98 Chevy 2500 leaking oil – diagnose oil leak(s) and replace oil cooler lines

let’s start that again you guys might remember my 98 Chevy pickup right here at that power steering fluid leak added some dye fixed the leak clean that off well it’s been two weeks now I just went under there with the UV light and I’ve got no dye but I’ve got a ton of wetness check it out now I just had a van in here today that made a little mess cleaned it up brought my pickup in here we’ve already got spots on the floor we knew that those lines are hurt right there definitely there could be all of our problems but we’ve also got crap like stuff here up at the crank sensor harness and who knows what else is going on now it’s pretty obvious that there’s oil cooler lines are leaking I could go ahead and replace them and call it a day but let’s just say that it wasn’t so obvious as you can tell from the power steering fluid leak when that power steering fluid was leaking and ride down the road I mean it was blowing power steering back to the motor mounts good me see if a truck like this comes to me and it’s got high miles and they could have multiple oil leaks well the way I handle it is to put dye in the engine oil and that’s what I’m going to do today I want to put some dyeing this thing top off the oil put a hundred or so miles on it come back with that UV light and see what I got Great Scott can you see that we’re like half a quart low now so I got a bottle of this crap it says motor on here so I guess you could put it in your motor oil oh sorry I was reading the Spanish side engine oil transmission power steering and fuel system UV dye by Auto Pro holy you see that right there you see that it’s certified Auto pro well hot damn certified well I guess I don’t really need a funnel for that part home bro so she’s right on the money now also got some painters tape mr. Sharpie here today is January 23rd so oil dye 1/2 3 1 70 to 90 you see when you get to be my age you kind of can’t remember the last time you whatever so we’re going to do the same thing we did last time I’m going to drive this truck for 100 or so miles we’re going to come back put it up on the lift go over with the UV light and we can identify pretty much everything that’s leaking so I’ll see you in a hundred miles come back with my 98 Chevy pickup for the oil leaks you remember about 12 days ago puts the dye in this thing into the oil so let’s see what we got see how bad this leak is so it looks like we lost about a quarter of a quart in between when we had to die and top this thing off and now so we lost a quarter of a quart 147 miles over the span of 12 days before I put this thing up in the air I’m just going to give this a once-over with the die light and see if I could see anything from up top I mean and for stuff like that it’s usually easier when it’s kind of dark I’m just going to disable the under hood light try get this thing a little bit dark over here so we can see that UV dye so for this all I did was kind of just use some little quick clamps lots of fender covers just to kind of give me a lot darker of an engine bay and sometimes I do run them across the hood too we don’t get a much better look in there that’s nice and dark mr. dilate oh yeah sorry about that so I’m just going to start up top and just look around see what I see now if you’re trying to see like the back of the intake or the back of the valve covers we got something to use for

that too I just got my little inspection mirror so if I wanted to see behind this right side valve cover so a general look over up top here hasn’t really shown anything on the dilate so let’s get this thing up in the air since this was you know the main thing that I saw it was first leaked and I’ll check that thing first and it looks like right on this lower cooler line I can’t see this on the viewfinder of the camera but I’ve definitely got dye starting here and then running down this tube for the power steering cooler which matches what we saw earlier I’ve also got dye here up up around the front crank seal and I’ve even got it here at the timing cover so we know that’s oil so it may just need a new timing cover gasket and probably wouldn’t hurt to do the front crank seal at the same time and same deal I’m not seeing this on my viewfinder but it’s blowing all the way back to this Y pipe and I’ve got a I’ve got wetness here at the starter but I don’t see no dog anywhere up there so I wonder if that’s from that little valve cover seepage and this cooler line looks like to be the the biggest leak rate at this time I mean this is what we actually got my attention because it was leaving spots on the shop floor both of those lines they just they don’t look good so while it might just be the bottom of leak and it might not hurt to do both of them so I went back and checked the area on the right cylinder head and I don’t see nothing leak so for now we’re just going to kind of let that ride but let’s come up with a plan for fixing the oil leaks of this thing so I went to Rock Auto and through a little car together got oil cooler lines upper and lower the right valve cover gasket cuz she sleep it out a little bit front crank seal and then for the timing cover they have two designs I have no idea which design I need so I’m just going to get both of them and send back whatever one isn’t right check out this awesome packing job by rock auto mile says box a couple pieces of cardboard actually just one piece of cardboard but at least they were nice enough to give us another magnet dicks the thing it wasn’t anything important so got the lines in let’s go ahead and put these on so I’m going to start this repair from underneath if I disconnect these lines right here at the radiator it’s going to be a huge mess so either disconnect the lines underneath the truck let them drain out and come back and finish the job so here’s an overview of those cooler lines they just come down from the cooler at the radiator got this little wacky fitting right there and then coming off the oil filter housing is the end of the lines so what I want to do is disconnect them here first we’ll probably have to come in and hook them from that retainer and then just let them hang down and drip dry I’m not sure how much flow it’s going to dump out of these but we’re going to find out so at each one of these fittings it has this little cap their retainer clips right here to hold this line in place see I pride on the edge of that clip kind of cocked her down a little bit now I can go with another pic and just get that guy here’s a look at that clip this is when I pried out with the other pic and then used this pic to just pop her out you’re doing this at home and you have a dirt driveway like me you should probably lay down some cardboard first and that way when this thing pops out of place you don’t lose it in a debris field you know I mean someone do the same thing with the other one and into the abyss egos I don’t know how

