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this robot called Charlie may one day explore the moon professor Wolfgang valsa is chief executive advisor at the German research center for artificial intelligence where Charlie was designed but vaster points out that robots can also have practical applications in everyday life digital technology and artificial intelligence are transforming our society and more changes are coming I hope that all of them are positive right now professor Val ster is on his way to the research centers Berlin office is going to host an open house event there today vaster has spent decades studying artificial intelligence or AI for short AI involves computers that can understand human language machines that can learn and the factory technology of the future senses like these can help tractor drivers with the harvest smart systems allow paramedics to practice emergency procedures and specially designed walkers can help elderly people to stay on their feet ai seems to be everywhere feel oft we need to explain AI more fully to the public I give lectures on this topic quite often plea put AI is an attempt to recreate human intelligence in computers of computers appear I can help machines and robots adapt to unpredictable situations what’s interesting about these robots is that if a technical problem turns up they can heal themselves this is an example of sensor motoric intelligence it’s similar to the regeneration process and scorpions or salamanders if they’re attacked and give up their tails to escape they can grow a new one and move on Ava Hotel is testing an intelligent technology device smart glasses that are linked to a wristband that measures her stress level Ava is eight years old and lives in Berlin she’s taking part in studies conducted by the Sherratt a Medical Center on how this kind of technology can make life easier for older people I’d heard that they were developing a lot of these sophisticated devices so I thought I’d give it a try people complain a lot about their problems but they don’t do anything about it so I did the glasses and wristband are hooked up to a data network via mobile phone so she gets regular updates in her field of vision this system could be especially helpful for seniors a sensor in the wristband measures their pulse temperature and skin conductivity if the data indicates stress a warning appears in the lens of the glasses but atha is not particularly impressed with the technology one does oh do I really need this sort of thing glasses that remind me to take my medicine Ava is now on her way to the Medical Center she’ll talk to the researchers about her experiences with the high-tech devices and try out some new ones Ava can still get around pretty well on her own but she’s worried that in the future much of the senior care sector will be taken over by AI technology maybe if you’re confined to your bed and you can’t do anything on your own it might be helpful if a robot could hand you a glass of water let’s be honest when people reach a

certain age what they really want is for a nurse to stop by and chat with them Marco good loves old-fashioned technology but he also enjoys working with new devices here’s an applications engineer and lives in the town of hair styler Pettis I’m in southwestern Germany right now he’s updating his tractor with new digital sensors years ago I had a pretty good idea of how technology was going to change our future and now I can actually use new software and hardware to make those things happen let’s do machine he’s hope the tractor up to a computer Marco thinks that artificial intelligence could be used with farm equipment to create a system that makes smart decisions I just installed some sensors on this 60-year old tractor that shows that you can update old equipment with new technology phonetically artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common in our lives for example web-based navigation systems can coordinate data from other users to provide accurate traffic reports at home at work or on the road many shots Gaga said let’s do one think about a traffic jam on the freeway the vehicles that are in the area are connected with each other and can give everyone information about it so you can choose another route they can also warn other drivers about bad weather conditions like fog this technology could also help people who have physical disabilities so that they can increase their mobility scientists at the German Research Center for artificial intelligence in saarbr├╝cken are working with the company called nuance communications to develop the high-tech cars of tomorrow professor Volta says the car responds to the drivers gestures and spoken commands we can indicate what we want with our eyes and the system will figure out what we’re looking at combine that with a spoken command and the system will take care of the rest let’s say you’re driving by a restaurant you look at it and ask where you can park or whether they serve steak and the system gives you an answer no answer researcher niels lenka helped to design this test vehicle it’s outfitted with cameras that are focused on the driver special software detects head and eye movements and uses GPS and web data to figure out where the driver wants to go blanca says this technology will help germany stay among the world’s leading car exporters in ten years most cars will be electric and these vehicles will be defined by their technology not by the type of engine I will allow us to stay competitive but the use of AI in cars raises serious questions what if a child suddenly runs onto the street a computer will have to decide how to respond should the car swerve and put other pedestrians at risk where does the responsibility lie the manufacturer might be held liable because the technology could not properly deal with that situation the company that sold the technology did not take into account for example that animals sometimes jump onto the road at night sustained for Colt HUD Ferguson suburbia – you’re nuts and if someone files a lawsuit of the company’s insurance provider would be liable for any damages meanwhile Ava auto has arrived at the sheraton Medical Center she has an appointment with a member of the facility’s working group on Aging in technology dr. ana cashed in

