Lesson 01 – Approaching Ranked with a Healthy Mindset

start this out here all right I guess just to get a brief recap could you sort of I guess summarize for me what you’re looking to get out of a coaching session after the session i’m looking to at least give me an idea of any idea what to do in order to climb the ladder all right um and you said you were at a peak rank of a silver too but you got dropped down a bit or correct okay and how long ago did you drop down two months okay um so how often are you playing ranked in that maybe four times a week okay yeah it’s pretty good is that usually like in one solid burst or do you have that kind of a spread out how are you IP really around Qbert okay fair enough um sorry here so your plan you know about twice a week you’re you’re going through maybe what four games yeah around there okay all right here just one second somes messed up on my end amazing sorry about that man not the problem all right um so I guess what do you think was the reason that you drop down like that oh yeah I understand tilton okay just uh getting frustrated my team with myself and just not playing well alright that’s fair I think everybody’s been there I know last season I when I was right up silver to where you were and tilted all the way down to silver five and it hit a point where I just felt like I couldn’t do anything right you know yeah he’ll never know yeah um and that that’s totally fair um so I’ll just kind of give you a heads up that most of what I’m going to talk about here you could probably find from other streamers I know I’m gbay if you’re familiar with him yeah a lot of all the good videos on this but I take it you’ve watched some of those yeah i watch help you okay um well that’s good have you seen the one he does about a eel oh hell I i believe fell okay well the short version is he says you know basically ehlo hell doesn’t exist there’s just no way you can prove that it does I mean statistically if you’re doing everything right you should have close to I think he says a fifty six percent chance of winning even if everything else was just totally random and he does the math on that you know like it really is a coin flip on whether or not your teammates are going to be good or bad yeah uh no it’s like I like I feel like an each ranked game I play it’s either I do bad or a team I a teammate of mine does bad and you can’t really I don’t I can’t really predict what’s going to happen so I do my best to carry yeah but then eventually your teammate I want their teammate a lot because you know how long will not but your teammate does something bad cost a game and you’re sitting there frustrated because you get demoted and stuff that’s pretty much my story yeah I mean I I think it’s a really common story um the fact of it is like you do have to kind of acknowledge that at the end of the day most of it really just is a coin

flip like I think a lot of people especially like in the silver area cuz like I know when I was first going through it right I just climbed out of bronze and I I felt so happy with myself right cuz that Matt climb is hell to get out of up yeah which is where I was at oh wow yeah and to go you know from bronze for all the way up to a silver to is where I was that before the the tilt really came to me um and then you just start like losing everything but I think as you sort of hit hit silver a lot of people develop a bit of an ego you know cuz you climbed out of elo hell right like you’re out of bronze and I I think people start to put way too much focus on winning the game instead of just like playing to improve or playing for fun even so I think that’s a common problem that a lot of people have uh yeah I think I had that problem sometimes I mean when I’m by myself I just play normal to improve but I mean that that’s like my thing like I play I do play ranked to win and I play normal to improve yeah I just like I I did that for a while to I just I think it’s a bad attitude to have at the end of the day like cuz if you come in and you just try hard and think you know I’m going to win this game or even I deserve to win this game it just it gets very difficult to to keep your attitude up when you start losing even when it’s not your fault and then even worse you start to take it out on your teammates oh yeah I’ve definitely been there where I think I deserve to win like I’m gonna use us at an example I’m John learn I’m not go to specifics but I’m jungle in all my lanes are behind and I just pull out some incredible ganks get us ahead and then 50 minutes into the game something that happens and it all down hill it’s me yeah I mean I’ve I’ve said some terrible things to people engaging yeah like I am truly embarrassed at what this game has done to me at points you know um and I I had to take a very long serious break for a while like it would just it would get to me you know and um yep yeah i mean the game would really get to me if I if I kept playing kept grinding and you know you lose a couple and you’re like oh well maybe it’s just bad luck or I couldn’t win that one but if you keep playing and keep hitting these losing streaks like it hurts and I’ve they’ve taken it out on people before so I quit for a long time right and I just kept doing draft normals and I just kept spamming draft normals and eventually like the anxiety i would get over