Engine Rep tst 1 OIL

okay let’s talk about refining crude oil everybody’s talk about refining crude oil yeah you just set their hood yeah cool why our detergents mixed in gasoline to prevent deposits what kind of positive shoma you know back in back in the 80s when they first started do in fuel injection they were somebody got concerned it varnish deposits and stuff would build up in fuel injectors and so they started putting some of their called whole offense they were like little black particles of you know thing that I don’t know what it was but it was a little stuff he was supposed to mix with octane really well and it was supposed to go brush it through those injectors and keeping them clean only problem is these little black particles tiny little black particle they would get trapped in between the injector fennel and the place where it sealed when you shut the car off and then we get baked on there and they would start causing the problems they were actually supposed to prevent they would also build up pileup on the intake valve and because they soaked up pops a octane so well they wound up when we started up it was quartet gas on there and that octane will get soaked up by those stupid olefin deposits and you wind up with the things falling on their face and would run right now that kind of thing jeeps had terrible time with it before Rangers did a bunch of other vehicles there too and they gave us this thing that we could go in through the we could actually pull the injectors out look in there with a borescope see the deposits and then we can take a little vacuum attachment put on the intake manifold and we’d use walnut hulls they would blast through there at under air pressure and we would clean those back of those intake valves and why you can’t believe how much better woman run well anyway that was the kind of detergents they were really do it the other problem that we had with hourly gasoline that when we first started putting the high-pressure fuel pumps in there and this was something that is kind of figured out a lot of those high pressure fuel pumps will wear out because there wasn’t enough lubricant the gasoline to grease that fuel pump and now you might even notice it down days I don’t know William up you ordered me you probably remember a lot of time when you put gas on it dries out real fast well it ain’t mean like at Nemours kind of greasy you know I’m saying hey so I got some lubricant in there I think for the fuel pumps to keep them from wearing out so quick I mean so the cat I guess the fuel makers work the car people you know to make things better how much gasoline can be made from a barrel of crude oil about 20 gallons of gas can be made for that so we’re into the handout actually the gasoline is the waste everything else you know according to the handout that the oil drilling rig controlling all well up to how deep 22,000 feet that’s a long way how many miles is out 26 down let me melt yeah that’s about five miles in it well how far is it from here through to the other side of the earth no that’s to the Sun then what’s up how far is that what’s the diameter of the planet getting the idea 8,000 miles baitha y’all should know this how come you don’t it’s cool 8,000 miles 8,000 miles from here through jenna is 8,000 mile to stir through the center of the planet 25,000 miles around don’t you know what pious and all right okay all right then what is straight run gasoline we’re all good you know so as we’re all gasp so why does gasoline gasoline not need prolonged exposure to air and it becomes oxidized how many of you guys have you noticed that whatever the and getting diesel fuels got a problem that too if you might you might notice that when diesel fuel oxidizes it turns into something that looks like tar all right so in your in your diesel fuel tank you’re actually pulling fuel out of there you know from the bottom of the tank but you’ve actually got a return line coming back a lot of these diesels in there was a time when they just haven’t returned line just kind of spraying out and just let it dribble into the fuel well the only problem that is it would get oxidized because it was coming out where there was some oxygen in the tank too and it would turn into tar and then that tar would settle to the bottom and Claude man that gum screen Hagel breath happen they come up to the way huh that’s a good idea we run it down here when they blow out underneath it you even want to all the way Lola feel we let it blow out under there see I’m so don’t you think about that guy stuff this is kind of stuff you gotta do it in order to make one keep running around okay according to the handout crude oil is also known as what petroleum yeah Texas tea that’s what Jed clambake oh all right oh yeah technician yeah technician a says heavier fractions of crude oil and lower bowl and convincing points till they fraction out at the top of the fractioning tower and technician

be says catalytic cracking is a process by which parts of the car’s exhaust can be damaged I’m gonna call me 7s comeon either tell the the catalytic cracking tower and I’ve worked out in that part of the country where those things are you’ll see these two gold the RT has been gold dome shaped things and in wall refineries that’s a catalytic cracking unit and it’s got all these little tanks by that all around you know beside and they put this under pressure and I put that all in there under pressure and they put it up to 1200 degrees under pressure and what happens is the lighter elements are up here you end up with your ether and all of this the lighter the farther the top you go the lighter is when you go to the bottom it turns into tar and grease and all that kind of junk you know but right up in the middle if there was reports gasoline diesel fuel gasoline is slightly above diesel fuel in there and all that alright so then we don’t