CYBERPUNK 2077 – State of development, Map of Night City [Stream discussion part 1]

Greetings, Earthlings! Welcome to the MadquenShow stream! Again! Here we go again again it’s like the third or fourth part and today we are again with with our usual suspects the Triple-S League: Ashininity and Sybsidian, Hello Guys! How are you doing? very good today it’s warm enough so that’s good “A Ciri refrence would be awesome” Syb, you said that, you can say it in a loud voice: Ciri reference will be awesome, well I am quite sure that we’re going to see Ciri as an easter egg in cyberpunk, it will be pretty weird that we don’t, even more considering the scene of Witcher 3 where she mentions the world of Cyberpunk I think it will be really interesting to see like the Ciri like in a bar fight, or like shopping for clothes that’s most likely where I would expect to see her is like you’re inside like a fancy clothing store and she’s like “Oh my god! What’s all this!” it’s like I believe that being Ciri she wouldn’t be in a fancy clothing store, she would be in a fancy weapon store, like “What is this? What is this!” But she didn’t bring any of those weapons back so Because she couldn’t afford, she didn’t have Eurobucks That’s true, but it’s like you’re going to a steak restaurant when you’re hungry and you can’t afford to buy anything that’s totally different, so So, back back to the building, we were going to discuss cyberpunk 2077 so I assume that everybody in here saw the video regarding the controversy of the employees at CD Projekt RED and as you already know we, along with the gaming community, we are doing a I’m sorry, I said I’m THIIIIIIICK We are doing supportive campaign to support the developers that are currently working inside Cyberpunk 2077 so Please, tech guy, puts on the link for Twitter so we have a link this way you can just press a button and you will sends a tweet to CD Projekt RED to let them know that you support their developers and also to let their developers know that you support them, because we always take for granted their job and they really work really hard and they don’t get enough praise for everything that they do, for all the sacrifice and all the hard work and all that they do for us because in the end they are the people that build the games that we love so, yes, in here you have it, Legolevic just put “spread the message” You Just need to click it and it will go to Twitter or if you rather you can say it in your own words and I am sure that they are going to appreciate it and there’s quite a few of those tweets with the hashtag #WeCanWait a very positive response that’s really great to see we I encourage everybody to take a minute and realize that gaming is not an easy job to get into and there’s a couple major things for one is the fact that there’s not a game studio in every city there’s not even a game studio in every major city in the world there’s not even a game studio in every major capital there’s lots and lots of indie developers around the world who are comprised of small teams but there’s no if you live in the East Coast and your studio goes out the window you might not necessarily find a job that is gonna pay the same and be in your general area, it might not even be on the East Coast you might have to pack up and move your entire family and in your life out to the West Coast or to Europe or to somewhere else or to, heaven forbid, maybe Canada because it’s those The frozen wasteland! Canadian studios don’t have a great track record right now those don’t know they don’t probably not that’s probably not somewhere where you want to be they’re hiring in Vancouver a lot right now from what I hear but it’s just that mentality that when a company goes down because of mismanagement or because they bombed on the game or because they threw in as many microtransactions as they thought that they could get away with and that you couldn’t do anything to stop it because adding costumes to the game was gonna be like too stupid or or you know break the canon sorry Sotty, EA rant but still like it’s a tough life and it’s not always simple

there aare a handful of people who have been in the same job for 20 years but that’s very much a rarity Well that’s part of the problem too, is that these developers are very fortunate to get where they are and it could be easy for a company to take advantage of how competitive it is to get in with the really good companies, not saying that’s the case with CD Projekt RED but an employee is highly motivated to stay with that company because, for one thing, they’re very fortunate to be there in the first place but secondly, they’re either I mean if their only other option is to move to a different country or across the country it’s not a very appealing option So before we continue talking about that a good question Fensistripplex is asking about cars: “Are cars confirmed in Cyberpunk?” well we saw the job posting where they were looking for someone to make the cars and the thing is that they didn’t start full production mode because as I said in the video the Cyberpunk team was established in 2012 and the idea of CD Projekt RED was to develop both the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk at the same time but they learned that they couldn’t do so without compromising the quality of those games and instead of trying to do both at the same time they moved all the developers from cyberpunk to The Witcher to finish the Witcher and to make it amazing so they are not yet in full production mode which is kind of bad news for in one hand but on the other hand means that there are a lot of features to include in the game I suppose they didn’t cover this job position yet because that because they are not in full production mode actually CD Projekt RED