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This is Tai, Loc From the city, come here to play first time in life go to the toilet and have so many eyes it looks like! snake And this is Mai, Đào It’s my two grandchildren in my neighborhood Even a snake is scared its very gentle Watching this movie miss my hometown miss Father. miss mom too mom last year I went to America, Asia this year I went to Europe to play, mom come on Europe is very cold this season, let’s go to Australia He said go to Europe I said go to Australia to Europe Australia $% ^ &% * ^^ & ^% come on Mom has decided New Year this year 3 children will go to Europe Doc or we go back and we take the car back to Saigon, mom baby There are things that do not necessarily turn around Just try to keep going I’ve been dying for a while now, so why don’t I ask for a ride here? That’s right I just said There is no turning back here So are the people, so is the car Come on, keep going hello guys, I’m back So far, mom? huh? almost there, try a little child It’s so hot, bro hold me the backpack, bro no eyebrow Give it all later Oh my god, I’ve never been homesick like this Go quickly, man Try to come Mom, I want to go home Okay, now turn right is this, if not, then I come back mom huh? When I got there, why didn’t Mom come in and stand there? I want to surprise you Whenever Grandpa was surprised, Granddad was upset, Granddad was upset, Granddad’s face was very funny Mr. Tu is very romantic of mom huh I remember my grandfather, Tu Lang then forget to add more letters to hear it Mr. Tu is very romantic Granddad, hide, hide uncle Something keeps yelling buzzing, no buying Sell ​​land that cry all the time What land is 2 meters thick, 1 meter wide, 1.5 meters deep still touch like this I won’t buy it Nobody does business still so? My dear, pale maternal, maternal, child I come back But why didn’t you tell me so I could pick you up oh my god Today, I took 2 young boys to visit purple, creating purple surprises that anyone suspected purple made me more surprised hello Hi grandma Now, my mother comes inside, then my grandfather makes rice to feed, and cleanses his face to brighten me I don’t know if I’m a biological or stepchild I’ve seen you two here long enough If I visit my grandmother, I have already visited I have also fulfilled the responsibilities of a good grandson You can’t stay here any longer Loc So that’s how long we’ve been here Yes, 3 hours 45 minutes 20 seconds already it’s only been 3 hours How long will it take for a day? Why do you count every hour so I don’t have anything to do, I just want to go to the city right now

we are all elegant boys urban boys It is impossible to bury the young man in this remote, boring land I decided, I have to fight to regain my life, do you follow me? Go in and pack your luggage, let’s go huh? Why me again No, no one. Go away Oh my God But before I do I have to handle something very important what’s more important than getting out of here flushed to save the body What is it again? Go to the toilet even the mosquito he was chatting with I swear, if I stay here for another day, I’ll be a dog honey bro Drinking the wrong eyes, drunk for a lifetime of I suddenly barked at you and I said something else Oh no, I missed my mouth just now, I swear an oath, but forget it Who are you from, come here gently here Did you find me? not available I have a job for Mr. Tu Mr. Tu? Did you find my grandfather? I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Huu Tai Being in friends, Tai in genius I’m a genius friend, and what’s your name? Yes, my name is Dao God Your name is so beautiful What is your peach name? Mining, gold mining, mountain digging and sea filling, or what? I dig in peaches I like eating peaches what did you say? I mean I like eating peaches I have sent 2 Chau Doc grapefruit and fish sauce to this Mr. Tu OMG, my grapefruit is big round again I will definitely eat all your grapefruit, without any leftovers I sent it to you Come on, my grandfather is coming home, please play here now Oh my God for the first time in his life, he went to the toilet so many eyes that he looked at him People say the hometown is sweet star fruit Where star fruit is not sweet Is it all star fruit? so the toilet is ragged, there is no paper anymore make me use banana leaves snake by people rescuing snake you OK? you OK? the snake is Where snake These are the ones that are most popular with sauteed lemongrass Why are you looking so strange? It seems that this is not a measurement village, right? I’m in the city I am the grandson of Tu Lang just came down this morning No wonder the city boys are different, these three demons are scared too but where to go to meet snakes? then just now you go go where go, immerse yourself in nature Oh? what about you? Where did you go to my brother’s garden? I and my children will go here and deliver clothes to the fourth and then he went into the garden of Mr. Tu Just stay here and join nature, I’ll go first Hey, let me follow There is nothing to be afraid of going out Even a snake is scared, hey, it’s very gentle Of Dao sister Why haven’t you left the sauce with the grapefruit? I just caught a few snakes under this ditch of Mr. Tu’s house

