George Hotz | Programming | tinygrad: triggering the Apple Neural Engine from C++ | Apple M1 | Part6

felperahn: hey george jsnake794: hi jonathan_wimberly: pog yoloboss420: suuuuh ddpping: Hiii ddpping: Morning? Evening ttimpe: Oh hello George what’s up? ddpping: 19:16 IceHegel: Yo isalhi: What’s the plan today ddpping: 7:16 PM Freaktopus: Gm george 2shawt: sup pxlluu: hi everyone DrunkTimeLord: hey hotzie walruous: Goood morning baby kilosman0: helloe DrunkTimeLord: TRIGURD 2shawt: who’s ready for the scuffed mic JBNunn: yo yo lightofhel1: be careful, na can ban you Kappa vadzim_tv: hey George ELEMENTiQ1337: yooo george insignia_microwave: wassup prafaeltsantos: hello papalontropus: hey guys!! sureom: hi george kokiworse: sup sup sup ryugavegeta: Yo whats your stratergy to play Solo and win I wanna be a winner like you George localcanofdutchgold: its got the song in the back no? 매운족발: Hello George Hotz torquatotasso1: hi @georgehotz, does ur family have italian origins? brade0g11: What’s up! oreo_171: yoooo santiago_camarena: hola Jorge oreo_171: we poggin? walruous: Why this kinda vibin fr Temporary_sanity: yo LABZdotEU: George! How’s it going? playitdude: stream quality is super legit for an all in one solution santiago_camarena: have you read GEB? neca_: @georgehotz did u see thenewbostom coin? what do you think about it Noxique: Hi Georgy <3 :D <3 sseebbaassttiiaann: he trying out the new tensorflow fork? responsiblah: Did he get this coreml for python compiled? LABZdotEU: Are you only working on the M1 on stream or off stream as well? simpaseptic: wow geohot not listening to future twintowerpower: this some math rock puodchamp: Nice music taste papalontropus: I dont finished yesterday video. Did you manage the execution on ANE? vadzim_tv: @georgehotz did you manage to get ANE working? Wireballz: Morning icyvran: Music

walruous: walruous subscribed with Prime vadzim_tv: @papalontropus not on yesterday stream W1lkins: wow these speakers are good Kappa lesserthangood: is this 2pac daghers: I bet listening to the song that Elon made would make you program like Elon ImPedroVictor: The VOD is getting copyrighted? walruous: He said its a cover isalhi: What song is this? walruous: So it won’t get copyrighted papalontropus: @vadzim_tv so he is gonna try it today.. ?? walruous: @isalhi I think icyvran linked it vadzim_tv: @papalontropus I guess? isalhi: Thx yolonutte: how did he fix ipython yesterday? alamender: So what is this guy makin today papalontropus: @vadzim_tv thx! Kultiviert: hello georgie my friend kklisura: Hi! walruous: I didn’t watch the nn from scratch streams yet is this a continuation off that? Invert3dReality: can you hack the real life sim and raise your stats? ryugavegeta: Yo what’s your stratergy to play Solo and win I wanna be a winner like you George man alamender: which terminal emulator do you use?? walruous: I’m guessing so since it’s tinygrad winningbigforever: subscribe @ryugavegeta Tusk_sb: the lyrics are copyrights too, son localcanofdutchgold: wow wow flippe31: do we still hate the speaker or what ryugavegeta: Damn always flexing George fronyyo: explicit ttimpe: They would still have the copyright on the music itself walruous: You can definitely get copyrighted for that kklisura: Was he able to reverse the libraries from last night? arhamkaiser: woah there daghers: They don’t copyright the whole vid. They just mute the parts it played. And if he was silent anyway it doesn’t matter too much oreo_171: @ryugavegeta you are beggin to get banned for the past few streams, geo hates fan bois LUL localcanofdutchgold: this is twitch George, please Gianmacaco: Hi George responsiblah: Music is a little loud compared to your voice vadzim_tv: @georgehotz tell us what you are working on alamender: @georgehotz which terminal emulator do you use?? Omashu: How do you put screens left and right equally so smoothly on mac? ArtemisCosmo: haha I love how you changed your mind on it Invert3dReality: the AI bots are watching you Apoplect1c: hehehe walruous: @Omashu It’s a window tile manager I’m pretty sure vadzim_tv: @Omashu third party tool Fulk33: @georgehotz what are some of your highlights when it comes to the new computer? walruous: Windows has one built it, not sure whether mac does ArtemisCosmo: @Fulk33 speakers, login avatars Apoplect1c: He looks like he is hiding his nuts in his cheeks like squirrels fronyyo: its called Magnet FalconStrikeer12: gonna get ban from copyright Invert3dReality: he is Omashu: @walruous it has but kinda wonky arhamkaiser: what a g kklisura: @Fulk33 He as complaining about the speakers. lol Invert3dReality: this music sucks btw arhamkaiser: anyone kno who that was Vjasal: whats up George W1lkins: DMCA inc ttimpe: Sure it can

walruous: @Omashu Yeah, I think fronyyo gave it to you walruous: Check magnet panpsychism_: the automated system might pick it up Invert3dReality: wtf is this riff going to go on for 10 hours Omashu: yep thanks @walruous @fronyyo Apoplect1c: guzuLaugh Let us see how many nuts you are hiding in those beautiful cheeks alycia: people have been banned for just walking by music playing in resturants lol thecoder15: What is up panpsychism_: the american football riffs are too recognizeable isalhi: You can fight it, but covers can trigger copyright strikes alamender: can we get a setup tour ryugavegeta: When you playing piano on stream walruous: I got copyrighted for using an instrumental of a song made by someone else Invert3dReality: the AI bots dont care if its live they WILL bann you walruous: You’ll def get copyrighted for a live performance sarang_s: it do be like that JAKWAI: concurrency in go combined with channels messes with my brain xD myaocat: yoo Tusk_sb: yea twitch Invert3dReality: its the AI bots that bann you torquatotasso1: @georgehotz hi, does ur family have italians origins? W1lkins: twitch ban walruous: I think they just cut off the audio do they not? alamender: TWITCH FalconStrikeer12: from twitch pvnieo: twitch walruous: or do they ban full out isalhi: YouTube, idk about twitch daghers: I don’t think they ban you rahLLi: just play your rap song panpsychism_: twitch too daghers: I’ve never heard of that alycia: You cant get banned now though I think, tey wil start banning people soon asaalgk: why not train an adversarial model that modifies audio minimally that bypasses dmca algos LABZdotEU: it’s amazing how a programmer can get 500 people to watch his stream on twitch 😀 panpsychism_: it’s a recent policy for twitch Invert3dReality: they definately ban you if u get 3 strikes I ve seen it happen ttimpe: Twitch is currently getting hundreds of requests by the German RIAA (GEMA as it’s called). They never really worked out a deal walruous: @asaalgk Thinking big brain LABZdotEU: working on ane again? YOLOMAN1343: a can of diet mtn dew has 0 calories… a bottle has 5.. where did those 5 come from? asaalgk: hard to get training data for it though metallsimp: monkaS SnadderG: This the new mbp? patrickgekko: @SnadderG air SnadderG: ah ty patrickgekko ryugavegeta: George just a 2min rant on playing solo and winning FargioFarmani: I just joined – is this man trying to learn coding? Is he using React.js? htc_specialist: LUL metsu_gadoken: LUL LABZdotEU: @georgehotz can tinygrad be somehow work with the APIs apple offers? LABZdotEU: or we already decided it can’t? cramthatgraham: cramthatgraham is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 1 in the channel!

cramthatgraham: cramthatgraham gifted a Tier 1 sub to St47ik! kurumuz12: hi, what we are doing? kurumuz12: coremltools can interact with ANE? ericvaneri9k: gm danbutron: hi ✌️ vv1zm8: damn dude we don’t see your face because of huge pp on whole screen! morocco0: HeyGuys ofaas: elo george m8 morocco0: Hi chat alamender: Which terminal emulator are you using man 😉 St47ik: @cramthatgraham oh hey thx mate SeemsGood vv1zm8: @alamender its just macos default terminal ericvaneri9k: thoughts on the ipohne 12 ? alamender: is Hmmm……Do u know his vim rc winningbigforever: inner product is like dot product but generalized i think vv1zm8: @alamender i guess u can find it on his github M03x: Python DansGame muffclap69: yo canburger: this is m1 mac right ?

Temporary_sanity: yes ericvaneri9k: yep alamender: yaa ericvaneri9k: gay color M03x: is this the new M1 ? vv1zm8: @ericvaneri9k exactly kurumuz12: it is Thomasbrah: how do you guys know if it is or not lol ? SuPaC: looks like a huge screen he is using ericvaneri9k: unboxing vid colanzio5: dmseg -wH SlowlyRunnin: What do you mean with triggering the neural engine? vv1zm8: daaamn walruous: good morning kanye kurumuz12: m1 has a neural engine to accelerate neural network ops kurumuz12: he was trying to tap into that jagger_rsw: dmesg | tail -n 80 tajpouria: Bro when the terminal font is that tiny, why u even streaming? walruous: its not tha tiny imo kurumuz12: so no need to reverse ANE oof zafke: sick, clAP clap M03x: Pepega SuPaC: just turn up the resolution M03x: Clap covidneunzehn: ez ez ez vadzim_tv: MAINFRAME GOODNESS St47ik: PogChamp SlowlyRunnin: Enhance! walruous: PogChamp data_disciple: to all of my followers, to really want to learn how its done, this is the man right here, and one of my true mentors. MrDestructoid1 MrDestructoid1 MrDestructoid1 Proph1Y3: Did he get scipy to install or was it not needed? colanzio5: so are you just sniffing for calls to ml chip figure out lower level api? or are you at a different point alamender: SAVAGE LMAO walruous: 27in monitor gvng where yall at? knobtwista: How big is your monitor? LightScry: Some ppl watch you on iPhone LightScry: Or android FlyGuy49: @lightscry +1 walruous: @LightScry what about ipad?

Linndan_: I an read it Fine on ,y iPad localcanofdutchgold: mobile watchers lul walruous: Holy shit walruous: Viewers just went brazyu Linndan_: lol fail yaboixgg: big nose FargioFarmani: Don’t forget that Alex taught George how to code, so Alex is the real mentor, I think SlowlyRunnin: Is an ipad still considered a mobile device? LightScry: Can you measure it with and without neural engine? ryugavegeta: For all the most FAQ got to this wiki knobtwista: @SlowlyRunnin yes alamender: @georgehotz Can i get your Terminal config ilikerecursion: best mfing stream walruous: @georgehotz can you stream agario deep_research: my kids watch you on the weekends and now think they can find bugs in code. “there’s a bug! there’s a bug!” LUL ilikerecursion: how to start coding when george is streaming? Woockiecookiee_: How can I be as constant as you? @georgehotz ryugavegeta: You mean consistent?? mobal: hello aodhneine: hiya~ mobal: hi @georgehotz Thomasbrah: !today zafke: you have to get what u doin @Woockiecookiee_ Thomasbrah: can anyone fill me in what he is trying to achieve with the new m1 chip ML ? odnal: hi everyone 🙂 winningbigforever: @Woockiecookiee_ pray to god and tell him to type const Woockiecookiee_ mobal: @Thomasbrah +1 😀 mrpentakills: back on the twitch grind noice George walruous: walruous: You can stream this song all day mobal: !followage hexadecimalinteger: How he can write code on all these languages wtff Thomasbrah: so nobody has been here long enough to tell me what he is trying to do with the chip ? mobal: he is a professional pro aodhneine: hexadecimalinteger, why not? aodhneine: Thomasbrah, he’s trying to make tinygrud run on it codingbryan: I have no idea what he’s doing but I still love watching lol

walruous: ^ hexadecimalinteger: @aodhneine the moment I try to learn a 2nd language I forget the first one, rip MrReflection99: this guy never stops coding MrReflection99: lmao walruous: @hexadecimalinteger That happens to me all the time walruous: But it mobal: Taylor Swift? 😀 deep_research: did he convert the model from pytorch to protobuf or something? walruous: But it’s always easier to pick up the old one again aodhneine: hexadecimalinteger, so you’re just using them too infrequently for them to stick in your memory elyahood: george you told me once making your own NN lib is stupidity squared -.- alamender: Can you share your terminal config DailyDisclosure: DO IT DailyDisclosure: LUL DailyDisclosure: go off Staph3r: LUL aimon1337: can you share your .zshrc? @georgehotz fmlpandawhale: !uptime Tusk_sb: BabyRage ALEX! mobal: @alamender he is using screen i thinkthats all rbsrbs: missed rant opportunity 🙁 alamender: @mobal WHAT SCREEN?? mobal: google gnu screen MrReflection99: rugged george hotz otw? codingbryan: Still on M1 Air? MrReflection99: love the bearh MrReflection99: beard* reeldill120: is this ctf or some shit walruous: Only real men program in assembly change my mind aodhneine: why do people care about terminal/shell/editor/whatever config, gosh ezeql8: key boaard ? Kappa marschr: so… thneed for ane today? walruous: @reeldill120 It’s him trying to get his neural net to run on Apple’s boosted chip i’m pretty sure localcanofdutchgold: men don’t program @walruous EZ walruous: @localcanofdutchgold you got me there DailyDisclosure: damn walruous: What does that make george? rbsrbs: pass the butter localcanofdutchgold: I thought George was an AI @walruous psi505: for some reason my connection became bad Crime_Stein: W alamender: is your GF also a coder? organistfred: What is he doing? DailyDisclosure: lol Thomasbrah: @alamender i dont think that is his gf aodhneine: organistfred, he’s trying to make tinygrud run on apple neural engine FargioFarmani: Is the M1 Neural Engine comparable to running code on the RTX 3090? rbsrbs: oh boi thats a +5 productivity walruous: @localcanofdutchgold Nah he’s def just a decision tree DailyDisclosure: YO whitsyerhing: George pretty much does mukbang streams with some programming sondreal: dont show waffle, now I want as well DansGame DailyDisclosure: that looks good walruous: @Thomasbrah I think his girlfriend just left naisuu42: woah thats some pog food alamender: @Thomasbrah They KISSES LUL aimon1337: can you share your .zshrc? @georgehotz ArbitRandomUser1: is there an SDK for the M1’s neural engine? walruous: Like 30 minutes ago elyahood: george you said writing your own NN lib was a waste of time. Explain this

Thomasbrah: @alamender lol well i was thinking it was his sister he was staying with axlebear: hi mommy hotz aodhneine: aimon1337, why? it’s not like it matters AT ALL mobal: pretty lady, let him programming and brings food KappaHD Thomasbrah: somebody in chat trolled me BiotekNick: 7 cents on the dollar u mean? walruous: @elyahood It’s probably a waste of time to write it for production mescal33t: NomNom Ziv0: how are you liking the M1? walruous: You can write it for learning purposes bananiel66: NaM alamender: HOWS M1 bigie: are you trying to get GPU acceleration for tinygrad ? marschr: thneed for ane real? walruous: What’s the diff? morocco0: Apple neural engine ArbitRandomUser1: how are we on opencl ? alamender: Anyways Good morning GERGE bigie: is it apple’s version of CUDA cores ? vincentcutepogi: Hello sir can you explain to me like im 5 years old what you are doing alamender: GEORGE** Wireballz: @georgehotz Can it do 4k youtube on M1 ? kurumuz12: lol ofc whitsyerhing: Why is ANE going to be needed soon. What do we have to look forward to? alamender: @Wireballz YAAS aodhneine: people who don’t know what’s ane/apple neural network – read this crucialOri: are you interested in having another podcast with Lex Fridman ? axlebear: using ghidra over hopper, bold Wireballz: Sweet walruous: @vincentcutepogi He is getting his neural network to utilize the Apple Neural Engine to accelerate his training alamender: LMAO his username is SMOL axlebear: you can do dmesg –follow djceci: oh he is not writing his neural network in assembly gotcha absoluutely_: the m1 mac sees day 2 of use, maybe he’s getting attached alamender: imagine watching his stream but u r not a programmer Singpafo: asmr alamender: asmr viluliinaxx: cmonBruh bigie: are the docs so bad you have to get kernel trace to see the calls ? deep_research: The die surface area for neural engine is like 1/2 of the GPU. What’s everyone’s guess for the inference time boost running on neural engine vs the M1 GPU – or maybe you can USE ALL THE THINGS with the on chip ram. This is exciting!! naisuu42: KEKW viluliinaxx: jailbreak shkreli when nuripower: @walruous what is apple neural engine is it new thing = nuripower: ? murraydrover: Hey George morocco0: 0.15 3johnsonn3: Hello bigie: wjat elyahood: george, what is the error variable in real life in regards to NNs? @georgehotz vv1zm8: @georgehotz damn man.. you are my father. and what are u gonna do with it?? aodhneine: bigie, yes, there’s no documentation for ANE api kurumuz12: why chat is extremely normie today

murraydrover: I need a new laptop, im in my penultimate year of astrophysics. have less than 1k to spend ideally what should I get aodhneine: kurumuz12, normie? today’s chat sucks even more than yesterday rbsrbs: @kurumuz12 you must be new here winningbigforever: there are a ton of people from lex fridman i think walruous: @nuripower It’s sort of like (not really) like the cuda cores on the Nvidia RTX if you’re familiar with those. It’s specialized to run Neural nets. It’s pretty new relatively bigie: what’s the point of the neural engine if only apple’s stuff runs on it? Jeptah88: @kurumuz12 It’s OK, I just arrived 1Horsepower: @murraydrover 20 year old thinkpad kurumuz12: it was pretty fine yesterday viluliinaxx: @aodhneine False walruous: Idk what the performance boost is on it, but knowing Apple, it’s probably gonna be pretty good crucialOri: are you interested in having another podcast with Lex Fridman ? borang: good morning muiraie: *asks about k3yb0rEd* walruous: MORE LEX deep_research: Can you run on GPU and NE? crucialOri: YES! phrixus_bro: he just redid lex Zamytv21: how is the m1 laptop? @georgehotz fenharelthedreadwolf: What’s the name of the software he is using ? viluliinaxx: can you xyeet into dominion babaquon: lex three’dman bigie: please don’t do more lex friedmans r0renzu: MORE LEX walruous: Can you interview Lex actually phrixus_bro: less lex gill_bates_macrosoft: this kills the math major alamender: i ordered openpilot 🙂 axlebear: take no prisoners djceci: step over it walruous: I feel like it’d be interesting to see George interview Lex crucialOri: whoever says no more lex, just dont watch it wtf xD elyahood: george, tell us how easy it was to do your jailbreak that you got so famous for, and what it requires today @georgehotz bsx1123: Galaxy Quest! whitsyerhing: Will ANE allow for cool AI things for your standard users? hexadecimalinteger: @georgehotz just remake the tinygrad library in swift anjithsasindran: Wait is he streaming again. Awesome panoskouf: why do I keep watching this even though I don’t undestand anything rephlexsion: are you on macbook or imac jorislimonier: would be fun rai0x90: macbook m1 aodhneine: whitsyerhing, probably not much more than cuda or opencl coppuh: tyler cowen best interviewer AlexEken9: what is he doing? phrixus_bro: what is the best tyler cowen interview to listen to jorislimonier: 1st question: Lex are you a robot ? murraydrover: @chat what laptop should I get r0renzu: More interviews w programmers lol the_gilps: bless you rai0x90: how did u fix the segmentation fault? murraydrover: less than 1k JAKWAI: bless you hexadecimalinteger: looks at this guy using his hacking skills to accomplish a task r0renzu: Chats* not interviess phrixus_bro: get a black friday laptop whitsyerhing: @aodhneine That’s cool. Some cool things you can do with NVidia. Will be cool if AI chips are more common in hardware MrTerme: god bless your little, gorgeous soul alamender: gg 851 viewers YAYYY the_gilps: lol r0renzu: Bless you rai0x90: is this ghidra? aodhneine: MrTerme, *georgeous soul aodhneine: yes, this is ghidra axlebear: hack apple and steal the source rai0x90: wats he doin? is this still tinygrad? walruous: Think we can break 1000 viewers? Tusk_sb: he’s in the petagon’s mainframe right now aodhneine: b1ggochu, trying to make tinygrad run on apple neural engine murraydrover: @tusk_sb hahahaa Jeptah88: We need a clickbait title to break 1000

walruous: NEW ANGLE jorislimonier: Are you still on the pinky Maccy ? derfreak69: u only have 1 monitor? aodhneine: room exposed monkaS rai0x90: lol, did he fix that segmentation fault thing he was struggling w yesterday thorfindyo: yeah FargioFarmani: shit deep_research: WE LOVE THE NEW ANGLE kurumuz12: ipythonkernel? yeah rbsrbs: imagine only having 1 monitor in current year LUL walruous: New Angle PogChamp tearisten68: flexing jorislimonier: That’s what she said aodhneine: @georgehotz tell your girlfriend we’re saying hi to her Jeptah88: So much space PogChamp elyahood: george ENGAGE WITH VIEWERS PLZ KEK hrittik166: Is this your new office??? plsnotlikethiss: i fell asleep someone catch me up rai0x90: show ur gf walruous: Mods are not very pog coppuh: Going through all this but reluctant to take 2 minutes to setup monitor lmao alamender: smol for us axlebear: so much room for activities plsnotlikethiss: is tinygrad done yet? エワルパー: smol sedaboni95: but your ceiling is unfinished thorfindyo: are you living in a basement? derfreak69: george, u cant programm all day… u gotta give ur girl love and attention as well r0renzu: Show girl hexadecimalinteger: bro what is this setup walruous: @plsnotlikethiss I think so walruous: I think it’s just optimizng rai0x90: show ur girl whitsyerhing: Thanks, George deep_research: You have smol PIXl prettycloudyy: many pixel vadzim_tv: select SCALED rbsrbs: @plsnotlikethiss not sure about tinygrad but I just done your mom DuckerZ marschr: hold Alt walruous: TheIlluminati エワルパー: Pog the_gilps: bam ryugavegeta: George just a 2min rap on playing solo and winning vadzim_tv: way better deep_research: YAS elyahood: i like george but he always works on bullshit, like for real 😀 odnal: i can see now murraydrover: what laptop should I get george?! FargioFarmani: smol murraydrover: oh that looks far better carus11: buy a ThinkPad vHyphy: !uptime rai0x90: how much is m1 macbook? walruous: Coming into the middle of a george hotz stream is like walking into the middle of a porn shoot murraydrover: one of what? fireposeidoncx: elizier yudkowski is a fraud darkpassenger17: do you live in a garage? j031t: YOOOOOO George aodhneine: @georgehotz tell your girlfriend we’re saying hi to her j031t: How you hangin man? r0renzu: Much easier mentally & physically when ur not looking down but up ryugavegeta: Paint your ceiling axlebear: PepeLaugh 32bitrobo: Paint the walls George poincarre: NotLikeThis carus11: f walruous: This is why Mac is dog ghhernandes: F golden_430: LUL エワルパー: KEKW apple IO Bennee01: wow thanks apple alamender: F kurumuz12: unplug the charger vadzim_tv: DONGLE LIFE deep_research: PLUG INTO WOL the_gilps: Gotta buy more shit man, they win again r0renzu: Mac is garb axlebear: 2 ports in 2020 UntiedSoul: how’s quarantine round 2 been going? murraydrover: USB splitter bro murraydrover: ez money thekittyslayer7: looks like some nasa shit monosak: Mac LUL r0renzu: MAC LUL LUL LUL walruous: @murraydrover How many watts are apple USB’s rated for? the_gilps: lol elyahood: i like george but he always works on bullshit. Covid nonsense, now his own nn lib 😀 GEOOOOOOOOORGE NUB whitsyerhing: Bill Gates in the 90s said he doesn’t know why anyone would need more than 2 usb ports mik12f4: lower your chair TusKaN_BaNaNas: @murraydrover libreboot a thinkpad x200 rai0x90: BibleThump BibleThump alamender: MAC LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL walruous: @whitsyerhing Bill gates on dat boof pack r0renzu: MAC LOL LUL UntiedSoul: going through zin ir today right? alamender: MAC more like MAT bigie: are there window managers for mac too ? something like i3 1Horsepower: : I use a thing called a Hyperdrive for my Mac machines its nice winningbigforever: @elyahood go watch something else then murraydrover: not getting a mac hrittik166: is that c you’re coding in??

hrittik166: or c++ Moe_Bradberry: what is he doing? aodhneine: hrittik166, swift and c++ r0renzu: *RECOMMENDS MAC* LUL whitsyerhing: Yes エワルパー: we coo deep_research: map CAPS to CTRL best life walruous: YOu an see the file extensions lmao hrittik166: @aodhneine oh cool myaocat: battery level 3% LUL UntiedSoul: zinir today right? murraydrover: its obviously fortran Moe_Bradberry: what does triggering the apple neural do? r0renzu: Much better george kurumuz12: can’t see the battery life, move your webcam down a little Bennee01: but the m1 macs last forever LUL walruous: screw namespace all my homies hate namespace klasher125: OBS blocks the battery life lol, if the stream just dies rip George’s battery 🙂 aodhneine: walruous, assuming that chat is able to use their 2 brain cells and read what’s on the screen -_- エワルパー: wow mouse is THICC r0renzu: Charge up fam エワルパー: mouse pointer aksiksi: Caps -> Ctrl swapping is a must whitsyerhing: It’s the new M1, isn’t the battery meant to last 4 months or something? Jeptah88: 943 PogChamp walruous: @aodhneine lmao I swear I’ve said what the stream is about at least 4 times Vimera: @whitsyerhing 5 if you use FF instead of Chrome barisakaroguee: whats he doin now aodhneine: 2306 viewers yay whitsyerhing: @Vimera Gotcha! walruous: It says 940 for me kurumuz12: can’t see the battery life, move your webcam down a little alamender: 940 viewers YAYYYYY the_gilps: hahaha rbsrbs: Jebaited Jeptah88: Jebaited borang: LUL name100015: Jebaited localcanofdutchgold: Jebaited axlebear: caps lock is good for yelling at interns walruous: He got Trollledddd optimaltransport: fame is overrated charliekobani: 1mill insta followers monosak: PogChamp r0renzu: Caps/Ctrl swap….good idea hrittik166: Is this your office??? kurumuz12: change the title to a clickbait one to get more viewers kurumuz12: “Hacking the ANE!” or something kek johnblame: 9 AM -> 19 PM here Bruh r0renzu: F A M E aodhneine: @georgehotz so twitch is bugged again LUL elyahood: reversing the apple neural engine 😀 elyahood: hahahahaha walruous: @johnblame Wya? optimaltransport: fame is a scam hexadecimalinteger: @georgehotz is that the Apple XDR 6K monitor? rocketll: Wait, you can call the neural engine from a non-CoreML program? elyahood: more like debugging my baby code to run with apples NN johnblame: @walruous Ukraine FeelsBadMan r0renzu: S H O W G I R L TusKaN_BaNaNas: saying fame is a scam is a scam walruous: @johnblame viva la ukraine kurumuz12: @rocketll ofcourse walruous: walruous: Not this goerge bigie: what runs on ANE so far ? just apple stuff ? ryugavegeta: Play Neefex Tusk_sb: you’re definitely gettinga strike for that one whitsyerhing: Everything is copyrighted. You own nothing. Everything is rented MyUserNameDosentFi: @georgehotz where do I send my application to be the Igor to your Dr. Frankenstein carus11: what’s the best tmux prefix kurumuz12: there is no documentation for it but you can figure out how to call the ANE with enough reverse engineering @rocketll axlebear: type ? r0renzu: UR A CHAD rbsrbs: info registers Ziv0: info registers aodhneine: naisu hiredguns: surprising thing is, safari is way better than chrome walruous: Reverse engineering only exists because people don’t document for shit r0renzu: ナイス! hiredguns: been actually, been long time aksiksi: Best tmux prefix is Ctrl-A, allows nested tmux on remote end optimaltransport: is safari really better than chrome now Stuffa1991: using callbacks in 2020 hiredguns: way better rocketll: @kurumuz12 ah, not a surprise aodhneine: aksiksi, I prefer C-x, more emacs-like bigie: camel case parameter names ? DansGame walruous: @optimaltransport I wouldn’t doubt it optimaltransport: @hiredguns wow ive got to try it out now

walruous: @bigie camelCase is superior linusdidntmakelinux: damn r0renzu: Yes I have both but both suck (FFox & chrome) aksiksi: @aodhneine Vim user here so gill_bates_macrosoft: @optimaltransport safari is just better for the battery on the Mac linusdidntmakelinux: no we dont icyvran: Is George using an external monitor? Izimoney92100: Yes we do whitsyerhing: Yeah, get famous r0renzu: Yes optimaltransport: @gill_bates_macrosoft oh yeah for sure bigie: @walruous snake_case_master_race walruous: I genuinely like Brave, it’s basically better chrome imo walruous: It feels snappier too linusdidntmakelinux: just type pepe UntiedSoul: info vtbl ? ryugavegeta: Yeah be a rapper we know your ambitions linusdidntmakelinux: and it will print pointers aodhneine: firefox is better though deep_research: Can we run the model on NE+GPU+CPU like a power ranger? r0renzu: BRAVE IS KING prettycloudyy: Brave is kinda sus now amar0k_: amar0k_ subscribed at Tier 1 alycia: edge is the best walruous: @bigie itIsLessCharactersToTypeLikeThis than to_type_like_this shanumbra: edge is really good TusKaN_BaNaNas: attention token is very sus walruous: @shanumbra actually? deep_research: thank you @amar0k_ – promote! 4b367c: Use p/x 4b367c: In lldb use p/x ryugavegeta: Yeah bigie: @walruous BUtITLookSLiKEyouRETypiNGLiKEThIs hyper_aleks: did you learn all this stuff by books? 4b367c: Er sorry x/2x myaocat: print ((void **)$x0)[2] Keeqler: are you at a abandoned parking lot or what 4b367c: you can do p/Nx 4b367c: where n is some integer 4b367c: oh maybe x/Nx r0renzu: Thanks htc_specialist: have you looked at apple coremltools? myaocat: add before ((void **) myaocat: 2 kurumuz12: he did look at coremltools bigie: give the guy your ssh key so he can try stuff out Kappa r0renzu: Kappa Kappa myaocat: install gdb Kappa ryugavegeta: Yeah we understand

walruous: Do you think George’s toilets flushes clockwise or counterclock wise? r0renzu: Show girl ResidentSleeper iamFIURE: macbook air??? yes0_: stream again??? myaocat: info vtbl $x0 ? ryugavegeta: Its 360 degree @walruous myaocat: try info vtbl $x0 madebyollin: print ((void **)$vtable_address)[i] ? jacekakacz: What are we doing right now? walruous: @ryugavegeta That’s a truism if I’ve ever seen one r0renzu: You can’t do this on MacBook Air, or can you? Tusk_sb: @iamFIURE yes, base model 8gb ram myaocat: without dollar sign ryugavegeta: @walruous You can ask him to show it Tusk_sb: and pink ryugavegeta: You are a sub after all iamFIURE: @Tusk_sb Thanks kurumuz12: @r0renzu he is using an air r0renzu: Oh shit! axlebear: cant use r2? walruous: @georgehotz Show us what direction your toilet flushes TheIlluminati Jeptah88: ofcourse myaocat: PogChamp ryugavegeta: @walruous Bravery 10000 FargioFarmani: Just use p/a youngsachi: PogChamp Izimoney92100: Pog r0renzu: Thought you needed a Pro for any meaningful work. I was mistaken walruous: Pennsylvania? kurumuz12: @r0renzu nah it has the same exact chip UntiedSoul: has george ever mentioned any books/textbooks/blogs to read ayli__xd: Can someone explain to stupid guy like me what is he doing right now? kurumuz12: search engines are all you need bigie: that looks like a “normal” string ryugavegeta: @untiedsoul He read a blog about some building ancient rbsrbs: @ayli__xd hacking the mainframe obviously Ekaeo: how’s m1 so far kurumuz12: @ayli__xd reverse engineering ANE so he can trigger it to use in tinygrad walruous: @UntiedSoul Check out the Lex interview #2, he gives a pretty concise take on what you need to do if you want to learn computer science pretty thoroughly frode_0xa: @UntiedSoul Watch the latest Lex Fridmann with George jacekakacz: If I would have a server which get ip adresses from clients but don’t save it so I need some permission, legaly stuff like RODO?? walruous: But of course its a take, what actually works varies from person to person ayli__xd: @kurumuz12 thanks, can you explain me what is tinygard? axlebear: george is going to segfault the simulation someday walruous: @ayli__xd well are you familiar with gradients in general? UntiedSoul: thanks chat! thats what inspired me to ask. He mentioned yudowsky, unqualified reservations r0renzu: @kurumuz12 Ahhh I’ve been lied to. Not that I’ll be buying a Mac