PvP matches like stop being there just you know from spamming draft normals right and then from there like I had to learn that there’s really no difference between ranked versus a draft normal like you have to stop like playing rank to rank up hmm and I think when people start doing that you’ll find it’s a hell of a lot easier to climb the ladder like because at the end of the day you can’t control what the other four people on your team or the other five people on their team are going to do like and especially in bronze silver gold like your team is not gonna be really an expert at picking team comps like I just don’t expect it you know I’m either and even the advice I give to a lot of the students who will sign up you know it’s play what you’re comfortable on and so sometimes you’re going to get a crappy team comp it’s just going to happen but um I guess sort of the best advice I can give you is to really focus only on your play and play the game solely to improve like it doesn’t even matter like if your ad carry and you have the worst support or if your support and have the worst ad carry like you just kind of have to step back for a second and be like it doesn’t even matter who I’m paired with like what are the mistakes that I’m making and how can I improve what I’m doing in this game for the next time yeah um yeah I try to do that sometimes I should say most times like I focus on myself most times just carrying the game by myself like when I play out like a solo Lane or just a DC I try to carry as much as I can and like a perfect example of this isn’t my match history just just late just early around today I played a DC and I I carried my team like I’m doing so well got so many

kills but we still lose and I just don’t know what’s wrong like I mean I did I try to do as much as I could but this wasn’t enough yeah which game is that by the way I’m scrolling through here right now Corky game okay yeah i’m looking at it so you went like 18 and seven yeah i mean sometimes you’re gonna get that you know but like immediately after it like the same day you went like 11 9 in the next game with Kaitlyn and won that one you know you know so that’s the thing like you win 18 and 7 and 17 on Corky in your defeat right and you’re 11 9 in the victory yeah that was definitely a team carry yeah and that’s the thing like if you’re going 18 and seven and you’re doing that on like a consistent basis at that kind of thing you’re doing mostly fine I’ve had some some diamond players who will kind of jokingly tell me in some of these games that like I should never have more than five deaths in a game so I mean you know like there are little things that you can always pick on to improve yeah and yeah improvements oh yeah i mean like i’m not i’m not seeing your CS just off of match history but it’s fine no yeah my CS is like uh how do I say this like it’s mostly all right I have like a free land but then I have a free lane I just my CSS around you know around like 85 attend but what happens is i have good CS and lanes like my place like my favorite champion in the vein so when I player i just do well on csn but because I play vain I like to carry I always go for those early aggressive moves and that just hits me in the cs department yeah and I mean it’s gonna happen like I I do separate coaching I can help you on mechanics and farming and trading in Lane if that’s you know something you’re interested in but yeah I mean that that’s really not I guess the major point of what I’m trying to get here like I think attitude by itself can be a huge component in a person’s ranked progress and anxiety too and I think a lot of the time it’s because the focus is put on winning the game instead of just playing the game and focusing on like your individual performance yeah I agree cool sly mean like in your experience just sort of focusing on like two things one being just raw attitude or approach to the game but also the second being like anxiety do you suffer any kind of like ranked or ladder anxiety the only kind of anxiety that I experience is like you know when you’re on that last game before you get demoted yeah that’s the one that really counts all right yeah I mean I used to have a thing we’re like my hands which major teamfights like I would have liked the hardest time in a lot of these games oh yeah I don’t really have that like one I like my I don’t want to say like because i’m not i’m definitely not a professional or anything like that when i play my favorite role which is a DC I just I’m just used to you sell the chaos going around and so like I guess you could say that I’m like completely focused on the game yeah but again I’m focused on the winning no yeah and I just I think that was the major point I wanted to make with this lesson I mean I know you’ve got like exams tomorrow and I kind of just wanted to do this quickly um but yeah this is like a minor thing that I think a lot of people can can benefit from yourself included but I do offer coaching you know directly on mechanics and I can do replay analysis and work with you on map awareness I also do a lot of like CSI in Lane how to trade certain Lane matchups that kind of thing so if you’re interested like when you don’t have exams looming feel free to sign up for like an actual full session we can do mechanics I just something you said when you messaged me about a I guess that attitude and that kind of tilt really kind of struck a chord with me so I’d wanted to kind of do like a little mini session here just on like attitude and approach to ranked and like I always make this mistake with my attitude I always it always seems like throughout the game I seem like headed you know I seem like cool about ah my teammates mistakes and whatnot but it just like randomly like I’ll just hit