About my side as bait and then drink I drink alcohol I am waiting for Mr. Tu to come home where Tu went for so long which little girl? crush me And this kid I also crushed Let’s go slowly, purple Mr. Tu is back Hello, hello 2 Yes, hello Mr. Tu, hello hello Mr. Tu, hello of You two came over to give you a sauce, huh? sorry so you two wait too long This one He bought specialties for these two What smell is that is it smelly? not at all This is aromatic fragrant It smells good If you eat this sauce, you will remember your home country immediately Aromatic, Loc, right? fragrant? fragrant, my God, this smell of fish sauce every time I eat is a feeling I overflow Remember want to cry of Aren’t you two really scared of you? Where there is no mother Oh my god, I miss you so much, we all like fish sauce my hometown specialties Let me eat for you do you see? It was delicious Loc likes it more than me Loc Try to show her mother Loc, you really like it, right? Hey Look at this guy, Lộc Behold, try it failed then poured all the sauce out sweet-smelling There, do you see? We like fish sauce brother How to eat fish sauce? We like to eat raw food that’s your taste Granddad introduced This is Tai, Loc From the city, come here to play And this is Mai, Đào It’s my two grandchildren in my neighborhood hello 2 children hi I live in the same neighborhood, so I meet them often Where, Where, Where, Where Often Two children said earlier that they were bored here, so I already booked a ticket, finished packing, then went to the bus station to get back to the car After Tet, mom will come back, okay? What is that, Mom I’m happy to die here, why do you suddenly tell me to come back to Saigon? That’s right, it takes a long time for my family to visit my grandfather, right Oh, just a while ago, I was always bored and complained Momma heard wrong, please go to the market with him what’s up? I just went to the market Come on, go to the market and go in to make food what is this? Slowly, you’re hungry $% ^ & ^ & * & ^^ bye Tu Tu We have a job, we go home first Just stay and play, just come over Come on, let’s go back to purple You rotten, go take a shower hey sauce, eat delicious of 2 of us go where to dress so handsome? go shopping for 2 sisters of I brought it home yesterday, what did I eat so fast? oh, the sauce is so fragrant, its unbearably fragrant 2 brothers should buy 2 more jars of fish sauce 2 more fish sauce pots wait a minute Oh? Do you two ever go to the city to play? It’s so crowded up there, everything is slippery yes So do you want to go to the city to play? I heard that people who leave their hometown to go to the city to talk about are difficult to live with, and people are not friendly anymore all are cheating on each other, that’s all, in my hometown is happy, safe, healthy yes I think the same way you did He demanded that his mother return home to live forever, but his mother did not accept it. On that day, he was very tired and crowded cars

People are not as friendly as people in their hometown I want to go back to my hometown, because my daughter ah no The people below are friendly and gentle right Later, Loc will get married in the countryside Loc’s wife sells fish sauce as much as possible We’re in the city, so we know everything we know how to do sports, movies, photos, fix bulbs, plumbing, repair electricity, we know it all Do you want to learn more? Give us a date, I’ll find out more Okay, we’ll go out with us with 1 condition What’s condition? If you can cook banh Tet for us, we will hang out with you Easy, let me make, buns, right? ok Loc? Ah, okay, so now I’ll go home and pack a cake for you two Wait for me, I’ll bring the tet cake out here Hey, why are you trying to cook Tet cakes all of a sudden? Have you forgotten it? purple made us pack that rice cake Instead of us having to sit on the cake, now let the two of them pack it, we sit and watch the movie more happily Forget it, it’s smart grandmother considered something grand read newspaper I researched, gold prices increase or decrease Oh my god, my grandfather is also fierce, researching gold prices I researched to see if it went up or down, because there are a few pineapples in the garden that I plan to sell The price of gold goes up or down, it has nothing to do with my grandchildren’s pineapple This guy is weak If the price of gold increases, then my fragrance will increase Why is that? because my fragrance is also yellow Oh my God Anything can say Granddad, Granddad knows how to make banh tet? I don’t know if you know But he’s old now, so make him tired I went to