it dr. Stronach realizes that some seniors have trouble adjusting to this technology many manufacturers claim that their devices can be operated in an intuitive and user-friendly way and that may be true for most people but what about an older person who’s never used a touchpad on a smartphone or a similar mobile device touchpad opens platform it’s not going to be very user friendly for them I think my baton that solutions in the research laboratory Ava and nurse Michelle Menna are testing an intelligent bed pad it is designed to warn the medical staff in case of emergencies for example when patients wet themselves the pad is outfitted with a device that alerts a caregiver the device also sends a message when the patient leaves the bed unexpectedly all of these incidents are recorded in a log file that means less work for the nursing staff still Michelle says that these devices won’t replace humans if you’re on the night shift you’ll be lucky to have two nurses for 34 patients what if all 34 of the alarms go off so you have to look at this technology carefully and decide whether it’s something that you’ll want to use invasion 5 the design Yahoo 9 he also doubts that AI will be able to help deal with increasing staff shortages at hospitals it just won’t happen there are too many jobs that can only be done by people if technology will never be able to replace them but this new Mazda technician dimension you look it’s off to food Charlie the prototype moon robot represents a less controversial kind of technology professor vaster is meeting with experts at the Bremen headquarters of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence the robot can cope with uneven terrain better than vehicles with wheels can Charlie it could be used in situations that would be extremely dangerous for humans for example hostile environments like space is a deep sea it’s extremely difficult for humans to work at the bottom of the ocean what scientists want to find out more about the biological and geological structures there the supporters of Fossum also studies have shown that the use of robots in these extreme environments is a lot cheaper than using humans robots could be sent to disaster areas to places where there’s been an earthquake a major fire or a typhoon to help search for survivors in the affected areas they could also be deployed in nuclear disaster zones where humans would face deadly risks but the science of industrial robotics is still at an early stage right now Charlie has developed a technical problem so the scientists try to fix it that’s easy here in the lab but it would be impossible to do repairs if he were on the moon dead essentially that’s a fairly minor problem compared to the other complications that we have to deal with like how the robot would function long-term it’s not pre-programmed so how would it handle unexpected situations at this point they’re just not capable of doing that Denis starts with a la artificial intelligence is fueling of revolution in the workplace it’s called industry 4.0 and Marco good is right in the middle of it he’s come to the Bosch Rexroth Factory in Hamburg to find out more about how smart technology is replacing conventional machines Marko has developed a new process that allows computers to continuously monitor the purity of machine oil the oil used to be checked by hand at regular intervals Markus says this system increases efficiency and productivity ascend elegant intelligent technology

