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all right let’s see here we go rolling it always starts off that camera one more all right let’s see you my microphone I see you audio levels okay we are good to go everyone it’s been a good month probably since last time I’ve done this I think it was the last day of harvest welcome everyone to the channel I’m Nick welcome by the way I’m a work at Welker farms I guess you could say part owner part inheritor and operator of this YouTube channel a lot of guys already know who I am so looks like we’re good alright umm yeah so anyways today the Sun is low this is this time of the year it’s like the Sun seats in my face my shadow is like 10 feet long already and it’s barely in the middle of the day yet so I don’t know that’s just how it is this time of year but got my hat on but yeah so we’re here today reason being is we are like this close to getting over a hundred thousand subscribers 100 thousand subscribers that’s unbelievable on the YouTube channel I just I can’t even fathom how many subscribers that is it just blows my mind I try to put in perspective like a city in Montana I’m like a hundred thousand people that’s like almost as big as our biggest city in Montana actually I think Billings is like 150 thousand so but it’s close very amazing I just I can’t believe the guys that’s awesome I don’t know if we’re gonna get there today or not that’s kind of a I would like to get there today if we could reason being is I don’t want to get there on Monday because Monday everyone goes back to work and I want to get you guys the hundred thousand celebration video that I made that I think you’re gonna get a kick out it to be pretty fun but the problem is I want to get close to a hundred thousand okay so if you guys I don’t you’ve heard but YouTube has the ability now to do what’s called a premiere I want to try it basically I can set a time that a video will air and you guys get to watch it with me in the chat so you guys watch it on your end it’d be like this live stream right now only be the video that I’m gonna show you guys and then I can be in the chat with you while you’re watching it I think that’d be really cool I mean what other way to do it so I’m gonna try to pull that off but in order to pull that off I want to get two hundred thousand subscriber because I don’t want to celebrate it prematurely so anyways how are things going is it running okay is the quality decent you guys hear me okay I’ve got 700 four of you that’s awesome I’m hanging out by the buds too by the way I believe I have the settings on this app optimized so that the quality will be about as good as I can get it on the bandwidth that I’ve got but yeah we’re just gonna hang out I don’t care we can start some things up and stuck something down we go check out our green bin moving project long as I’m in good service that’s all the point that matters so but yeah see how’s everyone doing everyone good we got I saw a bunch of different countries already everything sounds great quality is great good deal oh by the way guys I use cell phones to do my video I just like it because cell phones are in my pocket I just bought the new LG v 35 it’s got a lot better front-facing camera on it 16 megapixel cameras in the back the wide-angle lens was kind of shortened a little bit I’m a little disappointed about that but it seems to be a pretty good phone the only problem is the speaker or the microphones in it are pretty tinny I don’t like the sound and I shake a lot you know it’s just hard to hold a phone steady so I’ve got some hardware coming I think it’s gonna help improve the quality of my videos as well as leg arms as he does videos so they should be here Tuesday it’s a it’s a handheld or not a handle it’s like a grip base that attaches to your phone and then I’ve got a microphone external microphones could attach to it that’s very directional so what I’m doing this it’ll direct you know the microphone audio coming from me to you and it won’t pick up the background it’s also gonna have what do they call that so the dead cat whatever they call the fuzzy thing that’s on top of the mic to stop that wind blowing on the side as you guys this this I know it’s this phone pick set up really bad so I’m gonna have some approved quality here soon that’s gonna be good too for future videos I wish I would have done that a long time ago I think you guys will appreciate that as well Kentucky Ireland I saw Norway Spain oh man you guys are all over the place sorry for those that are overseas right now just sits day here it’s night where you’re at I’m sorry that’s how it works out I went to church this morning you know rushed home headed right I thought I was charging my phone it wasn’t I had it plugged in but not quite all the way and I go to look at it and you go percent so I’ve got an external charger right now this little light thing here and it’s pumping juice into

my phone at the moment so this will give me some time so but for all those that are new if you would hit subscribe just push me over I don’t care if you I’m subscribed after we get a hundred thousand I just want to get to a hundred thousand so then I can hit that barrier you know that mark so that’d be cool if you guys can do that Croatia Indiana oh man Connecticut got a lot of Americans here hi from Australia Ohio South Africa Virginia Montana I got a fellow Montaigne in here Georgia New Hampshire New York Greece Canada Wisconsin awesome yeah this is a big moment I pick moment for me I know I never planned on this channel being this successful compared to I guess if you go to I think it’s socialblade.com you can see the statistics of my channel I think I’m ranked like 97 thousands in the world of YouTube as far as subscriber count goes I’m really not like it’s not like that giant of a channel compared to you know the other but 97 thousand channels out there that have more subscribers than me but for a farm channel and for being something that I did not see for c-calm and this is pretty amazing so yeah you guys are helping me get to a kind of very unusual achievement and not just me my family you know my family’s a big parts to my wife my brother leg arms my dad everybody they’re all part of this and so I just the guy behind the scenes or not behind I’m always in front of the scene and behind the scene running this stuff so that’s pretty cool but pretty excited for that get the hundred thousand and then on I I’ll probably shut the channel down or sell it or something you guys won’t care about that I actually had an offer from someone trying to buy my channel for me and I just don’t know how that would work how would you buy a channel if it’s like the channels built on this you know it’s built on on this so if you bought the channel what are you gonna do with it you know it’s kind of funny but a good name at UK well does goes keep it going awesome and I can’t see the subscribers right now guys I have no idea what we’re at I think red ninety-eight thousand six hundred and something that’s last I saw so yeah I would never sell this channel don’t worry guys not so much animal know that be dumb I wouldn’t sell out it’s too much too much potential too much opportunity too much fun with you guys so can you play with equipment we could probably start a thing or two what should we start I wish I could do a poll for you guys and list a couple of machines on there and see which ones you guys would want me to start up and fire and run basically right now in this lineup here we do have some Peterbilts I’ve got some four nine thousands down at the end there’s an Apache there’s big brute there’s the little bud the series one up this way in the sunlight I’ve got the series to five twenty five had hooked to the air drill actually so if we did that we’d have to wing it up and drive it around with an air drill that’d be kind of crazy I do have some older stuff if you guys wanted me to mess with it I could drive some batteries some new gas I could attempt to fire if that Minneapolis Moline that we have it hasn’t ran in probably a year and a half it’s got old gas and it needs cleaned up I want to put in a building I’m trying to get these old old machines of ours I’ve been sitting outside I’m trying to get them inside that way someday we can restore them so I see someone says drive the brute do you guys want me to fire the brute up big brute I see another big brute do it do it and oh and by the way guys just you know I am gonna do an equipment tour I will do one I’m waiting for a good day like today would be a perfect day leg arms isn’t here right now but I’d like to get him maybe my dad as well we’ll see and then do an equipment tour will literally walk around in good quality not a live stream because I want it to be good quality and I’ll videotape going down the line of all the different machines that we have on this farm whether they’re just I want to do machines that run or machines that would need less than a day to get running I guess you could say so I’ll probably do that first brute then older okay we’ll do the brute first you guys like the brute so but I am gonna do equipment or there’s been a lot of requests for that it’s coming don’t worry it will happen it’s just gonna take a bit so well we’ll get it done I want to do it before the end of the year I was hoping to do it before we got the hundred thousand subscribers but you know if things go it’s kind of hard sometimes so all right let’s see here I believe um you guys want that thing right there is that what you want is that it the dozer the dozer I could do – I got to put some coolant in it has nothing in the radiator the problem with the dozer is the fuel pump the injection pump has some rust in it I believe it needs clean needs sent off honestly somewhere it doesn’t run very good right now it’s just a fuel pump the injection pump we tried to clean it a little bit ourselves that’s why I parked it it will run it just needs it’s basically water

in the read or so okay Brewed it is alright let’s fire this thing up it wouldn’t hurt to run it anyways we’ll get her get her going here it’s just time and diesel right Oh welcome farms luck was gone I had to borrow that you guys will see why in the 100k video all right I’m about to sing warm up and build up some air the keys right down here oh it’s this butter here duh let this warm up this has got a caterpillar rodolfo category 32 Oh the shop take a lot apart fix it all up let’s fill the air up cut an air brake on it we’re gonna release it give her some revs I will in a second okay let’s walk around this thing real quick we built this thing this last winter started in January finished it for the most part and about April and it’s a hundred foot self-propelled sprayer you see a tightened case tighten there’s a 2001 case tighten international and we mounted a new holland s10 70 sprayer in the back of it that’s all this unit right here and to do that we had to custom fabricate all of this right here this is off the Titan this is off the New Holland you can see we welded everything up all these welds are ours all the pins slag arms made to attach the frame the frames got six half-inch I just think that’s three quarter inch bolts there and then this whole unit here is also welded to this frame which is the original sprayer frame that runs down the whole length of the truck frame and that’s bolted in numerous places right here’s one you see that spot there’s one right there and then there’s bolts on the front over here so this whole units pretty well secured I’ve hit some pretty big bumps of this thing and I haven’t seen any evidence of a shifting cracking and tweaking or anything yet so I guess we did it right yeah pretty cool all right let’s see if sexy it’s got enough hair look my tires are good we built these rims in the front we had to widen them and make them custom for those for those wheels cause we got to go to a different wheel size they actually slowly leak very slow I mean like they’ll go flat over like six months so that’s one thing we got to do when we put her up we pull this up this is our temporary guard here to keep the hoses protected to see how zip-tie came off I’ll have to zip tie it up again that just keeps these hoses and stuff from wearing around the corner on that so why do the tires leak air it’s because I’ll show you if you guys can hear miss these toys when we made these rims we bought a set of rims and cut up the old rims with the hub and welded the new rims to it well there’s a bead weld right here that goes all the way around and then there’s a bead of weld right here that goes all the way around that’s a space where we had to put him and then on the inside I had to weld both both sides – so there was a lot of welding same as this actually no this is on this side so somewhere in this weld and we carefully welded it is a pinhole somewhere and it’s slowly slowly slowly leaking air out of those tires oh sorry guys by the way I got a donation from mr. Clark from Canada five bucks been here since you hit fifty thousand and it just keeps growing awesome job Nick thank you so much mr Clark I apologize for not getting you sooner really appreciate it you guys are sweet okay well let’s take it for a drive here real quick before we do that this is our hydraulic tank right here has all our hydraulic fluid in it this is 1650 gallon product tank see ya

I just event I got there so when it fills up cuz this thing with a three-inch pump this builds up a product pretty quick these are those Thomas LEDs HP sixes they’re really nice lights thomas sponsored us those lights I appreciate it Thomas that’s from Larson lights those things are crazy bright we’ve got to up here they’ll do the booms and then we’ve got four in the front here’s our product gage the tank what airhorn is a brute have it’s a looks like 10 go Quinn k lb n m4 Klein que le ayan anyways hey it’s got air pressure issues I just don’t have the right air to it so it sounds funny when you hog that’s why it’s got that in the noxious fog sound but it’s still fun let’s go inside this hair seat leaks down so we’ll fill her up there we go need some air on in here all right got two more donations we got two bucks from Matthews hole in do you know Jeff Todd out of Bozeman Montana Jeff Todd I can’t say I know a Jeff Todd but I appreciate the donation thank you so much and then David Claussen gave a buck thank you David that’s awesome all right any raises heat up a little more there’s all our filters and filter housings from the sprayer in here for winterizing it here’s our horn this strap was provided by a fan and so I put in here it swings around a little bit but doesn’t hit me in the face that’s good but it’s nice for grabbing there’s the horn okay it’s an Allison Transmission so it’s got a shift pad here so I’m just gonna hold the brake you put it actually me uh see do we have enough air for this video put her in high range so we want to go fast let’s turn our GPS on the drive gets in 6-tier where it’s gonna go up to six at first I push the parking brake again just like a truck let er rip I’m trying to hold this camera steady for you guys looks like I’ve got a I’ve got my hydraulic pump on standby so we don’t need pressure right now it’s rolling it out we’re at ninety eight thousand six hundred ninety five subs right now nice are you gonna once praying today no I’m not I’m driving this guy for you guys this is uh this is a fan fan drive right now you guys are telling me what to do how fast can big group go big group go just around fifty miles an hour if it’s uh got chemical and it’s a little slower because the tires squat down but with no chemical by itself it’ll do fifty miles an hour it feels really fast in this thing that’s our trimble 2050 monitor with our Trimble easy pilot steering wheel as you can see the leaves are falling off all of our trees here we have a bunch of them on but we’ve had a couple frost last and snows in the last couple weeks it’s probably taking all the leaves off the cottonwoods all right I’ll hold this over here if you guys can see kind of speed let’s see if I can figure out a way to hold us steady there we go 20 40 right now forty-five there’s 50 there you go and it is do 50 the GPS confirms it so it’s not like that speedometer is all these things are fast I usually don’t reroute it that fast though I keep it around 4045 depending on it I just don’t like running wide open this thing’s almost a really smooth ride too with these big flotation tires and it’s got suspension as well okay open field sure Marcelino ones on the road today so there we go enable auto steering whine on there we go okay we got our GPS going now there’s a miles per hour 16 15 16 I’ll take it first spin around the corner then we’ll take it back

going off the road into the ditch no big deal for the brood so it also has high range and low range right here that’s a splitter in the rear end and it’ll basically take my gears I’ll knock them down a little bit so my top speed becomes about 35 miles an hour in sticks that still uses all the transmission gears it’s just in the rear end the ratios are different the difference is if I want a little more torque or my lowing gears I can put it down when I typically do to spray in low range but for just cruising around my range works pretty good there’s that horn again sounds just like the game doesn’t hilarious there let’s see look at my monitor here we zoom out I was using this for a couple weeks ago for uh actually for the UH dirty video you guys won’t see it in it but I needed the sprayer I use the GPS so alright once I get back I’ll catch up with you guys comments here we’ll get back about the profs I’m sure we’re going we’ll cruise across the field here in a second there’s nice little ditch here I got a drive across this spot it’s not it’s actually a good thing on engines every now and then to run them maybe not righto but run them every now and then if you let them sit for a long time you know condensation can build up inside oil slowly drips down off the internals of the engine so by running the inch and every now and then you’re relocating the engineer you’re splashing oil all over the internals in the gearbox is the transmission and so it does help prevent corrosion or rust or other stuff it could be happening inside but my start needs a cold and running it York wouldn’t wear and tear on the engine so it’s kind of a trade off but every every like six months or something like that if you were to start a diesel engine it’s probably good for it you’re not running it very often the brute is two-wheel drive one group to the field right now going a good 40 miles an hour there’s the farmyard a lot of guys ask on here constantly where is the old versatile I have it right here this is the burst tile right there it’s just been sitting there since we brought it over we just have a movie yet haven’t decided yet we’ve had a couple people interested in possibly buying it I’m having gotten there yet that’s my brother’s old pickup that’s leg arms old truck from a long time ago he parted it out and built a different truck out of it and then he ends up selling that bought his pickup he has now so ninety-eight thousand seven hundred ten subscribers nice I’m doubtful we’ll get to 100k today I’m kind of doubtful but I figured I’d buy not try it you know you’re done you’re not gonna try you never know it laughs I’m sorry let’s go fuck this brute we’ll put her back where she was let’s see can I fit through there I think I can we’ll drive around the bud horn please here it is all right put it back in mind cuz like I just got out of this thing it’s bent like 300 hours into this summer I do see something with the Apache here huh leaning kind of funny I should sit fire that up except sky let’s take her out of gear then pull parking brake let’s shut this thing down because yes if people wonder why we have stuff outside it’s because we do not have enough storage for all of inside that building would normally have the sprayers inside of it but it’s full of wheat right now we don’t have enough in storage either that’s something on our list of things to buy don’t worry it’s gonna happen someday just can’t buy everything in one day but eventually here we would like to upgrade and get a bigger building a cold storage

