Installing Replacement Battery & Radiator Cleaning On A John Deere 2320 By KVUSMC

hey y’all hey y’all doing what are we doing the video are doing maintenance winter maintenance on my truck main they were going to do today is a change up the battery battery with continence get was getting low for the past three months and I had to got a big cut time where we click click click click you know it is dead but 3 3 to 4 years old battery is this is a 2008 and y’all seen my other videos 2008 John Deere 23 20 hydrostatic four-wheel drive the 24 spire diesel in it so get some other little tips and tricks one will show you and we’re kind of bad to buy on that good stuff so y’all sit back and enjoy the video y’all just a little learning oh you know just trying to have passion law help everybody out all right now tour the video okay first of all what we’re gonna do it we did we took the battery out because those dead yeah touch up wrong spots that had off yeah Warren spice we’re starting to rust so I just went took money you know and painting them up he’s a bright back supports here to hold the battery in on this one 320 and this is needs like rubber mats for delay on and up here you have another specialist or battery won’t move forward or backwards didn’t right here yep clips and over here you have a clip that holds the battery down and there’s a boat hold right there there’s a bow hold there and here’s my my negative terminal lead I meant lead and here’s my positive lead and they’re really clean I use CRC and some 3m dielectric grease on all the stuff all right so I say another little neat feature about the John Deere 2320 tractors you sorry about that yeah hold one second as y’all know I’ve got a Canon air filter in here the mayor filter but your mood is intake right here his slips out damn this little grill right here this sucks just screen right here it’s a screen protector Bri and everything getting to your radiator and all it does you just take it take it and slide it up slightly up and you can move it see I there’s some dirt and debris and trash still in there we’ll take the air compressor will blend that out so let’s go do that hold that puppy in place we’ll get the air compressor well blow that out okay here’s air compressor I’ll always now all right that’s just she’s clean she is really clean all right hoping to put light on the subject to bring also before gets the radiator I’m gonna say about the past you know suddenly since I’m a place of battery so when you were good replace your battery you can get to everything there while you got it done when you do your maintenance all right we’ll put pump it back down and all you do let’s take it up here let’s slide it down and it’s got little lips right here see where it’s made st. Day on this side I dare that puppy right on down so there you go

she’s in place now to do that take this off air intake nozzle and slip back into place right there so she’s she’s there now yeah and it’s a smooth little tip before it’s salt battery back also I’m going to show you what I use I’ll say it won’t let me show you the battery is you gotta replace the battery so the battery is a deca outdoorsman submit zoom in in for y’all it’s a small engine did a special ordered this oh my local battery shop had a special order all right there’s good little happy sides battery but I’ll give you model numbers off of it right here part number 32 2 in as a Nancy yep isn’t Frank that’s part number you want right there you go boy your John Deere 2320 so but ben staunton do is take the battery out of the tractor take your little battery with shop it’s a lot cheaper but one I just took out of the John Deere dealership putting in when it’s just went dead to give me any warning that’s throwing the warranty they the dealer I don’t I didn’t even start her at the battery I couldn’t jump the batteries it was weak I said well dangling the batteries it did it I said still in the warranty they came and picked up they put a battery in it and it’s a Duracell battery let you kind of get look at sands flood or nothing on Sam’s Club with this it was just they didn’t have John Deere name on so I am so glad chairs be them on local battery shot my dad picked performance and there’s a duck huh Decker makes great batteries yeah y’all know right there and there’s numbers but there’s here’s y’all a new battery I hope this is helpful y’all look I looked online on YouTube I could not find there she is part-time 13322 in F alright okay back to battery basics on tractors or automotive or marine it’s a good idea on your troubles you lead pace in troubles I use 3m silicone paste dielectric grease some of get up on there butter for y’all this is 3m silicone base dial it degrees lubricates prevent oxidation saiful metal rubber and plastic parts for brake systems ignition systems electrical trauma rolls rubber bushings and more say yo it is good stuff no new kid but the yeah yo ain’t also use CRC battery terminal protector great stuff I’m knocking stresses on I use my solar products Marine anything do it batteries pretty long as buried life sure is easy sure is he your starting no we don’t like corrosion and all that junk when you’re troubled for posts as yet fuddled a dancer baggage will do I got this on the vehicles my ways my truck everything you can imagine any kind of equipment you have with a battery or electric electric batteries in with batteries you know look to start capabilities alright as you get to putting the battery

it should fit right the place yeah and their room from stakes there it’s against the back plates I just raided I painted all that good stuff she’s in there sorry batteries in there should never we’ll put our right side or left side if you want to sit on the tractor we’re gonna put that on there but the best pitcher in world alright what come back that later yeah I can’t do one-handed and I get stuck this will come back here in a minute I’ll show you how we got it but you got to run these boats in right here these are these going to each side of the battery right here and hold your battery down it holds better down in place so good from there I’ll be back here shortly okay I’m using a 13 millimeter down I’ve got a bigger pipe and there’s reasons better with the boat goes you know when I over torque them you just want to get them snug you don’t want to bust platforms battery and then again II don’t want to have to ladieswear comes out yes that’s that enemies reporter it’s quarter inch drive ratchet I get another side down that’s good she’s in there try to go okay we got that done alright next up a little trick what I’ve been doing for years okay first of all right here we’re gonna put our p.m. dielectric grease on the terminals yeah okay good stuff yeah he just pays off right here then negative all right all right see how this puck comes off got my old trusty loving wait screw oh okay okay I’m right on I’m gonna take silicon pace I’m gonna put me a nice little bead around the place right yeah and one shot give me a rag okay all right go take the terminal negative also travel next why this might just pop you off a little bit dirt I mean even then you get CRC on there and all it still when it gets a little bit of dirt slept upon are dust

