Developer Keynote: Continuous Innovation with the Customer 360 Platform

thank you all for being here today. I am so humbled to be here with all of you. I really feel home here in Mosconi west with all of our developers because you are the people that really bring innovation toe life You were the people that build on our platform You’re the people that help us improve our platform And that’s why this morning I really just wanna start in a moment of gratitude for all of you, for all that you do every day And not just for us and with us But really for each other It is so incredible being here, a dream force. And I just walked by and people stop me and they say, Sarah, I want to tell you this story that happens to me all day. Katie Hobbs, my assistant, will tell you that happens all the time And people don’t tell me stories of themselves They talk about how they’ve helped each other, how they helped each other in this community. And it’s really, really incredible. And what makes this community so, so, so special? And the developer community is just thriving It’s a global community with over six million registered developers worldwide in over 290 groups and over 90 countries And you do things like we just had a few weeks back Stephanie Herrera and team led global sales were Saturday We have, like in Africa, the North Africa dream, an event It’s just so global phenomenon of what is happening within this community And I stand here as a woman in technology, which is even more impactful to me because this is a community which is all about building an equitable and ethical future together It’s really important that US developers take that really seriously to heart because you’re the people that are coding in building the future. And we need you to build that equitable, unethical future together with us. And there’s one person here today who was doing incredible things in the community, and I like to invite Miranda Raglan up to the stage. Miranda, will you join us here? Okay, first off the hair, it’s just incredible. I saw the backstage. I was like, Wow, you like, give a competition for the crystal art a bling year. So, Miranda, you are an incredible champion of equality and incredible developer Can you share a little bit about your story with everybody here today Certainly, I was always interested in tech from a very young age. I did things like take apart the family computer cause I wanted to see how it worked And I also taught myself to program When I was a teenager, I struggled with being bullied on anxiety on depression, and I realized I’m transgender Uh, and I thought that might make it hard for me to get a tech job But years later, here I am, adults offer for a living Uh, and I absolutely love it. But that didn’t make everything go away. It wasn’t a cure off I still struggled, and all that started to change when I became more involved with the Trailblazer community, not just as a member but also as a community leader. And I also started speaking up about LGBT Q Q I A plus rights, and since then I’ve met an amazing partner We’ve got three wonderful kids, and we’ve launched to Salesforce partner companies that is seriously just incredible on Miranda was just sharing with me backstage She was educating us on what the plus means and a bunch of other things and So I just want to ask, like, what advice do you have for all of us here in building an inclusive community that can help everybody feel that they’re at home here? I certainly didn’t do it alone Building software is a lot easier than building meaningful relationships with on today’s. Actually the transgender Day of Remembrance, I did not know that he learned something new every day. She’s in wealth of knowledge My advice to anyone who’s struggling and feeling like they’re the other is to be honest with yourself and be proud of who you are because visibility matters regardless of your labels Also, never let anyone hold you back even yourself, because your voice is important and sharing it will help everyone build a better world for us all Well, your voice is certainly important, and we’ve kind of created this little tradition that I think everybody knows about now. But what do you think? Do you think we should uphold the Golden Hoody tradition with Miranda here today? Let’s go ahead and bring this and put this on

You’re beautiful and pink with that hair, but I think you’re gonna look great in gold too All right. I wanna take a selfie. Come on, capture this moment All right. Thank you, Miranda. Thank you very much Okay, that was incredible. And now we want to get into the tech stuff here because we’re all here because customer expectations, air rising and as developers is really hard for you to match these expectations, whether it’s building trusted applications, putting a I into them, making them integrated, or doing in a way that’s ethical and sustainable and aligned with our values And we all know it’s hard. It’s hard work that you do every day. Because not only do you have to make everything work, you also have to keep up with the latest trends You have to make everything documented You have to make people happy. It’s a very, very hard job to be a developer and to build experiences And yesterday, Mark shared the customer 360 platform And all of these innovations are built into the platform, whether it’s mobile, whether it’s Blockchain, whether it’s a I, whether you want to add in compliance and security and privacy and identity, our building process, automation, thes air, all service is that air trusted and smart and fully integrated and my favorite part built on a net zero cloud And these are the same service is that we at Salesforce have used to build our applications from sales service marking the commerce and more. So you can have faith that when you’re building custom applications, you’re building on this platform just like some of our incredible customers, like Caesar’s entertainment or Costa sunglasses or hive they’re using. These service is in building these applications, and