hyper_aleks: so you guys in chat, have you guys performed any type of hacking lately or do you guys have jobs? kurumuz12: tinygrad is george’s neural network framework, its named tinygrad because its really smol @ayli__xd UntiedSoul: and the hudl competition pharaohskaro: @ayli__xd google the Apple neural engine akrwp: He said learn assembly, c and python walruous: I’m selling my windows laptop for a mac crakeenn: love you walruous: Don’t know if I should wait for apple silicon or not kurumuz12: so he’s planning to use apple’s neural accelerator with his NN framework walruous: ^exactly kurumuz12: I will wait for the M2 kek kurumuz12: 2 ports is not enough ryugavegeta: Does George watch anime walruous: Thing is grahambojangles_: does anyone know what he’s looking in the memory for? ghhernandes: the mbp 13 have 3 ports walruous: Is the switch to ARM gonna be as seemless as Apple making it seem like it is ghhernandes: 4* xrealyy: is he on mac air? gaschu: m2 is gonna have 1 port guest1GRjBAYo: does the M1 run on ARM? gaschu: m3 none SlayerX1: LUL carus11: the switch to arm will only be seamless when enough Devs fix all the open source toolz alycia: he is on mac book ground kurumuz12: We cant see it george goto3: you live in a parking lot? pharaohskaro: @georgehotz this work bring you back to CTFing at all? clamsino: hey I saw this guy on Lex Fridman, he’s cute as heck kurumuz12: your webcam is covering it axlebear: m4 is going to have negative ports Tusk_sb: im “renting” the base air to play with and resell before m2 UntiedSoul: it’s covered by the camera flippe31: lets just approximate battery life i’d say its 55% right now carus11: so grab a device and help test them out ryugavegeta: @pharaohskaro Dont ask about ctf man he gets annoyed pahil: is he using a second monitor to stream off? UntiedSoul: schrodingers battery life gaschu: m4 will have a second bluetooth radio bigie: what kind of SDK access would an apple developer get to ANE ? zer0ch1ll_: I wonder if I could beat up Lex Fridman pahil: @zer0ch1ll_ LOL do u do mma? optimaltransport: apparently NSObject is the low level representation of code on all apple chips zer0ch1ll_: @pahil not even once winningbigforever: no haven’t you heard lex fridman is a badass, he likes the idea of doing hunting pahil: my moneys on him then bigie: he’d destroy you while thinking about love, peace and human-robot interaction @zer0ch1ll_ kurumuz12: lex would choke you out in seconds winningbigforever: he’s like 5’4 right pharaohskaro: @optimaltransport I was wondering the same thing ryugavegeta: Yeah choke with his tie UntiedSoul: qn: how did he get the stack from the left? did he run a benchmark program? zer0ch1ll_: if I distracted him with a poem first I think I’d have enough time to strike pahil: if he knows bjj he could be 4’6 and beat u axlebear: george do you microdose? iamFIURE: OBS is native or running by rosseta 2? ryugavegeta: He does nano pal kurumuz12: rosetta Tusk_sb: i cant even imagine lex in the ring UntiedSoul: thanks optimaltransport: @pharaohskaro this article has a good paragraph on that: gaschu: @iamFIURE Linus LTT was running it on rosetta professorlogicx: George, any tips for understanding intermediate ML/DL optimaltransport: “Retaining and releasing an NSObject is a low-level operation that is foundational to Apple’s programming frameworks. Just about everything is an object, and when an object is being used, software retains it, and when it’s done being used, the software releases it. This is reference counting in a nutshell: every time an object is retained, its reference count increments. Every time that object is released, its reference count decrements. When it goes to zero, the system frees the object from mem Tusk_sb: lex is so peaceful iamFIURE: I was impressed by how smooth the stream goes with obs by rosseta 2

ryugavegeta: “We do things on stream not because they are easy but because they are useless”-Geohot 2019 matnesis: Is this javascript? gaschu: lmao Jeptah88: lol kurumuz12: its not exactly useless professorlogicx: George, any tips for understanding intermediate ML/DL kurumuz12: @iamFIURE its also x264 so no hw accel encoding kurumuz12: m1 is a beast kingvoneduard: He breaks the Simulation code?!? Jeptah88: This stream is missing some Taylor Swift music in the background M03x: what’s this is it some sort of software hacking ? Vicariovs: so whats happening here winningbigforever: its between beginner ml and advanced ml kurumuz12: reverse engineering ANE stack marschr: intermediate representantion matnesis: @professorlogicx code your own neural network marschr: from llvm..? Jeptah88: I’m about 2000 elo ML kurumuz12: KEK kurumuz12: this is all scam words winningbigforever: is kaggle good for practicing ml professorlogicx: @matnesis good info. Will try to do it. thanks. any more? ryugavegeta: @jeptah88 Is it chess Rkyrk: @georgehotz i’ve heard that Binary Ninja is good. Not sure if it replaces IDA Pro but what ever. LibTiff: Watching him reverse engineer is like porn for me Jeptah88: @ryugavegeta No, Machine learning ryugavegeta: You talk about elo rating i thought bigie: will becoming an apple dev give you easier access to ANE ? kurumuz12: im over 3000 Jeptah88: I’m just j/k @ryugavegeta , I don’t know what I’m saying matnesis: @professorlogicx look for interesting papers on cool deep learning things, and try to code that by yourself, also is probably the best tutorial, but, you need to code the problems yourself TusKaN_BaNaNas: @LibTiff Dog its not nut november still you gotta get off the stream then aodhneine: bigie, probably kingvoneduard: This is the Simulation code and he try to break it and go in the Dimension 5 kurumuz12: your elo is rated by the DL gods ryugavegeta: @jeptah88 90 percent dont know what they say out here pal supeerius: Henlo

bigie: @aodhneine then wouldn’t it be easier to get the license, download the sdk and then try to get around it ? kingvoneduard: 99% don’t understand anything professorlogicx: @matnesis thanks mate. Good luck to you joaovictorsnt: change the monitor? matnesis: @professorlogicx happy to help ryugavegeta: 1% people actually help UntiedSoul: noice UntiedSoul: cooool J_O_N_N_Y_679: hello 2berkthesent: kboard? J_O_N_N_Y_679: what this 2shawt: @2berkthesent do you wanna get timedout 2berkthesent: maybe rbsrbs: /ban 2berkthesent ryugavegeta: Hes a sub b___daniel: Are you sticking with the pink computer ryugavegeta: Rose kurumuz12: for now yeah fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz i saw you complaining about your sweatpants yesterday. have you ever tried john elliott sweatpants? pikaia_xy: pikaia_xy subscribed with Prime supeerius: hotzie boi ryugavegeta: Does anyone think Corona is a scam?? optimaltransport: optimaltransport subscribed with Prime matnesis: I have Corona 🙁 matnesis: found it this past monday rbsrbs: @matnesis that’s good. it means you can’t catch it again for several months now 🙂

ryugavegeta: @matnesis You dont pal everybody recovers it wasn’t what is projected Zepcon7: @matnesis get well soon Mehoff_: @matnesis Wish you health! I just finish with my corona like 5 days ago! PhantoJah: @rbsrbs immunity is around 20% of cases as far as I know matnesis: but I don’t think Corona is a scam, it’s mostly how inefficient and stupid most government are kurumuz12: lol corona is definitely real matnesis: thanks all! fdfdfdfdfdfdff: !ban ryugavegeta ryugavegeta: Why?? Mrnobody878: googeling random stuff is risky dyjabeu: covfefe? puercoespin: cafebabe is universal mach-o rbsrbs: @PhantoJah what does that mean? 20% of what? BlLL: @ryugavegeta everybody but 1,34 M LUL bergeront: look @ excess mortality brilew: IP LEAKED marschr: isnt it probly a compute kernel..? maybe mixed with llvm ir stuff.. sounds apple ish PhantoJah: @rbsrbs Sorry, I meant that 20% of people affected get immune to it patrickgekko: people who’ve had coronavirus – what was it like? PhantoJah: @rbsrbs So he actually can get it again PhantoJah: could* ryugavegeta: Its a scam wakeup sheeple Snooooorlax: i watch these streams in the hope of absorbing the information via osmosis but in the end it just makes me feel like in not intelligent enough to even be here lol prettycloudyy: hahah same @Snooooorlax BlLL: !ban ryugavegeta rbsrbs: hide your rona meme chat monkaS UntiedSoul: still no idea on the battery life supeerius: where are we supposed to be lookin 😳 ? Jeptah88: monkaS ryugavegeta: Well whats wrong with you guys foxubu: what is that thing? Zepcon7: sup Alex zer0ch1ll_: elon doubts the tests so now I doubt the tests kurumuz12: george lower the webcam can’t see the battery mattdougherty22: you’re part of the scam if you are spending brain power on thinking or arguing about it BlLL: I’m looking george 😳 prettycloudyy: George the battery ded SlayerX1: lol ghhernandes: wow Landepbs: impressive tommee23: GlitchNRG GlitchNRG matnesis: @Snooooorlax don’t compare yourself to others, compare with yourself, start somewhere, grow from there joaovictorsnt: there’s someone in the background alexmchugh: 1k viewers! rbsrbs: @mattdougherty22 can’t argue with that SeemsGood myaocat: maybe you can see how it reads it Zepcon7: Wait still 95% after streaming for over an hour on the device?? ryugavegeta: 1k congrats bois BlLL: sheeeesh 1k brevan04: Hello George! prettycloudyy: I am impressed the battery is still so high kurumuz12: @Zepcon7 he unplugged it like 30 mins ago joaovictorsnt: 1k yeahhh getjump: is this pro or air? kurumuz12: air mag_m3m0ry: did anyone test the hypervisor on Big Sur? kingvoneduard: The Pink Computer PutYourMoneyOnMe: Change some constant and do a binary diff? kurumuz12: also remember that he is streaming with x264 mag_m3m0ry: I cannot make it work Zepcon7: @kurumuz12 aah ok, still pretty good kurumuz12: so thats using the cpu Tusk_sb: FootGoal myaocat: which function calls that file? NegDuHood: is he plugged into a monitor? prettycloudyy: CPU fast af myaocat: maybe you can later see how it unpack prettycloudyy: yes @NegDuHood kingvoneduard: Geo read numbers like in Matrix deep_research: xcode can view hex :p joaovictorsnt: f

kurumuz12: so you dont need to reverse the zinir compiler, just feed the compiler mag_m3m0ry: did anyone test the Hypervisor in the Big Sur? mdmittriy: !uptime mdmittriy: uptime guyz? joaovictorsnt: it’s dropping prettycloudyy: @mdmittriy 1:26:00 mdmittriy: ty bigie: impressive prettycloudyy: np 🙂 mdmittriy: 1k we are big UntiedSoul: there’s a machoexplorer patrickgekko: anyone got any thoughts on whether it’s worth upgrading from 8gb to 16gb on mba thezilione: 1k you are famous @georgehotz myaocat: call ANE_ProgramCreate_gated with those parameters? mdmittriy: = delete the channel prettycloudyy: @patrickgekko depends if you’re using all the ram or doing intensive stuff prob prettycloudyy: also isn’t newer macbook ram soldered in? UntiedSoul: dead beef? kurumuz12: its inside the chip kingvoneduard: Upgrading is always better Oisann: sorry I just came here, but can you run otool on it? alamender: 1k POGGG ryugavegeta: For those telling him to ban because they think corona is not fake watch comments of this video alamender: YAYYy 1045 viewers PhantoJah: Always trust internet comments guys HahaThink prettycloudyy: @ryugavegeta no one cares about that mate Deni1111: what is he hacking zer0ch1ll_: wait george thinks rona is fake? pvdb1505: HeyGuys SlayerX1: HeyGuys BlLL: monkaS BlLL: exposed HawkMonk: HeyGuys Deni1111: what how is that there thezilione: HeyGuys localcanofdutchgold: asuh toolegit2quit_: @georgehotz IDA works on big sur. Don’t you have a license? covidneunzehn: such a smart robot he has ryugavegeta: Dude @prettycloudyy if it was that deadly how do you have people interacting morocco0: HeyGuys morocco0: <3 mdmittriy: it's 9:44 here Zenderbeg: HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys ryugavegeta: @phantojah it isn't comments its that you sense something real wrong alamender: its 11:30 pm here :)

tims_titillating_titties: what kind of building is he in? looks unfinished PhantoJah: @ryugavegeta Are you from the USA ? Zenderbeg: @BlLL do I know you? nmpHumm supeerius: dont u just hate white mode now Snooooorlax: @ryugavegeta are you american? just curious ryugavegeta: No BlLL: @Zenderbeg monkaS PhantoJah: Well you think as one Snooooorlax: thats cap Linndan_: Lmao zer0ch1ll_: industrial looking apartments are trendy af mdmittriy: Chat is dead duzkam: looks like an office instagrab: no it is not LokkimestariN: widepeepoHappy subberi: no it is not masters8: millennials be paying $2k/month for an unfinished apartment localcanofdutchgold: it feels cold theVooTy: we are trying to understand what’s going on UntiedSoul: I was going to ask about signing instagrab: what tool is this that Hotz is using? tnoel15: George, you’re like the Tyler Durden on computing zer0ch1ll_: way more if it’s in SF blitzer36: what we hacking chat monkaS he looks serious UntiedSoul: does that stop you from your goal duzkam: Ghidra? LokkimestariN: @instagrab Ghidra duzkam: IDA? local_root: @instagrab Ghidra sureom: i agree, this chat is super low quality today PhantoJah: @masters8 if they can afford it and like it, good for them prettycloudyy: It’s ghidra yungdeli_: !upte localcanofdutchgold: @masters8 actually true lul instagrab: I thought that is what it was based on that lil icon at the bottom instagrab: thanks! TusKaN_BaNaNas: the rumors of chats death have been greatly exaggerated yungdeli_: !uptime gaschu: @masters8 a finished would be 3k then 0xHSN: sup? prettycloudyy: @yungdeli_ 1:32:59 mdmittriy: ty Jeptah88: sha for weights? myaocat: is that the model? the sha could be because model can be encrypted yungdeli_: @prettycloudyy <3 prettycloudyy: :) mdmittriy: you should work as a bot tims_titillating_titties: looks like a squatters place lol gaschu: whats a sqautter PhantoJah: @tims_titillating_titties french ? :) zer0ch1ll_: that apartment is nice. you guys don't know what you're talking about ryugavegeta: @phantojah I think for myself atleast i use my brain localcanofdutchgold: @zer0ch1ll_ we have eyes bro masters8: @zer0ch1ll_ cope roosevelt_ai: Hi George, my first time here... so excited! zer0ch1ll_: just because it doesn't look like your parents basement alamender: who are here from asia PhantoJah: @ryugavegeta Does you head tell you that earth is flat ?

coProof: @roosevelt_ai we’ve been waiting for you ryugavegeta: @phantojah Dude i am not that kind of conspiracy idiot on reddit PhantoJah: good good ryugavegeta: This corona stuff is blown out of proportion Snooooorlax: @PhantoJah nah not his head but the facebook artices he reads in the echo chamber groups her3hero: apple is a bro ryugavegeta: @snooooorlax Dude not a boomer i know what i am talking grateful_tomato: looks like they have a remote Mac debugger, then you can run IDA on Windows PhantoJah: @Snooooorlax xD zer0ch1ll_: @ryugavegeta ur mother is blown out of proportion alamender: i use a macbook air 2017 with High Sierra…Should i UPGRADE to a gaming computer or get a macbook pro or something ryugavegeta: @zer0ch1ll_ The level of debate you having sure tells a lot about you buddy PhantoJah: !ban zer0ch1ll_ covidneunzehn: i’d suggest some RGB Fans @alamender myaocat: break set -r . -s coreML Joshh185: Isn fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz i saw you complaining about your sweatpants yesterday. have you ever tried john elliott sweatpants? I promise you these are the best sweatpants ever yannroot: Hey guys what is he doing? UntiedSoul: can’t you set a breakpoint when compiler start saintmthw: @alamender gaming is a waste of time localcanofdutchgold: this chat is starting to look like a facebook comment section instagrab: Question for the smart department: what is this stream about today? Not sure I understand the title correctly. someone ELI5? Joshh185: Isn’t this the guy that was trying to make a COVID vaccine and then gave up on it? Landepbs: Whats the current plan on how to interface with the neural engine? gaschu: use M1 neuralEngine in Tinygrad TusKaN_BaNaNas: pls ban sweatpants guy localcanofdutchgold: @Joshh185 OMEGALUL fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @Joshh185 yes georgehotz was trying to make a COVID vaccine by himself with programming ryugavegeta: lol subs vs subs fdfdfdfdfdfdff: tf? Joshh185: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff Yeah that fdfdfdfdfdfdff: we need to get more strict with the ban hammer up in here fdfdfdfdfdfdff: too many normies tims_titillating_titties: reeee im not a normie alamender: True True 0xyta: lmao yannroot: Can a kind viewer please explain what he is ddoing? afterworktech: over 1000 viewers :O blitzer36: corona is fake chat my president said it KKona myaocat: breakpoint set -s run -r ‘ANECompiler’ alamender: @yannroot WORK zer0ch1ll_: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff cool gatekeeping weirdo saintmthw: hard to believe anyone who watches george is a normie instagrab: @yannroot he is streaming on Twitch Zepcon7: @saintmthw true Joshh185: @zer0ch1ll_ That’s for sure! her3hero: @myaocat ur not a bro myaocat: or with star because -r is regex

Snooooorlax: imo if you use the word normie in 2020 you probably yourself are a normie myaocat: breakpoint set -s run -r ‘*ANECompiler*’ covidneunzehn: LUL ak0ya_: @yannroot trying ti reverse engineer apple neural engine interfaces PhantoJah: @georgehotz may I ask what are you trying to achieve ? Check security or something? Zepcon7: @covidneunzehn der Name UntiedSoul: is the compiler a system service like launched through the daemon? GypsyDanger76: holy shit 2 streams in a row PogChamp zer0ch1ll_: @snooooorlax lmao if you use sweeping generalisations I’m current year then ur a normie pwnbase: technically 3 streams in a row her3hero: we need some bans Thezla: this chat LUL myaocat: image lookup -r -s ‘ANE*’ or image lookup -r -n ‘ANE*’ New_Wizards: Wow stream 2 days in a row! grateful_tomato: gamozo would reverse engineer it in a few seconds 🙂 fdfdfdfdfdfdff: yesterday was an 8 hour stream too fdfdfdfdfdfdff: george is a madman covidneunzehn: follow him on insta guys fdfdfdfdfdfdff: #roadto1m Snooooorlax: @zer0ch1ll_ nah im too autistic to be normal Zorbaselo: what is the thing here guys i came now pwnbase: gamozoFuzz Ziv0: LUL blitzer36: what keuboard are u using BasedGod kurumuz12: huh localcanofdutchgold: There are 1000 people here, this chat is either full of the smartest of them, or the dumbest, either way it’s bad miloeu: @georgehotz what font is you haz? kurumuz12: even tho i didnt say anything wrong a mod muted me for 10 mins and deleted all of my messages in the whole stream lmao ryugavegeta: 1.1k viewers!!! Rkyrk: mods are sickos kurumuz12: well lol Rkyrk: can the mods even brogram? her3hero: keep up the good work mods TehePelo kurumuz12: nothing other i can do than this because all messages are gone kek pilana: what’s he up to fdfdfdfdfdfdff: chat, post your highest level of education (current or completed)

liquidatedagain: kindergarden pwnbase: grade 3 ryugavegeta: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff Self skilled tims_titillating_titties: potato prettycloudyy: MS Zorbaselo: @pilana i asked that too but nobodu answred, probably no one knows mattdougherty22: BS fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @prettycloudyy MS in what? patrickgekko: BSc but since graduating you do actually realise it doesn’t mean that much prettycloudyy: Computer Science fdfdfdfdfdfdff: very cool gussyyy_: hi prettycloudyy: 🙂 thank @fdfdfdfdfdfdff pilana: @Zorbaselo LOL Snooooorlax: Ms in chemical engineering gussyyy_: I got my M1 yesterday!!!! its beautiful!!! dustbin123: Engineer Electrical and Electronics dustbin123: Working on Firewalls gussyyy_: Trading in my 2016Macbook pro for 520 too prettycloudyy: my roomate in undergrad was chemE @Snooooorlax stuff is wild Supgoku: Starting my MS aksiksi: MSc in ECE instagrab: is Chidra better than IDA? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: im doing an MASc in mech eng, hoping to do a PhD after graduating next semester Supgoku: MS in AI * jhuliano12: homeschooled but I got kicked out cuz I had intimate relationship with my teacher fdfdfdfdfdfdff: LUL gussyyy_: nice her3hero: LUL TusKaN_BaNaNas: nice dustbin123: Palo Alot firewall ,fortinet,Certes, Bluecoat Proxy, Arbor Networks, RSA , F5 ASM and LTM dustbin123: Riverbed prettycloudyy: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff US or nah? fx_carchin_9_lat: @jhuliano12 same fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @prettycloudyy Canada tims_titillating_titties: ugh, graduate students. amiright? prettycloudyy: sounds like the much betteroption Snooooorlax: @prettycloudyy im second year and i literally have to work 8 hours a day rn cause of rona to keep on top of coursework and module work her3hero: **code** wtf mokmuu: mokmuu subscribed with Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! TDxSK8: @instagrab IDA for more higher end professional level but chidra does perfectly fine for low level depth grateful_tomato: why not using IDA Pro? Ghidra is not that good prettycloudyy: @Snooooorlax 🙁 do you still get to go in to do research or only at home? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: yea. my studies are in computational fluid dynamics so i kinda want a PhD but i dont want to work in academia anguscupcake: @jhuliano12 was she hot TDxSK8: and honestly some times I feel like chidra does a better pseudo code LUL zup_zup: h*ck yeah love a geohot stream prettycloudyy: I’ve heard academia is toxic af in CS, not sure about other disciplines gussyyy_: hmm tims_titillating_titties: academia is toxic in every field prettycloudyy: fair enough Zorbaselo: is there anyone for need fdfdfdfdfdfdff: hoping somehow i can redirect myself into quant analysis or something from a PhD in mechanical engineering daddyboxdaddy: print(“Hello world”) will solve all your problems Ziv0: IDA is better at finding xrefs prettycloudyy: beacoup dollars for quant analysis toolegit2quit_: @georgehotz don’t you have an IDA Pro license? Snooooorlax: @prettycloudyy literally everything is online i havent been into campus for like 9 months LUL prettycloudyy: beaucoup* prettycloudyy: hahah rip in pieces @Snooooorlax myaocat: it’s external lib, why would it have xref? aksiksi: I dropped out of my PhD, didn’t see a future in academia tbh instagrab: lol coProof: Did we feel for compiler? ravicat: REVERSE ENGINEERING?!?! gussyyy_: is goergey self employed? ravicat: yes gussyyy_: nice fdfdfdfdfdfdff: PhDs dont necessarily get you into academia though Kobayawaka: FailFish winningbigforever: what are you doing now @aksiksi fdfdfdfdfdfdff: only 1/4 of people with PhDs really become profs

coProof: Did we grep for compiler* blitzer36: Hell Yeah Brother KKona Best spy agency KKona her3hero: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff thats a really high portion advitameternam85: Hi everyone anguscupcake: just ordered the m1 mac mini aksiksi: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff If you’re getting a PhD with no intention to use it in academia, not sure it’s worth it imo. Depends of course winningbigforever: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff 0.5% for science phds apparently banditmax6767: wow geroge intentionally triggering? so toxic aksiksi: @winningbigforever Software engineer gussyyy_: what is george doing virtuallynathan: The opportunity cost for MS / PhD in CS is pretty damn high prettycloudyy: Sometimes PhDs are required to get good research spots in private sector fdfdfdfdfdfdff: im mostly thinking of doing a PhD because i like my current professor, i like the subject, and i wanna be called Dr Ziv0: alt + left fdfdfdfdfdfdff: LUL Thezla: LUL voltaqs: unless ashenlaurel: i’ve had a job as IT support for over year now and i feel i’ve hit a wall in the tier 1 stuff. Any suggestions how to advance my general IT knowledge without university? amar0k_: lol aksiksi: Lol banditmax6767: i was jkin brutha banditmax6767: and im not a sub hehe TheKoreanZombi: You can script Ghidra with python Thezla: banditmax6767 o7 her3hero: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff just by a phd title 4Head fknlando: dont tell him Kappa fdfdfdfdfdfdff: PogChamp GypsyDanger76: LUL karma_abuser: mouse back button? winningbigforever: Kappa banditmax6767: i just have twitch gaming bruh. That icon doesnt mean im subbed to u buklawu: lolllll virtuallynathan: In the US you could make $500k+ in the industry while getting your PhD mephisto7777_: he doesnt know LUL coProof: Damn that’s a lot of BARS Ziv0: there is it’s alt+left banditmax6767: i shud tho myaocat: cmd + arrow left ? doctorpoopee: wait he is not a prime sub to you he is a prime sub to another channel. A prime sub has a star prettycloudyy: the nsa absolutely hits that button everytime ryugavegeta: Ask Snowden George GypsyDanger76: LUL LUL lUL fdfdfdfdfdfdff: i just want a phd so people think im smart winningbigforever: It means that he has the ability to sub to you but chose to sub to someone else Ziv0: LUL TheKoreanZombi: Atl-Back Arrow Thezla: LUL fdfdfdfdfdfdff: an masc in mechanical engineering is for the birds nuffleee: fdfdfdfdfdfdff same, and so i can make them call me dr prostidude221: clicking gods PogChamp coProof: Lol nuffleee: Dr. fdfdfdfdfdfdff sudqi: LUL grateful_tomato: the NSA don’t use disassemblers, they have the source code of all programs covidneunzehn: hue bridge is shit fdfdfdfdfdfdff: my last name sounds pretty badass with Dr. in front of it fdfdfdfdfdfdff: PogChamp Supgoku: Cant trust them Kappa prettycloudyy: prettycloudyy subscribed at Tier 1 mrgh0st0: make it diy with raspberry coProof: It’s true TheKoreanZombi: @georgehotz Alt-Back Arrow to go back instagrab: I wonder if hotz jailbreaks his GF iphone for free ravicat: @grateful_tomato LUL where does this information comes from? ryugavegeta: Search it up New_Wizards: Phillips hue app? The version from 5 years ago was better prostidude221: can you crack Anno 1800 while you’re at it Kappa Oisann: I had fake lights before. They kinda work, but you cant do everything Supgoku: raspberry + zigbee and home assistant daddyboxdaddy: shift f12 ? might be wrong coProof: F4 after alt prettycloudyy: zigbee is where its at virtuallynathan: 3rd party Hue apps are where its at prettycloudyy: do a mesh network in your apt and set it up w zigbee

prettycloudyy: full send Oisann: do you have a good one @virtuallynathan ? prettycloudyy: then you can use any chinese knockoffs SigmaHeavyIndustries: pipe find to grep, classic virtuallynathan: I use “Hue Lights” virtuallynathan: Its a little clunky, but very customizable doctorpoopee: all my homies hate zsh sudqi: Oisann: I will check it out prettycloudyy: you can do a smart home control with a rasp pi Lukeqwas: Lukeqwas subscribed with Prime vadzim_tv: >become better together >chat you are useless prettycloudyy: both are true amar0k_: lol i gotta go to bed but good to see you streaming man ryugavegeta: Great @sudqi prettycloudyy: that’s siri Thezla: ask siri PogChamp prostidude221: i like being useless 🙂 im chilling myaocat: It’s software update PogChamp her3hero: myaocat: maybe it’s there myaocat: Lisp PogChamp hardtarget4: sandbox profiles are written in lisp? lmao marcelbischoff: thought I was the only one using find | grep jacekakacz: What do you think about python socket module? Is it good for server-client apps? mokmuu: bust out the dtrace recipes her3hero: whats the sandbox about? myaocat: maybe search with root ? gussyyy_: he neural engine allows Apple to implement neural network and machine learning in a more energy-efficient manner than using either the main CPU or the GPU.[14][15] However, third party apps cannot use the Neural Engine, leading to similar neural network performance to older iPhones.[8] HedgeOnTwitch: inname virtuallynathan: try System/Library/PrivateFrameworks marcelbischoff: back in the day you could just use find | grep now you have to use find * | grep or find . | grep madebyollin: find -iname “*.glob” actuallymad1: find * marcelbischoff: or is it an Apple thing? Andremm2: I love the fact that people need to reverse engineer a compiler in order to use apple hardware, very dev friendly. LUL actuallymad1: Pog virtuallynathan: System/Library/PrivateFramework

prettycloudyy: @Andremm2 basically makes it non competitive 😉 0om4ar: PogChamp jawbre9ker: PogChamp Greaser_1: 🙂 justbanter: find . -name prettycloudyy: PogChamp actuallymad1: oooo gussyyy_: why is he so good? anguscupcake: that’s the price for having an entirely new type of processor Ziv0: LUL toast_ps: very nice apple actuallymad1: kek her3hero: found a bug nu118y73: decypt LUL Ziv0: it was totally unintended Kappa Crime_Stein: recript ryugavegeta: Nostalgia Geohotz Jailbreak her3hero: gonna get a bug bounty for that and donate to george gussyyy_: bring back geohotz hiphopsucks: i know 🙂 BiscuitCoin: Apple Engineers sweating watching the stream almostquiet: how are u so happy aksiksi: @biscuitcoin lol actuallymad1: Apple engineers hate him almostquiet: give me the secret prettycloudyy: this new m1 arch and big sur is a nightmare security wise prettycloudyy: their new firewall stuff is bad Zepcon7: we in anguscupcake: being really good at something is a good way to be happy almostquiet: @anguscupcake nice point 2sin54: xqc service robby0313: Apple engineers are rushing to fix the typo rn afterworktech: 1154 viewers :O r3ndd: xqcS smilingkenshi: All the best Apple docs are in their archive Andremm2: I bet one apple eng is watching this LUL ryugavegeta: 1.2k Jordan_diashole: taylor96Alexjones taylor96Alexjones taylor96Alexjones taylor96Alexjones taylor96Alexjones ordoven: xqcS ??? 2sin54: xqcL gussyyy_: i love reverse positions loopylol: taylor96Owl taylor96Owl taylor96Owl taylor96Owl sarang_s: apple haxx aksiksi: Is XPC some kind of RPC protocol? MrReflection99: are you really Hot? prettycloudyy: lionMonkaS Jordan_diashole: taylor96Notsosure taylor96Notsosure taylor96Notsosure prostidude221: xqc frogs LUL ryugavegeta: Say what @gussyyy_ NegDuHood: any juicers? actuallymad1: xqcL myaocat: advitameternam85: I bet that apple engineers are watching the stream ahaha blitzer36: rcdBoomer gussyyy_: @ryugavegeta what? ryugavegeta: Reverse voicefulspace5: is this sql? 2sin54: @georgehotz will you do colab with xqc marimuda: doign some bug hunting? ordoven: xqcJuice we juicers know our stuff gussyyy_: reverse engineeeeering gussyyy_: hahahah MarioBGE: So how fast is neural engine really instagrab: @advitameternam85 they would if he changed the title to “Hacking apples core products” hawsh: yo chat what is he doin ? her3hero: woa gussyyy_: goku > vegeta ryugavegeta: Alright Zepcon7: Did he ever get a job offering from Apple? MrReflection99: vegeta > goku gussyyy_: geohotz > all 2sin54: forsen > xqc hawsh: @Zepcon7 don think so instagrab: @Zepcon7 rumor has it, they still trying to bring him on board HawkMonk: PauseChamp covidneunzehn: Kreygasm fabioitout: majin vegeta > python her3hero: we’re in bois Andremm2: @hawsh reverse engineering apple’s neuro engine compiler ryugavegeta: Ryuga+vegeta>>Goku MatheFischer: android > apple Kappa advitameternam85: He is the sangoku version of programmers Supgoku: trainwreckstv > mizkif aksiksi: Damn gussyyy_: majin python > tim cook Kobayawaka: 2 > 1 jawbre9ker: @Supgoku mizkifWC thecoder15: This is a really informative stream bluedick69: geohot > shroud Oisann: nmpRich aksiksi: So the lib sends the model to a process FeeIsOkayMan: are you feeling xqcL today Mr. Hotz? SlinkyWP: PS5 jailbreak when? Kappa HawkMonk: mizkifChin Supgoku: @jawbre9ker squadW NegDuHood: school was pog today

