gonna say his name I just feel bad for him I feel bad for him and I feel bad for his parents that they actually you have to put up with him because I mean look at look at his channel look at the type of content he makes I mean it’s ridiculous I mean you know I could make your parents happy with that type of stuff you know you’re not gonna make anybody happy with that type of stuff and that’s the reason why nobody cares about his channel nobody subscribes cuz it’s kind of a bad Channel kind of trash so I feel bad for his parents man he needs Jesus and he needs love and he probably doesn’t have either one of them because he’s an ugly person on the inside so so yeah I’ll shut up but thank you thank you for $5 donation man I appreciate that and I’m prank born though I’m praying for you my man seriously from man to man I’m praying for you that one of these days that one of these days you can actually grow up and your mindset can grow up to where you don’t have to poor you can actually make good content and have a good channel and maybe actually make some money off the channel because right now you’re not making anything you’re doing everything for free you know so so it’s very unfortunate but anyway either way shoutouts man hopefully one of these days Jesus comes in your life so not you biowulf Oh sad house thank you for the $5 donation – I appreciate that low – your girl with the subscription thank you so much loads your girl appreciate that appreciate that um alright so let’s see here she said dang that’s average it’s but is it not the truth do you think let me ask you guys a question look the type of content that some Chrome sliders put up do you think that they’re do you think that their parents are happy with that type of content do you think the people that that know them or that love them respect that type of confident they make they don’t nobody respects that type of crumb side content on here like where you’re sitting there and unprovoked you’re sitting there and and calling out or you know thrashing people that you don’t even know over the Internet you know what I’m saying like does anybody does anybody actually respect that type of content I mean if I made that type of content my mom would not be happy with me she would not be proud at the end it would not be the type of content that I want to show my family or show my friends or anything like that you know what I’m saying so I mean unfortunately for him you know he doesn’t realize that right not at this point and maybe one of these days you know from man to man maybe one of these days you’ll realize that that type of content is it good I make I used to make that type of content too you know and I wasn’t happy with it and I wasn’t proud to show my mom or my family they always looked at me like Mike Francis like this content like this content isn’t very good like do you think that you’re gonna go anywhere making this type of content and I said no like this type of content is not very good so maybe one of these days you’ll realize that it actually made content that’s substantial or quality but till now he’s just crumb site and that’s the reason why he has a a crumb site amount of subscribers so there you go all right shoutouts to Vaughn Henry with the too-tall donation and says why do you go in on that do like that oh man is it not the truth though what am I saying that’s not the truth yo shoutouts brand new member Thank You biowulf fourteen I appreciate the donation and welcome to leave ninja village of player essence you are an elite ninja make sure you check out the community page where we do have an exclusive discord you can join in Super Smash Brothers Mario Kart and other game play sessions with myself to get on my friends list also you get some access to emotes too so make sure you fight your emotes as well but am i lying though guys let’s just be real here am i lying

when I made when I used to make content crumb side content my mom looked at me like you’re nuts dude like I can’t believe you’re making content like this like she looked at me like this is not like this is not that’s good you know so and she doesn’t even play video games and now she looks at my content now she has no problem like whenever she sees she’ll show up she she says I’m proud of you she says I’m happy that you’re doing good you know and everything like that but can you really sit there look at the content that that dude makes or any of these crumbs ciders making say that their parents are proud of them of course not so yeah man um so yeah so let’s see it alright so moving on shoutouts though thank you so much vile if I appreciate that thank you thank you for memory that man thank you so much let’s see here the Rebbe what’s good David Balfour what’s up man how’s it going star mix what’s up but yeah it’s dumb that people keep on bringing it back up but I mean it’s like whatever like I said I don’t I don’t understand why people do he has like no subscribers and like no video views so I don’t understand why so many people bring him up but I mean whatever it’s out there a lot of people who watch my channel or who come to my channel it gets put in the recommended feeds then they come here and want to ask me about it you know and because like people people like to talk about stuff so like it’s fine you know it’s not like I said for me it’s not really a big deal I’m not gonna make any real rec response video that deblocking it debunking anything cuz I mean like I said I’m not really gonna waste my time my quality editing time on a loser you know that really hasn’t figured out life yet you know so so yeah I’m good so yeah um hyper Thunder what’s up hyper thunder good to see you here I don’t know what Ethan are I hope you’re just joking around dude I hope you’re just joking let’s see here I see something she does dude he really does all right Rob glass what’s good man what’s good Rob yeah how’s it going pretentious carrot what’s good man isn’t that what makes Q star makes his millions yeah but the difference between the difference between gene and this person is that team actually talks about popular people that are super popular and that he knows and he has a presentation there’s a certain level of presentation and at least a bit of research that goes into it and this these other Krum ciders they don’t their presentation is horrible their quality is trash and they’re not talk about popular people they’re talk about people that they like you know that they personally dislike that have like 50,000 subscribers or 20,000 subscribers or 14 thousand subscribers they play into the call to war stuff like that’s never gonna get you any if you want to be a drama queen when it comes to console wars that’s never gonna get you the amount of subscribers that kiemce has I mean you got to talk about popular people to have millions of subscribers or hundreds of thousands of subscribers if you got to do that not talking about people like me or people that talk about Nintendo games you know calling people calling people fanboy and damage controllers that’s not that’s not ever gonna get you anything in youtube okay like that’s never gonna make you that’s never gonna get you big on YouTube or anything like you’re only you’re doing it for free essentially so so yeah I mean like that’s the main difference is doing team and crumb side youtubers so yeah yeah biowulf yeah for any of the new members those who are joining up yeah your name does change and you do get a you do get a headband so here’s the deal though like as you go on in months biowulf as you continue your membership that actually changes so basically here’s what its gonna look like dude you’re gonna get your new member is a a headband then one month you get one tick on your sitting gone then you get two ticks on your sitting gun and then it’s a Mac you sitting down then after a year it’s a renege on and then after 24 month that is so that’s the special one right there that’s that’s the special Bakugan ice you know what I’m saying so so yeah then you get that so good stuff so thank you so much from memory not my boy all right so let’s see here all right so let’s see here any other well I I know there call that pretentious carrot but it’s a much easier to just say tix for most people who don’t know what that is it’s just easier to pronounce it that way then sit there and my actual name I didn’t say the actual name for the eye after 1224 months either but it’s much easier just do it that way calm down my boy let’s see here you’re popular in my eyes okay well I mean I’m not popular enough for someone to get big off of making videos off me like like that’s not gonna get you enough clout though you know what I’m saying like people who crumb ciders who who decide to attack small youtubers literally they’re doing it for free I mean you’re not gonna you’re never gonna get big you’re never gonna amount to anything by doing that so I mean if you want to do something at least go after big youtubers if you’re gonna be a douche bag and make content like that at least go out there big youtubers at least be factual at least be researched but at least step up your presentation

game don’t have the crappiest like recording off of a freaking camera you know what I’m saying don’t have the crappiest quality ever you know what I’m saying at least go after bigger people don’t go after people that most people don’t know about you know what I’m saying so I mean like like I said but hey if they want to waste their time being krump ciders go ahead I realize that I can’t I can’t get past a certain number being a crumb cider so I had to I had to get out all right shoutouts do any Ackman with another $5 donation says I’m only here because I feel sorry for you it’s totally not for the content yeah shoutouts by Andy Thank You Man I appreciate that I appreciate it let’s see Vaughn says Henry says okay Matt all right um big if true I know big it true did shoutouts all right so I think we pretty much got everybody here in the chat thank you guys so much for showing up a lot of you guys so looks like nearly 200 bars nearly 200 Watchers or viewers more like it so if you guys want to hit that like button and share this stream if you can get skip some more people in here get some new subscribers and let’s get this thing going so the Nintendo switch has officially this hasn’t been reported yet a lot of websites are not reporting this but the Nintendo switch has officially passed the PlayStation 4 in Japan and lifetime to date sales remember this is Japan only the country of Japan not all of Asia not China not other places but just Japan that Island that’s out there you know what I’m saying all the way out there just that just that area so so far here’s what I did guys to get get to get the sales numbers what I did is that I calculated today’s sale or this weeks of them into sales numbers however the numbers were from Dengeki and I think that’s the reason why people aren’t reporting it too much because then Gehrke is literally the third option you have the media create of the Famitsu and then you have Dengeki so the third option but no matter what way is slice it looks like the switch has sold right around at least 40,000 units Plus this week and that’s all that needed to pass up the PlayStation 4 the ps4 or wait a minute okay yeah I thought I miscalculated who I thought I’d miscalculated for a second whoo that would have been bad how about side I don’t know math okay yeah the ps4 so the switch sold the switch sold another 52,000 170 171 units for this past week the ps4 sold twenty one thousand four hundred and forty eight units the 3ds sold seven thousand three hundred and seventy three units in the beetus old 406 units so the ps4 the total sales when I combined last week’s what we got from from Famitsu with this week the lifetime the dead cells are at eight million in sixty nine thousand two hundred and one units while the Nintendo switch is that eight million nine eight million ninety-four thousand three hundred and thirty seven units and what I thought it was I thought though the nine and the four were mixed up and the the six and the nine and the PS phones were mixed up so that’s the reason why I was like wait a minute old up but no the switch is about a little bit less than three thousand units above it yeah a little bit less than three thousand units above the the the ps4 in Japan so our pretty good stuff you know I mean I think that the ps4 came out in February of 2014 in Japan you have to remember it did not come out in November 2013 that came out the Pierce working about worldwide and know them well outside of Japan and came out in the West in November of 2013 however Japan had to wait a few months oh job what is this very Tiger with the weird ain’t go amok my man out here Wilin out Theory Tiger with the fifty taking the soul of the chat my boy out here like Sasuke destroyed it and says here have a 50 for the amazing Nintendo switch play something Nintendo’s shout out student ed no switch and shout outs the fairy tiger you guys give some love some support some setting guns okay some setting guns – fairy tiger the captain co-captain with Robert but the first captain cos he introduced Robert wasn’t no no definitely theory Tiger was the first one day and then it was Robert then Robert came in he introduced him to the genocide outs to the Vikings out there shout outs to Sweden thank you so much man I appreciate that I actually didn’t catch the highlights of that of that uh pummeling by the way fury Tigers so I didn’t know what you were talking about heading into it so shout outs man thank you so much for the 50 that does make you the top Street ninja by far and the top weekly ninja as well and of course the stream boss so fury tiger is definitely bossing it up you guys give some love in the chat we’re also gonna go ahead and put this another tick right here because that is of 164 and we’re also going to put theory tiger up here with the 70s oh man thank you so much I appreciate the support on the channel this week all right hold on to random questions towards the end guys and I’ll answer your random questions towards the end all right so let’s see here so yes which is definitely uh nothing doing really good doing really good but you know shots the philosophy Tiger take you back I do appreciate that’s really generous of you very nice of you for the 50 man that really really really is so

