BREAKDOWNS!? Bring it on – Leg Arms

how do I spray this yeah I’ve got an idea let’s try it I was live-streaming and I took the corner and it kept driving straight as I kept turning steering wheel and then also I saw the smoke and I was like yeah it’s bran oil everywhere he just kept running away lout I couldn’t stop it blow down and I put a hose clamp or bubble wrap take the hose off and try to make one but we’re dead in the water this thing isn’t going anywhere tonight and I need to get the spraying done so this is gotta get fixed right now Oh you can see all the rubbers come off and right there where it broke apart sart’s prints the holes governor place we don’t know how these fittings we’re go to town we’re gonna do one I think we’ll have this in the morning so probably how this thing running again by nine o’clock in the morning and then the weather’s coming in about two in the afternoon so if I spray as soon as we get it fixed get that load done get one more done I should be a good to go rain fast wide as far as rain but we’ll continue this when we get to there in the morning all right we’re back it’s in the morning playground of talent and he got the right fittings so he’s putting on the new hose that was just made it’s oily under here but I’m just gonna run it it’s gonna be dirty okay they’re down here anyway so we’ll go and wash it but the rains coming in about five hours so I should have enough time to hopefully get all this stuff spread all works out I’ll get the stuff graded they plan it and then maybe start some other stuff but we’ll find out I can’t hit single it again that hose was rotten it was bad all the robber was gone off but it was just great at hose at that point so we need to replace the rest of them – we’re on it for now cuz we can do that on a rainy day okay later well things are going so far running strong Styrian feels like it should so that’s good just a little hydraulic hose not a big deal just another and busy last night big success but I get this done though it rains definitely coming but I think I should be able to finish what I need to finish before so that’s all good well I think I’m good to go for now I shut up come down from there I got some washing to do about way let sprayed everywhere under there is gonna be a mess but I got the spray and I needed to do ready for a vacation yeah one bid two weeks this I’m ready for a vacation okay yeah I was running along and I was looking back and of course I can’t see behind that back tank so when I turn I notice always would you call press wheels yes you as you can see here not turn it when it’s not turning is dragon and I can’t see it behind the cart until I get around and then I look and I’ll say oh there’s something going on so what has happened is they’ve got some stripe of iron that will clean out between the press wheels if it’s muddy but also rocks and what has happened is this this one here has gotten moved over some and is allowing us face in there where a rock picked up by the to press wheels has come around him and locked

itself in between wedged itself in between there so but anyway I will get this taken care of that we’ll be on our way okay that should take care of that proceed Ethan this spring done we’re getting closer the spring wheat being finished got some chickpeas to seed and then we’re good for 2020 and let the race begin got the boom crane running actually it’s a digger Derek but I call it boom crane before a service truck one of those need to run down and take off one of the press wheels and once I get that off pull off the wheel and put a new bearing on it as its shot it’s completely gone and go put it back on and start seating little toast well not much left in it when I pull it apart I’ll shatter it’s common occurrence it happens the seal breaks then it breaks the bearing and destroys it take this back fix it bring it back put it on to go all right now that I’m back I’m going to take that apart but before I do I need to get some coffee somebody gave us these and I think I got the last one thank you okay let’s take a little closer look at it oh that’s not so good Oh a little bit of slop in that we could probably just pack it full of grease and call it good yeah okay I’ll just pack it full of grease and put it back together well it doesn’t look like it destroyed the pillow block which is awesome because well I can reuse it that’s the beauty about these pillow blocks is you pop the bearing out but new one in where you go they just suck to get out this one actually wasn’t so bad because we’ve had this apart before and we plant a SC’s on it so it came off very easy when flexo-coil designed these Packer wheels they had an inch and a half axle shaft and then that a pipe that was so close and our tolerances were so close well after a while it starts to get water in there and then rust and then they’re painting it off so glad it’s off let’s go back let’s get a bearing I should have a couple on the shelf we always try to keep a couple because this is a common occurrence for us I know we greased some once a year we used to grease um every you know few decent amount of hours but we don’t want to over grease him all right what do we got here there’s one let’s go put this in and then we’ll take the other one off and put the bearing on and put the press wheel on put the nuts on and go seed