have Leslie technician one minute impurities in crude oil include why that’s question number eight this number is all of the above got saltwater we got sulfur we got nitrogen we got medals in oxygen why is fractional distillation possible yeah there you go you got to learn something from this handout he learned some things you know stuff down so you didn’t know before why is crude oil called crude it’s rude crude and socially unacceptable okay a number 10 is actually be because of its raw form all right actually finally in Chris now then okay we don’t go I’m gonna talk to you guys through we’re going to talk a little bit more about all this is this is that next number we’re going through the next handout is the one of the engine oil got me engine oil is an excellent we got to test we don’t talk you through it okay easier motor oil commercial they’re gonna tell you their brands offer the best protection for your engine the fact is all motor all brands are approved must have meat is something say minimum performance standards and people that make the engine set the standards so while it’s easy to buy a good brand new motorola there’s important differences in the tops were afraid to all it make it easy to buy the wrong one be really careful with that so no matter what brand there you know you that you use there’s a lot of decisions to make with selecting all for a given engine decide them correctly can be costly for say these bins owners across the United States found out while back when they regular motor oil is used an engineer supposed to be filled with synthetic oil choosing between petroleum and synthetic oil as well only want to several decisions now that Chrysler Crossfire we had in here that little yellow one that flows to Maryann that thing calls for 9 quarts of synthetic oil and it’s 10,000 mile all changes intervals if you look under the hood of that car and it calls for synthetic oil particularly if it’s something like a Mercedes or when these exotic cars you better put that in there you know what I mean the newer the car more critical is it you put the exactly the right all they call for it in here particularly on habits if you don’t put the right kind of all in there that customer come back says I was getting 96 miles to the gallon and now said you change it all i’m only getting 78 and i want that’s right now you know this kind of Garvey goes on wrong air pressure and tires all that stuff anyway long run but in addition to viscosity specification what’s miss casa d well pretty close let’s look here you don’t need to select the right American Petroleum Institute service category API service category most service manual specified motor oil with aps starburst symbol and that certifies all meet all the needs of a lot duty automotive gasoline engine whether recently called formoterol that conforms to a specific category too so a service category certifies all the ability to pass specific lab tests that ensure the it measured lols ability to perform in an engine all’s tested the way it pours when it’s hot or cold is ability to resist we’re forming oxidation deposit formation at various temperatures and a bunch of other physical and chemical qualities is tested when new and is tested again as they run it in an engine so a lot of certification tests or bench tests we went to Savannah that please go to the flea market over me and the boys did years ago richmond hill at they will flee market over there and anybody says everybody ever been a for Stewart anybody military guys now you remember at all know if you ever been a killers flea market over there as a cool place that what I went there one day and I had the whole Iron Duke engine little four-cylinder up on a trailer I’m over over these answers where you guys so you’re not gonna crash and burn you can listen while I go but anyway so don’t don’t don’t be afraid anyway this they had this engine and I saw him do this like they started it up and it was running had a radiator on and always concept he said I almost stand on his trailer okay they took the oil drain plug out while angie was ready drainage and all out of it they took the oil pan oh lolli inches running they took the

valve cover off they took the side cover off while angie was running it sit here running the whole time you see a crankshaft rolling down there and you can see the rocker arms and put you know lifters all right it ran all day but no all what I’m pulling the load or anything Billy has some kind of teflon additive in there it coded everything was teflon it would run with all image you know yes I am pretty interesting you know they did not so i watch this happen knowing what I know I’m saying this is pretty pretty impressive disrupt demonstration no matter who you are you know just watch that motor fun without know all those usually if you got one particular if you’re pulling you know it’s going to be well itself together okay so I’m in a certification test or bench testing for these engine is only used two ages at all so that all can pass all the tests and will perform predictably in a real-world engine they don’t want to just make the also this be i ate without testing it on an engine right api license is two different certification labels all marketers the ones ran named we all know the specs from of those yet label is generated by the international lubricant standardization of Approval Committee he’ll sack can you murder that international lubricant standardization and approval committee and now all right Jeremy unique the beer joint Panetta alright so the that consists of the big three domestic car manufacturers in Japanese car manufacturers and it defensive performance characteristic Emma street at all it’s going to accept in for its use and engine API make sure that also by marketers displaying that label meets the definition so you’ve got a watchdog in each other some walls meet both