announced that the RED engine was fully operative shortly ago so I believe that they are ready now to start into full production mode and we are going to see all these job positions covered and one of these job positions was programming the cars and I believe it’s safe to assume that we’re going to see cars because the map is going to be so absolutely huge that you’re goint to need transportation to move from one point to another that is not only fast travel we expect to see also roads in this map because you going to need roads to have Nomads so… what were you going to say? Excuse me? I can briefly rabbit trail from that so the thing about the roads and and some people have been talking about the size of the city that we kind of broke that a little while ago a lot of people forgot about the roads in their calculation of how big cyberpunk is gonna be now there is some flying vehicles but there’s also ground vehicles and roadways in large mega cities are actually quite large and intricate and there’s gonna be a lot of just humongous roads in the game that you’re gonna be able to spend a lot of time on so that that’ll be really cool and we’ll see hopefully we’ll see and this is speculation, that we will have some maybe some races developed for both land and airborne vehicles really awesome Well, if you like races Do you think there will be fully drivable cars though? I believe we should have fully drivable cars My question with that is how do you avoid it turning into just GTA V levels of destruction and carnage like maybe that’s That’s a good question, but I believe the police in Cyberpunk is able to deal with that amd if they program good AIs for police I don’t think that people can go as crazy as they did with GTA Becaues in GTA you could go around killing police but in Cyberpunk that’s not a good thing to do especially if we’re talking about corporate police so they can create a system and this is totally speculating I I really have no information about that, but they could create a system if they intend to do an online that is similar to to the GTA 5 so they can have users under control by using a IAs of police officers, both State Police and corporate police, because they they can afford the big guns so they can you know have people under control mm-hmm yeah I just wonder if it’ll be like self-driving cars maybe that transport you around or if they’ll actually be

drivable is there anything in the water? I think there’s gonna be both of those is something we can assess maybe you can hack the car to take control of it, that would be fun That’s definitely in the possibility and I’ll be awesome you have to electronically hack into them because a lot of the future cars a lot of the like dedicated self-driving ones like the taxis and stuff that are gonna come out and probably the third or fourth generation they won’t even have steering wheels and especially for some of the flying vehicles, they’d have no flying controls. Either the ones that they’re working on right now for big cities like in Tokyo, they have no control system so if you’re… if your sky taxi, you know, heaven forbid has something bad happen to it and it starts to lose control you’re done for that’s there’s no there’s no grabbing the stick and trying to pilot it yourself. No, you’re it’s just it’s a… it’s just gonna be it’s gonna be one of those things where it’s like there’s only one accident every like… You know, two or three years. But it’s just everybody hears about, you know, how horrible it was Actually one of the most famous vehicles 2020 is one of what is called AV7 that I mentioned several times it might be mention in my videos that is some sort of fortified flying car and I believe that if you have an accident with this flying car must probably the rest of it are going to suffer it more than you do and I believe that this this car is going to be in the game mostly because it’s the flying car that the trauma team uses and if when you die you are not revived with the trauma team I’m going to be really disappointed so I suppose that this is going to be the way to say when you die in game and then reappear alive that’s the… What’s going to happen in between is that the trauma team is going to get to you but the one thing that I don’t know how are they going to do it is because I suppose that you are going to have some kind of in-game currency to buy in shops and stuff and trauma team is really expensive so if it was really, really well done in a sense of closest to the original maybe you don’t have enough money to afford to revive again then you die of permanent death I think that would make me really upset tricky they they truck you down to the discount resurrection place down the street where, you know, they stuff you full of paper and stuff just you know fill in whatever is missing Well, if you die in the middle of the street the only thing you need to do before completely dying is speaking your trauma team code and then break it and then in seven minutes they are there “Seven minutes or you have your money back.” Seven minutes or your money back? that’s what trauma team says. Problem is if they are not there in seven minutes you don’t need your money back If you haven’t watch the Cyber Psycho video which you should Obviously because it’s mine A Cyber Psycho is someone that went a little crazy with implants and lost humanity and with the last piece lost of humanity they may turn crazy and the Machine part of them take control and when the machine part of a person takes control what happens is is that they start to love the machines and hate the humans to make it short which means that they started a killing spree but well, Night City Police is ready to deal with that So that’s the male cop that you saw in the trailer The male cop is from the cybersquad And I think I said Android earlier um and I should have said cyborg cuz that’s what she would she was, cybernetic implants Yes, an Android is a robot 100% mechanical and looks like a human well believe it or not I do know that because I too am a nerd yeah I know that you are a nerd but maybe there’s someone watching this stream who doesn’t know the difference. An Android is a robot that looks like a human I grew up on Star Trek The Next Generation it was an enigma to me Legolevic asks “Queenie, after the hard work you put on

