Two Old Laptops

hey there everyone uxw bill here once again I think now is as good a time as any to make a video talking about some laptops and obviously you do too if you’re still watching so let’s get started you’re looking at two rather vintage laptops here now granted the bottom one is only about ten years old but in computer years 10 years as an eternity so I think it qualifies with just a wee little bit of shoehorning into the vintage category now I happen to acquire these two computers in a very interesting way as I’ve mentioned in the past nearly all of the thrift stores in this area including the big chains like Goodwill and Salvation Army don’t sell computers and it’s very disappointing to me most of the smaller mom-and-pop thrift stores don’t either in fact the one thrift store that does almost never gets them and the other thrift store / recycler that I’ve sometimes talked into it doesn’t want to sell me too many computers too often plus I have to be careful because some of the upper level management at that particular store is really not cool with the idea although the store manager herself is completely awesome about it so how did I happen to get these computers well there’s another fifth store that I frequent a small one that’s run by several churches in a nearby city and ordinarily they have the usual household household goods computer keyboards and mice the occasional flat panel display and lots and lots of clothing I asked them one day if they ever happen to get any computers and they told me no they don’t get any computers because they don’t want to have to deal with the liability and I can kind of understand where they’re coming from but then the cashier surprised me when she said if you’re interested in computers though we’ll give you a call if we get any in and you can have them so I gave them my phone number and waited about two months and sure enough one day my phone rang and it was the folks at this thrift store saying they had acquired two laptops and would I be interested I told him I’d be there inside of 15 minutes and it was a little bit of a stretch but I was and so what did I get well the first computer is a toshiba satellite and it is obviously the much more elderly machine of the bunch no we’ll drive on this or anything like that in fact this predates the concept of a multimedia laptop by at least a little bit it’s probably the more interesting of the two machines but I think I’ll go ahead and start by talking about the less interesting of the two this rather chunky looking Dell machine now it’s got a really nice blue cover on it and an interesting looking Dell logo you can see that there’s some kind of a sticky substance on this particular part of the machine and I think if I’m remembering things correctly that these particular machines were offered with some personalization features some bling bling if you will I can’t say that without laughing I think you could get a little stick on colorful piece of plastic or maybe it was some Hana thin aluminum who knows but I think you could stick that on over this stock silver band on this machine’s cover thus giving it a little bit of personalization and some Flair so what is this thing well it is an inspire on 5100 this is one of these very chunky laptops as previously pointed out why is this a very chunky laptop well part of its just because of the fact that it’s old or the other part is the fact that it’s driven by an Intel Pentium 4 processor now one thing I’ve been told in the past about certain people who camp in the wintertime when it’s cold outside is that they’ll take a rock and they’ll put it near their campfire and then they’ll stick it in their sleeping bag maybe even a couple of rocks so that they can stay warm I think you could probably do the same with something like this laptop because a Pentium 4 processor despite Intel’s best efforts and intentions turned out to be quite for room heater so let’s go ahead take a look at some of the ports and features on this machine there’s a card bus expansion slot over here which is almost universally forgotten on laptops today but there was a time when slots such as this were commonplace even on home grade machines such as this one we have a connection for headphones or microphone also a nice touch and then a CD rewritable compact disc burner high-speed no less paired with a dvd-rom drive unlike the business grade machines the dell would have sold at the time this drive is permanently installed you can’t swap it with something else like a floppy drive and I don’t think that even though this machine is about 10 years old that it had any provisions whatsoever for a floppy drive so that’s pretty much all there is on this side of it on the front we have stereo speakers and it looks like they might even actually have some kind of a ported enclosure to give them some kind of a