thank you thank you thank you thank you so much man alright so let’s see here so what do you guys think about the Nintendo switch passing up the ps4 in Japan when it comes to life time date sales I think I was talking about it the ps4 came out in in February of 2014 the switch came out in March of 2017 so the ps4 had about a good three year head start for the switch in front of the switch and yet the switch has already passed it up here in orc not here but in Japan so good stuff to the switch and I think Japanese developers are seeing obviously they’re seeing that and we’re seeing a lot more stuff man so a lot more stuff so um and so I didn’t really miss too much not you didn’t really miss too much man we’re just talking about the Nintendo switch passing up the ps4 in sales in Japan so so yeah so absolutely absolutely hold up why do the leaders comment oh he’s spamming calm down mr. Game & Watch alright so if you guys have any thoughts topics questions concerns whatever the case is when it comes to the ps4 and Swift sales in Japan let me know give me your thoughts in the comment section I’d be more than happy to or just tag me a player essence or hash tag player essence I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions be more than happy to answer your questions man so let’s see here I’m hope this helps convince a particular company let’s call them Neha let’s call them I think you are calling the man nyan nyan Falcon decided to bring more of their games to the switch I think they’re gonna they’re gonna need I think they’re gonna they’re gonna want like neap on the Ichi software to help them or something like that but yeah hopefully it does like I don’t really know like they’ve always want my playstation and they’re very traditional grounded in the roots company so I mean like I don’t know if it’s gonna change anytime soon but I mean we’ll see we’ll see them star mixes I’m really happy about it and honestly I just hope it keeps going going on strong okay I never knew how dominant the handheld market wasn’t Japan well really with the Nintendo well I don’t know why you never knew about it because the Nintendo 3ds has been dominant in Japan for the past since 2011 or since 2010 or whatever it lost the 3ds automatically like after I got the price drop automatically shot up and passes the PS it passes the ps4 or well it came out before the ps4 but I mean it was always smoking the ps4 in sales in Japan by a lot you know so I don’t know I I don’t know how you didn’t know it’s been a pretty common thing to see in the DS the DS obviously is that’s the greatest I think that’s the best song system in Japan of all time is the regular DS in terms of unit sales the best selling system of all time is that now that but like the 3ds actually has sold more sold more systems than the ps2 in Japan and the ps2 is the best selling system of all time in them in the world you know ever you know what I’m saying dedicated console so the fact that the 3ds and the DS both best did you know busted the the ps2 kind of kind of shows you something you know so yeah well it’s yeah I’m really happy about I’m really happy but and honest I just hope it keeps going are you at that ah let’s see you’re the only music music music sorry fairy tiger forgot about that forgot about the music let’s my bad my bad it’s a pleasure to Minh Tendo all this is this is Nintendo this is this is Nintendo as it gets wait no no I want to play this one I don’t wanna play this one or was that all right here we go this one this listener on Super Mario Bros 3 that’s my that’s my favorite bridle gave me one with galaxy did the switz pro did the switch heart problem do the splits go up almost 10k from the previous report because you said it’s still 50 K plus and I remember it’s only 44 K or something like that might be wrong though yeah it went up from let me know how to sell let me know how the volume sounds guys by the way yeah it went up last week it sold 42,000 units so it went up actually 10,000 units plus cuz it last week it sold 42 perfect all right do you think without spider-man Black Friday deal the switch would have passed the ps4 in Japan much earlier I don’t remember how the Black Friday deal helped sell the ps4 in Japan that years or in that time period so I’m not really sure is it finally enough units to convince Sega to stop making bad ideas

they’ve already they were already convinced that than their bad sales so let’s let’s see if it let’s see if that’s the case we’re gonna talk about Sega a bit more here in a bit so we’ll see let’s see you say it ISA good I think that I think it’s gonna change guys they had that report they talked about it so you got to give them time though it doesn’t happen overnight it doesn’t happen overnight quantities is what’s going to be the game plan for the okay that’s that’s a random or hold up now that’s not really a random question what’s going to be the game plan for ps5 in Japan it’s clear that Japan is slowly shifting away from traditional sorry I thought that was a question but it’s not um the game plan in Japan is to not worry about Japan to be honest somebody moved their headquarters away from Japan Sony has been censoring Japanese developers and have been limiting them in terms of what they can do the game plan is screw Japan to be honest that’s the game plan and let’s focus on the west which has worked for them for the most part I mean even without thus the eight million units that they sold in Japan they still would have sold what 90 million plus units even without the eight billion that they got here in Japan or in Japan they still would have sold ninety million maybe even 100 million units without Japan so I think that’s the whole game plan is who cares you know like the West is where it’s at which I don’t fault them for that let’s see here Marco says just wait until pokemon Animal Crossing and Dragon Quest drop this isn’t even the final form it’s you know what marquel you’re right about that it’s really not the final form because when those games do drop it’s going to it’s definitely gonna be in the team it’s gonna pass up a week I think in Japan the sales are gonna pass up the Wii which I think the Wii is that I think twelve million units or so I think it’s gonna easily I topped the week this year so in Japan so it’s gonna be pretty good so yeah any chance which passes ps4 worldwide um I don’t think there’s really any chance that does this base which passes the ps4 worldwide because I don’t think it’s gonna be around long enough not if you if you talk about the switch to or something like that or like the next switch plus the regular switch thing yeah maybe that but not the base which because I just don’t think the base which is gonna have a long enough lifespan to pass up the ps4 so brought in worldwide sales I just don’t think it’s going to happen I think this switch is gonna be rough like another you know we’re going into the I think it’s rougher maybe another two three years maybe and I think it’s gonna solve a Camaro like maybe like 78 80 89 80 90 maybe and that range eighty something million so I think it’s gonna go right around 80 million probably like somewhere between yeah 880 million or so so I don’t think it’s gonna pass with the ps4 no this it’s not gonna be around long enough where’s the ps4 is gonna be around for at least another good two more years so it’s gonna be at least what we’ve been the ps4 era for since 2013 so it’s been six years so I think the ps4 is gonna sell for at least another year and a half or so so yeah it’s gonna happen the piece Wars is gonna have a longer lifespan yeah what’s up for Ash how’s it going let’s see here I think the switch line of consoles in general will be going to six more years well you have a line of the consoles but like I can even like let’s just say that you say you say like I switch Pro I don’t think even like with the switch Pro or like a new Nintendo switch that it’s gonna pass up the ps4 in sales I just I just don’t think it’s gonna be it’s not I don’t think it’s gonna last another six years from now so that’d be nine years of life I don’t I just don’t think it’s gonna last that long I think Nintendo’s gonna move on to the next like actual successor to the switch within the next three or four years so and sales will dip at the end just kind of like the week you know I’m predicting the three DS numbers well yeah exactly three DS number is 75 to 80 million somewhere in that range you know I’m I’m predicting right around there you know the three DS had a really long life though that’s the thing like if if somehow the switch could last longer I would say oh yeah absolutely it would catch the ps4 but the switch isn’t gonna last as long just because Nintendo knows that they’re gonna need to get something else out and they know they’re gonna want to add like a custom like a better SOC and other types of things for it so I mean that’s the reason why I just think that Nintendo knows that they’re gonna have to do something within the next few years here so yeah aren’t ps4 pro sales group based ps4 some yeah ps4 pro sells our group of based ps4 yeah you’re right about that absolutely um let’s say year shadow chances are they getting these number hold up they are getting these numbers and we still have III announcements coming up next month and this is before firearm national trend yeah I think the switch is actually gonna have a really big summer this is this is probably gonna be the best selling summer that a system has had in a long time because summer is usually the down period but every single year Nintendo kind of ups and ups what they do in their summer game I mean like well it’s arguable I guess with last year but personally for me there’s a lot more third-party games last year than in 2017 and like 2017 and Tendo had arms and they had splatoon they had pokken tournament which is really good but in 2018 they have my crash and they had like EES a and they had just launched games captain toad they had octopus traveler they had Mario Tennis aces they just had a ton of games poor another golden country just so many

