right guys welcome to my OBS tutorial today I am going to be teaching you six things I’m gonna be teaching you how to set up OBS for 720p recording 1080p recording to use the algaas also use Skype face cam and for streaming so the very first thing you’re going to want to do is head over to Google and you’re going through google OBS then on this link here open broadcaster software index you want to click that then you want to go with get OBS classic 0.65 7 is the version and you want to click this green box here I’m not going to do all this because obviously I’ve already got it installed that’s what I’m recording this video with now you can also get OBS studio for Windows Mac and Linux but I’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work at all with my computer when I try recording with advanced settings on it it just like stops responding so this tutorial is for OBS classic so download that and then the second thing you’re going to want to do is head back to Google and you’re going to need a program called audacity you don’t actually need this unless you have problems with your webcam like I did so any of these links really you can go to this one and you can download audacity to point one point two I’ve got a very very old version I installed it a couple of years ago when I first started doing YouTube and then let them install go for the setup wizards and stuff like that and then you will have this this is OBS the way to actually open this in 64-bit and the way it allows the majority of games you play and stuff is to go to my computer I’m on Windows 7 is probably going to be different for those of you that are running Windows 8 and 10 find your Program Files find OBS right click it and run it as admin and then once you’re running it as admin let me move it central just you can see the entire fingers you can see my FaceCam as well you know this has no audio bars I will explain everything as we go through this video I’m trying to keep it as short and sweet it’s like straight to the point sort of thing so when you’re on OBS we’re going to start by setting it up for 720 so you want to head over to your settings at the top click on settings then you want to choose your language your profile you can name it whatever I can’t actually change it because obviously I’m recording right now but you generally just set that stuff for us like very very simple then you want to go to encoding for 720p I’m not going to change this but you need to use the x264 encoder you see BR uncheck it so that you can do the quality balance see if I can actually there right so mine started on quality balance 8 so you uncheck use CBR then you go quality balance 10 just tick that again you want to use a custom a buffer size of the same buffer the same as your bitrate sorry so you want to have that ticked as well then your max bitrate for I’m going to quickly do this for 720p you don’t generally need more than that if you’re streaming that will be the maximum you should do but for recording I’d say put it on 3000 because regardless of what bitrate you want to use when you put a video on to YouTube YouTube does compression as well and the majority of files at 720p on YouTube come out of it about two and a half thousand bitrate so it’s going five or ten thousand is completely pointless because after YouTube’s compression that’s just going to be a waste of time so for those of you that don’t do facecam you want to set your bitrate to 192 the channel stereo your format 48 kilohertz unless your computer runs 44.1 and the codec AAC the way to check your format is to right-click on this down here in the bottom right corner where your speakers are go back devices let me drag this over because my face cams probably going to be in the way then in your playback devices you want to click on your speakers right click or you can go down to here and click properties then you want to go to the Advanced tab and check what your computer is on – mine’s 24-bit 48 thousand so that’s matched with the 48 kilohertz format in OBS then that we move on to video we’ll come back to broadcast settings at the very end of the video because the first part is for local recording then at the end I’ll show you for streaming and stuff so now we’re not going to change any of that because it’ll probably mess up my entire video so the video this is your graphics

card mine is the AMD r9 270x but I’ve got the VTX 3d like brand sort of thing the version of it or whatever it actually runs at the specs of a 280x but I use a 1920 1080 s I’ve got a 24 inch 1080p monitor make sure that aspect ratio of your resolution if you’re doing custom is always 16 / 9 and monitor 1 that’s what I’m using now you don’t want to downscale it it doesn’t matter if you do like you might want to go to 1.5 and make a 720p that doesn’t matter too much then you choose a fps I record on 30 because my computer can’t actually record and I can’t play games at 60 I probably could if I messed around with a setting some more but as it is I enjoy doing 30fps now disable air own you want it to be unchecked the only reason I have it checked then all this is blue and not my fiend color is because monitor capture to capture your entire monitor I like anything on screen you need the disable arrow and you probably won’t be able to play