Chin Chin and I bought banh chung for him to eat fast That’s all, grandpa research gold price Let’s go to work Don’t come in, come in and take the blow go the other way, my God, what a scoundrel, buy things ordered and said to give themselves How do you guys know I bought it? Come on, let’s face here Mr. Tai Where are you going? then I have to go back, which face is here anymore I chased you back there, said you were a hoodlum oh my god, it’s not We are watching a movie I mean, the guy in the movie, that road will meet hoodlums really? I have a banh tet package as you like I stayed up all night trying to wrap this bun But thinking about making you, I’m not tired anymore why do you say you have a package that has anti-counterfeiting stamps from Mrs. Chin Tet? Oh, this stamp? because he bought leaves, with Mrs. Chin Tet’s rope, it had a stamp on it But his gut is just like my heart good news brother package done done But did I ask you to buy Mrs. Chin’s rice cakes? Shut up, take care of your business Where is Ms. Mai, Mrs. Dao? Miss Hai, someone is looking who? Your banh tet needs this Is this rice cake? well, it screeches Although it is just screeching, I wrapped it with my heart fine So we agreed to go out with us, right? not yet of. Why not? Meet the requirements already

But we feel we still don’t have the character of the country Our home boys must know how to catch fish, if we catch it and bring it to us, we will agree okay? 2 sisters few people So cute Catching fish, right? okay? OK Small problem, wait a minute purple made you go fishing? So you’re wrong with him That’s right, if you go fishing, someone will watch it for me So now I go to the movies watching a good movie, but in the middle of it, it’s scary You can fish for us Why so fast? Don’t you know my nickname? His nickname is Ly Ong Tia Chop He is famous for catching 2 hands No, fish with both hands of Hey what is this Why does this fish have the mark of Uncle Ba Phi? Why does everything have a copyright mark under the countryside? that fish of Uncle Ba Phi, he went to his father’s house, he rented an entire pond of Uncle Ba, then he jumped down and caught fish Here, I have fish Where is the fish? Where is Loc’s fish Hey, fighting fish of my grandfather I tried to catch the fish but I couldn’t, so I took my Grandfather’s fighting fish dare to catch his grandfather’s fish, and return home to give him one Yes, always I mean fish for cooking, but how can a fighter fight like this? When I cooked the fish in the morning, this fish was also fish, who said it was not clear Come on, let’s go Take it back, Mr. Tu knew that he cursed to death is that eligible? We’re going out with you tonight No, tonight’s the last episode of that “matchmaking center” right We’ve been following this movie for a long time, if we don’t treat the last episode, it will be like dumping the river into the sea so tomorrow night tomorrow night is the first episode of “Hai Duong Kinh Vu” Must watch the first episode to understand the next few episodes what about the weekend Okay, we have all schedules this week, it’s all a good movie We’re not free, we’ll go home, when we’re free we’ll let you know Go on, go on Come on. I’m going to watch the next movie now What now, Mr. Hai What more stars, come on! Why did you put all your gray matter, how much creativity, your cleverness to yours? So Dao still refused to go out with him, Lộc? Brother Hai did not notice I think Mai and Dao like watching movies like that, so our brothers exploit that point So, the two of us have just been able to exploit them Where do you go Go out there to rent a movie to see, through the exploitation of 2 OMG, it’s time 4.0 Exploit what? Here, FPT Play, what movie does not have Mai and Đào Á, like all sorts of movies are like this Humorous, emotional, deep, horror too So now I go up to find the types of movies that I watch, and then I come over to get 2 of them OMG, it’s the first time in my brother’s life that I’ve found you smart, Mr. Loc do you know Hai? That is the way to know the enemy, to know us, and to win against you show me you’re up to find now I saw you two like watching this movie today there This movie is right I wonder if those two will ever get to each other again, poor thing I don’t know either, suddenly watching out to get purposed out here yes You guys will love each other and will eventually get back together How do you know it? I watched that movie, I saw it just now of Is it okay to show it just now? That is on the television And we see it up here The 2 movies I saw up here Where, please take it How can it be considered? show people they don’t want to go out with me right Go on and see Let us take a look Then we agreed to go out That’s right Oh my god, I really like this movie I thought I missed this episode and no one expected it I told you, every movie has it Loc is good Normally I talk a lot, why are you quiet today?