the API service category and the else xpect and they’ll carry both labels so there’s another group of service ratings generated by European car makers under the AC EA which translates from French to English as the European Automobile Manufacturers Association and so many ACA specifications are based on the same automotive excuse me well all under standards an american society for testing and materials it’s ASTM remember the acronyms are be a pop test on this tour morning okay he’s about api so far the AC e a service ratings really appear on all containers over the United States you know see it as earlier Berlin your container ACA you see API sae while a lot of things are changing service categories based on lil sach specs are considered close enough for European cars sold in the United States so you can use those okay so you got that everybody are we together now is anybody turn it into the skeleton or your eyes glazing over oh yeah all right yeah did you remember that holy anybody tell me what’s API American Petroleum Institute yet that you weren’t listening for you ten points off motor all has become a very sophisticated fluid is designed by committee so the committee members come from four different groups automakers all marketers chemical companies and automotive engineer got that Society of Automotive Engineers an international group of engineers working at different companies and all areas of Transportation not just automotive they don’t just work it out whether they work in all areas and they’re supposed to what they’re trying to do is create a standard language and definition to ensure a given thread pitch all the X casa T or diagnostic trouble code will be the same in Detroit stunkard or Tokyo and this is Society of American engineer that’s who that people are SAE the Scots to the numbers on a bottle of all that you look at a lot of people don’t know what they mean we’ve talked about this before everybody remembers well the W means in 5w 20 or whatever remember what that means wait winter does not mean wait it means winter okay people argue with you about that and be wrong it means winter it does not mean wait okay working closely with other groups the chemical companies make that all entities also participate in certif service category development so okay as you know earlier we talked earlier about this automakers are represented by ill sac which were created a 92 and the issues surrounding temperature forced induction vs natural aspiration extended oil change intervals that kind of thing and ever and the need to prove emissions and fuel economy are taking on more and more importance you know API standards have always been applied to multi greatest single grade lubricating oils using up all the applications that automakers either greater focus on developing all an attitude for automotive grades alright so whether you buy a motor oil by the quart gallon drum or somewhere all the labeler is going to be a word api services followed by one or two pairs of letters it’s going to appear somewhere label as text got it but it all has appear also is going to appear on what’s called a donut assemblies think the donut a little donut symbol only off they’ll actually have a little simple that goes it’s got a simple here like that and then it’s basically if this will make sure I’m drawing it right now have some letters up here you know blah blah blah and down here you know it’s going to say energy conserving or something like that and you’ll be looking at a little donut and see what it is you got and so will we see here we go buzzer or so like so many other automotive technology so motor all has been redesigned several times he’ll vehicle meet tightening emissions and fuel economy permits and the chemist have been able to create offer new engines that also satisfies all the needs of earlier engines so that you can actually go backwards meaning use all the latest service category rating an

automobile engine now how many of you guys have ever driven anything old enough that uses none detergent all here do anything non detergent all everyone yeah well what happens is what happens if you put high detergent over another turgid or used to be it washes everything out there and you want have a budget dagenham low leaks that’s a bad scene man but you know basically that’s something you need to be thinking about okay so all with the earlier service category specifications is available though so you need to check inspection don’t just pour it in there you know start with a you know in about the mid-2000s federal government was requiring auto manufacturer to cover the catalytic converter warranty for a hundred twenty thousand miles and there’s active ingredients in there that you know expensive metals in the converter like you know palladium rhodium you know platinum allen kosta and the engineers have been successful at reducing the amount of platinum group metal needed to make the catalytic converter but they fail due to poisons in the engine out exhaust gas and part of that you know it comes from the all sulfur and stuff like that so new engines consume some wall through the crankcase ventilation system so how is it that the Grand Case ventilation system gets all in it what is it is supposed to keep an engine from burning oil the rings on the piston the silver balls to ask the blow by so that blow by is going to get back down the crankcase just as a steam a gas got owners the PCV system is going to pick it up it’s going to run it through the mix and it’s going to basically make it out in the catalytic converter so they got to make the also that they’re not going to mess up that precious metal of those catalytic converters because obviously if the manufacturer got to cover 420,000 and the old message love they’re having to replace them early for the check engine light pop down because you gotta peel for 20 code or something