games through monitor capture because disabling arrow massively reduces like FPS frame rate and stuff whilst you’re playing games like is only if you need to capture the whole of your monitor so that’s the video section now moving into audio I’ve got one disable my microphone you want your desktop audio device set to default I don’t know why it’s default when you don’t choose your speakers but default just set it to that and that will set you up for Skype and everything I’ll go a bit more into detail later in the video microphone disabled but if not select your microphone from down here now you want this unchecked and then show only connect devices anything is not connected to your computer will not show up then leave this this should be default or 200 you don’t want to boost your desktop my microphone booster set to 2 because for some reason we’re blue Yeti just doesn’t like picking up my voice and then next is your hotkeys so I’ve got number 9 to start and stop recording I don’t actually use them but I’ve got alt to mute my mic so if I need to clear my throat I try and cancel as much of that out of videos as I can so all is very good because playing PC games a lot of games require you to use control which was my original setting then into advance now this is going to look a little bit intimidating compared to other tabs but under general you want to tick use multi-threaded optimizations your process priority class wants to be normal you’ve seen the buffering time set it’s 2000 or whatever it’s on just leave it don’t mess around with that too much you don’t want to tick disable encoding while previewing you want to allow other modifiers on hotkeys and then for video this is still with 720p setup so ignore the settings that I’ve got them in it for 720p what I like to do this all depends on your computer the hardware in your computer so I’ve got a 4 gigahertz 8 core AMD FX 8350 processor I’ve got a decent graphics card or 16 gig Rams and my computer’s I’d say decent it’s not the best but it’s not too bad neither so for 720p your x264 cpu preset you want to put them very fast your encoding profile you always want that on main your key frame interval leave that on two seconds and you want to check use CFR and then if we scroll down well look down nothing else is ticked underneath use CFR if you want to put custom settings you can with us some blood people than I more advanced stuff you don’t need to mess around with that audio you will need to change this if you’re using the algal but I’ll explain that in a minute this is still like step one of the video sort of thing I know it’s going to be quite a long video I do apologise so that leave it for 0 if you’re recording PC gameplay leave all this as default a default of 20 and that is it so microphone noise gate is the last thing I’ve done oh this is default 25 200 150 you want to enabled it obviously this is not going to work and then because my xbox has such a loud fan I’ve enabled the noise gate just because setting it up and minus 28 as the closed fresh hold and minus 22 under 28 it’s not going to pick it up anything over 22 that’s when it opens and that’s when it allows you to speak so if your voice is below at minus 22 decibels as my setup is it won’t pick anything up on the mic I’m going to before we jump into the 1080p setup I’m going to show you how to set up all the scenes and stuff for PC recording I’ve got a load of different stuff they’re all overlays and everything I’ve set up is really really confusing and this is actually a really difficult video so far the free things that you need so all you want to do on the scenes it’s add a scene rename it mine’s PC recording then you come to sources under sources I’ve got monitor

capture window capture and game capture I use monitor capture to do videos like tutorials on how to use that OBS and stuff like this what I’m doing right now then window capture is for if I play sliver or something that requires me to be on the internet and then game capture is obviously for games that are run through Steam games or whatever I feel like playing on that day so all you need to do is right-click and then you can got a monitor capture if I go into the properties so I’ve got a choice because I’ve run jewel monitors I’m recording on one or two one I want to capture my mouse cursor it’s as simple as unchecking that if you don’t want your mouse cursor to be in the video you don’t need to worry about any of this that’s all fine it will just capture your entire first monitor then window capture sometimes this doesn’t work the way to fix it if it’s not picking up like Firefox Google Chrome whatever Internet la browser you use all you want to do is just restart OBS a couple of times and it should allow you to record it I guess so properties the window audacity of what they’re open because how I’m recording right now because of my webcam and then I’ve got my notepad open which has all the topics I need to cover in this video so when you then window capture to capture like sliver agar or stuff like that maybe even happy wheels leave it entire window you can choose whether to do the mouse cursor or not then you don’t need to worry about any else not anything else on there just make sure that your window is what you want to be using so let – a sliver