vague semblance of something called bass response you have three status indicators on the front panel a power on standby indicator harddrive and a battery charging indicator there’s also the latch that allows you to undo the display panel and despite this machines age it appears that the hinges are in very good condition there’s no slop in them to speak of and they hold the display quite steady excuse me so go ahead and take a look on the other side of the machine here and see what’s going on this blank looking thing is actually a battery and of course you can remove it there’s a little lever right here underneath this cooling fan that lets you remove the battery and then there’s a place to plug in a telephone modem on a telephone modem a telephone line to the telephone modem and then there is a place where you can allow heat to get out of the machine which is probably a very good idea a lot of these Pentium 4 laptops had a very bad tendency to cook themselves to death in fact Dell had some very ill-fated members of the inspire online the 1150 and the 1100 I think it was and I’m not sure that any of those machines are left running to this day here’s a place where power adapter plugs in you can see that it’s the older style 3 pin connector there’s actually a telephone telephone television output on this machine s-video composite all combined into one connector some sort of a ventilation port once again I’m sure you’re noticing a bit of a theme here and two USB ports followed by a vga connector there’s onboard wired Ethernet and a 4-pin firewire or 1394 connector finding any kind of a firewire connector on any kind of a laptop is actually quite nice now Apple is usually a lot nicer in that regard in that theirs are the 6 pin powered connectors but like I said any firewire port on any laptop is a result of the vendor being a lot nicer than they have to be and they’re certainly not the common feature that they used to be so this machine is pretty much free of any legacy ports or anything like that there’s no serial or parallel ports on it the business line and probably higher model home grade laptops from this time might still have had their legacy ports in place I know the business line machines did I don’t know about the higher-end home grade models so let’s go ahead and open this thing up I’ll show you the most amazing thing about it this machine was shipped to its owner sometime in early 2004 I want to say so we know that it’s got to be at least 10 years old but check this out I have not plugged this machine into AC power since I bought it in fact this adapter was still bundled up in a rubber band until I took it down here and the rubber band snapped so what you’re about to see is I think nothing less than a miracle check that out we’re going to system setup here melt the incredibly high BIOS revision number apparently it took Dell quite a while to get this particular machine right I think there’s like 35 revisions to the flash bios over time and at one point they actually even changed a vendor from a fairly generic phoenix sourced bios to a customized dell bios based on a really old version i think one point one of the phoenix BIOS software but you know this thing is a couple revisions out of date at a 27 i read online that the last released bios for this machine was not all that well received by some people because it changed the behavior of the fan the way this thing is right now the fan seems to run pretty much all the time there’s not really a lot of dust in the radiators in fact I did blow them out so I guess that’s probably why this machine is still alive amazingly for a home grade machine this thing’s got dedicated graphics with dedicated video memory that’s a really nice touch 1024 by 768 display resolution on the panel we can just page through some of the setup screens here and if you’re interested in seeing what any of these say in any great detail you can simply pause the video and take a look at them here are some options concerning the power-on self-test it looks like Wireless might have been offered as an option on this machine built-in Wi-Fi which is really not surprising for a 2004 era laptop but I don’t think the previous owner went for that because installed in this machine’s cardbus expansion slot was this which is actually a very nice little wireless card bus PC card from TRENDnet obviously it’s something of an older card based on the logo at least I think that’s an older logo I don’t know if TRENDnet has changed their logo recently or not but this thing is not only capable of 802 point 11 Wireless G operation it also supports the 5 gigahertz I believe it’s 5 gigahertz Wireless a band as well some

of the earliest Wi-Fi that was commonly available to end users but enough of that you can see that the wireless configuration says that there is no mini PCI wireless card installed so we’ll go forward another screen here check this out this this battery I think this battery is original to the machine it’s a genuine Dell battery and as you can see it’s holding its charge quite well this this has to be some kind of a miracle I think I’m wondering if maybe I should you know call the Pope or something Wow it’s just absolutely unbelievable unusual option for a laptop right here you can configure this thing to automatically turn itself on at a particular hour of the day kind of a nice touch if you wanted to have your laptop plugged into AC power I would assume that that function only works when the laptop is plugged in otherwise it’s going to maximize the frequency of the covering you you are unexpectedly out of battery power backlighting on this displace that still seems pretty good for being ten years old it doesn’t look like this machine’s had a whole lot of use there’s really no where to speak of on the keyboard nowhere on the touchpad buttons which are also that nice blue color or even the touchpad itself or the poem