Colts0: anyone else having 0 clue whats happening but its still fascinating to watch? Kappa lawtoxs: juicers stay in the fridge mobal: KappaHD guesstimate101: no idea whats going on ryugavegeta: Rich boy$$$ NegDuHood: @Colts0 99% of ppl in chat optimaltransport: $1.50 covidneunzehn: CurseLit 2sin54: Kapp gussyyy_: georgehotz for president prettycloudyy: but George m1 is a neural engine chip lionMonkaS anguscupcake: true almostquiet: beautiful world? Thezla: LUL kakeratee: this is a safe space FeeIsOkayMan: KKona tanoshiizo: KKona Crime_Stein: apple neural engine is pretty much the pinnacle gussyyy_: i voted for georgehotz reesync: KKona patrickgekko: blockchains 4 prez Supgoku: KKonaW ryugavegeta: But we have corona shit George Supgoku: KKona kakeratee: i have a good feeling that hotz followers dont just censor dissenting opinions SlinkyWP: KEKW Andremm2: OMEGALUL reesync: monkaS NegDuHood: KKonaW 1 Chip advitameternam85: ahahaha , neural patriotic engine blitzer36: KKona richardhearse: I picked up my neural engine chip on Craigslist. I still don’t know how to use it kurumuz12: kek many_mangos: George what are you gonna do when america is a socialist country in 10 yrs W1lkins: That’s the only reason I’m glad we’re not at war yeah jawbre9ker: we love the NSA here 😅 kadblue: capitalism Kreygasm SigmaHeavyIndustries: reported to the NSA for being pro-NSA ordoven: NSA DansGame lawtoxs: earth is flat KKona blitzer36: Corona is a lie KKona her3hero: wow Andremm2: you guys probably flagged the nsa already mentioning them this much LUL instagrab: light weight voicefulspace5: just so i can follow, is he using linux to hack into the sql of what? or what is he doing? Triphasic: KKona concho589: hacc coProof: I WAS HERE prostidude221: hi NSA 🙂 cengea: dude look at the title Roy_Stang: is this an m1 chip stream ryugavegeta: Yep Andremm2: @Roy_Stang yeah kakeratee: its funny that people like hotz have 1k viewers but people that dont want to hear oppositional information have like 10k+ Roy_Stang: oh cool marimuda: do you prefer mac over linux hotz? aksiksi: @voicefulspace5 trying to reverse engineer the Apple Neural Engine API to use it for non-Apple apps kakeratee: twitch is stinky, i might need to code my own streaming platform Oisann: @voicefulspace5 way to talk like a bot coProof: Any NSA flaggers in chat?? instagrab: !uptime gussyyy_: NSA – can yall order some chipotle for me? emergency thx SlinkyWP: 90% watching probably has no idea what is going on, like me her3hero: whats h13 kaktoss: FBI OPEN UP voicefulspace5: @Oisann sorry for english not being my native language -_- ReYFoFive: @SlinkyWP I dont get nothing FeeIsOkayMan: I know exactly what is happening Kappa hawsh: @SlinkyWP bro no one except him knows prostidude221: NSA look at this 🙂 👉 8===D Oisann: @voicefulspace5 thats not the point. You just threw random unrelated tech words into a sentence gussyyy_: banned Supgoku: We all know Kappa mashafique: @Oisann PogO Polom aksiksi: @her3hero probably hex, so 0x13 voicefulspace5: @Oisann but he is using linux and sql tho? SlinkyWP: Just watching him think is content SlinkyWP: LUL many_mangos: “who has time to read the docs” most accurate thing I’ve hear all day Oisann: @mashafique nmpRich aksiksi: Just guessing ordoven: xqcHYPERF getting calls from compiler covidneunzehn: zero day sqli, just stay tuned @voicefulspace5 mashafique: @ordoven a fellow homeless juicer 2sin54: i do 🙂

prostidude221: no NegDuHood: yes 🙂 Dr_Cheese_Weasel: awcPythonk giantstingray: Hey George, hope the chair is comfortable FeeIsOkayMan: no 🙂 aPosterior: im a professional obejctive C noob SlinkyWP: Sir, we don’t speak alien language Oisann: @voicefulspace5 no, this is a mac. And he is not doing anything with databases marimuda: do you prefer mac over linux hotz? gussyyy_: printf(“i am objc noob); cechov: hm, what are we trying to do again (high level)? NegDuHood: sir, this is a wendys giantstingray: Loool jacekakacz: C# is like Java huehue ChanceMakerLIVE: lol giantstingray: Can I get a chocolate frosty smilingkenshi: you could use a block (closure) hiphopsucks: that ROMANIA_engineer stackoverflow user is everywhere Jordan_diashole: @Oisann pog o giantstingray: And fries voicefulspace5: @Oisann my excuses then it looked like SQL (from my minimal experience with it then kakeratee: does it really look anything like SQL tho Smyile: lmao ryugavegeta: Is the uptime 3 hrs?? prostidude221: why would he need to use SQL lmao Guile212: dunno how u can think sql when looking at this afterworktech: @ryugavegeta 2:11:52 meedofenom: wtf guys ? sql ? o.O Oisann: @Jordan_diashole nmpRich voicefulspace5: not what he’s on typing right now but the app on the background the white one ryugavegeta: Alright @afterworktech meedofenom: @Guile212 +1 NegDuHood: battery check? gussyyy_: he tried to compile something; and it didn’t work as expected; therefore he used a sort of reverse compiler to see the memory dynamic; from there he can delve into the execution gussyyy_: do i have that right? or do i have no idea hawsh: he doesnt use a text editors , this is the level he is at afterworktech: battery has like 18 hours so Guile212: oh u mean gidho? ryugavegeta: nah he uses vim Jordan_diashole: @Oisann pog o polm cemck: maybe you can create a NSMutableDictionary and bridge with (__bridge CFDictionaryRef) Thezla: vim? kadblue: idk on windows there was a service that used the 3306 port no hir0andobey: ANECompiler or ANECCompiler? hir0andobey: might be making typo there? many_mangos: Isn’t 3306 the default SQL port? Niko_CS: man i need to get proficient in vim smilingkenshi: include foundation ravicat: yeah it is Niko_CS: so quick Oisann: @Jordan_diashole what NegDuHood: we need a battery percent check prostidude221: PogO you mean who forthouearth: 1200 Keepo 📈 ravenf478: @georgehotz if Apple broke their privacy promises and started sending full telemetry of everything their users are doing back to Apple, would you consider moving to Linux? kurumuz12: use an existing plist to try first maybe Revenge021: Can anyone give me a breakdown of what Geo has been doing? ryugavegeta: @ravenf478 He likes Apple afterworktech: there is probably battery warning when it’s low Guile212: hes trying to reverse engineer apple neural engine compiler to make it work with tinygrad

hawsh: basic apple i see 4Head Revenge021: Thanks <3 @Guile212 SlinkyWP: me :) Jeptah88: mac LUL SlinkyWP: Kappa optimaltransport: I only know swift :/ iamFIURE: ryugavegeta: Twitchies show your skills to George mashafique: Just buy my 10 hour course to learn objective C Kappa thecoder15: Im supprised @georgehotz isn't on linux yet @ravenf478 optimaltransport: btw why use objC when there's swift Revenge021: LUL @mashafique cechov: @Guile212 thank you ravicat: hell no XD, no MAC programmers here ryugavegeta: @mashafique Lol optimaltransport: i dont think objc is that much faster NegDuHood: @optimaltransport you basically know objective c then Colts0: could you sum up whats the main goal here? myaocat: Kobayawaka: use the neural engine in m1 with tinygrad is the ultimate goal forthouearth: @Colts0 reverse engineer neural engine compiler to make it work with tinygrad the_gilps: good ol' ray wenderlich hir0andobey: what is the goal of tinygrad? Kobayawaka: FailFish optimaltransport: @NegDuHood I mean all the syntax is different, but the core components are largely the same cemck: CF is CoreFoundation framework Oisann: LUL W1lkins: who even knows objective-c in 2020 Guile212: tinygrad is a python library 4 neural networks jawbre9ker: im laughing rn ryugavegeta: Even the skilled get frustrated eg George lot to learn for us gussyyy_: func override viewDidLoad() gussyyy_: thats all u gotta know optimaltransport: Foundation loads the core components in swift like all the primitive types aodhneine: W1lkins people who write or maintain macos/ios programs -_- prostidude221: monkaS corona Bacon4Life_: george has the rona gussyyy_: Bacon4Life hahaha gussyyy_: Love the name kadblue: objective c looks like trash

Bacon4Life_: <3 myaocat: maybe add the pointer back? myaocat: in the function definition aodhneine: void pointers yay W1lkins: aodhneine lies cemck: CFArrayRef ? carlosdanker: triggering ANE's for breakfeast PogChamp prostidude221: It do be like that sometimes Keyeh: OMEGALUL jective-C cpaleop: FailFish cemck: you could use NSMutableDictionary and cast to CFDictionaryRef Deni1111: are you on the new silicon BiscuitCoin: @Deni1111 Yep FreshHummus: @Deni1111 He's on a Macbook Air klasher125: @georgehotz Is this the only way to interface with the ANE?

UltraScientism: is it the new mac M1? gussyyy_: what is he using to edit and compile? Thezla: yes gussyyy_: @UltraScientism yes WMjoga: php dead ? Thezla: vim gussyyy_: I bought mine yesterday itsallaboutsuffering: those data types give me cancer CataC: dang those boilerplate codes LUL FreshHummus: I bought the MacBook Air today. Arrives tomorrow her3hero: hahaha gussyyy_: @FreshHummus – yeh i got the Macbook air – it’s nice! Ziv0: LUL hex? Stuffa1991: uh oh Flyerlevrai: @gussyyy_ : vi, clang, screen and Terminal Thezla: monkaS prostidude221: oof FreshHummus: @gussyyy_ Looking forward to it. Not a fan of golang not being ready for it and by extension docker though afterworktech: 1206 viewers almost over all time high prostidude221: immutable dick lol fdfdfdfdfdfdff: immutable dick! NegDuHood: anyone know if hes running the base model or upgraded ram on the air? ryugavegeta: Youtube highest is about 1 million?? her3hero: 🙁 LirkoB: f Andremm2: Obc-C has always been verbose as hell gussyyy_: @Flyerlevrai ty FreshHummus: @NegDuHood I *think* it’s the base model cemck: use NSMutableDictionary and cast to CFDictionaryRef gussyyy_: @FreshHummus true – it’ll take time for the transition – but in the meantime – we can enjoy this amazing M1 chip FreshHummus: Taylor Swift gussyyy_: hence why I’m on this stream 🙂 metacritical: First time watching George live just clicked the YouTube link and landed here Flyerlevrai: What are we trying to code here ? optimaltransport: Dude swift is way better AlexTV5: whats geprge doing i just tuned in AlexTV5: george oreo_171: turn off sounds in your vimrc, set belloff=all ryugavegeta: check title FreshHummus: Shame about Apple’s god awful swift documentation saintmthw: taylor using swift PogChamp klasher125: How much easier is swift? bl4d3_runn3r: corona cough NegDuHood: monkaS corona kingvoneduard: George hack the Apple system to transformit in Windows 10 Bacon4Life_: monkaS Zepcon7: Taylor uses Swift = Taylor Swift cpaleop: use swift bruh reesync: xqcC FBBlock afterworktech: Swift haha ryugavegeta: George really scratching his head FreshHummus: @gussyyy_ Yeah it looks pretty sweet. Hopefully wont run into too many teething issues Ziv0: from cpp to objc to swift LUL localcanofdutchgold: should have wore a mask george UltraScientism: What’s going on? Can someone explain? Are we failing to interface with the Apple stuff through C? dddsnake: swift is worse kaktoss: apple sweating asdra133: U using the new m1 macbook? gussyyy_: @FreshHummus – having 2 USB ports is annoying though funkacrylic: @objc FreshHummus: @asdra133 Yes, the air double_agent: @asdra133 ye NegDuHood: georgehotz battery check? Dr_Cheese_Weasel: Swift Pants getjump: bridging headers bae gussyyy_: Swift is awesome dude!!! Phott0n: True LUL ryugavegeta: Get Swiftty Keyeh: switft chill stream gussyyy_: Optionals and Forced Unwrapping is amazing Dr_Cheese_Weasel: Time to put the swift hat FreshHummus: @gussyyy_ Can just split it out so Im not too bothered by it. Can get a hdmi, usbc and usba one for £10 on amazon Dr_Cheese_Weasel: Use Dart Kappa UltraScientism: Is it a co-working space or some office? gussyyy_: @FreshHummus – I’ll need to make that purchase. Any that you recommend?

cpaleop: so dirty Jordan_diashole: taylor96Alexjones klasher125: @gussyyy_ the Satechi brand is reputable and good quality. Cheaper ones won’t use enough EMI shielding and cause 2.4GHz noise optimaltransport: just start a new blank Swift project via xcode HDIP: BibleThump BiscuitCoin: Time to abandon Swift FreshHummus: @gussyyy_ Not really, I think they are all pretty close now, good reviews on amazon and can’t go wrong. Just make sure it can do 4k60fps if thats something you care about BiscuitCoin: LUL cpaleop: back to shitjective-c buklawu: tea break? @georgehotz shimylowgo: back to omegalul C UltraScientism: Should I buy Apple Air? Is it a good dev laptop? CataC: LUL Thezla: LUL afterworktech: hahaha gussyyy_: @FreshHummus Satechi – USB Type-C Slim Multiport Adapter looks nice! Ziv0: LUL cemck: just use the foundation framework in obj-c and cast to CF objects ryugavegeta: No George dont give up Flyerlevrai: so good to watch George coding. How often is he streaming ? getjump: swift is good only until business got serious KEKW alamender: Haha 1.2K viewers POGERS myaocat: use xcode hawsh: just do it in assessembly 4Head neoarmstrong0: the pain LUL Kreygasm ryugavegeta: Docs only good for reference gussyyy_: @klasher125 thanks!! 0om4ar: TriHard ? Nowise10: wtf am i looking at UltraScientism: that UI looks SO native KEKW ryugavegeta: Learning best using challenges Thezla: sounds like a plan BenNastovski: George doesn’t know how to read. Based Andremm2: your language is useless if it requires you to use an ide with it ryugavegeta: Why UltraScientism: reads disassembly better than docs LUL Andremm2: @ryugavegeta that’s just shitty design gussyyy_: “Homebrew is not (yet) supported on ARM processors!” gussyyy_: damn it 🙁 ryugavegeta: Does any1 play c t f out here Crime_Stein: yikes no homebrew? afterworktech: careful Alex in the frame alamender: Did u s getjump: maybe it is time to do it ghetto way PixelBob alamender: Did u sell your company?? BenNastovski: No he just asked people to apply last night on the stream her3hero: still dont know what a H13 is b___daniel: What is he figuring out rn

MarioBGE: There should just be a python based OS, would make this kinda stuff so much easier prostidude221: can someone explain why he needs to do this in the first place? Why cant he compile tinygrad on the new M1 more easily? alamender: @MarioBGE Good point ……. Ask GeoHotZ for making one Andremm2: @prostidude221 the neuro engine is not available for third party devs westonwaldo: no I don’t think thats right sn4kex: does your gf understands what your saying rn ? mk1729: Guao : ‘P gaschu: you have 2 outputFileName westonwaldo: BINGO not unkonwn file getjump: python based os syscalls maybe tomorrow Kappa prostidude221: @Andremm2 well that sounds scummy LUL Andremm2: that’s apple for ya LUL Keyeh: how is apple selling airs without homebrew though? bankzed: where we at now? checked your privilege and now an alley to the apple NN? Keyeh: or is it using that rosetta instruction translation stuff westonwaldo: try p02 funtion westonwaldo: no the array is wrong michelfugain420: what mouse are you using pls mk1729: What means “ya” in English? In Spanish, it means something like “A task has been completed” 1lirawerine: is he on macbook right now? Andremm2: @mk1729 you Thezla: ya = you Dr_Cheese_Weasel: Swiftbook bankzed: btw amazing stream titles btw, the micro-hummor embedded in them is massively funny jukegas: is he on one monitor? mk1729: @Andremm2 : O thanks : D westonwaldo: ITS NOT A DICTIONARY mk1729: @westonwaldo sorry : ‘/ westonwaldo: YES IT WAS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR ARRAY Jeptah88: Try poop michelfugain420: I can’t help you, I’m a certified HTML5 engineer alamender: i bet 2% people watching here knows what he is doing and asking for mk1729: x”D bankzed: No George, you are a pioneer amongst us, we noobs gussyyy_: hahaha agreed! optimaltransport: arent you printing the memory references in the command line 1lirawerine: @michelfugain420 have you ever hacked nasa? michelfugain420: @1lirawerine yes, I can hack any website NegDuHood: hackermans gussyyy_: all I know is that he wants to use M1 for the Apple Neural Engine – and it’s not working :p? westonwaldo: YES her3hero: CFMutableDictionaryRef her3hero: maybe localcanofdutchgold: MrDestructoid

NegDuHood: battery check por favor westonwaldo: CFStringRef strs[3]; CFArrayRef anArray; strs[0] = CFSTR(“String One”); strs[1] = CFSTR(“String Two”); strs[2] = CFSTR(“String Three”); anArray = CFArrayCreate(NULL, (void *)strs, 3, &kCFTypeArrayCallBacks); CFShow(anArray); CFRelease(anArray); westonwaldo: fixed it for you westonwaldo: CFMutableDictionaryRef lesserthangood: this guy just pasted code into twitch chat michelfugain420: XD bankzed: I can put you in touch with Apple HW or SW engineers, that’s all I can offer, but I’m sure you know way more engineers there Thezla: what a legend mk1729: “`CFStringRef strs[3]; CFArrayRef anArray; strs[0] = CFSTR(“String One”); strs[1] = CFSTR(“String Two”); strs[2] = CFSTR(“String Three”); anArray = CFArrayCreate(NULL, (void *)strs, 3, &kCFTypeArrayCallBacks); CFShow(anArray); CFRelease(anArray);“` mk1729: Markdown doesn’t work : ‘P westonwaldo: we can’t type enough code in chat because of your mods grateful_tomato: objective-c was nice when they invented it, in 1984, nowadays there are better languages lesserthangood: use pastebin michelfugain420: @grateful_tomato yes, there is html5 Wrathedd: monkaS grateful_tomato: @michelfugain420 that’s not a language her3hero: nice westonwaldo: westonwaldo: nice youngsachi: PogChamp kozar: 5Head stream cpaleop: say thanks 🙂 doctorpoopee: @westonwaldo kudos Andremm2: weston can relax now LUL michelfugain420: @grateful_tomato Wait what Pepega westonwaldo: <3 SlinkyWP: mmm yes 5Head grateful_tomato: not a programming language bespoke_code: @westonwaldo GG her3hero: contents "h13" hmm westonwaldo: George if you can share your screen I can do everything alamender: Who wants HIM to teach us Neural Network jmp0ut: did you pull all the math algos out of the fpu? westonwaldo: this can be my job application XD Landepbs: is the h13 right? michelfugain420: @westonwaldo are you a swift programmer? westonwaldo: @michelfugain420 no just from 4chan brade0g11: What language is this? cpaleop: xd lesserthangood: c++ michelfugain420: @westonwaldo what do you mean by that doctorpoopee: @michelfugain420 i don't think there is such a thing called a swift programmer trajenx: looks like assembly Wrathedd: i could never work with these editors i can't ready shit brade0g11: ty @lesserthangood michelfugain420: @doctorpoopee weel swift is a language, isnt it? doctorpoopee: Kappa michelfugain420: Kappa westonwaldo: all what George is doing is really not that hard. he is just copy/paste code from stack overflow super easy TJSparks: lol

westonwaldo: this is the guy we are suppose to trust drive our cars XD trajenx: why is he using this hacker program? westonwaldo: sorrysorry i’ll stop bespoke_code: this is what real programming looks like, especially when you’re not familiar with the matter. The best thing to learn here is George’s thought process and the tools he uses to analyze the errors which pop out at execution time 🙂 saim7: KEK cpaleop: he’s from 4chan tho klasher125: This is real software engineering michelfugain420: Don’t ban him, he’s a 4chan swift programmer tauzN: @georgehotz Air or Pro? blabbernab: finish him moon2H sanneck: weed tea? theweekencl: LUL westonwaldo: sorry i’ll submit to you sorry New_Wizards: Still like the M1 @georgehotz theweekencl: taking backseat programming to another level michelfugain420: Kappa her3hero: he said sorry, show some mercy lesserthangood: we will send another guy from 8chan next her3hero: @westonwaldo subscribe if ur really sorry trajenx: lldb kekW Denis0109: @georgehotz which font are you using? grateful_tomato: what cars? michelfugain420: michelfugain420 subscribed with Prime Tusk_sb: isnt 4chan friends with that one hacker guy anonymous Webmasterdro: from tesla Webmasterdro: wait no bankzed: @tusk_sb they were but then they had a falling out chatdogy: whats the status have he managed to crack ANE? and to something with that Webmasterdro: he doesnt have friends in anonymous Andremm2: @chatdogy not yet toastedgorilla: does it make sense to watch his streams if you dont understand so much ? grateful_tomato: @chatdogy he is still learning objective-c her3hero: set the H13 to “h13” and continue bankzed: @toastedgorilla yes, the first state of knowledge is admitting your lack of it westonwaldo: hmm George is there any way you can share your work? perhaps we could audit the code and let you know

cwk20: @georgehotz hel, fh1m: hi afterworktech: trajenx: can you look at the type of this h13 in the debugger? cwk20: @georgehotz hey, can say something more about CTY, your adventure? michelfugain420: monkaS afterworktech: is this branch trajenx: i think you can use e/eval to eval david_monss: FeelsBadMan PutYourMoneyOnMe: image lookup –type h13 ysoftware: have you tried just ‘p’? informalgarlic: !info michelfugain420: Apple monkaS ysoftware: sad p 🙁 michelfugain420: @westonwaldo michelfugain420: thanks uk245: WHAT VIMRC DO YOU USE?????????????????????????? 0xHSN: 0xHSN subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months, currently on a 7 month streak! yeee booooooy her3hero: call (void) CFShow(po $xo) her3hero: ? siciliansalad: just joining in – could someone summarize what’s happening? tyvm Thezla: @akarshkumar0101 chill had3s_za: @siciliansalad ive never come to a george hotz stream and could figure out whats going on 0xHSN: external camera today. sup? grateful_tomato: this doesn’t look like a useful requirement, to keep tinygrad below 1000 lines siciliansalad: @had3s_za hahaha classic makvbex: is this on the new M1 chip?

FreshHummus: @had3s_za Trying to learn by osmosis? afterworktech: @makvbex yes Kobayawaka: @siciliansalad trying to use neural engine in tinygrad sanneck: !followage had3s_za: @FreshHummus just fascinating watching the stream makvbex: thanks @afterworktech TheLongWillow: Everytime I came here I leave with less knowledge Befeltingu: Anyone here read MCTS for regularized policy optimization? > MuZero alalfakawma: hahaha Befeltingu: drocha87: If you don’t see any output from CFShow, it was probably sent to the console her3hero: maybe they removed CFShow Hambone829: Anyone catch that funny Swordfish hacking scene post on Reddit…this is it trajenx: scammed cpaleop: why tho lmao her3hero: can you reset stdout? ravicat: guys did he manage to get return 0? hobocoder: lol FreshHummus: LUL alalfakawma: lol ZuppaSalata: LUL rektiwow: oof jawbre9ker: FeelsBadMan her3hero: rip waldo her3hero: F IMTotes: OMEGALUL NegDuHood: battery check mr hotz Thezla: FeelsBadMan 2shawt: bye Big_America_: F hir0andobey: Sony PogChamp Andremm2: LUL DasMastah: Where’s Waldo now? ElGreko17: he was trying to help, rip uk245: hi guys vickson12: is he streaming on a different platform besides twitch? afterworktech: the hero we don’t deserve patrickgekko: am actually curious to know what the battery is forthouearth: previously subbed too gg Keyeh: ban hammer coming thru alalfakawma: idk wtf he’s doing but i enjoy watching him Penguino138: we need that guy from yesterday that really helped littlebighead82: The squeaky wheel gets the oil brade0g11: LUL siciliansalad: ty @kobayawaka advitameternam85: He’s trying to be an apple engineer , Crowz4K: @georgehotz who’s that pretty lady in background siriusb_79: Sadge thecoockoo: F o7 NegDuHood: @patrickgekko same Thezla: o7 PutYourMoneyOnMe: step through cfshow ? vickson12: where are you right now? who is that in the background? is this a cafe? TheXDGame: @crowz4k his own android Hambone829: Pretty amazing how these programmers work. Such skill lesserthangood: @vickson12 he is in the mob’s trap house NegDuHood: hes been coding web browsing and streaming all on battery UltraScientism: /dev/null ? saltmydalt: what do you use to quickly move windows to split view grateful_tomato: it’s his mum 🙂 trajenx: you can see where stdout is going using lsof -p on osx FreshHummus: What if we all throw guesses into chat, maybe one of us will be right LUL 폭토토1: Import stdio ?? ArtemisCosmo: is his air top spec? NegDuHood: @saltmydalt probably magnet charliekobani: no , its 7 core ArtemisCosmo: damn dagobetting: @georgehotz Hey ArtemisCosmo: 16gb? charliekobani: 8 marcelbischoff: 8GB rose gold ArtemisCosmo: madness NegDuHood: @ArtemisCosmo base model i thikn marcelbischoff: I think base model UltraScientism: I called it LUL dagobetting: is this his home or workplace chat? had3s_za: @UltraScientism nice axlebear: lol I was going to say /dev/null as a joke the_gilps: @UltraScientism for the win

vickson12: i think its his home fdfdfdfdfdfdff: idk how people survive with 8GB. i got 64GB on my desktop FreshHummus: @trajenx 🙂 ZuppaSalata: @trajenx Pog FreshHummus: I got the pink macbook air too her3hero: just backup /dev/null and replace it myaocat: lldb attach and add -o /dev/stdout miche_____: trajenx ThankEgg trajenx: you can open another fd, then use dup2 to copy it into stdout the_gilps: trajenx *claps* dagobetting: @vickson12 strange ceiling 2shawt: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff congrats myaocat: attach pid -o /dev/stdout drocha87: ArtemisCosmo: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff got 16gb and it’s always not enough smh her3hero: haha sanneck: h13 looks like the zce ball number myaocat: the pid is the process id ViVonner: Thanks for lower qualities, can watch from africa FeelsGoodMan NegDuHood: 64gb is overkill PutYourMoneyOnMe: gpt3 bots in the chat ArtemisCosmo: @NegDuHood unless you are 3d artist right? FreshHummus: We’re all gpt3 bots her3hero: ArtemisCosmo: even then 32 is probably enough TJSparks: 0600 permission or something MashCus: Wouldnt gpt3 come up with sensible chat messages? FreshHummus: @MashCus LUL NegDuHood: @ArtemisCosmo no you would need a good gpu for that not ram ArtemisCosmo: ah bitman777: is the hacking in mr robot fairly accurate to how its actually done? anyone know? Landepbs: I am way out of my depth here but there is something in the ARM64RegisterInfo of LLVM about h13 Thezla: they are using real techniques her3hero: would this work? Pixel_Community_Project: @bitman777 its pretty close, more accurate then the usual stuff fdfdfdfdfdfdff: 64GB for my i9-9900k works well when im running MPI processes locally with 1000s of blocks in a simulation fdfdfdfdfdfdff: though thats basically only for debugging fdfdfdfdfdfdff: i started swapping with 16k blocks NYCyril: touch /tmp/log sanneck: awesome ArtemisCosmo: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff that should last you a few years Kappa Ziv0: nothing like chmod 777 won’t fix LUL NegDuHood: 64gb ram is a must for 5 chrome tabs Kappa

leander_ms: Can you make a new adblock that reliably blocks Twitch Ads LUL UltraScientism: this is just brute forcing your way LUL I would have read the lldb man page or something ArtemisCosmo: I have 2017 Pro mid spec, suppose I will wait for M2 16′ ArtemisCosmo: the current m1 pro blows mine out of the water though ArtemisCosmo: tempting darkzade: emoneySwag FreshHummus: @ArtemisCosmo Join the pink macbook air club TJSparks: Sadge its not doing what I want it to bolderhero: did george buy a pink mba? kernelwarden: @ArtemisCosmo m1 doesn’t have virtualization support. might be another killer criteria ArtemisCosmo: not a huge fan of that pink NegDuHood: @bolderhero NegDuHood: yes KappaPride PutYourMoneyOnMe: can you put a break point in cfshow and call it with the h13 thing? changing_variable: noob here, what is he doing right now? 0xHSN: @georgehotz where do your rent ubuntu VPSs from? Creamy_Goodness_: @changing_variable have u heard of skynet? changing_variable: yea ArtemisCosmo: @kernelwarden I’m a visual designer so I don’t really need it NegDuHood: modCheck battery %? FreshHummus: @kernelwarden It does have virtulisation but I think it’s different to the technology in intel and amd chips, vmware said they would support m1 ArtemisCosmo: I use Final Cut, logic, adobe suite, Xcode rarely kernelwarden: @ArtemisCosmo nice – lucky u 😛 afterworktech: 53 % smurfd0: did you see that Apple have kernel debug kit that you can remote from another machine and catch things via lldb from the kernel NegDuHood: !uptime BiscuitCoin: That battery life is so good afterworktech: @ElGreko17 3:08:27 Tusk_sb: look at that rose gold Tusk_sb: bling bling iskjmss: while streaming?? trajenx: you could try: CFStringCreateWithBytes ArtemisCosmo: that’s pretty impressive battery life prince___amir: hi afterworktech: 5 nm in action ArtemisCosmo: with OBS NegDuHood: thats really good ArtemisCosmo: OBS is through rosetta too aknaveg13: @georgehotz what computer do you use? 🙂 aknaveg13: setup FreshHummus: @ArtemisCosmo did he start at 100% at the start of stream? ArtemisCosmo: @aknaveg13 base air with m1 ArtemisCosmo: @FreshHummus I don’t actually know FreshHummus: Ah myaocat: NSLog redirected to Console changing_variable: have he tried to turn it off and on again?