that I owe then I’ll say Mozilla Firefox and you can refresh it if your things not showing up some things will not show up in this and in Game Capture if you’re not running this program as admin and finally Game Capture so go to properties select the application this works a little bit weird because it doesn’t store the games that you’ve played in this little drop-down thing other than drop-down menu so what you have to do is say you want to record rocket League you have to launch theme launch the game and then you have to tab out of the game come to OBS refresh it and then it would come into the drop down menu for you to record and as I said about window capture if you’re not running OBS as admin some of the games that you play like world of warships doesn’t come up in that drop-down menu when I’m not running this program as admin so you want to stretch the image to the screen and I want to capture mouse cursor when I’m playing games so that’s all your source is set up facecam I will go into in a minute so the next thing we’re going to do is the 1080p recording it’s fairly similar there’s just a few things you have to change so this little bit should be really quick we’re going to go into settings and this is my 1080p setup I’ll explain a little bit because things are completely different with a bitrate and stuff for this so encoding is your first tab the bitrate that you need to get good quality 1080p videos all depends on your x264 CPU preset and obviously what your PC can handle so it’s exactly the same you want to use x264 CBR and pad in custom buffer size make it the same as your bitrate now when you’re doing this these CPU pre-tests I didn’t really explain this in 720p part of this video but slower will mean it’s going to completely kill with your CPU in order to get the best possible quality the OBS can produce that when recording and then as you go up the speeds it slowly stops using so much of your CPU and that way you can run games smoother and all you have to do is really because ultra fast is so fast when it’s encoding and stuff that you lose quite a bit of quality and that is why you set such a high bitrate so if your computer is good enough to run say super fast I don’t really know anything about slower and all this stuff I don’t use this because I want my CPU to have a good life span and I think that’s just stupid you don’t need that much quality because after YouTube’s compressing and stuff a lot of that quality is going to be taken out anyway so for superfast under your encoding you want to set your bitrate so ten thousand and you obviously want to change the buffer size to exactly the same but when you’re on the the I’ve honey remembers it ultra fast when you’re on yet when you’re on the ultra fast preset you want to change this to 20 mm that’s going to give you

pretty decent quality on a 1080p video then all this is exactly the same setup whatever your computer is running for the format it’s the same as 720p nothing needs to change their broadcast settings I completely forgot to show this in 720 but it doesn’t have to be for broadcasting I’ve got mine set the file output only because this is a recording profile that I’m using now so my file path I browse I go to desktop I was so much stuff on my computer it gets annoying sometimes then I got OBS and then in the file name it won’t actually save because there’s nothing selected for you to save it as so in the file name name it whatever it’s best to have it named for I do video because no matter what game I play I don’t have to change the name of the file path so I name it video and then after I finish recording a right click press rename and then I rename the video to whatever the game I was playing and like the title of the video what is going to be that’s all there is to cover in broad class settings I’ll go for a live stream at the end of the video as I said earlier so video is exactly the same you want to make sure this is unchecked if you’re doing game or window capture only if you really need to capture your entire monitor like what’s on your monitor do you need to disable the error and then you set up your FPS your resolution downscale and your custom resolution make sure it’s a sixteen by nine otherwise you’re going to have black borders and stuff that is your graphics card then audio you want to do the same make sure your microphone is plugged in before you start this because if you load up OBS and your microphones not plugged in then you will have to plug your microphone in that you’ll have to restart OBS otherwise it won’t pick up your microphone but it won’t come into this drop-down menu right so all this is exactly the same as the 720p section I do highly recommend you watch this entire video because some parts are going to be completely different I don’t really know how to explain it you’re going to need to possibly watch some parts from all the different topics that I’m covering so hotkeys exactly the same you can set these up to personal preference these don’t matter you don’t have to copy what I’ve done advanced you want it exactly how it is on my screen now for 1080p use multi-threaded optimizations normal process priority class scene buffering time mm allow other modifiers on hotkeys ultra-fast main a 2 second keyframe interval UCF are nothing