then people are afraid Dig My family sells fish sauce, so do you sell fish sauce? What is mam mam? My family doesn’t sell that fish sauce Mamamamam is very fond of me So I did the sauce. Do I know what to do? I don’t know what the country girl is Do you know how to be my wife? what did you say? Do you like me? well There it is Hey, drink coconut This is imitating Mr. Tai to buy Mrs. Bay coconut’s right? No, this is what I picked myself. and brought it to her to drink by herself realy? Really, hey, this seal Oh? What’s wrong with the hand? Don’t say go go and cut coconut coconut hands like that home It’s okay, drink it It’s a city boy Yes, delicious Actually, I am going to meet you today to I want to tell you something So tell me, sister Tomorrow I say this Why don’t you say it now and say it tomorrow No, I mean, Mai is listening to me then tell me Actually I want to you and me Just like that OK what are you saying I want to What do you mean? I mean what? Be my lover can not I know that Does anyone call your lover is you? So I will be your lover can not What is that? I cannot help but say something disagreeing Cannot say no disagree what is that agree really? who? really? the snake is From now on, there’s no need to be scared. The whole world is for you Spring comes with cherry blossoms And here I have you, Fresh Peach Spring comes with golden apricot flowers And you have a beautiful and beautiful Mai What is so fun? Star tail, tell me about the middle part then that’s it They gave me body just now what? give yourself to me country girl so easy? Nothing has been served before the gong Where, I mean, people give themselves to me Just now people agreed to be my girlfriend Oh god, what thought this guy Dao also collapsed before his extremely toxic hearing Oh, Mr. Hai I have this question are you my brother? You are probably my father I mean you’re my brother and Mai is Sister of Dao then I married Mai and I married Đào and I deduced that you are my brother-in-law Where are you Are you crazy? What are you doing all of a sudden, making you my brother-in-law? then whenever you’re happy, I’ll call you by me When I’m sad, I’ll call you by me Not good, that’s mixed, Loc I know, now convert 1 unit for this easy call you go

I hit your head now You’re suddenly talking about what the problem of doing, makes your brother confused get rid of that problem ok brother-in-law This guy, you dare Oh my god, my brother’s fried chicken wings smell so good Honey, save me What are these two kid doing for fun like Tet? It’s having a real Tet mom sit down what I have something to tell you what case what you want is what do you want I want to Buy a new shirt Not children No matter how much I say, I’m not done mom so what what? what I’m tired too mom Anything you say, some of you play with your clothes, some sit hi hì Tomorrow, Mom will go over to Dao’s home, and I’ll see Dad Come on, nonsense I couldn’t get it, Mom said I didn’t take another step, even though I knew she was still delicious No, we mean, I met Ba Dao tomorrow and Mother opened nonsense this guy Open something and open it I said definitely I won’t open my heart again No, mom is always too active opened the door to Dad and asked us to marry us That’s right Mom You two want to get married, right? Look, my son wants to marry his mother to leave his mother Without you, I love you the most that is enough listen Let me know that family there? What are the names of your parents? I only knew me through talking I was worried about Dao, but I didn’t know what his name was this guy Well, but I know Dao and Mai’s family My mother asked me if I could ask Dao Mom Let me think Come on, don’t think about it mom Yes, let me pass, Dad and Dad jerky 1 moment broken 2 arms Mom is number 1, mom is the best All my soul What are you laughing for? Who’s the same again? Is that the perverted purple guy? Don’t tell me that He’s just a little bit cold Actually, he was very kind Well, no one’s saying anything, doing something so fierce? I asked, when did you like him? Since the first time I met him Like me, me too huh sisters and brothers, do you also like my brother Tai? No, not Mr. Tai That Loc I like Loc the first time I met him But because I’m the only price, selling fish sauce also has the price of selling fish sauce, right? When he fell on me, I liked it so much that I tried, like a love video And you, I’m at the door of my grandfather’s photo I saw him handsome, so I couldn’t bear it so I went in Who would have thought, besides being handsome, he was smart and clever It is true that it is wonderful Laugh all the time, come and prepare rice for purple me too go purple Today we have friends over there yes 2 children fly big and have friends over to play is happy but nothing Call in, hurry up yes Hello womb Hello 2 children 2 of you sit down to drink water look at two handsome white guys Your nose is also very bright Oh, you two look so similar, brothers?