the last video do you have any plans to work or something as big in the future?” Well, I don’t think that it will happen easily happen again in the future let’s find a story that I have such a strong personal interesting in I mean it’s going to be difficult if that happens. If I have a personal interest on it I’m going to become really obsessive. And by the way, I mean I’m really glad that people freaked out that i spoke with 43 developers but to be completely honest my aim was a hundred and i felt a little disappointed with myself that I didn’t get to even the half of them. Because well, as you know, there’s an insane amount of people that were involved in The Witcher 3 so I wanted to talk to every single employee, try to talk to every single employee and there was after two weeks of intense interviewing everybody I-I started to get a little crazy and I said “okay, I think, I think that I’m going to stop here” But yes, to be completely honest I’m a little disappointed in myself myself because I did not reach a hundred Okay, but MadQueen, you interviewed like a over a tenth of the company. That’s-that’s pretty impressive, roughly, and I mean some of them were, you know, former employees but that said, for company that’s what was the latest employee count? Like four was a four hundred or is it even more than that now? In the studio, if you don’t count other, other employees that are not working on the games. But any manager wanted to talk to me any person on human resources. I tried to reach them because I also wanted the point of view and the only ones in human resources that will reply to my request they gave me a typical statement and addressed me to PR. And I think they have to do that they we got the same runaround when we tried to interview some Bioware employees at a convention we were at I I think in a lot of cases I mean that’s why they have a PR department but ya know you did good. 43 is a lot of interviews. That’s a lot of people from within the company. So I’m actually surprised that your goal was a hundred wow that’s I would have taken you like two three more weeks of people Yes, yes. Actually my turnaround rate when I was interviewing my first aim was the people that left when the Witcher 3 was finished so i started there and my turnaround response was that’s really high was almost a 50% and i thought that i was going to be that lucky with the people that were still working there but no. So I didn’t get as much responses from people that were that were still working on CDPR oh I’m afraid that although of course else I am not exactly unknown journalists and it’s really difficult to trust on youtubers because about you know how usually how gaming youtuber treats information. I believe that they made an incredible effort trusting me because also I didn’t have any similar job done in the past to show them like “Well, I can do that” That’s the way actually this kind of information I didn’t have anything to show they had they have to trust me blindly and some they did I am so grateful for that also shocked because what they can lose their jobs if I didn’t do my job properly Captain Jack asks: “Will the game be released on the current generation of consoles?” Well, we will discuss about this in the future but I am not pretty sure if I want to discuss the release date. Because I would like to be more respectful with the marketing campaign that they are preparing and even though this is just speculation, obviously we don’t have any kind of information regarding the release date. We all know what happened with The Witcher 3 when they had to move the release date twice. So I don’t want to create… I don’t want to be part of the problem of creating that kind of hype that would put the company in the same problem that they were at the end of The Witcher 3. For this reason I believe that I am not going to discuss in public anything related to the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 at least until it is announced Yeah, that’s fair. Plus there’s the… We don’t want to encourage you to get excited about a date that’s sooner than you think and getting you to get hyped about it then it gets delayed and you get upset that it’s been delayed and then, you know, you get the the kind of like “oh, it’s never coming out” and you kind of lose interest in it. We don’t that happen and conversely at the same time we don’t want to say “oh, yeah it’ll be out in five