games in up in those summer months you know leading into September and everything like that so I this year is crazy because they actually have like massive games bigger than last year I think astral chain and Fire Emblem 3 houses and additions to Super Mario maker those are the big those are bigger than 2017 those are bigger than 2018 by I think a big I think by a lot those games are bigger in my opinion when it comes to it so splatoon is obviously crazy crazy big but that was like the one huge one arms was big butt and poke heaven was a port so I mean those were good and 2018 you had some great game you had a lot of great third-party games in 2018 but this year we have third-party games and we have first party games over the summer right because I mean look at look at July I mean you have all sorts of third-party games in July and then you have astral chain in August and then you have Fire Emblem you have Super Mario maker this is just so many big game so absolutely meant absolutely when epicness is there’s gonna be a yokai watch for coming out in summer in Japan which is gonna blow up there yeah yokai watch this June guys so yokai watch is launching very soon in Japan within the next I think it’s launching early Japan or sorry early Japan early June in Japan there you go tongue twister early June in Japan yokai watch for is launching and that’s gonna be huge that’s gonna be huge for Japan so that’s another big one so yeah this summer is a huge huge I think I think this which is gonna break records I think it’s gonna break some records for MPD and Japanese sales I don’t really think this is gonna be close when it comes down to it so yeah yes yes link here of Hyrule yeah Damon ex machina is definitely summer we don’t know when in summer though Nintendo has not detailed when I’m guessing it’s gonna be in August game because all we have in August is astral change so I’m guessing the astral change is gonna be at the end of August and Damon ex machina is gonna be at the beginning so absolutely okay we got another donation here shoutouts to no other persona and thank you guys for using stream laps today I do appreciate that know the persona with that thought let me get that shimmy with the five-dollar shimmy and says I hope that if more companies port to switch they don’t do the weird stuff Capcom does half cart BS we’ll just depends man a lot of companies do it based on the the costs associated with it right so if the cost is not there if the cost is high and they have a can game that’s going to be a big game you know then that’s what they’re gonna do but Capcom actually doesn’t do this half cart stuff yes I mean Capcom doesn’t do that I think there’s a misconception with that it’s not what Capcom does that Capcom will make collections right and they’ll make collections and then they will put full games on one card and then they will give you the game as a download it’s the same thing that Nintendo did with bayonetta bayonetta and nobody called them out for that so I can’t say here and say that Capcom does the same thing a half cart get or a half cart or a partial cart which people find it funny enough don’t call out these companies for as much it’s like Mortal Kombat right where some of the game is on the cart and then the other half or the other part of the game you get the download there’s a difference between the two so I think what the reason why people get mad is because some of these games are very small and file size and they feel that Capcom is being cheap about it but there’s actually not any half game cart stuff at all that Capcom does you always get the full complete game on the cart it’s LA noire it’s Mortal Kombat it’s games like that that actually had like doom has partial downloads of some on there’s some on that so it’s actually those games that do the half cart stuff and what what Capcom does is give you a download code for the other game you know what I’m saying that’s what they do it’s not really a half cart it’s just more like you get one game on there and then you get one game as a download so so so yeah I just want to make sure that I clear that up because there is a very clear difference between the two because you don’t need to download any extra data in order to play parts of whatever Capcom’s games that they’re doing right it’s a whole separate game that you’re getting which is technically another SKU so for example like what the PlayStation 4 right the Capcom or the Mega Man Collection from what I understand is on two discs it’s not on one does anybody have the Mega Man Collection the the Legacy Collection is one and two for like the ps4 whatever Xbox one that comes on two discs and not on one disk from what I understand unless I’m wrong about that so yeah even though it can easily fit on one blu-ray you know let’s see yeah so yes Oni naki is definitely summer yeah only knock use definitely summer as well which is I think o nanaki’s gonna be an August game yeah I think we’re gonna have Oni naki I think we’re gonna have daemon ex machina and I think we’re gonna have astral chain which I am gonna be having a video on potential August games coming up pretty soon your’s so block the wait and see but that you know other persona I do appreciate that I do appreciate that yeah I yeah definitely Mortal Kombat getting rid of the banner was good let’s see here what Capcom is doing with DMC wants what’s risen is pretty disrespectful went out the whole collection I think the reason why they’re not doing the whole collection on there and and I don’t think it’s really disrespectful if you don’t want to play the game that don’t play the game like either they can just not offer the game at all I don’t really I don’t really believe this disrespect disrespectful stuff and all that just don’t buy the game it’s not just you know it’s just not it’s a digital game it’s a it’s a small ps1 or ps2 game you know what I’m saying that that’s old that’s old as hell if you don’t want to

buy then don’t buy it plain and simple I don’t really think it’s disrespectful though but I don’t think that’s I don’t think that is really what do we talk or nothing we’re talking about that so that’s a random question so I’ll I guess I’ll talk about ask me that later not right now all right we’re talking about Switch sales in Japan here guys let’s not get too far off track let’s not get too far off track Tim w-what month I’ll answer your question because you’re elite ninja I think it’s gonna come out like September or something like that when it comes to that hold on to random questions towards the end guys hold on to random questions towards the end that’s false by the way I don’t think that that’s absolutely false straight track oh I don’t know how you say there hasn’t been much buzz there’s been tons of buzz go on the comments section on the national chain go look look up astral chain on youtube look at what everyone’s been saying about the game I don’t know why you’re saying there hasn’t been much buzz there’s been tons of buzz on national chain intenders been posting stuff on twitter people haven’t saying oh my gosh I need this game there’s been tons of us I don’t know what you’re talking about dude I have no idea what you’re talking about unless you want do you need the game shoved in your face every single day is that what you want because I hate that type of marketing by the way all right the games coming out in August there’s gonna be a lot more buzz with III let me get more information I don’t understand when people say stuff like that I really don’t all right let’s see yeah people are definitely high for a certain I don’t I have no idea what he’s talking about that is is that that that’s a ridiculous notion based on like the the lights they’re the retweets the comp the videos on YouTube based on what people are saying about the game I have no idea where that comment came from let’s see all right so let’s know you can’t do hash you can’t do at PE keep your being lazy as hell full app player essence switch end of year sales prediction in the West I have no idea what the sales prediction is gonna be in the West dude we’ll have to wait and see that’s the wait and see let’s see here I guess seven starts personally then why are you saying that there’s no buzz well I I don’t understand this why are people commenting on things that they don’t look at if you don’t look at something and you haven’t searched it and you don’t know what people are saying why are you saying there’s no buzz if you’re not even looking I don’t understand that if you’re not looking at what Nintendo’s posted on Twitter if you’re not looking at the likes and the retweets in the comments and the videos or what people are saying why are you saying that there’s no buzz I don’t I don’t understand that I don’t get that I really don’t get that that’s like me saying dude you know what there’s like no buzz about Game of Thrones it’s like wait a minute yeah there is oh wait oh well I guess I maybe I should have looked into it a little bit more alright let’s move on let’s see here so since Sony is probably going to make it another a handheld way since Sony is probably not going to make another handheld are those developers that are that had that market with the handheld release moving to the switch in Japan um yeah I think some of them are you look at stuff like Idea Factory with like the merry skelter you know that’s not gonna be localized here in the West for the ps4 that’s that’s a PS Vita type again that’s a handheld game so we’re getting married skelter to here in the West digital-only but we’re still getting that II like nippon-ichi they normally didn’t really make too much for the Nintendo systems you know they made a lot of data stuff to their movie they’ve moved a lot of their video games over to the switch you know so we’re seeing stuff like that I mean even neon Falcom which never makes anything for Nintendo they got E’s a at least that games on there so maybe there’s gonna be more in the future I’m so yeah a lot of the developers that kind of made places PS Vita games look at God Eater 3 right the development team got eater that was mainly a that’s a PSP game you know got eater that started on PSP and then PS Vita and that’s where it’s had most of its success and now the developers been i Namco I mean they’re gonna mix they’re gonna make the system the console versions but now they they they got a port ASAP I mean like no port begging no begging no port begging needed at least no asking us to port beg people port beg to hell for good people port beg to all hell in Japan I mean but the the what’s called the dynamic in terms of port begging is different in Japan they don’t see that as a bad thing I’m convinced that they don’t see that as a bad thing and it’s more of a respect thing and how people like games are made just like the way that the culture is so I can respect that because Japanese Japanese uses where we report begging for for God Eater 3 and I think that was maybe some of the reason why maybe not but they didn’t ask us Americans to do it you know what I’m saying but I think in Japan it was definitely it was just done people were just asking for it so they did mention that but they didn’t ask us to do it um so yeah you’re definitely gonna see more games especially games that started on handheld systems absolutely come over we’re already seeing that we already seen that quite a bit we’ve seen it pretty much throughout since 2018 and on a lot of the PS Vita games coming over so so yeah crystal Basler with the subscription thank you so much crystal welcome to elite ninja village of players everybody here in the chat please welcome crystal let’s keep on moving on here or any other things when it comes to the