good you guys can see this but if I squeeze there’s two little tabs together it let the line push off so really hippie out for a little while so coming in from the left front tire I mean you can kind of see the lower cooler line here but I don’t know how the hell you would get to it without taking this fender shield out and even that looks kind of involved what I’m going to do is I’m going to get both of them from up top here’s a better view from up top let some light on this guy at least for me it’s going to be a lot easier to get these guys disconnected from up here your results may vary I’ll spare you guys the safety lecture if you don’t want to do this while the motors hot awesome I’m just using mr. bungee cord to get all that stuff up out of the way so your view has changed I’m standing here at the front of the truck got a thirteen sixteenths wrench and who put this on here well it was me this bottom fitting is no different than the top one mr. 13 16th ranch Oh see there’s enough room for me to get my whole freaking arm and hand down in here all right so it’s gonna be too tight to do a close-up shot I do it here with these lines and we went dormant no particular reason except for the price as I got both of these for what one of the ACDelco line oh this is great as I was saying I got both of these for the price of one from ACDelco these lines came at these little covers that prevent those clips from like popping out that’s why I wasn’t sweating when I broke that one it’s just like last time when I did that power steering hose I’m just going to put a little bit of tape on each of these they’ve got to be nothing super fancy I just don’t want any grime or whatever to get up in here you know I’m saying don’t be that guy he’s trying to be that guy so I want to do now is just time to get them up over this steering here up in the area not going to make any other connections right now because I still have to maneuver this stuff from up top so little everything just hang out down here go back up top make our connections

it’s hard as hell to get started I’m not going to go crazy tightening these guys up because I’ve still may have to do a little bit of wiggling down there so not too crazy for now get back underneath make our connections under there and come back snuck them guys up so the top cooler line off of the red goes into the top fitting what you try to do is to get that little lip this little lip to clear the groove in that fitting kind of like when we took it out just kind of got a rocket working just right you see that because the clip is going to be on the other side of this ring right here so it’s got to go in pretty good I went and took this back off because it was being a dick now we could try putting these clips back in so what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to make sure I got these things seeded and good so what I’m doing is I’m grabbing on the line and I’m rocking it back and forth and pulling it I’m going to do that for both though and I’ve said just do just to pop this dial over top of that clip so he’s good and if you don’t have the clip fully seated like this one you can even get the cover back on so you can see both of these covers your fully bottom now these nuts so I know the clips are in there good they’re not going to pop off well hopefully you that thing felt freakin tight is something that’s very tight just hook this upper rad hose back up I’m gonna top off the coolant in this thing so I didn’t top off the oil in this thing I’m going to let it run for a little while and so far so good I don’t see anything running down since I don’t have a lot of patience I’m going to get started cleaning this stuff up from up top I got all the air out of cooling system let’s go up in the air so it looks like everything’s cool at our connections here still got a little bit of cleaning up to do so what I want to do is take my UV light and use it to help me get all the dye off of here depending on what else is leaking we may have to come back pull the timing cover off of this and reseal that this kind of gives us a fresh start it’s like we’re bad half a quart low

Oh just want to modify my sticker a little bit so 1 7 0 5 3 2 and today’s date is 2 12 1 5 now we’re done as far as replacing the cooler lines in this thing but we’re not really done with the total repair I mean that front timing cover can be leaking it’s probably is leaking I don’t want to condemn anything just yet until I have you know enough evidence I guess that about wraps it up for this oil leak from start to finish thanks for watching like what you see subscribe to my there I said it I said you pissed off about my language we’re in an auto shop not a build-a-bear workshop so go yourself