a point where like enough mistakes gets the point where you know I just I just can’t and I’ll say something and it were just like I truly believe this that this is true but I never follow it myself I can never follow us up when you when you play angry or when you play frustrated you’re now play your best but I always know I just I guess I just need to keep my head cool yeah the rule i have just on that note is uh I have a 3 loss rule it sounds like you don’t play enough to really implement it but uh if I ever lose three games in a row I will force myself to quit League for the day yeah I don’t know if you have that ruler if that role would help you but I think any anybody who goes on till would probably benefit from this rule like if you if you drop a couple games and like it’s getting bad usually three games in a row is my cutoff yeah I’d like to to ranking that another thing like because you’d mentioned snapping points like the mute function do you use that any mm ah not recently I have neither reason actually I’m glad mute is such a great thing from the other day I had a support gragas and this is you know up in mid gold I had a support gragas lock in who took barrier ignite for summoner spells this guy’s like 5th pick i’m ninety-nine percent sure the guys trolling yeah and it’s one of those games where you’re sitting there like maybe i should dodge this like is is the three LP loss i would take for this like you know yeah we’re probably gonna be worth it and i’m sitting here like no I think I can do this you know and epic this this game was terrible it wasn’t even that I snapped it was the the flip side right so this Gragas keeps going in like not even making plays kind of thing but we’re talking just blind non-stop aggression that gets him killed yeah enemy team has a blitzcrank and i think this guy got pulled into tower like twice before five minutes or something and uh dude starts flaming me you know like oh you’re not following up on you know on my engages all this kind of thing and it got bad like I’m pretty sure the dudes started telling me to kill myself by about the six or seven minute mark into this game and like that negativity just like went through the team and it was a pretty positive team- this one troll pic right like next thing you know all of a sudden the top laner is flaming people and your junglers flaming and the worst part to me is when it like carries over into all chat oh my god then like no matter what you say in all chat the enemy team just knows you’re fighting you know like you might as well just tell them by the way here’s your free win I’ve never seen anything productive set in all chat like your other you’re either trolling you’re like you know hello or whatever but there’s nothing productive you can actually say to the enemy so I’m actually super glad that you said that because just earlier on today I was thinking about like something like that but I was thinking when you do guellen Lane first for some reason when I do well only when I he likes when I stop my lane my other lanes seem to like follow up and like do not like stomp but they do well as well no and then when you do bad and you even show a little bit of negativity it just ruined the whole game mmm what’s my experience yeah I mean it’s so crazy like how just the smallest things that can set somebody off really snowball and it’s it’s cuz the game is a high-stress environment you know like I’ll go back to the main point which is too many people like play the game solely to win it and when you do that like you’re gonna get angry when things don’t go exactly how you plan so yeah I have another question um like when I played to better myself like in that Cordy game I like when I said I lost I I don’t understand though like I don’t understand cuz like sometimes I can carry perfectly fine but sometimes my team my team um I just I just can’t I just can’t carry my team and I don’t know what’s wrong with me like I don’t know I feel like I did everything right you know maybe you did I mean I didn’t see the game you know so I can’t answer right um but let’s say two situations you either did or you didn’t you know and so maybe you played everything out perfect maybe you roamed and maybe the