when I install the bearings I want to make sure the grease hole that’s right there lines up with a greaser they do have a nice ring cut outside so if you don’t get it lined up it’ll grease it but that way it will make sure it has grease in it back together let’s go back to the field it was cracking around the pipe so I decided to weld it all up make it stronger yeah let’s go guess what guys it is that time and is the time that is well it’s the time that’s busy it’s a lot of times we’re seeding we’re spraying we’re getting a lot of stuff done but there’s also something else that’s gonna happen to the guys that are gonna start pouring the foundation for those new pins they just arrived they’re over at the quonset they’re starting to set up and that’s exciting because that means when they get that poured and it cures then the other guys can come and they can erect the bin and then we have well not just a bin but two bits we’re excited about this more storage means less storage in that big building which means more equipment in the big building we’re excited about them we need more storage something anyways we’re happy this is exciting guys awesome don’t worry there’ll be more of that but we got to get back to seeding well we’ve finished emptying out the first hopper bin of seed so now we got to move to the next bin and then we can start pulling from that and finish out some seeding hopefully I’ll have enough to finish it out we should but you never know in case of some reason we did our math wrong or the fertilizer and seeds being put on too heavy then we could be running out of it but hopefully that’s not the case let’s start up to 45 20 John Deere hold the greenback forward set it up Wiggles can come by and fill up whatever he needs to there she is raids coming that’s okay gotta load out of spray two loaves actually taking a few acres planet so we’ll shut down see how it does tonight a nice little break kind of let me have some time to veg a little bit tonight not think about farming you know we think about farming a lot cool all right well we’ll be back in a minute all right well now is my chance to get ahead of those things they rain so it’s too wet to plan but it’s not too wet to spray and a little bit of showers on it off I think from here on out sure there any more rain so my goal if I can get about four or five hundred acre spray today plus with I sprayed yesterday I can get ahead of the guys and spray spray the rest of the acres before they plan and then that’s one bird off my shoulders second move on to the next thing so let’s hope that works I’m just gonna grab a little slower so I don’t fling mud everywhere because it’s a little bit out there I was bottom I’m driving across this was actually underwater last year last couple years and I’m amazed

I’ve not synced now that my axles in it to be honest I’m a little nervous driving on it makes me a little uneasy but there’s a lot of stuff growing on it so I’m just gonna go ahead and risk it if I get stuck okay that doesn’t happen as you can see there’s a lot of cheatgrass growing on it and I’m pretty sure the guys gonna try to see this because we’d like to get something growing on it very alkaline and soil a lot of moisture down deep it’d be a great time to put a crop on and pull some of that moisture out of the ground help dry it out that bottom down there we don’t grow stuff on it’s just gonna get more and more of an alkaline salty base and eventually you’ll just be unusable this could be one of the years we can get some growing on it so that’s the plan that’s why I’m spraying it we should be like I’m heavy so I could totally just break through this surface and it’s document I don’t think it’s gonna happen I think I’ll be okay I’m back at the shop so of course I didn’t bring my video camera and I blew a tire but it wasn’t just any tire I jump to one of the grain trucks the blue Ford tandem and I was taking it back over to a different location and the front tire blew out on my way so I got a quickly grabbed a jack and a few things take the tire off right in town get a new tire and because we kind of need that to move some fertilizer so okay let’s get at it so we’re moving the trucks the green truck and this blue truck right here back here to the home place that we could pull him off the seed and move them to the new location I literally hit the corner right here to turn in all of a sudden boom my ears start ringing I saw a bunch of blue smoke come out the side I thought oh no I lost a connecting rod and went through the block then I looked down and I just see a bunch of rubber going everywhere I wasn’t too concerned after that so I means I gotta take it off Green in town get a new tire come back out put it on and away we go let’s get to work or the Tabata weight on that tire got up in the truck let’s head to town and get anyone don’t worry you’ll be fine it’s just stuff in your toe that’s all it is you just stub your toe really hard and it blew out foeman’s time House you can tell it’s got a pretty good hole well because it’s a steer tire you can’t put recaps on the front you’re not supposed to do that they didn’t have any new tires but they did have a used steer tire and so he said you know what try it see how it works and then let me know if you want that one you can buy it or will order you set of tires for the front and I said you know what I’ll call you back I’m gonna look at the other tire make sure it looks fairly decent and I’m gonna say it’s not I’m will probably just have to order set of tires but that’s what I appreciate about small towns and people that know you they’re just kind of like cake I know where you live you don’t contact me all I’ll bill yeah it’s okay it’s cool let go and use it for a little bit I love it it’s awesome guys how do I spray this yeah I’ve got an idea let’s try it