else check down here zero offset and 20 that’s all default anyway then you got the microphone noise gate I’m not going to cover that again that’s all personal preference what you want to do with your mic and stuff just checking that my audio is still recording so that is basically it for 1080p and now we move on to setting up the out Gatto so when you’re setting up the algaas on you will need to right-click and add and you want to go video capture device it’s exactly the same for a face cam and then in the properties this is for my face cam but it’s exactly the same window as what it will be when you’re using the algaas oh so the only difference being the device won’t be a webcam it will be the algaas Oh you can configure it to change all the audio settings and stuff you don’t really need to like mess around with that you want your opacity set to 100 you don’t want to mess around with any of this top section up here this is all you want to mess around with these two the audio and the video unless you use a green screen nothing that’s what the chroma keys for I don’t mess around with that so the video you don’t have to set a custom resolution but you can this is my face cam but you got all these different resolutions you can use just make sure it’s over 1080 or 720 p when you’re doing al guitar recordings because it’s gotta be sixteen by nine on the ratio otherwise you’re going to have black bars and borders and stuff like that it’s going to look stupid the FPS set to whatever you want now use buffering you want to leave it as zero but you want to check it so that it syncs up properly because some people do have trouble with El Gato sync when that’s unchecked for some reason I don’t know why then audio input device mine’s disabled but it should I don’t need I can’t remember the algarve settings properly but you should have this down here audio sync offset for your out ghetto I don’t think you have to put I think the out ghetto is the audio device so you want to just leave that as it is don’t mess around with it leave the input device as default for your out guitar and just come down to here and in this audio sync offset this is going to delay the audio that comes through your our gasps OH so for me like it’s all personal preference but it’s roughly around one and a half seconds out of sync with your el gato so you

would do minus fifteen hundred milliseconds which would sync it all up or I like for me it’s minus one thousand four hundred and fifty milliseconds was at one point four or five seconds or something but a lot of people say that it can vary between minus thirteen hundred and minus seventeen hundred or something so it’s whatever you find puts your videos in sync the best so that’s for the elgato settings then up here this is also for el Ganso you want to leave all this as it is your file put your video now in advance global audio sync offset in milliseconds this has to be the positive number two what your el gato is set up in the negatives so you’re going to have to mess around with these settings a few times to get them spot-on but for me when I record through el gato one of the xbox one games I have my Elgato set to minus one for fifty so this would just be one for fifty this has to be positive in this box here and in the algo settings which I showed a minute ago it has to be negative because that pushes the microphone forward in time and drops it el gato back I don’t know how it works properly but that will sync everything up so just remember there’s a lot of different milliseconds you can do to get a spot on you have to you’ll have to mess around with the settings yourself to find what best suits your recordings and then microphone noise gate the whole reason I’ve got this set up is because of my export and then for Skype so I’m actually going to launch Skype quickly right so when you’re in Skype we will need this open for webcam as well but go to tools options in order to get Skype to work through OBS like fro your PC so that you can get your mates in your videos and stuff you need to go to audio settings and your microphone has to be the mic you use your speakers set them to your computer speakers just make sure your volumes are set that is it is very very simple and that is Skype sorted and then in here in your audio make sure your desktop audio device is set the default if that’s not working you can choose a different option yours will be different to what I’ve got but set it up so that when you start recording down here with this audio bar is with this little speaker icon here get your friends to talk and it should be roughly around where my mouse is now when no one’s talking it might not even have any sound but if you’re playing a game it can vary you can like come up to here get your friends to talk and when if this bar underneath these like blocks or whatever if this bar under here goes up and down when your friends talk that means their audio is going to be in your video so as long as you followed what I’ve done that should work perfectly if there’s any problems with this video whatsoever let me know in the comments and I’ll try and help you fix some things I don’t know everything about OBS their forums are amazing they help you with a lot of things but if there’s anything I can help with just let me know in