Marcels Opel Corsa D GSI Tracktool für die Nürburgring Nordschleife Autospielen Zeig den Hobel No.36

A very warm welcome to “Autospielen” with another episode of “Present the Ride” Today we welcome Marcel. Hi Marcel Hi David Great that you are here Yeah, thanks for having me Yeah, with pleasure What did you bring for us? Yeah, this is my Opel Corsa D GSI, model year 2011 From a technical standpoint, it’s almost the same car as the Corsa OPC Ok, I would have asked about it Other than that, well, it was modified to a track tool That means, Nürburgring Exactly And nice weather car Yeah, nice weather car. Very clean is what it is You said, you even had it just cleaned, right? More and more people do it They always used to show up with dirty cars now the cars are almost always clean Wonderful. Let’s do the walkaround then, and talk about what was modified on the car’s exterieur Sure. Gladly I’d say. We’ll start with the front Right There is OPC 1 and OPC 2 Correct. This one came with the OPC line 2 from the factory, which means the front bumper is exactly the same up to this lip It’s just that lip of the OPC is a bit lower on the edges Okay And the OPC has fog light covers that are chrome-rimmed Alright So this is the closest thing to an OPC, without it being an OPC Exactly, correct, exactly It came stock Next to the fog lights, you can see cut outs for brake ventilation Behind it, there is a tube connecting to the wheel house Yes, alright Yeah other than the that, the front is completely stock as it is And the honeycomb style grill in the front bumper was taken from the OPC Ah, alright Right Okay Rims Yeah, those are Autec Wizard rims I find them chic Yeah well, I wanted something new Before, I used to have black 18″ OPC rims They looked harmonious with the car Yeah But they were super heavy and I wanted something that’s a bit lighter It didn’t have to be 18″ again Yeah That’s why I opted for those, value for the money is really awesome too When you damage one, like I did last year, then you simply buy a new one for like 130€ This really is an amazing price, you really can’t complain And they are super light, it’s really awesome Yeah, cool rim. I find it very chic I also like the style with this grey tone I find it looks very good Cool Behind it, we see Yeah, those are Tarox F2000 brake discs, with Ferodo DS2500 pads in the front In the back, we have stock discs with EBC Yellowstuff pads The setup, it’s the second set of pads with that disc already, works just amazing I have tried plenty with the brakes, Yeah all sorts of things, But this is the setup that works really great with the car It also has braided steel brake lines Yeah Yeah Well, well. The caliper is stock? Exactly. The caliper is stock Ok. And we see the Autec Wizard rim wrapped with a Yokohama tyre Exactly, right. This is my first year driving it, Before, I used to drive Federal RSR tyres Yeah Well, they were semi-good They used to start slipping after like half a lap, and so And this tyre really is So I have done a lot of research, I also talked a lot with Rent 4 Ring, since they also have small, lightweight cars in their program, and they totally recommended this tyre to me, and I never had any regrets, it’s an awesome tyre I can’t say otherwise Cool The dimensions are 215/45R17 Exactly Small, lightweight cars you brought it up, how much does the car weigh? The stock weight is actually rather heavy; 1,250 kg Okay Since the backseats were taken out, but a bar added, I don’t think that it’s much less now…maybe like 1,230 kg Okay The Nordschleife is prominent on your car Exactly Just like with the Honda civic, from last time This time it’s black You said that the rear brake setup is stock Exactly, stock discs with EBC Yellowstuff Alright Does it lift the wheel in a turn? Every now and then. But then you really have to force it But from time to time on on-ramps that drop a bit, or so, then it sometimes lifts off Cool. Wonderful The back Yes In the rear, the bumper is modified Usually there is a stock bumper with a simple lip attached Here, we have the OPC Line 2 bumper Like in the front Exactly right, in the end it’s simply that the bumper itself is an OPC bumper, and the lip is replaced, this spoiler lip. It’s available in 3 versions, with a tailpipe on the left, the triangle from the OPC, and then two tailpipes from the Nürburgring Edition Right, with two tailpipes Exactly Which were pretty big already from the factory I always thought that it’s an aftermarket exhaust, but it comes this big with the Nürburgring Edition Yes The exhaust system It’s a Fox exhaust from the catalytic converter on, and with 1 cell catalytic coverter technology 1 cell catalytic coverter technology, I see And by the way, the spoiler was modified too Usually there is a smaller one installed, this one is from the OPC too Looks good