Japanese sales with everything with the switch and the ps4 guys you can tag me app player since our hash tag player something more than happy to answer oh my god what’s this let’s go those deals with the technology SHINee says can you play this music this is my this is my personal demux of the news from Xenoblade – oh please forgive my shameless self-promotion but I thought you would enjoy grey hey brother let me tell y’all something right now self-promotional but music that I can play with a $10 donation attached to it red I’m your biggest fan let’s go let’s do it shout outs and no it’s okay let me ask you guys a question while we get this music going how is the stream quality guys I’m getting some good stuff from my feedback here it’s all green so I’m guessing the stream quality’s okay right guys I’m guessing everything’s running a bit better right based on what I’m seeing here stream looks good okay we’re gonna test out some gameplay – so good good I’m happy that everything’s going well with the stream quality before we that we’ve been having some issues all right let’s see okay toast the O’s all right it’s like an 8-bit there you go old-school 8-bit your color names let’s go listen I watched the read I watched the playback of the mile car eight deluxe stream from the other night the replay was good quality was it really the stream quality was horrible how was the replay good quality doesn’t even make sense that doesn’t even make sense BC yo what’s up Dragon King Gonzalez good to see you here man is Sony censorship also happening in Japan I think it could hurt sales there as long as it’s in the market yeah it’s censorship everywhere it’s everywhere all good here don’t normally notice any discrepancies okay yeah it was at least 720p okay but that’s the resolution what was there I was there like blurriness but I cannot see this dude is it really like that I’m gonna look and this is a nice 8-bit remix dude nice do you think the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is advertising well booster sale the switch sales are unrelated I think it could yeah nothing to get into someone could let me I mean put on this Mario Kart strong yeah dude you’re right quality’s fine wait no no no when you go to a race you can tell it’s blurry look see look that it’s definitely blurry it’s not good to quality right here some ports are good and some parts are bad that’s the thing see something it’s watchable but it’s definitely not good let me ask you guys a question who wants me to stream rage to tomorrow we got if we hit if we hit back to where we were so if we hit 100 Oh what the what is this good dog go kick it man I’m coming through let’s go hold up hold up hold up what is this this dude Andy are you serious Andy with the 60 activating the very unique jutsu my dude Madara come into body that check I got I replay it hold up y’all gotta hear this one shoutouts man thank you so much for the music I appreciate that toast he owes that was actually a really dope remix and that’s your channel I’m gonna subscribe to your channel my boy keep on doing your remixes by the way and by the way I will share this video on Twitter to help get some more views on that so yeah keep on doing your remixes man that was cool but we got to do this again yo what is this Andy with the 6000 it’s not gonna do it again hold up nope it’s not gonna do it okay it’s extreme life exactly weird but shoutouts to andy with a 60 dollar donation I appreciate that man activating that jutsu says who’s who’s

your whale juice Ontario Pasadena Van Nuys and LA today play me some warriors metal and warriors game yeah with shoutouts man thank you so much I appreciate that Andy I appreciate that so I was like I gotta get both you and Thea tiger up on here man we got to get both of you guys up on here for that one because you did the highest single one and then theory tiger did the most total so we’re gonna go and get you guys both appear on top stream ninja got to have your name up here and II a with the 60 appreciate that man I really do it’s going to be a tiger there with the 70 and let me see here you said play some warriors metal and warriors game what what is that what is warriors medal of warriors game I don’t understand what that is warriors metal and warriors game what is that Oh any Warriors game what type of like Fire Emblem warriors okay so can i backfire boom warriors music here we go oh yeah I’m a the mute that the channel was toasty O’s are toasty O’s his channel name is yeah go just look up toe steals or look up Xenoblade Chronicles to 8-bit remix you’ll see his video pop up and I’ll share it on Twitter to set us the Justin McMullen with the $5 donation do I mind if I think you’re not a mod so you can’t I’m give me the channel give me the link on Twitter toe steals hit up hit me up on Twitter and I’ll link it for you Justin McMullen says places I think PlayStation has some has lost the Japanese market Nintendo has proven in such a short time how unique two switches thank you for the $5 donation Justin yeah you’re absolutely right I think the Japanese market is done I think that’s why Sony’s doing all this censorship stuff and all that because they know the Japanese market is done and there’s nothing that they can do you know so so yeah is there lag in the stream guys I’m not getting any lag so is there lag in the string no okay no lag all right cool yeah man so absolutely Justin I think definitely definitely not that’s that’s nothing to issue there but so on I don’t think Sony cares anymore you know but yo Andy yo Andy let me tell you something dude you you are all over the place who’s your whale juice whatever you guys lose my way I don’t understand your question I passing those are all california california cities that Van Nuys and LA you’re all over the put you’re all over California dude Jesus let’s see I’m a I’m a F and whale I don’t think PS five is gonna chase that no PS five Justin PS fives not really gonna change that dude no it’s not really gonna change it too much Sony’s going for the Japanese market Sony’s going or sorry Sony’s going sorry so he’s going for the the Western market they’re not going for the Japanese market Nintendo’s golf like the worldwide market but they’re making sure that they they can get Japan so yeah Nintendo’s definitely won the Japanese market for sure so so yeah why not pick mrs. Moss Lerner has always had a home on Nintendo Hanna or at Nintendo systems in Japan but since Capcom has its best-selling with monster in a world do you think Capcom or motivated to make anymore handheld games yeah they actually even said that looks like Monster Hunter ultimate sold really well too so and they also said that they’re gonna be working on a new monster on a game for Nintendo switch so they they did to that investors meeting so there’s gonna be another monster on the game for the switch so I don’t think I don’t think they’re discouraged or anything like that I mean obviously yeah they’re gonna they’re gonna roll with ps4 when it comes to the next Monster Hunter games and all that stuff like that but that doesn’t mean that the switch isn’t gonna get most standard games like a new monster in a game or something that’s built for the switch I think they’re gonna do both because they can make must honor you be more popular if the switch gets a brand new Monster Hunter like a brand new monster on it while it might not sell as much as Monster Hunter world it’s gonna sell at least five to six million copies if they make a brand new really good monster it’ll sell five or six only that’s money in Capcom’s pocket that’s tons of money so and and the the the value of the game won’t go down as fast because right now a Monster Hunter double cross is actually more of offensive the muscle on a road you can get mustard on a roll for like $10 muscle on our double cross or muscle under generations ultimate that’s a pork and that is actually that keeps its value longer the monster in the world

has despite muscle in a world being the big best-selling one monster under generations ultimate still costs more than muscle enrolled so it switch games keep their values so Capcom knows that and they’re gonna make another muscle on it for the switch I can do one um let’s see here uh spawn cast three through this I don’t know about that jaggon kink exhaust baby is the music too loud guys is the music good I don’t know if it’s too loud or not yeah what’s up wanna Casteel good what’s up man so okay who wants me to stream okay we’ll talk about rage to in just a bit we’ll talk about rage soon just a bit have you seen that a kendo director new music cover channel really good covers if you do get music yeah I’ve seen it before yeah Sony has moved to a location USA let’s see a skip it says with think with switch sales and Sony policy a lot of white food games will come to switch only out in Japan well yeah stuff like panty party and stuff like other stuff like that yeah that’s only gonna well that’s not really a waifu game but i mean any game with it has any type of thing that can be looked at as somewhat controversial you know with sexual themes yeah and like anime women yeah definitely it probably not gonna come out on ps4 or be censored you know let’s see your streams you know by chronicles 2 and open the corpuscles for three hours I’m good Justin says do you think that another powered-up system they’ll be will be boring at this point it’s gonna be it’s gonna be another more powerful and that and that’s really it well we’ll talk about that I get some random questions right let’s move on to the next topic here guys and then we’ll get it to you guys as questions and your thoughts because we do have a lot people here and you guys have lost hope you guys want to talk about so we’ll definitely do that I’m Andy can you tag me was this the right music by the way I don’t know if this was the X or right music or not I think it was so shoutouts so let’s see her my brother you see seems you know my chronicles 1 than rage 2 I might do both I haven’t checked up memorial chronicles yeah no I just don’t at the time did I don’t the time right now to check it out VC I don’t have the time I don’t have the time to check out all the stuff that you you throw at me to you that you DME I just I just don’t have the time to look at all this stuff but shadows alright so let’s go to let’s get into let’s get into the next topic here guys so Sega’s tour seed oh no hold on towstee helo posting here on ago she talked about what makes intend to amazing in the differences in ways of making games that Sega so this is an interesting article so away there we go alright well shut off the GM games with the subscription that you suppose GM games welcome to the elite ninja village alright so let’s see here so here in this recent interview if Emma to here’s what he had to say and the first thing was are they different this is Nintendo vs. Sega and how they make games negotiation ago she says completely different thanks to that I was able to see what Sega was missing and also see Sega’s good points although if good points if you had to ask which one’s the right answer I’d say that there’s no correct answer as expected both companies have their own culture I think he’s talking about in the past too and because like this guy also produced f-zero GX so he produced f-zero GX and Sega he also produced Super Monkey Ball he’s the creator of the Super Monkey Ball franchise so he’s talking generally about what you know Wayne was working with Nintendo a lot on you know GameCube stuff right because Monkey Ball was the Gamecube and f-zero X was the Gamecube so to go into detail what was so amazing about Nintendo here’s what negotiate to say their way of thinking towards is a hostile honest and versatility I probably pronounced that wrong it was rock solid they did it I really care about whether things had a convenient excuse or not being inclusive for everyone was something they already assumed from the start and this was something that was set in stone furthermore this sort of thinking was found to practice by everyone from the top brass to the newcomers it wasn’t just something said by the higher-ups and never practiced their unity is amazing I thought if the have this way of thinking no wonder Sega wasn’t able to beat them on hardware bruh this man bodied his own company Bret so it was like as expected of Nintendo because it says compared to Nintendo Sega is more flashy company but because we’re more flashy we’re able to go at ideas with a more lighthearted attitude if we didn’t have this sort of attitude I don’t think I would have been able to keep working here perhaps if I enjoyed Nintendo I would have left the industry long ago so he’s kind of he’s calling it calling Nintendo a little bit more dole when it comes to things and their games which I can understand like I can understand his viewpoint from there but I think that Sega’s flashy stuff I mean what he’s talking about basically is like them employing you know platinum games at the time making stuff like mad world right making stuff like it’s what he means

