How ‘Real’ Professionalism Can Change a Nation |2015|

now we come to the last speaker this afternoon and he’s mr. coucil guna Auden he is an elite athlete sports physiotherapist from the elite Academy Sports Medicine at Melbourne University sport australia who salvano ordinary as established a successful career in building three innovative sports medicine clinics in Melbourne his passion is to provide the best solutions in the sports physiotherapy healthcare sector so that patients cleats and clients continuously receive the most important aspect in health that’s results his passion is to lead practitioners so that they like live a life of service that is judged by expertise results service and education coucil believes that every sports medicine practitioner is in a position to change the lives live lives of athletes and regular people by having the mindset to achieve results in three sessions or less Poussin states that striving to be their best living in the moment and continuous perfection of skill acquisition are the keys to his team success Casal is a hands-on leader combining his business acumen with his outstanding skills as a sports physiotherapist and he lived he loves leading from the front with over 50,000 treatments in sports physiotherapy or 15 years he has mentored over thousand trapeese from around the globe currently the head of sports medicine at elite academic Sports Medicine at the University of Melbourne he and his team have helped the university to achieve top five finishes at the prestigious Australian University Games since 2008 his services are on full display meant that when his athletes perform at all impacts and the Winter Olympics for their respective countries as a published author his latest books are three minute workouts and no back pain 30 days to pain free available through Wilkinson Publishing as a renowned speaker he has presented in Australia Singapore China Japan and Sri Lanka and the exciting news is he’s just getting started today and he’s going to talk about how real professionalism can change a nation it’s okay thank you very much first of all dr. McCulloh LeWitt thank you very much for the invitation for having me here every one of you guys thank you for inviting me over it’s it’s always an honor coming back and speaking in Sri Lanka as the final speaker of any group I am lucky enough that I know you guys are tired okay so when you’re tired there’s a few things that happen everyone’s like tea time is coming up so let’s all stand up how was that was it okay okay that tea is gonna taste so much better after that so today I really I’d like to talk about how real professional can change how a real professional can change a nation I’ll tell you a little bit about myself first and I’ll show you the things that myself and my team have done to become real professionals and I’ll be able to share with you the things that you can do to help yourself therefore helping your colleagues helping your patients helping your athletes and then helping your community and then helping the nation so to begin with I’ve had a career of 15 years 15 years and Counting I’ve founded three sports medicine clinics and I have always loved sport

I’ve always enjoyed sport I’ve always enjoyed cricket and I wanted to always combine sports medicine or I wanted to combine medicine which is my father said look always get into a profession where you can help people and medicine I chose because I really enjoyed the fact that it was one on one making a difference straightaway but I really wanted to play sport therefore I became I went into sports medicine so over the years I’ve done over 50,000 treatments in sport three years ago I was shortlisted to be the physio for the Sri Lankan team it was a wonderful wonderful acknowledgement I came in second and the physio who ended up getting the job Steve mount he’s doing a terrific job with Sri Lanka at the moment the the honour of being able to be that close to help a national team because for me the Cup is the pinnacle okay it’s Srilanka holding the World Cup I was born here I left Sri Lanka when at the age of nine and I’ve been living in Australia for the last 30 odd years and you know you always have this connection with Sri Lanka and when we won the World Cup in 96 I didn’t sleep for two days we were out partying okay so then being able to come in second as one of the sports physios to help it was it was a great thing it also opened up it also opened up doors where I could come and do this so three years to the day yesterday I came to Sri Lanka and presented at one of my first conferences and since then I guess I’ve been lucky enough to meet people like dr. Michael Oliver who would say can you please come to the next conference and I would say yep I’d love to because we’re always creating new content that will help our students and who we can help our other athletes as well I’ve been part of Melbourne University since 2002 and I’ve been the head of sports medicine for the Melbourne Uni games from for Melbourne Uni sport at this train uni game since 2008 as you can see I have been lucky enough that I have had a bit of media coverage and I guess that luck is increasing awareness in sports medicine and I find the more coverage I have it gets the message across on what we’re doing but also increases education and I’m very big on education education for students and education for the regular public to know what we do over the last 18 months I’ve had two books out low back pain on the left and three minute workouts on the right and this is another way where my message is getting across so I’m reaching more and more people to help with my with our expertise our research our clinical skills and how we do our best practice so why did I share all of this with you my story is that I nearly failed as a physio in my first year we partied so hard that out of the 11 subjects we had to do I failed five I had a very good friend he fell six he got kicked out of the university he got kicked out of the course he’s one of the top government lawyers today in Australia because physio was never for him I loved physio and I was failing so I nearly didn’t become a physio I think it was three marks I was three marks away on that fifth subject so it was like 53 or 52 percent and 49 would have been a fail so if that had happened you wouldn’t you know I might have been lecturing in the engineering course engineering stream and another thing about me was I was never at the top of my class it was a real struggle University was a real struggle for me because school was great I was getting top marks I loved maths physics chemistry I love those but when it came to applying what I knew at university was very difficult it took me a long time it took me two years after I graduated and after I had finished studying to really be to really get the skills right so I was not at the top of my game and I was not at the top of my class so you can see what I’ve done in the last 15 years to where I’ve started you can see a huge disparity now a professional a professional is a person who’s engaged or qualified in a profession okay Roger Hargreaves who’s read the mister mr. men books yeah yeah it’s great are they