Thanks Looks very nice It’s dropped a bit Exactly I installed H&R springs with dampeners from Koni, so no coilover suspension In my opinion, this rides just great I can’t say anything against it A lot of people always say: “When you go on the Nordschleife, you need to have coilovers.” I think, it doesn’t apply to this car at all So, it drives super awesome like this So, I am super satisfied with it I’ve had the H&R springs almost as long as I have the car, I think And at some point the stock dampeners were leaking, so I simply upgraded to Koni Orange dampeners, together with the springs, and it drives great Okay I can’t say otherwise How much lower is the car with these springs? 35 mm 35 mm. Throughout? Exactly, right Fine, fine, fine And the blinker says GSI too Exactly, right Well, originally the car was just modified for looks back then, with the black 18″ rims, so that it looks nice And at some point, after I had my first lap on the Nordschleife under my belt, I was hooked Yeah, yeah and then shortly after, ist all started with the saftey belts, the bar, then the seats, and then it all ran its course Then it takes off, then it takes really off And a towing schlang…uhm towing…towing sling what a difficult word, is in the front Which you’ll hopefully never need Yeah, I hope not, but it isn’t just for show, it actually works, cause many install it just for show Really? Through the winter, a friend and I have been tinkering and twiddling with this for a long time, to get it to work, with making an adaptor and stuff All of that for a towing sling and it’s fully functional now It really took a long time, until it worked the way we wanted it Okay But it worked out Yeah It actually works in both the front and the end Wonderful. The details were being considered too Yeah, it’s…it’s gotta be I didn’t even know that there are towing sling dummies, that don’t have an actual function You usually have this triangle shaped frame that you screw on somewhere, but most people just screw it on like that, as long as the thing is attached But this is mounted in the orignal frame just like the original sling, or hook Hopefully, it is never needed Yeah, I also hope it’s never needed Let’s look under the hood really quick Yeah, sure I was told to let you guys open the hood It’s all good Soooo we see black and red Exactly. The core 1.6 liter, turbocharged Exactly, right You better tell us, not me Well, like I said, from a technical point of view, it’s exactly the same as the OPC, just the software is different I would have asked for it, good that you mention it So, it’s the same engine, same turbocharger, same nozzles It’s all the same all the same Just the Nürburgring Edition supposedly has a slightly modified turbocharger But other than that, compared with the regular OPC, engine, transmission, radiator, axles, brakes, it’s all exactly the same Theoretically, you can simply swap from one to the other Cool. It’s a bit of an insider tip Exactly. Yep Well, you can’t simply modif the engine power, it doesn’t work. Opel doesn’t approve it You can’t just reprogram the software, that doesn’t work But, this one normally comes with 150 stock hp, Yeah And, here we have about 210 hp Okay So, you can’t just go to Opel and have it done there That doesn’t work But theoretically you could have it done With a tuner with the tuner of your choice and go tell him to crank it up Exactly. Exactly This one got a software from the tuner which is slightly above the OPC level Yeah But, it’s more than sufficient 210 hp, you said Exactly. That’s absolutely enough That’s really cool, I think, that it’s the same engine Yes Very cool. Did you modify anything? Yeah, it got a bigger intercooler From? It’s an all-purpose intercooler from Turbozentrum Berlin Okay The piping is from HG Motorsport, it fit pretty much plug and play And the tubes are pretty much just for show other than that, nothing was upgraded on the engine Okay It all still is…the way it is Fine And here, GSI style Yes, that’s just for show Yeah And a strut brace Exactly. In the front and the back Yeah And in the front, even on the bottom Ah. Okay Well, then we can shut the lid Sure thing and we check out the interior Sure thing. Gladly Okay I lead the way So, I see Sandtler bucket seats Exactly, right These are Sparco Corsa seats Until last year, I had Bimarco Dakar seats However, they were, well I don’t want to say uncomfortable, but unfortunately pretty tight Yeah You could really barely move when you got in the seat Okay And I’ve always wanted Sparco Corsa seats It’s always been my favourite seat But back then I could never find any that were still nice, or they were simply way too expensive Well, and I finally even found some with the Sandtler label, just the way I’ve always wanted them, and for a really good price and in great condition