the comments and I will try my best I’ll even like if your like if you don’t know how to find the forums and stuff if I don’t know something I can always look through the forums for you and try and figure it out so that is just looking at my notepad we’ve done 720p 1080p we’ve set up the old Gasol and we’ve done Skype so the final two things our webcam and streaming so I’ve got my face cam here let’s go back into the properties actually that’s reminded me the first thing you need to do when you get your webcam in order for it to not use the webcam speakers because mine’s got speakers built in either side of the actual camera you want to come down to here and you want to go to recording devices now you can see in this little box here my microphone when I talk is being picked up you can hear me speak in my profounder for the HD pro webcam c920 your webcam whatever you use it should be listed here all you want to do is right-click and where it says enable for me that should say disable I don’t know how this works on different versions of Windows and I obviously can’t test it because I’m on Windows 7 so 8 and 10 there should be tutorials that you can easily find on Google for anything that’s different on your version of Windows to mine but for Windows 7 just click disable that will disable any audio that comes through your microphone forward the webcam so when you’re recording a video you won’t hear yourself through your blue Yeti or whatever mic you use and you’d like hear it through the webcam at the same time it’ll just be for your microphone with this setup as it is so that’s a default device and that’s enabled and your webcam audio is disabled then in the settings I just having a quick flick through I don’t think you need to change

anything the settings are exactly the same the only thing you have to is right click here add a source and you want to go to video capture device the same as the algaas oh and then go into the FaceCam like you have to name it so name it facecam or whatever you want to name it go into your properties are for the device now this is setup logitech HD pro webcam c920 when you’re doing webcam recordings there’s quite a few things that come into the picture sort of thing because I’ve done a few recordings I thought yes everything’s fine I’ve got webcam I’ve got game play I’ve got my audio and stuff like that I want my friends audio but one problem I had which I couldn’t find a fix for I actually had to like think of it myself there’s probably people that have already thought of it but I couldn’t find anything that helped me with this at all no matter what I did in settings wise my webcam was always out of sync with my audio so the way to fix that you want to come like you want to set your device as a webcam you can configure it change all the fur the autofocus and like the zoom in and stuff like that you want your opacity to 100 otherwise you’re not gonna be able to see it’s gonna have some it’s going to be a little bit transparent in other words so just keep that 100 on this around with that you don’t want any deinterlacing you don’t want to preserve the source size you don’t mess around with anything up here just make sure that your webcam selected now custom resolution my webcam is the c920 so it’s capable of 1080p so 1920 by 1080 does that for me fps I got you set to 30 you can say it to 60 I don’t know if it’s actually k12 recording in 60 it says 5 to 30 in the drop-down menu but if you type in 60 then save your settings it will change if for some reason mine when I did that in 60 point o2 or something like that I don’t know how that works but you want to check this same thing here what you do with the elgato the use buffer in milliseconds check that and just leave that as a zero and you wanted to save all your audio input device only if you have problems some people can get light some people don’t even have syncing problems but some people do and changing the audio settings disabling and microphone and running your mic through the webcam settings like through the webcam properties sometimes that fixes it for people but that didn’t work for me so I’ve got another thing I’m going to show you just leave everything else the same unless you’re using this you want to output it as a stream you want to mess around with a sink or whatever you’ve got to do to get it all in sync but that’s the FaceCam properties now in settings I’ve already showed you that in my FaceCam properties I have my audio disabled this is for people that have trouble with webcam sync because mine would be a couple of light other noise like half a second maybe a second out of sync so I would talk and then you would see my lips move it’s probably still not perfect but it’s a lot better than what it was so you want to disable the audio for your facecam then you want to come to settings audio you want to disable your microphone believe everything else as it is so that when you’re recording games this would be your microphone you can see the little mic on the end you can set that up to however you want it but the way I do things now is have this disabled so that there’s no microphone actually being recorded through OBS but have this on that because this will pick up your game cell and your friends sound that through Skype and then you want