General Infusionsoft Demo

hi I’m Kyle Deering welcome to the webinar today guys I’m the Senior Sales Engineer here at Infusionsoft I’ve got prepared a wide variety of things with Infusionsoft so this should fit pretty much any type of business that’s talking to us right we service all sorts of different types I’ve worked personally with dog-walking companies financial services real estate agents I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who sell ebooks online and everything and so from here we’re going to show you a brief overview of Infusionsoft so one of the things I want to focus on is that if you just have two it’s extremely versatile depending on what type of industry you are and whether you sell products online or whether you sell products over the phone or you sell services over the phone whatever it might be Infusionsoft is going to be able to help you not only grow your sales but save time and make sure that you have everything that you can on an automated basis because the goal is obviously to be living on a beach and collecting money so one of the things we’re gonna be focusing on as you can see here on my screen is our dashboard I’ve got a bunch of different tabs up here that you can see kind of laying out what the agenda is gonna be for today obviously everything we’re going over is gonna be an overview fashion if there’s any additional questions this is where you’re really gonna want to call yourselves up they’re gonna be able to fix any of those questions you might have and then help you come on board as we can see within the dashboard this is really where you’re gonna be able to when you log in see everything that pertains to your specific role now that might be CEO that might be admin whatever it might be sales rep we’re gonna be able to customize these dashboards they’re all drag-and-drop builder Styles you see me just dragging and dropping right pretty much what I like to say about the dashboard is that it does three things for me number one it tells me where my leads are at if I’m a sales rep obviously it’s gonna want to show me where my leads are out so that way I can work with my different lists and this is all customizable as far as where you what stages you have and everything as well as I want to see how much money I’m making right being able to track what my resources are giving me like this marketing ROI report right I want to see what revenues are being generated from my marketing department I also want to see what things I need to do so whether that be in an admin status or whether it be as a sales rep I can see different tasks that are signed to me so this can be for workflow this can be for sales pipeline a lot of different uses along that the dashboard obviously is where we’re going to be able to see all the reporting that we need to basically you like to set it up to where all you have to do it is log into the dashboard see what you need to do for the day and get on moving forward now kind of going through how you’d be set up an infusion soft application right first things first we’re going to want to import our contacts or different products or import from other systems we’re using or not using whether that be from Excel or other CRM that we might have importing our contents is it contacts it’s extremely simple where we can easily grab items we want click go and then make sure we import our CSV file taking a look at contacts here we have a lot of different ways that we can maneuver or we can search through our contacts and things that we can do within the CRM so I know a lot of companies out there might use things like opportunities and companies all very similar description levels but we’ll focus today on the contacts as we can see within the contacts search here this is really word we’re gonna be able to nail down what I’m searching for all right so let’s say for example I’ve got some saved searches right here on the top right like customers my leads my hot list we can go and pull the criteria that we want through this contact search builder with custom fields and those custom fields can contain dropdowns drill down date fields now you can then customize the CRM to fit your specific need once I’ve created that search we’ll go to the customer search here it then allows me to have a complete view of these contacts and one of the cool things about Infusionsoft customizable searches is that it’s gonna be dynamic any search that I make let’s say for example customers that I then bring on a new customer into is gonna automatically update to let’s say for example ninety nine right now we’re at ninety eight that way I can have it two armed extremely organized which is one of our main priorities right from these contact searches I’m gonna have a couple different views some people actually like the grid view better this is what it’s mostly people that are coming from like Excel where I can see a different grid on where my contacts are attic and then sort by lead score or whatever all these are all customizable to them report whatever fields you need right here on front so as you can see right here edit criteria slash columns not only where I can add more columns here from whatever fields I want most business most business owners that I encounter typically use anywhere between fifteen and twenty fields on a daily basis obviously if you have more you can add more but that’s where we can customize this faceplate view to show any of those fields that we need might need as you can see this also is inline editable so if I want to change anything right here from fronting from the front