And I started using these seats this year, and I am super satisfied with it Nice Yeah That sounds good. Pleie Pleie consoles seat consoles Exactly, consoles The seatbelts are Schroth Profi 2 FE, with a Sandtler label And a rollover bar, also from Pleie Also from Pleie Exactly The rear strut bar in the trunk is custom made Ah, we’ll check it out too Exactly While we are at it, right? Yeah So, it’s custom made It’s not The one from Wiechers is usually mounted underneath this, directly on the suspension unit Yeah This one is mounted a bit higher, also close to the suspension unit, it’s screwed on directly to the original mount for the rear bench seat But it works just the same So, you don’t feel any difference whatsoever, and it is so much easier to install You don’t have to drill any holes, you just use the original screw holes, screw it on, and it works So the body isn’t being ruined No, not at all Cool And you can totally feel it Yeah? Can you tell the difference? You feel it. I felt it right away Of all the modifications, this was the first one I did, and you could tell right away that the car didn’t twist as much in turns You could tell right away, it’s much more stable I would have never guessed Small things sometimes make the biggest difference Yeah, it’s really like that It’s really like that Also done by Pleie? No, a buddy did it himself at work Very good And welded it It’s totally, well I don’t want to say one of a kind, he made a few of them, but you couldn’t buy it off the shelf like that Yeah Fine. Looks good I really like the red and grey. Looks good And it’s clean, very very clean Yeah, it’s a bit of a tick of mine Ah well, that’s a good one Car maintenance from day one. I’ve had the car since 2011, since February 2011, bought it brand-new back then, and, well, the car was exposed to the first two winters, and then never again Yeah Other than that, it sits in the garage Fine and is used when the weather is nice or on the track So, you said it. We can get in then Action Yeah, right, action So, Marcel Yo We made it into your Corsa D GSI I’ve already squeezed into this fine bucket seat Pushed in rather. It’s very very nicely tight Yeah. That’s good though I like it though Yeah, I am just a skinny dude myself Yeah That’s why it shouldn’t be any wider for me Not for me anyway Nah, for me it’s a pretty good fit Sometimes I struggle with my big butt But this is really good So, I’ll clap for synchronisation So, that’s done We’re buckled up already Then, let’s get this thing started. But first, you retrofitted two gauges, right? Exactly Boost pressure, oil temperature Right, exactly Perfect, other than that the interieur is more or less stock Exactly. Except for the entire lighting, which was modified to red and white Normally it’s amber Okay But And of course the modifications we already talked about Right. Otherwise, nothing crazy Okay. I’ll get it started then I don’t have to press the clutch, right? No Good It’s alive It’s alive Very good So, hand brake disengaged First gear And, we’ve really chatted too much earlier While the outdoor shots were taken I gotta see to it that we squeeze all in That’s the problem sometimes, that I can’t remebmer what we’ve talked about already and what not, and what do we have on tape, and what not But I am sure, we’ll figure it out Yeah, of course This is a GSI, and not an OPC, and unlike the OPC, the GSI was available as a 5-door hatch Exactly, right Very hard to find actually You have to get really lucky to find a 5-door GSI Yeah cause they weren’t in such high demand, and, yeah, the shape wasn’t very pouplar either Yeah Although I think, it didn’t look that bad actually So, if it would have been sitting at the dealer, I probably would have taken that one too Yeah But this one was sitting there as it is Yeah You bought it brand-new, right? I bought it brand-new, right How did you end up with the car, like what swayed you? Well, that’s actually a pretty funny story I would like to give a shout-out to Patrick Hello Patrick Who actually made me aware of you Ah, okay Like, we both used to work at a VW dealership back then, with the garage And, he had just finished his vocational training, I had finished mine the year before Yeah And, then we were chatting it up one Monday morning at work, and he casually mentioned that he had just ordered a brand-new Corsa OPC And As a VW employee