ultimately they’re delivering continuous innovation on the customer 360 platform They’re building those experiences connecting them together and managing their deployments Okay, so I want to get right into this, and we’re gonna start with how you build these modern experiences. And who better to do this than our vice president of product management? Andy Faucet Andy coming up here Thanks, everyone super pleased to be here to talk to you all today about some amazing technologies. It’s gonna help you build your connected applications faster than ever And today we have an under Withers number is an amazing Trailblazer. It seizes and he say’s it. Well, it’s not about building APs. It’s about building. Experiences on great experiences often start on a mobile device, which is why I’m super excited to talk to you all today about a brand new cell source. Mobile app It’s now general availability, and it brings with it a brand new navigation model, which allows you to you reuse an open your existing lightning desktop applications directly in the application It’s smart because we be embedded Einstein Voice in Pilot, and we’ve also put Einstein Analytics directly into the application And, of course, because it’s a sale source application, it’s customizable with clicks and code Lightning Web components are available throughout the entire experience, including on your record home page So let’s talk a little bit more about lining Web components So we built lining Web components to embrace Web standards, which is great for your applications and your experiences But for everybody in this room, it’s awesome because you get to play with the latest tacked on the latest technologies and libraries Since launching lightning, where components in January, we’ve had amazing traction Over five million Web components have been created by this amazing trailhead DX. We open source the Library for Lightning Web components, the framework on the N. P. M packages on now downloaded over 6000 times a week Brilliant traction, and we’re not stopping here Our commitment to open source continues with lightning base components now available as open source frameworks There are over 50 components available for you to build and extend a CZ building block to build your own enterprise. Great user experiences You can extend those components, modify the functionality of those components and obviously commit your changes and ideas back to the community And what’s more, if you’re building brand new components that take a look at the code because you’ll learn how to build for speed and scale with your own components from that source code Now, having open standards and embracing those

of the kind is awesome. It makes you very productive, and you can access a wealth of open source libraries What about having that technology and that power at the back end? Well, I’m super excited to tell you all today about brand new technology. We’re calling cell source Evergreen and Salesforce. Evergreen harnesses open standards at the back end that allows you to build functions and micro service’s It uses a serverless architecture allow you to deploy applications with event driven paradigms using open languages, such a note and Java. And, of course, as well a pax And we’ve built this technology on because we build this technology. It’s fully integrated into all of our loco tooling, and you’ll see that momentarily in the demo It is truly amazing And for the Iast V’s in the audience of a show of hands, are there any ice fees in the audience? Guess what? It’s package a ble so you can extend your off exchange packages with this power and this technology So enough with this lives, let’s go to the demo I’m pleased to introduce two amazing demo drivers, Albert and Renee. Let’s give it up for those guys A familiar face So we’re looking at here the Caesars Mobile application, and it gives us a great overview off our account and are lots of ways to make them best out of our state At Caesars, the bottom of the screen, I can tap to view more information about my account and my rewards I also have available the ability to look at my reservations What is showing me right now is some good news. It’s nine o’clock, which is pretty early for a check in. But actually I can start the check in process so I can tap, checking, available And now I get some more news The housekeeping team is still working on creating a beautiful room for me to live in, but they still need to complete that cleaning process The good news is right here on my mobile device. I’ll get a notification The second that’s completed on my digital key will be unlocked, and I can go straight to the room from tastic So how does all of that work in the back end? How’s that Magic Complete said Well, let’s go to the iPad and take a look What we’re seeing here is a custom lightning experience built using lightning world components on at Builder on. The housekeeping team used this on their iPads all the time, and they’re tracking the rooms that they’re cleaning as well as confirming by tapping on the corresponding tile which rooms have been cleaned and complete set Now this is a custom experience, but how is it built? Well, of course, was of great lightning Web components, but you’ve got to compose those components in a way that allows you to fit the form factor of the device. This case we’re looking a tablet, so let’s go to the browser and take a look at the At Builder Tool Now the at builder tool is awesome because it gets us to compose our components together, both those we’ve built on others that are standard On the left hand side, we can see our floor selector component, and on the right hand side we can see the room selector Now I’m looking at this in tablet landscape view Let’s go to device picker and choose the phone immediately This layout changes to give us an idea of what this would look like on a phone device, and we see at the top here a component that allows us to clicks and buttons Notice the orange icon that’s giving us a clue of another awesome featuring that builder the visibility filter And this filter is simply telling us that we only want these buttons to be displayed on the mobile phone device, not on our tablets. That’s that’s not a feature we support Now let’s take a look at the amazing process. Builder, a process builder, is monitoring those changes to the records that being to the rooms that are being cleaned As soon as that room is cleaned, it will publish a platform event The platform event is going to be listened to by a function. And this is the amazing, exciting bit of the demo Because I love code and I’m itching to show you that So let’s go to V s code and take a look at how that function is created So here we see a regular looking sale source. DX projects There’s use the command promise to create an evergreen function Now, evergreen functions are available in a number