like that and they’re going to make sure that they all have really catalytic converters got low phosphorus motor oils and some zinc phosphorus compounds have been used successfully in anywhere agent but as a substitute chemists develop enhanced filler friction modifiers for an allergy package basically you know the synthetic oil is actually engineered from the ground up instead of you having petroleum and stuff added to it produce a low sulfur motor all makes the requires a different base stock which is an awful refinery that makes up more than eighty percent of a porter motor all they still made from organic crude with a different refining process okay so let’s call some temporary cost and availability problems or in a few years back we pretty well whipped it now the new based alcohol improves the finished product cold start performance now what’s all got to do my cold start with my cold start performance think about it why would it all have anything to do with the way my car starts its thick and your haven’t if you ever try to stir something real heavy you know what I mean it’s very like that so you’re basically won’t all that doesn’t interfere with the cranking of the car but still stays in place lubricates and all that kind of stuff okay so healthy engine they’re going to breathe less all the way for two if you all stop formulated right viscosity is a measure of the oils ability to flow at a given temperature which indicates how thick the oil film will be on metal parts that’s an important factor obviously it flows more slowly and forms a thicker film is cold viscosity is a measure of the oil stability ability to flow at a given temperature which indicates how thick the wall film will be on metal part and obviously it flows more slowly and forms a thicker filled with its color in the thinner film formed when it’s high got it because automotive engineers operate over a wide temperature range i use multi viscosity oil it doesn’t quite get his stand a little hotter if I to stick when it’s cold and the keeper though this essay is the keeper of those of the softest custody specifications and when SAE 10w30 all is cold is going to flow like a ten way to all doesn’t wear temperatures that’s the W with this winter and I feel 30 weight always hot all right you got that now that doesn’t mean multi-grade oil gets thicker it gets hotter it means it all flows the same as straight 30 weight all does when it gets hot most of it custom you all viscosity always created by adding Palmer’s to narrow the change in flow rate override temperature ranges okay so they’re always trying to improve fuel economy so they’re designing their engines to use lighter all 5 w-20 5 w-30 some average injuries in zero I’d be 20 all the 0w all is actually thicker than five w1 and I learned that from all I mean I went to a teacher power I mean a el paso texas a few years back a teacher electronic diesel classes to the Border Patrol mechanics out there long time ago well I mean is probably 2006 or everyone no matter anyway he was teaching a class on all in antifreeze and he was the one that had studied all that he says 0w all is actually thicker than 5w all which they kind of screwed the numbers up on that but it just kind of bottled imagine people that were in a class but he steady daddy was teaching the thing and slowly I believe what he’s in you know not for another I’ve read in other places too all right so what is all supposed to do hey I supposed to lubricate moving parts B is supposed to

carry heat away from engine park that would be convection with it see it’s supposed to act as hydraulic fluid for lifters tensioners and actuators and finally it’s supposed to seal the Rings to the pistons and seller walls that all is going to help right and we do a wet test we can do a compression use quartz of all internet sales a better impression comes up if you get ringing problem the third thing do I going too fast it’s supposed to act as a hydraulic fluid for lifters tensioners and actuators today’s engines are tighter and built with a greater precision taste something else they’ve done they put these little skinny low tension piston rings in here how many of you guys ever seen a car for a truck or something that’s been setting up a long time and they’ve been trying to start it a long time and whenever you spend the motor over it sounds like it’s bending over real slow where yeah and then when you finally fool around with it get it started it spends over normal unit fires up now why is it spinning so slow when it’s been sitting in a barn and you’ve been trying to start any most are you having issues like anyway Chevrolet we’re going to wherever yeah yeah well well you got you got issues with some kind of oldies drop things r week starters um I get but the lonely short of it is if you got one has been setting up that all gets washed off the piston rings and the piston rings are dragging on those cylinder walls and I’m thinking it hard to turn it over these newer ones where the August washed off of those like you knew I was a little glow tension fini skinny piston rings they sell I they got no compression at all if you like a timing belt you’ll go right if somebody’s cranked it up moving around a lot to a point where he’s got the plugs vallenwe’en start his elder over washington gas because they’ve been trying to start it at ain’t fire and his court and gassing there’s washing them down I’ve gone out there to the service lot car comes in on the hook from a used car lot you spin it over it’s got no compression at all you’d swear it was a time ago well don’t go there yet if it’s one of them has been started and shut off a lot of the times that came from a used car lot already move it around the yard shut it off a lot take the pork plugs out shoot a little bit all any soldier with a all can put it back home let’s start get compression are you just you