Yeah, but he’s always been a total Opel fan Yeah, okay And, yeah, he had just finished his training and ordered a brand-new car right away And I was like, how do you do it? How can you afford it? Anyhow We were chatting and I got off at 1 pm Cause I had the morning shift And then he was like, dude, we have a GSI sitting in our Opel branch, over there in the showroom Just check it out. It’s not bad at all It’s got the OPC Line 2 installed, and stuff And I was like, dude, I just finished my training a year ago I don’t wanna buy a new car, especially not brand-new Nope Cause back then, I was actually saving up for an Astra F GSI Yeah But wait, he was working for Opel, you were working for VW? No, we were both working for VW The dealer was offering both brands Ah okay, now I get it Well, that’s a cool combination, VW and Opel Yeah, that was added at some point Okay In any case, I was off in the afternoon, and then I drove home, and what is it that I didn’t do? Started the laptop and looked for the car online Well, I looked for it and kind of liked it Yeah And I was like, I might as well get in the car and check it out at least I can say that I checked it out So, I drove to our other branch on the same day I checked the car out And a salesman came over right away, and he was like Well, how do you like it? Is this somthing for you? I was like, I don’t know, I just wanted to check it out He was like, come on, let’s go to my office and crunch some numbers Ah okay, he had you on the hook right away He knew me already, and we were doing the math, and then back forth, and he was like, so what’s it gonna be? Well, I definitely have to sleep it over He was like, no biggie, I’ll hold it for you, no problem, just let me know tomorrow Yeah Well, I drove home, I had just walked in the door when I was on the phone: You know what, I’ll buy it Yeah, a really funny story. And without Patrick Yeah I probably would have never seen the car, nor would I own it now Yeah, not bad. It worked out fine for you then It was a spontaneous purchase of a new car, right after training Purchases on a whim are the best Yep But you have no regrets No, definitively not, absolutely not And you got it with a discount to, right? The catalogue price was how much? Catalogue price was 22,700€ Since it was a one-day registration car, I got it for 17,800€ 17,800€, okay That’s pretty good Yeah But by now, I was checking prices yesterday, it’s crazy how much prices have dropped Yeah, you can get a GSI with comparable mileage, it’s got about 137,000 km on the clock, even with lower mileage, you can get one for 5,000€-6,000€ Crazy, yeah And, I was checking yesterday, we’ll get into the differences between OPC and GSI later, even OPCs with 120,000 km, supposedly accident-free, well I don’t know the condition, but even those go for about 5,000€ Yep, yep, it’s It’s crazy When you compare this with a Clio…Clio RS, or Fiesta ST, from around the same model year, then this is considerably cheaper Yeah I’d say, for younger people that are looking for a car with a bit of a punch, this here is just the right thing The difference between GSI and OPC, while we’re warming up the engine, although it almost is Yeah, it kind of already is this we can talk about really quick, cause it’s really interesting OPC mainly means design compared to the GSI, right? Right. Even the spoiler that I have on the roof, even that wasn’t stock with an OPC. It was optional Even that had to be ticked Otherwise, you only get the regular spoiler, that I also had Yeah Then the front bumper is slightly different, the honeycomb style grill, the centred exhaust and the wide rear bumper were typical for the OPC, only the OPC came with it But otherwise, form a technical point of view, brakes, axles, engine, transmission, it’s all completely identical That’s brutal It’s very convenient when you need parts, or so Yeah cause there significantly more OPCs Yeah and when you need parts, it’s a bitch to find GSI parts Yeah Cause you can fall back on those Yeah, that’s really good. That’s really good So, the engine is restricted when it’s stock, right? Exactly, right But now you have so, the stock GSI has 150 hp, this has 210 hp, right? Exactly, right With mapping, intercooler, downpipe, and stuff Exactly And the standard OPC has 192 hp, right? Exactly, right Stock torque of this one is 210 Nm? Right And the OPC has 250 Nm plus overboost, I think Exactly, right, something like that. Or I think, like 260Nm and with overboost 280 Nm for a short period Okay, yeah Something around those numbers Okay. This means, in any case, you are clearly in OPC territry with regards to power and torque