like flashy making stuff like vanquish making stuff like Yakuza yaku’s is a very flashy Japanese game compared to some of the other stuff that comes out very flashy very different style you got money popping out from people you got all sorts of weird stuff you know so I can understand from his standpoint what he’s talking about there but I mean I don’t know I think that if he would have joined Sega or sorry if you would have joined in Tendo maybe he would have been in charge of making a flashy game for Nintendo because it’s not like Nintendo is opposed the flashy games like astral chain or Bayonetta 2 or even again like xenoblade you know or even that that’s kind of flashy compared to what Nintendo normally does I think really what he’s talked about he’s talked about the typical Mario games he’s talking about the stuff like maybe potentially at Mario Cart stuff like that traditional Zelda games breath of the law is obviously flashy but he’s talking about kind of like what they did before you know so understandable but either way either way it was great stuff yes and the ghosts she did appear on the Nintendo switch presentations today that they’re gonna make a Sega is gonna be making games for the Nintendo so let’s watch they’ve made they’ve made a few stuff they’ve had Sega ages they definitely have some content you know on there and of course they have the partnership with Bayonetta 2 as well so that’s a cat Sega’s involved in that too so I think going forward Sega’s gonna make a lot more games for the switch I think especially with this new line of thinking I think that Sega is definitely going to be investing more into the switch but we probably will see the fruits of their and so probably the next year and a half to two years I think it’s gonna take a little bit of time but I do think that a lot of their big franchises are gonna be coming over to Nintendo’s switch in some way shape or form so yeah I think that’s nothing gonna be happening let’s see f-zero is flashy even before GX yeah that’s true but Jax was su Jax was definitely the flashiest of Holmen Jax was a lot people see Jax is the best game in the franchise you know when it comes to f-zero all right he made a few objects yeah yeah he made f-zero GX he produced f-zero GX for Nintendo Sega Sega made that game if you go back and look at the game Sega’s on the box you know what I’m saying Sega didn’t make that game for a Nintendo I mean in tendo’s on the box was Sega’s on the box too so yeah ii made that game for him back then Nintendo had other companies handle their more Western focused IPs right so for example Star Fox in the Gamecube era Nintendo didn’t make that themselves they have bandai namco make that or was it just Bandai back then and whatever one of the two but they had Bandai make that you know starfox adventures you know Nintendo they didn’t make that internally either you know so I can intend oh I think did that one so Nintendo would take like there are other franchises right like Star Fox they would take like even like Kid Icarus they wanted somebody else to make Kid Icarus – they wouldn’t handle all that stuff internally they would outsource that to other companies to make those games in that era they couldn’t get like a Wii or Gamecube kid icarus done but they were able to I mean technically speaking Kid Icarus Uprising is outsourced because Sora made that and then Sora masa no Sakurai made that and then he hired just a bunch of people freelancers to make that game and then once that game was done they all left they all went their ways so that game wasn’t necessarily made by Nintendo either so Nintendo has done that for a while right like even like Golden Sun right that’s Camelot I mean like there’s a lot of different stuff that a Nintendo does with certain franchises that they’ll outsource to certain developers you know to make in that franchise I mean they outsource Nintendo stuff to like Mario for example that might be put the Camelot to make a game or the sports games you know next level or something like that but I mean so yeah it’s just one of those things that they do yeah we just mention that x-ray we just mentioned that no no no no no no Sega no no Sega made f-zero GX not Namco Sega yeah the amusement vision was made but the thing about is that Sega Sega was in charge of that they had their people that worked with them they also had Sega employees working with them too because that amusment vision is not like not like it’s like a development team but Sega had their developers and once again post a hero he worked he works for Sega and he’s the producer so there you go all right Capcom made some of the handhelds ellas yeah Capcom did make some of the handheld Zelda’s absolutely it’s gonna be interesting to see who made Link’s Awakening I I don’t know if that was Hamill by the zelda team I mean it might have been him about his own team but it’d be interesting if somebody else actually made that what if what if somebody else made Link’s Awakening so yeah that’d be interesting if that was the case amazing I thought that I thought this guy hated Nintendo why would you think this guy hated Nintendo What did he say that make you think that he hated Nintendo yeah Capcom made Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons for the Gameboy you didn’t know that which IP should Nintendo let other Studios work on starfox I think Metroid and starfox Metroid f-zero all of those franchises that we

never get Golden Sun all the franchises that we never get cuz Nintendo doesn’t know what to do with them all of those franchises that should all be outsourced all those games should be outsourced so everything that we don’t get eternal darkness all that stuff so think about any of that all the franchises that we haven’t got in the past 10 years or whatever that are dead those should all be outsourced to somebody else so anything that you can think of because Nintendo’s not doing anything with them so they should be outsourced to somebody else there was a there was a guy who maybe a cousin who ladies Nintendo right no he never hated Nintendo he never had he never hated a Nintendo he just said that he didn’t want to put yaku’s all on kind of platform because the Wii U one sold my trash so that’s basically what he said that doesn’t mean he hates Nintendo like that that doesn’t mean he hates Nintendo he never he never said that see that sometimes intento fans they will take something that happens and they’ll sit down I’ll make it seem as if this person hates Nintendo when he says one thing he said that’s what he said he never said he hated indent oh he hated the sales of the Wii U port that’s it that doesn’t mean he hates the Nintendo as a company though he never said that Ari – makes you team up to make eternal darkness reboot for the switch the Ari to remake team why would the Ari to remake team make eternal darkness reboot they’re busy making resin evil games so that’s not gonna happen I think grezzo is making Link’s Awakening you think grezzo is making it mm-hmm that might be right you might be right about that you might be right maybe grezzo is handling it because they did the remakes for what was it breath or not breath of what they did the remakes for Twilight or not to insist they did was it they did a ocarina of time there we go one ocarina of time and they did majora’s mask right so yeah grezzo you’re right and they were hiding for HD development yeah yeah that wasn’t a girl she that made that statement that wasn’t a go she it was that was him who was it then yeah it wasn’t ago she what do you what the hell are you talking about dude switch isn’t the right platform for y’all cause it says series producer yeah cuz the one end to Wii U was significant failure seconds critical acclaim because the series has always been associated with Sony consoles but Nintendo fans got a glimpse of what makes the franchise take one the first and second games hit the Wii U in Japan sadly sales weren’t great but Sega’s Toshihiro negotiated the race was an experiment so there you go what are you talking about dude why do people say things that aren’t true um so yeah it’s good feel based on the art art style player since it might explain the delay for Yoshi you think it’s good feel I don’t know if it’s good to feel I don’t know if it’s good feel it would make sense that it’s grezzo but I don’t know if it’s good feel and I don’t think that I don’t know if that has anything to do with Yoshi you know what I’m saying so so I don’t think based on my art style it’s good feel no I I disagree with that statement I don’t know if yeah cuz it can sell on switch can sell a million I don’t know they’d have to release it Savas cuz it’s just an opinion doesn’t necessarily have to happen I understand dev dev teams have priorities but I like that since it was enjoyed already to quite a quite a bit yeah I mean I’m just saying like I don’t want to sit here and entertain like if you guys tell me an idea you know and I’m gonna I’m not gonna sit here and entertain it something’s gonna happen I got Mike I seriously oh yeah that’s gonna happen you know what I’m saying like I’m looking at it like the re team is busy working on re games those guys there’s a new re coming from the re – you know what I’m saying like there’s a new re game I don’t know if it’s gonna be an I don’t think it’s gonna be announced at e3 but it’s all gonna be enough at next year’s e3 and I think it’s gonna be a PS 5 game and that’s gonna be a ps4 game as well but there’s a new re game come there’s a new there’s a new re game coming so so they’re working on that I’m so that’s the reason why I’m saying the re team is not gonna be able to make a Eternal Darkness reboot because that’s just not gonna happen so I don’t want to get your hopes up but me said oh yeah oh yeah that should happen it’s not gonna happen you know not anytime soon so that’s the only reason why I saw vodkas not that I’m trying to be mean or anything I just don’t want to get your hopes up and say that that’s possible when I know it’s not possible cuz I know what the RT team is doing you know so so yeah let’s see yeah after something yeah what goes through the minds of people when it’s clear as day when somebody said I don’t really know I mean I don’t know why marquel said that but I mean he did make that statement I think maybe he was mistaken he said I feel soo but I can’t look at this guy to save any more but why did I don’t can I ask you a question marquel why did you say that it wasn’t him that said that just real quick just