just do it needs down bill okay you know Google sound like it you know you hear on phone Sal I want a timing belt jump you know I did if it’s fight if it’s squeezing an air on all of the cylinders evenly a whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa if it was going to jump down bellow well you know sound like it squeezed it on a couple of Silver’s maybe but not the other huh sometimes it will it depends if its final rope intake valve igloo alright so now then so what’s the right all there’s two different kinds of service categories one for gasoline engines one for diesel engines gasoline over in the S category of these laws are in the sea category so if you see one that says starts with s if it if you’re getting ready to put put all in a diesel you better make sure it’s a compressor and fire at all as bestie Heather I can most of these diesel like these power strokes and all these shell rotella hall and I’m stuff like that but you better make sure it’s a it’s got the exact classification that diesel calls for because a lot of times like some of them power strokes you know starting in 70 I mean in 73 but 94 they started having these hydraulically actuated injector of friction modifiers I may have CF for all compression fired is what C stands for S stands for spark fired can you remember that remember that there have been five new categories let’s say said they were updated you know and each update the second letter live actually more than five now so this is an L thought you with each update the second letter in the service category advances in the alphabet so SF all is newer than se all so the farther you go like if you got an essay all it’s not going to be as new or is better than at the lower the letter on the alphabet after they asked the cheaper they all the yummy so you’ll see SF FCF BFD if you know the second letter is important so keep a true man and make sure you’re putting what it wasn’t you like the newer the vehicle officially if you got if you got variable valve timing and you got this out of those who he going on but all viscosity is extremely important but the wrong stuff in there easily you have issues alright we’re almost done here with you know looking through this some marketers have been making an earlier SL category with new low sulfur a little phosphorus base stock but only the SMS rating has mobay stock additives that conform to the latest el saque GF for specifications although the extended catalyst warranty was required 404 model you know GF for specs weren’t finalized and relational january of that particular 2004 model year there’s production of ill sac at which is SL as illest act GF free a wall and you know that they proud pretty well i’m like quit making that eventually and even got superseded by later all ok let’s see if we can whip through these are the questions that you didn’t get answers from ok everybody got viscosity right

number one viscosity is what yeah and given temperature that’s really good based on the handout which of the tools you see only is particular question here is suitable for use to the diesel engine why so neither one of them is because neither one of them is a compression flower oil because it ain’t got no ceiling it’s not it’s not a c-grade office that are both s halls those are fired S stands for spark fired C stands for compression fired yummy alright ill sack is an acronym that stands for what tell me what else axe stands for anybody remember huh get your pen to write it down international lubricant standardization and approval committee people thought slightly better than that right now it will start diesel girls don’t receive think of compression fired diesels come fired by compression so it’s going to be a seal it’s got to start with the scene out of this you can’t put a spark you can you put spark flyer at all in a diesel now what you can do in a lot of cases you can take a diesel fired oil and put it in an older spark fired engine but a compression see that you’ve got a lot of blow by own and diesels and all that this is different you or do that these little get so black yeah well plugs are only there whenever the engines first start now they don’t typically burn but very little after the pagent charge one is really cold ill sack is an acronym we just talked about what is a service category that identifies that certifies the walls ability to pass the Pacific lab tests that measure the halls ability to perform an engine in other words actually the service category is the certification that’s created when they run it through these lab tests they run it in an engine they look at it again they see how I broke down and whether or not it did how I held up see and so it’s just you can just put a service category certifies walls ability to pass specific lab tests okay then number five API stands for what somebody told me American Petroleum Institute and then number six what’s SI e stand for Society of American engineers number seven who are the SAE and once their primary goal as a long question in it ok that’s an international group of engineers working in different companies in all areas of Transportation and their goal is to create standard language and definition is ensure a particular thread pitch all viscosity or diagnostic code will be the same all over the world see what they don’t want is somebody calling something some in another country a different size it its not being called here and all that kind of a matter of fact you’re sae j1939 regulation on your emission standards makes them call the sensors and everything all the same cuz we’re trying to you know it’s a global thing all right number eight what group does the API represent what do they do that APR creates industry standards they represent all marketers API American Petroleum Institute represents the oil marketers and then finally number Ned and that’s basically the API number