Yes, 2 siblings sibling I am you This son is you What are your names? Yes, I’m a sister, and my name is Loc My name is Tài TAI LOC brother Oh my god, a nice name When I walked into the house, I saw the money Big Tai is probably Mai’s friend This guy Loc, is her friend Dao? Not I’m Tai, and I’m Đào Loc and Mai never mind It’s okay, it’s not important. It’s important that you guys have feelings for each other Oh, what are you two doing? I’m studying engineering yes okay ha I have gone to work, I am in business huh what business sell plastic belts? What kind of new one sold to you 1 stalks considered, niches damaged now that you can not buy nè No, I do business as I do business I do real estate on land, I need you to sell it to me oh my god, what is the land? You look out the door My land is wide, the stork flies straight away, I buy more land Because you speak English so fast, I can’t hear you The guy studied engineering business guy There are 2 brothers-in-law so good But, I see you two are familiar, but why don’t you remember anyone’s family Yes, today I took my mother to visit my family My mother is out Or you can go out and take your mother in to see your eyes Oh no, talk to each other Yes, I haven’t been calling you, I’m being honest Can you see purple? It’s okay to go hello family hello 2 children purple star so purple Mrs. pale Mr. Hac OMG, you two know each other again not only know but also very close purple, what makes purple so emotional? Long time no see, these two little demons are her children huh? long time no see, are these two fish of yours? What a fish sauce, my daughter My two children are cowardly, seeing the face of these two guys makes me dislike it, there’s nowhere to be seen Hey, what are you saying? What’s wrong with you? I praised you earlier handsome What a compliment Who is your uncle? Who let you sit, stand up you purple see people come and do them Whoever wants to sit, stand up, the chair is very dirty stand up You two are great And grandma What is your intention today? hey talk properly, what is the idea here, just because the kids are all grown up now I came here and I talked, I talked to my two sons asking to marry his two daughters What to ask No questions asked no means no purple You two fly now, it’s not a place for you two to talk, don’t you? Hey, that’s too much I’ve been angry for a while now, and I don’t want to repeat the old thing how? I tell you something back then, do you remember? Why am I leaving you, is it not? but because he was so jealous, jealous by the wind, crazy by jealousy I’m crazy, aren’t you? all day long she loved the young Giang Dong Hun in the television she cuddled with it, she loved it You didn’t pay any attention to me, but you look back, what is it more than me, huh? it was nothing more than him because it was more than him funny, but he still asked, does the house have a mirror, does the house have a mirror? look, look at my face, is there anything compared to my jiang dong hun that jealous setting Look at me, I’m beautiful, you’re ugly, I’m very generous. He is very selfish, not to mention I like watching movies stop it I haven’t finished, I want to say it now selfish shelf me Now I say hey, I can marry anyone, these 2 little devils, never be my son-in-law, go whoever marries, they definitely cannot marry these 2 girls mom I want to marry Dao In this world, not only this little girl named Dao Mom, I want to marry Mai What tomorrow, tomorrow where, who let you get married Who let you marry purple, I want to marry Tai I want to marry Loc Oh my God, 2 of you flew, 2 of you flew silent 2 children flew to the room for purple and she went home, closed the door, released the dog, saw off chase, 2 children, go to the room, mom go back go to the room for something, whoever can enter Needless to say, the two of them went home and were not married mom Loc go Mr. Tai purple