cutting grass tilling the garden and working your land which ever have you it’s cleaning up but it’s it’s clean it’s down that’s the grease I got a lot on this terminal right here like a lot of excess off there you don’t want to go up too much and I’ll take it inside the terminal and get that pretty good way around just don’t get to mess with it but you want a terminal nice and coated this tricks of trade I learned in school and high school up there all mechanics bo tech and really coming up handy now i’ll mount my place now okay she’s on there alright now I believe this is a squeeze my old hated being away this is gonna be a I’m gonna say get 10 millimeter I’m guessing yeah I’m gonna guess the right I’m not trying to break the video all right ten millimeter working on air and we’re gonna East mugged up nice and good all right okay never will repeat the process on the next one okay yeah another thing I’d like to do any time I take some apart we have modern technology nowadays I got something or you know if you don’t have one will anyway but take a picture I’ve looked about it like before took it out that’s the old battery it’s out with the old in with the new but it was dead so it was ready to be it’s ready so what we’re gonna do like she took a picture how everything went back and also had where the battery was and also how it locked down it’s right there that’s how it goes I put the I’ll post these pictures on neon on the webpage also on my photo all right so this is up little pointer when you work on stuff take pictures of it that way you can put it back not a good stuff okay all right so I’m gonna finish tighten up this one over here and I look at my picture and make sure I get it in the right position it’s like won’t drive me nuts no good place of mental on the tracker but anyway oh well do that if y’all could see a epsilen me zoom in y’all ii see what’s going on I’m looking boy y’all with that uh I’m gonna do the negative side and was chip good into positives how to show you that all right never gonna mess with the positive side that’s right here he’s got a see our seat man it makes my show nice and clean terminals I love this stuff awesome premium dialects of Greece okay

first of all it’s better camp all trust you all right now that’s a grease little bit good long ways and I’ll take them off beggar just rub it around there that’s all I gotta do should be wearing clothes I guess using the stuff but yeah watch hands that word should be alright hey there’s trouble on here rub it down good with dielectric grease paint coats like a need don’t need to go to reward little something there detective alright okay no tighter now and I hang on back away from them where the hood come down we sure do down all the way all right I know snuggle up don’t want to over-tighten but you know having good enough alright it’s over here we had Jeff system down here a little bit I’m going to go down a little father oh yeah I like that tango just right we get your caps if you have need to check the electrolytes in it yep got clearance all right and just kind of snug them up all right okay that’s that okay yeah we’ll take small CRC spy on them puppies one second okay yo now we’re gonna take a COC that showed you earlier in the video spray on these tumbles I think my finger right here shake it up real good and they’re gonna get nice and read hmm you know you get a good cut Nick and take this right here just boot let’s go Boop and put it over top of your positive terminal for protection all right now it’s racing on the negative post we go I’ll take a rag and wipe the excess off there’s more stuff beyond our lubricant or ever more dirt shuffling stick to it which you know I like to keep track playing and sexy oh you know is there such things I overfilled but then again yeah all right they’re clean

though okey-dokey all right yeah okay folks we are now done it see I got my back my boat in there on each side that’s holding both boats down there and anyway it’s got theirs bolting outside and then boat on that side hold the battery down and see right here there’s a spacer right there they keep the battery from moving it far forward and back here are those things I’ll show you got painted right in there right there it’s clips to hold the battery in place so they do go back and hit the radiator yeah that’s it yeah and that made sure I painted him up he’s no one in corrosion when we track the last as long as possible and here’s a CRC and terminals very well protected from corrosion and from all that good stuff dead batteries cause I’m not properly putting the right stuff on and there you go nice clean as a whistle really important to have your stuff last put that puppy on there butter yeah that’s good and again it is the deka battery the model number is 322 NF part number that’s a deca outdoorsman battery all right well we’ll give her French sash does alright with new battery and the grill we’ve got the wrong screen protector the grill screams doctor cleaned out and the radiator cleaned out all that good stuff so we kill two birds once all right let’s crank up sketchy dentists okay we’re gonna crank her up now okay turn the key on I hear anything about a week blip plugs momentarily no lights are on here we go she is gonna get y’all wintertime after 70 years he kills the battery so I want to thank you all for watching my videos thank you for watching please subscribe from your thumbs up thumbs down anything you want to do alright hey thank y’all a lot please subscribe god bless them five papi I already said that but you know I do these videos to tell people well you know that’s probably a boy y’all give me a holler any questions comments so far