building maybe even at a gravel Florida them to be concrete just something to shed these from the elements and then you know obviously some more bin storage so we don’t have to fill that thing with weed every year because that is plumb full of wheat I can go take a look inside if you guys want but yeah okay start the Apache please I don’t think I took the batteries out of this I was just looking at this and looks like one of the hydraulic cylinders in the back as a sunk down because it’s pretty lopsided at the moment oh no no the whole sprayer is tipped right now that’s right okay so these are these Apaches have hydraulic suspension I think it’s very similar to other cell propelled and right now for whatever reason the hydraulic suspension has sunk down on one side so the whole unit is just tipped once I fire it up it’ll build up pressure and it’ll actually auto level itself out and rest up right but I haven’t seen that do that so and Tom just gave five five bucks five euros I believe I love your videos keep with the amazing work also have you ever driven a Massey Ferguson I think I have actually once it was an old real old Massey Ferguson real old one all right well let’s climb up this is a 2010 I believe yeah 2010 Apache AS 10/10 the next year they went to the new style body oh yeah just you guys know this actually might not start the the priming pump on the side of the engine blocks leaking and it leaks all the fuel back I’ll try it a little bit more we’ll see if it starts but uh that’s one problem we gotta fix we got to get it because he needs a check valve in the system and the fuel goes back to tank so it takes a lot of cranky to get it started so let’s try it again there we go now this thing should try to level itself out its climb out see if it does eventually here the computer or however works is going to determine that it’s tip so sooner right now is it yeah kind is eventually it’ll go oh I’m leaning sideways and it’ll prop it up right eventually Lag arms got this thing stuck last time he used it you can see all the mud on here I had to pull him out with the five the quarter bud there are holes in the roof to fill our swords you just okay yeah to fill this building no we don’t have holes in the top we actually just take our you can’t see right now it’s back here our 82-foot 13 inch auger we just put in the door like this you can just lift it up all the way up the ceiling as high as we can get it and then just slowly pull it out as we’re fill in the bin for the building and that keeps the big mount across whole thing this has a 6.7 liter Cummins in it 24 vowel same basic engine that’s in your Dodge Cummins pickup only difference is the dusty old version of the engine so it might have a different turbo on it it’s not a lot of horsepower I think it’s only like 200 maybe I don’t know it might be 250 I don’t think it says on here suits us Apache around pretty nicely it’s a good engine it’s good match for it that Cummins it’s hard to beat and the transmission isn’t an Allison it’s something else I forget what it’s called but uh yeah we will be doing equipment tour I’m not doing today because this is a live stream and some of our equipment is parked where there’s no cell service so I plan on doing equipment tour eventually someday soon hopefully and it’ll be a lot better done and it won’t be just me I’m gonna have probably my dad or my brother with me too so so this is actually uh where does it made I was the Tennessee it’s somewhere in the states I should know where where patchy builds these things but all right let’s get inside okay so it turns the mayor onto this one too we have our parking brake right here – basically all my shifting takes place and controls in this lever right here like presses forward throttles up if I pull it back and throttles down so that’s your gas pedal basically if I shift to the left shifts down to the right shifts up the first thing we do is take out the parking brake then there’s got these two little buttons up here I’m gonna hold their a built in Indiana okay thank thanks you Alberta farmer I appreciate it so I hold this little button top butter in here it’ll engage transmission puts it in right now you can see the monitor the Sunstrider on it’s in our fourth gear let’s raise a seat up a little bit where’s my button hat

a little bit more so when you drive this thing you drive the entire thing one-handed basically it’s just with your steer your uh this joystick right here so if I want to shift another gear tap to the right transmission shifts and this sprayer will do about 37 miles an hour top speed for a self-propelled sprayer it’s actually a one of the fastest out there it’s it’s a mechanically driven so it’s not a hydrostatic drive it’s got an axle in the back with a transmission it’s two wheel drive rear wheel drive Sanders farms welcome J Colin Apache has a joystick which is like a toy up it does ice up great videos thank chase long let’s see you should make a big Budd combine everybody says that that would be so much work I don’t think we’ll ever do that not to bash your idea that’s a great idea but combines are very complex machines i it would take us years to build the combine and it’s just the amount of time and effort he would take it money we’re better off by and I’ve already made that’s one thing that we would never make the thing is you know we don’t build stuff from scratch we take units that are already out there like big buzz and just repower them or a case tighten to make into a sprayer I mean to actually fabricate stuff from the ground up would just be that’d be a lot of work so I’m only going let my monitor warm up here the Sun was shining on so it’s six miles an hour driver one-handed here this prayer rides pretty smooth it’s not bad and front axle articulates and then rear axle or the whole the whole sprayer frame itself is on hydraulic suspension in the back right we got five bucks from 603 Ripper hayloft the big bud currently playing welcome farms on farm Sam thank you 603 Ripper appreciate it you’re awesome have you ever been to Idaho I sure have with an ID Oh a few times lot of gopher holes here see those badger menon’s I hate those things critters they’re a hard hybrid ad this time of the year but they’re still annoying just cruising down the field you like to see two-slit really far forward adjust that there we go that’s better okay I’ve got this selfie stick in my hand right now so I’m kind of holding it back guys want to see how close my face as it does thing there see that’s up giving you guys a view all right Oh see here I saw Bonnie will do I see Nick is running Apache today I sure AM I’m just doing it for fun though it’s just a fun drive around it’s just kind of a pre celebration for 100,000 subscribers for the fans out there all right let’s clamp this County Road here I’m gonna shift down by pulling a lever over a little gear and down will scroll up on the road here my axles articulate all right I was cruise down the road now got the engine warm I just let things kind of warm up a little bit before I lay into it shifting her over alright now we’re in sixth gear full-throttle we just put new tires in the back of this thing this year says we’re going 32 miles an hour right now that’s at twenty five hundred and fifty rpm so it does this engine does redline fairly high thirty-six miles an hour it’s got a torque converter in the transmission that doesn’t hold a lock-up so it takes a little bit of time for it to finally catch me speed I’ve got it over 40 before going down a hill but realistically you might be able to get thirty five thirty six with a full load so I’m 36 that’s basically top speed right now it handles really easy see I’m hardly the steering it you got to keep your eyes obviously go ahead because it can’t go up or go quick but pull for all the back a little bit Coast down yeah that’s a good idea of mattoon’s dumping water down gopher holes definitely helps get rid of my Tibet at fast it’s great which machine is my favorite on the farm it’s a toss-up I I really like the brood just because we put so much work and time into that thing and it’s so unique I also just love our buds too but I love each one in their own way they’re all very unique

tractors and they all have their different pros and cons but I guess I’d probably say big Roo just because you know that’s our creation so greetings from Sweden hope you have a good day can you do a restoration time-lapse maybe someday again it’s a lot of work that goes into those we’ll see if we do or knowing what is a sub count I don’t know yet I cannot see you guys can see it I care I’d have to close the app and pull up a different app to see it if it does it kills the live stream so I can’t check the subscribers 90 8750 okay we’re getting close to that ninety nine thousand I don’t know if we’re gonna make it today but well let’s do this live stream in business 98 thousand 753 nice thank you it’s pretty exciting whoa Derek brendi just gave 200 bucks Wow guys tarek up something that’s very ginger so thank you I took wow I don’t have to say that’s a lot of money thank you I don’t reach back down you guys don’t have to give me money it’s I mean but I am very thankful for that I mean that’s awesome I guess happy I’m a doing this last rebirth it today oh you guys that’s awesome oh yeah fuck the horn for that one Thank You Derrick I really appreciate it let me know if there’s something you want me to do for a contribution like that a donation like that that’s sugar I should require some kind of compensation like let me know and I’ll hopefully catch you guys might have to be sad you think it’s like the chap moves really fast on here Wow okay let’s see here dear crew a pup the videos up Derrick well Thank You Derrick you’re a very generous person I’ll keep the videos up that’s awesome you guys are sweet I’ll donate if I win the mega you better donate at you with the mega temporally government’s gonna take half of that so what is it 1.6 billion so you’re only to get like oh I don’t know eight hundred million dollars just a little bit just a little bit well Derek thank you so much thank you guys also for all the donations you’ve done we’re not done yet don’t worry I’m parking the Apache right now I’ll it to my face I could actually talk to Derek care not just show you guys the front view basically I’m back in the yard here just Park in the Apache set the wide angle here we go there’s the wide angle lens this new phone they they reduced the the wide-angle degrees for my old phone was 123 degrees this one’s down to 107 I’m a little disappointed about that but it’s not bad it’s just I kind of like the wider the reason they did it cuz it gets rid of the distortion or helps with it alright so based I just take her out of gear I press the bottom button I hold that little put it reverse as you can see that off comes out of her ears when I hit the parking brake here the ladder folds down see and titled it in pretty slow so it’s already shut off so just turn her off I always pull the key out and put it back in that way you know for sure you put it in the off position and you didn’t put it in like a accessory or partially on position this is one downside with this type of sprayer there’s this model of Apache is this door hits the boom here and you can see actually I’ve got a pad here for that but the other problem is this ladder if you’re not careful and you turn the parking brake off this ladder can swing up and it nails the door right here I’m surprised this window hasn’t broke honestly it’s been a couple times it’s hit it pretty hard that was redesigned in the new apaches that’s definitely something they improved we just happen to have their older model so the new ones don’t do that so but yeah it’s one one downside okay what’s up next I’ll let Derek decide hey Derek what do want me to drive buddy I’ll be watching let me know put in the description somewhere write write in the comment Derek what you want me to drive next your choice if it runs hopefully if it runs drew says Big Bud Series three Big Bud I’m waiting for Derek you there Derek any second now Derek Derek Derek Derek I’m looking I’m looking I’m looking no Derek yet he’s still in the house I can’t tell if he’s still with us Big Bud Series three okay we got to go to it alright we’ll do the Big Bud Series three I got to drive over to it though I gotta take the foeman’s to get there it’s uh we used it recently you guys we’ll see you I’ll show you in a second why it’s where it is right now

but we’re gonna go into it Derek said so we’re going five hours late yeah I know there actually is something else on this farm right now I’d love to drive it for you guys problem is it’s in the new video so I can’t show it to you yet because let’s give it away that’s why I’m keeping on the front-facing camera right now so you guys don’t see it it’s not ours actually it’s a loaner someone loaned it to us but so we can make the video you guys are gonna like it’s pretty fun so another donation here to box let’s see James let Leeds MA hello all homeless Santa Carla California California nice thank you for the donation I appreciate it you’re awesome I’ve got twelve hundred fifty one of you guys that’s a lot okay here’s the foeman’s we were gonna drive this bad boy over there still haven’t made a video on this thing yeah I’m gonna do that I’m out of gear here there we go okay this thing doesn’t have power anything when we built this truck the reason we bought it the way it was because it was in pieces and we converted it to manual windows manual everything just less to worry about and it drives really nice like that my friends was the last person drive this thing cuz the seats all the way back it’s really tall okay alright let’s take off here I wish I had ten of these engines this five nine Cummins twelve Alvin Singh this thing is an absolute beast and if I had five more or ten of these engines I’d be put them into everything it’d be expensive but I’d love to have this engine and about every machine we have that’s this size except for wintertime this thing is a little bit of a cold starter in the winter but that’s just because it’s a diesel and it’s not it doesn’t have the injector pressure with the new diesels have those ones can start with when it’s real cold because they can vaporize the diesel fuel this is a 5-speed manual no it’s a six-speed actually it’s got a it’s got a low range Nick TF snapchat I did I got rid of it I just it was just too many things I guess you know I have I do okay guys so I’ve got and then I’m not I’m not complaining believe me I’m not it’s just a lot to keep draft tabs on the others Facebook Instagram Twitter which I really don’t do that much on Twitter I have it just because you might as well I don’t have snapchat then there’s course YouTube that’s the big one and there’s email and then and then I’ll say I do have a discord server that’s fairly new thanks to AJ AJ is in here somewhere and I don’t think it’s quite fully public yet but I do have a discord sir AJ can talk about that if you guys want but uh eventually it might evil it’s hard to say but with all that said I just there’s just a lot I don’t have I feel like if I have too many things I started neglecting the others and so because you can get messages you can get comments and get likes and get everything on every one of those platforms so I like to be connected to you guys I like to respond to what you guys say I like like your comments I like the message back then when I get so many I just I can’t keep up so that’s why but I don’t have staff to 98,000 south 780 subs we are gated fast thanks all right that’s great okay oh let’s see here there’s never gone by that up close let’s go by there real quick Dorie Derrick I’m making my way to the series 3 we’re getting there it’s gonna take a slight detour see wide-angle lens come on there we go this this actually is a field that I’m driving on it’s underwater because of the amount of snow we had last year and rainfall this in June filled this entire thing up with water it’s about 30 40 acres here maybe more maybe 60 actually it’s got ducks in it geese all kinds of stuff this is our last land that we seeded winter we had on this couple weeks ago and I can see it’s actually coming up there’s one right there we switch the cameras you guys can see