I pull away from a stock OPC just a little bit, really just a little bit Where did you have the mapping done? With MTB Fahrzeugtechnik in Essen Okay I would like to highly recommend them. If I may say so Yes. Of course I can’t say anything bad Okay Cause, you said, that the engines aren’t really that great Well, you have to be careful with them If the engine components are stock, you have to be careful Yeah Anything that goes towards 240hp and 330 Nm is borderline Okay There are like 1 or 2 tuners that used to program the software very aggressive Yeah very borderline, where a lot of engines went down the drain in a short period of time And it was important to me from the start that it’s made to last Yeah and whether I have 10 hp more or less, or 20 Nm, I won’t feel the difference anyway Nah, yeah And it was important to me that it lasts, so knock on wood, the engine has been running this software for about 100,000 km That’s good, cause you take to the track so it should be safe, cause it’s a demanding track The car is being pushed, like, actually always As soon as it reaches operating temperature, it always gets meticulously warmed up and cooled down Yeah but as soon as it reaches operating temperature, it’s always pedal to the metal Yeah, okay, cause we reached it Yeah And then we can give it a try 1.6 liter, right? Exactly, right Well, you have to shift a lot, that’s That’s really good for 1.6 liter Yeah This is totally enough for me, I have to admit And it hisses really nicely Yeah, that’s When you are going at low revs, like 2,000 rpm, or so, in 6th gear, and you accelerate, so that boost is being held for an instant, and you carefully get off the gas, then you get it to “cackle” nicely The soundscape is pretty funny It sounds good And it goes well too, for 1.6 liter, my God Well, it is a lot of fun, that’s true Ah, there is your brand mate in front of us We’ll let him pull away a bit, but you said that the car is missing a differential lock, right? Yes, a bit The regular OPC doesn’t have it either, but the Nürburgring Edition has a Drexler multi-disc lock, right? Exactly, right Okay Yeah To have one would be cool sometimes, like getting out of turns could be a bit more dynamic then, but when you know how to work the gas, how to lift the pedal, then it works too It’s much much better than before with the new tyres Okay And speaking of turns, you said it, the chassis bearings are still stock? Exactly, the strut bearings and so on are stock It’s difficult to replace them with uniball bearings, because the strut bearing is not bolted down to the holm, but is simply held in place with a disc Okay That’s why there’s almost nothing available with uniball Okay But have done somwthing for camber adjustment Right, I installed Powerflex PowerAlign Camber Bolts And I am currently riding a setup with 2,2° Okay And the way it rides is absolutely harmonius You can slightly oversteer the car, with the rear end, so that the rear end is a bit agile Okay It handles very well You don’t need to be afraid the car oversteers, but it’s controllable very nicely I can’t say otherwise A front wheel drive car that has an agile rear end which helps turning, is awesome, right? Yes, that’s really fun We’ll never get to that level on public roads, but when you say so, I believe you 1.6 liter, it’S crazy, how much fun 1.6 liter can be And how much thrust it makes, but the torque is really cool, right? Yeah But the turbocharger is new, you said Right, the turbocharger is new, but not because it was completely done, or so, but simply because wear and tear have made it weak Yeah, yeah The shaft wasn’t torn or so either, so that you would say, okay it’s totally done Yeah You could just tell, it doesn’t generate full power Yeah and with a new turbocharger, it felt like a different car I would have never guessed that you can tell it so much, but it’s force of habit It’s a gradual process Of course that power output decreases. You just don’t notice You get used to it, right? Exactly You said, you have no problems with oil temperature on the track No, not at all Because of oil, water cooler? They don’t have any problems, oil goes just above 90°C, if it’s really hot, maybe close to 100°C, but otherwiese, none whatsoever Yeah We are at 90°C right now too