rest on this machine it’s really in great condition again the first store would have given these machines to me but I slipped him a $10 bill for both of them I figured that would encourage them to repeat the effort once again to set aside computers when I came looking for them so let’s go ahead and exit system setup here see what this thing starts up into look at that Windows XP not sure if it’s home or professional edition I think the COA is for home edition which makes sense given that this is a consumer-grade laptop speaking of Windows this machine has a Windows key in a very interesting location instead of being at the bottom of the keyboard it’s actually situated up at the top in amongst the various function keys also notice that the tilde key is in a very interesting place as well so let’s see what’s going on here looks like it’s booting up it’s a 2.6 gigahertz Pentium 4 there’s the onboard sound I haven’t really tested the sound quality yet as far as I can tell this is a fresh installation of Windows XP there’s nothing there’s no trace of anything the previous owner did on it which is as it should be you know all too many people do not take clearing the contents of their computer nearly seriously enough and it’s a wonder that things like identity theft are not much more of a problem than they are but somebody definitely went to some trouble to put some nice software on this machine we have OpenOffice 3 Mozilla Firefox I don’t think you can use the word nice I don’t think you can use the phrase nice software and Adobe in the same sentence unless there’s an odd between the two so let’s see here go ahead and go into my computer and check out some of the hardware details here it’s definitely running a factory installed version of Windows resines information almost said inspiration which a lot of people seem to call these inspire on machines by mistake and Adele inspiration I don’t know exactly what that would be but probably inspiring whatever it is anyway as you can see the processor has has at least some concept of speed step which probably also helped keep it alive since it’s only clocked at 1.3 gigahertz right now probably probably throttles up when it needs to do more and see what we have in the way a graphics hardware here ati mobility radeon 7500 c same as system set up said 32 megabytes of video memory so definitely more than enough capability to drive this panel very well and probably for the time pretty decent 3d graphics as well I don’t know the Radeon 7500 chips that real well but see what releases software are we running here I have to go in here and view the adapters properties yes things response time isn’t too bad I’m probably going to go ahead and clear all the software off of it anyway and reload what I’d like to have on here but as you can see this battery is holding up amazingly well I would imagine that’s the Dell supplied driver I don’t know if you can see that flickering that I can in the camera’s viewfinder probably not after the deinterlacing and everything gets done with this video oh yeah check that out I don’t know how true that is but if that’s even halfway correct that’s completely awesome this thing’s this thing’s battery must be in just amazing shape I I know I sounded like a stuck record but I absolutely can’t get over

how crazy it is that this machine still has a battery that seems to be a hundred percent functional the only lithium-ion batteries I know of to have similar staying power are those of the sony info lithium persuasion such as the new old stock one sitting on the back of that camcorder over there that battery is easily 14 or 15 years old now and it too still works perfectly still holds at least a two-hour charge when you’re using it with that camcorder which again is just amazing we make a video about that at some point but right now go ahead and finish talking about this computer I guess we’ll go ahead and see if I can throw some kind of a CD in there unearthly going that’s some got some CDs here got some floppies too that’s what would be a good one how about an effort to get caned by the maximum number of record labels possible in one day how’s about something from journey I haven’t actually tried the optical drive on this machine look at that laser assembly it’s a lot more complicated than the ones you see in newer drives actually saw a blu-ray drive and a laptop for the first time and it had dual laser diodes in it which is not surprising with two lenses as well so let’s see if this thing will actually spin up and read a desk we should probably turn up the volume I don’t think this thing’s got any hardware volume hardware volume control buttons well the volumes barely turned up at all I’ll probably get just what I’m asking for by turning that up that I probably get scared out of my pants all I have to validate windows I wonder if I can do that while I’m offline probably not it probably won’t let me do that well it did I assure you I read that end-user License Agreement carefully we read all those options carefully – I read all those carefully you get they get the idea that the theme is reading things carefully here paying attention to dialog boxes which in reality and my former day job as an IT guy was something that I wished more people would do and I’m sure that any of you out there who work on computers can understand completely what I’m saying well spun up