better this one as I love about this phone is it’s got these different cameras on it got a cycle through there we go okay so much better quality they are those are our little winter wheat plants growing right now right there see this is actually pretty shallow but that’s fine it’s gonna grow that’ll make it through the winter buy time snow comes it’s gonna be probably this tall maybe a little more the top will kill over or some of it will in the winter let me covered in snow and then when summer comes it’s gonna start growing again or spring and then leave one of the first crops that we harvest typically but all that side over there has been seeded to winter wheat this side we did a little bit all right Derek let’s go to that tractor oh yeah by the way this thing’s awesome I don’t I don’t know if I told you guys how awesome this pickup is but it’s a pleasure to drive every time we just got to figure out what to do right here it needs like a toolbox or something right there just kind of see a frame down there in the fuel line and I don’t like that all right sitting on my charging cord here the bump here we’ve got a big chunk of water it’s been slowly receding that’s gone down probably four feet so but we’re gonna have a big sheet ice there this winter I play on the playing on it kind of fun all right where we headed now is set okay so this yard that we’re in right now that we’re going to is what we call the Quonset reason it’s called the Quonset cuz the first building that I know of that was really built here was that shit over here that we put our columbines in and that’s called a Quonset that’s the name of that type of building so we just called this the Quonset ever since it’s where all of our green storages as well as a lot of old machinery and actually the series three big bud is right here for a very good reason I’m gonna have to unhook this thing so you guys left us be with me as I do that we’ll see if I can get her unhooked this is an old ear drill that we bought a number of years back there was a 4350 err cart that we have honor one of our Cedars was attached to this old drill someone had bought a new cart put on this little drill this old drill or tool they call it it’s it’s wore out I mean it’s just absolutely thrashed it’s just it’s wore out hundreds of thousand acres you can see all the weld cracks it’s got the narrow pressed wheels on it it’s just not a we ran it for like one or two seasons then we bought a different air drill and hooked that cart to it and then sold the cart that we had the old cart but with that said we use this thing for parts you can see we’ve taken the wheels off there’s a whole gang missing here we take shanks off it as we need parts we steal it from this thing because the frame everything here is basically the exact same as our other ones other ones we just had a lot better condition so for some reason we tweaked something we’ve been some we have thousands of thousands of dollars with the parts right here so leg arms because roof this was parked where those bins are gonna go lie arms move this baby over here look at this tractor starts it warms up I got to figure out how to unhook this thing I see I got a jack right here but it is bent and broke I should have brought a different jack I don’t think I have one over here and this baby is pretty heavy I don’t think I get that pin out I might be able to I might be able to hammer the pin out just let it fall down and we’ll just deal with it later but Derek wanted to drive this thing so I’m gonna do what Derek wants because very generous Killswitch put that on in my a churchgoer yes I am with a plate that is I went to church this morning actually is that funny-looking the wide angle lens kind of makes that look more ridiculous to me that looks pretty cool up close start yeah that’s how that’s turned 100 percent we’re gonna fix this tractor up this winter taking the shops and get a paint job it’s gonna get a cab makeover it’s gonna get some hydraulic work done to it it’s gonna be a lot better of a machine alright I’m gonna have to hold this phone steady for a second sorry guys and you see this guy for me the ignition key on this thing’s got problems okay well while this is warming up this is definitely one tractor I want to warm up it’s got a big engine in it

that’s a 19 liter Cummins engine and that much mass inside that engine needs to warm up there’s some big pistons in there you got to let the Pistons the heat between the Pistons and piston rings and the cylinder walls even out and that way that way you won’t cause damage your engine before you rabbit that is you gotta warm up I’m gonna try to shift this thing around see if I can use a steering a jockey it I might be able to get get that a pin the point where I can pull it out I think I have to have a hammer in here that’s not a gamer but I could attend it is have anything in that no I don’t all right well let me just watch this thing as I do this yeah ya know their new control it’s uh I’m gonna beat on that pin see if I kids come out it was actually one machine I wasn’t planning on running today but that’s okay man I don’t have a good hammer we’re getting there I need a yeah cuz that’s all ripped off that’s messed up unless no it’s not gonna work either let me try jerking around a little bit we’ll see looks like if I go backwards I can get a little bit of tension off that I think I’d you know where a hammer is but I have to go drive over to go get it parking brake in let’s put this in Reverse real quick we go ha my dad just showed up I think he’s got a jack oh man to the rescue nope I just got it just about Pop’s is saving the day there we go thank you all right we’re unhooked so real quick this is the series three the last series that made was a series floor this is series 3 it’s a 5 25 50 they’ve made a lot of these this is one of their most produced tractors in the farm piranha farm from big bud okay she needs some error when they’re build up in the seat real quick I had one second that’s one thing I’m gonna do to is I’m gonna build a stand for the seat so it get a different seat $98 nine hundred subs nice is a seat not working let’s turn the fan on at least it’s a mere flow in here it’s kind of hot okay put her back and drive this is our transmission shifter here first gear second gear run a low range right now here’s our throttle so this is got a high range in a low range I’m just gonna stand up there we go this tractor weighs around fifty thousand pounds fifty three thousand pounds it’s tuned somewhere around 600 horsepower what kind of phone do I have cell GV 35 oh let’s see here let’s put another gear it’s got four years and lo I know sorry six gears alone three and hi it’s lagging a little bit I’m sorry guys I you know I I need to play this app a little more and optimize and find what is the what is the best best settings for poor quality the live streaming takes a lot of bandwidth and so with a mobile phone so I just have to have good signal which I do have good signal right

now around about 69 yeah right now we’re only going probably five six miles and arrows anyone here has been chespin’s Solheim this gave a hundred nine Norwegian currency their agent dollars thank you man thank you for the donation that’s awesome why do you call him leg arms we call Scot leg arms because he has big arms he’s a muscular guy and a while back during a live stream kind of like this one someone called him leg arms and so the name stuck and we just called him leg arms ever since my name is Hollywood if you guys don’t know because I make videos there’s the hopper bottoms that’s where we’re putting them there’s our service truck that’s about hammer would have been is right in that thing that’s our at-44 loader that’s our international dump truck there’s our braiding offers those are all new let’s go to sixth gear I love the turbo on this thing this thing’s got a really nice sounding turbo it screams we put a brand new turbo on this a couple years ago like I think two years ago and so ever since then it really woke this tractor up it’s goodit’s this thing got some power so now if i want to go to the higher range draw a little back go all the way back to lowest gear which is low right there now I got to do a trick here it’s just helps there we go and now we’re in high range hi one two three let’s get some roll call here you guys ready for this still neutral real quick let’s do a starting first there we go try it try first well it’s in low I’m in low again squeezed I went back to let me go back sorry guys hang on a second here I must not I had it all the way over okay second third we are doing about probably 15 miles an hour right now in the field this thing will do about 21 22 miles an hour full throttle one beast of a tractor that’s for sure I’m actually sparked so whereas other equipment litter over here Oh quick we might use this over here again we’ll see alright guys let me drive over here I’m just gonna park the bud over here this area then we go back to the back to the foeman’s there we go straighten her out gotta have everything square square everything up there we go Chris Briggs got here brakes a letter idle a little bit here and I’ll

shut it off okay let’s see here what do we got Nick can you drive the old John Deere tractor let’s do the air brake on I could do that I’m gonna walk over there definitely man adapter that leg arms made is working awesome that thing’s working great roll coal I’ll do one more for you that’s a lot of unburned diesel right there can you mod the foeman’s we don’t be mine Nick explain the hopper bottom do you put green in them yes we do I’ll go over there I can walk over there in a second I should do whoever donated laughs gets the gets to pick what I get to do next he’s gonna sing a second your mulatto cooldown I didn’t run it that hard it’s barely ran but I just want to let some oil circulate through this bad boy there we go that’s good okay all right let’s get out of this thing sings hot so yeah this tractors gonna get a makeover here and this winter and it’ll look it should if we we do do it as we like it should look practically brand new no guarantees there we go okay you and mm Millenial should link up sometime you know I never know what might happen he’s a busy guy right now I know they’re harvesting corn you know we’re down to harvest so we don’t have to deal with habit it’s funny how funny how things go a lot that I couldn’t this channel and there’s things coming that I know about that you guys don’t know about that it’s pretty cool so never know it’s hard to say he’s a good guy though it seems like he’s got pretty sweet pretty sweet operation they got nice equipment yeah his channels just exploding it’s awesome so I’m just I’m trying to get 100,000 barrier you know that’s that’s my goal right get there and then a million so I got a funny cough too so I’m taking the cough drops all right okay guys Marnie wanted the hopper bins I’m gonna go to those in second money they’re right there but since I’m close to these here’s some of our graveyard right here is a really old old very stripped down we didn’t do this I don’t know we found it on our farm from from a property bought we brought over because it’s iron very old John Deere combine it’s been stripped down big time as you can see I have no idea I forget what model this is you see it says John Deere right there John Deere so hot would have been a that’s a Kabbalist one it would have been pretty old back here here this 7,700 yonder that we bought to fix up this one we bought this one pretty cheap pulled the auger off it cuz the auger on this one was bent put it on extended the auger actually to make it longer to reach the trucks I ran this is my very first column I never harvested in it’s a good was a good it was a good combine it really was they had 4,400 hours on it I believe 4,500 hours wasn’t wore out but it was it was definitely getting there and you know I know a lot of people hate it that we we gutted it but it just isn’t a lot of use to have a machine this big just sitting there not running on the farm so we pulled the engine out of that we use that engine in that 45 20 John Deere of ours and then I pulled the engine out of that with leg arms and we put it in the old TD 18 dozer here and this does run it’s that’s what I was telling you guys earlier in the stream guys are watching it need some injector work done to it not injector the injection pump for some reason I think it’s just got rust and I think it’s just old pump from when it sat in that combine for years and years so we got to take that but this isn’t gonna run cuz I got a I got get a battery for it stuff but I will have that in a video you guys in the future but yeah here’s this old none of these are gonna start by the way guys just you know but I have been robbing parts off these like that mutant mower I took some of the pulleys off this for that here’s leg arms this toy back in the day it’s an old old dune buggy he made it’s a Volkswagen Beall he built the frame out of oil pipe oilfield pipe and it used to have an old Volkswagen opposed cylinder force four cylinder opposed or a boxer engine as they call it boxer engine on the back and it just always had problems I don’t know that’s normal with those engines but it just never ran right and he ran it for a while and I think he find us kind of forgot about and left it so it’s a it was kind of fun around being all open wheel like that this is an old combine of some kind it’s yellow I don’t know the manufacturer of it it’s a massy this is iron that we oh it’s a Harris was a Harris right there I think that is a Harris there’s a Massey Ferguson or Massey well it’s it’s super

27 okay these things were already like this they were already beat up in a pile out in our farm we just hauled them here because we didn’t want people to steal scrap when uh if you guys didn’t know when scrap scrap iron prices got really high back in like 2008 when before all the crash happened China was exploding China was buying all of our scrap metal scrap thieves were driving around our farm and they were stealing cars stealing old tractors anything they could find and they were hauling off to scrap yards and selling them we lost one or two cars because of that well we said the heck with that so my brother and I went and we loaded up just scrap we had sit in field sit in rock piles all over the place and we put it in one giant pile here so that someday we can sell a scrap and make money on it not some thief okay so that’s why and these things were well beyond restoration these are all it says this is scrap iron right here I mean there’s old pipes that’s an old derby car that we made it didn’t last very long the Derby leg arms drove that baby it was a sweet car we had an awesome checkered paint job on it put a lot of time into it the brakes locked up on one wheel and he couldn’t hardly go anywhere and he got destroyed it was that too bad these are some old cars and my great-grandparents drove they were at our homestead they were actually upside down like that over there we just put them here that’s an old farm pickup we used to have this is a car that we had bought to fix up another car it was a Chrysler Volare is what it was called we destroyed it we put it through our parade during high school and it was it was kind of a motto we named it the Badgers because a team you’re playing are the Badgers and we had a big coyote because we were the Shelby Kyle it’s on top of it and I pulled out the trailer it was kind of fun so this is a dune buggy right here that we built together our leg arms and I built was that old Dodge farm pickup we had we spent a summer making this thing just had a Chrysler 318 in and I believe we gutted it it was just the frame axle and a roll cage and a seat it was awesome thing had dual stacks on it barked it was just a fun dune buggy and then some sort of friends of ours took it out and and they tried to jump a county road we didn’t know they were doing it and they destroyed it wrecked it and fortunately they are ok but the the engine went through the radiator and it was twist the frame on it that’s what happens when you let people drag your stuff so there’s a couple other old vehicles there that’s an old banan’s I believe and then there’s a Volare over there that’s that Carl’s telling about that Villar that truck up there is the neighbor’s truck we just put here for time being so no one would steal it but we did take the transmission out of him use it this is a from a Volvo that we bought it was used for the engine agent the engine that was in this truck is in our series one big bud that’s a 1014 so that was in there here’s some more old freaks dead plows this is a 40-something foot I believe this has been a lot of acres my grandpa my dad put a lot of time on these things I’m sure he could find weld marks all over on here where they’ve rebuilt these things like right there we used to play on these as kids we’d run across and play tag it’s like that broke apart there cracks there they plated that dads were ahead of their time but they were still engineering the guy that made that design these free stats actually designed 5000 series flex coil there – I believe freaks dad eventually became flexo-coil and then we have another one of these right here that one’s got chisel plows on and that one actually we still use that’s a good freak stem plow we took should we put them back on all the rear I don’t know anyways that was actually a better condition but we have a better flex Chloe use that’s a little drag Harrow right here that’s an old trailer that my my grandpa used to use they had some property that was a number of miles from the farm and they use this wagon trailer here basically to put equipment on top and haul it from a place the other I’ve never seen it used it’s just like an old truck frame with a wood deck built on it it’s always been there my entire life there’s some old John Deere drills over there there’s a Harrow right here and then this guy is you probably gonna like here’s our this is an international wk I believe it’s a wk 40 I don’t know if this thing would run or not I think it’s gonna need some serious work this was I wish I wish I could go back in time this was before my time and have covered all this up maybe they did cover it up at one time to stop water from getting in the engine but obviously as you could see there’s nothing covering exhaust and that exhaust manifold is destroyed you know I should probably drain the oil pan make sure there’s no water in there just so that the oil pan is probably okay but I mean this exhaust manifold is toast you’d have to buy a new exhaust manifold a new intake that carburetor is probably no good the block might be okay the radiator on this thing might be able to fixed up it’s got the old crank in the front that awesome I don’t know I’ve never seen this tractor run as long as I remember this tractor sat here and she’s