of different programming languages all of these languages of a great open source ecosystem But we happen to know that no, J s has got some great libraries that going to help us with that push notification to the mobile device and unlocking that digital key card. So that’s pick know Js will give our function name handle room ready, and we’ll also associate it with that platform event. So let’s go ahead and associate that with the room ready platform event Now, this could also being a change data capture event as well So now that that’s finished, we see a new fold has been created directly in our project amongst all our existing metadata and code No Jess developers will immediately recognize the standard package dot Jason file Let’s open up package dot Jason Now. This file allows you to import a number of pre built libraries, whether you built them yourself or Salesforce or from the community We’ve injected the cell source. SdK will see that in action of it later in the demo, essentially because you excellent read right access directly to the organ this functions associated with Let’s go ahead and add two more libraries, and these libraries have come from MPM These helpers, with our development process, speed up the development with reusable components I want to pause for a moment just to appreciate what we’re looking at here And PM has over one million libraries that are available to do image calculation, image manipulation data. Computer station off factors generate P D efs. All Mary out of capabilities are now at your disposal That is amazing This is going to change the game in terms of how you develop code on the lightning platform Let’s move to Index Joe Js Index. Jess is kept incredibly simple What we want is for you to write business logic, not plumbing Therefore, the event perimeter gives you everything that you need to get started with the job. All of the data from that platform event is right there in that event It’s also based on another industry standard known as Cloud Events The context gives you a secure connection to yourself. Mortal Let’s go ahead and import those two open source libraries and at the code and the codes. Pretty straightforward. We didn’t have to write a lot of code with leverage. Some open source libraries. We enable that digital key so the guests can gain access to the room, wants that successful. We send them that push notification to confirm So let’s see how all of this hangs together Let’s go back to the iPad and take a look In fact, let’s go. Let’s go back to V s code on complete some other tasks before we move to the iPad Let’s go to V s coat Okay, we’ll stay on the iPad So on the iPad, we have the opportunity to complete checking in and cleaning our room. Room 18 04 is the room that I’m staying in, so that’s tapped to clean that room And now that that’s finished, let’s go over to the phone and take a look at what’s happened So it straightaway, we see that notification So our function has been deployed to our elastic compute. Its responded to that function and were able to complete our check in and start enjoying our room Fantastic. I’m feeling relaxed already, So we had a wonderful stay at Caesars, and Caesar’s checkout experience awaits. So let’s go to the browser and take a look at a new employee experience on this employee Experience provides a guided experience for the checkout Clark’s to help the guests through checkout, and they’ve built that using our flow technology Let’s click the checkout button The checkout button provides a flow experience that allows us to confirm the details that guests has has on their charges. All of this looks good. That’s click next We also can confirm the payment method also good Now, on the final step, we get the opportunity to ask the guest about how they want to see it received Their invoice on email is acceptable, and what will happen in a moment when we click finish, we’ll be able to see a confirmation on the screen that all of that processing is complete It and the PdF will be visible in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and you’ll be able to see an open up Pdf to review for future reference. So, Renee, let’s go ahead and click finish So now we have our confirmation that we’re expecting Excellent. Now let’s open up that Pdf and take a look So this all works good. We’ve got our logo