let’s pick something else to listen to from that CD what if what have we got here how about track 10 okay you better shut that off we really don’t want to get in trouble with the music mafia because they have no sense of humor whatsoever I’m impressed though that battery just still just gets me okay I said eject come on there we go but yeah the audio quality is not too bad a little bit on the tinny side but definitely far far better than many other laptops I’ve heard so yeah this this thing seems to work just fine yes I’m going to go ahead and see if I can find some sort of interesting project to do with it because like I say it’s really clean and it works well what more could you want really can’t imagine so that’s pretty much everything there is to say about this one let’s see if it’ll go ahead and shut down like it’s supposed to some piece of HP printer software that joke practically writes itself and it’ll get the other one up here and we can take a look at it yep there went shutdown all right here’s contestant number 2 on the UX w bill show this is a toshiba satellite 105 CS I think fellow youtube user V Westlife has a machine very similar to this no multimedia capabilities whatsoever but there is a curious little opening there on the bottom right hand corner of the display panel that makes me wonder if maybe a version of this machine that didn’t have some multimedia capability built in was offered and that might not have been a spot to a microphone where our microphone could have been installed got a track point style pointing device Toshiba and IBM we’re both really big on that back in the day a set of concentric buttons here the primary click button being larger than the secondary and really a surprisingly nice keyboards got nicely made key caps that are actually pretty big there’s not much in the way a tactile response but what do you want from a

laptop so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the things on this machine I guess we’ll start with the front this thing’s kind of hard to hard to pick up really there’s a battery indicator on the front unfortunately the battery for this machine is completely until totally dead here on the bottom is an information plate telling us that this is the 105 CS / 528 system unit model number PA 1217 you ve probably got a serial number but here’s the most amazing thing in this modern world when everything everything information technology related that we buy is made in China check that out this thing is made in the u.s. of American and imported parts that’s pretty amazing considering the Toshiba themselves are a Japanese company this machine predates the well no it doesn’t predate the lithium-ion battery because it claims that it might have one I really thought that this thing’s primary battery would be nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride as old as it is but maybe not maybe it was available with both types maybe you could buy an upgraded battery or something along those lines well on this side we have a battery release lever I guess I’ll have to figure out how to pop the battery out of this machine I haven’t done that yet and then there is a floppy disk drive as would be age-appropriate on such a machine a contrast control wheel for the display and being that that’s a contrast control I would imagine that this machine has a passive matrix or color stn display a lot of people don’t really like color stn displays but for those of us who were using laptop computers when a machine like this would have been brand new the cost of an active-matrix panel was simply obscene and the defect rate was much higher than they are today a lot of them were practically guaranteed to have a significant number of dead pixels and sometimes in very noticeable places a display had to be literally peppered with them back then to get a replacement under a manufacturer’s display coverage so really if you wanted display on a laptop the passive-matrix or color stn display was the way to go there’s a connector for a VGA or super VGA monitor this machine does have its card of legacy ports there’s a printer port right there a vent above it I don’t know if this machine actually has active ventilation being is it’s an early Pentium laptop it could go either way there’s a connector for a docking station here that’s got protective flaps over it and then there’s a built-in power supply on this machine as far as I know Toshiba and Compaq were the only companies that ever really ran with the idea of building power supplies into their laptop computers so that you didn’t need a power brick somebody asked me recently I can’t remember who but it was somebody here on YouTube asked me recently you know why did that idea never really take off and I don’t know but I think that a lot of it probably had to do with the fact that building the power supply into the laptop unavoidably made it thicker and also I would imagine that the external power supplies that we have today are the better situation when it comes to repair ability because it would probably be very very difficult if not next to impossible to find this machine’s internal power supply on the second-hand market and I’m practically certain that toshiba has long since discarded any service parts or sold all of them off or liquidated them somehow that they might have had at one point in time for this machine so these built-in power