net engine oils got 24 things that would somebody tell me what one of them is what else that’s a good one what else carries heat what else Tilda rings really good when sa 10w30 all is cold little flow like 10 late all doesn’t winter temperatures s2w you know stands for winter and like 30 way at all when it’s hot does that mean you get sticker as it gets hotter yes or no does not get thicker when it gets hotter okay all right let’s see if it get put through this next little thing here now this is a this one right here is a there’s a nice an article i wrote for motor ages picker one about the black gold test article for alright so we’re talking to submitted about this we’re going to look through all this and the vehicles health is dependent on motor role for more than just lubrication which we talked about that you know frequent oil changes alone or no guarantee an engine will last although they do help I like to tell that story about a guy named Edmund Harris and he was a guy that I knew that it worked in a Los Angeles down there and they lost that job down there moves back to Port Arthur and he had had a this GMC pickup as a 74 model this was back in the late seventies and he told me one day workings my timing chain broke all my truck in it cost me four hundred dollars get it fixed and I see your timing chain broke on your truck is it yet broken it been LOL i had to pull a hitter heads out spelled a four-hundred-dollar and I said so I started asking questions I said how many miles did that truck out on it because you know time to change don’t break I mean I don’t know VA like every 50 he said well I don’t know because this pedometer quit working at three hundred

eighty-five thousand miles okay so question number one to recap the only component little engine that result receives unfiltered oil is it all pump number two plastic age is the best way I’ll show you guys how to do that I would usually do that ninja to prepare to why the engines with overheating camshafts have pressure i overheated hot overhead camshafts have pressurized oil leak points that cam in block engines don’t how the only reason i ask you about that yes you let’s say this will go off or so over here you got an overhead camshaft here camshafts down here time to change around what if they’re like that that’s just real simple until I got escorted out there okay this is going to have a pressurized oil leak point that draw another around next to it we got a head helm shaft courses camshafts gravity driver arms open the valves on conference this one here doesn’t have there’s a leak point on this one this one don’t have because this all pump it’s going to push all through a little no ringing a head gasket up there to all this camshaft where it’s spinning in that head you got me but you’re going to see if you’ve got what looks like a pressurized oil leak somewhere you’re going to be looking in that you know find out by looking at your shop manual where that all goes through the head it may be in the center maybe the corner it goes to a low ring place in there and if you got a bad all eager you may have to have a head gasket put over it was a car that came in here one time to dodge stratus that force over in it and they had taken into a shop in Tallahassee michelle has he said need rear main seal pretty bad holy we cleaned everything up put down and it was coming up under the silver head so we put a head gasket on its top tholly to see what they were probably going to do because it was dripping off the bell house and somebody said rear main seal remember how me and you and Daniel we’re working so hard to make sure we knew where that thing was leaking the other day before you all started doing all the improvement better find that leak before you start digging a lot of times a shop held in that shop was tell me I see a lot of times what they’ll do is they wanted a thousand dollars to put a rear main seal in it what they do is they put the rear main seal and I still leave it just like it was I said well we got some of it but we didn’t get it all somehow you need to pass another eight hundred dollars per head gasket you know I’m saying because then they find the problem so find the problem before you do the work and that way you angling your face everybody how upset we right all right let’s go to the next one will listen they’ve got a pressurized oil feed that through the cylinder head gasket to the to the hill where it counts yeah what prevents damage from occurring if the oil filter becomes completely clogged let me know there’s a spring-loaded it looks well you look over there look over there on that see that little bunch of oil filters that I’ve got off the internet for that guy cut apart there is actually a little spring and so whenever oil filter stops up it actually pushes that little mal out of the way so they all can still go through the filter anything a filter but unfiltered all is better than or so if it stops all the way up there’s a little spring that’s actually you know when the wall disappear the filter here it will push that they’ll squeeze that little spring and they all could go by the filter so that it can go ahead lubricate the engine now there is a little time there’s a mess it happened there was one year model of jeep cherokee for leader where they move the oil pressure relief valve into the engine oil filter and from one year to the next and that all changed place down there put the wrong your model oil filter or one of them jeeps let me know a couple of jeeps and burnt engines up because it well that was no relief valve easily as a peculiar thing but the long and short of it is just because the filter screws on there doesn’t mean that it’s the one that you need to use full that engine that is an important distinction that are pleased to note recognized crankshaft bearings should not have more than how much clearance Oh incidentally the answer to number four is the bypass valve an engine oil filter crankshaft bearing shouldn’t have more than what is this something i say that i said i’ll actually read that wrong tell me what this is let’s that major bye guys yeah it’s not 15 10,000 this is what it is is the way you’d say that fit place it’s over there fifteen ten thousands and fortune is formed over so that’s a half of thousands over 1000 shouldn’t have more than that yeah that’s right answer now the all pumps always driven by the camshaft true or false what drives I Garrett what drives the fall pump on the 350 well the crankshaft drives a distributor the distributor drives the I mean the camshaft drives a distributor excuse me and the well the crank browse the cam the cam drives the trigger and distributor drives all pump so basically it’s in the record river by the