We’ve got us data But how did all of that happen in the background? Well, we wrote another function and we use another open source library So let’s go to V s code and take a look at how that was put together Now, the PDF kit library was imported at the top from MPM We also use that context parameter to give us that access to our all its cure way And we’re doing three things We’re querying the data from a custom objects directly unknown We’re calling that general a P D open source liable to generate the pdf and finally where updating the reservation record Now we’re also using another open source, library another and architecture pattern known as unit of work And you never work in making sure that our code is streamlined and easy to maintain on. I don’t have to understand the details. Semantics There are underlying rest AP eyes now. How was all of this invoked where we did see a flow earlier? So let’s go to the browser and take a look at the flow Now this looks like a pretty regular looking phone. We’ve got all of the steps when all of the decisions that we needed to render that experience we saw a few moments ago But wait, there is something pretty cool on the right hand side This is an evergreen action on Evergreen. Action is allowing you to invoke that no Jess code that you wrote that is managed by our elastic infrastructure managed by our trusted infrastructure, any clickable directly from our loco tools. That is amazing integration on innovation that allows you and your developers in your low code Wilder’s toe work in harmony together And this is how using cell source, evergreen functions and open standards you can build connected experiences faster than ever back to you, Sarah All right, all right. That was incredible. I’ve never honestly been that excited to see a pdf document And next up, we want to talk about how we’re connecting these experiences And I’m very proud to work with incredible customers like Caesar’s and like, this next customer, Costa, who’s doing incredible things that Aline too, are STDs are sustainable development goals and what we want to do real quickly. First is roll of film. Can we see it now? Discarded fishing nets are four times more harmful to marine life than all of their forms of ocean plastic combined This idea of untangling our oceans really came from looking at these fishing nets for finding out. Okay, where can we make a solution? What we came up with was an idea to recycle it into higher value posit products The fisherman now start collecting those nets back at its end of life. The nets then get recycled back into pellets. Those pellets are the same form as virgin plastic for injection molding purposes Taking our plastic and making sunglasses that you can use to enjoy the ocean just fit so well with what we’re really all about the people wearing the glasses become the agents of change like they’re the ones that are able to tell people the story that, hey, these were made from waste from fishing nets. But we can all be a part of the solution for a cleaner ocean Okay, it is my huge privilege and huge honor to bring one of the most brilliant women I know the brilliance behind Einstein and person who also created trailhead Go with our team and much, much more. Please welcome our principal architect changing Lou So what a great story It is amazing that Costa is able to connect their partner like Brill, and together they made their product more sustainable and our planet a better place, says Frank. Costa is here with us today, and he is a great trouble either from Costa And he’s also a strong believer that we’re all connected, that we should create application that connect our product with their customer and our environment And to do that the first thing says need is a P I with the a p. I asked about a purse. We’re like fish out of water We all love Asia and I love a B J, obviously, and to help you navigate the vast amount of faith shy, that selfless offer I’m super excited to introduce today to self a PR portal This is a single place for to discover all the FBI’s Francis Fours So service, commerce, marketing ending sing in everything from salesforce

here known we could learn those FBI was interactive documentation You can also try them out in place We even give you marking service by default for the first time across all of the FBI’s, which means you can try and learn those FBI without even having a socialist account This is like Christmas comes. You already come on. And because this yes, because this feud on top of him Yusof community a PR manager, this allows you to engage with your AP ecosystem and collaborate with your fellow developers On the CPR portal. There’s one special collection for a P A that can help you make your connect experience smarter, and that is Einstein So we have Langston vision language working where you can build and integrate, you’re going. Custom model always clicks and not code new. Impale it Einstein is now supporting after six languages We also have Einstein OCR optical character recognition, which help you identify those tax images so you can build applications like skin, the business card or paper form and all of my click clack close information We also have Einstein Voice were Now you can create a custom voice feel with the builder and deployed that any kind of voice enabled devices So all those AP guys are great but Costa They also needs to connect to their partner in a trusted connect way And what better way to do that than Blockchain Block should give you the immutable transaction data and also the supply change, Visibility and block. She’s a great technology by can be hard to implement, and that is why we introduce self destruction and try had the X and is now Pollitt in winter 20 With self spa action, you compute a block she network any mutable data store or witches, clicks and now code This enable developers to focus our energy in creating the blocking application and not the infrastructure And because so splotchy objects are just like any regular source of object, you can creature blocked the application tapping toe all kinds of Clapham capability like lighting components flow A I bought many more things Social Brock Ching also allowing to access Blockchain data from social So any other perform also FBI This way you can easily engage with your partners whether or not their own socials. They’re not super powerful So now we have the developer. We know slides are necessity. They’re great But lab demo is the best. So let’s go ahead. Take a live demo inspired by Costa and we’ll start our demo with blocking application We knew that for the support supply chain Tree’s ability and that will you define blocking, Advocating super easy. You start with a simple basic attributes like name, description and then you move on to define the partners who can participate in the block she network So here we