supply is a kind of a neat idea but they remain a historical footnote of an of an idea in notebook computer design that just never really took off for some reason there’s a serial port right there for use with things like modems and serial mice and then there is a combination keyboard and mouse port for ps2 port devices you can actually get a splitter that would allow you to connect both of these at once IBM typically included them with their ThinkPad machines of the time and maybe Toshiba did as well but this machine has been you know out in the wild for years now and it’s probably been liberated from all of the accessories that it would have come with when new however unlike the Dell laptop one thing that has not managed to slip away over the years or the little rubber feet I can’t believe that they’re still present on this machine but they are there’s a slot for a Kensington security lock and keep your laptop from walking off another air vent and very very rarely seen on any laptop is a reset button yeah if this thing locked up or maybe if the power control logic becomes confused or something like that I really don’t know but evidently if you’ve got a paper clip or a ballpoint pen you can reset this machine in to working order moving on past that we have two PC card slots I can’t imagine that this machine is new enough

that these are card bus slots but you can certainly see that expansion capabilities hope this laptop doesn’t fall over we’re much more valued on older laptops than they are on new ones and it’s got these nice little blanks to keep the dust out I guess since I happen to have a card bus card to hand here I can just see if it fits no it does not however not every machine has a safety against inserting card bus only cards into a PCMCIA or PC card only machine and as the operating voltages are different you can fry something by doing that so if you’re not sure don’t fortunately this machine appears to be protected against such stupidity it’s got a really nice design on the injection levers to ejection levers on laptops that tend to poke out tend to get amputated so Toshiba thought of that you can pull these out a little bit and you can fold them in to a recessed area so that they’re not as likely to be taken off let’s go ahead and plug this machine into power I actually did get the power cord with it and power plug symbol lights up I don’t know if this is the original cord or not but it works so I really don’t care and let’s see here actually there’s something I wanted to show you on this machine something unfortunate and sinister that looks to be gradually happening to it if you look very carefully just above the Toshiba logo and to the left you can see that there’s a crack coming in the screen assembly right around the hinges unfortunately there’s another one of the same over here and well I would really hope that maybe this is indicative of some kind of a drop injury in the past I really don’t think so I’m just not sold on the fact that that’s not gradual stress getting ready to take its toll on those display hinges so we’ll want to be very careful with this machine the power button is right here on the side next to the PC card slots so go ahead and turn it on I love the power indicator on this machine it’s a little computer with the word on in the middle looks like the displays a little bright I better turn that contrast whoa that was the wrong way to turn it okay there we go it’s running Windows 95 I think this might actually be the factory preloaded operating system for this machine Windows 3.1 and windows for workgroups 3.11 did survive into the Pentium era but probably not as new as this machine is I guess this is probably pentium 75 Pentium 100 somewhere in there probably leaning more towards a 75 given the absolute lack of any multimedia capabilities whatsoever a check this out Windows has updated your clock as a result of daylight savings time please verify that your new clock settings are correct you suppose the time can actually be right on that I don’t know I don’t think so it’s not 9 o’clock in the morning by a long shot that’s about 5 o’clock in the afternoon and it’s certainly it’s certainly not April of 2007 so it definitely looks like this thing has drifted a little bit let’s see what is it that’s 2014 and I think that it is the 21st of April and I’ll set the time later I can’t be bothered to do that right now I’m surprised that this thing’s keeping time as well as it is given that it’s very nearly 20 years old by my guest it wants me to set up the battery charge I really don’t understand what this window is for if it’s to try and all the machine that it should take some kind of an action when the battery charge drops below a certain point or just what exactly it’s for I suppose I could click the Help button and maybe find out but not right now let’s go ahead and take a look at some of what’s on the system here again this looks like a pretty fresh installation of Windows I think that whoever owned this machine previously had cleared all of their information off of it though there are a couple of entries on the documents menu one of the things that kind of interests me here is the one that says chassis setup mod but unfortunately it doesn’t look like that file exists on this machine anymore I think this feature has been dropped from later versions of Windows where windows would helpfully offer to connect a shortcut to something else when it couldn’t find the original file and as you can see it’s very helpfully decided that effects subsystem DLL would be a good thing to connect that shortcut to which obviously is not not quite true so let’s see what kind of software we got on this thing they have the standard card of Windows accessories you know