other four people on your team were just like unable to get it together or maybe they’re on tilt or having a bad day you know like it happens I’m looking at the quirky game like looks like i’m not sure if that’s a mid yeah that’s a mid heimerdinger that went like five six and 19 your nami your support went like four and 14 um but you and j for like j4 has 16 kills yeah i’m actually go out foxing superglide a you point out J for because I honestly feel that J for even though he did mean him we’re doing the best he was the sole reason unless a sole reason but he was the reason that we pretty much lost the game because himself was a negative person that game I didn’t I barely said anything that game cuz nami was actually my dual partner I didn’t want like show negativity from until partner just like that and so he made a bad play and they ended up getting inhibitor-1 inhibitor leads to inhibitors to inhibitors leads to a game and I was pretty much is so even though he did perfectly fine nutburger was fine but even though he did well he kind of threw the game for everyone yeah yeah and I mean I’ve spectated some of my students like we’re one bad team fight or one bad play can honestly like throw the game it just like throws the whole team synergy out of whack like you know everything goes pretty even until like that 30-40 minute mark and then one do just gets caught out of position and it snowballs so fast man but yeah it looks like this game kana was pretty even until like about this 21 22 minute mark and then you guys took like a pretty serious lead I’m sure we did because at that point in time I thought to myself we have this game I even said it out loud yeah like there’s a fight and then all of a sudden like it 32 minutes there’s a swing back in their favor but like by the end of this game you guys have like a 4 K gold lead I don’t know you guys had yeah three and a half thousand gold lead at the end of the game just kind of cringe worthy to think about that yeah I mean sometimes it really is just about team play and like if you’re 18 and seven you’ve clearly done a lot of work right and I see a lot of people who will win lane all the time but maybe they aren’t roaming they’re not making plays like maybe you’re not you know contributing to vision control or you know transitioning your advantage to your teammates and then maybe you do just wait lane and maybe you do group up at the right times but maybe your team fight positioning is terrible you know I’m not saying it is but like these are actual problems that really could happen you know like there are a lot of small things and I just I keep coming back to like the the GBA statistic of like if you do your job right and focus on you know just handling your end of things the only thing that can affect you is the other four people on your team meanwhile the enemy team will have five people who if they’re not you could be just a coin flip you know like they’re either going to do their job or not and so I really like that statistic he had where it’s like as long as you take care of you you’ve only got a chance to have for vet people on your team whereas the enemy has a chance to have five bad people on theirs yeah I think I fully understand why people say well in my myself included i think i understand why i said as well um I think it’s just when I mean you’ll help when I say well hell I just mean I am I do well I mean I fully I’m not trying to sound cocky or shall better than I really am but I think that I at least deserved silver one but you know I just I just can’t closed games I can’t win the game even when I do well even when I try my hardest leaving when I stomp it doesn’t matter what I do I just I can’t do it and then it reflects all my teammates then the negativity comes in tilton k mohan know it all just piles up I’m actually really glad you said that statement because it’s a statement I’ve heard a couple times to with people who come to me for coaching is this like I deserve to be in like X ello whether it’s you know bronze one or silver 5 or gold or platinum even like I’ve heard a bunch of different variations on it you know working with people but I keep coming back like maybe you have the skills to be you know gold five silver

one yeah I totally could buy that i’m not going to dispute that at all um but I keep coming back like to you only deserve what you’ve put in the work to get and like until you’re there like it’s just really hard to to make that statement you know yeah you can’t failure is good and then up there cuz I mean the other thing is like say I do believe you you know and I think I do like this is a great game like you ended that game with 409 CS in a 55-minute game that that’s crazy good for an ad carry like and given this kind of performance and you know some of the other performances I’ve seen in your match history like I i buy that you probably have the skills you know to be up at silver one gold five but if that’s true then it really is just like grinding out the statistics and just kind of rolling with the punches until you’ve put in the work to to be at the Ehlo you deserve to be at you know yeah eventually I’ll get into it and so either like either you’ve put in the work or you don’t have there yeah sorry I’ll rephrase that either you haven’t got the skills that your say you have or you just haven’t put in the work and that’s kind of just how it is you know and I do I don’t mean that to be insulting to you no no of course not I’m taking every word you say is true yeah i’m also looking at your ranked stats here it looks like this is your your first season ranked yeah i starred in feeding for which is you know perfectly fun oh yeah yeah because we’re in season five now i guess as of tomorrow actually i forgot to say this when you were mentioning how when you first started you were in bronze and the eel oh hell yeah when I first started I my provisioning that I remember they’re called personal but I only went two out of 10 and i’ll place in bronze to and that dad I don’t that alone just quite