see Costa there the fungus that the creator off this proxy network They’ve added a Braille, their supply inching partner to this network and also the son class planet there reseller partner to the same network Next would define the data model off those data what can be distributed on this network that will you define blocked your object? It’s just like how you define any. It’s also subject very similar click and creative interface. The key difference here is any block Chinn object become immutable once has created So let’s go ahead. Open up a law office object You can see the up yourself is defined with very simple man, a data name description, and you can also define field and relationship. For those objects, food is like how defy any fuel? Very similar And you can define the relationship. Of course, all the production objects on this network. So the related the entity fuel type So now we’ve created this block she application Let’s head over to the bruise advocation So, Brill There’s a surprising partner for Costa. So what they do is they goto. They go out to the ocean and they collect was discarded fishing net, and they turn them into recyclable palate See, Brill, they just produced Ah, batch off that recycle palate. Let’s go ahead into that into the system First thing we’ll do is we’ll select What is the fishing that bash use? It will select that one into the way to £100 and then we just save it By doing this, the data is actually saved to the Blockchain it now were created by Costa, so let’s go ahead. Select that batch palate here on the right. We now see the promised time line that we can tell that the bachelor pad it or range in eight ID from the fish net they collected the most ago So now we have the bachelor pad it produced That’s head over back to Costa and take a look at their production process Here we are. We’re seeing all the private lines from Costa, and there is one special product line called untangled Why’s that? Special is because every

part of under that probably is made of 100% respectable patterns. That’s why so special So say they just received the padded batch and they produced 200 pairs of sunglasses Let’s go ahead, interred at information to the system I will do that by creating a new production order Here we go select the Pescador product from the untangle product line, and we say who produced 200 pairs of them and will enter Syria starting number here and save another data is reading to the same block Chinn network as Rio just yet But other right, you can see There’s not much going on here because we haven’t told the system how the product is made. So let’s just go ahead, do that. We’ll add the material to the production order that will select the pat batch of the pan it from brio Let’s save it So now the Davis saved two blocks in our and all those related brushing off. Also, I’m all Mac reporting to the system. Here we can see the sun class is made from the batch of palette, which came from the fishing net collected months ago. Very nice So why why is it important to do what we do with Blockchain? It is important because as consumer like you and I were becoming increasingly mindful off the impact of the product we buy, so we want to trace the part of arranging to see is a sustainable not and Costa creator application just to do that So let’s go to the phone and take a look at the customer application Here are the customer app called Prominence tracker SoHo. Use advocating is you can either manually enter the Serie coat or you can score in our bar code Or even better, you could actually embed are fighting chip into the sunglass If I could take this out and then you can scan the sunglass as you could with apple pay and find out everything about us and gas. So, Renee, let’s go ahead. Scan the ship There it ISS So now I as a consumer, I can tell the beautiful sunk us I’m holding in my hand was used to be a fishing net floating in the ocean, discarded and brew is able to collect them, turn them into recycle palate and Costa turn them into this beautiful sunglass is now so to me by some gas planet, and this is amazing usage of tech knowledge and blocking. It’s not just about critical currency, remember that So some of you might be wondering how how is brio and Costa able to create application like this? The answer is, blocking FBI cell block should not only give you the pewter, but also the AP. Otto access the data from anywhere But where do they learn about this new FBI off obviously itself to see if your photo. So let’s go to the brother and take a look at this beautiful Selves with the airport there we are So here you can learn all wave she eyes from socials. You can search for any AP across all the clouds, or you can select a specific cloud and take a look at the A P I for that specific cloud So here were to select the perform cloud and take a look at the blocking A P I underneath platform We will use a future in the point under blocking FBI With that important, we’re able to curry Blockchain with any kind of custom create we wanted So the first thing we would do the trial of this FBI is to select the instance that you want to use as I mentioned, that would give you the Malkin service by default. But you can connect to any production of sand boxing says we have access to you, so go ahead that’s attacked. The production instance next would give us some A P F parameters like the fuse won’t return and how we want to curry the Blockchain. So this time want to curry by Syria? I D And we’ll use a code that could be in bed by the are fighting chip that would say, sent there it iss the exact same promise timeline as we just saw in the application, all the way from the sunglass to the fishing net. Super nice So let’s take a look at another ape shy, and this time it’s from Einstein. Perform So what Costa wants to do is they want a lot of customer to skin the photo and able to tell what kind of product that sunglasses And to do that, they’ll be using a pretty Asia under Einstein platform for Einstein fishing to try this FBI We won’t need to use a photo that Renee down it from Instagram cause he really wanted Beth sunglass. Very nice taste. Rene there That was a quick sent here and there it iss Einstein Antonia’s with 97% likelihood. This beautiful some glass is a pesky little of some glass from Costa Very nice. So why this possible it’s possible is one we have a P I. Second is Einstein. Vision allows Costa to trim their vision model with their own production catalog image, and that’s why it’s possible So let me show you one last example of a P I, and this time it’s recipe I so What Costa’s management team wants is they want to be beer people too easy to tell how