to leave your scratch settings as they are blah blah blah blah blah then in this little program that I like to use called audacity you can see the waves this is me talking right now you want to set it up so that your microphone is under the mic just make sure that when you’re talking your audio bars don’t go up down up down up down because otherwise that just means that there’s probably going to be distortion in your voice and it’s going to be really really loud which you can turn down in editing software but if your voice is distorted you’re not going to have any luck with that so all you want to do to get this to sink because OBS does automatic syncing for everything as long as you have the settings right now for audacity it’s a completely separate program so you will need to sync your audio to your face can so the way I do this there’s probably many other ways but if I literally just put my hands up and go 1 2 3 4 I did four claps and then that way you can see the claps that I did here they’re really really big like waves in the audio then when I go into my editing software which I’m not going to show you

right now because I’ve already done the editing for the videos I’ve done like this but when you’re going to editing software all you have to do is look at your facecam wait until you get to the clap and then at the very first one you just want to make sure that as soon as your hands touch you match it up to the first audio wave through audacity when you clap that should put everything in sync for your facecam so your audio is running for audacity your gameplay your friends audio and your webcam is actually running through OBS which is really really confusing but for some reason it works I have to figure this part out last night because I spent hours trying different settings to get my webcam to be in sync and none of it worked so I thought why not just record my audio through something completely separate and for some reason as I said it worked so if I get audacity off here because we don’t need this anymore so now the final thing we’re going to be covering is streaming switch is very very awkward when it comes to streaming and this the last thing because local recording is what I do my main focus is YouTube I do twitch on the side I don’t do that every day I go through phases of doing everyday then I stop and then that start again so I’m not very consistent on twitch but youtuber try and do daily videos if I miss a day then I’ll try and catch up like the next day but for streaming all you want to do is when I come to your settings you want to have whatever profile you want selected your encoding you will have on 2,000 bitrate any higher than that and people in your stream that will receive lag on their end you could possibly try and get a higher but for people with poor internet connections they’re not going to going to be able to watch your streams so set this just the two thousand so mine’s on twenty two so I’ll take the first two off that is setup make sure your quality balance is on ten the buffer size and the max bitrate are on two thousand you want to use the same settings as local recording for everything else then in your broadcast settings you can do live stream now this looks really really scary as well but I will go through it with you so the mode that you want to set to live stream obviously the only other one is fire output that’s if you’re recording this for if you’re streaming then you want to select your streaming service I use twitch there’s a few different ones you can use down in the drop down menu then this is the server I believe so you want to always select the server that is closest to you so mine is London because I live on the self coast of the UK then your stream key we will need to go back onto the internet to do this you want to go to your twitch profile I need to remember this correctly I believe it is I look at me following three people one over two hundred eighty one followers you want to go to a dashboard I don’t know if you can see this on the left side but on the left side there’s a drop-down menu you want to go to your dashboard then on your twitch dashboard you want to click here string key it will say show key I’m not going to show you my key because I think you can change it if someone sees it that you don’t want to see it but you can only do that once or twice or something like that I don’t know how that works but you want to click show key that will give you this massive massive key it’s like a lot of different letters and numbers and stuff and all you want to do is copy and paste it into this box here where it says play pause or stream key so that it registers your account basically so that it let’s look it lets OBS know that your twitch account is what you want to be streaming onto also reconnect if there’s any problems with your stream that will try and reconnect you to twitch or whatever streaming service you’re using the timeout is after ten I don’t bother with any of that no delay obviously we don’t want delay automatically save streams to file this will record the what your stream in which also uses a lot of your CPU this can actually make my games lag if I record the video as well as stream it you don’t need to do this because when you’ve got your twitch set up to live stream or whatever streaming service you use there should be a way like on Twitch you can go to your past broadcasts you can actually export it to YouTube it doesn’t matter if you do YouTube or you just do twitch export it to your YouTube then you can download it as an mp4 I will quickly show you for load Firefox if I go to my YouTube channel I can go into my video manager and then once we’re in here you see all