kind of gave me like a sucker punch you know that hurts I’ve been there like I placed into bronze 3 and then got demoted into bronze forever yeah but I like in a day I got two bronze one yeah but that struggle from bronze 12 brought us over five was like the worst I felt I had to be at least six times that I went through my promotional you know yeah i’ll point out like you you placed into somewhere you knew you were better than right like you placed into bronze two and only one like you know two of your 10 placement matches and you’re sitting there thinking like this hurts like I’m better than that you know but the truth is like until you put in that work to get out of bronze ananda silver like I I don’t think it’s fair to say that you belong in silver you know like even though you had the skills like you still lost like 80 or 10 placement matches you know yeah so even if it was true and clearly it is that you didn’t belong in bronze like it’s it’s on you you know to like grind your way out of it and I think the same is true for silver yeah welcome Anna yeah it looks like you put in about what is that 170 ish games in ranked yeah that’s what I’m seeing here on low king and I mean you know part of what I’m seeing two is like even on your normal wins like you’ve got what like a hundred seventy-five normal winds around there thank you yeah I think part of that might just be like an experience thing you know so like I I think maybe your play is a little more inconsistent and I think like the more you play the higher up you’re going to get you know it’ll be whether it’s you know experience or just the pure statistics of it all like if you truly do deserve to get there you’re just going to climb there and you’re still going to get better on the way you know I think the best attitude thing you can have is just to try and not let your teammates or your enemies affect you in any way just play the game for you and like take a five or ten minute break after each game and try and like assess what your big mistakes were and think of like how you could avoid them next time yeah I’m glad you said don’t worry by your teammates because yeah I want actually am I wrong when I all right I probably am wrong because it just doesn’t seem right but am I wrong when like for instance on the courts game my

support kept on Alton I me all wrong game actually my pen but like for instance on one of my Jana games i played i was playing veena veena police or i don’t remember actually but I had Jana support and she kept on oulton and the enemy away after like I think like eight times tried and so around like six time I’m like I know I’ll backside snap and thing I was like I mean come on what what the hell is wrong with you like I told him I tell her not to all when they’re dead and she just does keeps doesn’t it doesn’t cuz I’m doing and doing it and it’s just like that things like little things like that just always get to me and always like I feel like they cost me the game like things like that well I mean so you really only have two options you know like I i always say communication helps like within reason communication helps so you can ask and you can be like hey we should try and play this a little differently and like you said maybe you did and then you get she keeps making the same mistake you know like you asked and it just isn’t helping so then like the next thing is once you kind of know that your your support isn’t going to change her behavior then it’s on you to try and like play around that because if you’re talking multiple olds like first off we’re talking probably passed the 10-minute mark because that that’s about the time an ad carry is gonna hit level 6 anyway it’s around that eight or nine minute mark so and then you’ve got what is it a minute and a half cool down basically on those olds so if this happens three times like you’re looking at the 15 16 minute mark in the game like at that point maybe you should try and like leave the lane make plays elsewhere a group up for a team fight and you can kind of dictate the pace on that like I don’t know that might not have been the best move but there’s usually always a way to sort of play around what your teammate is doing and then at the end of the day like maybe she really is just that bad you know like and maybe you lose the game because of it maybe she gets caught out of position or whatever it is and it just it could snow ball game but if it happens like you know so be it like it’s part of just the random statistics of the game yeah actually be like the rng god is not with me is because you know you roll the dice on your teammates your old days on your opponents and I just feel that I’m always on like the bad end of it I’m always with the partner twist not the best of people and that’s what happens mean I get demoted and stuff like I feel like when I do well when I climb it’s a streak it’s not like it’s not lost when win-loss yeah and I feel like I just get those lucky streaks you know but it is being on day you know like maybe it’s maybe it’s on your attitude or your mechanics you know and maybe those days when it seems like your supports really bad those might just be your off days you know like I I don’t know it enough but at the end of the day like it should be really like close to a 60-percent win ratio I mean that’s that’s the easy way to look