A Kerbal Space Program Mission to Eve & Tutorial Ep 20

hey guys welcome to the DX gamer show my name is operation DX and we are going to be playing some Kerbal space program today it’s a Friday special episode I was not really planning on doing three episodes this week of Kerbal space program but I’m giving it some requests to show a tutorial about how to get to Eve and that is what we are going to do today so we are accelerating a launch cycle just a little bit so we can save a little bit of time in the video because this video is going to run a little bit long let me go ahead and get the video information on the way real quick we are using Kerbal space program version 0.17 we’re using my parts we found off the Kerbal space program website and we’ve made modifications to the core parts so this is not the core game experience alrights in first things first you need to get your planets in the proper positions and you can find that information on wwk SP 0 lu e xbi z and basically you need to set eve up at about minus 54 point 1 3 degrees or in that vicinity and your ship needs to leave kerbin at 150 3.77 degrees but because we’re doing this manually that’s really hard to pull off so I’ve developed kind of a hybrid method between these two to get to Eve because of the plane change and you know 4 to 5 times that I attempted to get to Eve using the method on the website I would totally miss and I would never get the intercepts screen to pop so I’m gonna show you a surefire way to intercept Eve every time ok so you might notice right away that something’s a little different about my launch and that’s true we are actually launching in setting up for a retrograde orbit so we are spinning our craft to a270 position and we are going to start our gravity turn down on the two seven zero degree mark and again similar to the Doudna tutorial we are going to try to achieve about 150 K orbit even with our periapsis and Apple axis as far as fuel efficiency goes this is proudly you know pretty similar to the other direct method in the direct method you have to burn off quite a bit of fuel to get yourself into the orbit of the planet and this time we’re going to be burning Midway and changing some things it’s gonna be a little bit different than the Doudna one but it all works out so I did a lot of testing with a lot of different methods and I find that it’s easier to just stay on the two-seven-zero marker and then we will change our plane on our way to Eve that is pretty much the easiest and most efficient manner to get a intercept with Eve all right and we’re kicking off our orbital operations and pretty standard stuff you guys probably have a good idea if you watched some of my earlier videos how to achieve the hundred fifty K even orbit no problem and that’s pretty much what we’re doing here we just separated from our tanks and we are just gonna hit our apoapsis and then they can even and we will get underway and of course you may notice as we get into stable orbit we are traveling the opposite direction of detroit station detroit station is in the outer track there you see and we’re coming up here and we are traveling in the opposite direction that’s because detroit station is in a pro grade orbit and we are in a retrograde orbit and like i explained in the other tutorial a pro grade orbit is in the same direction all the planets are moving and retrograde is in the opposite direction all the planets are moving in the kerbin system and the reason we are heading in a retrograde orbit is because it makes it a lot easier to intercept the inner planets just as heading in a pro grade orbit makes it easier to intercept the outer planets such as Doudna and jewel so on top of doing this tutorial we are also gonna head over and pick up jebediah so we are going to land in the same vicinity of where the KX glider to landed and that’s pretty much what our planned mission is for today and of course you know we want to get to some of the other stuff we want to finish our