my videos that I’ve uploaded recently all you want to do is click on the drop down menu here and it will say download mp4 if you export your videos I’ll quickly show you on Twitch I’ve got a comment that I might need to reply to pause broadcasts you’ve got face reveal and get rekt on shell shock live so you want to click on this then when that loads I’m going to turn it straight off because I think there’s adverts and stuff anyway that’s right as newydd although there’s my facebook vo ba right so you come down here to this little cog thing underneath the video description you click that and it says export then you do that you’ve got to make sure that your YouTube in your twitch are linked together just try to make sure that there’s nothing you guys can see that you shouldn’t whilst I’m doing this so you need to allow access then it will pop up with this export to YouTube so you set your title you do your description and you do your tags if you’re exporting to do edit in and then put it on YouTube you don’t need to bother with any of this privacy you want to set to unlisted so that no one can see it when you’re just doing an export then for very long strings because some editing software can be a pain in the ass when it comes to loading long videos I just select the yes so if I’ve done a two-hour live stream that that will put eight ports onto YouTube so my whole string will go to YouTube but it’ll be an eight separate port for me to download you don’t want no live annotations or anything like that then you just click export then go to your YouTube video manager and as I showed you you click the drop-down menu and you download your videos then what else do we have to do keep recording if your live stream stops so that if you want to put it on YouTube and your computer’s good enough or you’ve got your settings good enough to actually livestream and record 720p should be okay but this will allow you to if your live stream gets disconnected from twitch it will keep recording the video for you so that is quite handy it says all this red stuff under here your OBS settings not optimized to use twitch you can press this button if it says that and it will optimize all your settings but I’m not going to do that because I’m recording so I’m not actually trying to optimize the switch but that’s what you need to worry about buffer length one and stuff like that and then once you’ve got everything else set up so you’ve done your gem rule you’ve named your profile or whatever you set your bitrate to mm you’ve got your stream key all set up you’ve got your resolutions on your audio done your hotkeys your Advanced tab there’s so much stuff to do on OBS it can be very very frustrating but I just hope that this video is I don’t I can’t finger the word I just I hope it helps you I hope it’s not really really complicated as you can see down here I’ve been recording this one video for 43 and a half minutes I’ve got 29 fps for some reason is random and there’s my bitrate running a 20 mm a bit rate because I’m doing it in 1080p all you want to do like I’ve got all these different sources if I press that you’re going to see a little overlay then you’ve just got you’ve got my four overlays you can follower alert you’ve got that if I want to say on my stream that I’ll be right back sorry for blocking up the phase camp then you’ve got your free monitor capture window capture game capture and if you’re doing I’ll get oh you’ll have another one which will be called that out ghetto or if you just left it name the video capture device or your properties will be set up I think I’ve covered everything we done 720p settings we done 1080p settings I showed you how to set up your El Gallo I couldn’t do it properly because my old guy was not actually plugged into my PC at the minute and what else was it because I’ve got my face cam and stuff I can’t click this because it will just mess up my video we’ve done the settings for Skype make sure that your friends voices are making this bar go up and down when they talk webcam we sorted that out I showed you or dasa Ian stuff so you know how that all works and then streaming all you have to do like you have to click this button I’ll press f9 to start and stop recording and all you got to do if you want a live stream just press start streaming then change like go to the twitch website changes stream title and stuff like that that’ll be sorted I do recommend that you watch the entire video because there’s some parts that you will need to follow for other parts if that makes any sense at all some of that is going to be the end of this video guys I hope this helps you understand OBS a little bit more I hope it helped you sort out synching issues that you’re having with webcam or whatever if you

are stuck with absolutely anything let me know in the comments and I will do my very best to try and help thank you for watching you