paint WordPad direct cable connection which was actually pretty handy back in the day I used to have a parallel cable for use with that so I could exchange documents between my compact Contour laptop of the time and my desktop computers of that particular time we also have Microsoft money Microsoft sports I wonder if that’s really stock software on this thing I could see Toshiba having pre-loaded Microsoft golf on this though Microsoft works 4.0 if you let if you ask me that was the last great that was the last really great release the Microsoft Works Microsoft Works four point five before it basically turned into a scaled-down version of Microsoft Office personal companion hangman Pro I don’t know about you but I don’t want the hangman be in my personal not sure what that is Toshiba noteworthy catalog it might be worth looking at there might be some interesting accessories in there something along those lines look at those trademarks and stuff you can pause the video if you want to read the copyright information let’s see what’s in here there’s probably some really cool stuff in here from the time along with equally ridiculous prices here’s a fax modem I remember these things these X Jack modems so it used to be when you hooked up a PC card to a laptop yet a little little dongle that hung off the end and either got lost or it got amputated or something like that and that was supposed to solve this problem so let’s see what they offer as far as memory goes ah I see dynamic RAM cards Wow are you needing more RAM to support your new Pentium processors well of course I am you never have too much RAM again if you want to read this you can just pause the video I’ll stop on each of these for just a moment here I’m actually running low on camera memory card space at this point so I’m gonna have to shut this off and empty empty some of the files off of this camera soon so I can keep recording there’s a hard drive 260 million bytes nobody’d ever fill that up right I’ll tell you what folks these were the days ooh nice a scuzzy adapter I actually had one of these for my laptop back in the day I used it to drive a scuzzy scanner well into the Windows 2000 days mine was from Adaptec also had one from a company by the name of IG labs but it wasn’t supported past windows 98 and os/2 which really didn’t do a whole lot for me here’s what looks like a power inverter allowing you to run your computer and operate any AC powered device from the cars electrical system so what else have we got we got carrying cases software that doesn’t look like software to me that’s a 30 to 70 emulation card to connect to an IBM mainframe computer wow you remember when that was important it might still be in some really big businesses I don’t know for sure input devices ah numeric keypad a numeric keypad that attaches of all places seemingly to the parallel port now it’s available for both it says available for serial and parallel pass-through wow this is this is really a fun walk through the past here check out some of these prices they wanted $85 for that thing that’s crazy and then general accessories here’s the Kensington lock $55 so they weren’t exactly giving it away but a lot cheaper than a laptop although the earliest revisions of these things maybe the newer ones too were susceptible to being unlocked by way of a toilet paper tube if you can believe it I think that’s right we’re seeing a video on that years ago okay I’m back now I went ahead and cleared a little bit of space off the cameras memory card hopefully I can get this wrapped up in 10 minutes though I’m sure all of you know the way that I tend to just go on and on and on about everything this technical reference button up here actually caught my eye so let’s go ahead and take a look at that looks to me like it just provides a more detailed description or maybe the same description go ahead move that window over here this highlights one of the problem of color stn displays dual skin display such as this one the response time really is rather poor and you can see how the mouse cursor tends to kind of ghost and disappear used to be a very big problem back in the day to have your mouse cursor disappear and of course playing games on one of these things was absolutely ridiculous side-scroller games anything that involved any kind of scrolling was just absolutely insane the text is not quite the same between the two of these so let’s go ahead and pop out of that I do see that the original master disc creator and stuff is still on this machine so before too long I’m