exploration missions and of course get through some of the other mods and stuff and i’m testing some new mods and one that particularly is cool is the the one that you can mine for fuel and i’m trying that one out right now but anyways here we are on the orbital operations screen you notice i’m trying to show you guys the angle here with my mouse and i’m trying to show that you know eve is that a – about fifty degree angle and here we are back at kerbin and we’re looking at it you know this kind of the same angle and my mouse where my mouse is right now is about what we need to eject and that is close to the hundred and fifty degree angle but you know it’s not perfect we don’t have any assists as far as knowing where exact angle is that’s part of the problem not knowing the exact angles does make this you know difficult because you almost have to know what your intercept is gonna take place on Eve so to minimize that we are like I said using a hybrid method and the reason why we’re not doing a direct one is because you need to catch Eve on the like the intercept has to take place where the plane change meets the other plane and it’s almost impossible to make that happen I mean you really have to wait a long time in time acceleration to try to get even you got to know where the intercept is going to take place and that’s really difficult so what we’re doing here is we’re just going to burn out and get ourselves into the orbit of the star and then we’re gonna get ourselves in the proper position where the plane change needs to take place right where the two planes cross and then we’ll get ourselves on the same plane as Eve to make our intercept a little easier so that’s why this is a hybrid method because we’re putting ourselves on a outer track orbit of Eve we’re not trying to do a direct intercept and then once we get in the proposition line our planes lined up then we will attempt to do an intercept so if you’re watching there you’ve noticed that I put the orbital trajectory just on the outside of each trajectory and right now we’re just going to accelerate time now watch closely I’m watching my craft and I’m trying to keep my craft pointed right at the star and close to seven as possible and watch as the track of Eve slowly comes down and where the two lines meet is exactly where you need to burn to change your plane so we’re right sitting right on top of it right now so we’re gonna rotate one a zero on the nav ball flat and we are going to burn until we get the blue line which I’m going to show you with the mouse and the purple line to meet together and that’s pretty much what we’re trying to accomplish okay so if you watch my mouse here I’m highlighting the purple line and that is Eve’s plane and then down here the flat line is our line that is the blue line and we’re trying to match those two together so we are now starting our change we’re on route one eight zero flat in the netball and watches the blue line on the left side goes up and on the right side goes down and we’re just going to as close as possible try to match those two lines together and that’s about good right there that’s about perfect so we’ve got our planes aligned at this point and basically we just need to set ourselves up to intercept so very similar to orbiting a planet what we’re gonna do is head over to one of our locations the apoapsis or the periapsis the closest one and basically we are going to burn until we get them pretty even and we’re just gonna put ourselves on a just a bit out track outside orbit of Eve and actually you know what we’re gonna try to do our intercept right here right now see how Eve is just in front of our ship that’s a great place to set up your intercept so we’re just going to burn retrograde until we get an intercept with Eve so let me go ahead and just flip around real quick here and set us up on a retrograde position which we are coming up right now and of course you guys know that from the last tutorial that the X the circle with the X through it is retrograde and that’s where we are burning on the nav ball and pretty much yep we’re just going to keep burning until we get an intercept and we should have that absolutely no problem whatsoever and this is pretty much a surefire method to intercept Eve every single time

oh geez and as usual I burned past the intercepts so I’m gonna have to rotate around and turn pro-grade to get the intercept again old habits die hard I guess yeah oh boy well what we know we have intercepts so we’re just going to burn a little bit forward and then of course when we get close unlike the Doudna intercept I am going to get the periapsis as close to the planet as I can probably pushing towards a 150 K orbit just to show that you know it’s more appropriate to do that and another advantage to being like in this position is you have to burn a lot less fuel to slow down then you do when you are doing a direct intercept because you’re usually traveling a lot faster so you know it’s kind of a trade-off you know you’re doing your plane change slash you know curving your orbit and that burns some fuel or you know you do the direct method where you have to burn up a substantial amount of fuel to slow down to get yourself into a circularized orbit with that body so yeah alright again like the Doudna intercept we just want to go ahead and take a look a good distance out at where are you know periapsis is gonna be and looks like it’s about 20 million meters there so we are going to have to adjust that so we can you know save ourselves a little bit of fuel and of course you know when you do it the further away the smaller moves make bigger results and of course that’s why we are doing that so the first thing I’m going to do in my approach here is I’m just going to watch the periapsis and I’m going to burn pro-grade and yep that looks like that is causing the intercept to be you know closer and that is our primary goal and then of course after this we’re probably going to have to do a plane change we have to determine whether our plane is above or below the eave plane so we get there in just a second and looks like we curved down pretty substantially there that is about three million meters from the surface so now we’re just going to change our plane real quick here and see if we can curve that down all the way down to about 150 K all right and we are flipping around to where in the North position flat on the Neff wall and this is where you want to be and it looks like we are curving our periapsis down to exactly where we want and there we are perfect position now all we need to do is speed up time to hit our intercept and then we’ll burn retrograde and we will be at Eve once again and then of course we will go down I’m kind of curious to see how the atmosphere is going to affect the Doudna shuttle because the KX glider you know the atmosphere is so thick on Eve that you know I might even have to burn Bowl to get down to to a decent speed because otherwise this video will probably take a long time and of course if that’s the way this goes I will accelerate the time during that part but we’ll just see how this goes and I’m sure you guys can handle it from here if you make it this far but just in case I will just say what I’m doing here I’m about to hit the periapsis and I’m going to rotate my ship retrograde so that I can curve my orbit to make it circularized around Eve and then we’re going to try to intercept Jeb which is down there on the surface near that mountain on Eve but it looks like he might be in the dark part of the