many sunk cost they produced each day And to that we use the curry in point on the rest a p I so here would enter the curry, saying, Give me the somewhat the quantity from production where the production date is today. Super simple I was a sin There is the FBI, Tony us. We produce 500 pairs of sunglasses are ready today, so you can see with so many HP eyes that we can hurry and tries the developers from this portal. We compute all kinds experience, and that includes voice experience so true that you can use the exact where you’re seeing here with Einstein voice you beauty and beauty out your exact voicing to actually want So let’s see that in action. Renee, this go ahead as Einstein Hey, Einstein, How many pairs off sunglasses disrepute used today? Hey, Sammy. We produced 500 pairs of sunglasses today Seems it’s right back to you. Take things nice Thanks for today So that is how you can create connected, smart and sustainable experience with a P I blocking an Einstein backfires era All right, changing. I love that. And I, who here loves that a p I portal, right? Really Awesome Huge kudos to the man right here. Christophe Cone rates in your team for building that and putting that together It’s incredible vision and very excited. And this is super cheesy, but I have to do it without a p I portal our future so bright I gotta wear shades, right Thes air, coast of sunglasses here. All right to take us home, Please welcome a dear friend. Incredible colleague R S v p of product management Wade Magnetar Help us learn how to manage all of this stuff together. Wait. Take it away It’s awesome to be here. It’s great to see you. While I am thrilled to talk to you about some amazing capabilities were bringing for you to build APS as well as manager applications in production Now I’m also very thankful to welcome. And guess who’s sitting with us here today. Thank you Enough for being here. A mess is an amazing, agile coach. She’s a sales force M v p and a trail blazer at Centrica Hive and hashtag Dream Team Thank you so as a nest says right here And as I think we all agree APS or never done, it’s up to all of us is developers to continuously innovate and continuously build new capabilities that delight our customers? And so how do we do that? Where do we start? Well, it all starts with us. Is developers writing code on our laptops? And to make that incredibly easy, I am very excited to introduce to you the local development server So not only can you now build your local your your lightning web components right there on your desk top on your desktop using V s code. But you could also end up using the local development server to render those components instantly without having to push them into an order So if you’re like me and you have to reiterate on your development a lot to see exactly what that you is gonna look like you could do that all right there, as you’re developing so supercool, I cannot wait to demonstrate this to you shortly Now is awesome as it is to be able to do all that local development. It’s also pretty cool to be able to test it in an environment with all of your production data And to do that incredibly fast, I am very excited to introduce you to lightning full sandbox Now, lightning full sandbox is exactly what you would expect with a full sandbox. You will be able to get all of your production data, but you’ll be able to get it in minutes And I am thrilled that we’re gonna be introducing this to you next week and a pilot that involves quick cloning And yes, you will also be able to use this for your refreshes as well. So it’s gonna be incredibly exciting. Very, very excited about this now. Yes So while while the ability to test with all that production data is super valuable, it’s also really important to make sure that you protect that data and even us is developers. We don’t need to have access We shouldn’t have access to a lot of that sensitive production data Now to make that super easy, I’m also incredibly excited to introduce you to date. A mask data mask allows you to create configurations that allow you to mask data before your developers use it in your sandbox and there’s a bunch of different ways with which you’re gonna be able to do this. And I’m gonna show this all to you on a demo shortly. But there’s two things that make this really exciting. One is gonna help with just compliance requirements and so forth to get that out of the way It’s also gonna end up making things a lot more productive for you because, ah, lot of you I