Yeah That’s actually no problem at all It goes well Not bad I reall like it Did you, somehow, teak it, or is it No, nothing. In the end it’s just the stock air filter housing has an intake tube that goes into the wheel house, and it has a reduction, and that was removed, so that it takes in air directly from the fender, if you will Yeah and other than that, just a performance air filter from Simota Yeah That’s all Okay Nothing else was modified, no bypass valve, no blow-off valve, it’s all stock Right, just the original bypass valve Exactly Cool So, now, durability I don’t remember. Did we talk about it already? Exactly, right Engine is good Engine is when you know what can be done with it, it’s absolutely great Exactly, when you push it too much Exactly But you said, transmission, not so much Ah, the transmission is a sad story with this car Probably all Corsa drivers that drive this transmission, or even other other model mates, Astra and the likes, will probably agree Yeah I don’t want to do transmission bashing, but shifting is a bit awkward It is…you really have to get used to it You are stirring the pot a bit, but Yeah okay, if that’s all Yeah, but carry on, I interrupted you The transmissions are known for worn out bearings, for noise, for very awkward shifting, that you have to stir the pot, like you just said Yes, exactly. It’s a bit rough It is, one could say, a catastrophy with this transmission Yeah You can’t get rid of it either The way the transmission is designed, it is simply said, crap Yeah But But you made a few minor modifications to the transmission? Yeah, there is PU bearing installed on the torque arm, in order to cancel the tilt from the torque Yeah becaus this alwas led to the problem that the entire engine/transmission package would tilt too much That way, the shifting travel got unintentionally altered under heavy load changes Yeah, yeah, and then And then, you easily grind 2nd and 3rd gear And, yeah and in the front, one ball head was changed on the transmission The one that does the back and forth motion of the lever Yeah That’s usually made from plastic This one is made from metal Simply to improve the wobbling and stirring To make it more precise There is a specialisist…uhm, specialisist a specialist that reworks the transmissions, right? Exactly, right. That’s HS Antriebstechnik in Winterberg They are,…in the entire Opel scene, I think there is no one that doesn’t know them, or at least went there once They specialised in just that And 99% of their work is nothing but this Yeah And those who went there, only had to go there once That’s good. It lasts then Yes It goes well, it goes well. And it rides well too I find the operating force of the steering pleasing, I have to say Do you know whether it’s electrical or hydroelectrical? It’s fully electrical Ah, fully electrical? Yep That’s not bad, considering It gets heavier depending on speed and driving state So, there is a specific I actually don’t know how it’s done, but it’s like an in-built adjustment, so that it gets heavier at higher speeds I find the operating force pleasant. The feedback, well, it could be a little better, but for electrical steering not bad, yeah It takes the turns really nicely Yeah, it really is sometimes, without exaggerating it, but it really is like driving on tracks It steers exactly where you want it to be It drives really cool. It’s fun Even over bumpy roads, and so It leaves a very safe, yet agile impression, right? Here you might want to try the oversteer It turns in really nicely Even when you overdo it and turn in more violently, a bit quicker, Go-kart style Exactly. Then you notice a short “clank”, but it stabilises immediately Yeah, I like it I like it. From what I can say about the chassis, it drives nicely Nice, nice, nice I also like the sitting position Very low, probably because of the console That was a lot of tinkering We adjusted the seat what feels like 10 times, to different holes, up in the front, down in the back again, until it really worked, because what makes the Sparcos difficult, is that the back keeps slanting backwards towards the top, so that you never really have anything to rest your head on But the way it is now, is okay

Yeah, here you can feel that the steering is softer Exactly Earlier, I liked the operating force Now I find it a little too soft A bit too imprecise, right? Yeah exactly. Not enough operating force, but earlier at about 100 km/h, I liked the operating force Well, like I said, the feedback could be better, but it’s a mass production steering gear, right? Yeah, right And when it’s fully electrical, then that’s it Right Yeah But otherwise, especially for that price Well, it sucks for you that the prices dropped so much, but apart from that I am not planning on selling the car, not anytime soon and not anytime later either Actually, it’s supposed to stay Yeah, there he did Yeah But it’s 1.6 liter The Fiesta ST also has 1.6 liter Exactly, right Right? The power delivery feels very similar It could be a bit more every now and then But especially on the Nürburgring, going down the “Bergwerk” section, this whole straight piece Yeah it’s sometimes a bit slow, it could be…cause I am driving the whole section in 5th But every car is dragging there Or going up “Kesselchen”, every car could go faster there Yes, that’s true But sometimes, you can tell, going down “Bergwerk”, I don’t even make it into 6th gear I have to do the