at it yeah mines uh-oh before he before started like before start playing today to go ahead believe it was like a 50 yeah well alright so the thing is right like if it’s 5050 that means you’re neither better nor worse than the people you’re getting matched with right yeah and if it’s 60 I think if you have a sixth year above win percentage you can pretty safely say you either like our better than the Ehlo you’re in or like in the process of climbing because it means you’re doing your job I think if your win ratio is above sixty percent like at least you’re playing above the quality of people you’re being matched into so but I’m still gonna have like that forty percent loss you know even even if you are better than you know silver to silver for wherever your kind of AD at the moment like you’re still probably going to lose forty percent of your games just because of things you can’t control yeah I hear you so why you for instance my friend I are more I’m regretting it to this day still but I played his like promotion games or whatever they’re called I played it with him and I guess on this day we have lucky or whatever because he lost four straight and I queued up with him and we won sticks so he say well I mean I’m in silver three at this point and he gets placed in silver too oh yeah and he just

lays it on me like I of like play play like play a couple rankings by yourself and do you of coz i mean like honestly I don’t even know I had the same thing happen to me like I it was this season actually like I had my my tilt spree where I went from like silver two down to silver 5 and I’m feeling like the worst player ever of this game at this point you know I’m like I should quit I’m terrible you know and this buddy of mine does his ranked placement matches and I think he won nine out of ten of them and this is a friend that I I knew this guy makes plenty of mistakes you know like it’s a friend of mine that I feel like I’m better at the game than this guy is and so I watch and he plays some standard top lane champions he plays a lot of her nechtan things like that and every game for like these three games of his that I spectate he get smashed into things like Lucien top where the Lucian clearly just had no idea what he was doing or you know things were it was clear that his enemy team was either fighting among themselves or you know falling apart and I watched this guy go like nine out of ten placement match wins guy gets placed into silver too and I’m sitting there in silver five like I hate my life yeah no joke a week later I went on I think it was a 16 game winning streak in ranked Wow and climbed straight from silver 52 gold 5 damn I mean yeah that was crazy good rng look like never had better luck with ranked right being fair to put that in context I was playing tristana like right as she was at that peak of power before she got nerfed and make three consecutive patches I think it was you know just non-stop nerves to tristana but uh I was able to climb straight up to gold on that and I mean maybe it’s rng you know but you know I want to talk about the thing that you said yeah you just put in the work to him yeah I always think of this like our so when you lose a game or in my right now where I’m at I lose the game what I win a game I lose around or gain like not a lot of it not a lot like you know I got like 16 yeah and it’s just like Jesus Christ like I’m gonna have to do this for you years you know yeah but uh oh I just like I I all when you lose a couple games in a row and you’re at you and you’re like at ten LP it just like it even worth it to play anymore because I mean like what’s what’s the point I’m gonna have to win like 40 games just to get you know this this level and I guess that’s another factor in it I mean part of its your own attitude like if you’re sitting there and honestly asking yourself like is it worth it to keep playing right now like if you’re feeling you know down and out on things like you should probably take a break I I try and just shoot for like a couple games a day and keep like a pretty casual pace like best advice I can give you is to try and keep it fun and keep it more about improving yourself you know and then the last piece of the puzzle is just to put in the work if you keep at it like you’re gonna get to where you belong so I feel like I feel like that’s uh that’s true but like I see you see something that happened to me earlier today like after I won my last rank game with Leeson I realized that I at place into silver through yesterday and I’m already about to climb office over three so I feel like now thinking about it like now unlike retrospect like away from me my ingame thoughts I feel like I probably am around silver silver three so for two level of play so for himself so trying to rank up i guess i should follow your advice follow the advice of others and just play for myself yeah I mean I think that’s the best you can do you know and then if you just keep playing at it and don’t take it too seriously like and take a couple minutes after each game like look what you did wrong how can I get better like look for guides like just keep looking for ways to improve what you’re doing and maybe you are like a silver three silver to level right but if you you keep kind of driving at home keep like looking for new ways to get better maybe you’ll become like