allows you to take a proactive approach we can use trend analysis to study the oil samples and identify and correct any problems plant manager Frank Hess is excited about these new developments but what about the workers I can understand why they’re worried about their jobs but there’s really no cause for concern we still need people to do analysis reports we can use the cloud to keep track of the measurement data that will give the employees more time to work on system maintenance and to spot problems were curzon this multi-product assembly line are installing electro hydraulic valves for farm machinery 200 different options are available depending on customer requirements workers consult a digital assembly plan during the production process and it tells them how to install the individual parts artificial intelligence helps this system to operate at maximum efficiency we have all the data at our disposal in real time including this product characteristics the position of the product and the assembly process and system conditions we use AI to bring all that data together so that the employees can see what the next step in production is going to be the next lead for the meter final inside the circle there’s an important visitor at the Bosch Rex Ford plant today Professor Wolfgang Barstow he’s played a key role in developing the German concept for the future of work the digital networking of Labor machines and products is now commonly referred to as the fourth Industrial Revolution this allows us to focus on every stage of production and make corrections at once where necessary we’ve been using this technology to monitor temperature and other system conditions the introduction of all this new technology has placed enormous demands on workers but without it Germany will fall behind the rest of the world when it comes to industrial production done good minds that would be a disaster for us we’d have to export a lot of these jobs to low-wage countries production would collapse we’re using industry 4.0 to try to avoid all that we need a technological revolution to help Germany stay on top but in other industries the use of artificial intelligence will almost certainly lead to painful job cuts this club or the strictly shoguns closes pool I think that’s going to be the case in the banking and insurance sectors for example a lot of that work can be done by smart machines in the future banks will essentially consist of huge computers and some specialists to handle certain financial transactions computer aloha but most jobs that involve everyday tasks like booking rebooking and handling cash payments will disappear doesn’t fit them in now now professor basta has come to the Sheraton Medical Center in Berlin he’s here to find out more about the facility’s aging & Technology program fr or tell is going to test an intelligent knitted vest designed by the AI Research Center sensors in the vest detect body movements and muscle activity an app stores the data and indicates whether a fur is getting enough exercise but the patient is a bit skeptical I suppose it’s ok but I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do I’ll just have to trust you you can see that yesterday she spent a lot of time sitting down but today she’s moving around more we could use it in our exercise programs for seniors to document and analyze their movements so you don’t have to guess the vest would also help improve patient safety for example if a person falls down that would be recorded by the sensors in the

vest if the patient can’t get up the system can send out an alert to a doctor other health care professionals or a relative then they’ll get a message your mother has fallen down I really don’t think I need all this just yet and I have my doubts about it so it records your every step at the end of the day who he cares my doctors not going to look at all this data maybe the professor will but my doctor certainly doesn’t care how much I’ve been moving around at home or out on the street or the hallways in Baja I really got involved with this project because both my parents lived in nursing homes late in their lives and back then this sort of technology hadn’t been developed yet I’ve come up with a few ideas but I wish that these sorts of systems had been in place when my parents were still alive devotee is in his native country today the German Research Center for artificial intelligence is celebrating its 30th anniversary the center is now the largest research facility of its kind in the world it has created more than 90 spin-off companies and is also involved in numerous cooperative research projects the center stays focused on the future and the risks that are involved in the development of AI including the use of smart weapon systems and the misuse of sensitive personal data the u.s. takes a pretty relaxed approach to this situation China even more so but the dangers are definitely there for example what if populism continues to spread anyone can use this technology to their advantage but I think it would be a mistake for us to discontinue our research it’s a fortune tonight vaster can look back over a professional career that spans four decades he’s had many remarkable successes but he also concedes that he’s made some mistakes along the way when we were just starting out we kept trying to find a single algorithm that would mirror the human thought process that was a spectacular flop you can’t reduce human thought to a single pattern and the more I work with AI the more I respect human intelligence I’ve changed my attitudes they become a trustee move meanwhile Ava Hotel has agreed to take part in more AI tests at the Sheraton Medical Center but she still has a lot of concerns about this new technology and how others might use it even I think you have to be very careful people can learn a lot about this I mean your life becomes more transparent so there are two sides to this no matter which generation you belong to and indeed artificial intelligence is playing an ever larger role in the lives of young people Marko good believes that one day he’ll have to ask his children to explain the latest technology to him AI is here to stay and it will continue to influence society I think the Stanford relations I think the transition will be gradual people will switch over to AI at home or at work as it becomes necessary they’ll get used to the technology eventually they’ll accept it as the new normal professor Valtor will continue his research even in retirement he’s determined to perfect the process of artificial intelligence he sees himself as an innovator not a creator because do not interfere with human biological systems we reproduce intelligence patterns that’s the big difference between us and the biotechnology sector everything we do is based on data that we get from sensors

it has nothing to do with biology it’s your boss all the pirogue inuksuit on it’s a clear night and there’s a crescent moon in a few years I can just imagine it Charlie running around you