I was always mister strong now if I could give you an image of the old school professional it’s that mr. uppity but there’s always a new definition and this is what the new definition if new definition new definition is Wow a professional first is someone who’s engaged and he’s qualified in a profession which is what I said they also provide the best results in the shortest period of time in health it’s very important you’re treating people who are very scared people are in pain people who come to me they’re in pain so they need results I treat a lot of Olympians went Olympians they want their results yesterday I don’t even have time on my hand outstanding customer service and I’ll talk to you a bit more about all of these Brendon Burchard he’s a marketing expert from the states he talks about the four essentials that are critical in becoming a professional I’ll share that with you this is where I want you guys to start thinking before when I graduated all I knew was I had a patient I had an athlete I’d be treating them I’d be going home I’d do that 8 to 10 times a day and I’d slowly build up I want you to start thinking how can you make a difference to a million people and then a true professional in the future and what we’re doing now and these are the systems we’ve put into place we’re creating systems to better humanity that’s what it’s all about you’re learning the skills now and in the end you’re there to help so many others if I can if you can picture so picture yourself in 40 years how many people you’ve helped how many communities you’ve helped how many even one idea from this room has changed a nation and currently the populations 20 odd million the one person in this room who has helped Sri Lanka do something so so unbelievable so you’re making a difference to a million-plus people and those systems have been able to help better humanity the best results in the shortest period of time little miss star when you’re starting to get results in the shortest period of time you’re a star you start people start noticing you people don’t forget you customer service this is with little miss helpful and mr cheerful if you go above and beyond what’s expected of you and you do it with a smile people don’t forget you there’s so many times I’ve gone and reloaded my dialog phone and I’ve put my you know 500 rupees down because I’m calling my wife just to make sure she’s okay and mmm-mmm-mmm I don’t get a smile I don’t get i contact I’d love a smile okay so this is where you as I mean this is what we do in Melbourne all the time we go above and beyond what’s expected of us but we continuously continuously deliver this and continuously delivering this means it becomes a habit when it becomes a habit people notice either people will follow you and they improve so that’s how teams form like-minded Brendon Burchard there’s four steps for you to be successful first you’re going to be competent you’re gonna graduate from here or you’re doing a course here you’re studying you become competent as you practice a little bit you become confident in what you do then PD is professional development you would have heard you would have heard that in the first speech this morning on how important professional development is the final one is commitment where you’re in this for the long term if you love what you do and you do it that well it doesn’t feel like work if it feels like work you’re not doing the right thing in life does that sound okay to you guys sounds alright by the way how am I going so far good should I keep going why should I finish I’ve got I’ve done 11 minutes and 40 seconds is that okay see that there’s another thing I do I keep track of things myself you know I’m in control making a difference to a million-plus people and creating systems to better humanity you have to be curious you have a little bit of an open mind you’re still brave this is where mr brave comes in and if you love something that much you’re gonna look cool doing it all the