RengarSenpai: it’s not really 5nm, 7nm is already an inaccurate description prince___amir: guess what? : tomorrow i have algorithm exam and i’m watching george prince___amir: isn’t that cool ryugavegeta: George you are persistent 1000 ArtemisCosmo: hey Linus this iPad without touch is pretty good trajenx: you can just cast pointers to void* FreshHummus: @prince___amir go study, George wouldnt be happy that you fail marcelbischoff: I think he unplugged to charge *the banned word* prince___amir: hhh @FreshHummus i am prince___amir: doing both FreshHummus: @marcelbischoff Kreygasm ? FreshHummus: h13 PogChamp trajenx: pepeLaugh Landepbs: nice LUL NegDuHood: tbf hes streaming, coding/compiling, web browsing and plugged external monitor for 3 hours, only killed half battery vadzim_tv: I am back, what happened in last hour? forthouearth: GG intel Zepcon7: @NegDuHood I don’t know any Laptop that is able to do that FreshHummus: @vadzim_tv I think he’s written a few lines at least ArtemisCosmo: @NegDuHood oh shi I didn’t know about external monitor, thought it’s a webcam smurfd0: h13 is from a13? 🙂 uk245: hey guys is george’s current vimrc public? the one on his github is only like 10 lines NegDuHood: pretty insane Matharp: What’s the objective here? LirkoB: to learn Landepbs: @Matharp C n0twei: nice apartment ArtemisCosmo: the objective here is to feel bad about how much less we know about coding than George Denis0109: which font is he using, I cant figure it out NegDuHood: m1 master race SeemsGood hiphopsucks: which shampoo does he use Matharp: Does the debugger not have readline-esque keybinds? desiero: any comment suggesting inferiority in skill is so lame hir0andobey: which woman does he use? ArtemisCosmo: yeah and it’s the first gen too ArtemisCosmo: it will get pretty insane as they pump out new M chips Aldraz1: there isn’t CFnum, but CFNumber Denis0109: sry guys im too stupid to find it out trajenx: CFCopyTypeIDDescription TJSparks: i do but i am not telling ArtemisCosmo: will change computing for everyone MashCus: enum? ArtemisCosmo: because AMD will have some fire under their ass FreshHummus: @georgehotz What do you think of Apple’s documentation for swift? 🙂 m113v: guys am i the only one again… who has no idea what’s going on :///

ELEMENTiQ1337: @m113v nope Kobayawaka: @m113v yes nairdabackwards: whats so special about m1 FreshHummus: @nairdabackwards pretty fast and low power afterworktech: @nairdabackwards nairdabackwards: ty trajenx: it might be because its a ‘static string’ and that is why it is being formatted in a weird way in the debugger. they can be comparing strings using pointer comparison NegDuHood: m1 air > m1 pro MarioBGE: How good is it compared to cuda? ChickyNugs: i love steev ArtemisCosmo: @NegDuHood Pro has a bit more juice ArtemisCosmo: which is handy vadzim_tv: @MarioBGE apples to oranges NegDuHood: @ArtemisCosmo barely tho, not worth almost $500 more imo GameYourChoise: kuruClutch myaocat: GlitchLit WE AR BACK Denis0109: man he really should use linux Only_Cliches: F golden_430: M1 thermal throttle shutdown LUL m113v: ddos 0om4ar: saved afterworktech: kernel panic for real? NegDuHood: obs crashed? her3hero: rip CensoredAlex: LUL jawbre9ker: welcome back sir 0xHSN: you triggered the m1 engine bro lol golden_430: we back myaocat: 7k viewers Jebaited Andemannen: I just got here what are you doing? trajenx: hotz has found another kernel exploit. pepeLaugh Denis0109: Kernel Panic on Alderan ysoftware: is obs updated for m1? vadzim_tv: try dtruss one more time Hambone829: What language is he using? mobal: more than 1800 viewers, nice! ArtemisCosmo: new Mac jailbreak covidneunzehn: ll afterworktech: nice anstefa: What the Hack is going on? legalogen: Tim Cook knows your location Kappa NegDuHood: tim apple is watching monkaS FreshHummus: Taylor, Swift, now Panic in the dTrace m113v: he got hacked myaocat: LUL CensoredAlex: @anstefa he hacked Apples HQ myaocat: send to apple ArtemisCosmo: he hacked into Tim apple iCloud Denis0109: Ive never seen a mac crashing like windoof anstefa: @CensoredAlex so free nudes for all? 😀 trajenx: do they even let you use dtrace? dtrace is bug city and i thought they banned it unless you had sip enabled anstefa: just kidding anstefa: a weird joke vadzim_tv: noooo dtruss one more time myaocat: Sadge dtruss CensoredAlex: @anstefa only tim cooks nudies tho tauzN: 😳 unless Denis0109: I mean you could try arch with xmonad? Back in the old days xd optimaltransport: hopefully apple doesnt send a zip bomb

ArtemisCosmo: @CensoredAlex smh fine I will take it myaocat: @trajenx dtruss worked before.. and SIP is disabled myaocat: maybe a race condition SuperSteve43: Why do you code @georgehotz ? afterworktech: @SuperSteve43 code is magic ArtemisCosmo: because code is life NegDuHood: sadge half gpt3 bots left us SuperSteve43: i like it desiero: you are code vadzim_tv: make some noise Alex New_Wizards: Stream cut off I panicked FreshHummus: FeelsGoodMan myaocat: FeelsGoodMan New_Wizards: Food is here TJSparks: taylor swift? JustZe: 🙂 ArtemisCosmo: can you see the stream? myaocat: @ArtemisCosmo yes F5 vadzim_tv: gosh ghidra is ugly 🙂 Matharp: Someone jumping on grocery bags m113v: why is she so noisy Kappa darkzade: YES DAD Matharp: sounds like whole foods Matharp: bags ArtemisCosmo: not loading on my end smh afterworktech: refresh ArtemisCosmo: refreshing myaocat: maybe step and see what it’s doing Denis0109: george, remember towelroot? xd axlebear: wtf is she doing back there AE86_vega: Do you guys have blackscreen too? darkzade: emoneySwag NegDuHood: refresh we good myaocat: @AE86_vega works on my computer ™ celebrimborfan123: sounds like a bio degradable sunchips bag Denis0109: did you guys remember towelroot, back in the days? 😀 FreshHummus: @Denis0109 No, is that a band? 0om4ar: @darkzade, erob sub LUL Denis0109: @FreshHummus and got roasted again

FreshHummus: LUL FreshHummus: Sorry, had to do it to ya Bennee01: how’s it going? Denis0109: yea its okay, I deserved it myaocat: maybe the function definition is wrong? prestigious97: what debugger is he using tauzN: 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔 bolderhero: @prestigious97 looks like lldb smurfd0: ghidra and lldb fabi_bie: holy, that looks complicated prestigious97: thank you myaocat: before on the first parameter it had a * and then you removed it name100015: this mf analysin kernel Denis0109: everyone here using mac? no linux? FreshHummus: nice ArtemisCosmo: lol ever since he disconnected I can’t load his stream or any other stream, restarted Mac even, still just got a buffer ring ArtemisCosmo: sometimes Macs blow my mind FreshHummus: @ArtemisCosmo rip afterworktech: @ArtemisCosmo works on our end her3hero: maybe the trailing slash darkzade: clear cache FreshHummus: @ArtemisCosmo what browser? Keyeh: now you need to take it to a apple store ArtemisCosmo: safari ArtemisCosmo: maybe it’s Big Sur bug afterworktech: @ArtemisCosmo clear cache myaocat: maybe because you add the slash Penguino138: often can be the slash

myaocat: PogChamp verxile: is this on M1? FreshHummus: @verxile yes macbook air alexmchugh: @verxile yep myaocat: “slash is great” Penguino138: Same issue happens in VS all the time with including slashes celebrimborfan123: it’s about the journey carlosdanker: we did it? myaocat: it’s always the journey metacritical: Sometime the times are tough blitzer36: PogChamp myaocat: @celebrimborfan123 Haha2020 UltraScientism: @verxile yes metacritical: Slogging through code is just life Denis0109: lets take ide’s and shove it to alpha centauri with elons falcon9 myaocat: create weights with coreml? angrysre: Testing Neural engine? afterworktech: never be scared of kernel panics metacritical: Kernel panics are rare on Mac due to Darwins modular architecture ArtemisCosmo: lul cache didn’t fix ArtemisCosmo: how is this even possible salvdelg: happy hacking george ArtemisCosmo: George hacked me metacritical: Linux on the other hand well you can easily have panics with even one faulty module ArtemisCosmo: haha afterworktech: @ArtemisCosmo maybe use streamlink to pipe stream media player like mpv? Niko_CS: who is taylor tho angrysre: The one and only Denis0109: @metacritical use arch, then youll be safe mufeedvh: Yo @georgehotz, I’ve opened a PR on tinygrad… tryna save some lines blitzer36: PogChamp axlebear: EZ bespoke_code: G G ! CataC: PogChamp CataC: Gratz Rkyrk: Taylor Durden myaocat: PogChamp conco_cs: Big moves saim7: Pog Hotz afterworktech: progress myaocat: the weights could be created with coreml too right? her3hero: now run it salvdelg: gg Draco0x191: nerdgasmThumbsUp TJSparks: wow everything you said went over my head nu118y73: gg PogChamp metacritical: What I didnt get it, how to you send the compiled hex engine?to the E

conco_cs: !uptime changename_: wtf UltraScientism: Can someone explain what’s he’s doing? I feel like it’s trying to use private API or undocumented API, or avoid objective C OetziOfficial: hi Penguino138: Tortellini time? hardtarget4: trying to make tinygrad use ANE ArtemisCosmo: lul fixed it with VPN myaocat: @UltraScientism YEP clock bespoke_code: Is that a Herman Miller Aeron? Apoplect1c: PrideUwu hardtarget4: world first ANE accelerated DL framework smurfd0: he want to use apples neural engine. from tinygrad OetziOfficial: OetziOfficial subscribed at Tier 1 myaocat: so when you run CoreML it can run on GPU, CPU and ANE. But you can use expose those functions and call them without coreML decides if it want to run on GPU/CPU i think LUL winsomehax: Has Crapple not documented this stuff? UltraScientism: @smurfd0 I understand that, but using debugger is not how development supposed to happen. So it’s undocumented api or private? Kobayawaka: both smurfd0: apples neural egine is not well documented yet UltraScientism: Well, undocumented and private is the same thing. I’m Pepegaing alamender: should i sleep or learn pyTorch OetziOfficial: do all at once TJSparks: or don’t learn ata all siriusb_79: learn it in your sleep awnarts: learn pytorch while fighting sleep meds martinkirilov: martinkirilov subscribed with Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! Suh broski banspy: 1984 that shit grandmastar30: @siriusb_79 200iq 😀 metacritical: Aha now I iunderstood he is gonna try to trace the api calls when an app runs and figure out the same api calls to neural engine? alamender: can i run pyTorch on my mac without a GPU metacritical: Ofcourse! TJSparks: stupid questions = ban? 🤔

aodhneine: yes hardtarget4: yes metacritical: yes TJSparks: no nestradalink2: да thecoockoo: that was a stupid question hir0andobey: is the neural engine actually faster or better? metacritical: LOL hir0andobey: what about nvidia tensor cores? metacritical: All of those things are ASICS FreshHummus: @hir0andobey it’s better than not using it on a new mac 😛 metacritical: They are build for that task, hir0andobey: but why use a mac for ml then? FreshHummus: @hir0andobey I think george might even somewhat consider this “fun” UltraScientism: So apple doesn’t expose its NE directly and you have to use it through core ML only for predefined use cases or something? BiscuitCoin: I mean the Tensorflows benchmark suggests it is much faster than the Intel GPUs atleast yoyo_brobro: yoyo_brobro subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 19 months, currently on a 19 month streak! FreshHummus: yeah TF looked nice metacritical: Well well Macs are convenient OS aint it + good battery life, so since we do all our dev on Mac then why not ML? BiscuitCoin: setzdichnimmdirnkeks: !uptime cyrinux: cyrinux subscribed with Prime usradm: Hey yoyo_brobro: great content! kyoonni: finally catching a live stream Apoplect1c: When was the last time you ate an apple? @georgehotz OetziOfficial: george have you ever tried gentoo? FreshHummus: @BiscuitCoin I think that was something they did that helps intel and m1, unsure if it’s ane specific alamender: my wheel always fails nestradalink2: did you tried to spin it?

nestradalink2: Kappa metacritical: Aha makes sense. But this Plist garbage is what apple should move away from Apoplect1c: LUL vadzim_tv: apple is not a scam, Apple is 🙂 FreshHummus: @BiscuitCoin Basically it used to only use the cpu, now it can use cpu and gpu changename_: what’s that link at the top kokiworse: do u google urself out of an infection? Apoplect1c: @kokiworse Yep mik12f4: only thing that sucks with these streams is that Im not knowledgeable enough to contribute TJSparks: noooooo 🙁 mag_m3m0ry: do a hypervisor stream changename_: siriusb_79: Sadge OetziOfficial: enjoy trajenx: private lunch monkaS instagrab: bon appetite smurfd0: myaocat: conv is prob converter BiscuitCoin: Well, if ML Compute stuff isn’t using the ANE stuff, it should be even faster right? gaschu: Generate and parse Apple .plist files axlebear: private lunch Kreygasm dangernub: dangernub subscribed at Tier 1 ausernamepng: ausernamepng subscribed with Prime FreshHummus: @BiscuitCoin should be metacritical: Ok Bye for now. have a nice lunch changename_: scam train blitzer36: scam train martinkirilov: yoyoyoyo afterworktech: hype train BrigadierLogan: hello dmfj_io: dmfj_io subscribed with Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! ProBeats: ProBeats subscribed with Prime martinkirilov: hype train esketittttt TJSparks: no afterworktech: can you just mute stream without stopping it chemicalflash: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 TJSparks: 1k BiscuitCoin: I’d think Apple’s ML Compute would sent it to the Neural Engine BiscuitCoin: send* mr_micoos: mr_micoos subscribed with Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! mk1729: Ohh smurfd0: 991 awnarts: Cheer1 chemicalflash: Cheer100 ProBeats: Hit the hype train fwef64: Why would I subscribe when I can see it on youtube later? awnarts: emoneySwag mj315: mj315 subscribed with Prime ausernamepng: Why does apple not tell us much about the ane AnAnonymousCheerer: Anon100 SuraMintsy: HeyGuys FreshHummus: @BiscuitCoin apple specify on their own website that the tensorflow speed up is from using cpu and gpu, no mention of ANE martinkirilov: you’re not supposed to close stream on a hype train vadzim_tv: @georgehotz largest scam in the world axlebear: Walmart KKona hobocoder: hahaha alexmchugh: nah its apple Pixel_Community_Project: time to short oil afterworktech: hype hype train alexmchugh: apple’s mcap is 2T nairdabackwards: have you watched some of gamozo’s streams?

hermitjedimaster: You guys still hiring new grads or interns? alexmchugh: its def apple TJSparks: i don’t like Apple. So I dc Linux_____: apple is the most profitable company BiscuitCoin: Looks like it is also using the ANE smurfd0: you cant fetch it via xcode somehow? instagrab: lol BiscuitCoin: Just uses all of them axlebear: PogChamp covidneunzehn: monkaS trajenx: omg krnflake1: Getting Sony flashbacks, Apple lawsuit incoming 🙂 BiscuitCoin: Weird trajenx: scam Nawwex: Buy bitcoin BRO covidneunzehn: last apple for geohot Kappa afterworktech: lol shimylowgo: monkaS aodhneine: it doesn’t necessarily have to choose the ane ctonline: @georgehotz can you say whats the strongest thing on AppleNeuro strategy,¨? mk1729: : ‘V martinkirilov: which monitor are u using atm? the lg ultrafine @georgehotz teerv: new rap song PogChamp hermitjedimaster: You guys still hiring new grads or interns? afterworktech: using your own hardware is illegal smurfd0: someone has collected some things bout the neurla engine trajenx: hotz hacking on stream monkaS . don’t video your crimes FreshHummus: Using all tells core ML you want it to run on the ANE but it doesnt mean that it will smurfd0: eh nevemind it was not much the_gilps: hahah hermitjedimaster: thats wild TJSparks: ???????????? changename_: lol BiscuitCoin: Free Kappa newone177: LUL a0bc0d: how much did he want? aodhneine: laughs in public eduction in europe LUL climbtofail: win win is always preferable omegaLUL Crowl_: eu boys where you at the_gilps: geohotz academy ctonline: i smell Comunisten there ausernamepng: You should reverse the SEP Farafire: Farafire subscribed with Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! nice full_splitt: how did you become so good in this? newone177: why not both LUL afterworktech: go hype train G1dr4: public education in europe is great! even east europe UltraScientism: EU is trying to have both KEKW mklllr: based nazbol george trajenx: tank up as much student loans as you can because biden is going to forgive them nairdabackwards: do you use rectangle for window managment= vadzim_tv: @G1dr4 nope not in easter europe axlebear: butler PogChamp vadzim_tv: eastern* chemicalflash: this stream is free education thecoockoo: scamtrain newone177: @Farafire hey farafire thanks for subscribing. im a self appointed community leader here nairdabackwards: i wnat dwm on my mac kapssa: true mik12f4: where can I get a girl like Alex? I missed my lunch 3 hrs ago vadzim_tv: free stuff can’t be good tiVnqi: 😀 moodoo80h8: mooooodoooooo m113v: mdfkr hobocoder: LUL fieldmarshalldonut: Wow 2k bucks for 1 hour B) Noice! UltraScientism: private tutoring Kreygasm Tusk_sb: damn it was $500/hr a while ago i was saving up for that BiscuitCoin: How about 1000 dogecoins instead? Oisann: It is free for you here because others subscribe Mobius5: Month salary in 1 hour PogChamp fieldmarshalldonut: Pink Macbook every hour B)

mk1729: SeemsGood yogi_1010: I dont have a 1000 anything jordangleanuk: so which Udemy course do I have to watch to understand this? hir0andobey: net worth? newone177: i like an honest man trajenx: monkaTOS salvdelg: we need a 2nd stream on capitalism 101 raisedbyphantom: bruh ravicat: KEKW 0om4ar: LUL m113v: bshits many_mangos: @Jordan_diashole yeah how tf did george learn all this. He learned it way before udemy was a thing! TJSparks: so I can’t get a white one? 🙁 elFips: LUL Rekkeno: is a white sufficient? uneventoothpic: clipit fieldmarshalldonut: Watch it at 1 frame per second, then u’ll be a pro bro B) newone177: @jordangleanuk all of them from the cs section Bennee01: $1000 TomatoePasta: does it have to be pink? shimylowgo: can someone buy me a pink macbook 0om4ar: 4Head widepeoplehappier: apple store is closed due to covid axlebear: just do it TheNumbersGuy: tfw you have a grey macbook 🙁 Farafire: With the white one works? Triphasic: @TomatoePasta yes BiscuitCoin: EZ Just copy paste with OCR on the video = Learning nairdabackwards: ITS PINK m113v: he prepare before the stream np_ez: yo, random question — what’s your fave SD neighborhood (for living) so far? @georgehotz studentsaksofon: you made me realize that you learn by doing and not watching lol vadzim_tv: enjoy your food afterworktech: don’t forget to raid hardtarget4: later notelex: bye TomatoePasta: @Triphasic Sadge Teldrin89: what do you think about Julia instead of Python for ML? many_mangos: @georgehotz you gonna move to austin like all the cool kids? afterworktech: raid bespoke_code: bon appetit newone177: later babes climbtofail: crazy Hotz is not even using Linux…dissapointing Penguino138: peace good stream m113v: 1k viewers “how do i raid” Triphasic: @TomatoePasta LUL rain_sd: good stream afterworktech: thank you Vjasal: @georgehotz what color macbook did you get? space grey or silver? Oisann: have a nice lunch georgehotz: hello Agent_Random: YO Agent_Random: yup viluliinaxx: yo tubadota: youre back! snarkyboojum: Yo GameYourChoise: Pog fireposeidoncx: nice buklao: sup sanneck: ow u rback Andremm2: back again kokiworse: Let’s go viluliinaxx: watching your adds CloutChaser153: Hey George New_Wizards: Quick lunch yung_ovaltine: This man don’t stop! fireposeidoncx: way to much ads bilboballin: whats the deal with Eliezer Yudkowsky buklao: ay you are drinking spindrift yung_ovaltine: HOTZ2024 New_Wizards: More hacking icyvran: Are you going to keep the computer? Stetson_II: Congratulations on the viewer count ianisprinz: Ceo of twitch DeeboMC: Yo @georgehotz what do you think of the TR-3B? You believe it?

afterworktech: you are back? fireposeidoncx: @bilboballin what did he say about him? drovod: Hey, can you share your shell themes on github? buklao: GEORGE IS DRINKING SPINDRIFT @georgehotz parktype: PogChamp vattun: Write E for emoji list DeeboMC: Yea google it bro igxs: What do you work in? fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz when can we expect another song? TheBaakaBoys: What song is that? yung_zmans: Im actually the current president of united alliance of magicians sorry george DeeboMC: @georgehotz 👉🏽Northrop Grumman TR-3B wdroid: what do you think about argo’s AD solution? homogol: bro you’re big idol. I want to be u altinmedia: !uptime wdroid: or their progress GevilleHS: Ao oreo_171: we back? oreo_171: what happend? Slaboday: george hey, any tips with focusing? (other than stims lol) Grupith: New location? altinmedia: true GevilleHS: So apple includes neural engine that cant be used without some hacking? fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz Lex should organize a podcast with you and elon!! Gimi134: hi George Teldrin89: ok, not sure if it got answered as I asked near the end of previous part – what do you think about Julia instead of Python for ML? remegy: @Slaboday bro just focus, start small, +1%/day gorodinskiy: gorodinskiy subscribed with Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! aodhneine: hiya~ metacritical: Ohh comeback soon fieldmarshalldonut: I can’t even make a joke due to moderation settings lol

JigglyGirls: syndHYPER we’re back JAGxTERRA: I wonder why apple switched to zsh? like whats the upside? GevilleHS: M1 version of macos still has zsh? albertv999: Corona-code aodhneine: @JAGxTERRA licensing issues metacritical: Zsh perhaps due to hype train metacritical: No upside to Zsh, I went back to back, all my bash scripts run on bash exclusively, I even use traps. So Zsh os not for me remegy: @JAGxTERRA ye licensing techtim123: So what have we discovered since last night? JAGxTERRA: @aodhneine that’ll do it thanks techtim123: Are we going to probe Siri? remegy: yo can anyone actually build a good siri, willing to pay monthly subscription fee techtim123: @remegy 😂 aodhneine: @GevilleHS what else? they can’t use bash because then they’d have to release the source code techtim123: Google assistant is scary good remegy: lol ? painrikudolol: I don’t understand anything but it looks good JigglyGirls: is the m1 mb air cheaper than the i5 one ? JAGxTERRA: I mean even kali is working working with zsh which caught my eye Penguino138: Waow quick break we back remegy: @georgehotz whats your favourite math equation ? JigglyGirls: i guess they have to recoup rnd costs metacritical: @remegy You can try building from there , its OSS code punktuur: heey george hots how is your hacking of the current simulation going? Any universes soon to be expected or? remegy: @metacritical you misunderstood, I am not willing to build it myself

eldac_kno: @punktuur yep, universe without stupid questions remegy: I am what people call, a “consumer” metacritical: aha ghostfrommarz: How do you stream Twitch from a Mac? punktuur: first rule of this universe is: there are no stupid question.. wtf did u not read the readme.? aodhneine: @ghostfrommarz obs? New_Wizards: Obs bonfues: can anyone recap what george is trying to do here? call the neural engine from c++ – is that bc you have to normally call it from obj/swift? or he’s trying to plug tinygrad into it? punktuur: im just cruious of george hotz alrdy managed to brake out of the simulation that’s all ghostfrommarz: Ohhh thanks! punktuur: hes trying to hack the matrix techtim123: What process is H11? punktuur: hes programming a neural engine from apple to plan an attack on the pantagon aodhneine: bonfues, he’s trying to make tinygrad work with ane MrVitoDayz: yo george bonfues: got it. thanks @aodhneine punktuur: hes now reading the source code of our current universe XD aodhneine: no problem <3 fireposeidoncx: george, your thoughts on joscha bach? punktuur: hes prolly trying to find the bugs in his system commandpaul: is this on the Apple Silicon M1? outgray: y alamender: finally managed to install pytorch LMAO commandpaul: wow alamender: i ditched pip and used conda haircutjimmy: Last time I saw this guy on Twitch he was playing Minecraft. What's all this shit? lol fireposeidoncx: @haircutjimmy he's trying to become a programmer now

alamender: @haircutjimmy World class programmer ProBeats: @alamender its stupid how easy conda makes it alamender: @ProBeats True ImpactChats: bars bonfues: lol okkessh: back to back was fire bonfues: pop star is a jam punktuur: George is there anything where we can sign up for your church meeting to escape the current simulation we’re in? alamender: Drake WAS good….LMAO…….he got 1.28 Billion views in 5 months hawsh: XD remegy: Drake is awful harakaflocka: LMFAO nerdchi: Has there ever been any talks on the appropriate number of layers and neurons for a NN? slimpimp007: drank rant incoming lol remegy: kayne is awful milanx64: YESSS UltraScientism: most rap is like that LUL okkessh: play back to back hawsh: the lyrics are copy rightrd afterworktech: please don’t play music MrVitoDayz: The only good drake is “Started from the bottom now we here” @georgehotz punktuur: You sure drake isnt just an anaomoly in our simulation siriusb_79: tootsie slide Crime_Stein: play some taylor swift punktuur: Who says drake is a human, he might be a robot for all we know hawsh: beats directrix13: have your computer read it davidxd3212: lmao alamender: lmao ceald: dmca monkaS harakaflocka: pvdb1505: real Kappa siriusb_79: fractions PogChamp punktuur: TRY TO HACK DRAKE’S SYSTEM alycia: you can get DMCA for singing lyrics aswell Bloodspark_: cmonBruh hawsh: words remegy: Yo that last line was fire punktuur: HACK DRAKE’S REALITY alamender: FAX Bloodspark_: LUL slimpimp007: Drake needs to stop acting tough MarioBGE: rap god george ImpactChats: he just rhymed town and down, that shit is hard UltraScientism: Unpronounceable words LUL America LUL techtim123: Yeah this stupid CloutChaser153: Rap God unodosthree: pure poetry Crime_Stein: somebody make a song outta george here theanonprogrammer: Shakespeare stuff davidxd3212: Marvins room tho milanx64: Lol….I used to take this stance but eventually…i moved on techtim123: Haha lol listen to her! Ravenbtw: TriHard Clap fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz play some knowmads HotBobby: drake lost his good ghostwriter duh remegy: YOOO THAT WAS FIRE hawsh: true neoarmstrong0: LUL Bloodspark_: cmonBruh drovod: You use Ghidra? is that from the NSA? how yu can trust them? directrix13: Drake’s best stuff was in DeGrassi punktuur: YIoo drake is just a pawn in this universe, nott even a grain of sand.. soon you’ll be the master of the universe and drake will never ever be mentined again techtim123: Oh crap so Drake has a ghost writer? MrVitoDayz: Brain fried nu118y73: :+ Ravenbtw: I wrote it 🙂 LightOstrich: thanks for streaming techtim123: 😂 punktuur: oh shit he’s hacking drake’s verses techtim123: He probably doesn’t do music writing anymore MuffineousMuffin: @punktuur LUL oreo_171: success ruins most her3hero: and drake Crime_Stein: create a ghost writer detection algorithm on the new M1 techiedheeraj: I thought george liked python than c++ afterworktech: how did we get off topic? alamender: Drake is like the front end of a website …….no one knows what happens in the back end Master_Atom: you still working on hammer or no

remegy: WOOOOO Ravenbtw: TriKool haircutjimmy: Focus @georgehotz! punktuur: hes trying to hack drake career.. he made is unvaluable just within seconds. george hots ladies and gentlemen remegy: @georgehotz why do you shit always gets worse ? Bloodspark_: lol remegy: think * lol unodosthree: snaps all around MrVitoDayz: reverse engineering the Drake uduver: drake going to send his shooters for you commandpaul: IOMMU artifact ? whats an IO Surface ? nerdchi: Has there ever been any talks on the appropriate number of layers and neurons for a NN? mik12f4: wait wtf…. they don’t write their own lyrics? name100015: cring directrix13: @georgehotz starts feud with Drake <== tomorrow's headline Mobius5: Bioinformatics stream again when?? davidxd3212: wait for the new disssss to george tho commandpaul: lol ok fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz any new podcast planned? punktuur: nerdochi u can join a george hotz talk about hacking our current universe we're in UltraScientism: @MrVitoDayz molecular biology / bioinformatics is the ultimate form of hacking ProBeats: @trev0id21158 the best one is the one you do smb_once: Wrong structure syntax MrVitoDayz: @UltraScientism precisely! I'm on it already :D many_mangos: george is the only person who codes like the movie stereotypes remegy: geohot v drake rap battle techtim123: Fire up final cut I’m sure it has an io surface punktuur: its said that george hotz is actually hacking in multiple universes at the same time and we're looking at a decoy... just saying remegy: @many_mangos learn vim you code like movies too nunekas: Is apple neural engine anything like google’s tfu ? techtim123: Video decompression afterworktech: mac documentation just looks fancy but it's completely useless oreo_171: m1 macs do seem fast sonerbliznakov: What is apple neural? nejintejag: @nunekas same purpose as TPU but with very different architecture UltraScientism: is it the NSA code analysis tool? fireposeidoncx: do you still use ""? many_mangos: just switched my os from windows to linux. Let's friggin go Crime_Stein: exposed techtim123: It’s totally a pointer her3hero: LUL punktuur: stop mlying bigbawsboy: Tmux dont work on M1 @georgehotz?! punktuur: don;t try to fool us we know what you're up too ProBeats: @sonerbliznakov the new apple m1 chips have cores for processing neural networks, alongside gpu and everything else ceald: Who was the ghost writer nunekas: @nejintejag humm...thanks, sounds very much apple-like :) jodocat: is that safari? RobinMalfait: @jodocat yep directrix13: IOSurfaceGetName something Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz c or python?

sonerbliznakov: @probeats thanks techtim123: IOSurfaceGetID her3hero: is the program on the neuro chip yet? techtim123: IOSurfaceID punktuur: im not gonna lie but if i wanna see some good programming i search on ytube UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye Cucumbers or Oranges? punktuur: id invest my money in an asian programmer for hacking the universe id say Ziv0: LUL techtim123: Lol Shashwatkthnxbye: @UltraScientism which is better as a intro to programming nejintejag: yes Shashwatkthnxbye: for a 13 year old punktuur: Does anyone know the current state of mech soldiers george hotz is building?> PhineasPhreak: PogChamp her3hero: wow her3hero: woah MrVitoDayz: bois getting excitign now techtim123: CFTypeID J_O_N_N_Y_679: just joined, what is going on punktuur: Anyone still following what he is doing? PhineasPhreak: pretending to yh many_mangos: forsenCD MrVitoDayz: @J_O_N_N_Y_679 hacking M1 chip phemartin: @georgehotz why safari and not chrome/brave? techiedheeraj: I run channel too UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye well python is probably better, go or C#(and java) is even beterer punktuur: dont tell me he’s alrdy hacked into the pentagon samfultonschool: Drake: directrix13: @punktuur well his mech soldiers can kill pretty well but they can’t change lanes borang: 1337 MrVitoDayz: @punktuur nah, just to GCHQ many_mangos: he hacked the mainframe ZeeZaxean: leet Shashwatkthnxbye: @UltraScientism thnx punktuur: noooo punktuur: shiiet metacritical: 124 was the Iosurface id you need IOSurfaceLookup JLO_: @samfultonschool OMEGALUL punktuur: before we know there’s something bigger next Shashwatkthnxbye: @UltraScientism what about swift? UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye If you are smart, there is no issue with starting from C punktuur: good hes in america techtim123: Go go gadget hack this thing MrVitoDayz: @punktuur UFO confirmed FreshHummus: @Shashwatkthnxbye Has awful documentation, dont do it to yourself BiscuitCoin: Nice Shashwatkthnxbye: ok her3hero: i mean you’re named taylor, you should like swift 😀 punktuur: I heard george hotz is basicly being controlled by aliens and used as a decoy phemartin: this channel is a bunch of coders trying to relax by watching another coder code UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye Not sure, I would have avoided it punktuur: nooo punktuur: we’re a cult punktuur: not a group techtim123: It was a quick No Shashwatkthnxbye: if i start learning today can i get to george’s level in 10 years when I’m 23? phemartin: hail george? commandpaul: yes punktuur: george if you hack into a new universe could u give me a BBC please? uduver: 77777777777777777777777777 nejintejag: Where did George get “test.mlmodel” from? punktuur: I want a good 8 incher if that’s possible filmotone: Cheer100 FreshHummus: @Shashwatkthnxbye depends on how much work you put in, but for sure it’s possible. Just gotta start samfultonschool: Drake: Shashwatkthnxbye: what should i learn after C?