definitely silver to level of play you know or maybe you could be silver to silver one level of play like it’s just like little things learning like a little bit better map awareness or how to trade a little bit better in lane like it adds up and you’ll find like maybe more often than not you start winning lanes that you used to lose you know you start to like make more of an impact in teamfights or you know you find better ways of snowballing your advantages yeah to better yeah and I think that’s the best way to do it like and if you’re taking it out on teammates like great command slash mute all it’s a beautiful command and I use it when you got to like usually if I see fighting in the team or whatnot I’ll just go ahead and mute things yeah I wish I could thing up like that more but like when I reach my peak of silver too I honestly truly believe that the reason I even got that high was because it was near end of season and that victorious or vicious I’m a victorious that Morgana skin man oh yeah oh man that’s happened me so bad and I wanted goat so bad I wanted that border I know that feeling like I was so got him close but ah god damn it I couldn’t pass the silver too that’s where am I that’s where my luck stops oh yeah I’m sorry to hear it dude like I know that’s got to be rough but yeah so I guess playing playing for that for that goal I guess let’s make that’s unhealthy like and I think a lot of people do that like I’m actually really glad now that I think about it that you brought up the end of season reward like I think that’s just a really you know toxic way of justifying things for a lot of people like then people feel like oh now I have to win you know like that I’ll have to win these games otherwise I’m just gonna not get this reward yeah yeah and that’s just gonna I think make things more toxic for a lot of people yeah I think it’s true like I mean I think you’ll get more flamey stuff like that but I know in my case I was just I just had my mind set on that Cole you know like I wouldn’t play any normals yeah I wouldn’t care about people are you in and Chad I wouldn’t care about anything like if we lost the game and we lost the game I just it wasn’t it wasn’t uh thinking about the past game which is bad because you know you said you should think about your mistakes but at that time it wasn’t thinking about the past games it wasn’t thinking way that wrong it wasn’t trying to get better it was I want Victor Borge honest yeah it looked like it was I need to get the skin this is my time limit bad game whatever forget it which I think may me not till how much because I just didn’t care about game when each game was in the past and I was just focused completely on winning what you mean made me it made me a better player I’m won’t even lie because I reached my peak with it but same time I could have been better like those games i actually lost i might have been better if i just stop doing that I don’t know some of my best experiences with the game right I’ve been when I’m less tunneled in on winning and I’m focused like I’ve watched a guide recently a skill capped guide i think on a zone of control you know and it was all about like how to zone out your enemies in lane and establish like these safe areas of control where you can deny your enemy experience and gold like it’s a pretty core concept for lames like I think it’s one that not a lot of people think about but um like the more I looked into it i cued up this whole game just to sort of try and apply that pressure and I like crushed my lane phase right and we wound up losing the game but when I finished that game I was so happy because i felt like i had applied what I’ve learned you know what I was trying to do my whole goal in the game was just to like work on zoning my enemy out like establishing control in the lane and I did that you know so even when I lost the game I had done what I wanted to do in the game and I don’t know like you should set smaller goals for for like what you’re doing in each game like maybe we want to work on a champion or you know hit a certain CS number at a certain time like having little goals I think can help you keep your attitude keep your cool yeah that’s like I was talked about that like I have in game I have like this passive road which is yes I i have like this thing where I do like I don’t look at my CS

until a certain amount of time yawns and like plaintiff is over or until something’s over then I take a peek at it and I realize by the wall not because I realized like when I want to constantly thinking about my CSI just do worse I don’t do as well but another thing i want to talk about was i just realized that I think that were like where I think that I’m better than I where I am right now that I’m better like I don’t deserve this I think it’s because of my quote unquote mechanics I just like just the fact that i can like win lane and because I’ve faced like they are so in every normal game I always check my enemy lanes I saw rank and I always lies that most the time it’s like me or below and ones below I kid you not I always say to myself like I i always say something like I don’t deserve the win or that was nothing like that was warm up what happens at once above I just I just look at it I’m like how badly did I went that Lane and why did I win it and it’s like I think I can