mistaken I just want to know did you read another article that said that he didn’t say that or something are we getting a new cuckoo I don’t know what that what is cuckoo that I don’t know what that is is that like an old game or something like that I have no idea what that is I’ve never played it I’ve heard about it like people talk about but I’ve never I don’t well it’s like the metric is it like a Metroidvania pinball game so we said something about Metroidvania pinball game okay that’s what it is so I don’t know I’m not the developer the game ask the developers of the game if we’re gonna get a new one all right so I think we should get to I think we should get to random questions topics comments concerns whatever the case is so if you guys have a question if you guys have topics comments concerns whatever it is tag me at player essence or hash tag player essence and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions so please make sure you tag me a player since our hash tag player essence you know what I think was causing the the issues with the the fuzziness okay look I set the base canvas of the here let me tell you guys this I said the base canvas and the resolution output to 1080p right so the base canvas of what I construct this stream is is 1080p but the resolution output was also 1080p and I think that the bitrate wasn’t high enough to support 1080p it was high enough to support 720p so when when I played certain games because this camera is at 720p or it might be a 1080p but either way but when I play video games since the stream my switch is set the 1080p that’s what caused issues when it’s docked that’s what it was and investing I think I’m thinking I don’t know if that’s the actual case but I’m thinking that’s what it caused so I’m gonna see if there’s issues now that I changed everything um who’s my favorite gaming youtuber my favorite gaming youtuber projared now I’m joking um my favorite gaming youtuber probably like like I don’t know it’s hard to tell who it is I mean I like go to your god I think he’s funny I’m kind of born to twitch streamers down to be honest so I can tell you my favorite streamers twitch streamers like like Maximilian dude he’s really cool I like him but he’s also on YouTube as well but yeah I mean this podcast crew they’re all good – they’re my favorites as well so food nah sofa barely create YouTube content anymore at least I mean he does all sorts of stuff the only series that Nintendo needs to do everything they can to bring back at the chrono series it would be over at that point dude I would want the chrono series more than anything I really do think Nintendo should like I don’t say this much but I really do I really do think Nintendo should team up with Square Enix and bring back Chrono Trigger like I really really think they should and not a natok towpath Chrono Trigger hell no not octo I don’t want octopus from sugar I want real Chrono Trigger as in like at evolution of the franchise past Chrono Cross you know I want a continuation of the chrono series I don’t want octo Chrono Trigger remade or rebirth of don’t want octo path Chrono Trigger I want real Chrono Trigger series continuation you know that’s what I want you know let’s see do you think Sony could position the PSV ours next iteration has a competitor to the next int endo handheld I don’t think so no my favorites are and misclicked maximilian dood in all ages slash geek TV alright shoutouts battlefront exes are you suing my old car or smash today what why you why are you assuming that I’m even streaming anything today hold up I never announced that I’m streaming even anything today um so let me see here I want to test out Mario Kart but I’m not really sure I’m not sure I’m I might take a break in between and then I’m gonna test out maybe Mario Kart tonight but I’m not really sure I think I think I mean I need to edit a video I need to have a video because I’m not trying to go to sleep super late tomorrow because I think I’m gonna I think I’m going to play rage tomorrow for you guys I think so so yeah I’m not really sure if I’m gonna stream right now after afterwards Marco Hoffman says I read I read an article on Game Informer that someone named daisuki Sato made the statement on Yakuza well you read wrong Tyler ia says do you think they will include the original version of Link’s Awakening what the remake – in order to justify the higher price tag know the reason why the game’s the higher price tag because it’s a HD Zelda game that’s the reason why the game has a six dollar price tag it’s HD Zelda game so therefore it’s going to get it it’s gonna get the full price of a switch game fine and simple they don’t need to justify the higher price tag by putting in an old Game Boy game that doesn’t justify it that doesn’t justify the price tag you’re gonna play a better version of the original game so how does it justify how does it justify sixty

dollars with the old game included the worst versions included so now all of a sudden sports 60 it doesn’t even make sense so no that’s not it I don’t know if they will they might but that’s not that’s not the reason why it’s gonna be 66 because it’s HD Zelda game plan example or no revival coming 2020 from Nintendo and Square Enix what’s the hype level it feels at e3 the hype over will be 10 out of 10 absolutely 10 out of 10 rage – I meant rage – not original rage rage – Rage you’ll rage 1 is weird it’s on 3ds so the pit and the ps3 version runs horribly TD says what are your thoughts on the exclusive gameplay of MS marvel more Walter Alliance 3 well that’s good I think you saw that on Twitter right looks good on Henry says your thoughts on fire fancy talk for the switch I think it’s an amazing important one of the best reasons why I’m loving it it’s a good port absolutely really good from what I’ve seen so far I haven’t bought it yet Starbucks says what old slice dead IP would completely surprise you during intended direct if they brought back something like what was a startropics that would that would be surprising marco hearthat says I would give a link I would give a link to set article but I don’t think I can oh well I really don’t care for the series anyway all right well there you go well I just read it off from right here so this is the article was wrong whatever they did the ghost she definitely said that wait a minute let me read into this a little bit more so now they’re reporting that both of them said it they’re reporting this is it this is interesting because negotiate the game was an experiment but then Sato said what you’re talking about here okay so you’re actually right marquel but the problem was that it’s very confusing in the way that the article was written so they both kind of they both kind of chimed in on it so negotiated that the game was an experiment and said that the game flopped and the sales savvy of the salesman base own ago she said that the game was flopping the sales weren’t great and then game blog said that game okay so this is interesting okay so the original one they both they were both there at the interview they both kind of said stuff there you go they both kind of said different things but no go she talked about it again and why it’s not coming to this switch and like he talked about negotiate out the sales being a flop so while Saito did say some things negotiate about it again recently okay in a video that I did he talked about it again recently where he said it was a flop and that was the reason why so they actually both said it negotiate later and also sato also said it as well so they both said it so there you go chance of Capcom porting more games very high no other persona says do you think yeah what’s up no other persona do you think that Square Enix will port the 3ds version of Dragon Quest 7/8 to switch to get more money no they won’t no because that would take a lot of work so they’re not gonna do it there’s no need they can just make new Dragon Quest games so if it can just make jacket they can make money off the Dragon Quest 11s so I don’t think they’re gonna port 7m8 they didn’t want to localize those games let’s see here Karen Buckley says do you think Nintendo might add some new content to zelda links awakening just a beefed up the gameplay of course absolutely we did it for all the other Zelda games I want to be do it for this one absolutely mmm chance of al-qaeda at that sod-buster says the d-pad on the switches trash if there’s a switch mini they should opt for four directional or for traditional d-pad if the joy Cubs won’t be removable thoughts I don’t really care about joy Khan’s to be honest I don’t care I don’t care about joy Khan’s and I don’t care about deep to be honest I don’t care about joy cons and I don’t care about D pants so so yeah I don’t have any thoughts but that’d be cool if they did it they should do it if they don’t whatever who cares but I saw I don’t have any thoughts personally but if the if it’s trash and you don’t like it then buy the deep it that extra d-pad or whatever thing that you can remove and put on there so yeah so it’s up to you but no I don’t really have any thoughts on it too much cuz I don’t care about D pads because I don’t play any games really that you like I don’t play any games