uh she’s a beaut it’s got a custom-made cab on it that’s not I don’t think that ever came stock with them that was something they put on they filled the tire the rims full of concrete as you can see to weigh these babies down these tractors and that much weight to him so this probably ran a lot of acres back in the day this is a Minneapolis Moline G believe it says GB right there Minneapolis Killeen GB this tractor does run the carburetors off of it we use it to put on the other one it is it is a it would take a lot of work to get this one running again I it needs some pieces though but that one’s actually a fixable up tractor that one could be ran again that’s a that’s a good one how much was a Series three big bud new well we didn’t buy it new but I bet to that tractor I want to say they were like a hundred and fifty thousand new they were pretty expensive in their time I don’t know for sure what they were but somewhere in some article it says these are some old irrigation tubes we don’t use anymore that’s a bin that fell over which is right here part of that baby we moved it we just didn’t put a very good base on it we filled it full grain sat there for a couple weeks that rained real hard the ground got soft underneath it and it collapsed how’s the bummer is only like a an 1,100 bushel bin maybe or a thousand bushel so it wasn’t huge but it was just it was a stupid mistake on our part we should have we should have made a better base for it it had a had a platform for it to skid on so it wasn’t like it was a normal this we bought called the rock we’ve got we took the engine out of this put in a pickup bars it’s an old blazer and it’s pretty thrashed yeah it’s seen better days so that’s that let’s go over here that’s more iron there’s an Oldsmobile right there hold bedframe sorry I’m not reading your guys comments right now I’m just kind of rip sighs you see here rest in peace please drift the comments Nick got a donation here marthy us hole in 15 bucks any chance of ever having a daily farm video logs or would that be too much you know I think that would be too much reason I think it would be cool because it’d be a lot of content for you guys I also kind of feel like it would burn you guys out too I think one to two a week is probably pretty good that’s what I’m shooting for one of the two videos a week that’s more if you look at my history of posting videos I used to do like one every six months it’s up this is like a lot from you now but I’ve kind of got it down now where I can I can throw a bunch of video together me working and doing stuff pretty simple in about two hours I can edit it have it up on YouTube so that’s not a lot of time on my part but I figured one to two a week is probably sufficient for you guys that gives you a good idea what’s going on here what we’re up to because to do a video a day there’s a lot of days where it’s just not any content to really have a video on but I do understand that it’s a good point so we’ll see how it goes this is my channel right dude does what I wanted to do so maybe I’ll try it but right now I’m gonna do probably one to two a week so let’s see here alright that’s uh that’s an old dryer looks like an M&W I do remember this thing running when I was uh I was a kid they used to have our we sat at a tea 4:30 and it was hooked here runs a big fan had a big propane tank it only did about four hundred bushels an hour so it couldn’t keep up with the combines a little grain dryer the bottom of its kind of rusted out it’s it would it could be fixed up but it’s just not worth our time to do it so we don’t use it I don’t know I thought maybe turn into a fun Playhouse someday for kids got the inside out make rooms in there that’d be pretty fun hey Gregory Miller’s back at the house continue making welcome farms great Thank You Gregor I appreciate it Gregor Gregor’s been a big donator I should look up to see how much you’ve donated man you’ve given a lot to me I appreciate it you’re awesome this is an old Ford it used to be an old the Rice River electric truck it was a co-op or electric co-op in the area and my grandpa bought it I believe it’s got a 460 in it I think and we put the spray bet on this used to be our spray pickup for a lot of years it’s did a hotter spraying on the farm it does run still it’s it’s pretty thrashed it’s all the ball joints all the the bushings everything in the shocks I mean it’s it’s it’s war it’s really worth it even has a seat in it but let’s see here it looks like a hundred fifty-seven thousand miles yeah it’s body’s in good shape though really this end here is all in good shape I mean if someone want to restore that someday you could build it up find a different bed for it it’d be a nice truck it actually does run it the engines weak the engine is very weak it’s uh it’s seen better days this is an old cedar before my time here’s an old baler that I used to use when we had horses back in the day old international baler it’s the tying mechanisms all wore out in it so it quit working and we don’t bail anymore and so it’s got parked here this is a an old Ford f-150 that leg

arms traded a car for someone he did kind of those trade ups and he had a old junky car he got for free I believe and someone said hey I’ll trade you this pickup for that car so we’re like sure well it ran great this pickup runs problem is the mice got it and they chewed the wiring harness little punks so now it doesn’t run because the wiring harness is chewed so we just have so much on our plate this just isn’t something that we’ve put as a priority of fixing up but it does run it’s an old beater 150 you know you can see it was a kid that liked Monster energy drinks who had that before us this is an old international what is it the are 110 series I don’t know oh the hoods in the back I’ve never seen this truck run it’s kind of an interesting international I loved uh maybe someday to be kind of a cool to turn into something I always say I love that but he’s been parked over at the farm Aaron way over there for years we brought it over here it’s a nice truck it’s in pretty good shape the bodies not bad the hood I think it’s got a little bit damaged there’s some dents there but it could be could be fixed up this is a Dodge we bought really cheap in a salvage yard basically just needed a I don’t fit just needed some carburetor work it was just something really simple and I got it running it runs and we use it as a service picker for a little bit it’s a good shape Dodge I mean really the body on this one’s been in pretty excellent shape we just don’t need it we haven’t ran it it’s not worth much the title it has the name have a title that’s I never went on we never took it on public roads it’s just on the farm but the bet on it it’s this beds pretty beat up but it does run here’s some rippers these are breaking sod and back here is our boat that we made here in high school and just a tie school I had 120 horse V for Evinrude on it and it would stand this thing on end it’s an old old bass boat I went to call this is right there I can’t read it we painted it black and purple and built the tower on it this thing got parked here our plan is to pull us through the field with a big bud series three someday and get a video of that having gone there yet let’s see here I should ask Greg what he wants me to do Gregor I don’t you guys want me to keep doing this or not right eighty percent battery it looks like my external battery here is done charging the phone this little guy so we’re on the mercy of whatever battery life our phone has now which is 80% so I’m just gonna go ahead and run this to the ground how many stop there we had guys we get anywhere close to nine thousand nine ninety eight thousand eight hundred sixty-four we’re gonna budge there’s an old valemar spreader we use it for Freddie’s Fargo back in the day my dad built an extension on it so I could hold a whole Fargo bag and he widen it I think 60 feet that’s our old flex coil sprayer it was 120 feet we took off one end section we use it to put down some humic and some other stuff we were doing this is a old Chevy 6400 had a v8 in it it actually does run but not very well it’s pretty beat-up we parked it over here someone came and ripped a log with a emblem off the front that’s another thief or yeah it’s too bad it was in perfect shape the emblem it’s a sweet old truck but someone came and robbed them I don’t actually hold a lot of water in that thing they see our water truck on the farm this guy’s awesome we this is an old I think it’s a Dodge actually it’s just the hood is destroyed it’s got bullet holes in the side the windows are cracked it’s got an old army bed on the back duals its lift I think this would be a sweet rat rod personally I think this would be the grill I just love a look at this this is what I’d like to put a five nine Cummins in it be a sweet egg the negative part is it’s missing the driver’s door and I cannot find it I’ve looked around all over the place I cannot find the driver’s door I found one on eBay that was similar and I could have bought it I didn’t but someday I might try to track a door down if I can find a door for this thing it’d be a good project you know it’s all time and money but that’d be kind of fun to turn to a rat rod so it’s a it’s a sweet old truck though yeah yeah how honey miles are on it 53,000 miles you guys can see 53,000 this is a grain drive over deck that we built there’s a hole right there just stepped in this baby we built ourselves from scratch it’s a hydraulically powered this is when we first we thought we could build our own grain deck we did it ran for a number of years these ramps are super heavy like ridiculously heavy I mean tip that one over so folds down it looks like a TIE fighter already called Star Wars that a transport vessel that Darth Vader always flies around in it looks like that thing the way that folds up the wings but we built these ramps I did a did a good job it’s got little 8-inch augers underneath here goes to a 10 inch auger it ran but when we bought that brant grain or a green

deck we just never looked back we have this as a backup in case we need it but chances are we won’t because that Brant green deck is just amazing so much lighter easier to use in this thing so we just don’t use that anymore this is our grain augur graveyard old like 6 inch 4 inch grain augers 6 inch 7 that’s a 10 there these are there’s a 10 right here that we use for stuff there’s just a bunch of different parts of grain augers every now coming here and we’ll steal flighting out of them different parts you guys know us we fabricate a lot that’s why we like having all this because we can rob stuff from him that’s an old bed off that Dodge pickup I was telling you about and obviously we have that and I are some old Rock Pickers one there that’s a that’s a it’s got a big blade underneath it was used for ripping sod for braking of land the blade would lift rocks up and he’d turn the rocks over that way the rock picker come by and grab him I’ve never seen that used I’ve never seen that used I’ve actually never been around any of that there’s a little boat tipped upside down right there an old boat hole I don’t know if that’s for its rock dickerer when I was a kid was used there’s a picture I just posted recently on a take back Thursday TBT showed my sister dried in the front right here my dad pulling the old mini ops baleen he spent a lot of time running that rock picker and this is an old slaughter that we bought when we had horses we’d use it occasionally to cut crop down not very often just a little bit it has something wrong with some gearbox somewhere I don’t know it was before my time I kind of remembered running that was off that swath of that we turned into mutant mower and so that was original real off that here’s an aerial over here and this real came off a tent an header was upgraded and put a UH what do you call it a I wanna say finger real what I call it I guess not a bat real a regular pickup real pickup real we bought a pickup real put it on it and we got rid of that or the header let’s hold it with that we ended up having this whole bat sir it’s actually a really good shape it can fit on a 10-10 and run again but you know no one runs those hardly anymore there are some farms but it’s just it’d be a backup for somebody I don’t know what we’d use it for the aerials we might actually use someday we’re thinking about maybe doing some of one of those and then over here is just our pile of tires part of my plan while we’re doing these bins is I want to load all these tires up I’m gonna haul them to that spot where we’ve been hauling that concrete you guys saw in the video get them out of here they’re gonna be somewhere they might as well be there not here this is just implement tires tractor tires pick up tires car tires all kinds of tires you know when they wear out they just don’t have much of a purpose and we don’t have any recycle areas in the area to use this stuff so yeah it’s a it’s just kind of how they end up there’s some good stuff occasionally we’ll take around this just random iron you have a lot of engine blocks over here that came out of the 8:44 loader that’s a v8 block looks like we got some 350 I came out of Corvette I believe right there a guy came and asked leg arms – paid leg arms to take this engine I was seized out of his Corvette and put a newer 350 in it so we did I think that’s a Ford 460 that’s how an Oldsmobile it’s like another 350 that’s a Chrysler 318 that’s out of the big bud that’s it Cummins 855 that’s the old engine out of the big but it’s an older version of the common so it can only be tuned up 300 horsepower max you can get out of that engine without majorly going through it just some odds and ends and then of course the scrap iron pile it’s just starters and iron and all kinds of stuff okay money I don’t know if you’re still with us I’m gonna walk over to the bins over here this is what I got a video coming it’s not quite done yet guys it’ll probably be out after we hit 100k folks on there right now but uh yeah money’s still here okay good money nice here’s our hoppers that we just got we just bought these guys want to see let me hear let’s do this okay pull extend this out I got a nice nice selfie stick here I upgraded I can figure out to use this thing here we go I do another extension oh there we go perfect okay we are selfie stick tup like that all right not everybody okay there all right so I won’t have it on this forever here’s the hoppers that we just bought they are 18 foot diameters from that guy’s fab shop it’s a pretty new fabrication place they’re the ones renting that big bud old big bud building from tourist owns the fab the factory that they used to build those buds in so they’re using half that space there to build these bad boys it looks like they do a pretty good

job i mean i i i don’t know i’m not a hopper hopper bottom expert but i’ll tell you what from what I can tell they look like they’re built really well I mean they’re just good iron it looks like they didn’t cut corners as far as I can tell go to this one ninety eight thousand eight hundred ninety eight subs we’re getting there whoo all right okay so this is called the rocket this trailer right here is called the rocket it’s not our trailer it’s actually wonkin farms I learned the story as to why that trailer is called the rocket which it’s actually right there you can’t read it because of mud on it but says the rocket the reason that that is called the rocket guys kind of a funny story I guess the wonkin brothers from a two lankan farms we’re wanting to build a trailer they could haul their combines on like their 1680s there are 21 eighty eight’s of 2388 they had those back to the 25 88 then they could put two on this trailer haul two at a time because they have farms they harvest together but their farms are 30-some miles apart they’re two farms and so they share harvesting equipment well when they were building this thing I guess they were not fighting but arguing over the dimensions of stuff they go well reimagine that rematch for this is that right is that right is that gonna work so one of the brothers said guys it’s not rocket science okay it’s just well that main aim at the rocket because it’s rocket science so that’s what the term the rocket came from that’s why it’s called the rocket it’s a pretty sweet trailer really his turns out it’s also a wide load because it’s ten foot six inches with it folded up so we learned this the hard way which fortunately they were very gracious with us and we got a pass but this trailer cannot drive down any public roads anywhere without a wide permit because that trailer is wider than wider than eight feet so I got a donation James Leeds my two bucks congratulations and putting out good videos thank you James I really appreciate it you’re awesome appreciated James so we welded this baby to it you can see the welds right there I shouldn’t say we that guys fab shop did for us and then we boomed it down a boom on each front in the back I don’t know if that’s kosher but it made it here there’s no cracks everything’s intact I mean it worked so not a lock me wrong about that here’s a I didn’t get paid to do those guys and no we didn’t get a discount for these hoppers but there’s that guys fab job I would like to support him though there there’s some guys that were farming out of Havre and a whatever reason just had to quit farming I don’t know the whole backstory but they opened up this fab shop with the dad and a couple like a son or two and they make good stuff I think they build these things I mean they build almost all entirely from scratch even the even the gates at the bottom they custom build these gates and they’re heavy we’re actually thinking about having to make us some gates for our grain trailer that one that we have that older trailer there a ladder on these I don’t know 30s no I don’t think there’s a ladder on something I think we’re gonna add later yeah that’s right we didn’t have four we didn’t ask for a ladder but there is an opening here actually I’ll just get up top of it on the deck above it looks like a big dish satellite dish I’ve got a funny so these will hold the bins that were putting on top of these right here are very similar to the dimensions of these ones over here so it should hold a little over 4,000 bushels and we put this on this bottom should add another 700 bushels I believe with this bottom mold and those two are going right here I see Tyler Cooper just gave five bucks any chance you and millennial farm will make a video together I don’t know I kind of address out earlier it gets asked a lot I guess I guess we must have similar channels if everybody wants to do a video together I live pretty far from that guy he did call me up where’d he call me how’d it go almost I’m a northern redneck almost Canadian guy they gots what he said in one of his live streams someone tagged me in that’s pretty funny almost or northern redneck almost Canadian but he sounds more Canadian than me honestly I feel like Minnesota people sound more Canadian than I do but maybe you guys to be the judges of that do I sound canadian not bashing Canadians here I just feel like I sound like most of the country but that’s what everybody always thinks right so you guys to be the judges there who sounds more Canadian mmm millennial or me I don’t see a boot but no anyways yeah yeah no that’s uh maybe someday I might happen I don’t know stay tuned I guess let’s see here okay let’s go my camera come on camera there we go guys get down