crankshaft of the camshaft drives it okay what about on the engines that have I have you guys torn one apart and you’ve seen the engine with the little did you do flats on the front of the crankshaft it’s got a little joy over pumple in front of the king prank show some Cadillacs are like that I think it s quirks like it out there at Toyota 98 toyota camry out there the double-hole pump driven by the timing belt so anything that can spin that i’ll see you think about this that sounds scary you don’t it what if something happens in the all funk which turning or if the timing belt quit turning as in you gonna keep running no i mean so what I’m saying is you don’t have to worry about let’s say the engine is not going to keep running at the timing belt you upstairs you say what if my engine keeps running because the timing belt jump and all pumping spinning it’s gonna burn something up honey so it’s going to quit anyway if the time it’s a timing belt broke straight God there you go that’s right so exactly now actually that’s false the wall pump isn’t any time you see always on a question as a buzzword always never this kind of lame what happens if the oil pressure relief valve sticks open all pressure relief valve is at max pressure it pushes remember I’ve known as before the patient’s made no official relief valve sometimes built in a pump it sometime built into coverage so me in the whole circuit somewhere and it’s basically not a spring and it’s set up so that whenever it there’s a hole right here a bleed off hold its covered up so is that all pressure comes up through this passage and it pushes that up it’s going to bleed the pressure off but that spring is calibrated something that estimating it takes like 50 pounds of pressure or whatever to move that plunger and open up at home if this sticks open where that hole is always open you got no all pressure and you burn that sucker up so if you got 12 * for all you’re trying to fix it you need to make sure you check the oil pressure relief valve wherever it’s at are you going to have one it’s gonna burn up in if it sticks open fronted up if he stays closed it can blow the whole filters them off the car if you ever see an oil filter ball off the car the whole pressure relief valve is stuck closed I mean stuck it won’t relieve all pressure because that is a positive displacement pump and that motor is going to turn that pump either the pump is going to explode or be destroyed or X going to put up enough pressure or it’s gonna blow the whole filter slam off the car and all that so how many of you guys have ever worked on an engine rumbles done here it has a life I silly bolt shiver ladies and they have a real heavy Court of a can then it comes down here it’s made I guess it’s kind of boat that goes through it all the way up here it’s got a cartridge type of oil field Fred and can is real thick alright what happens with those in they won’t blow that off of there but it was actually choke the engine down they leave a destroy the old oil pump or you’ll find the engine losing power because of a step relief valve in Oakland they used to happen sometime now that was natural old school stuff okay so what’s one thing it can cause just about any Indian develop oil sledge short drives without letting the engine warm up or an inoperative PCV system if you got a brand new vehicle if you don’t let it warm up you’re not doing it any favors I’ve got my wife programs to that obsession she’s not going to Greg her Explorer unless she that’s it warm up you know because of the sledge factor to you worried about sledge and finally frequent oil changes will guarantees an engine will last you can have problems no matter what but if from my money is on keeping the all clean and keeping it change regularly that’s what I like to do okay person is number nine in addition to lubricate the engine what other functions is all performed basically on that for now well that’s a couple of mere the only two I was looking for on this trick your hand that was it cools engine parts and suspense contaminants that’s something else that that the other hand out didn’t have in it it also suspends contaminants when you’re getting ready to change all and when it’s a good idea to crank it up and make sure the engine when you change the engine oil the car needs to be nice and warm so that a lot of the stuff that would ordinarily have settled to the bottom will actually be if up in they all and you’ll be draining the contaminants out with it instead of and have them settled you know so if you change the engine all when the engine is cold you’re not doing as good of a job as you going to let the engine get control number three is why the engine with overhead camshafts have pressurized oil leak points that you they come in block engines don’t have the ones with overhead cam got a pressurized oil feed to the solar head through their gasket and they can leak and I luli clout sounds of me you’ll see you’ll see them leak in there all right is everybody happy see it all right go to look