whole section in 5th gear It could be a bit more there, but if I wanted to have more power, I would have to modify the engine, or probably, well, making it out of turns, I wouldn’t get the power on the road without the diff lock Yeah, yeah That’s why it will stay the way it is It’s fun. It’s really fun Also, they say to never touch a running system Exactly Cause it has worked for about 100,000 km now, why change anything now? No, it’s good, it’s fun. I find it cool I am glad to hear it And the price is the bomb Of course it’s not a power monster Naturally I mean, it’s clear with 1.6 liter But 210 hp doesn’t sound like a lot nowadays, but it’s not just a little bit of power, right? No, it’s not just a little bit of power, that’s true However, I have to say the weight is a bit of an issue here, cause in this vehicle category, where there is competition, it’s significantly heavier Yeah The Fiesta ST weighs about 1,100 kg, if I am not mistaken Ah, okay. So this one is a bit heavier And I think that’s really a considerable amount Yeah And you can feel it I could get used to it I could get used to a lot of cars, but I can imagine, I can imagine Well, you usually feature cars that are finger-licking-good to almost everyone Well, it’s also a matter of taste, but If everyone had the same taste, we’d all drive the same car, that would be boring Right Then we wouldn’t have this, right? Right Right, right, right Yeah, that’s It’s awesome It’s much more emotional than I expected a Corsa not even OPC, but just a Corsa GSI, to be I find it cool And again, when you consider that you get these cars for 5,000€ or less Yeah, and when you consider that you invest another, well, what amount could I consider for these modifications, with bar, seats, seat belts, so that it’s made for the track, I would guess that all of it was probably about 5,000€-7,000€, including everything, like approvals, and what not, with the brakes and that it all is steadfast on the track, for about 11,000€-12,000€ you end up with a car that you can have a lot of fun with Yeah And I really like the chassis too You can really feel it work, right? Indeed It’s not rock-hard. You can tell that it dampens nicely Yeah. I mean it’s not a coilover suspension No, but it doesn’t have to be No, it doesn’t If you manage with regards to ride height and wheel loads There are people that say, you have to have coilovers, when you get on a track I don’t think at all I had a few discussion in the past, where people said, well, if you only know what you are driving Well, drive the car yourself Yeah, well You know, in the end, you don’t race No, right, exactly, exactly You know, every now and then I drive the car to work, or on a regular day, on the weekend, going here and there Yeah It’s not like I only get the car out of the garage onto a trailer and onto the race track It’s being…when I drive, I also drive here

Yeah, yeah I don’t take the car on a trailer or so Yeah Thats why a little bit of comfort has to remain Cool, it’s a really cool car Thank you It’s an overlooked car So if you’re looking for something that’s small and lively, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and should be relatively new still, and you failed to get an ST, Clio or GTI, check this out Nice car Yeah, thank you Marcel, thank you for letting me drive Thank you for entrusting it to me Well, very gladly I hope you also had some fun Yes. Absolutely Wonderful If you had fun too, and you can see yourself shooting something like this with us too, then write us on Instagram or Facebook, and with a little luck, we shoot a video with you too then And in the future, you can, we’re still working on it, but it’ll be done soon, support us on Steady and Patreon Maybe you already can, when the video goes online If not, then it’ll work very soon I can announce it already Thank you Marcel. Will you be racing on the Nordschleife today? Most likely, I’ll do a lap I was already thinking this morning, whether to do a lap, before meeting with you guys, but I think I’ll still do it Wonderful. I wish you lots of fun Yeah, thanks, thanks Be well Yeah We’ll see us, later, probably, somehow And I think so we’ll see us next time Be well, ciao Thank you for your Steady support Difficult word. Steady support Especially when you have a lisp like me Thank you to 2 people so far Namely to Thomas. Now it says Thomas here And Petra. Now it says Petra here Actually, the idea is that you can we can promote you a bit, and that you can put your Instagram name, Facebook name, YouTube thingy, up here too As you please But we don’t know yet, whether you’d even want that That’s why we don’t do it right away, but simply read your names for now It’ll get much more professional though. Bye