years” and you go “five years? it’s just that’s too long” and you also you know you give up because it’s way too far away, and I just pulled that number out of a hat for the express purpose of pulling it randomly out of a hat Well, since we’re talking about while you’re looking at that, uh so David asks “I was wondering if the size of the game may lend itself for areas that seem very under populated or dead with nothing to do. I’m excited about the size but I worry” That’s about concern, I think-I think -Yeah, you can answer that better Yeah, yeah. Go ahead ya I just had a thought about that because um I think that’s been a very common concern but yeah it all depends how they how they go about it and I don’t know I just finished playing Assassin’s Creed origins which is essentially it has an absolutely massive map I’m not sure if it’s all of Egypt but is a huge chunk with dozens of provinces many of which you don’t even visit when you’re doing the main campaign and none of it that there are areas of wilderness but none of it feels just dead and empty like there’s there’s always something to grab your interests so if they do that if they do something similar to that obviously very different style of you know, location and setting. But if they do something like that it’ll be it’ll really work with the with the massive size There are areas that are going to be underpopulated and we can expect that because at least we will have two of them which are the wasteland that I suppose that we’re going to have the wasteland in the game at least part of it not a lot because it’s radiated and you could do that that’s what it has and the other one is the ground zero. For for those who played the original tabletop game already know, for the rest of you there was this thing going on that’s called the fourth corporate war that was a conflict between the Japanese manufacturer Arasaka and the American manufacturer Militech and it took place in Night City. So the end of the cooperate war was a campaign was a campaign that you played inside cyberpunk 2020 so the end of that campaign is that you put a mini nuke or not that mini in Arasaka’s building in the center of the cooperate center in Night City so a nuke exploded in the middle of Night City Obviously one of the One of the main consequences of that is that it’s impossible to predict the map the exact map of Night City. It’s going to be absolutely.. huh impossible to predict because we had an explosion inside and also Mike Pondsmith mentioned that there was going to be a ground zero where this bomb exploded and was going to be radiated. The thing is that he said that really early on production and this is one of those things that may change with time so I don’t know if they change that and on the other hand you have the wasteland that is also been mentioned that you were going to be able to enter into the wasteland that also goes with the question that I can’t remember who did that I think it was Xenocore about the seamless map. Well, there’s an in Night City there are parts of the city that you can only go to using transportation you can you cannot go by walking so I believe that this is what they are going to use to change from one part of the map to another I believe that inside of Night City everything is going to be seamless but there are some parts like for instance the suburbs that you need the underground to to go there but I think that it’s going to be very interesting see how they currency makes the difference there are different parts of the city because you have the Coorporate Center then you have like the rest of the city then you have all the combat zone then you have the suburbs and it’s like everything is like an onion with layers and layers and this is the version of the 2020 this is the only thing that we know that they are not going to be based exactly on the original tabletop game because as I said the city was destroyed but I believe that the basic they’re going to keep it in in the sense that we are going to have a corporate Center and we’re going to have a combat zone I would be really disappointed if we didn’t have a combat zone in the game with the booster gangs so yeah I hope that this answers your question

The division The one thing about the city is that there’s going to be all of these different sort of topographical areas you know they’re just gonna be a different types of areas of the city it’s not just gonna be you know an endless downtown skyscrapers everywhere you know, it’s not the same everywhere like and you know there are some some games in the past where you’ve been in cities but it just looks the same wherever you go that’s it’s not gonna be like that there’s gonna be these different areas like you said Ground Zero, you know, areas where things have happened where the city looks different Actually Night City is built this way: You have the posh part of the city which is the Corporate Center even though the original Corporate Center was destroyed and I don’t believe that the mega corporations didn’t build another corporate center and then you go out of the corporate Center and the farther you go the city starts to degrade until you go to a part that is totally degraded that is a combat zone so it needs to have this scale of degradation, a little bit more to be a map that is that is canon with the original Night City so it’s it’s going to be difficult that you find areas that look the same I believe that in terms in terms of of creating of creating the map obviously if you circle all the because it’s like it’s like a donut if you circle all the combat zone and maybe some parts of it it’s going to look very close to to another parts of combat zone but it’s a city with a lot of layers it’s a city with a lot of structures and if they do the job that they the type of it that they are doing with Night City it’s going to be fucking amazing because they have a lot of options How.. Right. How far does the lore go, like does it end with 2020? Or is there more past that? It’s more past that but the thing is that it wasn’t well-received because it wasn’t great -Okay. I’m thinking thinking they are not they are not using it as canon but they are using the events that happened in the lore after the 2020. Okay, I was gonna say that cuz it’s set in 2077 so there’s 57 years of history that’s happened you know since the 2020 events so you know even if they incorporate the events that happened according to the lore it seems like there’s still a lot of room for them to play with stuff and you know invent things that just make the city very very interesting