this is my biggest complaint about the rocket trailer is this this really need have been built about three feet longer and that would stop the rocks from hitting your cab and then right here is so tight so tight I mean if you could tell it’s hit a couple times on that I haven’t but yeah so here is those bottoms that we moved there’s two bombs there’s a bottom right here hop for a an old concrete floor for these bins we moved years ago that are way over there at that farm these are bins and we just put here a couple years ago we just dropped it down wired him down those are just storage we have some stuff in them this bin pad here it’s got a bunch of iron on it still there was like five more of these or four more of these up there up this line here we had them stacked full of iron like these John Deere covers old windmill let’s see here Jim JM fritzed every little bits helps thanks for the videos Thank You Jay I appreciate it man that’s awesome you guys are being generous today this is crazy this isn’t in a video yeah guys I was gonna put it in a video here soon but I haven’t gotten to it well I have video I haven’t made a video on YouTube yet so you guys are seeing stuff it’s gonna make a video here soon we just got done drilling all the holes these are 24 inch holes 3 feet 3 to 4 feet deep we used a leg arm service truck with the derrick digger right there that baby and we drilled there’s 10 per hopper so each one of these is gonna be filled with concrete and then we’re gonna level all these off my dad built these little frames how does some two by fours and OSB board and they’re gonna be filled full of concrete we’re gonna shove rebar down inside of them rebar em up and that’s gonna be the basis for those hoppers we’re a little nervous we were told that 24 inches 3 to 4 feet deep is enough to support that size of bin it kind of makes you nervous because they’re not and that think tips over we’re out a lot of money in time and it’s gonna be an absolute disaster that’s the auger by the way that we use to to dig it and there’s like arms adapter as you guys can see is intact didn’t twist or anything it’s just a solid piece there so yeah he did a good job on that thing so they’re both way to go here it’ll be right next to gether we drilled this it turned out we forgot how this would work out but they barely these two holes almost broke through all the way but what we’re gonna do reason we’re putting these bins close together like this is the center here because these these these bins that we’re moving that are not these ones but they’re way over here that are gonna be going on these hopper bottoms there’s no ladder on them they have no ladder so we’re gonna put one here one here then we’re gonna make a ladder between the walls of both of them and you’d be able to walk up the ladder and then access each top from the bin so you only need one ladder so that’s what we’re going to do so alright let’s see here this is the path we hauled I’ve got this in a future video guys you haven’t seen this yet either that’s gonna be in that video that I got to put together we hold all this shale in this is shale ground it packs really hard purpose we put shale for a pad here is it keeps this way there’s a it’s a elevated so the water will run off away from the legs that hold the hoppers up and then to the shale stuff doesn’t grow on it very well it’s like pretty much sterile soil – oil shale it’s like rock almost well it’ll keep it clean from weeds from all that nasty stuff so that’s the plan at that this is our service truck leg arms creation he built this thing he bought the truck I guess the farm bought the truck and stuff but he got the truck it was a propane hauler and then this bed was off a different truck that some guy said I’ll sell you this whole Atlas crane bed and everything for like I think he talked him down to like 1,200 bucks or something ridiculous we got a steal we literally stole that thing that whole unit and leg arms mounted on here we had to add some leaf springs to hold it up because a little heavier in the back and that baby is awesome you guys have seen in our videos we’ve used this crane to lift cabs off tractors pull engines out of stuff we’ve got a welder compressor generator right here 300 gallon diesel tank all kinds of tools we’re filling up slowly on and off it’s just it’s a not a very it’s I’ve got a 423 big block in it but it’s just not a powerhouse but for what we do it’s good it’s got a it’s got a big winch on it we’ve used it to lift a lot of stuffs got a grapple in the front which we haven’t used yet but we could so yeah it’s good truck um let’s see here what’s this guy this isn’t allis-chalmers AC it’s either a 10,000 or an 11,000 my dad thought it was a thousand like arms thought it was 10,000 I don’t know what the actual model of it is it’s somewhere in that area but it’s a non-turbo we bought it for 1,500 bucks from a nice rancher out of Lewistown I believe or lynnie Livingston or Lewistown Angus Livingston anyways it was a county greater some painted like 4 different colors you can see it’s got yellow it’s got blue it’s got silver it’s an old mechanical knuckle Buster they call them knuckle Buster’s I’ll show you in a second why I don’t have

any videos really abusing this yet but I will it’s a good grader all this is really pretty sound I mean these universal joints are kind of wore there’s a lot of slop in these arms we’ve talked about maybe converting this over to hydraulics we haven’t done it yet but it for how little we use I mean actually we do a lot of grading but before what we do it’s been a good rig we found some tires for it the thing was when we bought it for 1,500 bucks the engine had thrown a her spun a bearing on the crankshaft so the crankshaft was damaged the the rod was damaged and the bearing was shot so when we rebuilt it we had the crank turned we had a new robbed about any rod for it put all new bearings in it I don’t remember if we did Pistons and rings I think we did actually put new Pistons and rings in it – ever since then we had a couple hiccups but ever since then this thing runs like a champ it’s awesome I just it’s it’s actually got four not turbo this thing got quite a bit of power I think it’s a seven six hundred some cubic inch engine I think 600 700 cubic inch so it’s been a good grader okay Jordan why sorrow no 20 bucks shout out to Bob Welk happy belated birthday oh yeah guys it was my dad’s birthday yesterday that turned the good body of ours Thank You Jordan for giving me 20 bucks for my dad I guess I’ll figure out a way to get that 20 bucks damn right I’ll take him out for coffee or something gay that’s okay I need this it’s only right that I get the money cuz I’ll inherit it someday right maybe so let’s see what else here okay Thank You Jordan okay here is our 844 loader you guys probably seen the time-lapse of us putting the Cummins in this it’s got an ISC Cummins 8.3 liter it’s been a really good running engine it was out of a truck a lot of a Freightliner I believe and we mounted it made it in their leg arms did a bunch of work up here he did a lot of work to this I helped him but law has his leg arms this thing was all in pieces there was no back on this when we’ve got this loader nothing was even here it was just like the front half and we built all that put it all back in put a different custom read here in it I had to build a shroud for the fan it’s it’s it’s been a good loader the only problem is right now and we think we’re thinking it’s something we think it’s something to do with the throttle position sensor but occasionally it cuts off like it loses like the fuels cut off for a split second when that happens it kind of stops your second that it goes and it just feels like the throttle position sensor which is electronic it’s up your foot pedal is maybe given some kind of false readings me there’s a wiring issue so we got to figure that out otherwise it runs great it’s got a five and a half yard bucket on it and pretty big it’s about perfectly sized a loader if you pick up a full load of lousy Mishael and the video guys will see it almost picks back tires up almost so there’s some shale load right there that’s X let’s grab let’s that’s we got for any closed bins and the last unit over here is our our International Eagle and these guys call us a bender I believe the IND er it’s a good run a truck it’s got a big cam 400 in it somewhere in the 400 horsepower range could be more an old bed on it the beds uh fairly well thrashed but we bought this truck for seventy eight hundred bucks I believe got a good deal on it it’s been great for us it was definitely well used I’ll show you the bed there you go so it’s uh it’s been a good truck for what we do it was an old road truck that was converted to a dump truck it doesn’t have a heavy frame on it you know it’s not it’s not a heavy heavy truck by any means but it’s got a lot of snort to it and for how little we do with dump truck it’s perfect for our farm okay alright let’s go back to the foeman’s I’m gonna read your guys comments for a little bit here I just catch the occasional donations you guys are awesome okay drew he is money yeah Welker question-answer okay hello where are the puppies the puppies are at the other yard they might be able go see them in a little bit ninety eight thousand nine hundred and twenty eight subs so we’re almost a thousand subs away from 100k the Sun is right there you guys got to deal with a black face for a little bit here let’s see here okay let’s see here Oh a knuckle Buster’s I don’t even talk about that yeah real quick I’ll show ya got distracted I see my dad’s explaining it but I’ll just show you since he’s explaining it I’ll walk over and show you guys the what we’re talking on we see knuckle Buster’s it’s because this is mechanically operated this blade there’s no hydraulics here so what happens is there’s a drive line that powers it goes up right here into this I don’t know what you call this unit knuckle Buster you in it there’s a there’s their gears that run through here what happens and you take these levers you pull them down and the jams them into the gear there’s probably

spider gears they lock together and then when that happens it turns these these heavily geared down gearboxes which then move these arms and tilt and turn the blade well what happens is those gears are spinning when you go to pop em in gear they’ll pop back yeah and they smack your knuckles so if you’re not careful and you got to keep your hand on top and hold like this and you press them otherwise if you’re not going the way they’ll come back and they’ll smack in the hand that’s what I call knuckle Buster’s it’s not like it’ll break your hand but it hurts I’ve had it happen a couple of times that’s where the term knuckle Buster comes from it’s just how old graders were built they didn’t have I mean back then that was the host what they did before they had really advanced hydraulics which I guess aren’t advanced now but advanced them all right what else do we have y’all need to get some go-carts go cards yeah that actually be really fun carts are blast do you still have the versatile I do it’s actually in the beginning of this video if you watch the beginning of this livestream I drove by the versatile I didn’t walk around it and I’m still gonna do a video or an equipment tour for you guys one of these days this is kind of like a sort of equipment tour it’s a special livestream event right now this isn’t typical I’m at for battery sixty-four percent battery so I’m running out of battery slowly here when I get out that’ll be it flashing for the day and then I guess we’ll just see if we get to that hundred thousand subscribers by the end of the night it looks like we’re gonna get to 100k guys if we can get to a hundred thousand subscribers I’m gonna set up the video premiere for the hundred thousand subscriber video that I’ve made and I will be able to be there with you guys as you watch it for the first time and I’ll be able to chat and a chat it’d be kind of fun you guys will be able to to chat back watch whatever it’s on like eight minutes long but I think I was gonna kick out of it be kind of fun it’s just kind of my fight thanks back to you guys just as a especially all those are donating and everything so but I got to get $200 first so I can’t do it before and I don’t know where to get there today or not anybody want that just says dear there we go dear I think the other half is right there yeah that’s where it is oh here’s something else for you guys real quick I can’t show these yet these are those case tractors they are very very very parted out and well you this yeah I think they’re well beyond repair but there could be parts in here like it’s good for someone that is fixing up an old case let’s say we got a donation fill Oh a little bit oh do some donuts in the foaming so okay alright I will go over there in a second that foam is gonna get some love here in a second no way I just realized that with this whoops type and stuff here with this new phone and I’ve got the factory LG app that let’s use the camera doesn’t switch between wide-angle and narrow lens this one does with automatic that’s cool okay anyways back to the case what is I found it somewhere what were these models they were oh there are ease when I see it right here now size L that’s what it is case size L company so they’re too old case tractors it’s a shame they’re in this bad of condition this is they were when we found him and again it was a piece of property that my grandpa and great-uncle bought way back in the day and these were just on the lot they’ve been there for years we hauled them over here to keep them out of scrap thieves from stealing them it’s amazing it’s still something like that David Wow David we’ve 20 bucks is that Amex is that Mexico thank you man greatly appreciated I will fire this girl up for you guys I stole this so deep that video and I noticed it’s off a little bit as you can see right there it’s pulled down a hair there we go back a little bit I need a wash this thing I need to get some more of those magnets they’re nice but the other side kind of broke on me so all right here’s the foeman’s fire her back up again take my selfie stick and collapse it here since I’m in the pickup and out here this long there we go tighten that up tighten that up there we go okay probably the guy well I guess I could

let’s say they’re trying to think of how to do a do donuts of this things you guys can see me I don’t have a good cameraman I didn’t bring one to mount this thing somewhere that’s okay we can do it like this I’ll let the engine run for a second here before I give her some give her some horsepower go back this way okay jeered I won and I think this girl worked this is a second there we go there’s some dust oh this cab me to blow it out anyways let’s pick ups a blast drive all right we’re done at this yard winter wheats up drove the big bud mission accomplished that’s what we wanted to do kind of got sidetracked this thing has a tremendous turbo lag but I think it’s turbos a little big for when the injectors the way the injectors kick in on this thing it seems like they’re pretty delayed it doesn’t really throw fuel and it tilt your your rpms really get up there but 848 subs to 99,000 we’ll get there we’re on a roll already all right 19950 three nice well if not almost 500 subscribers since I started this livestream that’s doing pretty good what our chickpeas worth right now they’re like $19 per hundred pounds I believe so that equates to like was that ten or twelve dollars a bushel at one point in time they were like thirty dollars a bushel like 2530 dollars a bushel that’s that’s where farmers were making a ton of money does the 855 Commons still work it does actually it did run when we put it there and it probably would work the internals are fine we took some parts off of it but yeah it does still run oh here I’ll pull over here quick oh yeah stop by this house real fast there’s a puppy that one there is that one’s Pete I miss it down here as patches for a patch and they are three months old how old are they over two months two months old feet and patches and they’re pure Border Collie their lease over half okay the other half was a hanging tree okay so we don’t know so they’re kind of like him he’s half Australian half border collie that’s Coby and then Pete and Pete and patches they’re they’re the new farm dogs yeah they’re gonna write on each one of the fenders so we gotta have three butts running at a time yeah they don’t fight that’s awesome yeah there they are cool there’s the pups though you guys go we’ll head back over to the shop yeah they’re good dogs all right