oreo_171: permission to initiate POG ? PhineasPhreak: D techtim123: Yikes chat chill 😂 uduver: @Shashwatkthnxbye c++ FreshHummus: @Shashwatkthnxbye ask that question when you think you’re done with C Kobayawaka: lol “after C” Shashwatkthnxbye: ok thnx everyone filmotone: Cheer100 New_Wizards: This Chanel is a bunch of x trying to relax watching a x do x oreo_171: lmao “after C” FreshHummus: This x is a x of x trying to x x a x do x afterworktech: 827 pvdb1505: 827 PogChamp bichid69: is lldb the LLVM version of gdb? Bloodspark_: 827 filmotone: Cheer100 FreshHummus: Go back 827 PogChamp FreshHummus: PogChamp techtim123: It symmetrical Bloodspark_: 819 now afterworktech: hahaha ZeeZaxean: a number PogChamp pvdb1505: LUL ChemicalMastadon: LUL PhineasPhreak: LUL techtim123: Bingo FreshHummus: LUL Bacon4Life_: LUL uduver: This is y, watching x trying to do z mexeroserisback: LUL adam_xxd: LUL commandpaul: lmao Bloodspark_: huh commandpaul: bring out the manager SHIFT256: LUL Penguino138: lol oreo_171: @Shashwatkthnxbye not trying to assume things but did your education system convince you that once you read a book you are done with the language jtparker: Ask Elon Musk for refund 😀 FreshHummus: Coulda woulda shoulda Penguino138: someone still waiting for vitalik to send them their crypto back Shashwatkthnxbye: @oreo_171 no UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye familarise yourself with functional programming(ocaml, haskell), logic programming (Prolog) Ziv0: LUL techtim123: Light coin for the win! Bacon4Life_: send me your priv-k and addr for a refund 🙂 directrix13: Just become a coin scammer Shashwatkthnxbye: but i go to a very bad school in a third world country’ Shashwatkthnxbye: re learning alot of things from khan academy now FreshHummus: @Shashwatkthnxbye Oh you’re from the US? New_Wizards: Once you know basic English you can start with French, German, Spanish UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye but one should focus on problem solving, not on languages Shashwatkthnxbye: India techtim123: Lol 😂 this stream is so real nejintejag: does the “ct.models.MLModel(builder.spec)” function in “ ” call “ANECCompile()” under the hood? metacritical: My Favourite Functional lang is Scheme Epo97: what is he doing exactl? Shashwatkthnxbye: @UltraScientism makes sense many_mangos: does this mean we can talk crypto again without getting ban hammered? 🙂 @georgehotz nerdchi: Has there ever been any talks on the appropriate number of layers and neurons for a NN? New_Wizards: some kids learn 5 languages at the same time oreo_171: @Shashwatkthnxbye i feel ya i was in the same boat, I thought once i complete Let Us C, I’ll own the world LUL commandpaul: bhai relax , languauges ke peeche mat padh Shashwatkthnxbye: Is “Sams teach yourself c in 21 days” a good resource? instagrab: instagrab subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! Shashwatkthnxbye: i found a free pdf Erciks: the thing is C is huge and if you are asking what PL you should go for indicates that you might not be experienced, and if you are, you would already know what to do. Not trying to be mean or anything. It would be best to focus on what you are trying to learn. Jumping around definetly not going to help @Shashwatkthnxbye Shashwatkthnxbye: ok sir oreo_171: @Shashwatkthnxbye OMEGALUL marimuda: are you planning to use Apple Neural Engine instead of PyTorch if you crack this one? afterworktech: projects projects projects is how you get good at anything. do something real it will get really hard fast PhineasPhreak: ??? WutFace Bacon4Life_: WatChuSay many_mangos: the horror her3hero: why u eat dat

Bloodspark_: what was that bionicnacho: wtf did he put in his mouth PhineasPhreak: he just sucked the teabag twintowerpower: was that a teabag? Shashwatkthnxbye: @commandpaul theek hai sir mexeroserisback: he is imitating the zucc Bloodspark_: LMAO MrVitoDayz: TEABAGGING aksiksi: The teabag wtf bionicnacho: lmao her3hero: zucc dat teabag grizvok: new definition of teabagging Wraken__: free teabag MrVitoDayz: @grizvok yup techtim123: Hahahahaha marimuda: are you planning to use Apple Neural Engine instead of PyTorch if you crack this one? her3hero: lololol Erciks: yeah projects are extremely helpful. Any project you do would be better for you compared to any tutorial out there oreo_171: @Shashwatkthnxbye if a course/book mention x days do learn/master something, throw it out. you wanna learn programming, program SeemsGood instagrab: hots looks like they key maker from Matrix, but then he looks like he shuffled all the keys and cannot find the right key mexeroserisback: LUL FreshHummus: LUL UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye Finding a good C good that addresses modern concerns is not easy. Google “regher teaching C” chatdogy: will the tinygrad will be world best library?? LUL LUL Zepcon7: Is he still running on battery? UltraScientism: C programming book* ryseek: Is he using m1 powered Mac?? Shashwatkthnxbye: but sir if best way to learn is by problem solving what can I solve in C? Shashwatkthnxbye: i cant write apps and make websites right afterworktech: so fancy this documentation. is pissing me off unodosthree: @Shashwatkthnxbye You need do projects. Use a book and web just as reference, instead of reading it straight through. For instance if your learning C, start out with making a double linked list friedbeefed: what’s that beeping? Erciks: okey I feel like you are moving forward too fast. Try to understand fundemantals first oreo_171: @Shashwatkthnxbye google projects in C, pick something you find interesting, google your way to the solution. you’ll learn a lot along the way Shashwatkthnxbye: ok thnx alot slimpimp007: george is beta testing for apple rn SuraMintsy: why don’t you use a makefile ? Shashwatkthnxbye: do i need to learn calculus? doctorpoopee: there is a good github repo about project based c learning UltraScientism: Shashwatkthnxbye: find programming problems. (progject euler for example )Program some classic programs, like for example a tetris game Shashwatkthnxbye: ok Shashwatkthnxbye: will do jtparker: C with objects 😀 filmotone: filmotone converted from a Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub! doctorpoopee: rby90/Project-Based-Tutorials-in-C pedrito_02: what “triggering the Apple Neural Engine from C++” means? techtim123: Objectively speaking of course bonfues: @Zepcon7 i think so but plugged into another screen – so maybe has charge instagrab: @Shashwatkthnxbye just learn C++ instead bruh MrVitoDayz: or pascal Shashwatkthnxbye: Oh Shashwatkthnxbye: so many languages RealOden: C is probably not a great first language to learn imo, there is too much going on with memory to be able to focus on big picture stuff of a project fiendodto: hey george! unodosthree: @Shashwatkthnxbye although If I were just starting out now, I just learn python commandpaul: @Shashwatkthnxbye bhai hacker rank pe grind kar doctorpoopee: i think c is a great first lang because its all up from there commandpaul: THats how i learnt fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz thoughts on joscha bach? Erciks: @Shashwatkthnxbye remember, it will not be easy and there can be a lot of struggle. Just do not give up. This might sound like buzz word but, yeahh unodosthree: very easy to get started with twintowerpower: HolyC oreo_171: @Shashwatkthnxbye i am assuming you are from india as well, so definitely c++ would be more beneficial in the long run for academics and college placements wtf_my_name_already_taken: what do you mean by that: “if you are asking why, you are missing the point” commandpaul: Wanan pe C ya Pyton me kar Shashwatkthnxbye: Didn’t geroge hotz say in lex video to learn assembly and C? Shashwatkthnxbye: @oreo_171 ohhh ok commandpaul: So pick C Then , That What I went With unodosthree: @Shashwatkthnxbye eventually you want to go back and learn C and assembly RealOden: Python if you want to learn programming, C if you want to learn about programming

doctorpoopee: why would you learn c for algorithms and such, if you want to learn c build something commandpaul: I do HW design , All I use is C and Assembly other than HDLs commandpaul: GGs lmao unodosthree: but python is very easy to get started with compared to C and assembly instagrab: LMAO funnlimited: wow bonfues: @unodosthree yeah python is good. any language is good if you eventually wanna go deep into C/C++ since it all ultimately traces back to c/c++ Erciks: oh boy assembly.. I wouldnt recommend learning assembly now fireposeidoncx: can anyone actually keep up with his programming? lol nejintejag: Are we using coreml to understand how the nural engine works? I can’t see how tinygrad connects to this. Tinygrad will need some type of computaion on the Nural engine right? UltraScientism: @oreo_171 Learning C++ is a whole enterprise and spends too much time on the language itself. C++ is VERY COMPLEX language, if we are talking about really knowing it Erciks: not yet atleast Supgoku: LuL zup_zup: i love your struggle, cause i share it smurfd0: copy past from stackoverflow = real coder 😀 raad1masum: did geohot go to cmu? pedrito_02: can anyone explain to me briefly what is he doing? i don’t know what the Apple Neural Engine is fiendodto: any experienced programmers care to explain the big picture of wtf george is doing ? Shashwatkthnxbye: im more confused now :p unodosthree: @bonfues Oh for sure you wanna go back learn C and Assembly, but to start out I go with a higher level language so you can start making stuff right away with low overhead Supgoku: copypasta from stackoverflow doctorpoopee: c and assembly are really good first languages if you can find a good book or have a good guide or something UltraScientism: @fiendodto He’s trying to use Apples Neural engine in their new chips, and I think his main struggle is poor documentation, so he has to basically reverse engineer his way through FreshHummus: @fiendodto I think he’s trying to cause the battery to explode in the macbook, something about not being about to buy fireworks because he got id’ed commandpaul: Indians saale Placement ke peeche padhe rethe hai , goto Hacker Rank and Do everything that you can in C fireposeidoncx: tbh everyone in here probably just reading the chat because no one knows what he is doing lol funnlimited: p for … ? Erciks: programming is bigger than what you think it might be. Don’t try to understand everything. You cannot learn everything. @Shashwatkthnxbye Supgoku: I know Kappa Shashwatkthnxbye: @commandpaul is hackerrank good for beginners? oreo_171: @UltraScientism i don’t think he “really” wants to know it, only a few people alive really know c++ imo, i just think it would be nice to get him started and get into programming and even aid him in his academics, trust me its a major focus here in india commandpaul: yes grateful_tomato: he is trying to learn objective-c by looking at the assembler code 🙂 instagrab: Chat: What will the end result be? DarkEpopt: has ghidra overtaken ida now? Shashwatkthnxbye: @Erciks i want to get into AR and VR once I’m good epistemologist_: hello! fiendodto: @grateful_tomato is he teaching himself a language? r3ndd: he’s trying to reverse engineer the libraries for the neural engine so that he can write his own code that runs on the chip RealOden: If you say you know C++ you’re full of shit fiendodto: oh commandpaul: Start problem solving with code first , AR VR baad me mik12f4: hey George, how do I learn things? byte_baron: if i had to guess, reverse engineering an apple device to be able to make use of their hardware for ML? twintowerpower: You learn by doing Shashwatkthnxbye: ok thnx fiendodto: why must he reverse engineer it exactly cpaleop: lol byte_baron: isn’t this like… illegal? myaocat: br s -r ‘H11ANE*’ maybe funnlimited: stackoverflow is best resource to ever exist ggtom: 🤔 ProBeats: @mik12f4 George would say just do it bonfues: i guess he’s reverse engineering the neural engine API? bc it’s a private api? ProBeats: try it ryseek: Does he use new m1 MacBook ?? byte_baron: @fiendodto from what i’ve googled, apple doesn’t allow ‘third parties’ to make use of the hardware for ML, it’s for apple exclusive apps Erciks: yeah but just do it step by step. Focus on programming fundemantals first. Once you get familiar with stuff, it will be easy for you to decide how you want to achieve what you want @Shashwatkthnxbye ProBeats: @ryseek he has the macbook air r3ndd: @byte_baron I take it you don’t know who George is her3hero: learn this one simple lldb trick. apple hates this trick Shashwatkthnxbye: ok thnx everyone byte_baron: @r3ndd i know he’s a hacker, yes fiendodto: ohhh hes trying to jail break his way into their ML thingy UltraScientism: @oreo_171 We ought not to recommend him to become a mediocre C++ programmer. One has to know C to basically know how computers and OSs work, and then he could choose his path, but C++ is specialising in systems programming, and it’s not for everyone bonfues: @fiendodto yah seems like it instagrab: need to watch stream from beginning after it is archived. I am missing some key information epistemologist_: @Shashwatkthnxbye honestly, the one thing that i’ve learned from these streams is you just gotta do shit mik12f4: i know i was just messing around jtparker: Because it never works as expected 😀 ryseek: @probeats thanks SeemsGood Erciks: yeah C++ might be too much for now, I agree mik12f4: i know how much he like when people ask that Shashwatkthnxbye: @epistemologist_ ill keep that in mind sir

FreshHummus: @byte_baron not true, software goes through CoreML which decides if it should run on the ANE, you basically ask nicely and it will either run on it or not but it only will allow certain operations fireposeidoncx: terry davis would have already be done lol ggtom: fireposeidoncx dont mention that legend here bro r3ndd: If you want to learn the basics of reverse engineering for free I recommend pwncollege FreshHummus: @fireposeidoncx We can only aspire to be as good as Terry grateful_tomato: I guess he wants to use it for his tinygrad thing, instead of just using TensorFlow which already supports it, like everyone else does instagrab: @FreshHummus who is Terry? fireposeidoncx: @ggtom we need more divine intellect in here epistemologist_: @Shashwatkthnxbye like when george was writing the scheme interpreter, i was following along and that led me down a rabbit hole of learning haskell and just learning different programming langauges/paradigms Shashwatkthnxbye: Also is it necessary to get a CS degree? I don’t think my parents can afford it rn epistemologist_: @Shashwatkthnxbye hell no MrVitoDayz: @epistemologist_ what’s your use for haskell ? grizvok: no, you don’t need a degree unodosthree: @Shashwatkthnxbye just learn python dood. Find a beginner book that is project based. No Starch Press has a some good beginner books that project based ggtom: fireposeidoncx they are not ready for such power levels bro instagrab: @Shashwatkthnxbye degrees are overrated FreshHummus: @instagrab Terry Davis, he made holy C and thesmartest programmer to have ever lived. He was tasked with creating gods temple and was blessed with divine intellect oMYTHRA: @Shashwatkthnxbye no you don’t need a degree. learn and work on projects for practical experience commandpaul: No , youll be able to contribute to OSS after a point , but it really helps if your trying to get “Placed” or immigrate epistemologist_: @MrVitoDayz no practical use, just an interesting rabbit hole oreo_171: @Shashwatkthnxbye depends on where you live, for a majority of the places not really unodosthree: @Shashwatkthnxbye From there practice extending those projects to do something new instagrab: @FreshHummus thanks bruh metacritical: Woah man I made a career without a CS degree, you need to self study. There are plenty of people who have created self teaching CS Degree programs for themselves.’ FreshHummus: @instagrab Check out TempleOS kavprog: I’m going to make my own dlss program guys what language should I use? fireposeidoncx: @FreshHummus lol winningbigforever: hmm but how do i get a job at 18 without degree UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye If you are not getting a CS degree, you HAVE to get the that knowledge anyway, because without it you are a code monkey, a plumber, connecting components, without significant added value fireposeidoncx: @kavprog holy C kavprog: @fireposeidoncx muthafuka lmaoooo grizvok: @winningbigforever have an impressive portfolio and proove yourself in interviews pedrito_02: @Shashwatkthnxbye hah curb your school system… we have free universities in Czech Republic on international level (joke) grizvok: @winningbigforever prove* even Shashwatkthnxbye: ok tnx everyone from the bottom of my heart. I know if I get good at cs i can change my family’s life epistemologist_: hell im in math and i got a cs job somehow kavprog: I should prob use russian based languages lmao fiendodto: just leetcode 4 good job 4Head metacritical: Here is a good source to follow FreshHummus: A degree might not be a bad idea if he wishes to move away from india siriusb_79: people with CS degrees are successful because they are the same type of people to teach themselves everything ggtom: epistemologist_ cs is math degree with a computer kek bonfues: @siriusb_79 for real winningbigforever: lmfao TheNumbersGuy: 4Head FreshHummus: 4Head bonfues: DO IT FreshHummus: True name100015: 4Head fiendodto: TRUE UltraScientism: have a high IQ and curiosity LUL bionicnacho: 4Head unodosthree: exactly afterworktech: it’s true epistemologist_: “how to learn things – just do it” truer words have not been spoken kavprog: yeah yeah let’s just do it fireposeidoncx: Terry was the only person to ever improve the C syntax Shashwatkthnxbye: @metacritical thnx Erciks: LuL we are trying to help MrVitoDayz: x|DDDD metacritical: I moved away from India, without a CS Degree, also there are plenty oppuurtunities in India kavprog: wow thanks man commandpaul: GEO HOT on FIRE smokyakasteve: Just 4Head Jakobo06: Rone <3 quackyrabbit: Thoughts on info flow typing? Working on some of that stuff now kavprog: whats dlss coded in fr? directrix13: I walk a mile a day to my local dunkin' donuts Denis0109: yeah let's do it "looking at arbitary code". Oh never mind kavprog: python? Mehinedinger: Your like a nike Ad "Just DO IT" kingvoneduard: If you use 10 hours per day to learn what you want to learn, impossible to not succeed ggtom: fireposeidoncx but can anyone improve on his work? i think not with such divine inspiration UltraScientism: @metacritical to which country? For many countries having a degree is a requirement for job visas Shashwatkthnxbye: @metacritical h1b rules are very bad sir I don't wanna go to USA, cant start my own company epistemologist_: i was looking into the autodiff stuff, came across how to use dual numbers

psi505: is this reverse engeneering thing ? metacritical: @Shashwatkthnxbye Sure smokyakasteve: good nn from scratch books to read? epistemologist_: a way of calculating the derivative and value of a function with only one function call PogChamp fireposeidoncx: @ggtom don’t think so, not even george we lost a true legend sinisa_koscec: this is such a great background while im doing on my on coding py stuff. makes me feel not alone byte_baron: @smokyakasteve elements of statistical learning UltraScientism: @Shashwatkthnxbye So you don’t know how to program yet, but already know about H1B rules? LUL creasy_adc: @georgehotz How do you have so much drive? TheWorstAfk: @georgehotz how do you have the drive to always keep learning this stuff? metacritical: @Shashwatkthnxbye I moved to EU kavprog: should I make a bot that buys the new 6900xt gpu but only once so I don’t scalp? Shashwatkthnxbye: i was making future plans so researched fiendodto: the answer is high testosterone chat 4Head Shashwatkthnxbye: @metacritical nice sir, what did you study in college? ggtom: epistemologist_ sounds like it just reuses intermediate computations Erciks: tru LUL ggtom: ding ding ding ding ⏰ Jakobo06: @smokyakasteve I know that Sentdex (Youtube dude) wrote a book for Nn in pure numpy but dont know if its any good afterworktech: someone will figure out the location he is staying by the sounds in the environment metacritical: @Shashwatkthnxbye Just learn programming work hard and get a job plenty companies hire in India without a degree, Including big ones like epistemologist_: @ggtom basically, you just encode the idea behind the limit definition of a derivative (i.e. ignore all terms smaller than dx^2) alexander_1x: just tuned in what is he doin lulzury: IN objective c callback blocks are similar to lambdas in python, they just have different formatting Mehinedinger: what is dinging unodosthree: probably a train raystriker98: !uptime fireposeidoncx: the milkers os his girl ggtom: epistemologist_ that wild bro real wild almost as if i understood type of wild nairdabackwards: church time New_Wizards: the purpose of a language is to communicate with the machine/hardware, then what do you want the machine to do? Shashwatkthnxbye: @metacritical ok sir thnx oreo_171: the pillagers are raiding again smokyakasteve: @jakobo06 i think it just covers ann from scratch not sure if it even have cnn quackyrabbit: Thoughts on information flow typing? Been working on that a lot recently FreshHummus: @metacritical and infosys will basically hire anyone LUL epistemologist_: think of dual numbers like complex numbers, but instead of i^2=-1, you have an epsilon^2 = 0 metacritical: Infosys is a shit comopany. Just fluff no stuff oreo_171: @FreshHummus you could always apply for TCS LUL FreshHummus: @metacritical I know LUL metacritical: TCS is another Infosys FreshHummus: At least there is a running track though LUL epistemologist_: if you expand any function as a taylor series, it’s like f(x) = f(x0) + f'(x0) (x-x0) + O(x^2), so all the terms of O(x^2) go away from the definition of epsilon oreo_171: @FreshHummus common man, we gotta be grateful for such opportunities LUL ggtom: epistemologist_ ngl thats wild bro fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz how difficult would that programming challenge be for someone with no background in machine learning? I might tackle it for fun but it seems like a rabbit hole ProBeats: just do it! Jakobo06: @smokyakasteve Once you understand how a typical nn works its quite easy just to read the algorithm for cnn and implement it in pure python. Its the overall mathematics of PDEs and how to implement them which is difficult

bionicnacho: ™ FreshHummus: @oreo_171 I worked for a company that had outsourced most development to them, 20% of deployments to production worked with 4 environments and a pre-prod karanberries: just got in here and have no idea what’s going on. this feels about right commandpaul: GEO HOT gonna Crack the First MAC Silicon like the First Iphone oreo_171: @metacritical companies like infosys, tcs, cognizant visited my campus and let me tell you, they were acting as if they were silicon valley giants Kappa fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @ProBeats i have little no one knowledge of what would actually have to be done to implement a nn that would be able to learn from one mp4 how to accurately predict speeds at each frame epistemologist_: did george turn off the thing where you have to be watching for like 3 months in order to chat gussyyy_: @commandpaul ahh u remember them good old iphone days bionicnacho: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff I mean you don’t lose anything by just trying gussyyy_: @epistemologist_ – he made it 1 day…it was so frustrating bionicnacho: probably learn something along the way, even if you dont complete it walruous: swag meal karanberries: @epistemologist_ yes cuz now I can chat lmao ProBeats: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff What questions can you ask to find gaps in your knowledge epistemologist_: ohh lmao, i was waiting and i noticed that i could chat before 3 months lmao gussyyy_: @epistemologist_ such a troll gussyyy_: hhahah aeron10: aeron10 subscribed with Prime gussyyy_: where is george based atm? gussyyy_: NY? marcelbischoff: San Diego Mehinedinger: @gussyyy_ CA gussyyy_: living the dream fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @ProBeats i havent even done a basic image recognition machine learning nn, so thats basically where you would have to start, then apply that to a mp4 where you extract data out of each frame, and then somehow select proper data out of each frame to infer velocities from and train a model based on that. i really dont know that second part well fireposeidoncx: deutsche hier? nejintejag: George can you make a push to GitHub I am trying to follow along smurfd0: gdb 2 lldb command conversion for anyone intrested : gussyyy_: nein fireposeidoncx: @gussyyy_ lol epistemologist_: tbh i still dont get the math behind a neural network, but i havent looked into it in a fair bit so fireposeidoncx: woher kommst du? marcelbischoff: <-- deutsch bionicnacho: @fireposeidoncx I just noticed your name, damn cx frogs are everywhere lol. You still watch ice? Olympience: I know pretty much zero about code gussyyy_: can any1 recommend a good MOOC machine learning course? Shashwatkthnxbye: so complicated byte_baron: @gussyyy_ andrew ng course fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho no not anymore, stopped after horse shoe bay lol bionicnacho: lmao ProBeats: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff thats a great start, you have some idea of what direction to go in, keep moving in that direction and you'll slowly get a clearer picture of where to go fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho what about you? SHIFT256: @gussyyy_ fast ai gussyyy_: @byte_baron - nice it looks good -v ery highly rated ch3e3to: @gussyyy_ stanford's cs 229-machine learning course is on youtube karanberries: @smurfd0 ooh cool

fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @ProBeats ive done logistic regression, but i would assume you would want to do SVM or CNN for image processing? gussyyy_: damn…but it uses MatLab? gussyyy_: surely a python based ML would be nicer? SHIFT256: @gussyyy_ google for CS229 and then for CS231n, both courses are ok bionicnacho: @fireposeidoncx I pretty much stopped when the mansion got raided and he moved to texas. I just check in every now and then, mainly because I made his website lol gussyyy_: thx thx bionicnacho: or the platform that his website runs on, rather bsx1123: is great for ML karanberries: yea I went through the cs231 last year was a great learning experience SHIFT256: fast ai is great, but lacks of homeworks and projects karanberries: all their assignments are up there as well ProBeats: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff CNNs are the most common ways they do ML today but require lots of data, before Alex net the the DL ‘revolution’, visual bag of words with certain feature extraction was the most common method epistemologist_: figuring out how to multiply matrices of a custom object type in numpy was a pain kingf66: @georgehotz i saw an error on line 48, you should correct it epistemologist_: because it defaulted to O(n^3) non-numpy multiplication fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho I think he got unbearable after the first rv trip. All his lies made me hate him bionicnacho: i feel you fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho cx network? ProBeats: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff There is a lot to learn, but try to document what you have learned. The final result doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as the journey and the process you go through widepeoplehappier: are recurrent cnn a thing for inferring velocity? kingf66: THATS WHAT SHE SAID Appz_x: Jailbreak wen ProBeats: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff its not an easy problem to solve, but even trying to understand how you might go about solving it is commendable Daniel_Duan: Every objc method is dispatched via objc_msgSend kingf66: Jebaited Swendude: Ooh it’s still going, where is George at? bionicnacho: @fireposeidoncx eh, more like cx network v2 lol. The original guy disappeared when shit hit the fan with the fbi, and I had this platform implemented already so he switched over to it. The whole tracking streamers and watching multiple people at the same time on the site is on there, but he hasn’t lmade like any events since and there’s no network so it’s all hidden kingf66: @georgehotz what do you think about shungite ? not the rapper

cpaleop: lmfao confidentlythrowaway: George, I’m your biggest fan! I’m 6’7″ and 240 lbs chatdogy: at the end apple wil ladd support to use ANE, its a lot of work what you have donw remegy: my uni made me sign a statement that I wont cheat during an online test… wtf Mehinedinger: @confidentlythrowaway False im 7ft confidentlythrowaway: ;((( Mehinedinger: lol ggtom: remegy that’s wild bro real wild confidentlythrowaway: @remegy lmao contracts aren’t real UltraScientism: @confidentlythrowaway that’s a big girl fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho oh okay, I hope he did pay you at least and that there are no hidden crypto miners lol Thomasbrah: what is he trying to do ? like reverse engineer something that apple has done regarding the M1 chip ? confidentlythrowaway: @UltraScientism for you hanshellmann: lol aimon1337: !uptime Mehinedinger: @Thomasbrah kind of something with the NN that apple made fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho but I acutally miss the old days with kyle and Nathan bionicnacho: @fireposeidoncx lmao yeah, I had him set up auto payment from paypal every month before releasing it. I heard horror stories from past devs having to jump through hoops to be able to get paid lmao tuggek: is it true that you can beatbox UltraScientism: @confidentlythrowaway for 95 percentile jeff8revelator: jeff8revelator subscribed at Tier 1 bionicnacho: @fireposeidoncx same, it was good times nejintejag: Cant George just look at what “run.swift” sends in to the nural engine? Just send the same thing fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho yeah true, the boy was no good. Ed was right from the beginning mik12f4: George can you intern with Bionano Genomics for a week or two? I would feel more comfortable investing with you on board. Thanks bro pedrito_02: soo, he is trying to use neural engine for his own intention? kachokblexinity: Is this content for noobs? Rkyrk: Yes LABZdotEU: Can’t a middleware be built that translates from tinygrad to Apple’s ANE/ML APIs? directrix13: Is the IOSurface not just a runtime introspectable way to find which mapped addresses you’re looking for? LABZdotEU: or that would not be sufficient? Mehinedinger: @kachokblexinity no fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho Do you know what voldesad is up to? confidentlythrowaway: This is programming 101, if you can’t do this you’re basically worthless

crucialOri: @kachokblexinity his content is never for noobs tbh xD crucialOri: i barely know whats going on but im enjoying it lol confidentlythrowaway: Mods, am I allowed to tease other members? myaocat: does LD_PRELOAD works in big sur? maybe you can use that and hook that function when running python using coreml tools? Mehinedinger: @confidentlythrowaway another false formemi: @georgehotz I just joined, apple can use tagged 64 bit pointers for ARC optimizations masterMau: hey george! how is everything? hope all is well! 🙂 bionicnacho: @fireposeidoncx no clue unfortunately, paul left him behind when he moved to tx and I dont think he’s really been streaming myaocat: maybe look that inside ghidra? confidentlythrowaway: What’s his progress at? What’s he trying to do? damini0s: how’s the new macbook? 0xHSN: adgaurd disabled the twitch chat, wtf?! alamender: how are you so good at coding kachokblexinity: this looks very easy for me, why is he stuggling so much? Erciks: LuL FreshHummus: @kachokblexinity go do it then 0xHSN: nice couch fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho btw is he still workin with steve jobs? localcanofdutchgold: @FreshHummus actual simp metacritical: Practice practice and persistence, that’s how you become good at coding, just like painting or any other skill FreshHummus: @localcanofdutchgold guilty kachokblexinity: i mean it’s just C++, not Javascript + CSS bionicnacho: @fireposeidoncx thank god no DayAdam: do the processors after the a12 have the neural engine as well? 0xHSN: @metacritical i mean ok, but what to work on? alamender: haha…..i guess ill start learning neural networks setzdichnimmdirnkeks: i think he’s still trying to find a way to use the apple neural engine from tinygrad metacritical: @0xHSN What do you fancy? confidentlythrowaway: Is there a tool to visualise this as a graph? Erciks: yeah its just c++, its not important what hes trying to do i guess Kappa cpaleop: wtf fireposeidoncx: @bionicnacho thank god! alamender: im 15 and if i start learning neural networks……will it be worthy myaocat: you can see in the disassembly who wrote to x1? aodhneine: kachokblexinity, os, so then surely must know what is he doing. how would you approach this then?