I can I can also click on the name here and get led into the big contact you want what I call it as you can see from the interactive view which is this view here we have the ability to do things like quickly adding notes right to the contact record are seeing all the notes I can see tasks appointments I can even see emails right and what emails they’ve opened or unopened that way if I’m searching through my contacts I’m gonna have a very quick view of what’s going on with that contact now like I said when you click on that name leads me over here to this large view or big view or whatever you want to call it in-depth view where you could have all the standard CRM tabs here with custom fields but with different field values as well as being able to then go search things like I want to have a list of opportunities that might be there or order so a web profile a file box to house any file is all you might need to this is a basic overview of a contact record everything that pertains to a contact now obviously we can have things customized to whatever you require the next thing is obviously when we have our contacts here we’re gonna want to do actions with them so as you can see right here on this top left button actions this is where we can do things like if I need to export this list and send it to somebody if I need to send a broadcast which I’ll show you here in a second energy or add them to a campaign all right I can update these contacts as a as a main list right from here without having to click around the CRM a lot to be able to enable an automation showing you a broadcast would be as easy as I grab my list I click send a broadcast and then I begin to compose my email so as you can see right here we have a email where it’s where I can change the subject line and even edit the email body will show you our email button right here as you can see this is all just a drag-and-drop builder that I can create the email that I want with different columns obviously we have here merge fields that allow to merge at any information from the contact record to them up here on the email so that way anyone that’s getting the email doesn’t get like that hi friend or hola amigo or whatever you want to call it their actual even get their first name that creates personalization and you can add even more fields than that to create even more personalization so that way when they get your emails they’re actually gonna open them because it’s for them and it sounds very specific and if you want to have it to where it’s just a plain text so it looks like it’s coming from your iPhone or your Android phone you can then customize it to do that right that’s the email builder they’re one of the main things I do want to focus on it’s gonna be our campaign builder that’s really where we’re gonna create a lot of the automation behind Infusionsoft now I’ve actually kind of built out a big campaign here we’re gonna take it step by step and as you can see it looks like just kind of a workflow here so if you can kind of mind map out what you want to have happen you can create a campaign so one of the misconceptions we had about the campaign builders most people think okay campaign bill there must be a marketing campaign right our campaign builder is versatile enough not only to handle a marketing campaign but it’s also gonna be able to handle workflows sales pipeline and anything on the internal side that we can create so marketing is all external what am i communicating to my prospects workflows more internal what’s happening interdepartmental eor between two people or amongst myself right if I sell a product I need to send that product out myself there’s gonna be a lot of things that we can customize within the campaign builder so as you can see we have these two little types of widgets here we have these little circle guys and we also have the rectangular ones right so the circle guys are all what we call goals a goal could be something as simple as like a webform on somebody’s site and it actually pulled up a site right here called the rocket company as you can see the rocket company has a webform where I can fill out really easily I actually built one out as well for what I call web capture so when I go to web capture here and I fill out this form I put my name in here Kyle Dearing and I’ve got my email right err if I click send my free report I and I fill that out the campaign has been designed i double-click inside this first autoresponder here or sequence its going to tag me if I double click them and I can see what I’m gonna be tagged as new prospect right soon as I have that new prospect tagged it’s gonna send me an email and then create a task for somebody internal to call me all right so this campaigns kind of been done for like a service-based phone call or whether I’m selling a product on the phone to where it’s gonna create a task for a sales rep to then do something with me right call me or whatever it requires as you can see the next thing is an internal form they actually just got that email right here when I filled that out so Danny business elder just said that here’s the download I request it and now I can go back and see what tasks I have and we’ll see that here in a second once I’ve gotten that

task make that phone call right here’s an internal form internal forms are useful because a lot of times when you’re calling your prospects you’re asking the same questions alright just to gauge you know what time or what they’re buying schedule is whether they give you buy now or in six months make sure that they’re qualified for your product whether that be for a budget constraint or making sure that they’re either the right industry for you really kind of coming down and making sure that this is gonna be a good prospect for you so you know not to waste your time and as you can see from that internal form have actually branched it out they branch it out to a qualified or if someone makes a purchase arrive someone that’s not qualified or like an LT n I call that long-term nurture right where we can actually nurture them over a series of emails whether that be if I double-click in here we can actually see then I’m an email saying hey thanks for your time wait three days maybe send another educational email so let’s say for example someone and says I’m not ready to buy it for six months you could have six months of emails maybe one every month educating about your product so that way when they do come back you go gotta answer a couple other last questions and then I’m ready to go because you’ve been educating them without having to constantly call them benefit of that is that not only with it did they get to learn on their own time but also when they come back there’s gonna be less friction there it’s not gonna be like rekindling the relationship it’ll be more of just kind of going from where you already take it as well as the last thing here is if let’s say for example we get them on the phone we can’t get ahold of them we leave a voice we want to make sure that things aren’t falling through the cracks everyone’s