know are doing this manually today. So get rid of those manual tasks and just be able to use the service is that we provide to mass This data in your sandbox is so very excited about this now is exciting as it is to be able to protect this data in your key way environments It’s also really important to be able to protect this data in production. And so I’m also very excited to introduce to you real time event monitoring and also some important updates with transaction security policies. Now, many of you already you’re using event monitoring, and you might be wondering what’s different. Well, what’s different is it’s real time, so we’ve connected it to platform events so that instead of having the do log based parsing of this, you know, every every day you can end up getting these events in real time and take action instantly And also, transaction security policies continue to be a great way to take actions when things happen in production But now we’re introducing the condition builder so you can declare it ugly, create these transactions, transaction security policies in addition to also writing Apex to do it now really, really exciting things. But you know what was gonna be really awesome is getting all but and Renee to join us again and to show you this all in action in a demo inspired by An S and her team at Centrica hive And so it all starts here in the hive service council Now Ah ah, Customer can end up taking their phone and take a picture of their H vac system and submit it through that mobile application. And in doing so, they can submit it here, and it’ll open up a case and it’ll end abusing Einstein vision to determine whether or not that H vac system is compatible with the hive thermostat Now, Renee, can you go ahead and zoom in on that green line. That is an amazing green line that tells us that it is compatible But guess what is amazing is that Green Line is Our agents have told us that it is not particularly intuitive and obvious that that means that it’s compatible. So together we’re gonna do some local development right here to make this a lot more obvious. So to do that, let’s go over to the local development server Now, as I mentioned, this is local, So notice appear this is running on local host so we can do all of this right here on our laptop And what’s more, you can see here all the components that I’m working with in my project right here available and their interactive. So let’s go ahead and select that product compatibility component And look at this deal. They’ll see this. This is that lightning Web component local. This is running on a machine. We did not push this into an organ, and we can see this rendering so that we can see exactly what that you I looks like as we’re developing pretty pretty cool. So let’s go ahead and make this a lot better by going to our I d e. So let’s switch over to the I. D. E and add some additional markup We’re gonna add a checkmark here and save it just some HTML And now when we go back to the local development server, noticed that we don’t even have to refresh. The local development server is looking for changes in the file system, and it will just refresh the page And so this looks a lot better. I think our agents are now gonna understand that, Yes, this is a compatible H vac system with that thermostat So great update But now there’s another thing to note here is that it says Einstein vision on this component, and that’s not particularly obvious that this is meant for product compatibility. So let’s go now back to the idea. And this time, instead of modifying our HTML, we’re gonna modify the Java script, and so here we’re going to switch this to something that makes a little bit more sense. Let’s change this to product compatibility So the thing the note is the local development servers, not just working on HTML. It’s also working on that JavaScript so you can save it Now let’s go back to the browser And here you can see in a moment it already has happened that it’s updated the product compatibility So this is awesome. Weaken it. A rate on this you die without ever having to push to an organ makes it a lot faster. So pretty cool Now you know what’s also gonna be cool? Is testing this in an environment with all of our production data? But before we do that, we want to make sure that that data has been masked. So let’s go ahead and take a look at data mask and how we can configure a configuration So here we’ve got one already created mass contact, sensitive data. Let’s go ahead and open this up There’s a lot of different ways with which you can end up interacting with this. You can choose objects and fields upon which to have this configuration work, and here we’ve got contact selected. So let’s go ahead and open this up and see how it got it, got it configured There’s three different ways with which we can define these masks The 1st 1 is kind of obvious, right? You could just anonima ISAT So this is going to give you a bunch of just anonymous eyes, data, random characters, random, a numeric values It’ll all be contextual to the data type that you’re you’re choosing for this now, the other way you can do it is pseudo anonymous eyes, and so you’ll also get random data. But now it’s gonna be more contextual So if this is ah, first name, you’re gonna end up getting things that look like names. If it’s a country, you’re going to see countries. So it ends up making that data a little bit more relevant for you as your testing in that environment And then the third way is you can just delete that data so you can just decide I don’t want this production data even in my sandbox environment. So three really cool ways with which you can get this set up So I feel pretty good about this configuration So there’s two ways that

you should be aware of with which you can end up invoking these configurations. So the first is you could just take an existing sandbox environment and have it run this configuration so all of that data will end up being masked based on the way that this policy has been configured Now, the second way you can end up doing it is when by invoking it when you create that sandbox or you refresh that sandbox So let’s let’s see how that will work To do that, we’re gonna go to our sandbox set up Now we’re gonna go ahead and create a new sandbox, and we’ll give it a really, really interesting name and notice here on the right. We’ve got lightning full sandbox. So another really, as I mentioned earlier, exciting addition to our sandbox is this is gonna give you all that production data and it’s gonna make it very fast So let’s go ahead and click next here And it’s on this page where we’re gonna tell it to actually run that data masked configuration. We’re just by specifying data mask right here. Now, if we were to hit the create button, we go and we create that sandbox It would be a full sandbox created in minutes on. Then it would