actually going to unbox some floppy diskettes and I am going to be making the master diskette series for this machine what’s more I will also be saving those discs to disk image files so that they can be immortalized in my collection of vintage software okay I just got to see what this hangman pro thing is looks like it’s actually actually a game okay let’s see if we can if we can guess a letter here oh I got I got a got a head this probably isn’t gonna be good okay we got an e how about an AI oh no this this is gonna end badly I think maybe not I got an O and an e I wonder what it could be I never was very good at these games say okay well we’re just gonna give up do you want to give up oh you didn’t tell me the word well it’s I’m tempted to say an unmentionable I’m not gonna do that little stinker didn’t tell me what the word was let’s see what else we’ve got here we have a couple of toshiba utilities Discovery Center function s FN s obviously to map the function key on the keyboard to do various interesting things hardware set up master disk creator max time manager user’s guide and warranty info you got to love the fact that the warranty info icon is an umbrella let’s go into hardware setup and just take a look around see what it actually makes possible here you can see the bios version default default settings i wonder how big the hard drive is in this machine i guess about i think 500 megabytes would be a stretch considering that there’s what a 200 megabyte drive offered as an option 8 megabytes of ram you remember when that was a lot of memory I sure do these days we’ve got machines pushing down 8 gigabytes of memory so let’s see how big the hard drive is on this thing go ahead and check that out I was right it’s about a 500 megabyte drive so that would have been it would have been pretty darn decent for the day really about half of its free which isn’t too surprising I’ve talked about using disk compression in one of my previous videos to eke out a little more capacity from an insufficiently large hard drive and I can remember doing that in the earliest days of Windows 95 running on my Dell Precision 433 si high personal computer a computer from my past that I would really really like to find another example of I can remember the day that I got an 850 megabyte hard drive and I thought you know I’m never going to fill this thing up it’s funny how that works isn’t it go ahead and take a look at the f NS program here I suppose they mean for you to say that finesse but I’m not going to corrupt the language quite that badly looks like you get a keyboard here and you can assign various functions to the keys so you can customize this which is actually a pretty nice touch you can see that some of them are already customized if you’re watching this video in high-definition you can probably see the pixels in the display quite nicely very sharply focused there no anti-aliasing on the fonts whatsoever that didn’t come along until I want to say the plus package for Windows 95 somewhere along those lines that’s one thing I ought to look into ah to see what version of Windows 95 this machine is running if it’s running the original release or if it’s running one of the OEM service packs well there’s our answer I think it’s safe to say that this is the original fresh installation of Windows 95 so all these years on I really suspect that someone actually reloaded the operating system software on this machine I can’t imagine they kept it this fresh over all of these years especially considering how much this machine would have cost when it was new it doesn’t give away much detail on what kind of Pentium processors in this machine we might have to go into system setup to find out that information a little bit of a roster or hardware here we’ll see what kind of PCMCIA hardware this thing’s packing just generic Hardware nothing fancy about it doesn’t make mention of a PCI expansion bus so I don’t know if it’s got one or not does have a plug-and-play BIOS however I’m getting a little off the point here custom Mouse control panel Toshiba acupoint that clunking noise that you occasionally hear the hard drive making

that’s actually a self parking feature see if it’ll do it here you know these days hard drives are so nice and quiet but back then it was really kind of nice I like that noise at least I didn’t really care for the whiny spindle motors especially as they got louder as time wore on but the clicking sound was definitely handy because you could also tell when a hard drive was likely to be getting into trouble I’m gonna have to stop the camera here and figure out how to get into system setup on this machine and see if it’ll tell me exactly what kind of a processor it happens to have in place well see if this thing’s advanced power management hardware is actually intelligent enough to shut it off and it is it’s pretty cool so I’ll be right back ok I happen to do a little bit of looking around online see about how a person should go about getting into setup on this laptop to my complete amazement Toshiba still has the instructions explaining how to do so on their website but before I get to that I also discovered that fellow YouTube user be Bishop PCM happens to have a video on this exact machine I’m not sure I’ve watched that video of his but I think I’ll definitely go back and watch it when I get through shooting this video to see what his views on the machine were meanwhile let’s go ahead and get into system setup on this machine this is certainly an interesting methodology Toshiba apparently would have you create a keyboard error in order to provoke the machine into giving you a system setup prompt now I have certainly used that approach in the past on machines where I could not otherwise figure out how to get into system setup but this is the first time I have ever seen it as a