let’s see here got a couple donations MVP clutch gaming gave a buck Thank You MVP clutch gaming that’s awesome of you go over here and park this bad boy I don’t know what else to keep doing for this live streaming I got some battery left but uh I don’t know what else to show you guys that’s a kind of all we got for right now shut that office window up no rain in the forecast for a while but or up anyways cats won’t get in here and leave hair all over okay let’s see her and then Jake Gibson gave a buck give a tour of the versatile oh I should have drove over there okay well let’s grab a grab a quad they call them four-wheelers but I think around the world are mostly called quads there’s those velociraptors again they’re those little conniving crafty little things they’re terrible chickens are absolutely brutal on gardens and flowers this is an old Honda recon like a 250cc it’s not a very big four-wheeler the start buttons kind of messed up on it one second here guys let me put this right here I’ll start this bad boy we have a problem we got chickens in front of us somehow they flap their wings our us there’s a here’s our trailers got a gooseneck flatbed another gooseneck you got a Mercury Comet that’s a cool car our Chevy Longhorn that’s a really sweet pickup play arm just working on that slowly and an old doing center that needs a head gasket and then our 45:20 hook to the greenback got our grant an inch auger actually stopped at the moment that’s the loader bucket for that 45 20 please have it off that’s the boiler that I almost killed myself on a couple years ago I don’t drive that thing very often here’s those dodge trucks we put a 350 in one the other ones got a three a ha hey a 3 a 2 here here’s the 1150 versatile and this tractor here I have it on wide angle there we go we bought this tractor for the engine the tractor sold for about almost half of what it would have cost to buy the engine outright so we bought the tractor took the engine out put the engine in our big bud now this tractor does not have an engine but it also when we bought it it didn’t have a transmission that was working there’s some clutch packs and here’s some shafts that’s the transmission housing it could be fixed up I know some guys that we’re all tempted on buying this I’m trying to have there’s a couple shafts that aren’t made anymore you’d have to have a custom machined in a shop it was really expensive to do but it can be done but leg arms and I have considered considered that is what happened to the 4 wheeler – hole in well that four wheeler basically and thanks for the donation by the way guys I appreciate it that 4 wheeler has been wrecked a few times my brother-in-law almost just destroyed his arm on it he was riding it chased some antelope and he didn’t see there was a road under the grass the grass was really tall it he couldn’t see the ditches on each other Roden when he hit that it threw him off of it and his arm went straight down and when it landed I believe was his right arm this be this arm shattered his wrist broke his elbow broke his collarbone dislocated his shoulder just destroyed it and then a couple years later I went coyote hunting on it with I had an AR in one hand and I was driving there and I didn’t have a helmet on it was stupid I mean we just took off in the next moment I wake up in the hospital with the heartbeat machine Owen and my neck is in a brace it was it was a very actually pretty traumatizing moment I’ve done that twice in my life now where I’ve woken up in a hospital you have no memory of why you got there you just also know you’re in a hospital your arms up in the air and you got a heartbeat monitor going and it’s just not fun a lot of people have been in that situation before I don’t recommend it but I I basically was driving the four-wheeler it’s just unstable this is the steering on it’s no good it’s an old small Honda you know they’re just they’re not as stable as a new ones and I I caught a rut and I guess because I had one hand on a gun in their hand on the

throttle the handlebars turned on me real sharp and the four-wheeler just rolled it was uh it was an old road we’re driving a two-track when that happened my head hit the ground so hard that it knocked me out that’s that video that’s actually if you guys look at my channel go on my videos type in massive head concussion I think is what I have a called head concussion you guys can see my good buddy Jordan who was there that day actually recorded me with his phone while they were waiting to get help and he kept asking me questions and that was after I got my head wrung and I rolled back six years of my memory I thought I was six years younger and I didn’t break any bones but I did something to my neck I my lower back my vertebrae they did x-rays I did MRI they said everything was fine just recently I’ve been having problems again with it my muscles get really tense I get weird neck issues so a definitely damaged something I haven’t ridden like that ever since so when I ride stuff I usually just do I do right here I just drive from like one side to the other farm I don’t go chase stuff anymore but yeah anyways yeah four-wheelers are dangerous you can get some pretty seriously hurt on those things and I’ve had my share I’ve broken an arm I’ve broken my face in the past and other accidents so yeah just that’s what happened a four-wheeler so but that’s how it goes you learn so this is the versatile 11:50 Cummins sat right here that’s the axle it looks like a pretty big axle but I think one reason why it’s so big as I believe the planetaries are internal in there the transmission went in the back let’s throw out the steering sector on here and everything we have all the parts was tracked we can see we capped everything off I mean taped all the intakes I’ll be Wheatley uh of course that’s not necessary Alex there’s no engine here but we went and taped them anyways but this this actual the tractor itself is the frame is in pretty good condition tires are probably 50% maybe a little less you know they’ve got some chloride in them I think the hinge pin jiz in the center here need replaced there’s a little slop in there you can see it’s kind of angled if you look from a distance looks like kind of tipped inward so I think it needs some work done there apply some bushings replace but I mean otherwise this tractor is not by any means like salvageable I mean you could take and gear it of it but the problem is to buy a transmission for this thing is about possible so what leg arms and I would have to do to fix that girl up is we would have to basically track down some kind of transmission with a drop box we’ve got kind of some ideas we’d like to probably find like a like a big cam 400 put it in it something around that 400 450 horsepower you know if we could find an allison maybe out of a stagger or even big bud had a drop box there’s a bunch of different options out there but somehow find a way to get power to those wheels put a big camp 400 maybe a 10 14 Cummins we even thought about taking the the engine that’s in the series one bud put a red top in there an n 14 red top and then take that engine and put that engine in this versatile here it’s just a lot of work you know it takes months to do this and to do all that I bet you we’d be looking at 30 to 50 thousand dollars in parts to make that work well what are we gonna do at this tractor after we put $50,000 into it we already have our buds you know we wouldn’t use this a seed with it maybe we could take a dual off and use it to pull a grain card I guess if we ever got a grain cart but the thing is it doesn’t have a PTO drive on it and we’d love to have a tractor with a PTO a power take-off to power a grand car or a grain buggy or chaser bin wouldn’t you know you guys budget ever names out there for him so we could beat up the hydraulics make the hydraulics strong for in a cart which could be possible it’s definitely doable it’s just a lot of money in time and I just don’t know if it’s in our in our cards to do it but we do have it and someday never know what might happen if we come across a good deal when we bought this tractor the floor was missing there was no seat here cuz they took the transmission out and the birds would fly up in here and they made a mess inside here but it can be cleaned up I don’t know how many hours on this tractor we’ve never put a battery on it and turned him on to see I would venture to guess probably 10,000 hours so I’m in that ballpark these are pretty pretty good sized tractors I mean they really are here’s a shifter for it so yeah it’s a it’s a big tractor and honestly after after climbing around this and working on it there’s a lot of things that we were really impressed with it I mean it it’s uh it’s a big tractor I don’t know what it weighs but I wouldn’t I mean I wouldn’t mind owning a working one of these it’s a sweet machine so but at this point in time we’ll see if it works or not and then over here we’ve got an old I want to say it’s a tool for John Deere I probably not right at all on that number it’s a industrial diesel John Deere backhoe and it’s like very similar to a farm tractor but they put an industrial kit on it so it’s got a heavier bucket

on the front and then of course the backhoe in the back we’ve dug a lot of trenches of this thing we’ve take that battery put in the shop does have a battery no not hooked up it’s so but it’s pretty pretty weak it’s fairly wore the engine is weak the engine needs probably an overhaul it runs Singh does run actually decent it’s kind of a sweet tractor to drive not turbo a little four-cylinder diesel that’s pretty cool but we’ve dug a lot of septic fields a lot of cisterns garbage pits I’ve spent a lot of time with that thing it’s a nice backhoe for what it is it’s just not a powerhouse by any means hydraulics are super strong here’s the rock picker I use in one of my videos a while back you guys probably saw it it’s a pretty good rock picker this is a cab off and pickup that my brother’s working on you guys haven’t seen it haven’t seen the videos of it but that’s the regional cab that was on it this plow used to plow the windbreak we’ve call this the windbreak purpose of this to try to stop the wind from blasting us some of their old plow that’s a truck from lankan farms it’s actually a giant compressor they got it at an auction really cheap someone turn this into a sandblaster at some point in time it’s got a big old tank on it and there were needs as a giant sand blaster take over these belts look how big my hand is compared to that giant flywheel and this engine this isn’t an engine this is powered by the truck they use actually the drive line comes down power is there’s a gearbox here and you engage it actually uses the truck engine to spin this pulley here powers these big old compressors it even has a radiator on it – cool cool the compressor because it gets so hot and it’s amazing this thing generates quite a bit of quite a bit of a compressed air I don’t think it gets real high compression but the volume line is it can make a lot of airflow and it’s on an old flat Ford f-250 now would they call it old v8 truck does run but needs a little work do and then this is our mini absolutely that does run this is uh it’s a good tracker we’ve uh I’ve done a lot of time on this thing he had to build to cut the old manifold cracked out so leg arms built us a long time ago these are actually from a from a trampoline it’s the frame off a trampoline took all the elbows off a trampoline frame welded together made a manifold that he put on here and that carburetors off that other mini up spleen because those carburetors go bad obviously we use this thing to mow or we’re using it to mow with the deck more and it went under a tree branch the tree branch caught the exhaust and bent it back but it just bends its tip sideways but anyways this this Emmaline does run and it runs really well it needs uh needs a battery we used to raise us to run our augers it’s a pretty sweet pretty sweet tractor it’d be good fixed up someday I’d be a actually I think you could I mean it’s got a lotta body damage and stuff but I think you could you could make it look pretty nice really in the end um can you give me a shout I live on a farm I hope to help the farm with YouTube money when I get advertising nice thank you American farmer 27 yeah you know you have no idea where YouTube will take you YouTube is the second most used website web traffic is the second highest traffic site on the internet number one being Google comm number two be on YouTube it’s a tremendous amount of billions and billions of views per day that are on that and I never saw YouTube is making much money I just never really did it to make money I never saw back actually for a lot of years I never even had the ad ad revenue set up ahead ads playing on my YouTube videos never even make any money found out later that I had to turn on a lot more than you think but you know right now it’s gotten to a point where as actually paying well enough that it motivates me to keep making videos that’s kind of the whole point of it is they can pay enough money where it’s worth my time to edit and make videos you guys get more content I get paid it’s like a win-win for everybody the only problem is people don’t like ads I don’t like that I totally don’t understand why people want to sit and watch out but come on let’s trade off and it seemed to work out pretty good so as long as YouTube and my relationship with YouTube every works out okay I’ll stick with it we’ll see let’s go so but yeah if you make a YouTube channel you know I can’t say why this one’s getting a hundred thousand subscribers it’s just been a lot of time and a lot of work I put you know I put thousands and hours really you figure out every video that I made I bet you I’ve got to to the thousand plus hours of time you guys probably windy as I’ve gotta spoiler mm plus hours of time making and editing videos filming and I’ve gotten thousands of dollars and drones and cameras and you know it’s not that it was just happen I mean but it did kind of with our big bug trackers that’s popular you know not everybody

has faked much backers lellow three of them people also don’t build their own sprayers and to time-lapses a building I mean there’s just a lot of things that kind of fell together with this channel I just made it work anakata they caught a niche and and I hope they continue that ninja keep going so the tricky part is just basically finding what is unique with your farm finding what’s unique on your farm or your operation or whatever you have and you just gonna have to expect to not grow fast I mean there are a few channels out there that just take off at the moment they start and they just get hundreds of thousand subscribers and they just don’t stop and that does happen but the majority of YouTube channels just never make it big I wouldn’t even consider mine big I mean I’m a 98 it says I’m ranked 98 thousands in the world 98 thousand I mean I know there’s a absolute ton of YouTube channels because most of them aren’t used so if you actually took the amount of YouTube channels that a so I’m getting grass seeds out of my shoes here I’ve been walking around in that grass so anyways that’s cool well that works but okay where were we ah that’s a few vehicles would be how many things we start today we started the brute the Apache the foeman’s the series three bud the four wheeler that’s it five things shop tour I can go in the shop for a little bit the only thing I’m warning you guys if I walk in that door there’s a chance that I might lose cellphone service to the point where it gets really choppy you guys just let me know feel like lag is really bad and I need a bunch of sad cuz I know some of you guys just say it just to be funny but if I go in there and you guys can’t hear me and it’s cutting in and out it’s because this is a metal building metal buildings its dual walled actually there’s metal on the inside and outside and that cuts signal down so when I walk in here that’s my only concern as I might lose you guys or at least make it sound bad so how I done any deer hunting I have not done any deer hunting yet deer season opened up yesterday I was gonna go out with a friend I’ve had a real like I was telling you guys about my accident a few days ago something happened to me in the weight room I was doing military press some dumbbells and I don’t know what happened but somewhere my lower neck kind of where I had that accident where I had the concussion and I hurt my neck I felt a pop my muscles got tight and I’ve had a stiff neck really bad stiff neck for number of days now it’s actually doing pretty good right now I’m actually getting a lot more movement it’s making me feel good because I was I’m seriously considering going in the doctor tomorrow I’m getting x-rays done on my neck because I had numbness in my arm it was all symptoms of a compressed nerve in my neck which made me think that maybe I have a slip disc or a herniated disc in my h7 I believes what it is vertebra h7 if that’s correct so that’s why I didn’t go deer hunting yesterday is because my neck was really giving me trouble it’s feeling better today though so if it you think it’s better this week I’ll go deer hunting and I’d love to show you guys that but I don’t know if I should show you my toy we’ll see here I’m like I might give you guys one more surprise before I end this live stream okay let’s go inside I thought about doing hunting videos guys the problem 12 guns is they’re so controversial it shouldn’t be but they are and when they’re controversial I just would hate to risk my youtube channel and monetizing and what Knox YouTube does funny things like that they’ll sometimes come in actually I got pretty good service right now YouTube might just come in and stop monetizing my videos because I’m showing off some of my guns and stuff and I’d hate to risk all this channel just for that but I have suspicions I might because between you guys and me which is only what 1450 of you we do have a really nice shooting range on the farm it’s our own creation but maybe someday we’ll make a shoot video and we’ll show that because we do a lot of shooting I don’t do enough but we are pretty big into that this is the shop I guess I can use my selfie stick again huh let’s extend this bad boy out you guys have seen this in a lot of videos this is the new addition side we added this on it’s like 40 feet by 60 no it’s not 60 I throw a tape down and see anyways that is a bifold or we use that for bringing our equipment our bigger equipment our combines our big buds to fit in here this we can do a lot of our work we have a gantry crane which is right there that goes with atop me and right over here is a 10-ton hoist I would not lift 10 tons I don’t think that beam up there could support 10 tonnes but it’s a I got a good deal on that when I bought it so we use it and then we got an electric 1,500 pound winch there too so that’s where we do a lot of our heavy lifting but since we have that service truck with that crane on it now we use questions because that’s you here’s my crazy creation see this thing let me go to this this is my you guys pie sauce in the video I don’t