moonify: Damn it one hour late, good luck on this run @georgehotz deadpoet002: hi george icyvran: Couldn’t this copy and paste be automated? alamender: @icyvran NO alamender: anyways its 4 am i gota go sleep masterMau: what is the Apple Neural Engine gonna be used for? confidentlythrowaway: @masterMau he’s tryin to get tinygrad to work on it makvbex: @mastermau for machine learning 0xHSN: replicating the streams is a good idea to be an elite programmer, there are 65+ streams, understanding them fully would take you 10k hours, 3hrs daily >> 9 years see you in 2029 grateful_tomato: @confidentlythrowaway couldn’t he just look at the source code of TensorFlow, which has integrated it already? epistemologist_: dude dragonctf this year had a coq challenge LUL UMPS: that’s what he said Ziv0: it could def be automated with something like radare + r2lldb but it’d be messy kachokblexinity: aodhneine I don’t use shitty hardware such as Apple i create my own in Iron Man Cave confidentlythrowaway: @grateful_tomato afaik no, the API is not a 1:1 setzdichnimmdirnkeks: @grateful_tomato tensorflow only uses the gpu i think sanneck: many parameters masterMau: oh shit, tinyGrad is his own machine learning right?? confidentlythrowaway: yup cpaleop: haha 0xHSN: @georgehotz where do you rent VPSs from bro? metacritical: To start programming replicating this stream is not a good idea, go do programming for a yr and then come back to this. This is reverse Engineering stuff mik12f4: @moonify he’s practically been on for 5hrs aodhneine: kachokblexinity, ah yes, good luck reinventing cpus then ^^ grateful_tomato: how much faster will it be anyway compared to a GPU? 0xHSN: @metacritical yeah sure, it’s not for absolute beginners confidentlythrowaway: I did reverse engineering on a BIOS and this is triggering my PTSD setzdichnimmdirnkeks: dunno metacritical: Yup confidentlythrowaway: I remember doing the same thing of indenting the calls to visualise the backtraces better Erciks: probably komocode_: apple’s new ding sound is so dissatisfying 0xHSN: nostarch books are a good start ferdovvs: Is this c++? grateful_tomato: @setzdichnimmdirnkeks this webpage says TensorFlow uses the new M1 chip: metacritical: Honestly I learn most programming from free sources so I hardly buy books

confidentlythrowaway: tabphobic CoolCat Thomasbrah: *ding ding commandpaul: I hate tabs too formemi: Chat, what is he doing? Why not just use objective-c++ with CoreML? bionicnacho: @komocode_, damn, now i cant unhear how annoying it is localcanofdutchgold: who the hell pays for books jidderz: George is hacking PogU confidentlythrowaway: @formemi hardware acceleration siriusb_79: is there a pytorch implementation yet? komocode_: 😛 aodhneine: localcanofdutchgold, I do -_- IncognitoJam: f metacritical: LOL leairondeth: xd kachokblexinity: RIP epistemologist_: did he just leave lmao nejintejag: @grateful_tomato “ML Compute, Apple’s new framework that powers training for TensorFlow models right on the Mac, now lets you take advantage of accelerated CPU and GPU training on both M1- and Intel-powered Macs.” cpaleop: 4Head devequel: f ferdovvs: I have the same question @formemi , which language is he usin gnow? formemi: 4Head bionicnacho: lmao confidentlythrowaway: @siriusb_79 no, I think he’s one of the first to reverse engineer it grateful_tomato: he is easily getting triggered, isn’t he? 🙂 UltraScientism: Didn’t know Objective C++ was a thing. The Horror DansGame Mehinedinger: bath room break? confidentlythrowaway: @ferdovvs languages don’t matter LABZdotEU: Hey @georgehotz why can’t we just create a middleware between Tinygrad and Apples ML APIs and use those instead of hitting the ANE directly? 0xHSN: you can get them for free, no one pays for content in 2020 milkshakegum: Hi altrightfiveyo: bs ggtom: that is a nice mug ngl kachokblexinity: why he is not using VSCode? Console is for noobs commandpaul: How much caffiene do you have every day ? nic0latesla: what are u drink? metacritical: Reverse engineering and finding the APIs to call a secret hardware on your CPU is hard stuff epistemologist_: lmao @kachokblexinity localcanofdutchgold: @kachokblexinity VSCode DansGame atlaslobster: disabling the sound in vim: set noerrorbells visualbell t_vb= advitameternam85: he drinks tea masterMau: BALLER ggtom: 0xHSN the best statistical learning reference for me was a youtube playlist by a legendary bro Erciks: interesting commandpaul: The Caffiene numbers what are they ggtom: 0xHSN and ive read all the books ppl swear by and they dont come close LABZdotEU: can’t we somehow monitor CoreML? like a wireshark for the ANE 😀 epistemologist_: mfw i program most things in nano confidentlythrowaway: my boy George is the Indiana Jones of hardware acceleration 0xHSN: yeah. there are some gems on غف nic0latesla: thanks @advitameternam85 aodhneine: kachokblexinity, I’d say that vscode is for noobs who need constant stimulation in form of graphical interface rather than just focusing on writing the code and not caring about what editor to use 0xHSN: yeah. there are some gems on yt @ggtom setzdichnimmdirnkeks: @grateful_tomato tbh: im not completely sure what his goals are in this session.. 🙂 ggtom: 0xHSN اكيد grateful_tomato: I don’t think this makes sense, the overhead for accessing the M1 engine from any framework is negligible compared to the time M1 runs Erciks: good editor can help confidentlythrowaway: @aodhneine I’m a vimmer but you can make a good argument that integrating semantic understanding in the tooling is better than pure text 0xHSN: @ggtom you’ve caught with that grateful_tomato: so just use CoreML and wrap it to whatever you want 🙂 Maccyhuge: vscode with vim keybinds is actually not bad epistemologist_: mfw my computer is too slow to run vscode and im too lazy to learn vim, nano is my first choice 🙁 0xHSN: where are u from? kachokblexinity: aodhneine But you can write code much faster UltraScientism: vscode is based on electron. Everything that uses electron is an abomination and must be destroyed Repunk: LOAcquire : sw1jari: learn vim slowly, you won’t regret it myaocat: p/a address ? kachokblexinity: UltraScientism Scientism sucks sw1jari: learn the very basics, takes 1 minute UltraScientism: LUL localcanofdutchgold: you only need like 10 commands to use vim aodhneine: kachokblexinity, with vim? yes, with vscode? yes confidentlythrowaway: neovim > vim mik12f4: george hotz == focus and determination

grateful_tomato: more like getting lost in rabbit holes metacritical: Meh that’s patronising George UltraScientism: As someone said on HN: What Apple M1 giveth, electron taketh away. LUL masterMau: any advice on where to start when wanting to learn about ML?? kachokblexinity: aodhneine I mean i write my html code way faster using vscode mik12f4: i guess it depends on how you look at it confidentlythrowaway: @UltraScientism kek ProBeats: @masterMau Just do it, pick an intro course on something like coursera and just do it chromosundrift: @kachokblexinity @aodhneine use what works best for you? milkshakegum: How’s the hover pole? metacritical: Well you can replace any successful person in that statement aodhneine: chromosundrift, I know -_- masterMau: @ProBeats lmao yeah that’s my original idea but was also curious about other methds ggtom: masterMau just do an example with scikit-learn or tensorflow. both are good python packages epistemologist_: dude you can write your code in google docs for all that it matters bolderhero: @masterMau i would recommend brushing up on calc and linear algebra just enough to not feel totally lost metacritical: I bet if you put: Tom & Jerry == focus and determination bolderhero: just as tip ProBeats: @masterMau I think its easier to figure out where to go with a skill once you have played around with it for a bit metacritical: It would work confidentlythrowaway: you can’t code without knowing topology and abstract algebra ggtom: i mean u can get away with a lot using tensorflow ggtom: it does everything for u SOmedude456: Hey george, when you were still doing Exploit dev, were you ever scared of crash dumps exposing your bug? confidentlythrowaway: @ggtom George shat on it in comparison to pytorch UltraScientism: @confidentlythrowaway don’t forget cubical type theory and categorical logic grateful_tomato: would be more interesting to think about new algorithms. I think the standard backpropagation for neuronal networks is not the best, the human brain probably don’t work like this, at least not with a clean separation between learning and using the net aeron10: @georgehotz sup man!! ggtom: confidentlythrowaway i never used pytorch so i cant comment. but tensorflow is still good masterMau: thanks everyone for the advice! I’ll look at playing around with it! scelillo: !uptime confidentlythrowaway: @UltraScientism Damn, I guess I’ll forever be a brainlet :// jkfsda: has he managed to talk with the neural engine yet? confidentlythrowaway: @jkfsda yeah, he’s reverse engineering how to load models confidentlythrowaway: the missing sudo from he nvram last stream killed me

confidentlythrowaway: it was a missing sudo, I doublt checked confidentlythrowaway: double* nejintejag: yes, you missed it!!! brysonreece: Programming for the last 10 years and would be completely lost if was doing something like this ggtom: im a good people 🙂 cpaleop: good people 🙂 ctonline: yep karanberries: nah I’m a bad boy Bloodspark_: almost 1K milkshakegum: me too d4rkvist3r: yo DarkEpopt: twitch isnt sending their best zup_zup: why is this so difficult lol Ign0tuss: im trash confidentlythrowaway: I’m not people rogueaj: python bro reporting in 🙂 confidentlythrowaway: woof woof cpaleop: i really dp cpaleop: do* UltraScientism: @DarkEpopt LUL angler_jax: I have never understood a single thing you coded during your livestreams but I still tune in! john_kosta01: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 UltraScientism: @angler_jax trying to get smarter by osmosis? zup_zup: i used to do this back in the diablo 2 days making bots epistemologist_: im just here in chat while programming my own stuff tbh, cant really understand whats going on Maccyhuge: I have this in the background while I do easier programming to make me feel smart confidentlythrowaway: he’s reverse engineering some compiled C/C++ dynamic libs BotDenhart: Whats the curremt status on calling the Neural engine? Did he get anything working? angler_jax: @UltraScientism I have found ways to succed in life without being smart, I just enjoy watching smart people doing smart things UltraScientism: ok grateful_tomato: it probably uses some device driver to access the M1, might be interesting to reverse engineer the low level ioctl commands ggtom: grateful_tomato do u frequent the food channel? grateful_tomato: no, I’m just a random tomato ggtom: ok i see. 🍅 masterMau: what are your plans for 2021 geo?? PogChamp PogChamp

LukeRobbo_Kappa: I wonder what % of the stream is actually following this chromosundrift: I am tbone2max: I am among those who don’t masterMau: i dont understand much but being able to witness the goat is what I value the most rephlexsion: how many monitors do you use tbone2max: That would be a good chat poll LABZdotEU: a lot of folks, but it’s rather difficult keeping up with the amount of information fed to us chromosundrift: can you use expression breakpoints? grateful_tomato: @masterMau there is a goat in his room? tactiledactyl: pwndebug bsx1123: lol cpaleop: xqcSmile epistemologist_: why the frick have i come across bfs like 3 times in the past week in different problems i’ve been working on brysonreece: Following along strawpoll Swendude: Is this a handle in the sense of a resource lock? nejintejag: makes sense, you need to send the program to the device nudajobina: whats a program handle? ausernamepng: is that ghidra nejintejag: @nudajobina probbaly a pointer to the program Solely_Luck: Sup Mr. Hotz, excited to be here live for once her3hero: almost 1k viewers Mehinedinger: I feel like this is a rabbit hole on roids nejintejag: like a file handler jkfsda: load it like it’s hot chromosundrift: do that BotDenhart: why not do that as a starting point? zup_zup: what’s wrong georgy

jkfsda: pee invocation metacritical: Yup that’s Ghudra neuromancer2: neuromancer2 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 2 month streak! madebyollin: frame variable / fr v ? ausernamepng: I thought george used IDA OetziOfficial: yay back to coding smurfd0: devoloution1: what is the Goal in Reverse engeneering this? zZIP: Could someone explain in simple terms what triggering the apple neural engine accomplishes? Is this for the sake of developing neural net stuff on the new mac? I don’t really know what we can do with this in the end jkfsda: IDA could’ve been huge if it was open source FreshHummus: Do something apple doesnt want metacritical: To be able to directly use Neural Engine BotDenhart: Getting tinygrad to use the neural engine @devoloution1 BotDenhart: I guess UltraScientism: Apple should make a M1 based “threadripper” with 64 cores mik12f4: @FreshHummus lol jkfsda: i wonder how fast it will run compared to the GPU MrVitoDayz: @UltraScientism They need increments to make money 😀 metacritical: The Current API in CoreML dent let you select the NE, it may choose to run it. So Georgy if successful would write explicit NE kernels from tiny grad zZIP: Is it just engineering differently to be able to run on the new chip more efficiently? MrVitoDayz: teabagging incoming@ devoloution1: ah cool thanks @metacritical fstab: radare2>ghidra FreshHummus: Imagine learning anything epistemologist_: all my homies hate wolfram alpha d4rkvist3r: 🍅lol MrVitoDayz: why @epistemologist_ tuggek: yo homies stoopid siriusb_79: symbolab has left the chat robinsec: does your wife code too? Tunelesschan: I would if could afford it LUL UltraScientism: @metacritical Why does it behave in such a weird way? FreshHummus: All my homies are imaginary MrVitoDayz: @FreshHummus i’m ya hommie epistemologist_: do your integrals by hand MrVitoDayz: bud Mehinedinger: @siriusb_79 lol UltraScientism: I.e. not guaranteeing NE execution. That’s f-ing insane nejintejag: can you check the program handle class? in obj-c vadzim_tv: @georgehotz what did you start with early in your career, coding or specifically reverse engineering? metacritical: @UltraScientism Meaning? Wopahopa: kids these days don’t know how to learn stuff 🤷🏼♂️ Cluwe: real pros use axiom not wolfram beta or mathematica MrVitoDayz: @epistemologist_ hahah 😀 MrVitoDayz: save the paper

Keyeh: Why not learn lisp and make a reduce imitation that integrates for you masterMau: what software does he even use to create tinygrad?? this is all so new to me its insane FreshHummus: @UltraScientism Only specific things are supported, CoreML tries to make sure I think BotDenhart: Ugrh lisp 1PiZi: LOL, that’s funny cuz I’m using wolfram at this exact momment MrVitoDayz: @Cluwe I just integrate in my head epistemologist_: ok but for real though, i use mathematica but there is an art to evaluating integrals by hand BotDenhart: Do it in emacs cpaleop: xqcS GO IncognitoJam: We have to go deeper UltraScientism: @FreshHummus doesn’t explain it. They could return error if NE doesn’t support it chromosundrift: next LEVEL! wholesomecutie: OMEGALUL metacritical: I agree, myaocat: lower? PogChamp BiscuitCoin: LUL Mehinedinger: INTO THE HOLE rogueaj: nooooooooooooooooo supersalohcin: type gui in lldb prompt chatdogy: but you want to do something on apple playing field. What apple do not like LUL OetziOfficial: dig deeper? TheIlluminati wholesomecutie: L OMEGALUL WER Tunelesschan: going lower than C? monkaW Cgjxq: We must go deeper BiscuitCoin: This rabbit hole is so deep Keyeh: Indeed emacs integrates for you with calc package @botdenhart vloood: this is to go even further beyond menta1backf1ip: DOMP IT MrVitoDayz: we have to bypass the firewall chromosundrift: time will be slower there ProBeats: when in doubt go deeper vadzim_tv: anyone here has experience with mozilla’s rr? last time I tried it I failed because thing didn’t work on my threadripper CPU masterMau: we must raid the apple HQ cpaleop: go into their minds brysonreece: strawpoll says 42% of viewers are completely lost FreshHummus: @UltraScientism HahaShrugRight Rkyrk: Just write the assembly zup_zup: enhance supersalohcin: type gui in lldb prompt myaocat: ^ cpaleop: what is considered a program handle? chatdogy: I think lowest you can go is throw mac out of window 😀 myaocat: @supersalohcin it sucks tho brysonreece: strawpoll 42% of viewers are completely lost 46% somewhat understand 12% following along BotDenhart: @Keyeh You simply have to press C-x + C-i + C-s and pres tab 3 times Cluwe: @MrVitoDayz Who needs to know how to integrate when you can just guess the answer and check by taking the derivative, right? MrVitoDayz: yuo supersalohcin: if you dont know lldb its much easier tho Ziv0: monkaS MrVitoDayz: @Cluwe yup! jo_renttt: LUL masterMau: what’s lower then the kernel afterworktech: damn AkhizoN: im completely lost dud squadR masterMau: wtfff cpaleop: true LUL yurit04: Let’s go to the kernel !!! afterworktech: lower and lower masterMau: bruhhh OetziOfficial: CrreamAwk vadzim_tv: Kexts are deprecared LUL LUL ProBeats: You spin me right round baby right round when you go down, when you go down down yurit04: Let’s go lower!!! levetation: I wanna see the custom kernel MrVitoDayz: TempeOS 3.0 incomming yurit04: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 cpaleop: the engineers minds is lower than the kernel bolderhero: we need to go lower UltraScientism: Aren’t Arm macs refuse to boot? jkfsda: i think they’re releasing the source code for the newest kernel in like a month MrVitoDayz: TempleNeuralOS The_Kebob: PSP low? BotDenhart: WE MUST GO DEEPER BiscuitCoin: Have you tried running ka $ppa ? BotDenhart: STOP THE COUNT Cluwe: next thing he will set the bits by hand with a wire afterworktech: we need to go to 1 and 0 vloood: has he really discovered a way to go beyond the kernel chromosundrift: to do that you would need to capture hdmi out of the dev machine into a separate streaming box Tunelesschan: HolyC++ vloood: how is he generating this much power nic0latesla: @AkhizoN x2 epistemologist_: modify electrons on the silicon chips metacritical: OpenGL has program handles, this could be similar jo_renttt: KEKW paradox109: just create your on chip 4Head carlosdanker: PogChamp UltraScientism: We are making our on neural engine Pog Pixel_Community_Project: meta class sounds pretty low already menta1backf1ip: why is there no tinykernel repo yet? alexeyrm: PogChamp Mehinedinger: is that supposed to be a election joke wholesomecutie: @paradox109 print your own brain 4Head yurit04: I’m going code all night tonight!!! jkfsda: BETA levetation: TinyKernel OetziOfficial: tinykernel hahhaah lets goooo masterMau: but seriously, what software have you used for developing tinyGrad??!?\ afterworktech: geokernel jo_renttt: What is tinyGrad supposed to be? AkhizoN: RIP Terry Davis 🙁 UltraScientism: TinyNeuralEngine.verilog cpaleop: i guess the handle must be something that already exists in the code somewhere BotDenhart: Find the instructions Wopahopa: can we skip the objc crap then scelillo: scelillo subscribed with Prime grateful_tomato: but the kernel driver might no have the best interface for your tinygrad, better write yourself to all the M1 processor registers 🙂 rogueaj: does anyone here know wtf is going on? jkfsda: shouldn’t you have headers for the kernel BiscuitCoin: TinyASIC who needs the M1 chip anyways jo_renttt: @rogueaj no 🙂 MrVitoDayz: I agree with @grateful_tomato cpaleop: 4Head just create and integrate your own chip

nejintejag: @metacritical yes I don’t understand what George is going for. Why is it a problem that he has to send the program throgh the service? rogueaj: 🙂 Cluwe: @rogueaj no, just pretend you do. Just like school wholesomecutie: HERE WE GO Pog ProBeats: here we go bois cpaleop: ahahhahahahaha cpaleop: LMFAO bolderhero: just make your own neural engine 4Head Mehinedinger: @Cluwe LOL true supersalohcin: Today on Twitch: George discovers the horribleness of apple “Documentation” supersalohcin: it’s amazing they get away with it imadon59: so boomer the icon bar on the buttom :/ tuggek: is what he does illegal? jkfsda: boomer icons best icons supersalohcin: not only is what he’s doing illegal, you’re a party to the crime by watching! leave now tuggek imadon59: @truggek no BotDenhart: Really illegal @tuggek Mehinedinger: @bolderhero a lot more fun if you crush other people’s work kurumuz12: why it would be illegal BotDenhart: Dont tell anyone mexeroserisback: not as illegal as owning a bunch of weed in Texas tuggek: spooky cpaleop: TriHard HIDE HIM CHAT rogueaj: @georgehotz eta on something cool happening? nhyy24: what is he doing exactly? i’m kinda confused xd crakeenn: recommend any intellisense for py? metacritical: WoW now this is educational 2sin54: when is colab with xqc happening? chatdogy: 1000 cpaleop: xqcMood 2sin54: xqcL jo_renttt: xqcS supersalohcin: he’s trying to use/reverse broken apple apis to see how to use their hardware accelerated engine for certain ML tasks goto3: any juicers? goto3: xqcS supersalohcin: none of it is really documented, no implementation exists yet that’s open source supersalohcin: afaik, at least goto3: my sub PepeHands brysonreece: I think right now he’s trying to figure out how to open a connection to the Neural Engine by diving through decompiled classes that do it already. Goal is tinygrad running with the enginer brysonreece: *engine Mayfieldiv: wow george so many live streams this weekend her3hero: so who uses the neural chip ? rogueaj: @brysonreece thanks for translating her3hero: just apple themselves? supersalohcin: they have a blob for tensorflow nhyy24: thanks for the explanation! nudajobina: in which apps Apple uses nnets? alessandro711: Hi 😀 menta1backf1ip: Should I build a browser extension that classifies annoying questions like “what is he doing” and removes it from the DOM? UltraScientism: is neural engine more like a PCI device, and less like AVX512? imadon59: geohotz is for CS Game what Faker is for League her3hero: and we hate tensor flow here brysonreece: It looks like IOServiceOpen opens the connection, and he found where it’s constructed in practice; now he’s reverse engineering trying to figure out how to set up constructor parameters bigie: how far has he gotten ?

metacritical: Yup MrVitoDayz: how’s your brain working so fast man metacritical: Ghidra is excellent crakeenn: anyone recommend me learn python before java ? or java before python? her3hero: how many calls do you think he’ll need to get the full stack running? supersalohcin: george, have you decompiled this yet? goto3: @mrvitodayz, green tea is a hell of a drug d3g0zz: hello supersalohcin: probably some good pointers on how they’re invoking all this MrVitoDayz: @goto3 😀 her3hero: he wrote down all the functions. that’s alot go reverse UltraScientism: @crakeenn java before python jo_renttt: 🙂 jkfsda: is alex in chat? nejintejag: @UltraScientism I guess, it is a 8 core cpu made specifically for AI inside the new apple M1 chip her3hero: hi Alex. how’re you? jo_renttt: modCheck cpaleop: xqcL alex leesin1729: xqcL OetziOfficial: just a simple hi ProBeats: @supersalohcin you can’t specific the neural engine with the implemetation that tensorflow use jo_renttt: xqcS waiting for juicer’s ban to end newone177: ^LUL her3hero: show us your painting Alex! cpaleop: @jo_renttt xqcS so we can gamble again Yemtex: @jo_renttt TRUE JUICER leesin1729: xqcS Swendude: famous last words Yemtex: xqcS ausernamepng: Did he buy the base model with one of the gpu cores disabled her3hero: yeah the 7 core one BiscuitCoin: xQc is banned so time to watch reverse engineering stream. Logical next step jkfsda: imagine watching gaming streamers LUL TheNumbersGuy: forsen1 jo_renttt: @BiscuitCoin 5Head juicers devoloution1: mrmA mrmA1 Zetornator: primeagenAJasm Yemtex: @BiscuitCoin yep second best BiscuitCoin: @georgehotz Are you playing Stardew Valley after this? chromosundrift: what is a device controller? BotDenhart: A controller of devices her3hero: this is hard to read on mobile 🙁 BiscuitCoin: Kappa cpaleop: yeah guys, there’s nothing logical about it, dont do it xqcSmile alessandro711: nice house TheBlackzillian: is geo still a hacker?

jo_renttt: minecraft speedruns when? Kappa brysonreece: he hackin now ISD_Schogol: Are we trying to achieve anything or is this just for fun? metacritical: Ofcourse Geo is reverse engineering Neural Engine right now BotDenhart: He is hacking NSA right now @TheBlackzillian BotDenhart: Ghida is NSA spy tool BiscuitCoin: @TheBlackzillian Just makes cars follow lines now jo_renttt: @ISD_Schogol achieve learning PogChamp her3hero: he’s hackin u right now metacritical: Using NSA developed RE Tool Ghidra johan_ub: Wassap! techtim123: @metacritical the irony ibrowwn: ibrowwn subscribed at Tier 1 metacritical: Yeah the irony BotDenhart: CarlSmile yurit04: yurit04 subscribed at Tier 1 mrcloudzy: Hey chat 🙂 ibrowwn: this is absolutely mind-blowing to me lol 31337cr3w: What’s going on I just got here pauldevv: george is trying to get tinygrad running on apple’s new neural engine danisokpg: where he lives? BotDenhart: Poland yurit04: in sumulation name100015: this is way too dank yurit04: obviously pauldevv: in the cloud johan_ub: Does he have the new apple silicon chip? alycia: Zimbabwe supersalohcin: san diego fabyyy: in a bunker 31337cr3w: Thank you. Does neural engine mean like pytorch/tensorflo? pauldevv: @johan_ub yes. he bought a new pink macbook air a couple of days ago supersalohcin: those are software frameworks, the neural engine is on silicon BotDenhart: @31337cr3w Is hardware for doing calculations BotDenhart: Built into the M1 yurit04: if I get a good bonus this year, I will get a nice GPU yurit04: maybe 2 GPUs 🙂 ibrowwn: how are you liking the M1 so far? TheGhostface007: @georgehotz sup Bro

ausernamepng: is he coding in Objective C ausernamepng: or c++ metacritical: Neural Engine isnt new it is in A11 that’s a 2017 Chip nejintejag: Push to GITHUB! 31337cr3w: So a MacBook Pro from 2017 can run this? ausernamepng: No supersalohcin: no, no intel macbook has this BotDenhart: It was on their phones before supersalohcin: this is the first time that macos has had the api OetziOfficial: is it bc it resets before usage? bolderhero: @31337cr3w apple just started releasing laptops with their custom silicon in it vloood: what level is the device referring to in his laptop? supersalohcin: it’s powered off because these are mobile devices and they clockgate everything hiphopsucks: damn you still going, i thought u left hours ago optimaltransport: where we at guys 31337cr3w: O ok I didn’t know they already started to make those. That’s with risc5? menta1backf1ip: poland supersalohcin: no, arm64 supersalohcin: apple was a founding member of ARM if you didnt know metacritical: It won’t run on a MacBook Pro from 2017, perhaps a iPad from 2017 amaranthion1991: @georgehotz Do you think QA role is overkill in development process? LABZdotEU: yo what did I miss? Did we find a way to feed the handle? LABZdotEU: oh no haha fabyyy: go deeper IncognitoJam: driver implementation time rogueaj: DEEPER BiscuitCoin: Lets go DEEEEEEPER chatdogy: yee jo_renttt: Deeper xqcS chromosundrift: go deeper you can do it the time will be slower there 31337cr3w: Is this like apples Augmented Reality stuff bichid69: why import rather than include? ProBeats: Deeper! jo_renttt: AGANE xqcS OetziOfficial: build a hook chromosundrift: staaay on target awesomeo113: Enhance! 31337cr3w: What’s a handle? Like username? supersalohcin: lol george aliased kk to exit BiscuitCoin: Use React Hooks chromosundrift: LUL chatdogy: deeper depper penetration TooManyBytes: lirikDEWD cpaleop: hmmmmmmmmm nejintejag: Yeah duhhh xxxelent: ohhh yeah as startup code? masterMau: geoCompiler masterMau: G++ bichid69: what are we disassembling here? willarkitekt: willarkitekt subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 2 month streak! OetziOfficial: do you mean as an library? Dario3004: hmmm LABZdotEU: @bichid69 the ANE APIs bichid69: Why? isn’t there documentation to use the API?

powerofpickle: what decompiler is that? chatdogy: its apple LUL bichid69: @powerofpickle Ghidra powerofpickle: Thanks fabyyy: whats the dev-> ? bichid69: I am so confused as to why we disassembling ANE metacritical: Because Apple is not cool and doesn’t want others to understand the architecture NE hence no api supersalohcin: if you’re still getting “powered? 0”, why do you think you’re gonna be able to read regs? bichid69: @metacritical but how do they expect 3rd partys to use the “neural cores”? Yemtex: every time the “ooohh” comes, there truth is getting closer smurfd0: isnt it that read register finds the register id? Yemtex: the afterworktech: old 🙁 lIIIllIllIlII: Can someone explain what he is doing pls? bichid69: did he manage to get the ipykernel working guys? metacritical: @bichid69 Well apple approach is heavy handed you develop your neural layers using MLCore and the Compiler would decide if it would run it on NE if it finds an incompatible layer it will switch to GPU supersalohcin: reversing macos api for their new silicon neural coprocessor chatdogy: its not fully implemented yet @smurfd0 quebono100: New camera? myaocat: brysonreece: @bichid69 Yeah, he committed a fix yesterday, there’s still an open PR charliekobani: @quebono100 external monitor 0xHSN: anyone could predict when virtualisation is coming to vmware on m1? wanna get a device soon

quebono100: Cool. I would like to see BERT integration in tinygrad. I looked also up, if tinygrad is a city in russia. Actually its not 😀 leonardssh22: 1.1k stars at tinygrad, nice optimaltransport: tinybert would be awesome, but I think albert is sort of the same thing powerofpickle: When did he move from tmux to screen? xxxelent: dont you pass a callback? unodosthree: don’t think tmux works on the m1 chromosundrift: ? Gweppe_: hes on the new mac? powerofpickle: ah weird bespoke_code: @Gweppe_ yup, the M1 Air unodosthree: at least that is someone said in a chat awhile ago… not sure if they were trolling supersalohcin: i imagine you’ve seen this, yeah? metacritical: What would you do with VMWare Virtualisation on M1 ? metacritical: Also it would be like a rewrite of the JIT in VMWare engine to support M1 I down think it is coming anytime soon metacritical: *dont xxxelent: you call that one function with a callback probably spawns a daemon

IncognitoJam: tmux does work on the m1 Tuvok: Tmux works on the M1, but I think George always uses Screen, no? yznm19: jee yo hot rustduck: so whats up with the unencrypted telemetry on big sur powerofpickle: Weird that tmux would work on arm linux but not arm mac unodosthree: yeah u right. My bad quebono100: 923 aodhneine: why wouldn’t tmux work on m1? unodosthree: it does work on the m1 powerofpickle: lol masterMau: gamers gotta Game bro Kawhiet: Is he still not partnered yet? TheGhostface007: LUL IncognitoJam: does minecraft work jkfsda: tmux is slow powerofpickle: yeah someone got minecraft java running at 200 fps on the air chatdogy: @georgehotz wants to quit, give up, cheking viewers all the time 😀 kurumuz12: minecraft works on jvm and m1 can run jvm so yes ProBeats: long handle xxxelent: You call the init with a callback likely it is saved and a daemon executes it supersalohcin: ANE_ForgetFirmware what a name supersalohcin: I’ve never heard of forgetting firmware IncognitoJam: oh no IncognitoJam: new macbook time BotDenhart: Dump the firmware first BotDenhart: Kappa Kawhiet: brick it xxxelent: smh forgetting the firmware BiscuitCoin: 30 day return policy PepeLaugh lulzury: incoming panic DarkEpopt: trigger the ANE or brick trying IncognitoJam: tinyane xxxelent: now we are writing drivers ? BiscuitCoin: Stream off in 10 foxubu: You will get sued 😀 BiscuitCoin: 9 oubriq: what could go wrong bespoke_code: oh here we goo masterMau: i love it when george gets a spark of motivation supersalohcin: A FORGOTTEN FIRMWARE JUST FLEW OVER MY HOUSE!!!!! IncognitoJam: missing semicolon kklisura: This should be good! Cluwe: we’re going even deeper? BotDenhart: This is just so he can stop streaming Kawhiet: LEGGO BotDenhart: 😀 Mehinedinger: goodbye wordl smurfd0: kernel panic .. in 1 2 3 xxxelent: da classic semi colon slip grizvok: LOL Mehinedinger: goodbye world! BiscuitCoin: Phew commandpaul: lel fabyyy: Reason of return: I forgot the firmware BiscuitCoin: LUL powerofpickle: Any good resources to learn to reverse engineer binaries?

oubriq: lest we forget chatdogy: i think firmare file was missing TeaPardee: where in the world is geohotz mag_m3m0ry: you may wanna install a class plugin for ghidra sanneck: is concatenated? nejintejag: ANE::ProgramCreateInstance probably gives you a program handler???? BiscuitCoin: Neural Engine isn’t actually implemented yet klasher125: @mag_m3m0ry will that let us see all of the names? xxxelent: well without context yeah BotDenhart: Can someone share the lib he has open in Ghidra? mag_m3m0ry: dont think so quebono100: He doesnt even share his vimrc 😀 Yemtex: @powerofpickle take any compiled open source program nejintejag: @BotDenhart I tried updating to “Big Sur” to get a copy but my Mac wont let me for some reason oubriq: @BotDenhart you can grab firmware/system image at ipsw dot me slash Macmini9,1 IncognitoJam: are you sure ANE works at all BotDenhart: Thanks @oubriq and @nejintejag xxxelent: registers you with the psu xxxelent: maybe idk AnAnonymousGifter: An anonymous user is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! AnAnonymousGifter: An anonymous user gifted a Tier 1 sub to saintmthw! Xaotic: !uptime mag_m3m0ry: @oubriq can you get them for the intel-based macs? TheGhostface007: !uptime Yemtex: Right now I`m flashing my router with openwrt