planet so what I might do is just accelerate time so I can put the planet into the sunlight and we won’t have to add any filters to the video so yeah that’s what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna get myself circularized and speed up and then we’ll make our intercept and go hang out with Jeb on the surface here we are again at Eve with our shuttle and we are all set up for intercepting for Jeb’s location where the KX glider 2 is landed and will speed up time a little bit and then we’ll make our way down and see how this works out I’m very curious to see how the shuttle is going to handle the very thick atmosphere so I hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys this is kind of my own hybrid method because since I don’t use any of the mods that show positions and trajectories and I’m not using mech jab this is a way that you can use to do it yourself without using those tools and as long as you stay relatively close to the guidelines of the KSP o le X bi Z site you know you shouldn’t have too much trouble you know because you can’t obviously you can’t get the exact angles and the speeds change while you’re doing your parents and stuff too so there’s a lot involved so it doesn’t have to be perfect just rough rough estimate of those locations and you really shouldn’t have too much trouble and of course the most critical thing you have to do is that plane change or you’ll probably almost never encounter your intercept and if you know you’re gonna try to use just the website to calculate your trajectories you really have to wait a long time in time sped up to you know get the correct intercept and you’ve almost got to know exactly where the intercept is going to take place otherwise 9 times out of 10 you’re gonna miss the intercept so this is this is the best way I found to do it and of course if you guys have a more efficient method to getting into Eve you know please I would love to know go ahead and hit me in the comments and I will I just love to know that if there is a better way to do it so I’ve pretty much been checking every single day to see if the document has been updated and it hasn’t been yet but very soon hopefully it will be so we can you know do some pretty neat things I think Monday we will do our exploration of Moho and of course there are some moons that we you know I want to visit but I’m probably gonna wait until the 0.1 7.1 patch is completed that way you know all the terrain stuff is calculated properly and you don’t pass through it with your rocket because I’ve seen some interesting videos on YouTube as far as landing on some of those locations in

the you know just passing straight through the ground and stuff yep and then maybe for Thursday’s episode we’ll be checking out a mod whether it’s like nab sat or that mod I was talking about in a previous episode where you mine the surface for fuel because of course I want to test that out for obviously future bases and stuff and then be pretty neat to like land your shuttles and like dock up and do fuel transfers and you can mine it right there on the surface of the planet that would be freakin excellent dude so yeah I’m going to try that or if there’s another mod you guys like to see and you know what you comment on that particular mod and want to see it for Thursday I’ll of course do that instead and just know you know I know some of you guys want to see me set up bases on certain locations and I really want to do that too but I’m waiting for certain conditions to be met and of course we will be doing that as soon as possible because I’m really that’s like on my number one list of things to do videos on alright and as I expected the atmosphere is super thick here and Eve and we are practically burning full to maintain the speed of a couple hundred meters per second that is crazy man we’re just 20 20 K off the KX fighter 2 and we’re gonna try to just land a little bit short of it and hop out and go hang out with Jeb real quick and that’s pretty much where we are going to finish off for today and for Monday’s episode of the exploration of Moho I think I’m going to just take off from Eve here and we’ll intercept Moho from Eve and we’re gonna try that out pretty much using the same method we use to get here we’re just gonna put ourselves on the outer track orbit match your plane and get it all set up you know it’s kind of interesting and think I noticed that the alignment of minmus appears to be on the same plane as Moho I thought that was kind of interesting I may be wrong but it’s kind of that’s what it looked like when I was doing my test videos or this intercept for this video and once again we are using the Xbox 360 controller to control our shuttle and I find that to be you know the most smooth and best method to fly the airplane type craft because when you use the keyboard and select the jerky and of course when you lock in your SAS the flaps like flicker around like crazy and I don’t really like that so I like having the smooth looking flight so that’s pretty much what we’re doing here we are burning our craft is pointed 45 degrees straight down and we’re only we’re actually slowing down we’re like less than 120 meters per second that’s just crazy man it’s crazy well I mean it’s probably gonna make this landing exceptionally easy of course with the assistance of our modified RCS thrusters landing is gonna be no problem at all in fact I’m probably not even going to need to use the vertical aspect of those this craft I’m probably gonna need to use the RCS to actually you know slow down on the end here and yeah look at this it’s crazy oh it’s so slow right now I’m not even using my vertical my vertical thrusters right now it’s crazy yeah the dynamics of Eva are definitely different well I’m pretty much just gonna go ahead and get my craft landed and we will disembark with one of our Kerbal knots to meet up with jebediah and yeah this is pretty much for this episode guys thank you for watching the DX gamer show and I’ll see you guys next time see you later take care good bye you