know it’s a these are these pods pretty awesome light this thing is so bright let’s see you could make a second channel for guns I’ve thought about that thank you for the donation I appreciate it that is Tyler Tyler Cooper I have thought about doing a 7 channel it’s just so much work to make a channel in the first place though that I just don’t know if I’d have time to run two channels but uh yeah let’s see here anyways yeah this is this is from mocha mocha performance they make these lights these are pretty amazing lights I’ve put this together this is a pan off of an old chicken feeder a pig theatre these are off the s10 70 new home sprayer that’s press wheel and these wheels are off the roller I’ll put a switch right here turn the switch on and then Oh so yeah it’s like bright it’s really bright and leg arms is a really good dancer with it too yeah they’re actually thinking about entering that the answer and the stars together I been a long stream I’m at 43% battery how long have I been 2 hours and 12 minutes oh wow say we’re like ninety-nine thousand subscribers how many subscribers guys how much more yeah I got a thousand to go but I don’t know if I’m gonna get there today let’s turn my computer on here I think it’ll turn on from here bye sup I didn’t work that thing out like arms making me look at this kid I hurt my neck I was gonna do I’ve been planning on getting a gym hard and now I can’t even work out because my necks got problems ninety-eight pals and 988 we’re almost 99 thousands c’mon does it turn on it maybe dude yeah I did it turned on okay this is our shop computer the computers actually in the office in here which is back of that wall I’ve got a wireless keyboard here I put this on a swivel so I can turn this monitor back and forth it’s just the TV is all it is leg arms has taken control of the mouse what is he doing Google Earth contacting servers oh here I’ll type it in one second yeah one second I’ll type in my keyboard here um and they’re pulling up lives we could see a live subscriber count’ there we are ninety-eight thousand nine hundred ninety-four who is that who are you well oh we’re back we’re back you lose one you gained fine okay that’s a sick joke people that’s sick don’t make me come over to you whoever you are failure guys are Boston but you’re really made table I know who you are I know everybody that’s pretty funny I got it on you guys are hilarious okay I’m gonna look away but I expect it to go up over 99,000 guys I’m just gonna look away for a minute I’m looking away I’m not paying attention to it there’s leg arms come on I’m looking at I’m not like it’s just sitting there actually yeah it’s back here yeah you guys so we got too much trash it needs cleaned up this is going to the trash and those when I did that clean of the shop guys I left these here since

then we haven’t really been in the shop so it’s been working in there but it is clean up here still I’ll show you guys isn’t that pretty I still gotta finish these paint right here I’ve gotten to that yet still pretty clean and organized and then down here this room has gotten a few things in it you guys will see what that’s about when we get 100,000 subscribers pan pinned my camera gear still in here yeah so that’s our as a shop that’s our machining area a car lift this is our my Subaru that I’m selling a publicity yet I got a finished detail on it cleaning it up it’s got almost 90,000 miles on it 2012 Subaru Outback I don’t need any more about a different vehicle and yeah hundred k2 squad welcome squad squad to actually the squad two is imposter there’s our fabrication area got a press settling auction torch Vice welder plasma cutter or aluminum welder bunch of grinders chop saw did you guys hear that wait how much ninety nine thousand eight hundred if you guys can get us I don’t know how you’re gonna do it but if you guys can get honest this is Roble dogs mouths if you can ball cannon that’ll shoot if you can get us to a hundred thousand subscribers today leg arms has officially said that he will shoot off a bowling ball cannon for you I haven’t shown by the way I’m keeping that thing over there secret yeah I’m not letting up see what’s over there I probably did show in the camera for a split second but I’m not going to I gotta watch the video to find out that oh I’ll see you here Tyler Cooper two bucks 200,000 should be a 24-hour farm stream session oh boy you guys don’t want to see me when I’m working on less than no hours of sleep this is our home defense we have our dogs and we have this this is leg arms creation I haven’t guys I think I’ve been making video this thing I haven’t fully made a YouTube video yet that is what you think it is so yeah it’s kind of weird concoction it says farm artillery it sure is know what that is guys it’s a steering sector off of a 79 Chevy bonanza we saw that an iron pile and then on this side over here from the John Deere we can decide on what we want to do what you want to do corn or grain or soybean summers here I can see this is a this cannon can do multiple things so basically what this is for it’s a can do grain it can do corn soybeans and clean out three Miller break right here you guys better get some friends and subscribe we need subscribers fast charge my phone back up so what’s the frame off you guys probably saw that Spring Break 2009 or whatever farm style from this leaf spring and frame right here came off of a 1940’s truck and then tires came off of Nick’s pickup and then this is to high tension steel gas tubing there’s an inch thick of iron here there’s me again there we go there’s a straw here this is shot probably 50 or 60 Kent or a boy balls or more so far no signs of stress yet it makes us nervous but so I made a breech loader you take em all beat this pin out pull it out put your main charge shut it and then you take a shotgun shell you stick it in there and you get a firing pin you pin it and wall off that’s what detonates it and the main breech put the

charge and this this holds I mean what’s crazy is these are inch thick pieces that were water jet it out it has plastic and it has literally stretched these they used to be perfectly straight you can see a smile to him now that’s from the force of that thing from just literally like six ounces of gunpowder and this right here is an inch and a half thick of steel yeah all the way in the inside I cut a 45 degree angle and welded it took two hours cut out two hours of weld in so it should should hold it’s been old man that baby you can shoot a boy ball how far say I think we gone over a mile gotten over a mile it will literally go through the clouds whistles – yeah it will shoot through the clouds the ball will disappear you you visually can barely see it I mean it goes to the point where your eyes just can’t even see the ball anymore it’s pretty amazing it has shot through a car before it’s uh we haven’t really shot a lot of stuff with it’s more or less just shoot and watch it do its thing we haven’t shot a frozen turkey yeah I’m sure I froze a turkey yet yeah it’s pretty sweet so anyways yeah that thing is uh that’s like arms uh like arms toy he gets up I think it’s a bunch of yous on and off but uh I do have a bunch of compilation of shots that’s going off I just haven’t put it in a video yet you know me guys I like to wait till we get the right amount of the right amount of shots I want to get some more slow-motion shots of it I want to get some shots of it shootin some pretty crazy stuff maybe a concrete house I don’t know we tried to shoot at the top of a hood of a car a couple weeks ago and that white the ball just bounced off the hood we didn’t have a very hot load it was pretty light wasn’t like three ounces three or four ounces it wasn’t packed either the ball it’s ya know power he just kind of fold out so but we have had that baby pretty hot and it’ll blast it took a bowling ball and shove it from the trunk all the way into the basically the engine block the firewall of a car went through both seeds through the back the trunk backdoor back seat front seat holy into the firewall just absolutely disintegrated and we’ve come to find out the inside of that bowling ball was cork yeah that one was they make different cores and so we kind of looked forward inside confine it and we realized all those particles was the squad is here welcome squad do I have it still on the floor in here I did oh it’s in the corner alright guys we’re in the office I will show you this okay I have a I have a toy that is very expensive yeah we got his wife to say yes I’m not sure I don’t know how the wife got convinced to do this but uh anyways for the gun guys out there you’ll appreciate that anyone know what that is anybody takers it’s not a Mossberg it’s uh desert tech there you go another tag it’s a desert tech a1 it’s the first gen though or no Gentoo it’s again – not again three it’s not a 50 Cal shoots 6.5 to 60 do you have any in your I don’t think I have any around did it no it’s got a thunder beast and this is a legal suppressor I have this tax stamp for it the Thunder be seven-inch titanium suppressor on it it’s got the vortex Viper PS T Gen 2 scope with 0 top stops turrets on it it’s a 26 inch barrel fluted and 6.5 to 60 caliber five round magazines it’s a bullpup so you basically can fit a 26 inch barrel in a package that’s not very long with a suppressor and got an atlas wannabe bipod on it that’s my that’s my deer hunting gun yeah it’s it’s a beaut it’s a sweet sweet gun so calling the cops see now I’m gonna get my youtube channel BAM no it’s not an assault rifle it shoots one bullet at a time hey and yeah they’re made a humane Idaho I believe or you talk it’s four turns out single yeah it’s four targets actually that is honestly what I do most by shooting with that thing is bench rest shooting but I’m not like a really crazy gun guy not talking to that gun because there

was a special back Friday deal that was going on desert tech and I got it for a lot cheaper than they should be they’re really expensive gun and so that’s how I end up with that thing it’s a sweet gun honestly though there are some things about it I don’t like it’s really heavy it weighs like with everything on it full magazine all gear it weighs like 17 pounds it’s heavy – there’s just just some weird things that are on I know it’s a smaller company that got big fast they make the MDR now the MDR is I guess a pretty sweet gun it’s like a turtle or if you guys know that is so cool right 98 99 thousand fifty one oh great I bet you they hold it here for more in like 10 seconds it’s gonna drop like 5000 what’s going on okay look at the squad’s common Welker sorry I missed it where’s the squad at sorry man where’s your at squad yeah Welker is how are you doing what did I miss a lot of stuff squad we’re just hanging out man we’re getting close to that 100k I got a video ready to go soon as we get close oh that’s pretty funny I never saw you guys doing that’s I like that that’s cool okay all right anyways yeah I was pretty cool so but uh yeah I mean get my bipod turning here can find out what kind of grater that is it is a 10,000 okay so that grader is let me switch over sorry guys we took my camera the greater he is a 10,000 series motor grader oh let’s see here he’s fake he’s an imposter Oh is he it probably is fake squad okay could be yeah I’m sure there’s more of those big squad show us the case books that’s right that’s not the real squad Nick he only has two subscribers oh he’s a fake Marth is : I saw when I said the squad – I don’t know if that was him but yeah okay not the fake he is a fake 15 bucks for your new Barris Eliminator Gregory thank you man Gregor you guys you gotta save some money for the kids man appreciated Gregor that’s awesome this long which one you guys want we got red combines and we got red four-wheel drive tractors by the way guys these are gifts from case international they just wanted to say thanks for doing the livestream and I knew Columbine of theirs and so they sent us this in the mail we really are pretty awesome pretty thing well I did not know these were coming they just showed up and yeah we’re pretty thrilled so Radko minds they want I see red combo hope that one says tractors his leg arms a Welker yes he is no I just work here yes there’s no it’s pretty there’s the case card that says from your friends at case keep up the great work exclamation point okay okay okay red combines these books are by uh it’s a weed we can’t ler Klan slur clan clan sure Lee clan sure I can’t pronounce it Lee Klan sure can I get a hat just send us an email Walker farms I on see a gmail calm fire the cannon no Lighting’s good okay yep red combines there we go I was leave it right here hold it steady okay I’m not gonna spend too much time on each one yeah we have what three hundred pages to go through yeah you know what’s crazy I think I just want to point this out all these together is basically now almost one combine we like the 60-foot header I bet you yeah I bet you Siri it’s almost one class nine class ten call me God how many do you have here you have one two three four five six is that right eleven with probably the 12-foot headers on me you’re gonna hurt to tell what this is right back here I mean that’s I doubt thing cut his fast and cut now I subbed a month ago love a channel thank you Matt the two bucks appreciate who there’s a nice eighty ten some here where the eighty ten first came out showed up at the Mariah’s fair I looked at that thing and was like what in the world did they do to their combines because there was hydraulic lines everywhere does that meal neil boy we could spend a lot of time in this book we’re not careful there you go one of the first calm winds right she’ll the big bud toy it’s not in there it’s at my house that’s the one that’s by my computer but the box is up grab put the box up there there’s a little John Deere over there there you go that’s pretty cool love the channel thanks guys you know this book here is very impressive there’s a lot of history here that people just don’t understand of what it took to get to where they’re at John Deere’s the same way New Holland I mean they’ve they’ve had to do a lot

of things through the years to be innovated and to keep going and it’s very impressive very impressive that’s a sweet I honestly don’t know the history to this when McCormack became or international CS McCormack but has the international logo on it this is still McCormack yeah it does see it but it’s got that right there’s the international logo I don’t this is something I got to read because I honestly just don’t know the history on it I’m not as familiar I should be and there’s I’m just flipping through I’m not going papers I can take forever yeah ask me a bunch doing a chunk at a time Nick do you have the Big Bud storybook I do have it I did buy two of them I gave one of my dad and I have one I know I only bought one keep one of mine if you only bought one yeah yeah I’m glad you did too because and I think we had it signed no that was that was that picture we had the picture signed by Ron Harman and then they went through the fire so they don’t have a lot of those left these are pretty cool we’re good at it at the first rotary what year separation works that was in the first that’s got to be like this is probably not to mourn 70s cuz the rotaries been out for almost 40 years right um yeah do some plus concept that’s pretty cool that actually doesn’t look far off in that autonomous tractor take your kids camping and harvest at the same time or when you’re flooding the fields you can just kind of boat through and cut the tire Nick our new project you know goes with my head my staff no no no that’s a Simpsons house the Jetsons theme song go Leroy keep going Nick that’s really beautiful just keep going I just know the theme I can’t remember the names of the characters Rose he’s a robot I remember that oh that’s nice what is that Beauty Tong 82 yeah uh-huh it’s not a straw baler attached to it that is they got some John Deere’s New Holland a bunch of cases over there that’s cool all the John Deere people are leaving well John Durr needs to send us a book we can make all the case people leave that’s cool it is very cool all right we’ll get close the end of the book okay I’m just gonna skip quite a bit because there’s still decent amount of the book left there’s another one of those futuristic harbinger back one and just see it has anything all that thing is cool Wow sure gain Harvester I’d love to see one of those in my real life I bet those things are a million bucks those are uh I know it’s some kind of huh well it says on tobacco there you go that’s the new concept that’s pretty sweet uh looks like a bug on wheels yeah ninety-two for John says I like John here and I’m still here I appreciate a machine regards oh thanks thanks drew okay I knew you’d stick around here the John Deere guy all right 925 to go just roll up she’s ticking quick I am getting low on cell phone battery I’ve got a 26% left guys so I definitely won’t be able livestream till we get to 100k but it suppose a good push they gave us a bunch I thought it’d be worth a shot I’m doubtful we’ll get to 100k by the end of the night they’re probably sometime in the morning I’m thinking if if we get to a hundred thousand subscribers and it’s like I guess morning my time what I’ll do it’s gonna be over a hundred thousand by time I do the video but I’ll let you guys all know it’ll be a premiere so I’ll notify everyone and say hey at this time they’re being the premiere for the hundred K video and I’ll be there live to chat with you guys and then you guys can join in and watch that video because I don’t know what’s gonna happen the day but you guys have been a big push you’ve had like literally up to 1600 people watching this so use another phone I actually do have another phone I could use batteries turned about you so anyways oh that’s see what else we got there was uh anybody else got any other options any things you want us to do a real quick I mean I could video yeah you guys will