Yemtex: it takes so long to make a backup jkfsda: ngl ghidra looking kinda comfy 😳 Yemtex: @TheGhostface007 2:34 Yemtex: using FrankerFaceZ extesion in chrome bigie: you’re already writing the class? that was fast broadsw0rd: is that an apartment it looks like an industrial basement nejintejag: I can share a version of the executables when I get the copy. it will take some time it is a 13 GB file that @oubriq mentioned that I need to download Yemtex: @broadsw0rd hahaha martinskyyy: i just ate a fat ad lol xxxelent: there is an extra , in your enum right? Yemtex: yeah twitch is terrible with these ads menta1backf1ip: @kidumaro Yemtex: any germans here ? LUL quebono100: Yeah here =) oubriq: @mag_m3m0ry I don’t think they do ipsws for intel, but the ipsws include x86_64 FAT binaries for libraries. you can get intel mac update binaries elsewhere on apples support site TheGhostface007: @Yemtex yea wtf is that about the ADS quebono100: Im from Bavaria, where you from Yemtex? jkfsda: @yemtex my grandpa was in the SS Yemtex: @quebono100 I`m also from bavaria quebono100: Nice 🙂 Yemtex: @jkfsda ok, nice fact to know xxxelent: theres a , at the void mag_m3m0ry: not german, but i live in germany Yemtex: @TheGhostface007 tried to block ads but every time they implement a new way

bigie: you put an extra c0mma after void* param3 quebono100: uBlock + AdBlock in firefox works for me chromosundrift: @Yemtex nothing blocks them yet? TheGhostface007: @Yemtex yeah seems they encoded into the stream Yemtex: @mag_m3m0ry oh nice what bundesland ? St47ik: @TheGhostface007 wait you can see ads? Yemtex: @TheGhostface007 jep Yemtex: @quebono100 two adblocks, is that working properly paradox109: @Yemtex chrome-extension://kndhknfnihidhcfnaacnndbolonbimai/options.html Yemtex: ? al_onso: what’s he trying to do exactly TheGhostface007: No I dont get them right now al_onso: is that about the M1 paradox109: * quebono100: @Yemtex its working wonderful 🙂 chromosundrift: seems like you’re learning a lot @georgehotz Yemtex: @paradox109 I cant see that its your extension link LUL paradox109: works paradox109: they updated yesterday Pencode: how’s it going jkfsda: MacOS’ dmesg doesn’t have -w? thx1342: ^ Yemtex: @paradox109 who made that, thats awesome quebono100: Does twitch using now elm programing language? jkfsda: elm could’ve been cool if the BDFL wasn’t so shit Yemtex: @paradox109 is there a way to block ads just with uBlock ? paradox109: i dont think so MeinTeamPrimo: why is the k3yb0ard so loud? thx1342: What’s ANEServices that he’s hacking on? laddergoat_: Thats cool and all but TempleOS is the only god approved OS Pencode: apple neural engine = ANE i think thx1342: thanks quebono100: What is he actually trying to achieve? thx1342: seems to be porting tinygrad to M1 crakeenn: do you prefer iterm or the default terminal for mac al_onso: but is it the new M1 architecture or the old one trajenx: IOKit monkaS Only_Cliches: He’s trying to achieve the singularity Yemtex: @paradox109 I think I can take that and use it in ublock thx1342: Ghidra <3

Wannaplay44: @quebono100 no idea TheGhostface007: he using the Apple dedicated Nerual network and using the C++ library to trigger it TheGhostface007: I tihnk Wannaplay44: lol paradox109: @Yemtex you can try thx1342: does the M1 have dedicated silicon to run NNs? bespoke_code: @thx1342 yup, the 16-core neural engine afterworktech: just read thx1342: thanks sandoo0: noob question guys, is gcc supported under the m1 0xHSN: yes thx1342: why is he reversing ANE? No SDK/libraries released yet? sandoo0: @0xHSN thank you darnfish: darnfish subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 4 month streak! What’s the mouse mat SOmedude456: !chair bearbogboat: hey george fellow george here 🙂 Yemtex: @thx1342 maybe for fun LUL

henistein: henistein subscribed with Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! chromosundrift: need a programhandle afterworktech: lol cpaleop: 🚆 afterworktech: this errors are just getting better and better hatsudai: ??? just open the program george wtf commandpaul: GG GEO HOT KEEP GOING GOING KUDOS ! crakeenn: iterm or default terminal guys crakeenn: ‘ youns688: Noice got em chromosundrift: program handle might be like gl shaders program handles yeswecode: @crakeenn iterm chromosundrift: iterm xxxelent: so just give it a good handle jkfsda: mom <3 afterworktech: nice shirt Alex. so colorful odnal: love <3 cpaleop: lets goo youns688: <3 crakeenn: and why george use the default terminal? chromosundrift: new machine hemation7: <3 <3 <3 <3 cpaleop: yes Kappa 0xHSN: dedicated bionicnacho: ah yes ProBeats: Lets go bois! sw1jari: vitalik is going to play chess on twitch in a couple of hours haha chatdogy: nope youns688: yup cpaleop: "BLAH" PogChamp MeinTeamPrimo: ofcourse George I get it odnal: lit afterworktech: hahaha sw1jari: well on another channel cefdsahg: he is using vim, isn't he? siriusb_79: quite elementary if i do say so myself 5Head Tilo_K: @crakeenn I personally like iTerm more afterworktech: what channel is vitalik ? sw1jari: he's gonna be on botezlive i think rrdpc: alacritty ftw! jkfsda: SHOW CHIPS safetotype: but if your using screen or tmux, the terminal choice isnt really that important crakeenn: @georgehotz why so you use the default terminal instead of iterm? afterworktech: stop with the terminal questions. it does not matter rrdpc: vim is slugish in term and iterm Yemtex: @paradox109 trying that now MeinTeamPrimo: how do I print hello world in C++? xxxelent: yeah maybe one is like idle where you can open it without a program

quebono100: printf(“hello world”) crakeenn: I do not know why but I have the feeling that he will not read the question hahahaha MeinTeamPrimo: Thanks mate jkfsda: get one cefdsahg: @MeinTeamPrimo its little bit long cefdsahg: @quebono100 not that in c++ MeinTeamPrimo: I have programming test tomorrow and I’m trying to learn by watching this stream xxxelent: yeah dont have the privelege that makes since afterworktech: damn oubriq: LUL xxxelent: time to inject to the process cpaleop: axxaxaxaxa unodosthree: lol Lana_Lux: 279 raiders from Lana_Lux have joined! optimaltransport: “code rapping check” cpaleop: any singers OetziOfficial: LUL LUL LUL LUL JustAsGoodJo: lanaluRaid lanaluRaid lanaluRaid smurfd0: u need to train on your singing neoarmstrong0: damn, the singing code afterworktech: RAID tedboggy: ah yes of course code singing SOmedude456: Time to develop another MacOS exploit LUL Kawhiet: Is that a typo? Is it code signing? afterworktech: hi @Lana_Lux xxxelent: just inject in 4Head cefdsahg: @MeinTeamPrimo is it C++ MeinTeamPrimo: yes Lana_Lux: hello again! lol kurumuz12: 1200 viewers hell ye crakeenn: @MeinTeamPrimo good luck cyberfart: lanaluRaid lanaluRaid lanaluRaid MeinTeamPrimo: thanks Lana_Lux: @afterworktech hey! epistemologist_: wait who raiding crakeenn: @georgehotz why so you use the default terminal instead of iterm? nejintejag: NE:ProgramCreate() Should give you a program handler TheGhostface007: 1247 DeeboMC: @georgehotz twitch synergy ftw yeswecode: 1.2k cpaleop: 1247 Lana_Lux: very good on viewers! lol doctorpoopee: @crakeenn iterm2 is boring 0xHSN: @georgehotz did you know that VPN and little snitch only work on third part apps on big sur? cpaleop: 4Head JUST MAKE THE CODE SING trev2hi: trev2hi subscribed with Prime chatdogy: sing sing xxxelent: how about you copy the function at that mem location and just make your own function in your process space @georgehotz afterworktech: CodeSinging check (maybe you just need to Sign better neoarmstrong0: is that supposed to be Signing? TJSparks: import sing DeeboMC: @lana_lux @georgehotz my two favorite streamers honestly funkacrylic: You need a kernel extension for code singing crakeenn: @doctorpoopee why? do you prefer the default terminal? r__o__b__e__r__t: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid Wopahopa: dmc problem maybe optimaltransport: just write the words and make the machine do the things klasher125: Hit up Tim 😉 he can make any program sing Kawhiet: yeah pretty sure its a typo jagger_rsw: @georgehotz when you take over the world with help of your ai, what will be benefits for the channel subscribers? oubriq: It ain’t over till the FAT binary sings anguscupcake: templeOS can make the code sing Wopahopa: dmc:ed PhineasPhreak: LUL doctorpoopee: @crakeenn yeah cause i too lazy to download iterm2 cause i can do everything i need to in normal terminal and i don’t cause if my life is hard bearbogboat: lmao templeOS that stuff sw1jari: tinygrad on templeOS when? odnal: ^^ bearbogboat: did you watch all the stuff about the creator caene: people still talking about templeOS? menta1backf1ip: Are there any opportunities for noobs to work on c0mma? jkfsda: Alex knows the lore celebrimborfan123: what are the job prospects of working on holy c jkfsda: she’s the one afterworktech: holyC is only for holy people xxxelent: thats interreting xxxelent: nice nice cpaleop: @celebrimborfan123 maybe if god hires you jkfsda: PogChamp IncognitoJam: forget it!! Kawhiet: do it chromosundrift: @doctorpoopee brew cask install iterm2 ? BiscuitCoin: Do it! 0xHSN: try virtual box on m1 youngsachi: PogChamp doctorpoopee: @chromosundrift no thanks i good

DeeboMC: @doctorpoopee the doctor is in doctor 👨⚕️ Choruptian: this doesn’t seem like healthy programming danisokpg: where he lives? jkfsda: this is ALPHA programming chromosundrift: @doctorpoopee use what you prefer, installing iterm2 isn’t work afterworktech: brute force programing DeeboMC: @afterworktech brogramming doctorpoopee: @chromosundrift eh too much work to open up computer i program with mind xxxelent: so power off didnt work TheJuli1241: did george run into certificate problems? SOmedude456: Try running as sudo? xxxelent: oh yeah probaly takes time to power off quebono100: nice vim navigation skills 🙂 xxxelent: guess not TheJuli1241: TheJuli1241 subscribed with Prime afterworktech: vim god afterworktech: we need an emote doctorpoopee: i program with clay tablets and chisel quebono100: Yeah but I dont get why he uses some shortcuts like the dot to indent twice in a row TheGhostface007: Where is everyone from? menta1backf1ip: Is there a feed of stuff that George reads through that one can subscribe to? sw1jari: netherlands 👋 quebono100: nice so many from europe 🙂 iluxx182: Which hardware is using apple for NN computing in the cloud? DeeboMC: @doctorpoopee i usually program on the nearest cave wall cpaleop: oh no TheGhostface007: @sw1jari nice IncognitoJam: nice Shad0wKn1ght93: lmao jkfsda: lol murrrrrphy: Ireland 👋 TheKoreanZombi: @quebono100 What should he use instead of the dot to indent twice in a row? TheGhostface007: Texas! OetziOfficial: looooool IncognitoJam: i can has cheezborgor TheJuli1241: you cannot has PhineasPhreak: i can has HotPokket jkfsda: CoolCat can i has debugger? doctorpoopee: @DeeboMC i too lazy to go to cave wall sometimes i oonga boonga with leaf and ground chromosundrift: lolcat api mag_m3m0ry: it should be an anti-debugger method? SHAVEYY_: can haz debugger? xxxelent: privelege exception must have access to debug chip? cpaleop: xqcS PATCH IT sw1jari: @doctorpoopee i feel like some people code that way quebono100: No he uses twice visual the code and then indent. He doesnt hit just the dot PhineasPhreak: @cpaleop refugee found sw1jari: any xqc refugees epistemologist_: always love more privilege nejintejag: sudo OetziOfficial: hahaha cpaleop: @PhineasPhreak xqcSad TheJuli1241: sudo? PhineasPhreak: i jailbroke the iphone 3 🙂 chatdogy: more privilege than root TheGhostface007: wait I thought that was you!

SHAVEYY_: they all left when you said no talking about jailbreaks crakeenn: @georgehotz why do you use the default terminal instead of iterm? DeeboMC: @doctorpoopee you oonga boonga 3.1 still? optimaltransport: no sudo on iphone mag_m3m0ry: it should be an anti-debugger method? 0xHSN: we are here bro crakeenn: ahahahahaha epistemologist_: 1k viewers PartyHat doctorpoopee: @DeeboMC no oonga boonga has version 3.2.2 very fast very oonga sakateo: alpine somewhere Yazik_Yz: I’m a black belt in jailbreak pauldevv: do a flip SHAVEYY_: I jailbroke my obama phone nitthewiz: Hi crakeenn: wow he read your comment bro nitthewiz: Hope everyone has a great day today crakeenn: incredible nitthewiz: Here’s a watermelon 🍉 DeeboMC: @doctorpoopee that’s what I been hearing man chatdogy: get 50:50 health line doctorpoopee: @DeeboMC i try benchmark but laptop blew up mag_m3m0ry: You can put a breakpoint on it and overwrite the call in memory? masterMau: will we ever get some geohotz merch?? neoarmstrong0: @georgehotz is this related? mag_m3m0ry: i mean it wont do anything 0xHSN: just reboot and it will work jkfsda: says who chromosundrift: stream would stop mag_m3m0ry: well OetziOfficial: itll panic CrreamAwk PhineasPhreak: just breakpoint it 4Head xxxelent: wait you can just create a program? recursive_x: m – snowblind, f – cynical tuggek: breakpoint living up to its name IncognitoJam: streaming pc chromosundrift: you need another machine chatdogy: you need sudo in kernel FargioFarmani: You need to increase voltage capacity on the chips main chief transistor which is in charge of regulation triangulation mag_m3m0ry: i guess i’m so bad jkfsda: HotPokket chatdogy: apple sudo in apple kernel Kawhiet: just sing it TheJuli1241: i think you need to jailbreak your own os george xxxelent: didnt it give the pid when you tried to call the program? 2_am: Call Cupertino and ask to talk to the Kernel manager TheJuli1241: seems this pe thing is what needs to be patched in order for ios jailbreaks to work formemi: that’s why we need independent nanokernels wpreston: is it not su then your username on macOS to enter as the admintrator xxxelent: the os xxxelent: the os probably calls that Bacon4Life_: im calling, hello? ☎️ jkfsda: isn’t PowerOn calling it? mag_m3m0ry: templeOS music many_mangos: DMCA incoming monkaS oubriq: LUL chromosundrift: too loud tuggek: this is not calming at all. im getting anxiety bearbogboat: NotLikeThis IncognitoJam: 500 views big_c_note: nueral net death metal on youtube philthychap: WutFace VoHiYo WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace PhineasPhreak: IM VERY CALM RIGHT NOW OetziOfficial: way too loud Kawhiet: WutFace WutFace WutFace oubriq: so clam Bacon4Life_: play classical music Lana_Lux: 101% Tilo_K: that’s not that calming LUL jkfsda: isn’t PowerOn calling it? @georgehotz twiggy_io: now im too calm sw1jari: ah yes sw1jari: im ascending DeeboMC: Great value brand music Kawhiet: WutFace WutFace BibleThump BibleThump chatdogy: i think it not copyright free youngsachi: WutFace tuggek: too loud

PhineasPhreak: TURN IT DOWN BiscuitCoin: WutFace masterMau: this doesnt feel calm at all babaquon: WutFace Bacon4Life_: too loud WutFace tedboggy: deafening mackinonit: sounds like playstation sound lol sanneck: yea too loud cpaleop: too loud chromosundrift: too loud George BiscuitCoin: Too loud quebono100: 1017 views rucksackheiko619: 2 mins only ? krnflake1: SO LOUD tuggek: its too loud OetziOfficial: lower volume pls Kawhiet: right now right now shhhhhh BiscuitCoin: So loud wpreston: oh sudo su will give you root access on macOS kurumuz12: LOUD vadzim_tv: make that ambient lo-fi with macbook speakers imaster_rl: loud af Bacon4Life_: ASMR WutFace mag_m3m0ry: he is becoming a real streamer unfortunately Lana_Lux: this is so aggressively calm sw1jari: asmr stream imaster_rl: I cant hear myself jkfsda: isn’t PowerOn calling it? @georgehotz 󠀀 optimaltransport: super creepy fstab: louder pls i cant hear 0xHSN: oh how calm epistemologist_: what is this asmr tripcloth: this shit is creeping me out bro formemi: sometimes there is a reason why it’s free Kappa masterMau: we need some ambient nintendo music PhineasPhreak: chat are you calm ☝ tuggek: is this how it feels to get skinned TheBusbyBabes: its copy right free because none actually wants their name associated with it kittih11: Can’t hear you George afterworktech: music is just terrible quebono100: Mind Controll 😀 TheGhostface007: @georgehotz play make you feel by Alina Baraz Mehinedinger: WTF did I come back to TheJuli1241: damn this aint creative, this more like scary smurfd0: wpreston: test it with the whoami command vloood: grep kek Kawhiet: is this how to start a cult? nejintejag: PE_i_can_has_debugger is a nvram command v0sn: georgehotz do you think marlon is faded? tuggek: this is like white room torture music charliekobani: i’m in a flotation tank rn bearbogboat: I hear biblically accurate angels NotLikeThis Mehinedinger: @georgehotz Are we getting in the zone?? klasher125: The jailbreakers know how to do this: nejintejag: chromosundrift: @nejintejag did you look that up? jakeammons: jakeammons subscribed with Prime epistemologist_: @georgehotz its too loud i cant hear anything v0sn: georgehotz and how do you manage to look this good everyday? kittih11: Lower music pls chromosundrift: yeah all the refs I found were ios Tusk_sb: hotz is rebuilding temple os 1PiZi: oh yeah I feel so relaxed now DeeboMC: mom: we got music at home music at home: sw1jari: @kittih11 calm down Mehinedinger: @epistemologist_ nothing to hear sanneck: -_- smurfd0: cpaleop: everyone, close your eyes -_- Bacon4Life_: make it stop NotLikeThis tuggek: !uptime kittih11: @sw1jari No u wpreston: music is a bit overwhelming xxxelent: f cant really tell what hes saying anymore 1PiZi: @georgehotz shhhh, no tears, only dreams now jkfsda: CHAT ARE YOU CALM Kawhiet: we can’t hear him mumbling over the white noise sw1jari: @tuggek 3:09 PoppyMcCabe: i can read lips krnflake1: @georgehotz check this out life_309: Music sucks man LUL HorseRacing4Life: lowe the volume maefff: !music chromosundrift: too loud qq818: I FEEL EXTREMELY RELAXED jkfsda: someone call him windump: the music is way to loud – can barely hear you jakeammons: RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW quebono100: haha the viewer amount dropped xxxelent: oh yeah i can read lips too xxxelent: forgot Swendude: is this how a kernel sounds when it is tortured? Bacon4Life_: this music is calming me to death epistemologist_: lmao stream went under 1k bespoke_code: k a l m Lignicide: Music too loud DeeboMC: @1pizi 😀 nejintejag: @chromosundrift yes to get “PE_i_can_has_debugger” you can add it to nvram vloood: yeah actually that pangu blog post looks pretty good vv1zm8: is this music from porn?? chromosundrift: ok cpaleop: im so damn relaxed holy shit im ready bro r3ndd: xqcY kurumuz12: music is way too loud man cpaleop: xqcY OetziOfficial: this is too loud. its disturbs the mic NotLikeThis klasher125: You have to use `aned` to create a H11ANEInUserClient handle and then call H11ANEInUserClient::_ANE_ProgramCreate tuggek: im off to plant some trees afterworktech: -100 viewers PoppyMcCabe: music Kawhiet: calm I am I am calm PoppyMcCabe: music is drowning you out bespoke_code: *insta travel posts background music intensifies* charliekobani: DEBUG ASMR DeeboMC: @vv1zm8 porn produced by women for women chromosundrift: bring back the angry vibes james_harrison: xqcY tripcloth: the music is terrible sw1jari: very calming now with the whispering 😌 vv1zm8: @DeeboMC 👀 kurumuz12: boot-asmr cpaleop: boot asmr xaxaxaxaax bespoke_code: boot ASMR OetziOfficial: MVGame sw1jari: i love the music Bacon4Life_: boot-asmr LUL elFips: boot-asmr LUL roxaneb_: we like the asrm Swendude: haha asmr snarkyboojum: it’s kinda peaceful jkfsda: WTF alex wants to get rid of us jakeammons: boot-asmr lmao Kawhiet: THANK GOD tuggek: LUL bespoke_code: YE BOI aliwootz: Good chromosundrift: oh wow thank you xxxelent: lol no booly Bacon4Life_: praise afterworktech: good masterMau: it wasnt bad it was just so loud bro ric_gr3yson: lulz jkfsda: thanks BiscuitCoin: Play In Da Club Kappa tuggek: i thought hackers listened to high bpm stuff imaster_rl: lmfao windump: thank you for turning it off bespoke_code: GlitchCat GlitchCat GlitchCat tuggek: damn movies quebono100: ASRM George vadzim_tv: why paid actor gets to decide anything about us? KappaHD xxxelent: i like whoever made these function names lol sw1jari: real hackers listen to keygen chiptune 0xHSN: i am not calm anymore aliwootz: almost start a hashtag to report the vid on YouTube james_harrison: lul xxxelent: “get_out_of_my_way” function mag_m3m0ry: @vadzim_tv facts vv1zm8: @georgehotz daddy pls when will you back home? james_harrison: D:

vv1zm8: @georgehotz 😢 chromosundrift: yes you want 1 not 0 cpaleop: yep, it’ll work afterworktech: viewers are increasing now xiak95: Prob firmware is loaded with some kind of driver, like wifi cards ? vadzim_tv: REBOOT SHAVEYY_: REBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT TheJuli1241: lol cpaleop: lmao Arcane_2020: bott RE chromosundrift: second machine is good dyjabeu: is he gonna brick it chromosundrift: LUL klasher125: In order to get a H11ANEInUserClient, you need the entitlement oubriq: very calming quebono100: some music would be nice chromosundrift: BRICK! chatdogy: make cutom kernel Bacon4Life_: see you on the other side cpaleop: xqcL chatdogy: flash new kernel shieeeeeeeeet: stream on your phone while rebooting Kappa bearbogboat: hows your brain so fast man cpaleop: xqcL I ENJOYED MY STAY Vjasal: I already miss you George james_harrison: xqcL afterworktech: back :O Kawhiet: WE BACKK maefff: #ad cpaleop: BACK PogChamp SaffronBrick: i’m finally free after 24 hours of wait time to be able to write in chat VoHİYo Tilo_K: :O lala_style: back HYPERS xxxelent: we back quebono100: BACK covidneunzehn: wb ProBeats: we back bois 5GToren: apple knocked him off ? lala_style: VoHiYo neoarmstrong0: PogChamp hemation7: TakeNRG GivePLZ TakeNRG GivePLZ afterworktech: fake news? quebono100: Probably you have to restart again? bat3man3: chromosundrift: so did it work? metacritical: @chromosundrift compelled to buy it though I just upgraded 2 months back. top line intel mac pro, looking at hota air I m regretting moonify: How do we know this is the real George or his simulation? hemation7: 1080p RIP my internet jkfsda: ad ResidentSleeper chromosundrift: @metacritical similar thinking but my machine is a maxed prev gen jkfsda: did it work afterworktech: it did not work aliwootz: Reboot gang! metacritical: Se la vie DeeboMC: Literal technical difficulties chromosundrift: can not haz debugger? chatdogy: hey you back afterworktech: I am still blown away that you have to reboot in 2020. there should be some other way to reboot without restarting chromosundrift: @afterworktech to change boot args? TheJuli1241: can you has pe now?

menta1backf1ip: Can you play some of my stuff before rebootin? cpaleop: wtf vloood: someone linked to a blog about aned xxxelent: the one with debug privs O.O chromosundrift: official apple debugger hardware? covidneunzehn: by nsa sw1jari: haha you’re 2 of the 3 video results chatdogy: greo aned string from kernel Kawhiet: lol the video results vloood: this was the blog: smurfd0: iluxx182: ez chatdogy: grep nudajobina: DoritosChip DeeboMC: @menta1backf1ip what in the garbage ass beat is that xxxelent: we onto it woah1332: and we’re in EZ metacritical: My Mac book pro by now would have become a room heater at full fan speed. hotz has no difficulty live streaming. M1 machine is beyond belief why would anyone buy M1 pro? afterworktech: it’s 5nm that is why it’s not heating up optimaltransport: fyi the patents for the Neural Engine are online jkfsda: @metacritical it skips frames when he compiles something big DeeboMC: @menta1backf1ip oh shit you said you made that. Akward TheJuli1241: whats georges machine now? chromosundrift: @metacritical 1080p too neoarmstrong0: maybe this one cpaleop: thanks 🙂 metacritical: aha Arcane_2020: lol metacritical: @chromosundrift wait 1080p ? didnt know that menta1backf1ip: @DeeboMC it’s from a playlist called worst beats on yt, but it certainly also matches my level of musical talent chromosundrift: grep -i UltraScientism: or grep with -i xxxelent: and do cas insens covidneunzehn: LUL metacritical: @jkfsda didn’t feel like it afterworktech: @chromosundrift it’s the new Apple Air M1 the cheap one DeeboMC: @menta1backf1ip that’s hilarious lol chromosundrift: @afterworktech it’s doing well TheJuli1241: @afterworktech the one george is using now? metacritical: M1 Sir is pretty good for the cheap 1 afterworktech: yes TheJuli1241: holy crap nice TheJuli1241: docker still dont work tho menta1backf1ip: George get a taste of these methheas beats SeemsGood

chromosundrift: yeah I’m not down for being first batch of arch upgraders Kawhiet: can we forget it now? afterworktech: @TheJuli1241 just give it time. they will make it work TheJuli1241: was considering getting a m1 mac mini but dont wanna be a “tester”. Might wait for the m2 mozariks: what his trying to do chat right now chat ? chromosundrift: @TheJuli1241 yeah hold on Bacon4Life_: we’re in CoolCat chromosundrift: everybody online… let’s see what we can see metacritical: yeah docker, will work since big sur update is shipping with the hy[ervisor framework for M1 5GToren: xD metacritical: now its uptown docker o ship it kakopakao: you have the M1 macbook? m2g_ro: did we hack the mainframe already? OhMyDog anguscupcake: I’m getting the new mini because the 2018 requires an egpu to work at all really covidneunzehn: he is live with ps5 Kappa afterworktech: toaster stream TheJuli1241: @anguscupcake no egpu support on the m1 lrnq: @covidneunzehn :)))) anguscupcake: that is good, I don’t want one UltraScientism: @TheJuli1241 progress LUL Idanbotbol: Hello sadab20: !uptime TheJuli1241: @UltraScientism still young tho. Might still be a bit behind one some features but nevertheless now the macs have a better price to performance ratio nejintejag: PE_i_can_has_debugger (you have to be sudo aswell) However you don’t get to know exactly when a particular free list runs out unless uid=0 and PE_i_can_has_debugger() returns 1 kimtekk: can someone explain exactly what’s going on here xD pepestorm: lol, wtf is this? looks so low level UltraScientism: TheJuli1241: low end ones, more expensive stuff is too expensive TheJuli1241: Thats true UltraScientism: I also don’t enjoy locked bootloaders, inability to install linux

pepestorm: is he trying to root a device or something? covidneunzehn: sqli PogChamp SHAVEYY_: have you tried giving it a debugger? cpaleop: why dont you ask him jkfsda: why not DM him kurumuz12: he has no twitter 5GToren: reputation kurumuz12: so someone go ask kek kittih11: He is in Italy, he is sleeping by now squiggly_nibs: TheJuli1241: @kimtekk I guess he is trying to find a way inside the neural engine to use the it for his own machine learning projects TheJuli1241: Since i guess only apple software is utilizing it atm (not sure correct me on that) kimtekk: @thejuli1241 thank you! 😁 UltraScientism: @georgehotz what’s your opinion about AArch65 compared to x86 ? kimtekk: that makes sense DeeboMC: What did the reboot actually do while rebooting that couldn’t be done while the system was on and why couldn’t it be done while running? 5GToren: why are you in a bunker chromosundrift: kernel boot args changed UltraScientism: *aarch64 Malware_Tech: hello george FargioFarmani: He changed the nvram args chromosundrift: yeah they are read from nveram chromosundrift: nvram DeeboMC: Oh ok thanks @chromosundrift @fargiofarmani Malware_Tech: hows the new mac ? did you sent it back? afterworktech: it’s still upsetting that you have to reboot after every kernel update kurumuz12: he didnt send it back, he is using it rn ziotypical: I have an idea how to trigger the Apple Neural Engine: say facts don’t care about your feelings 0xHSN: try virtualbox Malware_Tech: copy anguscupcake: is this the 8gb version? xxxelent: I wonder if there are any devs here watching lol

afterworktech: yes on 8gb anguscupcake: :O mackinonit: has george ever made a game or wanted to make one chromosundrift: you can always work in vms stukzdev: he update to the pro or is the air? Idanbotbol: What is George trying to do? and is it related to M1 SOC? kurumuz12: gamdev is boring imo kurumuz12: it is very related ziotypical: @Idanbotbol he’s trying to use the apple neural engine chip in his own application covidneunzehn: they might have turned off on the typo a few hours ago @xxxelent Malware_Tech: vms suck Idanbotbol: Use in a neural network? for what purpose? thanks 😀 afterworktech: for what purpose = to own the world ofc Idanbotbol: lol oubriq: “accidentally” Malware_Tech: LUL LUL LUL LUL sw1jari: @Idanbotbol DeeboMC: Do “hacking” streams exist on twitch and if so what’s a quality one to watch? Are there enough that I need to be more specific than “hacking”? mackinonit: @kurumuz12 yeah i guess gamedev is boring, its fun to see an idea come to life though. was just a question tho 5GToren: Isnth that theft ;p TheJuli1241: why dont you rename the variables in ghidra so that it becomes a bit more clearer what the code is doing kurumuz12: @mackinonit he was learning unity on stream like a year ago for ar/vr Idanbotbol: @sw1jari Oh Tinygrad, thanks! mackinonit: @kurumuz12 oh thats cool kurumuz12: i dont think he did more after that tho meedofenom: any progress guys ? what did you figured out ? chromosundrift: @meedofenom we not can haz debugger Malware_Tech: @deeboMC no chromosundrift: aned creates program handles 5GToren: beefface xxxelent: that makes sense vv1zm8: @georgehotz hi dad. pls say when will u come back home? 😢 neoarmstrong0: PogChamp DeeboMC: @malware_tech “coding” and “programming” only? xxxelent: do you actually have to pass a real pointer? CompestLive: Lol CompestLive: What’s up nomitwest: it feels like george could use 2 or 3 streams to broadcast all he’s doing at the same time TheJuli1241: typo 239

afterworktech: I like this camera position DeeboMC: @malware_tech i wanna know if there’s an Eliot Alderson on twitch TheJuli1241: fixed it 😛 Malware_Tech: It’ll be cool if he sets up a eye tracker LUL LUL jkfsda: monkaS chromosundrift: @DeeboMC lots of wannabes Idanbotbol: lol Malware_Tech: @chromosundrift facts covidneunzehn: Kreygasm afterworktech: Eliot is a good actor but that’s it DeeboMC: @chromosundrift whose a decent one, anyone know @malware_tech chromosundrift: got the black hoodie, open obs SOmedude456: what’s an HWX file? DeeboMC: @afterworktech of course chromosundrift: @DeeboMC sorry not my focus but I have stumbled across a few TheJuli1241: my dude typing like a minigun Malware_Tech: @deebomc they wouldn’t be here…..hello covidneunzehn: hit them harder Kreygasm DeeboMC: @chromosundrift I’d like to see some live pen testing, even if only labs 5GToren: true if ur an expert ur just giving out free training course on twitch I guess afterworktech: but how they are doing the cooling on the new M1. It’s all passive to the case? TheJuli1241: i bet he loves it when he hits that enter button vv1zm8: @georgehotz dude why do u still using python 3 instead of python 4???? 5GToren: lol Malware_Tech: @deebomc I’ll do it to you……. Kappa TheJuli1241: you can hear that clank jkfsda: not poggers xxxelent: might it have to be in your frames chromosundrift: @DeeboMC lots of secrecy DeeboMC: @5gtoren I hadn’t really considered it that way bearbogboat: forreal though how do you type so fast chatdogy: how many big hacker and youtubers have be visiting and watched this stream. I think quite big number vv1zm8: this dude is so boomer.. he’s using python 3 lol henistein: @vv1zm8 this is not even python xD pepestorm: python 4 is a lisp chromosundrift: @bearbogboat practice chromosundrift: @pepestorm LUL vv1zm8: @henistein whatever Malware_Tech: @pepestorm LUL vv1zm8: okay i got it afterworktech: just admire the skills chromosundrift: OK people it’s been an hour since the last programming language debate DeeboMC: @chatdogy exactly WorldSigniaYT: bro I went to bed slept for7 hours or so, just woke up and you are still streaming lol vv1zm8: @georgehotz dude why do u still using python 3 instead of html programming language??? so boomer bearbogboat: i want those skills NYCyril: @georgehotz Maybe you need to map the mem in kernel space sw1jari: oh no miche_____: my god i feel kinda retared watching this chromosundrift: @bearbogboat work for it Malware_Tech: @vv1zm8 um??? afterworktech: you can only develop your own skills by practice he said it so many times NYCyril: create shared mem Ziv0: PogChamp wpreston:

Malware_Tech: @vv1zm8 you actually just said that ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper vv1zm8: @Malware_Tech 😶 vv1zm8: ahahha afterworktech: damn TheJuli1241: apple coming in with that banhammer afterworktech: grep | more klasher125: @georgehotz to create H11ANEInUserClient you need vv1zm8: kappa Malware_Tech: Yup afterworktech: what signature ? xxxelent: how did you get that address? 5GToren: whats in this t34 m8 ? Uteligger22: Progress PogChamp xxxelent: yeah that was my thought just copy it 5GToren: slow down for me projectsuru: how long does this guy code for? afterworktech: @projectsuru more than you can count projectsuru: i can’t concentrate for 15 min DeeboMC: Somy needs to bring back chad wardenn for the psquintuple dark_jmat: !uptime afterworktech: what signature ??? vv1zm8: @projectsuru 20 years xxxelent: waiiit can you have the same signature? myaocat: checkSignature(void *sig) { return true; } Kappa xxxelent: ah well then projectsuru: this is god level @vv1zm8 FargioFarmani: Just block Apple’s ocsp djcows: How do you ignore death threats without letting them affect you? friend got 5 mins of fame and is dealing with a lot of them DeeboMC: @malware_tech imma gonna go see if I can find someone hacking on here brakestar: You named the signature different in your code signing. You had a typo yesterday. You created it as “taylor swift’s child” but signed it with “taylor swifts child”. You were missing the apostrophe chatdogy: @brakestar i thin he fixed that TheJuli1241: use ghidra? sw1jari: why dont you use vi mode in zsh brakestar: Ah ok xxxelent: just –binary

vv1zm8: damn dude why do u still conding instead of using tilda or ucoz for making site??? vv1zm8: kappa DeeboMC: Do any bug bounty hunters stream? onpoint212: is that matrix stuff PogChamp WutFace afterworktech: consistent viewership all the stream. quite impressive konradmad: naham sec stream he is a bug bounty hunter chromosundrift: he had 1200 DeeboMC: I wanna see someone finding a vuln real time. Does anyone do that on twitch?…, nvm you just answered my question @konradmad afterworktech: @charliekobani EU is sleeping right now NYCyril: @georgehotz Maybe struct has a 3rd member for signature chromosundrift: when does Vitalik’s chess game start? konradmad: well for practice they use website but noone will show point a to z fully infront of your eyes DeeboMC: Naham Sec, huh? I’ll check that out SOmedude456: @DeeboMC I don’t think you need to watch a streamer for that Wopahopa: I’m eu not sleeping SOmedude456: also naham sec does web stuff SOmedude456: which is uhh not pretty cool konradmad: you could also join dawgyg slack chat sw1jari: 6pm pst @chromosundrift SOmedude456: if you wanna do george stuff you gotta learn to reverse engineer onpoint212: does anyone knkw m Ziv0: also Ben mostly does recon on stream afterworktech: @Wopahopa you should be chromosundrift: thanks @sw1jari SOmedude456: Recon & Web “hacking” is uhh pretty memes, onpoint212: does anyone know what hes doing PogChamp DeeboMC: @somedude456 what do you mean SOmedude456: What do you mean what do I mean? Wopahopa: yeah work tomorrow but this is more interesting konradmad: dont even know where to start to learn reverse engineering…guess i gotta pay a pro to teach me afterworktech: @onpoint212 puzzles 5GToren: now a days software is not in C/C++ anymore so you would have to learn to reverse in other languages, correct? vv1zm8: if you wanna be reverse engineer you should probably live in australia chromosundrift: so in 1h24m sw1jari: yep projectsuru: @onpoint212 he’s on another dimensions, the digital dimension chromosundrift: @vv1zm8 why? DeeboMC: @somedude456 sorry, I meant when you said I don’t think you need to watch a steamer for that? vv1zm8: @chromosundrift bc they are flipped over mackinonit: anywhere you want bb SOmedude456: Gamozo Labs xxxelent: aall over? SOmedude456: he just found an LPE on an old android phone SOmedude456: and streamed it on twitch

5GToren: 💡 SOmedude456: wrote an exploit Malware_Tech: Lol konradmad: wish it was the real Marcus SOmedude456: who? Ziv0: Gamozo did more than just that LPE exploit tho , he dumped the memory and ran it on Qemu SOmedude456: yeah he did the snapshot stuff as well SOmedude456: but I don’t think he wants to learn about QEMU state Malware_Tech: LUL 5GToren: hows kronos doing 5GToren: xddddddd DeeboMC: @somedude456 Gamozo Labs is another streamer? Ziv0: LUL speedle123: which mac did he get? SOmedude456: Gamozo labs is a security researcher for microsoft that streams on twitch xxxelent: more privelege stuff? projectsuru: what’s ghidra? vv1zm8: he’s literally using a light theme in this program and can’t figure out the problem 5GToren: 13 inch is good laptop ??????????! SHAVEYY_: just run it in ring 0 4Head 5GToren: or 2 small vv1zm8: @5GToren too big alycia: 14 inch is good speedle123: @5GToren depends on the person afterworktech: @5GToren depends on your use case onpoint212: nobody knows whats going on. PogChamp projectsuru: you don’t care about the size of the laptop is you have a monitor SOmedude456: @onpoint212 what do you mean, it’s pretty clear? vv1zm8: @5GToren real coders are using laptops w/o display (bc you dont need to see ui if you are backend, right??) TheJuli1241: @vv1zm8 Ghidra has no dark theme afterworktech: smaller = more portable = harder to work on 5GToren: but what is the point of getting a macbook if ur using a different screen, kbetc Malware_Tech: LUL Ziv0: ghidra has a dark theme but it sucks TheJuli1241: Or that lol 5GToren: ur paying for these things, or you wanna pay 3K for an OS only projectsuru: @5GToren the processor 5GToren: L0l xxxelent: ok nice SOmedude456: IDA PRO > Ghidra, I don’t think he can use Jiang ying on stream tho LUL jkfsda: PogChamp afterworktech: now it’s not a hot dog mackinonit: WE IN BOYS gravistar: is that a ronnie coleman reference? vv1zm8: lol someone’s using laptop which more than 1 inch?? damn Hoefler02: Let’s gooooooo Roy_Stang: is this live nejintejag: to enable PE_i_can_has_debugger (see XNU): you have to set CSR_ALLOW_KERNEL_DEBUGGER=1 You set it with nvram use nvram csr-active-config to view current csr config is a view the params 0x7ff should give you full access sudo nvram csr_active_config=0x7ff alycia: FootGoal rope321: time to get rid 9f the firmware InObscurity: we in Pog t0ny2shoes: LOL neoarmstrong0: PogChamp xxxelent: ok now delete the firmware PogChamp

t0ny2shoes: YEAHH Boiiii 5GToren: china nr 1 Malware_Tech: George for president SaffronBrick: HE IS DOING IT LIVE AT TWITCHDOTTV PogChamp many_mangos: give him VIP PogChamp thezilione: yea or no yea vadzim_tv: @5GToren nr1 human rights violator eindri: freckeR myaocat: LUL 0xHSN: where is alex? vv1zm8: is this for real? afterworktech: sounds dangerous cpaleop: BRO 5GToren: my ear InObscurity: ears lasso_reg: wtf cpaleop: WutFace vv1zm8: – ears Ziv0: WutFace shleemjuice: ears SOmedude456: ears Davz: WutFace xxxelent: I thought that was me lol vadzim_tv: RIP EARS Ziv0: wat was that badsteeeeeer: badsteeeeeer subscribed with Prime aijs: rip ears hingle_mccringleb3rry: e4rs Davz: RIP ears neoarmstrong0: rip ears Malware_Tech: Rip thundersolid: yyjOMEGALUL anguscupcake: WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace many_mangos: yeah no = no, yeah no yeah = yes, yeah yeah yeah = no, yeah yeah = yes Uteligger22: Bro PogChamp Idanbotbol: We don’t need ears xD sw1jari: well we don’t hear you anymnore after that one shleemjuice: Whats happening right now? Ign0tuss: i just woke back up UserNameThe3rd: you dont need ears to code Hoefler02: Where did he find the ane? projectsuru: how many green teas a day @georgehotz ? eindri: my left ear left the chat vv1zm8: let’s join to deaf club many_mangos: @shleemjuice we are hacking the main frame afterworktech: George this is insane numbers of hours put in this project. Keep going! 5GToren: u can listen better with your right ear anyway Bacon4Life_: has died FargioFarmani: /vip nejintejag AleexM: george let me work at commai for free? eindri: LUL HorseRacing4Life: HS18Zzz Malware_Tech: LUL LUL LUL vv1zm8: actually real programmers dont use ears Malware_Tech: Bot life ziotypical: voided warranty 3k dollar repair at the apple store thezilione: @georgehotz are you tired? InObscurity: wow LUL myaocat: PogChamp rope321: Pog many_mangos: PogChamp it worked Tunelesschan: Pog konradmad: aaahhhhhh projectsuru: is M1 legit? Vbitz: PogChamp xxxelent: PogChamp ceald: Im awake and still live PogChamp 5GToren: m1 is virus afterworktech: congrats @nejintejag babaquon: wow big award PogCHamp mescal33t: beastyPoggers InObscurity: type @nejintejag let us seeee Ventisei: SeemsGood MatiGoG: 10x googler afterworktech: first VIP without test korova_milkman: @Malware_Tech are you the real MH? directrix13: see kids, It pays to be an elite hacker Spenceri102121: POG mackinonit: ears are for people that get distracted by music DansGame chatdogy: but you can return int 😀 5GToren: meltdown v2 Tunelesschan: best googler award vadzim_tv: wait who got an award DeeboMC: @malware_tech @somedude456 is nahman sec seem as legit as gamozo? vadzim_tv: i missed that Ventisei: PogChamp PogChamp vv1zm8: @nejintejag your pp is huge since now. what’s the secret?? awesomeo113: does this mean hes hired @georgehotz roxaneb_: who got VIP for what? PogChamp chatdogy: i think he s not googles chatdogy: hes pro afterworktech: @nejintejag got VIP without test Malware_Tech: Bravo for @nejintejag chromosundrift: what was the vip for? I glitched out 5GToren: nine jtag lmao DeeboMC: malware_tech somedude456 is nahman sec as legit as gamozo? ProBeats: @nejintejag is a G babaquon: hire him Malware_Tech: @deebomc ?? Huh xxxelent: not really ngl

udzzzzz: What is he up to? 5GToren: maybe on a dopamine detox for 4 years ISD_Schogol: All you need to get hired nowadays is to be better at googling something than the other people that work for the company you are applying at ISD_Schogol: 😀 UntiedSoul: so destroy does what? xxxelent: not false Malware_Tech: LUL LUL LUL LUL @isd_schogol projectsuru: when is the next lex fridman podcast? SyKeChaos: couldn’t you see the handle in the kernel? do a comparison with your output afterworktech: @projectsuru probably a year from now 5GToren: aight gn guys good luck SyKeChaos: I’m new to this so may be talking crap Malware_Tech: Night afterworktech: @5GToren have a nice sleep projectsuru: how many people here are engineer/programmer? SHAVEYY_: me 🙂 afterworktech: @projectsuru why would you be here if you are not lol projectsuru: @afterworktech good point konradmad: o m2g_ro: VIP the sudo guy udzzzzz: I am not Niko_CS: o thundersolid: yyjEZ Malware_Tech: @afterworktech ahah right…smh mescal33t: !policy projectsuru: i’m new to this channel, this is interesting afterworktech: VIP is the highest reward you can get from George BiscuitCoin: PogChamp I could be VIP udzzzzz: And have no idea what he is doing LUL Niko_CS: useful things konradmad: how many devs at Georges company? ovio322: lol afterworktech: around 15 iluxx182: These guys save you money b0ngo: !vanish delbertooo: what am i going to buy with all that vip money? Niko_CS: USEFUL THINGS konradmad: 15 only ehh damn Niko_CS: wtf it didnt work SyKeChaos: vip is the bug bounty reward for georges code GevilleHS: GevilleHS subscribed with Prime DeeboMC: @malware_tech I meant to ask: is naham sec as credentialed, or authoritative or, just comparably skilled as gamozo? Basically askin if he’s the real deal as well as gamozo’s Microsoft affiliation already kind of qualifies him as quote-unquote legit projectsuru: i need a “sudo do_work –now” DeeboMC: No “just” should be in that mindfulkid: pseudo vip for the sudo guy 😀 wpreston: lol

konradmad: check out sand box escaped on twitter, dude broke out of a virtual machine….like waaaaa konradmad: sandbox escaper Idanbotbol: 0x33f091f008400102 Malware_Tech: @afterworktech please advise @deebomc concho589: waiting for Pog moment eaterenrgy: !uptime DeeboMC: @malware_tech sorry lol sw1jari: pausechamping irl rn SHAVEYY_: PogChamp UntiedSoul: chat can someone catch me up on how he started debugging aneservice konradmad: omg someone behind you!!!! watch out george someone help!!! sw1jari: @eaterenrgy 50 minutes but he streamed for 1.5 hour before he had to reboot SHAVEYY_: Apple lawyer behind George about to stop him from accessing the AI core Idanbotbol: 0x33f091f008400102 KevinTurtle sw1jari: PogChamp zoomin Malware_Tech: George needs an eye tracker so we can see how fast his eyes move lol SyKeChaos: … you can anyway projectsuru: would openpilot work in canadian snow? DeeboMC: @afterworktech so you know about this naham sec guy or.. your’re the guy who can advise here, @malware_tech says eaterenrgy: @sw1jari Thank you afterworktech: wat punktuur: yooo george is the universe hacked alrdyu konradmad: @DeeboMC check out dawgyg also know as Tommy DeVoss he is 1 of 7 millionaires on bug bounty punktuur: could u message us when the portal is rdy? windump: you might have copied the wrong register value ???? directrix13: after you get this working make sure you save all the IOSurface parameters so a Linux port can be made projectsuru: @punktuur waiting for that day too punktuur: looks liek he lives in some sort of undergroudn nuclear facility punktuur: Hiding from the pentagon KoomaBear: hi afterworktech: when was the last push to git? sw1jari: dawgyg has a cool story DeeboMC: @konradmad ok thanks will do KoomaBear: is george working on stuff for , xxxelent: just came back so now even more lost lol Guile212: why cant u type , ai in chat afterworktech: waiting for kernel panics

xxxelent: c0mma projectsuru: vscode, visual studio, 1000 different ide, george still uses terminal and lldb directrix13: waiting for stream to spontaneously freeze afterworktech: George knows how to abuse his macs properly Guile212: cause vim is best NYCyril: @georgehotz Maybe there is a pointer in the struct for the result projectsuru: @NYCyril right handles are usually pointers Malware_Tech: ^yup xxxelent: your program is compiled? Malware_Tech: Yeah weird directrix13: watch all this just be a way to submit to the CoreML queue Ziv0: directrix13 LUL shleemjuice: This looks agonizing

Odderwurldli: is tinygrad only for M1 devices? myaocat: why did it say AMD GPU? tripcloth: I blame Steve Jobs barbudolol: I blame my parents xxxelent: it’s a port to m1 zonderval: How far are we in cracking the neural engine? jkfsda: kill -9?> eric_hansen: Is he coding on a M1 laptop? DeeboMC: @konradmad im reading about that tommy devos guy. Really interesting story konradmad: yeah he has a slack channel you can join to learn more and learn together with other people afterworktech: calling Tim Cook jkfsda: @georgehotz doesn’t macos have dmesg -w? grizvok: @jkfsda flag passed to kill command jkfsda: @grizvok it wasn’t a question it was a suggestion Deni1111: MAGIC Kappa chatdogy: @myaocat i think apple is emulating x86_64 amd konradmad: for 5$ i put “i only do it on my machines” on my cover letter mescal33t: beastyOof grizvok: he did pass -9 myaocat: @chatdogy did you see that too? bebytesback: Do can you write a metal kernel for the Apple Neural Engine? jkfsda: not at the time i wrote it DeeboMC: @konradmad really? That’s what I’m going to look for. I’ve never had a reason to use slack afterworktech: so close myaocat: sudo dmesg | grep -E “AMD|GPU” zonderval: Last problem? After this the neural engine is unlocked?

konradmad: yeah you can find these guys on twitter they always posting how they find some crazy shyte kenanfint: !uptime xxxelent: ah yeah gotta clear kefen1500: He is doing something but i didnt understand any shit kefen1500: Can you help me concho589: register read WutFace xxxelent: typo FlamesAxce: u have an extra d chromosundrift: typo surf_idd xxxelent: nvm Deni1111: is this c or c++ i cant tell ? konradmad: C xxxelent: c++ myaocat: C/C++ xqz_ttv: c# afterworktech: this is exciting xxxelent: bartoDank zonderval: Close to what? Ventisei: c++ PersonaUser64: AMDGPU is an in-tree target in LLVM open source. Maybe the ANE compiler was built with all targets enabled lol myaocat: It said AMPDU not AMDGPU .. It looked like AMDGPU tho

vadzim_tv: I miss excited morning kind of George PersonaUser64: atpQuan horyugen: how much u were streaming norflin221: @kefen1500 he is an actor, this show is scripted afterworktech: chat is so quiet for 756 viewers

Tidusuper91: We’re all staring speechless Irdi18: I am finishing my CS studies next semester and this guy makes me feel like I need to go back to school LUL SaffronBrick: We are all bots MrDestructoid buckett0011: hows the progress team eduardo7rs: Usually when I’m working there is mor staring afterworktech: we are close xxxelent: kind of stale hes doing tracing intense stuff NYCyril: Maybe it’s a callback func as the request should be async jkfsda: @georgehotz how close are we TwoFF0: how he is typing so fast?

joaovictorsnt: we are finishing? afterworktech: @twiggy_io neuralink Irdi18: @TwoFF0 Your question is how he typing so fast? Irdi18: LUL iblamethefuture: kia ora george TwoFF0: NotLikeThis kurumuz12: he is not typing that fast? kurumuz12: i mean its fast but nothing extreme C64Gamer: This is normal typing speed for a programmer 😀 Time is money 😀 miasto: have you tried turning it off and on again? 0nen0: surprised hes not hacking into the ps5 Irdi18: What is he doing can somebody explain 🙂 0nen0: hes hacking bitcoin @Irdi18 iblamethefuture: xd rondon_squad: jailbreaking bitcoin timmactr: what is he doing this time? Plexicle: is this still on the M1? 0nen0: hey george, how much red bull did you drink this focus sesh?

ceald: am i buggin on a stack or the audio is low? sw1jari: a little miasto: nothing bad ye nejintejag: I found the ANE firmware, two files that are called “h11_ane_fw_pontus.im4p” and “h13_ane_fw_styx_j5x.im4p” I ran them throgh “” it thinks it is ARM64 instructions chromosundrift: double vip! Irdi18: what is bitcoin Kappa jkfsda: MOD HIM deep5: PogChamp concho589: PogChamp charliekobani: HIRE HIM buckett0011: MOD 0nen0: PogChamp PogChamp lasso_reg: HE IS PogChamp jkfsda: MOD HIM OR RIOT babaquon: HIRE HIM PogChamp 0nen0: LUL no files LUL nejintejag: Sure chromosundrift: he don’t talk much iblamethefuture: the hero we need but dont deserve iluxx182: he likes bitcoin, maybe? awesomeo113: hes hired punktuur: does mod mean ull take us to the new universe? iblamethefuture: the silent troubleshooting assassin TheKoreanZombi: You have to SSH into his honeypot to get the files chatdogy: mac borke ??? LUL LUL jkfsda: he said yes PogChamp TJSparks: I also found the ANE firmware, just google “ANE firmware”. Can I get mod? 🙂 neoarmstrong0: SeemsGood cpaleop: contributor iblamethefuture: he just drops this and then disappears iblamethefuture: LOL C64Gamer: @TheKoreanZombi xD chatdogy: omg mod 😀 SHAVEYY_: he’s an Apple lawyer you have to sign a 500 page NDA to get the files nejintejag: Extracted them from this,1 0nen0: you gotta go to page 26 of google to find the files LUL concho589: Someone still follows on what he’s doing PogChamp buckett0011: UNMOD HE JUST USED GOOGLE NOT PROGRAMMING charliekobani: FIRE HIM awesomeo113: I signed an NDA so I can’t give the files TJSparks: same Irdi18: @concho589 Yeah that’s what i am asking too LUL 0nen0: Why doesnt george use a text editor? Irdi18: @concho589 nobody has answered me yet TheKoreanZombi: @georgehotz Just download that 13GB file that nejintejag linked to Enloch: He is 0nen0 awesomeo113: apple almost sued me for my grad research lmao 0nen0: what is is called @Enloch concho589: 13GB WutFace Enloch: vim 60_FPS: PogChamp TJSparks: WTF iblamethefuture: thoughts on the new macbook air chat Nyt1k: 4Head cpaleop: stream is gonna f BiszkopTT: @awesomeo113 wut?????? 0nen0: oh a unix text editor concho589: are we done PogChamp awesomeo113: your pc is now part of a botnet Kappa InvaderTakko: thats suprisingly smal punktuur: the new macbook air can suck a dfick v0sn: why is geohot so smart and beautiful TJSparks: isn’t windows like 7? TheKoreanZombi: @iblamethefuture Can’t run geohotz tinygrad natively. So it is garbage myaocat: If you have a folder under /Library/Updates/ you can extract it to get FirmwareUpdate.pkg and EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg iblamethefuture: @punktuur so articulate xd chromosundrift: @v0sn good skin care regime iblamethefuture: @TheKoreanZombi true, what prevents it from running? v0sn: wow

miasto: My college wouldn’t let me give a talk on jailbreaking iPhones cuz we’ve a deal with apple service desk awesomeo113: I reverse engineered their UITouch and they didn’t like that @BiszkopTT BiszkopTT: ooopsie charliekobani: lol sanneck: omg 60_FPS: wiat what BiszkopTT: it must have been a cool project punktuur: this might be a gateway ti the other dimension .. we;re on to something here miasto: time is it where ye at? westonwaldo: z awesomeo113: I still got my dissertation done but had to scrap a lot of it chromosundrift: typobash ears YOLOMAN1343: this man is programming chatdogy: apple is already working on cahnges 😀 chatdogy: changes* Irdi18: If hotz gets sued i guess he has the experience on that LUL timmactr: This is what movie coding looks like PartyDip: i’m here for the typing asmr anyway chromosundrift: enhance FalconStrikeer12: classical error of wrong reverse engineering, everyone does it BiszkopTT: @awesomeo113 did a group of lawyers from apple contacted you? XD jkfsda: tfw no georgehotz type of bf Flyerlevrai: I would love to see George pair programming with The Tech Lead 0nen0: why not slowly replace Tim cooks identity with your own and become a bourgeoisie, ruler of all software windump: don’t you think this is more like Cuda shader compilation software that runs on closed hardware (?) 0nen0: I bet george isnt wearing any pants bigie: how’s the battery holding up ? chromosundrift: @windump I do Flyerlevrai: What is your mouse ? awesomeo113: @BiszkopTT I got snitched on, school contacted them to clear it and they told me I either had to stop or they’d confiscate my pc and threatened law suits awesomeo113: it was a mess charliekobani: ITS SENTIENT chatdogy: @georgehotz in the future try collab with somebody and make pair hacking/programming Mac stream myaocat: Chanes say you have the firmware compressed under /Library/Updates/ but you need to extract the file that ones of them are: FirmwareUpdate.pkg and EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg sw1jari: right i was thinking the same thing haha myaocat: Chances* BiszkopTT: @awesomeo113 what the ff it sounds horrible :c jkfsda: just ask for their docs 4Head awad554: Why is my chat frozen

awesomeo113: I wonder if I’m blacklisted tbh from Apple miasto: apple offices are about 30mins from me miasto: Time to break in moonify: hows the download going akklaimd: zeesh Andremm2: damn, still going jkfsda: that was not zsh’s fault shleemjuice: Can we add redstone support to tinygrad? mik12f4: @georgehotz are you going to hold off posting this to youtube? iluxx182: @miasto: window cleaner at infinity loop? sw1jari: george doesnt do that awesomeo113: he doesnt manage that yt channel sw1jari: archive is someone else miasto: @iluxx182 not a clue what you just said 🙂 king_kvothe: You missed an 8 I think Irdi18: How is he doing this without taking any notes?

kurumuz12: he’s taking notes michaelkawwa: in his head mik12f4: @sw1jari @awesomeo113 got it thanks rope321: Pogchamp youngsachi: PogChamp jkfsda: PogChamp SOmedude456: ok I’m back so he managed to get the hwx file to load what’s he workin on now? timmactr: How much is all of what you did in the last like few hours worth in monetary value? babaquon: LUL SHAVEYY_: wheres my jailbreak BabyRage odnal: hahahah babaquon: I WANT MY DOODLE JUMP BabyRage elFips: LUL odnal: love it SOmedude456: uhh so HWX loaded what is he working on now? jkfsda: free puzzle cpaleop: giv m jaolbrek gorge awesomeo113: Gimme free credits on subway surfer Geo GevilleHS: where’s my m1 macbook air jailbreak? jkfsda: @georgehotz i can has a neural engine? timmactr: “beautiful puzzle” lol elcid06: gib PS3 HAX PLZ hardtarget4: where’s my ANE accelerated tinygrad Kappa michaelkawwa: whats going on babaquon: the sopranos PogChamp JesseSkinner: segfault PogChamp

hue88: typical c++ programming, if it ain’t working just throw some shit before it and pray awesomeo113: lmao okeeeeeee: hotfixed LUL brickeyy: i did 🙂 awesomeo113: back to lumbridge TJSparks: nice awad554: He bricked it Kappa Ziv0: should’ve commited when it was working 🙁 bigie: did powersaving kick in or something ? awesomeo113: Apple was watching chromosundrift: magic numbers have changed sw1jari: run the vod back awad554: Neural Engine is fried JesseSkinner: the neural engine has become self conscious ohko10: !commands iluxx182: cliffhanger ceald: oof sw1jari: more thriling than the sopranos awesomeo113: Hello Miss Geo bionicnacho: intense SHAVEYY_: its the exact same AI chip in the iphone right? burntwilly: new macbook air any good?

okeeeeeee: LUL hardtarget4: 3C baby myaocat: 3C scat_burgiss: C C C Maccyhuge: PogChamp giantstingray: All aboard the Hotz train youngsachi: PogChamp awesomeo113: yall think Lex is in the chat 8FollowSonik: PogChamp deep5: PogChamp Clap ceald: PogChamp not shot highflyer_nl: commit CreeepingDeath: PogChamp 60_FPS: PogChamp free photoshop guys adietrichs: Chess with Vitalik starting in 5min m00n3eam: !uptime sw1jari: yeah just in time i guess chromosundrift: Vitalik is on in 5m? 8FollowSonik: EleGiggle sw1jari: should be carlosdanker: where chromosundrift: playing chess Guile212: she a Guile212: always be eatin sw1jari: on /botezlive idk if he’s streaming deep5: it will be streamed on botezlive ceald: botez hardtarget4: ads LUL siriusb_79: boats getting the george approval rating ceald: ads LUL norflin221: ahahahah concho589: ads LUL cpaleop: LMFAO Irdi18: He is a botezLive youngsachi: LUL Irdi18: Fan awesomeo113: can you help write a function to block ads on twitch InvaderTakko: channel gone 🙂 SlaterUSA: hi hotz & hotz_lady theonekeyg: which vitalik? vitalik buterin from etherium? ceald: dmca FeelsBadMan I guess undefined_bhvr: who’s vitalik? some kind of rapper? jkfsda: @georgehotz what does Alex do at your company? kiedy_sweter: what did his mom say SlaterUSA: lol

awad554: Ethereum creator yejii: !mac SlaterUSA: Ethereum Influencer™ SlaterUSA: what is hotz_lady making? br0nx5: Gryptopreneur awad554: What in the world is he doing on BotezLive tho chromosundrift: chess miasto: Shes hot SlaterUSA: 4d chess, no less moonify: Raid botzx kappa janpoonthong: how many hours of sleep you get per night? sw1jari: he’s actually there @georgehotz awad554: Is it Dapp chess? It has to be Dapp chess hardtarget4: 858 million bloopsterr: vitalik is there lrnq: @janpoonthong 2 grizvok: he’s playing with botez i think ceald: it may already be happening 🙂 okeeeeeee: he is there already @georgehotz hardtarget4: vitalik is live Sir_Kane: Checked with a hex editor, float16 0x3C00 is indeed 1.0 norflin221: they are already playing 0xBADBADBAD: Thanks mom! SOmedude456: Sir_Kane the one and only ceald: PogChamp 8FollowSonik: PogChamp concho589: PogChamp youngsachi: PogChamp sw1jari: PogChamp philippa_foot: PogChamp deep5: PogChamp bionicnacho: Pogchamp okeeeeeee: PogChamp babaquon: PogChamp elFips: PogChamp vloood: whats vitaliks channel bionicnacho: PogChamp ceald: no shot PogChamp Maccyhuge: PogChamp odnal: POG Ziv0: PogChamp miasto: gg realMcKay: gg AmericanApe: PogU bionicnacho: gg jkfsda: PogChamp awesomeo113: love you Geo okeeeeeee: gn8 ProBeats: GG Xpreeks_: gg elFips: gg okeeeeeee: gg iluxx182: ggn8 AmericanApe: gg ceald: love you george. was fun watching <3 okeeeeeee: ez Jaspann: gg 8FollowSonik: xqcL eaterenrgy: gg sw1jari: ggs george dr_set: gg tnoel15: gg Xpreeks_: Have a nice week deep5: later george Walfreder: a