that use a d-pad and if I do like I don’t out to be honest I don’t have a problem using an analog stick even in games that are like that would probably bet it would too but with the deep end so so yeah any other questions guys – Madison says I’m I said on marker a jewel extreme but stream lab says X join the elite ninja village Orion when someone subscribes on YouTube while on screen says X join the elite ninja village but I don’t know what you talking about man what you talking about Anthony Albert says how’s it going what’s up Anthony it’s going pretty good man you guys have been awesome today we’ve had a great viewership for the stream so yeah it’s been going pretty good right now we’re in QA so if you guys have a question if you have a comment whatever the case is feel free and I’ll give you guys my honest answer okay honest answer on what I’m thinking about it so yeah is it me or blades of time reminds me of the female version of God of War meets heavenly sword okay well character counter picks Joker mmm character counter picks Joker character that counter picks Joker mmm inkling incoming definitely inkling I would say like peach is good but I’d probably say the the best counter pick for joke I definitely say is inkling in just my opinion in terms of but I’ve played against and what I’m seeing but yeah inkling um what’s a year do you plan on spending in concept whenever that may be do you plan on expanding your canto whatever that may be of course I’m always looking at new ideas to expand the content do you like rhythm slash music games like parappa the rapper um kind of liked it more but not really anymore not too much anymore you know too early for prime for this III I think it might be a little too early but you never know right might have like some type of trailer maybe a something that they show us but yeah one month till e3 yeah one exact month till III one exact month till III need that same throw patch I’m trying to take over the city the game freezes right yeah we need that Saints Row patch apparently it’s coming this week link the arrow of Hyrule says Fire Emblem characters look could work as counter pick – alright yeah I think they could but the fireman characters are just good I don’t know if it’s really true like a hard counter pick more so than they can just the match up isn’t bad like it’s not a bad matchup for the fireman characters but I don’t think it’s like a hard counter pick I think inkling has like moves that just kind of ripped through Joker and there’s some other issues too that I see with being clean compared to fighting against with the Joker compared to like a firearm character but yeah I think absolutely firearm characters can just but those are fireable characters are just good in the game I think they just said they have just good matchups across the board for the most part you know good matchups across the board but like I II can lucena and Crom and all those characters they have they don’t really have a lot of bad matchups in general so I agree with the counterfeit yeah yeah definite I have an easier time fighting I thump Joker I have an easier time fighting against peach than I do against inkling you know it’s it’s easier for me to fight peach than it is to fight against cuz like inkling has just these moves I think like the roller is the more is the biggest issue that I see with and like the the aerials the aerials beat out Joker’s aerials quite easily in Queen has the speed to keep up with Joker you know can do the range with the splat bomb you know so there’s a stuff like that one Waker HD on switch would be 1080 or 1080p 60 frames per second feel supported instead of 1080p 30 frames per second okay um Saints for a patch already out for the switch no not yet not from what I know yeah what’s up John how’s it going golden Oracle says Final Fantasy 7 remake next character reveal how many years do you think what between episodes I think it’ll be not years I think it’ll be maybe months between each episode yeah Robin’s not very good let’s see here Karen Buckley says when when when III is going on will you be covering almost everything on the Tendo in Microsoft pretty much yet yeah absolutely mmm damn I’m sick of fighting multiple Ganon’s online Ganon’s always gonna be a Gannon on the tier list Gannon is a great online character on the cheerless Gannon is a is a tier is a tier on the online tearless canons a tier fighting against again in player is common it’s very very common online again and can kill you in three hits so you’re gonna see a lot again and you’re gonna see a lot of people throw out moves they’re gonna throw out moves they’re gonna be super unsafe because canons heavy as hell you know here’s a tip to beating

Ganon’s online don’t let them get back on stage plain and simple look at their recovery are they doing the chokeslam to get back if they’re doing the chokeslam to get back obviously don’t get near the edge but if they’re doing the recovery where they’re dropping low then they’re recovering that way just GIMP them that’s the thing don’t let them get back if you let them get back you might that might be your stocks so yeah cuz they can Ganon’s can be pretty good on the edge guarding because of the doggy ah the up tortilla and the side door yeah it covers behind him so if you jump over again and like let’s say you like it’s a try platform if you jump over again and like you land like right by the freaking door – yeah I’ll hit behind him and might catch you a couple times you can lose – again even though again it’s not a Ganon’s not a great character in the game he’s just saw because of the daughter yeah and because of how heavy is he’s a solid beat here in my opinion because of how strong is he can literally kill you in 3 like any house I guarantee like if he chokes you he can guarantee to down til and that will be that’s death that down so kills that’s death so yeah Ganondorf Ridley and Kate K rool are all got our good online boys yeah all those are good online yeah get in get in his debit gal get into solid eight here online solid a tier online dude most atmospheric games like Metroid Metroid Prime is always pretty atmospheric Metroid games in general so I rested shouldn’t endo deviate from switch formula for its next system or do you think get a beefier switch like the like one Jen back in terms of graphics deviate what do you mean what do you mean by D I’d not make that like another switch to where you can like a hybrid no that’d be that’d be a really stupid move in terms of graphics they can do whatever they can do whatever a mobile chip can do they should get whatever the best they can do at the time what they did with the switch the switch had the best mobile chip at the time that they’re planning the system they should do do the same thing for the next thing whatever the whatever the best mobile chip is or whatever the best they can get for a decent price that’s gonna dictate how strong the system is Markel says people complain about the lack of first-person shooter games on the switch but since then she was oversaturate with them for years I welcome take him a break alright well there you go uh mostly a puss is yeah two forts matches on P choose the middle of the stage kills yeah but peaches will suit like the lightest character in the game but yeah and peach you hurts itself so yeah there’s also that game focuses do you think that the next 3d Zelda game will be related to breadth of the wallet or not related just simply different I think he’ll be related to breadth of the world in some way but I think the game design is gonna be similar to breath the wall true says but I think natural raised his stock to annoying levels maybe I think so player since I do choke slamming to down smash chokes I’m at the down smash isn’t confirmed at all you have to make it read on chokes on to down smash let’s see here yeah I read the Ganon’s Ness K rool all the time in elite smash I believe I’d other care yeah those are probably the most popular characters right there for me not K rool for me the most popular characters are Ganon Ness Ganon and Ness easily the most popular characters online Ganon and Ness I don’t even whatever I don’t even like see I see how Mario’s every now and then but I don’t even see a lot of other people dude like I just see Ganon and I see Wario’s people do pick Wario I mean all I see is freakin can in a nest dude Ganon s cannon that’s cannon s cannon s like Ness is definitely a tier online or STR online Ness is a s tier character online definitely it s tiered the thing with Nass dude here’s the the key to beating NASA is to not get in his stupid like nest players will just sit there what a little work they’ll just sit there blinking their freakin cuz that’s stupid what was it that uh that blinking absorber thingie that has like a hitbox on it by kicking it has a hitbox for some stupid reason so like they’ll just do that little blinking thing they’ll do that with the nares just let them go crazy okay let them go crazy or they’ll sit there they’ll run and throw their freaking PK fire just let them do whatever they’re gonna do you know what I’m saying and just outright try to outrange them but it’s tough like if you have like an inkling obviously you’re not going to out range Ness with the inkling or Oh give me a second guys I’m almost done with this so yeah just just let them act stupid and do all that and then you’re gonna be able to counter them you know that’s how I beat Ness players Ness is definitely STR online though because it’s back through his back though kills and it’s just nest Ness is a great Ness is already a solid 88 character anyway I mean everything neccessity so online he’s a s tier absolutely what’s good the matter that the ledge of Isis do you think do you think a champion from from what a champion from what substances have you played blackout first-person shooter game on the Swit blackout the first-person shooter game on this which I bought alone sells actually pretty decent I take what I can’t pronounce waiting for a guys to HD or Metroid Prime hunters HD yeah I’ve played it I don’t really like it too much no other

persona says do you think we’re gonna use seaports of winwaker win waker HD in twilight princess HD maybe but I’m not really sure Gordon Oracle says not to be annoying but fond 5/7 was really big and scale and ps1 do you think remaking that and having it live up to the modern graphical standards would be harder for a fit on a single release I think they could like they’re not going to so I think they could yeah I don’t see why I wouldn’t do not approach this online yeah just don’t approach him like he’s gonna throw pk fight and another thing is don’t dash toward nest players either because if you – then you try to block with the input delay you’re just gonna get hit with the PK fire so don’t that walk towards nest players or slightly trot towards nest players or walk towards them so if Ness is on this side and you’re on this side don’t run toward don’t freaking soldier run towards them they’re gonna throw a PK fire you and you’re gonna press the block button but with input delay or with a little bit of lag you’re not it the blocks not gonna come out it’s not gonna come out or it’s gonna shield poke you if you’ve been blocking so it’s you’re gonna get caught with that damn fire so just walk towards nest players if they’re going crazy in the air just let them land just just just jump away and let them land and throw something at them you know when it comes through it champion from league I guess I don’t know what you talked about neck oh no neck on which low tier character you play with low to your character sheek shiek or she’s a mid tier mid to low to your character that’s what I bet in my opinion she’s a little tier character my bad a champion from breath of all be good smash characters sure I would like what’s what’s the chicks name again the garrote the Gerudo girl I forgot her name you guys know in the chat you guys no one talked about Barbossa there you go Hermosa pucker broseph Epicor bosun smash bow would be good dlc for smash who was bow blue satire bow Luke I would like to roast another female character that’d be cool yeah all the things you described so far as how to deal with nest I’ve learned over time since I find him so much you have to play pretty pitching yeah I just got to play patient and just not let nesco nuts that’s the good nest players go nuts in there they’re out there just pressing fair when doing their little stupid Flair spark binky they’re just annoying super annoying what about twin tell I like to tell ya Toto would be good how to deal with snake um there is no way how to deal with snake you’re just gonna get blown the hell up there is no way how to deal with snake you just got a fight and hopefully you don’t get blown up there is no actual way to deal with them believe it or not you just got to be better than them you got to be better than the person playing if you’re playing a competent snake player and he’s as good as you you’re gonna lose you’re gonna lose if you’re playing a snake player that’s better if you’re playing a snake player that’s as good as you or better you will lose you will lose plain and simple you’re just gonna lose you have to be you literally have to just be a better skilled player than that person to beat snake there is no way to deal with snakes thanks gonna blow you up he’s gonna he’s gonna do it but just he’s gonna do a bunch of stuff that’s gonna he’s gonna grab you he’s gonna lay you down and he’s gonna he’s gonna up tilt you I mean he’s just there is no way to deal with snake you just either you’re better than him in there or not you know plain and simple try don’t know try to give him you know he has is pretty pretty silly recovery good snake players just go right ahead of you but try to you know try to try to give if they go below you try to try to give them when they get their way back so yeah your water golden Oracle 64 donated two dollars and 79 cents then he says can you please play song Devils Nate Devils never cry what’s that from is that from a video game and is there lyrics that’s going to cause copyright