purple purple what is it ‘ In the morning, I saw the research newspaper but purple is forgotten too, remember the words that are not read Remember why did not you Remember right, so read the news to tell me in the newspaper it didn’t say anything But in the neighborhood, there’s news I am afraid of many things, but please tell me what you hear When I went to the wedding in the morning, Mr. Tan and Mr. Tao came back Tan, I remember, I remember is he married? And then what’s the name of that girl? His name is Long The girl’s name is Long, it’s weird whoever told you he married, he married what marry? What is purple? in the past, he loved that girl then 2 families banned It’s not for marriage, so it has a shadow what the hell Now a son will marry a son I’ve heard all the chicken goosebumps Big brother, older brother lend me nail file Let me give you two files my brother file too closely, damaged my nails, peeling skin big brother sorry, let me file it back again put the other hand Oh my god, you two are so beautiful So beautiful, you are so talented, you like it so much oh my ghost, noooooo This purple broth Are you making tomato juice? Why are you so sour? No, try it I feel normal, nothing sour? Can I squeeze more lemon into a sour soup? this one What did you eat so sour? Like a pregnant woman? purple eat fish go purple Let me see how you do it sister I have two bars already I didn’t hide anything, I already have one Are you sis? Thanks to Mr. Loc, I have 2 bars Tai do everything, he did not do anything, but there is also If purple knows us, he will beat me to death. Dao but I have beaten purple, who lives with purple, and who gives birth to a grandchild Mr. Ha had a pregnant daughter, no husband cursed, he did not know how to teach children That’s right, what is it, my daughter and daughter go wild every night, what a shameless thing you two Dress up and follow me Where to go purple Go away already You guys are too much my face Hurry up Where are Tai, Lộc and Bà Nhàn? Mrs. Nhan Hiding inside the house? What is Nhan Nhàn? My name to let you cry? so easy to say that I changed my name tomorrow so I don’t have to What’s wrong? All of a sudden, this morning is a big mistake Do you believe that I asked the police to arrest you for the crime that disturbed the neighborhood order? The police arrested her If anything, catch me to have two spoiled children Don’t you teach them? You don’t teach your children, do you? If I could not teach him, I could teach him but I could teach him to teach my two children What is purple-tempered girl? What did you say, purple 2 of you shut up Are you guys defending? These 2 guys come out here You two are so cool City boys to seduce good girl home huh

What are you guys going to do now? You are responsible for the experience of two of my two daughters Pregnant What if I was pregnant? tell me please If two of his daughters would not agree, then how would my two sons make his daughters pregnant? What should we do now? Are you going to marry? dream about it, the previous meal talked properly and refused, now see off the guests, go on grandmother what Did you say it so defiantly? yes Now, you don’t solve this case, I don’t get blamed So funny, you’re the only one who knows, I’m crazy, now you want to be crazy. How crazy are you? grandmother Mommy purple It’s dead, bro, bro in the past, he loved that girl then 2 families banned It’s not for marriage, so it has a shadow What the hell There are girls who are all naughty, who later dares to marry it without knowing no one took it, it killed itself and died, then he was sad, he died his father died and his house and family died Mrs. Nhan Let me ask you to marry me Mr. Xia Me and you are not happy, there is no agreement I mean this for her 2 children He married my two daughters What do you mean? it is OK Really purple? really So mom agreed, mom? thanks Mom Thanks mom, mom is the best Thanks, thank you take care to maintain the lineage for your family, thank you chi sui he sui If you said so then I would count I let the kids get married, do you agree? agree I can’t watch football now Do not know how the situation? How much is the score and how much is it going to take? Time to score your musical instrument Uncle Hạ, I took 30 seconds u23 asian football championship Uncle, up, Vietnam kicked you, why so good, why so good It’s all thanks to FPT Play Box Plus It can turn all stupid TVs into smart TVs Watch all the shows that you like So good, let’s sit down Sit down and watch football Behold shoot away to enter Vietnam champion, Vietnam win I heard about kicking so I’m happy 2 children Bring the tray of rice to worship this new year yes Put it down here This Tet is so fun Vietnam won big, my family reunited, happy all know football, kick, win, win, now change channel, about Eve, considered firework going to burn 5 4 3 2 first Happy New Year I wish you much health I wish every hundred years of happiness happy with descendants I wish you prosperity and prosperity Wish grandfather always happy Wish grandfather prosperity fortune