COO all the cool people out there that you’ve seen they’re cool because they love what they do so just find that thing that you love this is what a new true professional is you’re a little miss star you’re a little miss helpful mr. cheerful you’re Little Miss curious you’re mr. brave and you’re mr. cool if you haven’t read the mr. men books I’d highly recommend you do there’s one of you in every one of these then you might say well this is the next step these are the five steps you have to do to become a new professional you’d like to hear about this this is what we do at our clinic each and every day back in Melbourne first of all you need to figure out your values your values are the things that you’ve done at your happiest times they’re the things where deep down inside you go Wow yep I remember those it might be the time you played with Grandma your first pet there your proudest times there the times when you were most fulfilled you pretty much have to ask yourself why all the time and and then list your values another clue if you’re studying at kdu right now kbu has its own values if you look at their website if you look at the website you will the website will list Katy use values there will be some of those values that will resonate with you they are your integral values these are mine I’m fun I love adventure love I love my family learning and respect this these are all my values so every decision I make in life reflect these values then I’ve got a fear out of purpose in life so the next step a new professional will have a purpose what makes you happy this is so crucial if you don’t love what you do you’re not doing the right thing and life is way too short so to figure this out what would you like to do if money wasn’t an issue and this is what we do and this is what I love to do I like to help people achieve their very best I see potential in so many people this is why I love coming back to Sri Lanka because I see so much potential here there’s so much knowledge in the theoretical base in sports physio here I’d love to just come here whole years spend you know the top fifty physios and spend a whole year let’s say hundred I could do a hundred in a year and give you guys all the skills that make standout in Australia in Sports Medicine then the new professional will have a 12-month goal it’s very important what you want to do and what you want to achieve in 12 months it has to be clear a goal has to be clear you have to see it it has to be smart smart means specific measurable it has to be attainable it has to be relevant and it has to be time-based this is nothing new guys this is on Google if you put in smart goal you will get all of this information you break up your 12-month goal into three to five action steps so three to five things when you do those three to five things it will you will be able to achieve your 12-month goal also one last thing not one last thing with the 12 month goal it has to push you outside your comfort zone if by simply thinking about you’re thinking about your goal it feels really uncomfortable inside that is a good goal you know it’s a good goal because at the end of it when you’ve done it or completed it you can tick it off and go wow I’ve achieved something great I’ve helped so many people and I’m here I’m ready for the next 12 month all but this is what it means by pushing yourself outside the comfort zone wrong way no here we go once you figure out your 12 month goal you’ve listed all that down you break up you want to see what you can achieve in the next month to achieve that final goal right and then you create your to-do list I have a to-do list that I write down the night before so by the time I’ve started work or at the clinic I’m treating people I’ve got five things that I need to do the next day and each needs to be crossed out it has to be written down because

success rates when you think about a goal who has a goal here no one thank you it’s a few people by the end of this session when you go home tonight I want you guys to start thinking about your goals what you want to be achieving in twelve months time if you think about a goal you have a 43% chance of succeeding if you ride that goal down it’s 56% who here hasn’t got a friend you haven’t got a friend oh you have thank God okay that goal I’d like you to share it with a friend if you share it with a friend there’s a 64% chance of succeeding if you send your friend a weekly progress report it’ll go up to 76% we share our progress report every single day at our clinic with our team so by the end of the month we actually share our goals on Google Docs my goals are seen by the rest of my staff it’s very transparent I see theirs and we all help each other out this was a PhD study done by gal Matthews so the final thing I’ve got a minute and a half left to be a new professional you have to be present there’s the past there’s the present in the future the present is defined by your five senses thoughts and emotions the past is a memory forget it it has happened you can’t change it the future is your imagination it’s yet to happen what you have as a person who has a lot of power right here right now of your is your present moment you can either be mindful or mine for the dog is mindful person on the Left I don’t know what’s going on in his mind so the five things you should do now think of what you want to achieve in 12 months time please push yourself out beside your comfort zone write your five action steps down write down what you want to achieve in 30 days share it when you share it you become accountable and write your to-do lists your daily to-do lists who will go home today and write their list please put your hands up guys please humor me just humor me thank you ladies please do it you will achieve so much in life and nothing is impossible everything I have done from the time I’ve failed everything to doing what I’m doing now I’m no rocket scientist all I’ve done is a lot of hard work a lot of focus and a lot of effort and this is the template on doing that thank you for your time these are all my details all these slides will be on SlideShare everything you need is going to be on SlideShare and at the end of the day if you ever need anything please contact me we’re here to help myself my clinic everyone there is here to help if there’s anything we can do we will be there for you I’d like to wish you a career and a lifetime of happiness if you’re happy you’re gonna achieve great things in life so all the very best take care