thank you for the job two hours so nice and donation though appreciate that students all you look I’ll stumble might cry 3 gotcha alright advocate by that let me know how it sounds guys did you see that crazy buzzer beater from last night Game seven yeah I did I’m putting the public cross own version so everybody should be okay dodging AIDS Rockets c4 and all those firepower yes think is no Geryon right easier said than done a competent a competent snake players gonna hit you with everything dude the Nikita is so hard to dodge Nikita it like moves faster than you and it can be controlled by the person so it’s even it’s more potent it’s even deadlier than then van then links bombs you know because you can control the nikita missile what is the best DMC game my favorite DMC game is DMC 30 just some sonic I don’t think Sonic’s a good counter encounter for snake but I can see why somebody would pick Sonic kind of get in his face but I don’t think Sonic is like a good counter but yeah I mean Sonic is aggressive and can get to get close but to be honest snake doesn’t really have any doesn’t have too many bad matches outside of maybe maybe maybe Pikachu I mean yeah I just did it did of them snake vs snake making ass master list yet not yet at some point I got I was playing a Mario in a set last night we played I think we played five games and I won three of them and yeah like just there’s Mario’s that can absolutely body you body you if you’re not careful we’re gonna freakin spike you every single time switch deadly triple-s are on your players snakes barely use upsmash that’s that’s false good snakes use upsmash all the time especially they set you up because up smash it’s a freaking smash attack that big snake has the weirdest properties it’s a smash attack that moves like it’s it’s like that moves up then comes back down there’s no other smash text in the game a lot of snakes use ledge guarding like when you’re coming back they’ll frickin hit you with that up with the up smash and then they’ll want you to do something they’ll move over and up till you once you roll because that up smash comes down but no if you’re I don’t know I don’t know what snakes they do not plan against good snake players good snake players use up smash when you’re getting trying to get back to the ledge because it’s an up smash that moves up then down that is ridiculous you know so if you do a normal get up they can get you they can anticipate you rolling if you try to jump over it it covers so many options and there’s not a ton of lag after you do it so no good snake players definitely use up smash absolutely they use up for ledge straps well you said link to here Oh Harold you just said snakes barely use upsmash and then you said yeah they use it for let’s trap and then run back up and up till so then Clark if you knew that then why are you then why why’d you say that they barely use it smash attacks aren’t supposed to be thrown out there like all the time like you know but ledge trapping and ledge guarding is something that happens multiple times in a game I mean unless you’re getting body it doesn’t you know but most of the time you’re gonna be in ledge situations at least nine ten times maybe maybe a little bit less than that so I mean look I don’t understand that you literally just said they barely use it I said something in terms of how they do it and then you just repeated what I just said like what okay you’re thinking of another attack okay okay cool cool God’s just think players these up smash on the regular they use it regularly they even use it in the neutral to a lot of snake players might use other special in the neutral and that forces you to not jump so I’ll give you have Makarios that come into I fact like you want to do an aerial into somebody snakes can do like the up smash and that up specials moving something that gives them movement options that gives us mood washes you’re not gonna jump because my game of that up smash you know so it gives them options there as well what attack were you thinking of link the hero heroine I’m curious now we got eight more minutes of questions to nice how do you remember the demo discontent

no have four games you’ve literally only one release beautiful joseffer herself delay action videos they should have made more all right yeah I remember it but yeah that wouldn’t get the main point absolutely excuse me as Super Mario maker to an evil compatible I don’t know if we tend those detail that or not but I would think it may be it is they usually hold bombs and stay at a distance until one hits you then then then rush okay okay link to here with Jairo I got you let’s see maybe link it can be good match with the projectile wise ah now a good matchup is probably anybody with a reflector like I would say like like a wolf you know but then again Wolf’s hard to get back but I would say on the ground wolf would be good because he can reflect things back and I think his regulars beat out snakes you know so I would say a good pic I mean I haven’t had too much trouble fighting against snake players unless like I said they get me on the edge a lot then it’s trouble for me before I’ve had some okay I mean they’re really the thing about it guys that you just gotta be better than that if you’re fighting against a snake play it’s got to be better than just going out playing there’s not really any you just got to outplay it there’s there’s no other types of tips or anything that I could say just you just gotta outplay them you got to know what they’re doing you got to adapt to their to their playstyle and you just gotta play better than them there’s no other like snarky little tips that I can give you guys you just got to play better alright let’s see ya Bob saw em YouTube u2’s really good solid 8 here surprise announcement for Nintendo’s e3 I don’t know maybe Kid Icarus is ESS good against snake not really what about young link once again just got to play better I don’t I don’t think steak really has any bad matchups I’m the only thing that I’ve say is maybe Pikachu or Pichu but Pichu died so early snake can kill so snake hits so heavy I saw I saw snake kill Pichu at 30% with the with the with the RPG and with good di by the way the only problem Juba is when you’re off stage you know you just I mean you’re probably just better than I I don’t know if wolf is a good matchup you’re looking I know that’s good is that excuse me what I know that’s good is that Wolf’s normals can beat out snake right snake I mean you can rush him you can reflect you can reflect so there’s some good stuff but like offstage do that Nikita is really bad news for wolf thank you thank you you even know that Nikita’s really bad news for wolf offstage man god Wolf’s arrow movements not very good but man falco yeah fuck was a reflector I don’t think doc goes to bat against snake um fuck alas combos to thank you golden miracle yeah my inkling my Inklings been in elite smash since like the first week of smash miss and I haven’t went back to inkling since like the first few weeks of Smash Brothers I used inkling and I haven’t used the inkling since December and it’s still like by far like one of my lead GSP I have no idea what’s going on here let’s see you’re number one smash to get good scrub yeah when you’re fighting against snake yeah absolutely thank you mister people to doll donation do I appreciate that thank you thank you favorite GBA games Metroid Fusion for sure I trade fusion rushdown characters are good against Captain Falcon what do I think I think Zoners are better against Captain Falcon Captain Falcon has really good he has a really good ground game and his his he he’s a rush down character so I think what’s good against Falcon are obviously characters that can edge guard projectile based characters are pretty good against Falcon Falcon doesn’t have any project doesn’t he has no reflector I would say that kickers like wolf I would say characters like even I don’t think like even like robbing and stuff like that is not too bad any projectile based characters that can stop you in your fight Falco robbed it or I would have said Robin more like Fox Phalke Fox falco wolf Spacey’s any character would protect us that could stop you in your tracks I think is good against Captain Falcon and any character that can edge guard like link any of the links you know that could edge that because captain Falcons Recovery’s not very good either Falcon kick fuck yeah it gets obliterated off you have to work really hard with Falcon you know in order to get back on stage against good edge garters but like the link can really just edge guard the hell out of Falcon off States because Link’s bomb you can just throw it Falcons recovery is so predictable what games on switch are you playing

besides smash I’m playing saints row the third so I’ve been played that recently hmm maybe just play smash oh wait I didn’t play Mario Kart we played mile Kart last night – or the other night so yeah my ogre my record smash and then usually something else but I think I’m gonna I think would go by rage – maybe if I feel like it I’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning I’ll make my decision tomorrow morn if I’m gonna go buy it down or just wait till it’s cheaper it’s only 30 gigabytes in space that may be happy bond Henry says are you read that let’s see players I mean inkling and moved on to Paul tonight pac-man and Ganondorf are all right there you go good picks I’m still surprised Game Freak has been releasing sword and shield and for weekly I’m so surprised Game Freak has been released in sword and shield info weekly usually do after revealing a game are you surprised that they haven’t been because I hasn’t really been much new information on sword and shield okay yeah there you go hasn’t uh yeah I think they’re waiting they’re probably gonna do that gonna they’re gonna wait for another Nintendo Direct or they’re gonna do that do their own thing or maybe they’re gonna make some big adjustments or something who knows different system different time period I guess right alright guys so I think that’s gonna about wrap it up for this one here I’m gonna link some content for you guys to watch okay is it strange that we have not seen it seen the legendaries now not really there’s still plenty of time guys still putting your time calm down um alright so I think that’s gonna wrap it up for this one here guys please make sure you guys check out the videos on the channel we got a new Fire Emblem video video Ganon’s better than Falcon in my opinion we got a new fire on the video right here for you guys so make sure you guys go check that out make sure you guys follow me on Twitter – if you’re not following me on Twitter make sure you follow me on Twitter I’m actually going to put the command there make sure you follow me on Twitter and make sure you guys check out my videos that I’ve been doing we had a new Saints Row video – as well also platinum games video a lot of you guys probably missed that one check out this one so make sure you guys check that out when you guys get the opportunity alright so that wraps it up for this one here guys thank you so much for watching I do appreciate it we will see you guys back I’ll probably do a nightcap I can’t stream I have to have to take care of some stuff guys so I can’t stream right after this but we might stream later tonight if I can get one of my videos edited beforehand if not then we’re gonna stream tomorrow okay will stream like rage or will stream some other games or something like that so so it should be fun tomorrow alright so thank you guys so much for watching I do appreciate it and we will see you guys for the next one please