run that policy. Now, we’ve already pre baked this, that we can get through the demo a little faster, But before I show you that sandbox. Let’s look at the kind of data that we’re actually protecting So let’s go ahead and go to our production environment and take a look at this data. So here you can see we’ve got a V I p Marc Benioff Now Mark loves to hear from developers, but turns out he doesn’t like developers having his phone number. So we want to mass this data So let’s go ahead and look like look at what this looks like in our sandbox after we’ve passed it. So here we’ve got the same record. But now we’ve got a pseudo anonymous name. Von Nagy The phone number has been removed. We’ve just deleted it. And then for the email we’ve randomized It’s to notice that just a bunch of random characters, but also it’s on email address still so very important So it’s paying attention to that data type So this is awesome. I feel really good about now our test environment, but notice we have the old component So now let’s go back to V s code and envious code. We’re gonna end up using the command line interface to deploy that component So simple command four source deploy. We’re gonna target that lightning component bundle and the component itself and push it into that sandbox Quick operation not. Let’s go back to our sandbox environment Do a refresh and we’ll see that we’ve got that updated you. Why? So this is pretty cool now showing you a lot of things here. Let’s just quickly review what we’ve seen. We did a bunch of local U. Y. Development right on our desktop didn’t have to push to an organ. We ended up then deploying it into a sandbox that we created in minutes in the data that came from production, we masked to keep it secure. So a lot of cool stuff in order to make this happen now is exciting. This this is I also get pretty excited when we can protect production data is well, so to do that. Let’s take a look at our transaction security policies So we’ve got two transaction security policies here. The 1st 1 contact query, execution. Let’s go ahead and take a look at that one Now what happens here is whenever a certain condition is met, we’re gonna take some actions and hear the condition is when we query the contact object. When we do, let’s take a look at the actions that will take. We’re gonna block it. We’re just going to stop that from happening In addition to blocking that from happening, we’re gonna send notifications both through the app and email to admin so that they know that this has occurred So I also want to highlight this is through that condition builder so you can end up declare a tiddly creating this transaction security policy Now, we have another policy here, which is on the opportunity report, and this is going to be very similar. It’s just gonna stop you from being able to run that report All right, so let’s see what this looks like an action to do that. Let’s go back to V s code But again, we’re gonna use the command line interface, and this time we’re just gonna execute a simple Sokal query, and this is gonna try to extract data out of that contact object. But because we’ve set up that transaction security policy, we’ve stopped it And so again, this will happen anywhere you’re trying to end up executing query against that object. So really, really cool Now if we go back to the browser and take a look at this now, in the in the report here, we’ve got a report. Let’s go ahead and just open up this report And as you’d expect, I guess what you can’t. We blocked that transaction. Security policy has prevented us from opening the report Now, I don’t want you to think that this is only something that you can do here when you try to open this report again, it’s the report that we’ve set up this policy on. So anywhere you use this report, we’ll block that operation It turns out you can use reports when you create skills with the arnstein voice builders. So let’s take a look at the Einstein voice builder here We’ve got a skill that set up so that when you interact with it, you can ask for your open opportunities. And so our expectation is we should be able to block this as well. So, Renee, are you ready to demonstrate how we can block this operation when you talk to the Einstein Smart speaker? Absolutely Hey, Einstein, can you please read my Oh, come Opportunities,

hair, Any transaction Security policy prevents me from getting the answer to that question It’s working with back to you Thank you, Rene Thank you for demonstrating that. So again, the highlight. This we’re protecting through that policy, this interaction with that report, however, we interact with it So in summary, we have seen how we can do local development changes. We can push it into a sandbox that we’ve created within minutes protected that data We contest it all out, and then we can also create transaction security policies in order to protect that same data in production Pretty awesome, Sarah. Back to you All right. That was incredible. Just a few quick things Before we go, there’s much, much more for you to discover and learn whether it’s lightning message service. Roco Enterprise accounts going g a mule soft Any point a p I community you saw building our own ap I portal and more. We have a great link here for you to learn. And from a roadmap perspective, there’s always more innovation to come. That security command center that Wade showed you get hub AP support going into beta, and we put all of this into an incredible trail mix just for you, D f 19 dust of trail mix and we packaging up the best of dreamforce for anybody that’s not here in the room for you to take home to your communities. We’re going on the road starting the first of the year with the Dreamforce 19 global gatherings over 250 events already signed up It doesn’t stop there. We’re going to India in December or Chief product officer Brett Taylor’s gonna be there with the team and doing our first trilogy, Ex India So excited for this and with that, thank you and have an incredible dreamforce