win lane yeah I just can’t win the game yeah and I don’t know like I I’ve done the same thing like usually I don’t advise people look up the Ehlo of their opponents because it gets in their head but um you know I’ve done it I’ve played that game looked at you know gone into a normal looked and solve it oh crap I’m up against like a diamond for you know ad carry and then you’ll like crush it but you know especially if it’s a normal like maybe that dudes playing with his friends like maybe he’s a top lane or a jungle mein you know like it’s hard to judge the quality of your opponent just based off of the real oh yeah that’s why I feel like I think that’s what I think that is the not sole reason but I think that’s like the biggest reason why I feel I deserve to be a better and better ring just because uh mechanics I guess yeah I mean cuz I don’t know I’ve beaten a diamond for guy in laying before it doesn’t mean I belong in diamond like I I think I’m pretty close to where I belong I might be able to climb like I’m focusing on like working on my core mechanics right now I just you know until I put in the work I I belong where I am you know yeah yes or I should that’s all what I do you think yeah and I mean when you do that like it’ll it takes the pressure off of you you know to be the playmaker to like carry yourself like I think it’s better just to have the attitude of if I work on doing things right and you know improving I will naturally carry myself to where I belong you know so anyway i’ll probably a call that the end of things here unless you had any more questions um I mean the only question i could think up now is just in total with all this information that you’ve given me we should Mikey mindset p next game better myself yeah um so I mean all right here’s here’s how i would just in general summarize the attitudes you want to take you want to go in you want to first off think of what your weaknesses are right now you know just like what your weak point is in the game maybe it’s map awareness or vision control like maybe it’s teamfight positioning you know just pick a small one component thing it doesn’t have to be like the sole reason you you know have ever lost every game but pick one thing you think you want to work on right go into your next game and think don’t even think it’s about winning but try and do that one thing like maybe it’s you know establishes own of control or hit like a dcs at ten minutes but go in and do that one thing and if you do it you know find another thing and just keep going with that mindset but you know win or lose at the end of it come out assess what you did right what you did wrong like try and think of what your problems were in that game take a good like five or ten minutes after each game and look at sort of what what happened like what can I do better what did I mess up on like look for your weaknesses right and then try and address them in the next game you play and if you do that like maybe keep some notes if you want to do it that way or record your replays like they’re a bunch of different ways to approach it and i don’t i don’t think it matters which one you take but instead of

focusing on like I need to win focus on what are my weaknesses and how can i fix them and then just play to enjoy it you know and then just keep playing yeah so thanks game I already have my mind set set up I’m just gonna go with the flow yeah get my CS up and just don’t worry about other people yeah don’t talk and all chat under any circumstances and mute anybody who starts being toxic like I had the realization today like they’re never gonna say anything productive you might as well just shut them out the second they start flaming and then yeah you know focus on your game yeah the second I see my enemy enemy flame I’m just like we’re probably gonna win yeah it provides I’m like whenever teens are explained my like mice my team included like I just know what this games gonna either be cut the or it’s just we’re gonna lose me yeah I know what I’m gonna do Nick I know time I think I know when the next game only time will tell and I’ll have to get back to you all right yeah I’m looking forward to it sign up for another coaching session sometime like I’d be more than happy to dive into you know mechanics or any anything else really but I figured we could do this quick session cuz attitude is something I’ve really wanted to coach people on for a while and I think this will help you you know like it’s a little more subtle than showing you like a CS drill or a trading drill but I think having the right mindset when you go into ranked games can be just as important as having the right mechanics yeah I just want to say that thank you so much for coaching me or give me this advice I think even because you’re not know showing me exactly what to do in the game that the way you will explain everything to me makes me look at the game a totally different way and I guess I guess I’m right now I feel like I should play ranked but I’m not going to play it especially deficit yeah I got the fan to do but you know once you finish your exams man go go ranked game I think you’ll you’ll see the results yeah yeah I thank you for all the nice things i think you feel much man you help me and I’ll get back to you not yeah i’m looking forward to it all right he rounded good luck man thanks yeah