see that in the video I’m a seer someone suggested earlier that leg arms fire the cannon naked you guys want to see that for your own I’m just saying you know me what else can you see the subs you just want to see the sub so you guys can down sub and make me feel like I’m doing it’s okay go ahead here it is ninety nine thousand eighty-five can you arm wrestle my girls would destroy me I’m actually a terrible arm wrestler I always have been I was a oh they’re close every time you guys are just waiting to do that you think that’s funny don’t you don’t you you know why don’t you go make your own YouTube channel and livestream and watch people down subscribe you I’m turning away from that you guys just you guys just mean we do that alright so what else can you look at the mole moral tractor I showed you guys pretty much all I’ll track if you have one more it’s gonna be in the video technically vaman’s burnouts Knicks getting sassy pole dancing leg arms could probably some pole dancing for us drift of mud I don’t know if I’d want to drift a butt on anything but ice which if we start above this winner for every reason we get stuck we have to drive a big bug around and it’s cold and that Lake out there’s frozen I have thought about driving the boat on it see how many times I’m really curious if you get it going up to like 20 miles an hour and then turn right at the last second when you hit the ice I bet you’d get it on ice I will have that on drone footage if we do that and and a lot of people are like you guys are a bunch of idiots you don’t do that to those tractors it’s on ice this way it ain’t pulling a big plow through the field ripping at the full rpm for 10-12 hours here pretty easy just differentials or anything and if it did come on yeah they want you to flex flex these flabby arms they’re all show yeah I was broad and thick and big and fat they used to have nice arms used to well wow you’re still streaming that guy no money I got to quit we’re on a roll no one’s gonna walk 2 hours and 40 minutes hey this is a celebration to get close to 100k yeah you guys should see this this is kind of funny so I think that’s when you first were a bunch of smart people that’s the second time second Yahoo that’s the third time just about two ninety-nine one hundred it’s not gonna drop they’re all gonna subscribe right now come on DK come on 50k you have 1200 people right now I could just unsubscribe right now you realize guys you’re not getting o much closer to shooting a cannon I’m worried that YouTube is gonna flag this as some kind of suspicious fake subscriber activity and then they’re gonna probably do an investigation into my channel now he’ll be down for a while while they figure out if this is if this is real or not of what’s going on don’t worry Nick it’s all on you look at is one outfitting subscribers oh let’s go back up again we’re good we’re good yeah it’s gonna it’s gonna throw some weird algorithm it’s gonna flag the you the YouTube system YouTube’s gonna be like they are manipulating their subscribers somehow we’re gonna just I’m gonna get close to 100k and it cut me off for like a month while we investigate find out what’s going on I’m gonna send this video show like that is what’s going on subscribers fake news yep okay why did you go with the Thunder Beast Oh time it was it was a special deal basically they were gonna raise their prices like 25% and it was the base of the best pound per pound for 7 inch size can you could put on the gun at the time so I went ahead don’t there bit the bullet bought it ordered it got it and then like a month later went up 25% price so that’s

why I got the Thunder beast it is a great suppressor it’s built very well I know they’re one of the better ones but they’re not the bad I mean actually do not the best there are a lot of other suppressors out there I don’t know honestly that much it was more or less of friend’s recommendation to me Jordan said hey you should get this suppressor I was like that’s how it usually works but do they still make big pods no they don’t no there’s talk that they’re building new ones in Georgia a different company got big bug named plow yes and then technically big equipment which is the company that Ron Harmon started after a big bug went out of business Ron harm and owned big bud for a number of years anyways that company takes in old big buds and restores them gets them into like basic holes perfect working condition again they look mint and then sells them when they get back out get working again so that’s pretty cool so yeah so there are big buds still being only have 20% battery left I’m getting down here fast so I don’t have a lot more battery up to this my new phone actually has it’s got a better processor and it’s got the Snapdragon ate a 45 processor which is more efficient with its battery usage and it’s also a lot faster so I notice my eye screen a smoother when I do animations and stuff like this it actually plays it right yeah that see that guys let’s tell us something we turn it off there we go anyways let’s see here how much does a big bud cost you can buy them anywhere from like $15,000 for a really beat-up old series one that’s like thrash that doesn’t really run yeah three hundred thousand dollars for like a I mean that for a really big one it’s built out all depends on if Ron Harmon and his crew decides to do some crazy engine swap and puts you know does some crazy thing you know that number can go way up yeah and they can do it’s amazing what they can do with Ron Harmon actually has a tractor in the back that’s a heavy frame yeah and it’s just waiting for someone to come by with like three hundred thousand dollars they’ll be like hey Ron I want a thousand horsepower tractor and I want you to for me was it ever finished no but it has it has a feat well I think it’s a v12 Cummins in it in the frame yeah I mean frame right now the engines brand-new never in really they just never finished the tractor as far as I know that’s when I was told it’s in their yard well I mean they were making quite a few different styles and they some of them never got finished its hat it’s like part Clark but it’s like about 80,000 pound tractors it’s not as good it’s not gonna be like a 747 like frame down that’s the biggest frame but it’s still probably what you think an 80,000 pound track weren’t said and done yeah could be it’s like that one that went that 950 that went down to actually I normally isn’t like that I think it’s a difference guys I’ve never seen what I’ve always yeah it doesn’t I’ve seen a couple pictures of it but it’s waiting it just needs dad’s brand new axle owner has never been around if the company went out of business when they were making it so it’s just sitting there yard it so if someone came by and said hey I want the biggest baddest tractor you could make me they could build you but if you got money to throw out something if you got a half million dollars you could build they could build you a thousand horsepower tractor pretty easy and you would be the talk of the town for a long time go see the puppies they’re all the way over there keep walking back I have a question for you right for you diesel knowers recently bought a new unique wake boat but it’s wrapped for the death you’re a boat but it’s wrapped for the wintour need a new truck for any advice and prefer diesel to pull it you’re talking about a truck to pull a boat oh you know we’re typically GM people we like dirham axes if you’re on the road you’re not going off-road much you’re not going over rough terrain you don’t worry about ripping your oil pan off butts rocks the Duramax is a nice truck that’s gonna be an engine that’ll bring you a long time it’s got a lot of power that Allison stuff to be comfortable riding probably one of the best riding pickups out there the 6-7 power stroke is a pretty much a work it’s a pretty impressive engine it really is they built that truck up really well I can’t really go wrong with that that’s a nice truck I I wouldn’t hesitate to have six seven honestly I wouldn’t go with the six four or six oh two six seven is a good engine and dodge the Commons is a good engine but I’ve had a friend that’s gone through a lot of dodges so far and he had like new I mean like 2013 2014 go buy him new the

transmission goes out like 30,000 miles electronic issues he’s had that truck in for warranty work I know what could be a lemon but still it’s left a sour taste in my mind for for dodges so I don’t know I mean any truck you get can be a lemon problem whatever fits your fancy that’s it depends your price your budget – yeah if it’s a wakeboarding boat you probably have money and if you have money then you could probably get into a nice truck trucks are expensive if you don’t want to see it beautiful yeah just gonna be fine if you don’t if you don’t want to spend above like $40,000 for truck then you better go find like I’d be like an OE tow nine Duramax or we’re good like a 2013 power stroke so yeah the farm does have a Duramax on it you guys know somebody I’m sorry 101 websites one to watch it’s why I have dual monitors I’m a computer at home because one monitors have a subscriber counter if you gotta show up for split second okay anyways pop these please puppies please we’d have to walk over there I have 18 percent battery I’m getting low it’s gonna shut my phone off soon it’s here anymore question did you guys have any potatoes someone impossible go we can’t grow potatoes out here they wouldn’t grow very well here you call mines coming in a week could happen the arm-wrestle of black arms I don’t want to hurt my shoulder he’d break my arm do you have a power stroke we don’t have a power show up on a farm not that I don’t like power strokes we just don’t have one on the farm we’ve got two Commons we’ve got Duramax and I’ve got a 6-2 diesel but we’re not gonna have that much longer so got a guy once done wants to take that over and fix her up see me good pickup for him oh so let’s see why is his name leg arms his arms are big it look like sergeant bill sergeant that’s his name amiable sergeant he named leg arms so live-stream leg for real I’m sure I do have some women in the office this is a bad place to be I’m actually really surprised how good a service I have here but oh no corn why are you mr. Hollywood I got named that because everybody said I needed a nickname and they didn’t they just thought hey you know what he makes videos he’s a video editor myzel be a Hollywood I don’t like Hollywood not that I don’t like the name Hollywood I don’t like Hollywood general but the place bunch of crazy people there but the name Hollywood I guess it fits right I don’t know if I know anyone in Hollywood that like to tell you that they’re not gonna do a reality TV show anytime so you know I’ll tell you that they keep talking like that actually I would be kind of fun to Hollywood someday I’ve never been there would you get a John Deere series our Series tractor probably not but I’m never gonna rule anything out because you just never know what might happen so money and deals works best our leg arms and I found the SPR we’re brothers yeah we’re 15 months apart or pretty close to age I’m a girl and you farm around 10,000 will you ever get a cart grain cart maybe someday it could there it’s if we have to have a tractor to pull oh that’s that’s our dilemma cuz we either have to buy a tractor or build up a tractor to pull a grain cart because we have to have the hydraulics or buy a tractor with a PTO power take-off I mean we can run our buds the thing is we would rather not have somebody that just roam on tractor but you gotta know how to shift cuz he feels geared a lot and transmissions are expensive I mean that bud is a fifty thousand forty thousand dollar transmission in that series three you don’t want someone pounding fields gears and higher rpms and downshift and blow a transitional the transmission correctly the thing that’s impossible our land doesn’t get swampy like in corn country so we can drive our trucks through our

fields beat our trucks up I mean we bought we bought that red Peterbilt for just under eight thousand dollars I mean yes let’s do an ice fishing video please don’t worry I have a lot of ice fishing video I got that new camera that I want to use so I decided I know guys I’m terrible at this but my computer’s pull a video they can make a lot of videos I’m gonna make a sweet icing video but I want to put that camera in the water and get a little bit more video this I used in season but I feel like I’ve got it you guys will get the video hinding I like armed Ebro barley we haven’t in a long time we could just what is your biggest tractor it’s a Series three big bud fifty thousand pounds about 600 horsepower have you ever thought about doing cattle no not that we have anything against cattle we just don’t really land we have land it’s just not conducive for really running cattle we don’t have the water supply and there’s just not enough material basically providing water and hay and and we have no fences and fences are like five to ten thousand dollars per mile and if you have to fence in like 50 miles to safe into 20 miles yeah it’s like five to ten thousand dollars per mile add that up so yeah it’s expensive you have any Wells there we don’t really we actually have very bad groundwater well we do have is a natural gas really but you drill careful yeah yeah that’s how it works get us 9 6 C 20 Rx and you’ll have nor subsoil green paint does bring in subs there’s no doubt about that that’s okay there’s red fans out there too we’ll make more of them and white fans why you know white paint brings in a lot of subs too we got that so oh if it really determines all the color we can go get paint could paint that versatile green there you go I’m sure you guys won’t mind out would you see here how much subscribers do you have ninety nine thousand one hundred and nineteen we are what is that eight hundred and seventy no 881 subscribers short eight Hardy he wants subscribers short of a hundred thousand subscribers it’s going up fast you guys got to do it we get there I was really wanting to try to get it today I thought we might be able to push it my phone says I’m on low battery now okay any last requests before my phone battery decides it wants to die out of me it’s gonna take a little to charge my phone up I probably won’t do another livestream today I don’t think I will actually but if we get close to that hundred thousand subscribers for some odd reason by tonight I’m still up and around I might still schedule the video tonight if it doesn’t happen we’re gonna hit a hundred K probably sometime tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon maybe Tuesday and then I’ll schedule a premiere for that video and you guys will be there so definitely know that there is a video coming out in celebration of 100k and then I guess I got nothing else to do in life right you to go yeah how’s my PC doing my PT doing great it’s still fast I like it a lot I bought a new keyboard for I got a nice Logitech coming in it’s a d4 13 what it is I think it’s harder Thursday shoot the can I’ve gotta get 200k first keep streaming running out of battery drive to John Deere it’s way over there I wanna go get it Minneapolis Moline we could start it needs a run it really does need to start we got 40% back we gotta do it fast okay let’s start that and then real quick we’ll get it start that thing is so fun to run because not only left that mm will sit there and you’ll turn it off it’ll literally turn off yeah it could

have some old gas in that carb it might just crank over a bunch and we won’t get it started but you know guys a little trick for you all you guys out there don’t know much about engines just spray like two cans of ether in there two maybe three cans ether and yeah you’ll start right away no problem don’t do that by the way actually that’s a bad idea I’m gonna try to plug in this charger back on my phone because I think now my phone has less battery then this thing does is it gonna charge come on come on oh I have an idea hang on guys I might be able to get us a little more juice I have my old charge pack from my old phone I’m gonna have to take it out of this selfie stick though to do this hang on guys plug this on hang on hang on leg leg leg leg leg I’m sorry hang on put this on here well it’s not gonna work come on it’s not gonna work okay well I’m just gonna have to we’re just gonna go like this got a battery okay I’ll let you drive we got 13% battery to make this happen ride shotgun my arms will take the driver’s seat big leg sorry guys I went in the back of the shop there the back of this job does not have very good very good signal okay going going going going 12% battery about ninety nine thousand 129 subscribers blue did you show us the JT four-wheel drive we can have a John your four-wheel drive yeah we don’t anymore we used to have an 84 30 and we end up selling it to a I won’t say neighbor cuz he’s Lowe’s pretty far from us but from a guy we know way up north I kind of want to start this thing to get it fired up the oil pan it the exhaust I looked at its good seal it should be fine battery all right the old ammount okay looks like it is bone dry in there my plan is to get this thing going and I want to put it in the back of that building where the concrete house is maybe or one of our other saucy might not seal or the tanks leaking yeah tanks got a leak in it right there look at the fuel line war into the tank that’s too bad yeah that’s running quite a bit of gas out I don’t know guys it looks like that fuel line right there wore a hole out of the tank okay we gotta do some pop that fuel line and that leak is no good

it’s been a number of years since she’s ran I don’t know three or four okay babies better not do it starters on the other side you wanna try still fire it even get their face for weights this glass bowl here gasps this line probably needs replaced it looks like the gospel dad says these extra points are Cagney yeah yeah the ignition system on this thing gets clean oh my phone’s got 7% we might lose you guys were just about to die we’ll start it actually that air pull started this thing before okay like I’m just cleaning the points with some Emery cloth this is a common problem with these mmm that’s when they’re old like this a lot of a lot of point system distributors just always have a problem VW bugs were a very much so problem it’s like we’re leaking a bunch of gas in the ground over there it’s free yeah very fast