pretty much guilty at one point or another of writing down on a sticky note putting the sticky note on my desk to call this person back and I’m getting that thrown out or forgetting or erasing over it or whatever might be people falling through the cracks is a huge problem because these are prospects and people that might get the wrong impression I think this person does really care about me I’m gonna go buy or use my dollars elsewhere all right we want to make sure we limit that to zero as well as as we can see right here someone who’s qualified or makes a purchase we might have it to where they’re automatically added as a new customer and like I showed you earlier get it into our new customer list or whatever we want to call it and it actually kind of created this cool little campaign that’ll show you what we can even do once someone already is a customer so not only is Infusionsoft designed for capturing leads and converting those leads but also for an entire lifecycle of a customer which might be from lead to sail to referral which is exactly what right whether that be for word-of-mouth or actually getting a referral for one of our from one of our customers so as you can see right here once we have a new customer I’ve set this campaign up to then give them a welcome email right and then maybe seven days later a survey of the product give them some time to test out the product or the service or get their feedback on it benefit of that is that not only will you be able to see you know if you have happy customers nest them for referral but if you don’t have happy customers and some customers might have gotten a miscommunication or something went wrong with their sales rep or there’s a whole variety of different reasons why someone might not be happy we want to make sure that we ask for the forgiveness or make sure that they are happy right or find out what the problem was because it could be a personnel problem it could be a process problem in Lemoore we can limit that the better the customer experience will be that way we have more happy customers that we can send referral forms to right these can be simple web forms that we create within Infusionsoft to capture another name to then send them a thank-you and then maybe give a call to that person starting the campaign over from the beginning with that new lead that way we have Infusionsoft as one of our best employees working overtime 24 hours a day getting more leads for us converting the ones that we already have and then creating a better customer experience was just huge buzzword right now in math marketing because if we can create a better customer experience they’re gonna be more prone to give us the things we want which is their service their money and their friends right and that way we can provide a better service for our clients get better reviews either from Facebook Yelp or whatever it might be so that way we can build ourselves as a brand as soon as we’ve created this campaign here really comes down to using right so as I saw as I told you here earlier right we get those automated tasks and as you can see on my day here that that call or that that form that I just filled out automatically gave me that task so I click it and it automatically pops up the person that filled out the form which was me I I see okay I have a new lead her egg and I’m gonna give him a call or I’ve got to fill out information on them or I’ve got to email them whatever it requires I’m gonna be able to see all that information right here I can actually see the email he’s received right okay what he’s open unopened I’m gonna be able to check and make sure it when I’m filling out that form right go click on this button here fill out the Kyle’s internal form and then from there be able to then say okay what happened right get the phone number outcome what was the outcome did we schedule an appointment are they not qualified whatever it might be right here from my day I’m gonna be able to call through those prospects and I can see there’s more prospects here that I can follow up with once I get done with them I click that it’s done and I can move them through the campaign just by filling out

those forms as you saw when Kyle’s internal form was created boom it passes them through and begins that process other tasks might be assigned to me and that way I can see everything along there the using the software comes down to number one building out the campaign right or whatever automation that we want number two then using our my day to then funnel through those different tasks and then number three to then use our dashboard to have the reports necessary to then see things like where my leaves are at by 631 people came to my website and fill out the form a hundred have been contacted 25 have set appointments for Tina and long-term retro creating a funnel that way you have a clear-cut view of what stages might be failing right being able to improve your processes as well as see things like where where our reps aren’t converting right we can see and then track where our leads are app so that way no one gets lost in the cracks all right that comes down to now reporting game reporting to be done on various levels number one you have reports like your Sierra reports this is where I can pull like sales reports for if we have individual reps using Infusionsoft right I can see things like call history of who’s making the most calls who’s closing the most deals revenue forecast life or if you’re on a business to business or you sell products to larger larger quantities you can have a report designed to show you all that number two would be than the marketing reports right where I can track things like who’s opening my broadcasts what marketing medium is performing for me so that way you have not only a CRM to help you organize your contacts but then a marketing piece for marketing automation all-in-one so that way as a cell rep I can see what’s going on marketing and marketing can see what’s going on with sales is that way you can make better decisions as a company to then increase your revenues right or get organized or whatever your purpose might be so as a selling a service or selling a product goes we can set up all of that with Infusionsoft as well as if you sell online we even have an e-commerce piece that’s where we can click