manufacturer prescribed method so basically you turn the power on hold down the escape key and the machine is supposed to complain and ask you to press f1 so let’s see if it actually does that yep check system then press f1 key okay I’m checking the system I looked over it very carefully same as I read the Windows Media Player thing very carefully and this has to be one of the most austere system setup utilities I have ever seen it’s completely in black and white which is pretty far out again it doesn’t really tell us much about the system CPU but from reading around online I see that the stock processor was in fact a Pentium 75 so my guess was correct anyway let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s going on here it looks like this is one of those displays that probably only supports a 256 color video mode but back then you know that was really something it has an enhanced IDE hard drive in it and take a look at some of these things over here and let’s see is there a second page to this I wonder I don’t see any second pages to this but I guess we’ll go ahead and see nope that is all that there is so we’ll go ahead and exit setup without saving again if you want to look at those things you can just pause the video except without saving and then it’ll go on to boot into Windows 95 notice again the blurring on the text during the memory test okay I went ahead and took a quick look at the display properties to go ahead and confirm my suspicions about this thing’s panel color depth limitations these limitations of course do not apply if you hook up an external monitor to this machine and use it exclusively though if you were for example to use the internal and external display simultaneously assuming this computer can actually do so you would be limited not only to 256 colors which even though it claims to be indicating a 16-bit color palette you can see very clearly from the example graphic down here that it’s not really doing a 16-bit color you can also see that the desktop area is restricted to 640 by 480 while you are using the internal panel this machine’s graphics hardware comes from chips and technologies chips – chips and technologies was actually a company that manufactured highly integrated 80 chipsets and later video hardware and things along those lines I love the way it says chips and technologies accelerator knew certainly not very new these days they were ultimately bought by Intel Corporation and the display hardware business actually went to a company known as a– silient technologies ‘silly –nt technologies was around know I think until a couple of years ago and then they just kind of

silently folded and the last I knew their website said that a silient comm is no longer available so I’m guessing that the market for the classic chips and technologies video accelerators really wasn’t that great he’s going to go ahead and just give you a little additional demonstration here of the fact that this panel is definitely I take that back I think it is running in as close an approximation as it can manage to high color mode you can see that’s not totally smooth but it’s also not dithered quite as clearly as it would be if it were really running in eight bits per pixel or 250 six colors okay now I’m curious I’m just going to have to reboot the Machine and try it who knew that this would be such a tremendous trip down old laptop memory lane for me I really am a sucker for this old computer stuff I love playing around with it I love puttering with it and I really haven’t had a great deal of exposure to playing with old computers in a period of time that has been way way way too long kind of like this video it’s been way way way too long so let’s see here it’s going to come back up into Windows you know I know that I think of it I think that that color depth example graphic in Windows 95 is actually not capable of indicating proper high color depth selections when you’ve chosen them we got to go ahead and try this again here switched it back to 256 color mode I’ll go in here and we’ll get the color palette to come up once again yeah the dithering is a great deal more pronounced now so apparently even though this display panel doesn’t really properly support high color display it will it will try to do it which is more than I can say for the first color display laptop I ever owned a compact contour ax for 10 C with Western digital graphics yes I kid you not there was a time when Western Digital and yes I mean the hard drive manufacturer was in the graphics business here’s the chips and technologies display control utility it says it’s set to an interlaced refresh right now which is very interesting I’m surprised it’s not set to 60 Hertz the higher resurrects would be for use with what were considered organ Amma Klee correct monitors at the time although many of us who had graduated from the old monochrome and CGA displays of the time considered an ergonomic monitor to be one that didn’t output so much electromagnetic radiation that it left a silhouette of our head on the wall behind oh my goodness well everybody I have had a heck of a good time talking about this old laptop and sharing it with you I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this video as well as my protracted rambling until next time everybody this is uxw bill saying goodbye for now and feel free to leave a comment if you have one