right here and see within the e-commerce we have lots of different ways of creating our e-commerce to increase our revenues and I’ve actually built out a campaign here we’ll check out a second but as far as setting up our e-commerce it goes with importing our products just like we would import our contacts creating a shopping cart theme and I’m actually pulled up the theme from the rocket company so you’ll actually like this where I can click on the rocket company’s site click on store right it automatically pulls up their cart now as you notice it looked exactly the same so if I funnel back and forth you’ll actually see the design is exact same you can customize Infusionsoft shopping cart to look just like your site so that way the customer journey is all synchronous I’m not going to have to go outside of my site and have a different design and make it to where it’s kind of you know uglier than what my site looks like because you might have invested a lot of time and money in your site you can customize this so that way it looks like a singular page soon as I click on a certain product I’m gonna be able to customize that body they’ve got it customized and different like coaching and products different segments here once I click on the product there it’s gonna lead me to a standard page where I can then have description on that product I can have the ability to pay for that product with a shopping cart I just add my cart here and get led right into adding my information and paying for the product like with credit card or PayPal or whatever means you have to pay with online once I’ve created that ecommerce store we definitely want to use the power of the campaign builder to then create a marketing flow for that as you see here I’ve actually built that out so let’s say for example you have the ability to continue capturing people online giving them autoresponders about products but instead of going to this internal form here where you’re making a phone call we’re really pushing them to purchase that product and up here we can say okay well let’s say we want to have it towards a purchased product name all right days are made with former maybe that’s our gateway product we would get them in the door with something small we then want to create a way for we can upsell them let’s say for example the maximum revenue we can get is if they buy product a and then the upsell to product B I I call up serving Raul giving our products to service them you have it to where we can then upsell than a product B but what happens if they’ve already bought product B I don’t want to pitch them the same thing they’ve already bought so as you can see with the power of our decision diamond here this guy is going to be able to say hey they’ve already purchased product B send them the product C and so forth so we can create a customizable customer experience that we were not doing spray-and-pray mentality which is where we just send out an email and hope people buy our stuff so with an Infusionsoft we can really create a customer lifecycle or a customer experience that is very deliberate with Infusionsoft you’re gonna be able to have the ability not only to create an e-commerce and I’ll kind of go back to my dashboard to show you everything we’ve got here be able to have a customizable ecommerce be able to create a marketing campaign or email broadcast

to your lists have a CRM and have a task manager system all-in-one so that way you’re not having to connect a bunch of different software’s together which a lot of our customers are coming to us for because they’re using three or four software’s and they’re having to plug-and-play a ton of different things that are main components of their system and then have it to where it’s not as efficient as it could be and people know really well this software ten people know this software there’s not a lot of interdepartmental communication or if someone’s using if someone’s a solopreneur and they’re using a bunch of software’s it’s really cumbersome have to learn three software’s or four software’s as well as communicate that information between the two right so we try to be as all-in-one as possible so that way you can not only sell your products online sell your products over the phone whether you be a business business business a consumer we’re gonna be able to fit all of that to where your all-in-one product and you only have to know one so from seeing everything within Infusionsoft one of the things I do want to touch on is how dedicated we are to our small business owners that come to us one of the things that we provide for an investment is what we call the kickstart process this is let’s say for example we get your account setup today you’re gonna be getting an email then scheduled with one of our success consultants this consultants purpose is to do three things number one help you import your current products or your current contacts you’re coming from different system number to help you create an email broadcast so we have a ton of different templates that we create for you or we can create with you or you can import right into your system even sometimes you can import the emails you’re currently using number three they’re there to help you create your first campaign so as we saw within the campaign builder some of those can be designed for a specific type of business and so that consultant will be there to help you walk you through and help you train yourself on that so a lot of it will be done with you and for you on getting on-boarded because we are so dedicated to keeping our small business owners successful with Infusionsoft cuz we have no contracts here we don’t allow you we don’t make you pay a year upfront or anything like that we really want to make sure that you can have the help you need up front with tech support webinars everyday tons of email broadcast you can download email templates and campaign templates you can download so if you have any questions on that please contact yourselves up they’re dedicated they’re to help you answer any last final questions and we really want to thank you guys for coming out thanks for joining us today with our webinar we really hope you answer a lot of your questions for joining us you actually get special incentive pricing on your kick-start so call yourselves if you have any questions